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Jay Boy, Part 02

Jay Boy Part 02

Part 2, Getting to Know all about you
by Dick Clinton
This story consists of erotic detail of man-to-man sexual conduct and encounters. If this type of man love offends you or you are under the legal age in your state or country to read this, then leave now.

All the people in the household ate their quick breakfast, gathered up their things and said good-bye to us as we sat eating our bagels and drank coffee at the coffee-table in front of the TV set.

After they all left, Tony slapped Jay on the knee and said, "Well son, are you ready to see where your Dad is working right now? If so let's head out. Since this is Saturday the place should be deserted. I'll have a chance to show you the office where all the blueprints and drawings are located. I know how much you would like to be an architect so it will be good experience for you. What do you say?"

"Yeah, all right Dad. That will be cool." Jay said as we grabbed another bagel and headed out to Tony’s pickup truck in the underground garage in the front of the sandstone house.

We drove a few blocks through a rather blighted area of the city, then entered a section where the older buildings had been removed to make way for newer buildings. We pulled up to a fenced-in area where Tony hopped out of his truck to unlock and open the security gate. A uniformed security officer came out of a small building nearby but when he saw it was Tony, he just waved and went back inside to watch his ball game. We drove around part of the construction area to a small trailer where the main construction office was located. It was a portable trailer they took with them from one site to another. We parked then went to one of the two doors on the side where Tony unlocked the door and motioned for us to follow him inside.

Jay was excited to see where his Dad worked and immediately was shown the blueprints and drawings used in one building’s construction. I started making fresh coffee and watched Tony and his son getting acquainted in a new way. It was nice to see them starting to communicate. Tony came over to pour himself some coffee and then sit down on the couch next to me. He was watching Jay as Jay carefully looked over the prints and blueprints. I could see the joy in Tony's eyes and a new sense of love for his son. Through the previous evening’s sex, they had bonded.

"Look at him. I never saw him so happy. I guess I have not been noticing him as much as I should. He is growing up to be a good-looking young man and developing a nice frame since he started working out at the gym after school. Look at that cute bowling-ball butt. Ummmhun. ”Think I might try to munch on those hot looking buns sometime soon." Tony was looking at his son sexually for the first time.

"Hey Dad. Is this your hard hat you wear while working? It has your initials on it. Put it on. I bet you look hot in it. Please Dad." Jay was holding a yellow hard hat that belonged to Tony.

Tony laughed and placed the hat on his head and threw one to Jay then one to me. "We should all look the part. Come over here, Jay so I can adjust it. You may have a big head between your legs, but this hat is too large for your head." They both laughed.

Jay came over to his Dad sitting on the couch and got on the floor in front of him so Tony could adjust the band. Jay put both hands on his Dad's legs and looked into his Dad's eyes. Slowly his hand slid up to his Dad's crotch to rub against his bulge in his tight blue jeans. Tony looked at Jay knowing what Jay was doing.

"You know that will get you into more trouble, don't you?" Tony pulled Jay closer between his spread legs, reached around Jay’s buttocks, and gave them a firm squeeze.

"Yes, sir," Jay said softly, "I am hoping it will get me into more trouble, sir."
Personally, I was getting horny just watching the maneuvers of this young stud making a pass at his handsome Dad. Jay is going to be such a slut and I think his Dad loves it. Jay had already gotten his Dad's cock hard just being that close to him and a nice firm cock was showing in Jay's tight jeans. Jay removed his own hard hat and placed it on the floor as he pushed his face into Tony's crotch. One hand begun to unbutton Tony’s 501's as Tony leaned back to let Jay do his thing. I knew this was going to end up in another hot session of man sex and I was ready for it. I reached over to unbutton Tony's shirt as Jay found his way to Tony's hard cock.

They both realized it was not going to be easy to get the monster cock free, so Tony said, "Let's get out of some of these clothes and I will pull the shades in case the security guard decides to be a voyeur. Dick, take some padding over to that table where we will be more comfortable." Like last night, Tony was taking control of the situation again. I did as he said and could see the table might be just the right height for some interesting action.

Tony secured the windows and removed his boots, pants and shirt while I did the same. Jay was already undressed and leaning against the table. His long, beautiful uncut cock was not completely hard and hung down his leg ready to be used. Tony put his work boots back on and left his hard hat on as well. He looked really hot with his long, trim torso and his stomach rippled like a washboard. Evidently he had been working out too and was looking good (should I say yummy?). I could see his huge cock better in this light and it looked even larger than the night before. I couldn't wait to suck him off again but before I could drop to my knees, Tony gave more instructions.

"Jay, I want you on the table with your legs hanging over this end to the floor. Dick, I want you to get his legs in the air and eat that sweet ass like you did mine last night. I want him to experience that talented fast-moving tongue going up his tender virgin ass. I want to watch the both of you enjoying yourselves. Now! Do as I say." Tony’s cock began to get even harder.

Jay got on the table and I willingly lifted his young 16-year-old virgin ass into the air then dropped to my knees. The table was just perfect for this action and I began to wonder if Tony had done this before. Jay got comfortable as I got his legs in position and began to give a show for his Dad. I was already so hot that my pre-cum flowed from my piss slit dangling to the floor. Tony stood to the side so he could watch my face buried in this sweet-tasting ass. I took my time by first holding Jay’s cock, then running my tongue up and around his balls. Next I lapped and licked away at Jay's ass as he gave out small boyish whimpers of delight.

"You like eating my boy’s ass? It looks hot. Let me see that tongue get buried in his sweet pink hole. Oh, Yeah. That is really hot. Looks better than any pussy I've had in a while." Tony almost chanted as I enjoyed the taste of this sweet young boys ass. I watched Tony out of the corner of my eye as he slowly jacked his big cock. His free hand wondered up and down Jay's sexy torso over the firm chest to caress his hard nipples. Tony enjoyed exploring his son's hot body and occasionally let his hands cuddle and squeeze Jay’s cock and balls. Tony’s large, masculine hand would feel my mouth then rub Jay’s cute ass hole while talking to Jay and me: "Do you like the feel of that long fucking tongue going into your ass, son? Isn't that a good feeling? Feels so good you almost want to sit on his face, huh? Yeah, I know it feels good Jay. Tell me you like it. Tell me how good you like your ass eaten by a cock sucker, tell me son." Tony was getting hotter and more verbal by the minute.

"Oh yes sir, I like his tongue in my ass. It feels so good. It even tingles! I want more of his tongue. Tell him to give me more, Dad. I want more."

"Do you hear that, cocksucker? My son wants more of your tongue fucking. Give him the works. Feast on that ass until it is nice and wet cause I have other plans for that sweet hole. Get that pussy nice and wet. Yeah, eat that ass," Tony said as I willingly licked and tongue fucked his tight ass hole.

"Now, I think he is ready for more than just your tongue up his ass. Dick, get up from your knees and put your cock into his tight hole. I want you to bury your big cock into my son's tight virgin ass. I want you to lube your cock with your pre-cum juices and some of this K-Y and fuck his ass." Tony was quite demanding but it WAS exciting.

"I don't know Tony, I don't think he is ready for that yet. I know it’s a hot suggestion but I don't know..." Just then Tony interrupted me. “Shut up and do as I say. I want you to plant your seed in him, spread his asshole so I can fuck the shit out of him. He wants it and you are going to be honored to take his cherry ass before his Daddy shows him whom his Daddy really is. Do as I say. Here, put some of this up his ass hole if you think he needs it. What a couple of pussies! I thought you two were men. Let’s do some real man-to-man fucking today" Tony urged as I got up from my knees and looked down at Jay still spread out before me. I really wanted his ass and the thought of his father insisting I first eat his ass, then fuck his virgin ass, was beyond my wildest dreams.

I took Jay’s sexy legs and placed them one at a time on my shoulders. I first thought I would lube him up with the K-Y but I then chose to lube Jay with just my pre-cum juices. I rubbed the head of my wet cock against his hole and slowly got him used to the idea. Jay had a fearful look on his face but I think he didn't want his Dad to see him afraid. I then looked into Jay’s handsome young face and nodded to assure him that it was going to be OK. I easily got the head of my cock into the opening of his hole before he tightened up from fear.

Meanwhile Tony was watching and started to rub Jay's forehead and run his fingers through his dark curly hair. "It's going to be all right, son, Dick knows what he is doing. I'm sure yours is not the first ass that’s received his load. Perhaps not one as good-looking as yours, but just as tight. Come on now babe, relax. Your Daddy is here. Dick will make you feel soooo good. It might sting at first but after he gets it in there, you'll love it. You will be OK. Show him how much a man you are, and take that cock up your ass." Tony kept assuring his son as I slowly put my shaft into his anus.

It felt so good I thought I was going to cum right away, so I stopped pushing. Tony must have gotten impatient because he reached around to my ass cheeks and shoved me right into Jay. Right up to the hilt! Jay didn't cry out but turned his head so his Dad couldn't see that it hurt. I stopped to let Jay get accustomed to my cock, then slowly started pulling it back out a few inches, then back in, then back out further, until I built a nice smooth rhythm. I looked into Jay's face once again and saw tears rolling down his cheeks. His Dad was watching and put his hands to the area where my 8-inch cock had buried itself into his son's virgin ass. OMG, it was a great sensation!

I could feel his ass tunnel begin to relax and start to squeeze back in response to my movements. Jay was really starting to enjoy being fucked, just like his Dad said he would. But Jay was not yet into enjoying the warmth and feel of another man’s body as much as me. I let Jay wrap his legs around my waist for better comfort. He pulled my body into his as I shoved my cock deeper and deeper, and over and over, until I began an orgasmic frenzy. Despite that I didn't want to cum but I just could not control myself. It was soooooo fantastic and it helped knowing Jay was enjoying it.

He gasped and moaned with every shove of my cock. He seemed like he couldn't get enough cock in him. I knew I was brushing his prostate but hoped he would not cum just yet. I pounded away at his firm round butt until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I HAD to cum, and cum I did! Oooooeeeee! It was unbelievable fucking this tight young ass. I was very aware of his sexy father watching me fuck his gorgeous and hot son.

Tony loved the show I was putting on for him. He would first move to his son's side, stroking him up and down, then his hand and fingers would explore my cock going into Jay's ass. Now and then he would crouch under my balls to watch my cock penetrating the sweet virgin ass. Tony would feel my balls dripping with my cum juices and Jay's body fluids, then put his fingers to his mouth to taste and savor our body fluids. Tony was obviously getting off on the whole scene.

I started to feel my balls tighten to pump my load into Jay's ass. I loudly moaned and felt gushers of cum spurting into Jay’s sweet bod. I knew he could feel it too as he gasped and pushed into me as if greedy for maximum cock. I heard Jay mutter words of pleasure combined now and then with a soft. "Fuck me, Fuck me. Harder! Harder! It feels so good; fuck me; fuck me! Please fuck me hard!" Then Dad would drown out his son's comments with his own.

"Oh yeah, Dick, fuck that sweet virgin ass. Dump your hot fucken cum up my boy's willing ass. He loves it. Give my little man your big manly cock, Oh Yeah. Look at Jay. He loves to get fucked. He loves it! Oh shit. This is great. My boy loves to get his ass fucked. Man, oh, man. Jay you are great. Your Daddy loves you, boy. Your Daddy loves you," Tony gushed as I pumped my last few squirts of love juice until it started running out of Jay’s ass onto the floor.

I was amazed at the excitement Tony experienced while watching me fuck the shit out of his virgin son's fantastic ass. He was glad that his son was enjoying his first fuck. I think it was because Tony anticipated some hot sex to replace what he wasn't getting at home from his wife. He knew now he had a willing, good-looking son that could enjoy a cock up the ass and Jay could satisfy Tony’s sexual needs as well as his own. They will be a hot combination! Tony waited until I started to pull out and then said, "Move aside. I need to get some of that hot pussy while it is nice and juicy. Man, you really lubricated his hole with a big load. That is just what I wanted. Now, I'm going to show my son how a real man fucks. I am so hot I could fuck this boy all day. Oh shit, I love this boy." Tony stood with his big 12-inch cock aimed at the freshly fucked hole and held Jay's legs up in a “V.”

"Dick, get over here and aim my cock in that pussy-ass while I hold him up. I need you to guide it in. I let you deposit your cum first to stretch it so I can get my big cock in with ease. I didn't want to hurt him on the first try. Hold my cock but first get it good and wet. Be my "fluff boy." Yeah, that's good. Oh shit you are a good cocksucker! Hey, don't get me off until I have fucked my boy. Fucked him real good. Oh yeah. Put it in that tight hole. Slowly now. Hold onto my balls real tight so I won't cum upon entry. How you doing son? Didn't I tell you it would feel good? Now your Daddy is going to fuck you; make you feel good while you make your Daddy feel good. You like that, son?"

I continued to help Tony guide his 12-inch beauty into his son's well-used ass. I knew Tony was going to give a wild fuck and hoped he didn't get too rough on Jay. I hoped Tony would be careful even though he could be wild. I was amazed at this huge 12-inch cock as it penetrated the first few inches of Jay. Tony slowly put his cock in-- inch by inch--until it was about half way in. Not only was Tony long, but his manhood was as large around as Jay's wrist. Tony released Jay's legs as he moved slowly with determination. He grabbed Jay's hands and pinned him to the table. Jay wrapped his legs around his Dad and pulled him into him causing Tony's sausage to go in to the hilt. Jay let out a deep sigh and started to shake and shot a tremendous gusher of cum. His Dad had hit his prostate causing Jay to cum without even touching himself. It seemed to come as a surprise to both Jay and Tony. What a sight!

"Fuck! Did you see that big load my man just shot? That's my man. Full of hot manly juices. Shit. I even got some it in my mouth. He shot to the head of the table! Jay you are full of surprises." Tony joked and rubbed the cum from his face and licked his fingers. Then he took some of the cum from Jay's body and put it in Jay's mouth. Jay started licking his Dad's fingers, tasting his own cum.

Tony smiled at Jay, and then started to move his love shaft within Jay’s love canal. Jay was still only a young man that would grow during the next few years. Even only 16, Jay had a handsome cock to be proud of. It was hot seeing the two together. Tony knew that his 12-inch cock might not feel comfortable at first entry, but Jay took it like a man. The expression on Jay's face changed from concern and fear to joy and confidence. He had his legs wrapped around his dear Dad's waist and pulled his Dad towards him with each plunge of Tony’s magnificent cock. It was evident that Jay found his sexual desires being fulfilled. He enjoyed being used by his handsome Dad.

I positioned myself under Tony's legs as he stood on the floor pulling and pushing his cock into Jay. I was amazed how this young small frame could take such a cock, but Jay seemed to manage without any trouble. Tony, aware of my position under his balls, would look down at me from above during the pulling and shoving.

"Hey Dick," Tony said to me, "How's the view from down there? Get closer and lick my balls if you like. You might even get some of the love juices oozing from my babe here. Isn't he something else? I tell you, he is the best piece of ass I’ve had since I was in the Marines. Oh, Yeah. This boy knows how to please his Daddy." Then Tony moved faster, becoming more aggressive pulling Jay's hips and buttock down on his cock.

Jay placed his hands on his Dad's neck to hold on tightly. He knew this was going to be a bumpy ride. Tony said something to Jay managed to lift Jay from the table. Jay’s butt was impaled on his Dad’s cock. Tony lifted him in the air with Jay's arms around him. It was kind of kinky seeing Tony carry Jay like that. Tony never missed a stroke of shoving his cock up Jay's ass. Jay was getting more excited again as his own cock rubbed against his Dad's hard six-pack abs. Jay nuzzled against Tony as Tony started biting Jay's neck and nibbling his ears. Jay moaned, "Oh, fuck me Daddy. Fuck your little man. Fill me with your cock; unload your manly sperm into my needing ass. Fuck me Daddy! Oh, Dad, I'm going to cum again. I can't help it. I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Ooooohhhh. I'm cumming Daddy." Then Jay once again came on his Dad chest. Tony got so into his son's orgasm that he lifted Jay up and down on his cock faster and faster while Jay shot his load between their hot and sweaty bodies. Jay grabbed his Dad's body and held him closely as Tony’s battering continued. Then Tony paused, holding Jay tightly to get ready for the next round.

"My little man sure enjoys his orgasms. That's good. That's the way it should be. A man should let his body enjoy sex. Good boy. Good boy." Tony started to nibble on Jay’s neck and ears again occasionally licking the sweat dripping from his neck and face.
* * * * * * * * * *

There was a brief pause then Tony instructed me to move the padding from the table to the large wooden coffee table in front of the couch. After I got it ready for them, Tony walked to the low table to place Jay on his back again. Not once did Tony get soft or pull his cock from Jay's love hole.

"Now Jay, your Daddy is going to give you a good working over. I'm going to fuck you until you cum again then I'm going to plant my fucken hot manly cum up your precious ass. So, hold on babe, we are going to do some wild bucking and I hope this table can take it. I know you can take it. You're my man! You're my man!"

Tony began a slow in and out motion. Then he started to grind and twist around in a circle, then reverse the circle and fuck some more. I sat on the floor behind the hot animalistic man-to-man sex. It was awesome watching the two of them together! I had become so engrossed with the action that I had already cum the same time Jay did but my nuts were still ready to pop another load. Jay was holding his own and never complained at his Dad continual fucking. This man must have had lots of practice when he was in the Marines. Whatever he learned or had experienced, he was in full swing now and knew exactly what he wanted. Awesome! Awesome!

The two of them continued for another 10 minutes or so, while Tony turned Jay every way but loose. He would change his rhythms and style to let not only himself but his son enjoy the sex as well. After abundant rubs of his prostate by Tony's big cock, Jay started to cum again but this time Tony didn't stop; he pounded away as Jay shot his load. Then Tony went wild, moaning and almost howling like a man in joyous splendor. His cock moved so fast in and out of Jay's ass that it was almost a blur. His balls popped hard and rough against Jay's boyish buttocks. So much cum was being planted into Jay's welcoming ass hole, that it began oozing down from the ass crack onto the table padding.

I didn't want to distract them but I could not resist placing my hand around Jay's asshole area where his Dad's cock was releasing sperm. I quickly tasted it and placed some of the hot juices to my cock to jack off once more. Jay reached for me and pulled my cock up to his face and slurped it into his mouth while his Dad came in his ass. It didn't take but a few slurps, before I started to cum. Tony had planted most of his cum into Jay and was laying on him with his face next to Jay’s. Some of my first spurts of cum shot hit Tony on the face and the rest flew into Jay's welcoming tongue. I saw Tony's mouth open as he let some of my cum run into his mouth, then he turned to Jay and started kissing him on the mouth. They both savored my load in their mouths! Tony began to relax, enjoying his sexual adventure with his son and new sex partner.

The warm sensuous odor of man-sex and cum filled the room. Jay didn't seem too tired even though he had already cum 2 times and got roughly fucked by his Dad and myself. I collapsed to my knees beside Jay and Tony as they cuddled on the coffee table. Tony pulled his body up from Jay so he could relax. Tony looked down at Jay on the table while rubbing his body, now covered with sweat and manly loads of cum.

"I guess you know your Dad built this coffee table out of lumber scraps? I didn't know it would serve such a sexy purpose. We should take it home so we can use it on “special occasions.” I think it would be a good reminder of our first fuck and yet, every time I sat by it, I would get a hard-on remembering how much we loved our sex on it. What do you think, Jay? Did you like your first fuck from your Daddy? You know, there are going to be many more. Now let me pull my stud meat out of that sweet juicy hole and get dressed. Dick, why don't you come over here and lick Jay's ass area clean? It will give you a nice reminder of this action too." Tony slowly pulled his semi-soft cock from Jay ass.

I quickly got behind Jay’s ass to watch Tony's juicy cock pull out of Jay’s love hole. He had left a nice load and even though some of cum had oozed out during his wild pounding, there was still a trickle of sperm dripping from Jay. Even though I had just cum, I was excited to lick and clean Jay's ass and even put my finger in his hole to feel the warm cum his Dad had left there. Jay looked down at me and smiled. I treated his asshole like an offering to the gods, in this case, his Dad and me. I continued to lick and clean his body with my tongue and then took a workman's clean up towel to dry off the remaining body sweat and cum. 

More of this story to follow.  Drop me a comment if you are pleased with this story and want more. Dick Clinton.

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Jay Boy.

Jay Boy

by Dick Clinton (
This story consists of erotic detail of man-to-man sexual conduct and encounters. If this type of man love offends you or you are under the legal age in your state or country to read this, then leave now.

Part 1, Getting to know you

I worked in Miami Beach during the winter months as a waiter at two of the fine hotels on the beach. The summer was now over and most of the “Borscht" crowd were going back to the Catskills for the summer vacations. I had made some good connections and was offered a job at Grossinger's Hotel so I packed my car to head up the coast to New York State. I had a roomie, Sidney that shared an apartment with me while working on the beach. Since he was going to be working in the same area as a hairstylist, we traveled together. He had relatives in Brooklyn so we would stay there two nights before heading to the Catskill Mountains in up-state New York, where we would be working during the next three summer months.

When we arrived in Brooklyn, we went directly to Sid's sister's home, an older brownstone two-story tract home built in the early 20's. You could still see the conversion from gas lights to electricity. It had been pretty well maintained but it was in need of refurbishing. The family consisted of his sister and brother-in-law, and three young nephews.

His sister, Sadie was a nice Jewish lady about 35 and her husband, Anthony (Tony) was a handsome Italian man about the same age as Sadie. The three boys were Benjamin (the youngest at 12), David 14, and Jason (the oldest) at 16. All three boys were good-looking but lacked the etiquette or sparkle that young men should have. They seemed rather blah and a bit undernourished; they needed some country air and good cooking.

After the introductions and we had taken our bags upstairs, the family made plans to visit their mother in a nearby part of town. I was to say at the home with Tony and Jay (the oldest son) while Sadie, Sid, and the two youngest kids visited Grandma.

Since the home was not large I wondered with three kids where everyone was to sleep. While the others were gone, the three of us watched a wrestling match on TV while drinking beer.

I had a chance to briefly get acquainted with Tony and Jay. Tony (did I say how very handsome this Italian is?) had married Sadie when they were both young. You could tell at a glance that their married life had become routine and boring. Tony seemed very conscious of his appearance and would occasionally check his reflection in the hallway mirror and run his fingers through his thick wavy hair. He was tall and slender but very well built. He wore tight-fitting tan pants that emphasized his firm ass and his long cock and balls down the right side of his pants. It was obvious he was wearing no underclothes and also had a large cock. I couldn't help trying to catch a glimpse of the impression of his cock and balls when he left and entered the room. He seemed to always have to adjust himself each time he set down on the couch next to me. He was driving me crazy and I was beginning to think he was doing it on purpose. He knew his brother-in-law Sid was a gay hairstylist, so he probably assumed I was gay also.

Jay, his 16-year-old son, looked very much like his Dad and probably was hung as well. Jay was in high school and told me he liked art and wanted to go to college to become an architect. He liked sports but wasn't good enough or rough enough to keep up with the other boys. I watched him with interest and saw a possible gay streak running in the family. Jay was probably gay but having problems accepting his homosexuality. With the Jewish/Catholic upbringing, he had no help accepting his feelings. Jay was tall for his age and had a good frame. He had a handsome face with dark wavy hair and deep brown bedroom eyes like his father. He was going to be a heart breaker that was for sure.

We sat around for some time and talked while watching TV and drinking beer. Soon the four others came home from their visit. The two younger kids--Ben and David--were almost asleep and went immediately to their rooms. Now I learned the sleeping arrangements!

Sid was to sleep in David's single bed with him; Ben would sleep in his a single bed with his mother. Jay was to sleep in his parent's room in Ben's single bed and I was to sleep with Tony in the large bed. Jay normally slept in the other room, but tonight he would sleep in the same room as his father and I.

After everyone was assigned their sleeping places, I nervously took off my clothes and crawled under the sheets in the big bed. Jay took off his clothes and wore only boxers on the single bed next to the wall. Tony came into the room, looked us both over and turned out the lights. He crawled into the bed next to me and said quietly as he pulled off his boxers, "I hope you don't mind, but I always sleep naked, and so does Jay. I think it is more comfortable and healthier. So don't be shy, take off your underclothes too." I slowly pulled off my shorts and placed them under my pillow for quick dressing in the morning.

I lay there trying to relax, but how could I, when I had this naked hunk lying in the same bed with me? Tony adjusted his pillow a few times then turned over on his stomach and curled around the pillow facing away from me. Soon my eyes adjusted to the streetlights and now I could see Jay laying naked on his cot. The glow of the streetlight was just bright enough that I could make out his lean firm body and his trim torso. A small hint of hair surrounded his crotch and I strained my eyes to see his cock. It was hanging down between his legs so I was out of luck, that is, until he reached down to adjust his low-hanging balls and pulled his cock up to his stomach. I could see a soft 6 inches of uncut cock. Oh, how am I to sleep with this sexual surrounding? I felt my cock immediately getting hard. I had to quickly pull the sheet over my mound and try to sleep. I had to turn away from Jay as he looked so desirable and delicious. I was now facing Tony's beautiful backside and firm naked ass. Oh shit! I was going berserk!

The house was now quiet; the only noise you could hear was an occasional car or the sound of a subway nearby. I lay there trying to relax and go to sleep. Just when I relaxed, Tony turned towards me and his leg slightly touched mine. I was turned on again and looked up into his eyes to see if he was asleep. My arm was in front of me and my hand was stretched close to him. He moved once again closer and his semi-hard cock touched my hand. I almost panicked but I remained still.

Tony spoke quietly to me in a soft whisper, like a person talking in his sleep. "You can't sleep either? I understand." He paused for a second then continued, "I know, you want my cock, so why don't you quietly slide down next to me and let me feel your mouth around my dick? What do you say?" Tony did not even open his eyes then added, "Wait, I will turn on the fan and shut the door." He quickly got up, shut and locked the door, and turned on the fan to make more noise. I watched him as his tall lean body eased the door shut. When he returned, I saw his huge, long, soft cock swinging in the air. He was even bigger than I hoped. He got back into bed once again, took the pillows and set them against the head of the bed, rested his back there, and spread his legs around me.

"Here, get between my legs. It is easier for you this way, besides I like to watch." I was so excited and shocked at the sudden move of this hot good-looking stud. He was offering me his cock to suck! I was still a bit nervous about Jay sleeping in the bed about 6 feet from us, but his Dad didn't seem to mind, so why should I?

"I trust you can handle it. I love to get head. Take your time and don't worry about Jay. He sleeps like a log, besides he's seen me fuck his mom lots of times. I think it’s a good education for a boy his age. But now, I want to be sucked, but take your time. It has been a long time for me and I want to enjoy this."

I got myself into position and caressed his low hanging balls. I leaned over to nuzzle his inner-thigh while wrapping my hand around his hardening cock. I wanted to tongue and explore his cock shaft before it got hard. I quickly placed my tongue to his piss slit to discover a beautiful uncut cock with a long, soft pink foreskin and a large tulip-shaped head still hidden beneath the foreskin. I was delighted to lick under his long skin to taste his salty, clear pre-cum juices with a hint of piss.

Tony placed his hand to the back of my head and rubbed his fingers through my hair. One hand wondered down to my mouth, he placed a finger into my mouth as I licked his cock head. He gave out a slight moan. It was growing very fast and I wanted to go down on him before it got too big to swallow. I took it to the root. His semi soft cock was already a good eight inches and still growing! My hand gripped his cock as I prepared to take another forward plunge. He moaned,

"Fucken yeah! Fucken yeah! Do that again. Yeah. Again." He sighed with pleasure. "But don't get me off yet. I want you to lick my balls. Lick them good. I love a good ball bath. Oh, baby, this is Heaven. I love this. Keep it up. I am so horny that I might be able to get off a few times before morning. Go to it. Make love to my cock. Oh yeah." I had forgotten all about Jay because I was now concentrating on this stud cock! I was making love.

I quickly licked my way down to his balls and tried to take them in my mouth. His balls were very large like his cock and I could only get one ball at a time in my mouth without crushing them. He was taking all this in and would sigh and moan with pleasure. I was ready for his first load so I went to work! I continue doing my best to service his big cock until I could feel the sperm building up in his balls. I didn't want to miss a stroke or a drop of his cum so I continued until he let loose a deep moan and shot several squirts of warm cum into my mouth. There was so much cum that some was oozing from my mouth as I desperately swallowed every wonderful precious drop of my stud’s juices. We gasped and sighed together as he thrust his body into the air to give me his full manhood. We slowly returned to a normal position as I pulled my legs out from under his arched body. Tony’s face had a pleasant, satisfied look. His eyes were closed and he was gradually falling asleep. I slowly pulled my legs from under him as I licked off the remaining saliva and sperm.

I took a deep breath and glanced over at Jay. He had been watching me suck his father! He looked away but didn't cover his hard cock bobbing into the air. I thought to myself, “what the hell” and slowly got out of bed and sat on the side of Jay's bed. I gently took his 7 ½ in hard cock into my hand. I placed my warm mouth around his cock, now oozing with juices.

I was afraid he had already shot his load but the minute I placed my mouth around his cock I knew he had not cum yet. I went all the way down on him about 4 times then he gasped and shoved my head down on his cock, shooting a huge load into my welcoming mouth. I went down on him again so I could get every pulsating move. He came and came then let out one more sigh and obviously relaxed while I licked up and down his young cock.

I placed my tongue under his foreskin after he started to get soft to taste his sweet cum. His cock started to get hard again, so I continued to move up and down his shaft. I wanted him again. I crawled between his legs on the bed and started working him up and down while exploring his balls. My fingers wondered down to the warm crevices of his ass to find his virgin anus. I placed one finger into his sweet hole which caused him to shoot off again very quickly. This time he jerked and shot an even bigger load as I had touched his prostrate. He was wild for a 16-year-old boy. I finished cleaning him, dried him off completely with his shorts on the side of his bed, and then slowly moved back into bed with his Dad.

I tried not to wake this sleeping stud but he opened his eyes and smiled as he said to me, "Hot young stud there, huh? Got a cock like his Dad. That was hot watching you blow my son like that. I could use another blow job but first I would like you to eat my ass. I had a whore eat my ass once and I really got off on it. Does that turn you off? Will you be my 'ass eating whore' for tonight?"

"Fuck yeah. I am not normally into eating ass, but I want to do it to you. You and Jay both turn me on so much, I would do almost anything you want,” I bluntly said.

I started to take command as I pulled Tony down from his pillow and lifted his legs into the air. I moved down to an ass eating position, took a good look at his tight buttocks and narrow butt crack with its sexy trickle of hair. I started slowly kissing and licking his butt cheeks as I lifted his legs up higher. He started to jack on his cock but I told him to hold his ankles and lift his legs. Tony responded, "I don't want you to get any ideas and stick your shaft in my ass. I'm still a virgin but perhaps sometime we might try the ass fucking. I just need a good tongue fucking tonight."

I held his legs up so I could penetrate his ass hole. I slowly found his tight virgin butt-hole and placed one finger to the edge of his tender rosebud. I wet my finger and placed the tip into his virgin hole. Then I went for the treasure spot and started licking down his sexy butt crack until my tongue found his warm musky hole. I tongue fucked his hole so deeply that I felt the edges of his butt cheeks against my face. It was exciting to tongue-fuck this hot virgin stud while his son was probably watching again.

Since we three had adjusted to the light in the room, everything was clear. I could see Jay resting his head on his hands while playing with his hard cock again. I was wondering if he knew what I was doing to his Dad. I took a quick peek and motioned for Jay to come to our bed. Jay didn't hesitate and slowly sit on the edge of our bed. Jay wasn't sure his Dad wanted him there until Tony took Jay’s hand and pulled him closer. I took Jay's hand and placed it on his Dad's cock as I rimmed Tony. Jay leaned down to watch me tongue fuck his hunky Dad. I took a breather and pulled Jay down to let him explore Tony’s asshole with his finger. It was turning Tony on and he started to jack off again. I was now jacking off as I watched Jay both masturbate his Dad and play with his ass.

"Tony, turn over and get into a doggy position. I'm going to eat your ass that way," I demanded. Tony immediately got up on his knees to allow me to put my face into Tony's ass again. I pulled Jay under his Dad's body so he could watch me lick his Dad's ass. Tony's cock was hanging close to his son's mouth and without hesitation, he reached under and pulled Jay up, forcing his hard cock into his son’s mouth.

It was just as I had hoped. I was getting Jay and his Dad so hot, that Jay gulped down his Dad's big dick into his mouth, trying to suck it the best he knew how. I went for Jay's cock again while he sucked on his Dad. Tony was getting so hot that he started to mouth fuck Jay as I sucked Jay's cock. It was so exciting and hot that we all started to cum at the same time. Jay was gagging and gasping for air as a gusher of his Dad's sperm emptied into his young mouth. Tony seemed to have no mercy as he held Jay as he came. Jay was doing a good job cumming also. I took Jay’s cock into my mouth and took his third load in two hours. I knelt behind Tony and over Jay as my cock shot several spurts of cum over Tony's ass and on Jay's body as he continued to sucked his Dad off. Wow, it was so fucking hot.

It all came to a slow end as Jay continued to lick and drink down all the cum from his Dad's semi soft cock. He milked the foreskin to savor the man-sperm: the same sperm that had produced him 16 years ago.

Tony was trying to reposition himself but didn't want to pull his cock from his son's mouth. He took a deep breath to gather his composure. I licked my own cum from Tony's ass and back and then moved to Jay's body. Some of my cum had settled into Jay belly button so I licked it out, and gave his dick one more sucking kiss. He flinched and gave out a slight giggle.

Tony pulled his body off Jay and collapsed to the side of the bed. I moved to the other side of the bed while Jay moved into the middle next to his Dad. Tony lovingly pulled Jay's naked body against his and wrapped his arms around him. One hand went down to Jay's dick and cupped his balls in his fatherly hands. It wasn't long before the three of us were fast asleep with satisfying smiles on our faces.

The night went fast as the three of us slept curled in each other arms. I had moved next to Jay so Tony extended his arm around me as well as Jay. I could feel a hard cock pressing against my buttock; Jay's teenage cock was hard again! I thought this would be a good chance to get him off again before morning awakened everyone, ending my wonderful night of sex. It might be my last opportunity so I slowly pulled away from Tony's arm and slid down to the hard moist cock of Jay. I didn't even have to get him hard, so I carefully reached under his big balls to remove them from between his legs. When I did, he slightly lifted his leg.

As I carefully pulled his low hanging balls, I found his Dad's cock had found its way between Jay's legs. Tony's cock was already fully hard. He moved in closer causing his long cock to move under Jay's balls to extend out the other side. I moved another few inches to get Tony’s monster in my mouth. Tony started to slowly fuck Jay between his legs, his cock in my mouth and my nose resting under Jay's soft hairless balls. Jay's cock rubbed against my forehead, still oozing steams of teen pre-cum. So, I started sucking Jay's cock for a few strokes, then I would suck his Dad's cock. It was a rather novel and stimulating experience.

I was enjoying this as much as the father and son were. I was careful not to get Jay off too soon so his Dad could enjoy the sensation of fucking his son underneath his balls. Perhaps it would be an introduction for a good ass fucking for Jay by Dad. I'm sure that would be awhile, because of the size of Tony's big, thick cock but I knew it could happen. I would like to be there when it did! How exciting it would be to watch this big stud Tony, fuck his hot young 16 year old son for the first time.

I had to control my sucking because I myself was getting close to cumming. Then I decided to swing around in a 69 position to offer my stiffness to Jay. I decided not to force him but give him a chance to experiment and suck on my cock. After all, he seemed to enjoy taking his Dad's load earlier.

I moved around quickly then continued to suck first Jay, then Tony. I had hardly positioned myself when I felt Jay's hand wrap around my cock to jack me off slowly. I moved in closer and he softly took my cock head into his mouth to taste it. Then he started to go down on me with slow and loving moves. I knew he was enjoying the experience and now he was hooked on sucking cock. Once you experience the feeling of a warm man's hard cock, the savoring of his juices and the excitement of the nectar being released into your body, you are hooked. You just have to experience it yourself to know the feeling. Now Jay was starting to experiment and he seemed to enjoy the cock so I let him enjoy it as I enjoyed his tender mouth. I was curious what he would do when I started to cum in his mouth. I had to admit that Jay was doing a good job giving me a blow job and I knew if he kept this up, I would cum.

I was so engrossed in sucking the two cocks before me as I took, first Jay's cock, then placed my cock over the first few inches of Tony's cock as it slid between Jay's legs. Tony was moving faster and faster and then his body tensed and he started shooting cum. I quickly placed my mouth over it to gulp it down.

Meanwhile Jay's cock was rubbing against my chest and he too started to cum. His Dad was holding Jay close, exploring and pinching his nipples. That didn't bother Jay in fact it turned him on even more. His Dad did not want to yell his pleasure because of our location in the house. I could tell he was holding back. Jay too gasped and moaned in a muffled sound. His head was turned to his Dad’s face and the two of them were trying to kiss as they enjoyed their orgasms. Jay pulled away from his Dad's lips and immediately took my cumming cock back into his warm tender mouth, sucking and drinking my warm juices. Despite wanting to yell out I too held back to a soft moan. The three of us seemed to always get off at about the same time.

After a nice sensuous and delightful session, we became aware that the family was starting to move around in the other room. I moved over to Jay's bed after quickly cleaning all the cum from between his legs and my chest. Jay used his shorts to wipe up cum stains and he quickly adjusted the pillows and bed sheets so everything looked normal. We three pretended to sleep when one of the boys knocked at the door and told us coffee was ready. Then Tony's wife, Sadie came to the door and knocked quietly and opened the door that Jay had thoughtfully unlocked before jumping into bed by his Dad.

"Tony. We have to take Grandma over to her doctor today and I am going to drop the boys by your sisters until we get back. Sid is going with me so you men have a good day and we will be back about 5 PM or so... unless Jay wants to go with us."
Tony suddenly spoke. "No. Jay is going to stay here with the rest of us men. I am going to take them over to my construction site today to show them around."

Jay nodded to his Dad with a delightful smile of approval. I sensed they were not close before, but now that they had man-to-man physical contact, I knew things were going to be different. Jay looked proud and happy that his Dad had included him in the “men” category. Tony seemed pleased with Jay's enthusiasm and gave him a punch on his arm and tickled his ribs as Jay tried to defend himself from his Dad's advances.

Feb, 2011, RCB
Word Count 4376

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Dick Clinton

Monday, May 23, 2016

Adventures of Corey, College Visit

Another 'Adventure of Corey.'
School Days, College Visit

Story by Dick Clinton

I had never been to a college Fraternity before, but Jake said he could get me into the party tonight. It was an all men’s night, Monday night football and no girls were allowed. Jake told me one of his buddies would let us in through the basement entrance but we had to play it cool.

The house had been an old mansion that had been converted into a Fraternity for men at the University. It was one of those funny Greek alphabetical name, Gamma,, Gamma, Gamma, or something like that, but Jake and Jerry called it ‘gobble, gobble, gobble’ because all the guy talked about was ‘eating pussy’, then he added it was all talk and most of them had never been with a woman before.

Jerry took us to the back entry of the house, through the basement recreation room and upstairs to join the other guys. In the main room must have been a dozen of more hot hunky guys gathered around the giant TV. Most were shirtless, wearing tight body shirts, shorts or setting in their boxer underwear. My mouth started to water.

This was an athletic Fraternity and all the men were well build and in excellent shape. I had never seen so many hot looking guys in one location. I could feel my ass hole starting to twitch for want of penetration. I wanted to bend over right there in front of the TV and tell them to have at it. Studs. I’m here to be your ‘cum dump’. Fuck me all night, but my fantasy was interrupted when I was handed a beer by one of the hunks as he passed by me.

Jake grabbed my arm and pulled me next to him. “Well, Corey. Do you think you can handle a few of these dudes? See that hot looking number standing behind the couch? His name is Robbie. He is the one that wanted me to invite some ‘male slut’ over to service him and a few other guys as their
Cum dump slut’.”

Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. How are we going to go about this? I’ll never be able to get any of these football addicts away from the TV long enough to make out. I hear some of these ‘redneck straight guys’ just might want to beat the fuck out of fags. I’m a lover, not a fighter. I’m sure he’ll figure out a way to get some action going. I’m gonna leave it up to Robbie.

What do you think of him? He’s got a hot body, and I hear he’s always horny and brags about cumming 6 times a day. I’ve heard rumors he’s hung big too, but so are a few of these other dudes. I’ve showered with most of them in the gym, and I’m telling you, I never seen such a collection of hung studs. I’ve walked in on four of them doing a ‘circle jerk’ and that was awesome. You won’t be disappointed even if you only get to fuck around with half of them.”

Come over and I’ll introduce you to Robbie.”

Robbie was setting on the edge of an arm chair wearing shorts and nothing else. He had an awesome hairless chest, and a taut six-pack of stomach muscles. I couldn’t see any bulge, but a hint of a orb hung from the right side of his gym shorts. He was a handsome looking guy and any straight girl or gay guy would be honored to have sex with. He looked up as we approached and stood just as a cheer was heard from the group because of an exiting football play on the TV.

Robbie. This is Corey, the guy I was telling you about. He might be interested in ‘joining’ your Fraternity when he is ready to go to college.”

Hey Corey. Jake was telling me you like lots of action. I hope you’re in for some action here tonight. Some of these horny bastards never seem to get enough sex, including me. If you’re ready for a tour of the place I’ll be glad to show you around, but first I have to go downstairs to the storage room and get some more beer. Come along with me Corey while Jake and Terry stay here and watch the game.”

We headed down the stairs to the recreation and the storage room. Robbie opened a door under the stairs to a large storage room.

Corey. This would be a good place for you to give me an example of your talents.” Robbie dropped his shorts and out popped his fantastic semi-hard 8 inch uncut cock and a huge set of low hanging balls. “Get on your knees, cocksucker, and have my first load.”

Wow! This guy wanted some action now. I didn’t hesitated, being the slut cocksucker I was, I dropped to my knees and held his huge balls in one hand and guided his semi-soft cock to my lips. He was hung very well. A large clear drop of pre-cum honey was oozing from his cock slit.

I gazed at his manhood and took one taste of his pre-cum juices. It was sweet yet salty. I ran by tongue around his cock head glands. then eased it into my mouth as his cock started to grow and expand. I estimated it was about nine or nine and a half inches long and a circumference so thick I could hardly reach around it. He was a super hung stud.

I continued to make love to his manhood until he was completely firm and ready to offer me a pleasant load. He stood patiently, hands on his hips and then gripped the back of my head and guided my head back and forth on his cock until he came. I wanted to taste his load, and let some of it shoot into my mouth before swallowing. He came so much it was hard to take it all with one swallow. After I have swallowed his load, he guided his cock to my face and rubbed the last few drops of his cum on my face and lips.

He took a deep breath and sighed. “That was a good blow job, Corey. Next time I want to try out that ass of yours, but before I do, I have to take this case of beer upstairs. You stay here and I’ll be right back. There’s a cot and a large chair in the next section, so get undressed before I return. I want to fuck you up the ass next time.” Then he picked up two cases of beer and headed out the storage room and up the stairs.

I quickly undress and discovered a large overstuffed chair setting at the foot of the bed, covered with a blanket. It would be better than laying on the cot, so as soon as I heard Robbie entering the room, I positioned myself on my knees on the cushion and rested my arms and head on the back of the chair. He kicked off his shorts and rubbed my buttocks. His slid his fingers up and down my butt crack and entered my anus with two fingers.

That looks fine. You learn fast don’t you? This is an excellent position for fucking. We can stand on the floor and throw the meat to you without even taking off our clothes. Good choice.” Robbie said as he continued to slide his finger in and out of my hole. “Your hole is nice and wet. Have you been fucked within the last hour or so?”

Yeah.” I said shyly. “ I got fucked by a couple dudes behind the stadium men’s room before I came over here. I hope this doesn’t turn you off.”

Fuck no. If anything it turns me on. I love dipping my dick into a nice wet juicy pussy. You really are a slut, aren’t you? Jake said you enjoy taking on more than one dude at a time. Hot! Just the way I like it. Nice and juicy slut hole to fuck. Damn. That is hot! Now prepare yourself for another good fucking, slut boy.”

Robbie pulled his fingers out of my boy-pussy, rested one hand on my bare butt, and guided his big cock to my wet and welcome hole. Once he located my opening, he pressed his cock all the way into my hole with one deep, hard movement. He moaned and I gasp with pleasure. He was already rubbing my prostrate and I was about to cum. He kept his big cock deep in my hole and let it throb. He slowly pulled out, then back in. It felt awesome.

Damn, babe. Your hole is the warmest and smoothest boy-pussy I’ve ever fucked. You’re gonna be a good ride. Oh fuck this feels so good. Shit. I love sex…..and I love your ass. Mu-mm Huh. Good ass, good ass” he kept saying as he repeatedly moved in and out of my hole. We were engrossed on our pleasurable fucking when I heard the outer door open to the storage room and two male voices.

Don’t worry. Some of the guys come down here to smoke a joint or two. We can’t smoke upstairs. Just relax. It’s good.”

Turn the fan on, John. Light me up. Thanks.” The two guys were talking as we fucked in the nearby area. Then one of the boys heard Robbie groaning with pleasure as he fucked me.

What the hell? Damn. Is that you Robbie? What the fuck are ya doing?”

Hey John. Yeah. It’s me Robbie. I’m fucking a fantastic young high school boy’s pussy and it’s awesome. Come over and give us a toke while we fuck.”

Shit man. I never realized you were into boy ass. I’ve never tried male pussy. Can I make use of him when you’re finished? I need to pop a nut tonight.”

John. I’d like some of his ass too. I use to fuck my younger brother when I was in high school. It was some good ass, I tell ya. Gawd Robbie, if he can take a cock like yours, I bet he can take anything. Is he tight?” said the other student Sam.

Oh Yeah Sam. This is better than any cunt I’ve fucked since my freshman year. Oh Yeah. Give me another toke and let me pop my load, then you brothers can use him.” Robbie said as he pounded away at my ass. He started getting rougher and faster. I loved the ways his huge balls slapped against my balls as we fucked.

Then I knew he was about to release his load up my ass. He grunted and pulled my ass back against his cock, burying it deep each time. Then he hit my prostate again and again and I started to cum. My ass muscles tightened as I came, causing Robbie to cum at the same time.

Oh Fuck. Oh fuck. I’m cumming in your tight pussy. I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Ohhh fuckkkk.” Robbie said as he dumped load after load of his man juices into my welcome boy-pussy. I continued to cum all over the blanket without touching my cock. It was good sex.

Robbie gave me a love pat on my ass and slowly pulled his big wet cock out of my asshole. I could feel the cum running down the inside of my leg and onto my hanging balls.

Okay men. Have at it. He’s yours to fuck at your leisure.” Robbie said to the two guys as he wiped his wet cock on my ass. He reached for a nearby towel I’d place over the arm of the chair and wiped the remaining cum from his cock and my wet ass crack.

I looked back to seen another hot looking dude drop his shorts and place his hand on my buttocks. I only got a glimpse of his hard cock but it looked bigger than 7 inches. I hoped he would enjoy my boy pussy.

Wow Robbie. You sure shoot a big Fucken load. I hope you haven’t stretched his hole out of shape. Humm. No I guess not. It still feels tight. Damn this dude can tighten his hole and make my dick feel Fucken good. Oh man, this boy has good control. He’s so warm and juicy, yet tight. Umm, Umm. Give me another toke on that joint, Sam, and give him one too. Umm. His ass is tighter than my brothers. I like this dude.”

John continued to fuck me. I'd let him fuck me as long as he wanted but he was too hot to hold out very much longer. He gripped both of my buttock and fucked me hard, grunting, and gasping at every plunge. His buddy, Sam, was standing at our side watching John fuck me. I reached for Sam’s cock and pulled him up to my mouth so I could taste his cock. I soon had them both about ready to cum, one in my ass and one tasty one in my mouth.

They both came at the same time. John got so excited watching Sam getting sucked off that he came. Sam’s came mostly in my mouth but during the excitement his cock slipped out and cum shot all over my cheek and neck. John grabbed Sam’s sensitive cock and rubbed his cum all over my face. I saw him lick off the remainder of Sam’s cum from his finger tips as he pumped in his last few squirts of cum up my ass. Then John lay over my back and rested as Sam took a step back from my mouth and rested.

Fuck man. I got so hot watching you fuck that I shot my load down the cock sucker's throat. It was good, but I wanted to fuck this dude. Maybe I will come back later if he’s still in the mood. Damn. That was a good suck job though.”

Meanwhile Robbie had left his two Fraternity brothers fucking me and went upstairs. Jake told me later he saw Robbie going around to a few of his buddies that were still watching the game and was telling them about the action that was taking place downstairs. He saw two guys head for the stairs and one head upstairs after he spoke to them.

While I was debating on going to the head to deposit my latest loads, I heard Robbie and two more Frat brothers coming into the room. I got a glimpse of the guys this time and once again, both were hot looking. One was taller than Robbie and the other was average. Robbie looked over at me setting on the couch chair resting.

This is no time to set your ass on the chair when you should be getting ready to take a few more loads up your boy-pussy. While you’re setting there doing nothing, give these brothers some head. You can either swallow their loads or let them discharge some cum up your slutty ass. You’re almost certainly nice and juicy since John used your pussy hole. Make be proud and take care of my brothers. I’ll be back later to fuck your ass again.” Robbie said as he ran his hands through my hair, messed it up, and left the room.

The tall guy started taking off his shirt and dropped his boxer shorts to the floor. His cock was still half way soft, but was almost as big as Robbie’s nine inches. I began sucking and licking on his beauty as his buddy put his hand to my mouth as I sucked. I heard Robbie call him Hank and the other one Don.

As soon as Hank was hard I knew this cock was gonna be fun to take up my ass. I stopped sucking, got in position on the couch chair again, and offered him my ass for use.

Look at that whore. He’s like a dog in heat offering you his pussy. I’ve never fuck a boy pussy before. Look at his opening. It looks better than a sloppy cunt. Fuck the bitch.” Dan was saying to Hank. “Fuck that bitch.”

Hank felt my buttocks then ran his finger up my ass crack. He bent over and kissed my ass, then surprisingly ran his tongue up my crack to my wet and freshly used asshole.

He tastes like pussy too. Mumm.” Hank said as he continued to lick the cum from my boy-pussy. His buddy Don, was surprised at Hank’s action and started jacking on his cock as he watched Hank tongue fuck my asshole.

Fuck, Hank. If you’re not gonna fuck him right away, move over so I can fuck his pussy. I’m so hot I can shoot my spunk up his ass and you can eat out my cum.”

Hank didn’t respond to Don, but moved aside and offered my ass to Don. Don grabbed my ass and shoved his cock deep in my hole with one quick shove. He started pumping me hard and quick. He fucked me for about 5 minutes and started moaning while cumming in my ass. He shook and dumped a nice load in me, paused for only a few minutes then pulled his cock out of my hole.

Now Hank. I gave you a nice load to eat out of his pussy. I knew you liked to eat pussy, but never knew you were this kinky. Remind me next time I have a cunt over and you can eat her pussy out after I’ve dumped in her. I’ll be back later, but I want this slut to clean off my cock before I leave.”

Don moved up to my face as Hank went back to eating my ass. Don had an average seven inch cut cock and a nice set of hairy balls. I continued cleaning and working his cock until he started getting hard again.

Meanwhile Hank finished cleaning the cum from my ass, lined up his cock to my wet hole, and moved into my hole. As he started to fuck me, Don started getting excited and shot another of his loads into my mouth. I swallowed his second load. He slowly became soft and pulled his cock from my mouth, patted my head in appreciation and set on the edge of the nearby bed.

Fuck. That dude can give some good head. I’m drained for now, but I’m gonna come back later and fuck that ass again before he leaves.” Don got up put on his shorts and left the room just as another guy entered.

He placed a wireless video camera on the edge of a nearby box and aimed it at the two of us fucking. I didn’t realize until Jake told me later, that it was broadcasting our action to the guys watching it on the TV upstairs. The ball game was over and now our sex games were being view on the big screen. Soon three more guys had entered the storage room and were waiting their turn for sex. I thought these straight dudes were shy when it came to man to man sex, but it seems I was wrong. I guess at this age their hormones are ready and willing to try anything when it came to getting off. I loved these guy and hope to visit them again. I am more than willing to be their cum dump for the rest of the season.

Story by Dick Clinton
Word Count 3,272, 3/8/2009