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Jay Boy, Part 06

“Jay”, Boy, Part 6

The Abduction

Story by Dick Clinton

I hurried out of the Cabin to pick up Jay. When I honked the horn, he came out in some tight jeans, a torn dirty t-shirt, and a pair of scruffy tennis shoes. In his hand he had some duct tape, a cotton rope and a ski mask to cover his head. This little butch was ready to party.

Before we arrived, I duct taped his hands behind his back, put the ski mask over his head and brought the rope along to tie his ankles just before we entered the cabin. I tied his legs then I banged on the door.

“Todd opened the door. His eyes opened wide and his mouth opened with amazement. “Oh my God!” he said.

“Well don’t just stand there. I have a hunk of meat to deliver. Don’t anyone talk because I don’t want him to know your voices. He can’t see you and is secure for now. Let’s take him into the bedroom and tie him to the bed. Come on guys help me. He was a wild one, but I caught him off guard. This is a young boy I found downtown just hanging around by the alley. I think he needs some attention. You! Get the legs and we’ll carry him to the other room. I have some duct tape over his mouth so he can’t cry out.”

For a few minutes the men stood in disbelief of what was happening, then the thrill and idea of molesting an unwilling subject suddenly aroused their sexual desires. Soon everyone was into the action. Only one man hesitated but he was the first one to take his clothes off. I heard him quietly say to Todd.

“Let me have that ass first before I pop. I am so hot and I want to cum more than once but if I watch you dudes in action, I will probably cum right away. Let me have him.” Then with hard cock in hand he headed towards the bedroom where we were securing Jay to the bed.

I was un-tapeing Jay’s hands and Todd and I were tying his hands to the bedpost. He was still face down on the double bed. Everyone was already beginning to undress. Jay was doing a great job of struggling and mumbling thru the duct tape over his mouth. I told him to shut up and I would take the tape off his mouth. I reached under his mask and pulled off the tape. When no one was watching, he quickly licked my fingers. One of the men was pulling the ropes off his ankles as he struggled once more. Todd undid Jay’s pants and pulled them down over his luscious round butt. This was driving Todd wild but he took a deep breath and held his composure. Jay had on a pair of his musky white shorts that had a small hole on one cheek of the material.

They got his pants off and started to secure his legs to the foot of the bed. Jay was now spread eagle on the bed with just his torn t-shirt and musky shorts covering the firm round buttocks. I was undressed by this time and thought I would give the men another turn on. Jays white shorts had a small hole in the one cheek. I stuck my finger into the hole and ripped the hole bigger, yanking at it several times until his shorts were completely torn off. I took his shorts and gave them a deep whiff then toss the remaining rags to one of the men. All that remained was his waistband and the few remnants of his remaining shorts. Then I reached under and pulled his cock down between his legs for all the guys to see. Then I ripped and tore his t-shirt off his body with several determined and deliberate moves.

One of the men started rubbing and admiring Jay’s firm muscular back, then poured some baby oil from a near by bedside table and started to massage it lovingly. He leaned over to Jay’s ear and said something to him, which caused Jay to start to struggle to get free once again.

“What did you say to him?” I ask.

“Relax boy, we are going to make your body feel so good, and I am going to fuck the shit out of you. That’s all I said, but he went crazy. I think we have a cherry here, Dick. Oh, shit. Let me fuck him. Let me break his cherry.” One of the men said. I had seen this guy working in the kitchen and wondered if he played around. I took a good look at his dripping hard-uncut cock and could tell he was going to give Jay a good working over.

Meanwhile the guy in the front room, that had taken his clothes off first, had crawled between Jay’s legs and was rubbing his ass. I could see right now, these guys were not shy and was going to give Jay a good time. As he was rubbing his thick fat cock, the pre-cum juices were flowing. He manipulated his cock a few times then yelled out.

“Oh, fuck. I knew this was going to happen. I am so hot; I’m going to cum. Oh, fuck.” He said as he shot his cum on Jay’s firm round buttock. One of the other guys quickly rubbed the cum all over Jay’s ass and back as he came.

“Wow, Sam, you sure had a big load. Guess we should have let you shoot that load up his ass first for lubrication. Don’t worry. There is plenty of that ass to go around, now move over, and let me break his cherry.” The cook, Bill said and he positioned himself between Jay’s legs as Sam slowly moved aside for Bill.

“Someone get a pillow and put it under his hips, I want to bury my shaft all the way.” Bill said as he pulled Jays hips up to penetrate him. Then the married man spoke out.

“Bill, hold it a second. Let me eat that sweet pussy ass to get him ready for your cock. I love eating pussy and this looks very good. Un huh. Love eating that pussy ass boy. Looks so tender.”

Bill moved aside as Rod, the married man, moved in, cupped his buttocks, and leaned forward to eat Jay’s ass. Jay tried to struggle again but Bill quickly buried his face into Jay’s musky asshole and started to tongue the heck out of him.

This continued only for about 5 minutes because the guys were getting so hot and wanted some of that pussy ass for themselves. Rod reluctantly moved aside to let Bill try to ‘take his cherry’. Little did he know Jay was a well-experienced fuck but was putting on a good show of resistance?

He begged the men to release him and let him go. “I promise if you untie me, I won’t try to escape and let you have your way with me. I will give you pleasure. Release me. Please.” Jay pleaded with us. Then I told him we would untie him but he had to keep his mask on so he could not see us, or know what we were going to do to him. I really wanted Jay’s face covered so the men would not know who he was. He agreed, so we untied his hands and feet. He was still spread eagle as the cook finally got to put his cock into his ass for the first time. Thinking he was getting Jay’s cherry, he got so excited; he came off within a few deep plunges. When he pulled out, another of the men crawled between Jay’s legs and planted his thick cock right into his ass. Jay took him readily and backed into his plunging cock. Now Jay was beginning to enjoy the cocks he was receiving.

Todd was the only one in the room that was aware that this was my fuck boy for the summer. He wanted to suck on Jay’s cock more than he wanted to fuck him but I told him there would be plenty of time for that.

The five men took their time and pleasure fucking Jay several times each. One of the men saw me standing and observing every fuck. “Hey, Dick. This is your punk boy, and you haven’t even fucked him once. Come on over here and show us how you plant that 10-inch cock up this sweet young things ass. He is broken in by now, and shouldn’t have any problem with your stud cock.” One man said to me.

“All right. If you insist.” I said jokingly, “But first untie his legs. I want him on his back and his long masculine legs to rest on my shoulders while I fuck him. I want you dudes to see my cock going all the way in, up to my balls. Hey, Rod, as soon as he is in that position, you want to eat that pussy ass out again? There looks like a lot of sweet cum planted in his hole, besides you dudes shot so much cum in his hole that it is running down his balls. Clean that cum off too before I plant my cock up his hole.” I instructed the other men. Most seemed to like me taking charge of the situation and went about their assigned duties.

I had a chance to observe these 5 good-looking hot men. All were employed at the same hotel that I worked so I knew I would probably cross paths with them again. They were all about 20 to 25 years of age, except for the married man, Rob, who was about 30. All had great trim bodies and pretty good size cocks. Todd had chosen well.

They had turned Jay over and Todd had given him some water to drink while another had taken a dry towel and proceeded to dry the sweat and cum from his firm young body. Todd fondled Jay’s big semi-hard cock and looked at me as if to silently ask my permission to clean his uncut cock with his tongue. I nodded as he kissed and caressed Jay’s cock. I could see the hungry lust in his eyes as he lovingly ran his tongue up and down the shaft. Jay was sensing the feel of a good cocksucker and I thought it would be good for Jay to get off once before I ruff fucked him. He would probably cum again when I shot my load in him and rubbed his prostate. He usually did.

“Why don’t you give this young lad one of your special blow jobs? He sure deserves some release.” I instructed Todd. He didn’t need for me to ask him a second time. He crawled between Jay’s legs and started to give him some good head. The other men started watching Todd as he preformed his expert cock sucking on Jay’s big boy cock. Jay was beginning to enjoy the special attention Todd was now giving him. Todd was working it for all its worth. He kissed and loved Jay’s balls and cock like it was something good to eat, and I guess it really was to cock suckers. Jay had a most perfect uncut cock about 8 to 9 inches in length and very thick. His low hanging ball was very large and was like two golf balls when they were being sucked on. I think Todd was only the 2nd person that had given him a blow job besides me. I could understand how much Todd enjoyed sucking Jay’s young cock. There wasn’t a night that had gone by that I hadn’t sucked him off at least 2 times. Jay was a potent little bastard, like most his age, and could cum several times a day without any problem.

Jay was beginning to toss his head from one side to another until I knew the pleasure of his cocksucker was bringing him to an orgasm. Gasps and slight moaning was heard from his young lips and he lurched upward and shoved his whole cock into Todd’s wild sucking mouth. They both went into excited wild animalistic motions as Jay emptied his nuts into Todd’s eager mouth and down his throat.

I was anxious now to throw a good fuck into my trainee. He had done very well so far tonight taking on all 5 of the men, and deserved one last fuck. I seem to always be able to hit his prostate in just the right places, at just the right time, causing Jay to shoot his load without even touching his cock.

As Todd reluctantly pulled his mouth from Jay’s semi-soft cock, I slowly moved in between Jay’s legs and caressed his balls and cock as he rested from his pleasurable blow job. I pulled the pillow under his hips again for more comfort and ease of placing his legs on my shoulders. I had to explore his ass hole once more and licked up and down his warm luscious buttocks, down his butt crack and to his tender asshole. He knew it was I and began to slowly work himself back into the mood of lovemaking. He loved my methods and tenderness, yet he knew once I got started I would pound my cock in him with heavy long thrust of my thick 10-inch cock.

As Jay rested, I made love to his sweet balls and tasty uncut cock. It wasn’t long before he was hard and ready to be fucked again. I moved his body up in position so I could place my cock in his hole. Todd was near by, and quickly guided my cock to the edge of Jay’s asshole, and then he quickly wet my cock once more helping the wet cock to go in easier. I think Todd also wanted to lick my pre-cum from my oozing cock before I planted my cock deep into Jay. My cock head slipped in easy. I move closer to Jay then moved my cock right into to his body crevices. Jay gasps out as if it was his first time to be fucked. I thought he was going to cum right then, so I paused a few seconds before continuing. Jay reached for my buttocks and pulled me into him. One of the men spoke out.

“Look how that little bitch takes that cock. He has really gotten into this ‘fucking thing’. I can tell he will want his butt fucked all the time now. We’ll have to find a job for this hot punk boy at the hotel, so we can use him whenever we need a good piece of ass. What do you say, Sam? Do you think you could use him in the stock room area? We could let him do odd jobs while we use his ass in the storage room.” The men seemed to think that was a hot idea. They could use Jay to fuck and suck during their lunch and coffee breaks.

Meanwhile I was really starting to put on a good show for the other men. I started out slow and easy, and then build my rhythm until I was about ready to cum, then pause and start all over again.

Couple of the men got closer to watch my cock ease in Jay’s tender hole and my balls pop against his ass. I felt a tongue at the edge of my cock as it entered Jay’s asshole. I continued to feel licking and caressing of my low hanging balls. The men were not shy with any of their advancements, and soon someone was eating my ass as I plunged into Jay. This got me really hot.

Some of the men were standing on the bed over Jay and me as we fucked. Hands were now starting to feel both Jay and I as we started to get ready for the magical moment. Someone started cumming in my face and down my body to Jay’s cock. Another load of cum landed on Jay’s taunt stomach. I could not hold out any longer and started to pump hard and frantic as I released my load of man sperm deep into Jay’s love canal. This in turn caused Jay to automatically shoot his load all over our bodies as we climaxed.

I thought the room was spinning as love juices were coming from the men and onto our sweaty bodies and onto each of us. It was good and timed well as everyone enjoyed their final orgasm for the evening. There was a deep sigh heard by almost everyone in the room. Bodies were collapsing on the bed and the floor, as everyone was sexually exhausted.

Slowly each man started to untangle himself and move from the bed or floor searching for his clothes. No one spoke for a few moments but started gathering in the living room as I cleaned up Jay and myself still entwined on the bed. I leaned over Jay and kissed him tenderly and whispered to him to relax and take a quick nap while the other men dressed and left the cabin. Then I heard Todd start to speak to the men.

“Okay men, since we all had such a good time, and since we didn’t lose any money at poker, how about we all give our boy a good tip. After all we would expect a good tip for a job well done, at the hotel. What do you say? Some one pass the hat and I think it should be at least a 20 or more. “ Todd said.

“Sure. It’s only reasonable that we all chip in for this young stud. I for one know it was well worth 20 or more. I just hope I can come into work tomorrow after such a fantastically rewarding night.” Bob said as he and the other men pulled out their wallets and put some money into a popcorn bowl from the poker table.

Sam stuck his head in the bedroom as I was dressing and said. “Dick, can you talk the boy into coming into the hotel tomorrow and talk to me about taking on a job. It would pay little but the men will make up for it in tips. I am serious. I think it would be a good thing to have this young hot boy around to service us. I could arrange it, so see what you can do. I’ll see you tomorrow and you can let me know.” Then he nodded at me and gave Jay the thumbs up for a job well done.

I was proud of Jay. He had done his job well once again, and the men had left him a tip in the other room. I didn’t know they were going to do this, but Jay deserved the extra money. Now they wanted him to work at the Hotel and get fucked anytime the other men wanted him. Wow. This would really keep Jay’s asshole active and he would be making extra money at the same time. I would talk to Jay about it, but knowing how much he liked to get fucked, he couldn’t turn it down. I just hoped he would have time for me when we got home at night.

The last of the 5 men left and Jay was setting up on the side of the bed, getting ready to find the toilet. After all he had taken about a dozen loads of man cum in his body. I think Rob had sucked most of it out, but my load was still planted deep in his body. I set down besides Jay as Todd was cleaning up the living area of the cabin. I put my arms around his shoulders and said.

“I am proud of you Jay. You took it like a man and made several men very happy. Are you all right?” Jay nodded as he removed his ski mask and said he felt a bit weak from all the fucking but he would be all right. He said he came about 5 times himself as the men fucked and sucked him and now he was hungry. I found his pants and shoes but his t-shirt had been ripped to shreds. He said he had one in the car he could put on before they got home. Todd told Jay he could shower and handed him a bottle of energy drink and a towel. Jay headed to the shower as I finished dressing and headed to the living area with Todd.

“Dick.” Todd said to me. “You are sure full of surprises. I didn’t even know you were gay, until tonight. The way you threw this dull party together by bringing a captive young boy here for us to use for a sexual object. It was absolutely the wildest thing I have been involved in. Damn it was hot. Now they want to hire Jay to be their ‘fuck boy’ at the hotel. How wild is that? Are you going to let him do it? He could sure make some extra cash for the summer and have fun doing it.

You know Andre’ our boss, well he is into heavy S and M and would love to use Jay in one of his sessions. You might think about that; besides he pays well too. I understand he has his own dungeon in the basement of his home and has all the toys and racks to go with it. It might be a bit too much right now, but perhaps Jay might like it.”

Jay came into the room still naked and drying his back. He was sure a hot looking young man. It was no wonder these men were so turned on. He could cause a straight man to start loving boys, and probably will. He started putting his pants on and saw Todd giving him the, ‘I want to suck you again’, look. Jay looked at me and said.

“Dick, Can I let Todd blow me again before we leave? I think he needs one more load of my cum.” He said as Todd almost fell from the couch and onto the floor.

“Sure, Jay. He has been a good host, and I think he deserves one sweet boy load before we go home.”

Todd immediately dropped to the floor and kissed Jay’s cock and balls before he started to make love to him again. It started getting hard when Todd put his hands to his balls. I stood by Jay and started kissing him as Todd worked on his cock. Jay undid my pants, pulled out my cock, and started playing with me at the same time as he was getting sucked off. This pleased Todd, because he grabbed my cock in one hand, as he sucked on Jay, then he moved to my cock, and started sucking on me.

This continued until Todd had both of us at the peak of ecstasy again. Jay was the first to shoot his load for Todd, and then I gave him my load soon after that. Todd continued to lick and milk down every drop of our cum. We looked down at Todd as he smiled up at the both of us and said.

“What a pleasant way to end the day. I am ecstatic and could just die, right now, and be the happiest man in the world.” He crawled up on his couch but before he passed out from exhaustion, he handed Jay a fist full of money he had collected from the other men for Jay as his tip.

We left Todd’s cabin that night with Jay’s tip and the memory of a good man-to-man sexual experience. On the way home, Jay laid his head in my lap and fell asleep with his hand on my crotch. What a pleasant young man to have around.

When we arrived at the cabin, Sid and the 2 boys had settled in and were fast asleep. We quietly went upstairs to our room and immediately fell asleep. In the middle of the night, Jay had managed to get my cock hard again and was putting it into his asshole. He turned to whisper to me.

“I feel kind of empty when you are not plugging my hole. I just want to feel you inside me for the rest of the night.” Then he turned to kiss me and pulled my arms around his firm young body as we slept.

Word Count 4,156, 6/13/2009
Story by Dick Clinton at

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Jay, Boy. Part 05

"Jay," Boy ,

Part 05, Summer Training

After staying another night and day at the home of Anthony (Tony), his wife Sadie, Jason (Jay, the oldest son, 18) David (16), and Benjamin, (Ben 14), four of us--Sydney, the three boys, and I--packed to go to the mountains for two weeks of work and fun. I hadn't been looking forward to being a “baby setter”' but now that Jay and I had made intimate sexual contact, it was going to be much better. Even better still since I have the approval of his handsome, Italian father who instructed me to keep Jay in shape for the Bachelor Party after our return.

Tony urged me to fuck Jay at least once a day so his asshole would be ready for some good fucking once we returned. Tony was saddening to see Jay go for even this short time because, he was already accustomed to fucking his son daily with his Big cock. Even before we left, Tony and Jay slipped away to the garage for one more moment of love fucking.

Soon everyone was ready for our drive to the Catskill Mountains. It was a pleasant and interesting trip. I was not aware the boys had never been out of the city in their whole life. The sight of the animals was pure joy to the boys who had never seen a live horse or cow. I was amazed but pleased to see them enjoy the most natural of things.

We soon arrived at Guerneville, a small village where Sid had leased us a small two-story A-Frame cabin on the edge of a small lake. It was walking distance from the White Hotel where I was going to work and close to the village where Sid would work. The cabin was small but very adequate for the five of us and soon bed locations were assigned. Sid took the bedroom downstairs close to the two youngest boys: Ben and David. Jay and I were to sleep in the bedroom loft in one bed.

Oh, boy! Was that a perfect solution or what? I hoped we could keep our sexual activity quiet, so not to disturb others, or cause them to question our “sex fests.” Sid was a protective of the boys and if he discovered I was fucking the hell out of Jay, he would probably kill me. I was well aware that Sid wanted an affair with me but I never wanted to get involved with Sid. At times, it disturbed him tremendously and I knew he was jalousies of the men I met.

We took our gear to our perspective locations and prepared for a good night’s sleep. You bet I knew what I was going to do tonight so I checked the bed to make sure it was quiet and didn't squeak.

The night finally came and everyone was prime for a good night’s sleep. Once everyone was quiet and we could hear Sid snoring, we attempted our first night’s sex. After all, Jay's dad had given me strict instructions to fuck him at least once a day. I didn't want to make daddy mad at me, especially with the 12-inch persuasion he transported between his legs. My ass had not been fucked yet, and I certainly didn't want to start with that whopper! I had considered offering my ass to Tony several times but was always afraid of the pain. Perhaps I will meet the right dude to bust my cherry. It always looked entertaining when others were being fucked.

I was astonished how Jay took his dad's huge cock for the first time even though I had just taken his cherry and deposited a good amount of cum in his sweet young ass. Jay seemed to be one of those males that could take a cock, no matter how big, or how rough someone fucked him. I envied him for that and perhaps was a bit jealous of the way he could take it up the ass. I guess that is why I have always concentrated on being a good cock sucker.
The night was quiet. We cuddled for a bit until we were sure it was okay to attempt more lovemaking. Jay turned his back to me and directed my hard cock right into his moist asshole. Then he slowly slid back on me like an old pro. I know I was not as big as Tony, but my 10-inch cock usually makes men gasp. Jay enjoyed feeling my cock in him and shook with excitement. That made me feel better; I want my guys to savor my cock in them.

We started out slow and tried to be as quiet as possible. It felt so good that I didn't have to fuck Jay very long before I deposited a nice load into him. He jacked off and came the same time I did. I cupped my hand around the head of his penis to catch his sperm in my hand, and then drank it, savoring the tangy taste. Jay turned his head and gave me a nice kiss and asked if I would leave it in him all night. I was more than happy to leave my semi-hard cock in his sweet boy-hole. About four AM in the morning I dumped another load in him. We fell asleep until early morning. When I woke I felt his mouth around my cock sucking for all its worth. I climaxed while he drank the third load of the night! The whole sequence was nice, better than most honeymoons.

Later on, Jay left the bed, took his piss, put on some shorts, and went downstairs to get me some coffee. He brought it upstairs while I was taking a piss. While he stood by the door, he reached to hold my cock while my golden piss hit the water. Jay was getting hard. The minute I finished, he quickly leaned over to slurp down the last few drops of my piss. This boy was something else!

"That didn't taste bad. We'll have to try the whole “piss thing” sometime when we have the chance." Jay said to me after he pulled his mouth from my shaft. I was starting to get hard again. This boy really was a hot dude and willing to attempt everything. I knew he was going to be the “Boy of the Balls” at the Bachelor Party.

Downstairs we made plans. The three boys were to stay here and straighten-up the cabin,and put away the supplies we'd brought with us. Sid was to going to town to grocery shop then report to his new place of employment. He had worked at this same hair salon last year so he was familiar with the surroundings. I went to the Hotel to report to my new boss, pick up my waiters uniform, and be instructed what was expected of me.

My boss, Andre, was a handsome, masculine Frenchman in his 50's with thick salt and pepper hair and steel-blue eyes. His body movement and politeness impressed me. He introduced me to a young man named Todd that would show me around and help me get started. He assigned me a locker and introduced me to several good-looking young men that I would be working with. I realized right away that most, if not all, were gay. I guess gays still make the best waiters. None of them were obviously gay; all were very masculine in every way. I anticipated this will be a lively and fun crew to work with.

I stayed around a few hours then was excused to report later for more instructions before tomorrow afternoon. After putting my waiter’s uniform in the locker, Todd invited me to join him in the showers; I was happy to join him!
Todd was one of those young looking boys about 20 or 21, yet looked younger. He had light blond hair that swung across his forehead like a “surfer dude." I discovered I wasn't far from the truth. Todd was an avid surfer who was here for the summer to make extra money before he went to college.

We entered the showers to find two other guys already showering. They finished and left Todd and I alone. He had a beautiful firm body that was almost hairless except for his crotch and armpits. He had a fantastic, round butt that bounced when he moved. His rippling stomach was firm, but not overly muscular. He had a nice shaped uncut cock, with just the right amount of skin covering most of his cock head. It began to harden the minute he got in the shower with me. I was flattered and relieved because I had already started to get hard. He quickly looked down at my hard cock.

"Hey, you look like you might be the new “stud” around here. With a cock like that, you will sure be popular. Your tips will probably increase too." Then we laughed. "Would you let me have a feel, huh? I love a good cock to have my hand around or to get my mouth around." Todd quickly fell to his knees and started giving me a fantastic blow job. He was certainly abrupt and fast. I was surprised but pleased. It didn't seem to bother him that other men were still in the locker room talking.

Todd was a great cocksucker and, after only a few tries, went all the way down my big cock, right down to my balls. I gasped with pleasure. I knew I would cum if he kept this up. I looked down into his sparkling blue eyes, noting his light blond hair, nice cock about 7 inches with the softest and sweetest looking balls I had seen since high school. I wanted to just eat him up, but he didn't give me a chance. That hot looking butt of his was a great turn on too; I hoped at another time, I could fuck it roughly.

"Oh shit, Todd, I'm about ready to cum already. Do you want me to cum? Oh fuck, it's too late anyway. I'm Cumming; I'm Cumming...Oh yeah, mmmmm. That is soooo good. Oooh, all the way, Todd, all the way." Then I shot my load down his open throat. As he drank my cum, he opened all the way. He moaned as I was Cumming and shot his load on the shower floor right between my feet. Too bad; I hate to see a man's load go to waste.

We finished our shower and headed to the locker room to dress. Todd gave me a quick kiss just before he left the shower saying, "Thanks stud. I hope to sample more of that stud-juice soon. That was your `welcome to the White Hotel, blow job' and, if you like, I'll let you bang me sometime when we have more time."

As we dressed guys were leaving their shift as the new ones were arriving. I was introduced to a few more guys who gave me a nice welcome.

"Can I give you a lift? I have my cycle just outside.” Todd asked me.

"Sure, but I only live a short distance from here by the lake." Todd and I hopped on his bright yellow Honda and headed down a side road to my cabin. Upon arrival I invited him in. Jay walked down the path to greet me as I talked to Todd. After he took a good look at Jay, Todd smiled as if he knew more than I needed to tell him. He leaned over to me so Jay couldn't hear and asked if I could bring Jay to his next card party to be the after-dinner desert. Then he nodded, put his helmet back on, and zoomed off.

"Who was that dude?" Jay asked.

One of the guys I will be working with at the hotel. Why, do you like him? I think he liked your looks. He gives great head; he blew me in the showers today. Sex seems to be one of the fringe benefits at work,” I said as we headed back to the cabin.

"We are invited to his place soon for a card game. You like to play cards, Jay? It might be strip poker. That would be a good way to keep you in training. But whatever you do, don't say anything yet. I'll figure out a way for us to go together.”

The next day was rather hectic for me at the hotel, but I had been a waiter in Miami, trained by the best on the Miami Beach strip. The first day went by quickly, without mistakes or problems. I liked the people at the hotel and they must have liked my service because I made very good tips.

At the end of the day, I was tired but showering with some very handsome and well-hung fellow workers made the day worth it. Todd quickly joined me in the shower. He seemed to like me and always made an effort to shower with me. He didn't waste time dropping to his knees to give me one of his awesome blow jobs. This time two other guys were showering while Todd was blowing me. Evidently they weren't bothered by the escapade happening near them.

I was hesitant for a short time but his sensuous lips wrapped around my cock made me relax. I didn't have the biggest cock in the world but many dudes had been challenged to suck my 10-inch cock. I didn't care if others were watching. Soon the two guys were standing next to us watching Todd suck my cock.

I reached and pulled one of the guys closer. He started nibbling on my chest and tits. The other guy moved to the other side of me and started kissing my neck. Eventually he wandered up to my cheek and mouth for a tender, loving kiss.

I knew I was not going to hold out and after a few good strokes of Todd's hot mouth, I started to cum. The closeness and caressing of my body by the other guys, was sensational. I shot a deep load into Todd. Then Todd left my sensitive cock and begin servicing the other guys. Todd didn't even look up to see whose cock he was sucking. I remained partially under the shower caressing and kissing the guy getting sucked. He gasped and gave me deep passionate kisses as he came. After he finished dumping his load into Todd, he gave me one gentler kiss and moved away as the other guy put his cock in Todd's eager mouth.

Todd sucked the new cock greedily. My hand wandered to his ass crack and explored his buttocks until my fingers found the opening of his anus. With a gentle movement I entered my wet finger into his tight firm asshole. He moaned and shot his load into Todd’s mouth. Meanwhile, two other guys entered the shower and eagerly waited their turn to be sucked.

Todd never missed a stroke, nor did he look up at the young men as he became their cock slave and cum sucker. I couldn't help but get another hard on watching this hot action. One cute guy started kissing me again and jacking me off. Once I got hard, he dropped to his knees and started giving me another blow job. He was not as proficient as Todd, but the excitement of all these naked bodies, cocks and asses around me sent me into another orgasm. The guy sucked my juices to the last oozing drop, then stood ready for Todd to service him.

I kissed him on the cheek as he whispered to me, “Thanks, Dick for your cum. I would sure like to have you fuck my ass with that stud cock soon." Then he kissed me. I'd noticed how handsome he was earlier, but never dreamed he was a bottom and wanted me to fuck him. I was flattered and decided to meet him later in more private surroundings.

Todd was a real “cock hound” and sucked a mean cock. I felt I had better head home where I was to be alone with Jay tonight. Uncle Sid had promised to take the two younger boys to the movies so they would be gone several hours. This would provide a good opportunity for Jay and me to do our work-out of ass fucking.

I came out of the showers and headed to the locker room to dry and put on my street clothes. I left Todd sucking guys off in the shower, but he appeared just as I was about to leave.

"Wait, Dick. I will give you a ride home, besides I want to talk to you about the party tonight. We sure make a good team in the showers.”

Looking at Todd, I realized he was a very handsome young man that could have any cock or dude in the place, but he seemed drawn to me. It's always nice to have a “studly” cocksucker want you!

From the locker room we headed to the parking lot to hop on his little yellow Honda motorbike. Unfortunately, we couldn't talk because of the noise. When we arrived at the cabin, Sidney and the two younger boys were leaving for the show. I waved at them as they headed down the path to the nearby village.

"Dick, we're still going to have that party tonight. You're invited and I was hoping you would bring that cute Jay with you. I would love to get into his pants! He shows a big cock, and that ass looks so delicious."

Jay was still on the front balcony waiting for me to come in so we could start fucking. Then I had an idea that I shared with Todd.

"I will come over to the party alone and after a bit I will ask the guys if they would like me to pick up some dude. I'll make arrangements with Jay to kidnap him and bring him forcibly to the party. Then we'll go from there. What do you say?"

Todd’s mouth dropped open. “Oh shit. Are you serious? Or are you just teasing me. Jay is so hot! Will he let us fuck his ass?"

Todd wanted Jay in the worst way but had no idea that Jay was willing to play the game. Todd started to get hard as he sat on the cycle and rearranged his cock. I had to smile at Todd's enthusiasm and I assured him I was telling the truth.
Todd left on his cycle as I went inside with Jay who had fixed me a nice Deli sandwich with all the trimmings. He is such a nice thoughtful boy and wants to do nice things for me. I was beginning to realize he looked up to me and thought of me as a second dad. I explained to him what we had planned for tonight and he said he would be ready to be “kidnapped.”

Later, I went to the party on the other side of the lake where I found Todd and five other young men playing cards, drinking soda and beer and nibbling on snacks. Todd told me earlier he had chosen hot men that were either bisexual or gay with larger than usual size dicks. Todd liked cock of all kinds but “specialized” in cocks over 8-10 inches in length. I played a few rounds of cards and then took a break. Looking bored, I suggested I go pick up some hot young dude for some fun and games.

A couple of the guys looked surprised. "That sounds like a winner. I am getting bored with this game, besides I could use a young piece of ass. My girlfriend and I have been apart for 3 months now and my nuts are beginning to ache. At this stage, I would be willing to do most anything." One hottie said.

"Yeah, me too! I would like to have some sweet young thing sitting on my 9-inches." A hot straight guy said, “But hurry and find someone before Todd wants to takes my load again; not that I'm complaining, but some tight boy-pussy would be a nice change."

"So everyone agree? I think I found just the right cutie for our party. Be back in about fifteen. Todd, why don't you get the bed ready? And get some rope and some lube. This young punk might not be so willing. If not, that will make it more fun."

Word count. 3452, 2003

Revised, 2013, Story by Dick Clinton

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Jay Boy, Part 04

Jay Boy

Part 4, The Filling Station

by Dick Clinton

It was starting to get late so Tony, Jay, and I started straightening up the Construction Trailer where the three of us, and four hot hunky construction men had a wild sensuous time of man sex. We soon headed out the trailer for home. Tony made a call to one of his favorite pizza places where we would stop to pick up a couple pizzas to take back to his home.

Tony had agreed to another session with the men in two weeks for another round of sex, using Jay as the center of attraction. They were really obsessed with the boy, and I couldn't blame them. Jay was a handsome, masculine boy with a fantastic body. His firm buttocks and big cock were something to be proud of. Jay was not going to have any future problems entertaining men friends. Jay was popular with the girls at high school, but never mentioned having sex with any of them. This weekend Jay had accepted the reality that he preferred men as sexual partners.

As we were heading out the door, Kevin, the good-looking blonde, asked Tony if he could talk with him a minute outside.

"Tony. I am to host a Bachelor Party for my older brother who is getting married this month and I was wondering if you could book Jay for our main event. You and Dick are invited too. The three of you seem to make a good team. I trust you to keep this a secret from the other co-workers because what I am about to tell you is very personal. Okay? My brother Kyle and I have always been very close. We started having sexual contact when we were teenagers and still get together for sexual games whenever we can. Our family has a small beach house on Fire Island where we often go for a day or night of pleasure. That is where we will have the party.

We both played professional hockey for a local team for a few seasons. I will be inviting a few hockey players up for the party. It would be very private and could develop into something kind of wild and sexually kinky. What do you say? Do you think you could make the arrangements for Jay to come up and take on a few wild hot men? I promise you no harm would come to him, but I could sensed Jay was man enough to take on almost anything given to him. If he can take that 12-inch cock of yours up his ass, and stand the pounding you and Bill gave him I know he'd have a good time. You would be paid a substantial amount for his services along with you and Dick.

These studs are pretty well off so I'll make arrangements ahead of time. My brother said he wanted something wild and unusual. I think he'll be pleasantly pleased. These guys are hot and some are pretty-well hung. What do you say? Huh? Please?" Kevin pleaded with Tony as Jay and I sat in Tony's truck. We could only hear parts of the conversation but I knew they were planning something big.

Tony punched Kevin on the shoulder, laughed, and told him something before he walked away. Kevin seemed pleased because he turned around with a big smile on his face. Tony hopped back into the truck and started the motor. We stopped at the exit to open the gate but the Guard, came out quickly to unlock it.

"Hey, Tony. You take care and invite me to your next party." Tony suddenly stopped the truck and glared at the guard and motioned for him to approach the truck.

"What party?" Tony said

"The next one; like you had in the Trailer tonight. I have most of it on tape from the TV cameras. I'll make you a copy if you like. Pretty hot stuff."

Tony quickly got out of the truck, grabbed Rob by the collar, and shoved him against the fence

Rob was a young man about 25 that worked for a local “Hire-a-Cop". He could take care of himself but Tony made such a quick move that it caught Rob off guard.

"You boys stay here while I have a talk with Rob inside the shack." Tony and Rob talked inside as we sat quietly wondering what was happening.

"Okay, Rob. Give me that tape before I bust your ass,” Tony yelled.

Rob cowered, "I have one request, then you will never hear about this again. All I want you to do is fuck my ass with that big cock of yours. Not now, but sometime this week after work when everyone else is gone. I've had the hots for you for months now. Tonight in the trailer when I saw how great you perform with that young boy, I want you to fuck the shit out me at least once a week.” He waited for a response from a surprised and shocked Tony.

"You want me to fuck your punk ass, and you'll give me the tape? Shit, I should do it right now but I don't have the time.”

Tony relaxed his hands around Rob's neck then laughed and moved away from Rob.

"Give me the tape and we will talk about this Monday when I get off work."

"Yes, Sir. I have it right here hoping you would agree with my request, Sir. I am looking forward to serving you. I think you would be a good master. I really, want your cock up my ass and will do anything to please you, Sir.” Rob humbly handed Tony the VCR tape.

Tony still shocked by the sudden request from this good-looking young man. He had never paid Rob much attention until now. Rob had a firm, trim body and was rumored Rob was an expert in Martial Arts. Now Tony realized that Rob could have taken him in no time flat, but Rob was more interested in Tony becoming his Master. Tony took the tape scratching his head as he left the shack. He quickly got into the truck next to Jay. Jay put one hand over his dad's crotch.

"What was that all about Dad? You have a hard-on!"

Tony immediately responded, "That punk wants me to fuck him weekly and be his Master. Man, Oh Man. I can see my dick is going to get lots of exercise around here.” Tony put his arms around Jay and said, "But I will always have time for my boy. You come first in my life, Babe. Now if you keep squeezing my cock like that, I'll have to stop somewhere along the way and fuck you again.

Jay smiled and kept squeezing his dad's big cock hoping Tony would stop somewhere. Even though he had been royally fucked for the last 3 hours, Jay felt a twinge in his groin and an itch in his asshole. He had become addicted to sex, especially with his dad.

We were nearing home when Tony realized he needed gasoline. He pulled into a filling station, got out of the truck, went inside to pay for the gas. Jay hopped out and started the pumps while Tony got the toilet key and went around the building to the head. I saw Tony motion for Jay to join him and knew right away what Tony had in mind! Jay filled the tank and asked if I would pull the truck around by the toilet while he joined his dad.

Tony left the door open for Jay who quickly joined him. Once inside Jay locked the door while Tony took a piss. Jay waited patiently until Tony motioned to join him. Jay walked to Tony and reached for his cock while the last few drops of piss were dribbling from the uncut beauty.

Jay started jacking his dad off as he unbuttoned his own jeans letting his pants drop to his ankles. Tony backed against the partition to let Jay get him completely hard. Jay didn't have any lube but thought himself moist enough because Bill's warm load at the trailer remained in his asshole. Jay bent over the nearby sink and braced his hands and offering his sweet, hot ass to his Daddy again. Tony aimed his cock into Jay's anus and then started to slowly push his cock into the inviting hole. As Jay braced himself for the plunge of his dad's big 12-inch cock, he started to slowly jack himself off.

Tony was hot for another fuck with his hot son. He was happy that they finally made contact and were having the best time of their lives sucking and fucking. It was awesome and Jay hoped his dad never got tired of fucking him not realizing Tony was thinking the same thing. The more sex Tony had with Jay, the more Tony wanted him around. They had developed a wonderful father-son relationship that combined friendship and love.

Tony was in ecstasy. He knew he had a great body and an unusually large dick. He was now was getting the best sex than he had ever had before. Tony was going to give his extraordinary son his daddy cum up his tight ass.

Tony entered slower but Jay backed in quest of another rough fuck. Tony grabbed Jay's hips and started to fuck. Jay sighed with pleasure, starting to moan.

"Oh fuck me, Daddy, Fuck your boy as if you meant it. Fuck me hard and deep. I need your dick daddy, I need your cum to fill my itching asshole. Fuck me. Fuck me!" Jay was loud and passionate. Tony responded lunging faster and deeper.

"Shit boy. You're a hot, little bitch. You're a better fuck than your mom ever was. Man, I love fucking you, Babe. Oh yeah, take your daddy's cock, oh yeah. It feels so good in your punk ass. I didn't know sex could be so good. Your daddy is going to fuck you daily from now on. Oh Yeah!"

Tony pulled his love monster cock almost all the way out, then made another deep plunge. They were so into their own world of sexual pleasure that neither of them noticed someone was in the booth next to them.

The door opened slowly. There stood one of the station attendants."Yeah, fuck that sweet ass. “He said as he opened the door. His cock hung out of his dark blue station uniform. He was masturbating frantically.

The sudden appearance of this young man startled both Tony and Jay as they froze in their present position.

"What the fuck!!” Tony called out.

"Hey dude, I didn't mean to startle you ,but I have been watching and listening in the booth since you first entered. I just couldn't stand it anymore. I want in on this action. Fuck that young bitch's punk ass. Throw the meat to him stud. Give him a good pounding. Man I got so hot watching. How the fuck does he take that huge salami anyway? That would kill me. Now go on dude, I want to watch you 'slam dunk' this punk."

The young attendant kept talking as he placed his hands on Jays butt cheeks then looked up at Tony. "Hey, dude, can I feel your dick as you shove it in him. Shit man. That is a real poker."

"You mean you’ve been watching us all the time? You fucken ass hole. You scared the shit out of me," Tony cried, then paused. "Sure. Why not? Perhaps you will learn a thing or two. Put your hand down there and feel my cock sliding up that sweet ass, cause I just might use your punk ass next."

" Ohhhh. Nooo! Man, you're not going to get that weapon in my virgin ass!

"Well if you're going to watch 'shut the fuck up' and enjoy it while you can. Just remember, for my expert teaching you owe me a full tank of gas and maybe a piece of your ass. You look pretty hot and might make a nice punk boy. How old are you, Duke, 19?" Tony read his name on his uniform.

"Yeah, 19. As you can see I got a good size cock here too. Perhaps your boy could blow me while his `daddy fucks him. What-ya say? You want my juicy boy cock in your sweet mouth, boy? I'll give you a nice load. My girl can't suck cock worth a damn. Would-ya like it boy? Here, kiss and lick my balls too. I need to get my nut." Duke placed his dick to Jay's mouth.

"Okay Jay. Blow the fucker while I finish dropping my load. Let him get his nuts off and perhaps we can continue this." Tony resumed his fuck of Jay.

Duke was an aggressive young brown  punk at 19. He was a hot-looking neighborhood tough kid with a nice, smooth hairless face….and a nice, hard cock about eight to nine inches. A nice set of balls hung from his tight, dark uniform. Tony was turned on by this kid aggressively mouth-fucking Jay.

Duke forced Jay's head down on his cock, then pulled Jay's shirt up over his back so he could watch him getting his ass fucked by Tony’s unbelievably huge cock. Tony kept pumping away and was about to dump his load when Duke started talking dirty to Jay, calling him a punk, and cum-sucking cocksucker. This excited Tony watching this tough kid fucking Jay.

Suddenly Duke started calling out obscene things at Jay as he got his nut. Duke came and came into Jay's mouth shooting some of his cum on Jay' face and forehead. This scene caused Tony to cum in Jay, sending a stream of sperm deep into Jay's ass while his mouth was being filled by Duke, the 19 year old filling station attendant. Just as before when Tony's dick swelled to capacity, it rubbed Jay's prostate causing Jay to shoot his load onto the bathroom floor.

Everyone paused to enjoy the aftermath of their orgasm then, Duke reached in his pocket and withdrew a company business card. He wrote something on the card and handed it to Tony. It was a note to give Tony 20 gallons of gasoline free the next time he gassed at their station.

Duke pulled his cock from Jay's mouth and rubbed the wetness against Jay's face. Duke continued to milk the last few drops of cum from his cock and put it on Jay's lips to lick off.

Then Duke put his dick back into his pants, licked off the remaining cum from his fingers, and said, "Thanks Dudes. This was an experience I can tell my buddies about. Hope to see you two around again. Gotta go. Later." He opened the door and left the men's room to get back to work.

Jay started to laugh as he thought of the situation he had just experienced. Then Tony started to laugh as he saw the humor too. Jay then said, "Well dad, if you ever need a load of gas we could do this again. We could take a trip to Canada this year and never spend a dime, if we could find another “dude” like him." Then they both laughed as Tony pulled his dick out of Jay.

Jay immediately turned to swallow Tony's dick. Jay was becoming very proficient as a cock sucker and pussy boy. Tony let Jay lick and clean off his moist dick still partially covered with cum from both Bill and himself. They cleaned themselves quickly and headed back to the truck where Dick remained patiently.

"Did I see what I think I saw? Did that station attendant just come out of there a few minutes ago? Where the fuck was he while the two of you were fucking?"

Jay shared, "His cock was in my mouth most of the time." Then Tony and Jay laughed as if they had a private joke.

We went directly to the pizza parlor to pick up two pizzas to take home. When we arrived home about 6:30 PM no one had arrived yet. This was good because we all needed to shower and change our sweaty cum-smelling clothes. I took mine first, then Tony and Jay showered. While Jay was showering Tony sat by me in the living room wrapped in a large, white bath towel. When he sat down, his big balls and cock hung over the edge of the couch. He started to tell me what Kevin and he were discussing before we left the construction site.

"Kevin asked me to convince Jay and you to be his guests at their Fire Island family cabin where he was to throw a Bachelor Party for his older brother. He is going to invite several fellow Hockey Team buddies, who wanted a wild, kinky time for the weekend. He asked me if I could arrange for Jay to be the main event entertaining everyone. Kevin wants you and I to come along to get the party started. He wants me and Jay to put on an exhibition using my 12-inch dick to fuck Jay. You are to serve as a “fluff boy” and suck them and get them ready for more action. I know the idea sounds pretty good, but do you think Jay can handle that many, hard fucking men at once? I have seen how he loves to take it rough and hard but I don't what anyone to hurt or injure my babe. I do want him to have fun and enjoy it as much as they will. They have offered to pay a good price for our entertainment. Maybe I should think about it before I ask Jay?” Neither Tony nor I were aware that Jay was standing in the doorway as we spoke.

"How much did he say he'd pay, Dad? We could sure use the money, and I don't mind doing this if you don't. If you and Dick will be there, there won't be anything to worry about besides, I think it sounds exciting and fun." Jay continued to towel dry his hair.

"Well then, men. A party at Fire Island it will be. Jay, you and I will have to practice all this week before you go up to camp with your Uncle Sidney and Dick. While you are with Dick he will keep your asshole in shape. I am not sure if I can be without you for a week, but then your daddy will have a nice big load for you when we go to the Bachelor Party. Everyone agree? The Construction Party will have to be put off one week, but that will make the men even more appreciative of my little man, here. Say boy, if this keeps up you may have enough money to buy your own car before school starts next September. Now let’s get dressed before the family comes home.”

story by Dick Clinton at

Word count. 3187, 2003, Revised, 2013 .RB