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Lumbering Jacks.

Daddy Jack of "Lumbering Jacks" by Richard Barber 02/12/2010

My life continued smoothly during those early years at the Lumber Camp. Jack, Jr and I
continued our school education and learned various jobs around the main Camp. Since Jr. was older than I, he would make the deliveries to the other two camps, and sometimes stay for a day or two, helping the cook set up the new supplies and helped them catch up on a few other chores. Jr. told me he was going to be gone over night and would see me later. I always felt lonely for his presents, but the cook at the main camp would always find something extra for me to do while Jr. was gone.

I had a break after lunch and decided I would go take a quick nap in my room. When I arrived, two men had moved our furniture, and covered it with paint cloths so the could paint. I was unaware of their visit, and was about to go inside, when Jack, Senior called to me from down the hall.

"Lance. I thought you knew your room was to be painted today. You will have to bunk in with me for a couple of nights until the paint dries and the smell disperses. I had Ralph move some of your things into my room so you can shower and change in here. I just assumed Jr. told you about it. I guess he was in a hurry to catch the truck to go to the other camp that he forgot. If you need anything else in your room, you can do it after the men leave."

I was surprised, but not unhappy sleeping in Jack's room or bed. I was nervous but hopefully it would be an exciting adventure. I always had a secret crush on Jack. He was such a handsome masculine man and reeked with sexuality. No matter what he was wearing, he looked great. His clothes always fit his muscular body so well. I'd seen him in the yards working with some of the men with his shirt off, but had never seen him naked yet. Perhaps tonight would be the night.

I went about my work in the kitchen and soon all the men had been fed, the kitchen clean to perfection, I was on my way to my new quarters in Jack Seniors room. It was still early and Jack was out making his rounds of the grounds and then to his office to finish the day. I'd watch a little TV or read a book before I'd take my shower and hop in bed. I was just getting out of the shower when I heard Jack come into his room.

"Hey Lance. I see you've made yourself comfortable and taken your shower. Help me get out of these damn boots and I'll take my shower next." Jack said to me as I finished drying myself
I rapped my towel around my waist and got on the floor to help him with his boots. He instructed me to turn around so he could put his foot on my behind and shove while I pulled on his boot. When I turned, my towel fell to the floor and he pushed on my bare ass. We both laughed as I fell to the floor while his boot remained in my hands. While he began removing his shirt, I cautiously got up from the floor and unbuckled his belt to help him out of his pants. He smiled as I struggled with the buckle, but I finally managed and continued to unbutton his jeans.

My heart started to beat faster with the sexual excitement of his nearness and his manly scent. He stood staunchly with his hands on his hips as I nervously struggled to undress him. My cock began to get erect, yet I didn't bother to cover myself. I unbuttoned his jeans and tugged them downward. He braced his hand on my shoulder and pulled his pants down his legs and off his feet.

He was wearing plaid cotton boxer shorts that hugged his firm hips. Even though he was not fully erect, the head of his big cock hung down the inside of his leg and past the leg opening. I knew he had a big cock, but this was unbelievable. It wasn't completely hard, yet it looked immense. The head of his cock was partially covered with a soft layer of foreskin and small clear drops of pre-cum were present at his piss opening.

I was so sexually energized at this instant, that I reverently positioned myself on my knees before him. I slightly tugged at his boxer short and gently slid them over his hard muscular hips, over his buttocks, and to the floor.

His masculine structure stood towering over me as I gazed at his naked body for the first time. His cock had to be at least 12 to 13 inches long and bigger around than my wrist. How could I make love to such a gigantic male organ?

 I was mesmerized at the magnificence of such a perfect cock. I was awed at the presents of my mentor and master. My body trembled. I leaned forward just to inhale his musky body aroma, and then kissed his awesome manhood. I gently cupped his low hanging hairy balls in my hand and kissed them with reverence.

His cock began to harden and rise. I took his large cock in both hands and directed it to the tip of my tongue to savor the sweet pearly communion he presented to me. I licked around the tulip formed cock head and then searched for the presents of smegma under his protective foreskin. He sighed with pleasure and I was pleased.

I continued my cock worshiping rituals as he sat on the nearby sofa chair enjoying my lovemaking. His cock stiffened even more as I swirled my tongue underneath his foreskin. Soon the cock head projected itself for more pleasure from my cock sucking. I gripped his penis with one hand and guided it into my mouth, sucking it down as far as I could manage.

I feared I would not get him to climax with my cock sucking, no matter how good I was. I had to find another way to please him, but I wondered if I could take his cock into my anus. I had to try. I wanted to please Jack, no matter what I had to do. I moistened his cock the best I could then I straddled his hips and positioned my ass over his cock. He opened his eyes for the first time and looked at me.

"Lance. You are an incredible cocksucker. Did you learn that from Junior, or does it just come natural for you? I know in time, you can get me off, but since this is our first time alone, I want to put my cock inside that sweet love canal of yours. Junior told me he has been fucking you for quite some time, and you'd soon be ready for me. Get that tube of lube in that drawer and let's give it a try."

Then jack paused and said, "I want you to lie on your back and let me get you wet before I put any lube into your hole. It has some pain reliever in the lube and will make it easier for you to take me. Now lay back and let me make love to your tight little boy asshole before your daddy breeds you."

Jack carefully lifted my legs in the air, leaned forward and kissed my buttocks. He paused to gaze at my pink anus and then hard-pressed his mouth to my hole. He twirled his tongue around and around my asshole then pushed his mouth against my opening and fucked me with his strong thick tongue.

The sensation was amazing. His rough unshaven face and the feeling of his wiry mustache enhanced the sensation. He pushed so hard against my anus I felt he was trying to shove his head into my body. I was squirming with delight. He made love to my ass hole for a period of time, came up for air, licked me a few more times, and kissed both my buttocks.

I opened the nearby table drawer, searching for the lube. I found it next to a very large rubber dildo, a plastic cock shaped vibrator, a pair of metal handcuffs and a few other sex toys. Jack was well prepared for any sexual activity. Jack took the lube from me and put some it on his large middle finger, then eased it into my receptive anus, massaging it around the opening of my puckering aperture, then back into my asshole.

This should relax my asshole before Jack entered me. Jack also place a small bit on the head of his cock, then put the tube back on the table and positioned himself on the floor with his cock aimed towards my asshole.

Jack lifted my legs, one at a time, and placed them on his shoulders. As he looked down at me, he could sense the excitement and fear I had of Jack's big cock. He smiled and kissed my ankles and legs before he moved in closer and guided the head of his cock into the entrance of my anus.

It eased in slowly at first, and then there was a slight suction from my anus muscles and to our surprise, it slid right in to the hilt. I cried out in surprise and pleasure as I shot a load of cum directly into my face. Jack paused and smiled, and then leaned forward, kissed me on the mouth, sharing the fresh cum running on my face. I returned his kiss and knew it was going to be a good night of man-to-man sexual pleasure.

"My God Lance, you took my cock right clear down to my balls, and yet your asshole feels as tight as a wood grip. Didn't it hurt you as it went in? I hit your 'spot' and made you cum. That was awesome, and what a load you shot, son. You were made for fucking, I can see that. What a hot number you'll be at an orgy." Jack said as he slowly edged his dick out half way, and then slowly moved back in.

"Relax and let me fuck you. I know we will both enjoy this. We have all night to enjoy each other company."

I felt so full and so pleased that I took his cock so easy. I had been hoping for this moment for a long time, ever since Jack Jr., his son, told me how big his dad's cock was. I always like the challenge of a big cock.

"Oh Lance. Your body feels so nice and my cock seems to fit perfectly in you. Do you like your daddy fucking you like this, son?"

"Yes sir. I feel so good all over. Please take your time and fuck me as long as you want. You can get rougher if you like. I can take it. Fuck me daddy Jack. Fuck me long and hard."

Daddy Jack fucked me most of the night. He came in me two times and never pulled out. He was now going for a third climax. I could feel the warm cum squishing around in my hole. His big dick fit so tight in my hole that all of his cum remained in me.

He was building up for another climax. His cock swelled and shot another big load up my ass. I came at the same time and my body was covered with my spunk. Jack was a good kisser but concentrated mostly on fucking me, but just as he would cum he would kiss me. It was great.

"I think I am drained for now but we can continue this again later. When I pull my dick out of your boy-pussy, I want you to hold your cum in your ass. Lick and clean off the cum from my spent cock and enjoy the taste of it.

I could hardly wait to tell my brother, Jack Junior what a great time Daddy Jack and I had while he was gone. I was looking forward to having a three way with them in the near future. After I cleaned of Daddy Jacks magnificent cock, I fell a sleep with his soft cock still in my mouth.

Story by Richard Barber

A few pictures and short movies.

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My buddy from school likes me to give him a blowjob before he goes home.
I have trained my pool boy well.  Don't you think?

I have to get my fill of protein before each game. 
The guys seem to like it too
My trucker friend loves my blowjobs.

Next door neighbor gets his cock ready for me to suck.

I often suck my mechanic in his garage.

Nice way to relax. Have your brother drain your nuts.

Just a quick blowjob between classes

The carpenter gets a blowjob after he does his work.  

Dad. You give good head.

Thanks for that sweet load, Uncle. 
Good to have a jail mate that loves to suck my cock.

No. I won't give you that ticket if you blow me all this week.

Oh sweet brother. I love the way you worship my cock.

                         I just got back from Jogging and you still want to suck my sweaty cock?
Fuck. I love the way you suck my cock, brother.

You have such a beautiful dick, daddy. Can I drink you cum load?

Thanks for taking my load.  I am so hot tonight.

BiSexual movie short.
Hot guys GangBanging a cute blond GIRL

British Guy with u/c cock Fucking

Fuck me and dump that load in my male pussy.
Get closer and take this load, cocksucker.
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Sharing-Daddy & Son

Dad Shares His Step-Son by Richard Barber 05/28/2010

After a winter vacation from school, I left my parents home in the suburban area of Kansas City and was heading back to my home in Denver. I had a nice visit with my parents and relatives, but after fourteen days with them, I was about to climb the walls. Enough is enough! I was ready to head back to Denver Business School. Besides I was ready for some hot sex, and I knew if I played my cards right I may find some horny salesmen or truck drivers along the way.

I was traveling Interstate 70 highway all the way. Starting with the Kansas turnpike until I reached Topeka, then continue on free Interstate 70 the rest of the way. I'd traveled this route before and knew several of the rest areas and truck stops were a good place to pick up a hot traveler for some quick 'sexcapades'. Many of the rest stops had very active Glory Holes and there was always some traveler ready to drop a quick load in my hungry cock sucking mouth, and right now I was hungry! It had been a dry 14 days with the family.

I soon arrived at the entrance to the Turnpike, took my ticket and hurried to the first rest stop to see what I could find. It was early in the morning so you would usually find traveling salesmen or horny morning truckers. Later on in the day they were filled with families and very seldom could any good action be had. Yet, I still remember the time I was blowing a married man at the urinal when his wife called to him thru the Lattice windows.

"Honey, me and the kids will be waiting for you in the car. Are you about done?" she asks him. He shouted back. "Yeah, Just a minute. I'm coming...." and he was. Little did she know her 'honey' was fucking my face and filling me with his honey? Love those 'faithful' married men.

I rushed to my first rest stop to find another gay dude had already taken position at the glory hole. I didn't even set down at the toilet but stood, took a quick pee and started to play with my cock. He gave the motion to stick it through the hole. I was so horny. I was ready to deposit my 14 day load. He was a good cock sucker and faithfully drained my cock and licked me clean. I felt so much better. No man should go that long without cumming. I was still in the mood to suck some cock, but thought I just might hurry on to my next stop which was about 50 miles.

I had noticed a sign a few miles back advertising a roadside restaurant and filling station and so I pulled off the Interstate and followed the signs to "Big Jake's Restaurant and Filling Station." It had been on the main highway before the Interstate bypassed it and now it looked empty, old, and rundown, but it was my last stop before Junction City. My fuel was getting low and my stomach was ready for something more substantial than multiples loads of cum, so breakfast was now a priority. This place was all I needed at the present time.

I pulled into the empty pump area and waited for some service but first I needed the bathroom to take my morning piss, wash up, and then go inside to get some breakfast. I followed the path around the side of the building to the men's room. In days gone by, many of these older restrooms were a source of wild sexual activity. The truckers would line up just to use the glory holes where another cocksucker would satisfy their sexual needs before they headed on down the road, but now the new Interstate highways had changed much of that action.

As I entered the bathroom I was shocked to find a man in his station uniform, standing behind a young man, shoving his big cock up the boy's ass. They must not have heard me enter because they continued their activity without stopping or looking my direction.

The older good looking man, about 45, had his station uniform pants down around his ankles. His shirt was flaring open exposing his naked chest and his hard muscular abs. He was gripping the boy's firm buttocks and was roughly fucking the boy and occasionally slapping his bare butt cheeks. The trim body of the boy, about 16, was bending over the sink and gripping it tightly with his hands. He was shirtless, and his pants were down around his ankles resting on his boots.

"You like that big Daddy dick up your pussy ass, don't ya boy? Ya fucker can't get enough dick, huh ya little slut. Can you feel it up your boy pussy? Feel that hunk of cock swelling and getting ready to pump you full of Daddy juice? You love that meat pumping you full of spunk all the time. Huh? Tighten that pussy ass! (Slap, slap.) Make it feel good for your daddy and I might let you cum if you're a good slut. Oh yeah. You're daddies little pussy boy. Ya like to make me cum, don't you slut? (Slap, Slap) Take it punk, Take my hard dick. Drain my cock. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. I'm gonna fill your cunt with your daddies cum. Oh God. Here it comes. Here it comes, ya little punk ass pussy boy. Ah, Fuck, Fuck. Ah.

The man continued to pump the young boy's ass and slap his cheeks until they were red. They were so busy fucking that they never saw me standing a few feet from them while they fucked. I was so excited I had my cock out and was jacking off and almost ready to shoot my load. The man suddenly saw my reflection in the mirror. I had my pants down below my hips and my hard cock in hand.

"Damn it. I guess I didn't fix that lock on the door very well. How long ya been standing there? You might as well come in and properly lock the door if you want some action here. I guess you like what ya see huh? Chip. Looks like we have some company."

He stood behind the boy soaking his cock deep in the boy's ass. When he finally decided to ease his dick out of the boy's ass a thick juicy load of cum seeped out of his well used hole. A stream of wet clear cock juice ran down the inside of the boy's leg.

The man's large thick cock was still partially hard and covered with his spunk. I was tempted to drop to my knees and clean the remaining juices from his penis. Then go to the boy's sweet looking asshole and suck out his dad's juices. It was so hot.

"Well, ya might as well get a good piece of ass while ya here, that is if you don't mind sloppy seconds. This boy of mine never gets enough of his daddy's dick juice and is always looking for more hard cock. By the looks of your hard prick you might enjoy some of this boy pussy. Come over closer and take a good look. This is Chip, my oldest boy. He's been my relief pussy since his mama left us a few years ago. Now get in there and fuck some hot boy pussy. He likes it hard and rough so bang away, stranger.

"Chip. This man is gonna fuck your boy pussy while I take a piss. He looks like he's gotta nice size prick so give him a good time. "

This was the first time I'd ever walked into a father and son situation, and it was awesome. The father was a hunky stud looking number and his young son was a handsome young reflection of his old man; chip off the old block, as they might say.

What a pair they made. I was in such a horny daze that I quickly ran my hands over Chip's smooth hairless ass cheeks and guided my hard cock right into his wet cum filled boy pussy. It was so warm and juicy from his dad's seed. Just the thought of depositing my cum up this young ass right after his father had just fucked him, really turned me on. I didn't want to cum too quickly but only after a few minutes I knew I was going to blow. The father went up to the boys face and put his semi-hard cock into his son's mouth.

"Take my cock and drink my piss, you cock sucking pig. I have a nice warm load for you boy. Just hold it in your mouth until I get ready to piss. If you start sucking on it I won't be able to piss. I'll let you suck me off after this dude fucks your hot ass. How's that strangers cock feel up your boy pussy ass? See? Your daddy is good to you, enough to share your ass. Fuck that ass man. He needs another big load of cum in him. Fuck that bitch."

As I was pounding away at the boy's hot and juicy ass, his dad was pissing down his throat. It was just too much for me to handle. I was going to blow.

"Damn. This is a fantastic piece of ass. I can't hold out any longer. I'm too hot. Gonna blow. Oh Fuck. I'm cumming. I'm cumming."

I continued to pump my load deep into Chip's ass and occasionally slap his bare ass. I could feel his boy pussy tighten around my dick every time I slapped him. It was unbelievable sex. The father had emptied his load of piss down Chips throat while I stood enjoying the aftermath of a great orgasm. Chip continued sucking his dad until it was hard again.

"Yeah. Cocksucker. Suck your daddy's dick. Drain my baby maker. Lick my balls before you make me cum. You are such a cock sucking slut. First you gobble down my piss then you eat my cum. What a whore you've turned out to be. I love ya son. Keep sucking and take my load."

I let my cock ease out of his wet hole but while I was watching this hunk get his cock sucked again by his son, I started getting horny and hot again. I felt the boy's wet ass hole, and dropped to my knees and started sucking out the two loads of cum that had been deposited in his hole. I very seldom eat out an ass but I was really turned on by all this hot action. The juices were sweet yet salty. It was beyond description. I continued sucking out both his dad's and my own cum from his young sweet hairless ass.

I cupped his balls in one hand and continued up to his boy cock. To my surprise and joy, his cock was as big as a man's. He was uncut and the foreskin covering his cock head was soft and moist with his pre-cum. I just had to suck on this young stud's cock.
I crawled under him while he continued to suck on his dad's cock.

 His father spread his legs and was setting on the sink enjoying his son blowing him. I was in the progress of exploring Chip's sweet young cock. I enthused my tongue into the opening of his foreskin tasting his sweet juices of pre-cum. Chip's semi-hard dick became immediately hard and grew to a good 7 inches of boy meat. His dad looked down and saw me sucking his boy's cock.

"Looks like we have another cocksucker in our presence. Suck my boy's cock, you fucking cocksucker. Give him some good head while I give him my cock and another load. This is good. The boy deserves a good cocksucker to drain his sweet cock. Suck that cock, man. Suck it dry."

The boy started moaning and shooting a huge load of boy cum into my mouth and down my throat. I swallow as quickly as he came and took every drop. His dad started shooting another load into his son's mouth at the same time. It was a wild but thoroughly enjoyable scene.

 I reluctantly released Chip's cock and gathered up my pants. I was still on the floor between Chips legs while Chip still had his dad's cock soaking in his warm mouth when there was a loud knock at the bathroom door.

"Hey! Hey in there! We need to use the toilet. Is someone going to let us in or do we have to break down the door?" Then two more hard knocks on the door.

We all hurried into position with Chip hurrying to a booth, his dad pulling up his pants and tucking in his shirt and I went into the other booth to straighten up myself.

"All right. All right! Damn it! Hold onto your fucking britches. I'm coming."

Jake opened the door. I could make out two men's voices as they started taking to him. Meanwhile I had straightened up and left the booth and had gone to the sink to wash up. I looked in the mirror and standing at the urinals were two hot looking Kansas Highway Patrolmen taking a piss.

"Hey Jake, What are you dudes doing in here with the door locked anyway? Looks kind of strange to me." Then the 2 patrol men laughed and winked at Jake.

Jake grinned and winked back. "You know what we're a doing, you fuckers. I always have some action for you bastards. I expected you later on today, but now that you're here you might as well whip out your meat and get some ass. That son of mine is always ready for you two studs."

"Son. Get your self out here and preform your duties. The State Troupers need some action so they can get back on the highways to protect us from all those perverts on the roads."

 Then Chip opened the toilet booth door and gave a quick smile and wave to the Patrolmen still standing at the urinals. Without even putting his hard dick back in his uniform, the first patrolmen walked over to the boy in the booth to offer him his cock. Chip dropped to his knees and started servicing the Patrolman.

I tried to act as relaxed as possible while washing my hands and combing my hair. I noticed my jeans were slightly wet on the knees where I must have knelt in some water while rimming Chip's tasty ass.

 I wasn't about to leave the toilet with this action taking place. I went back to one of the vacant urinals so I could see better and to get a good look at the other Patrolman standing at the urinal with his cock hanging out. Chip's dad was leaning against the sink jacking on his cock. I dropped to my knees and started sucking on the other patrolman. Jake went to the booth and told the patrolman to come out where we could all watch.

"If I'm gonna give you my son to use, you might as well let us all watch. "

"You dirty Ole man. You like to watch your son getting his ass banged huh? Okay, Jake. I'll give you a good show. Come out here Chip so your dad can watch you take my 8 inch cock up your juicy hole. I take it you've been fucked a few times already so you won't need any lube. Bend over the sinks and take my cock, you young slut."

"Yes sir. Fuck my ass. I need your cock. Fuck me, stud."

We all gathered around the sink to watch the patrolman fuck Chip. I reached for the other patrolman's hard cock while dropping my pants. I turned towards the sink, bent over and offered my ass to him. He didn't hesitate but guided his cock to my ass hole, spit in his hands to use for lubrication, then plunged in with one hard push. I almost yelled out from the sudden entry, but held my stance.

After the initial shock of getting rammed up the ass with a big cock, I looked over at Chip leaning over the counter getting fucked next to me. He was enjoying the 8 inch patrolman's cock being shove up his ass. We both grunted with pleasure as the men fucked us in rhythm. Chip's dad was leaning against the wall watching our rape and jacking on his cock. Both patrolmen started to cum at the same time. I felt the cock in my ass swelling and the man started to cum at the same time the other patrolman shot his load up Chip's ass. What perfect timing.

What a pleasant and surprising time I had during my stop at the Gas Station. I knew I had to put "Big Jake's Restaurant and Filling Station' on my 'Must Stop' places in Kansas.

Story by Richard Barber at

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The Brother-in-Law 

               Fictitious Story by Dick Clinton 01/01/2011

My older sister was in her senior year of high-school when she met the man of her dreams, and they got married. I was still in grade school at the time but I already sensed I was turned on to males. I was still in my younger puberty years and I could shoot a nice load of clear sperm.

When she brought her new husband home, and into our lives, I was turned on immediately. He had a nice hairy body and a great head of dark hair, dark eyes and a hot looking smile. They took up residence in our home with my parents and other brother. I became good friends with him and we became close right from the time he moved in.

My sister liked long baths so each evening she would go to the bathroom just before bedtime leaving her husband alone in bed. He would read and listen to the ball games on the radio before going to sleep. I crawled in bed with him one evening while sister was bathing. He would sometimes read me the comics as I curled up next to him.
One evening I noticed a slight hump in his boxer shorts as I lay next to him. I slowly place my hand closer and closer to the opening of his boxers and started playing with the hair peaking out. He didn't protest and kept reading. I notice his cock started getting harder and harder until it started easing out of his boxers. I touched it and he still didn't move my hand away.

I had never touched a man's cock before and I was excited. I lay my head on his stomach and pulled his cock out of the opening and started moving the soft lacy foreskin back and forth. I notice some pre-cum juices easing from the opening of his piss slot. I bravely touched it with my fingers. I leaned forward and tasted it with my mouth.

He turned down the lamp and covered his head with the newspaper as I played with his hard cock. I had never seen a man's hard cock before and was fascinated with the size of his dick. I later realized it was about 8 inches long and very thick.

I loved playing with his big balls and slowly pulled them free so I could enjoy both his balls and cock. I kept manipulating it back and forth with my mouth over the head

tasting and licking the sweet juices. He got so excited he started to cum. He grabbed a handkerchief from under his pillow and placed it over his gushing cock. I was afraid I had done something wrong so I quietly got out of his bed and went to my room while my sister was still in the bath.

The next day was Saturday and everything seem just as normal as before. He came into my bedroom and woke me by tickling me as I slept. He asked me if I would like to go on a little trip with him to the filling station to get some gas. I quickly got dressed and met him outside in his car. I was glad I had done nothing wrong and we were still friends. We soon arrived at the station and he filled up the gas tank and told me to go get us some soda. Meanwhile he filled the gas tank and pulled the car to the side of the station. He got out of the car and headed to the restroom at the back of the station. He motioned for me to follow.

After we were inside the restroom he locked the door and stood at one of the urinals to take a piss. I stood close by to watch. I was fascinated at the sight of his big dick and thought it was nice to let me watch him piss. When he finished pissing he motioned for me to come to him. He pulled his ball out of his pants and started playing with his cock. I came closer. He took my hand and guided it to his hard dick. This was my first chance to see his dick in the light and to play with it without distractions.

He pulled my head closer to his cock and said I could put my mouth over the head again and taste his juices. I did what he said and soon his cock was at full mast. I got on my knees while I sucked on his dick. He started to get really excited and he started to shoot out white stuff from his penis. I started to pull away but he held my head down on his cock until the stuff was shooting in my mouth.

I gagged and tried to pull away but he held me tight. I thought it was a terrible thing for him to force me to take his juices. I almost cried but he rubbed my head and told me it was okay because it made him feel nice, and I would soon begin to crave his cum. I didn't like it at the time, but later I did craved his juices and other men as well. He put his cock away and we left the station restroom. I had a taste of his cum in my mouth and his load in my tummy.

I was upset at my brother-in-Law and thought I would never do that again, but later that week we were going to sleep outside on the porch. This was before we had air-conditioning in our homes. We took our sleeping bags outside and got comfortable. I wasn't going to touch him again, but my desires over came me. I got close to him and laid my arm over his waist. He moved my hand to his already hard cock, and whispered to me.

"If you want to kiss it again you can. I won't mind, and when I start to cum, I won't make you swallow my cum, but you'd be missing the best part. It's good for you to swallow a man's cum. It has lots of good vitamins and protein to make you grow strong and have a big cock like mine. If you want to make me feel good again you can suck on it. Do you want it again?"

I immediately took his big beautiful cock into my hands and placed it in my mouth. I wanted to please him again and this time I would take his cum. After I thought about it that day, I realized that it was a pleasure to swallow his juices and I would do it again.
I was more at ease this time and got between his legs so I could hold his big balls and cock in my hands and guide his cock into my mouth. I wanted his cum. I wanted to grow big and strong and have a big cock like his. I was still not a good cocksucker but after a few more strokes I started to get the hand of it. I was glad he had a big cock because later on I could suck cock like a professional. I loved big cocks and lots of cum. I had become a cocksucker and cum slut, thanks to my experiences with my hot Brother-in-Law.

Later on that year my brother-in-Law started working from 11 pm to 7 am. He'd come home early in the morning and go to bed. My sister and mother had taken jobs with the air industry making air planes. My brother was at scout camp for the week and my dad was at work, so I was left alone with my brother-in-Law to suck his cock.

I had to go thru his bedroom to use the bathroom and noticed his cock peeking out of his boxers. When I returned from the toilet, he had released his cock and ball from his boxers and it was waiting for me to service him. I immediately got on the bed, crawled between his legs and started giving him a blow job. I began to enjoy the taste of cum and looked forward to taking his loads. He would cum, I would drink his cum, dry his cock and get off the bed and go out side to play or go to school. This become a 5 day a week routine.

We continued to have our little secret morning suck session and our quick trips to the filling station, or find some deserted road so I could suck his cock. I continued this thru my teen age years and beyond. I feel I was blessed to have such a nice cock to suck and become a good cock sucker

More Flash Back stories to follow.

Dick Clinton at

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Carpenter and Young Man

 Carpenter's Tool 

After the 2nd World War there was a building boom. Many new homes were being built for the service men returning home. I lived in a small suburban area with my family were I went to a local elementary school.

In the block where we lived they started building homes in the open field next to our home. I was fascinated with all the activity and the construction men taking over the area like a swarm of busy ants. They built the homes like an assembly line, starting with the digging of the foundation, the pouring of the cement for the basements, then constructing the frames for each home. It was a mad house for several weeks as the construction continued. The noise only discontinued after working hours when most of the men went to their separate homes, except for a foreman or clean up crew.

Being an inquisitive teenager, I had to explore the homes as they were being built, but knew I wasn't welcome during working hours. I would wait until I thought everyone had gone home, then I'd explore the unfinished homes on my own.

One late afternoon I was exploring in one of the homes when I discovered I wasn't alone. I quickly hid under the stairs going down to the unfinished basement and waited. I heard footsteps of someone upstairs. A workman came down the stairs, walked to the corner of the room, took out his cock and started pissing on the dirt floor.

I was already infatuated with men and their cocks, so I watch with interest. The man, probably in his early 30s, dressed in his tan work clothes and booths, wasn't aware I was watching him piss. He adjusted his large tool belt and pulled out his cock. He adjusted himself carefully then reached in further and pulled out a large set of balls to match his rather large soft cock. I'd seen men's cocks before, but was always excited to observe and taste another.

I was thrilled to be able to suck a guys cock and had already sucked several boys my age and older. The excitement of a nice hard dick cumming in my mouth and swallowing all of their cum was indescribable. I serviced them as often as I could. I also had a few older men that I had added to my conquest: which included one of the mechanics at the garage where my dad took his car, a couple of the farm boys that worked on a nearby Truck Farm, two security men from the local drive-in-theater, and about 3 or 4 of the guys I grew up with. I was well liked and guys liked my cock sucking methods and always came back for more.

 I liked sucking them off and was always in the mood to add another hot boy or man to my agenda. I had become a hungry and proficient cock sucker at a young age and gave excellent service to satisfy men sexually. I saw nothing improper or wrong with my cock sucking activity.

I watched the Carpenter finish his pissing, then start to manipulate his rather large uncut cock back and forth. He was going to jack-off right here. I couldn't let him waste that big load of cock juice on the ground. I would be happy to let him cum down my throat. I had to let him know I was here. I moved slightly to make a noise so he'd know someone was here. He quickly looked over at me setting under the stairs.

"What the hell are you doing? You shouldn't be here young man." he said as he looked my way.

"I was just exploring. Didn't mean any harm." I said as I slowly stood and came out from under the stairs.

"Do you live around here kid?"

"Yes sir. I live down the block. I didn't mean to startle you."

I kept looking at his big cock hanging out of his pants.

"Do you like to watch a man piss?"

"Yes sir and I like to watch a man jack himself like you were going to do."

"Oh you do, do you? Do you like to play with men's cocks too."

"I not only love to play with a man's cock, but I like to suck them, and swallow their manly juices. Can I suck on yours, sir?"

The carpenter stood quietly for a moment then turned his body towards me and pulled on his cock again. He motioned for me to come closer.

"Come over here kid and play with my cock. Have you ever seen a cock this big? I have a good 10 inches of man meat here. Have you ever sucked on one this big?" he said as he started to slowly ease his lacy foreskin over his penis. He pulled his balls completely out of his pants and gave them a good tug.

As I took a few steps towards the man, he spread his legs and put his hands on his hips.

"Come on kid. Let's see if you have any cock sucking talent. I don't believe a young pup like you has ever sucked a cock before. I think you are pulling my leg. Get over here, get on your knees, wrap your sweet tender lips around my dick and suck on it, if your not afraid. Come on. Let's see what you can do with this one."

Then he stood and waited to see if I was going to suck his cock or not. I must have surprised him because I dropped to my knees on the dirt basement floor, took his balls in my one hand and kissed his wet piss slot to taste his pre-cum juices.

"Hot Damn. You weren't kidding were you kid? I don't want to feel any teeth on my prick, ya hear me? Take your time and give me a good sucking. If you do it right, I just might give you a big load of man juice. I bet you'd like that. Huh?"

"Yes sir. I'd like it if you came in my mouth. I love the taste of cum." I looked up at his face then ran my tongue around his sensitive glans and licked his piss slot again.

He grunted and let me begin to service him. He had a good size cock, so I couldn't go all the way down on his 10 inch cock, but I started to lick and clean his hairy balls before going to work on his wonderful cock. I loved the scent of a working man. I had sucked some big cocks before, like my mechanic friend at the garage, and my handsome brother-in-law, but this cock was not only long but thick around. I was still pretty good at manipulating the skin back and forth and going down on him as far as I could. He was enjoying my service and would sigh and gasps in appreciation. Then he started getting hot and gripped the back of my head and started talking and instructing me how to make him feel good.

"Damn, my young pup, you sure do love to suck on that dick, don't you? Yeah. I like the way you do it. I've never has a young man suck my cock before. Feels damn good, cock sucker. Hum huh. Feels damn good. Suck it deeper if you can. You like my balls too, don't ya? Lick em good. Love to have my balls sucked. Oh yeah. I like that too. Lick and clean my sweaty nuts. Clean em good, cock sucker. Oh yeah. Got myself a cock worshiper here. Fuck. If you keep this up I'll pop my nuts soon. Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah. Um mm. I'm gonna give you my load. Suck me, cock sucking slut. I'm gonna shoot, gonna shoot. FUCK. Take my load punk, take my damn load. Uuuuhhhh Gawd! FUCK, FUCK, Fuck. Awwwww shit."

The carpenter caressed my head and fuck faced me. I placed both my young hands around his thick cock and guided it into my warm mouth. I could only take his cock down about 6 inches or more before I gagged. I took another deep breath and held his dick in my mouth while he dumped 6 to 8 loads of cum down my throat. I pulled back so I could breath and taste his delicious cum. He moaned softly until his last load was delivered to my mouth. I swallowed his cum and licked my fingers clean, and continued to lick him clean. I squeezed and milked down his cock to taste the last few drops of cum. I kissed his cock and balls and then set back on my legs, looked up at him, took another deep breath and smiled.

"Thank you sir. I loved that. You taste so good.."

"Damn, Damn, Damn, is all I can say. That was a fucken good suck. You must have had some practice to do that. Damn." he continued to say as he tried to put his semi soft cock back into his pants. He rubbed my blond head and buttoned up his pants.

"Hey young-en. Do you come around here very often, because I'm usually the last one to leave, being foreman and all, so if you'd like to swallow some more of my cum, I like to see you here the same time tomorrow. I see you're really in to sucking cock, a real cum sucking slut, so I might be able to line you up with a few other straight studs so you can suck their dicks. I have a fine looking crew and they are horny all the fucken time. I hear them talking about getting their cocks sucked, so maybe you could keep a few of them satisfied and keep their minds off sex and more on their work. How ya like to be our cum dump boy? What do ya say?"

"Yes sir! I'd like that. It'll have to be somewhere out of site. I just live down the block and don't want my brother or dad seeing me."

"Sure thing. We'd better leave now before the night watchmen come on duty. I'll see you here tomorrow about the same time."

I went by almost every evening to the empty basement to suck off my hunky carpenter. He lined me up with several of his crew and I blew them on a nightly basis before they went home to their wives and girlfriends. I dropped by during the week end and met one of the security guards and sucked him off about 5 nights a week.

I had a good thing going but in a few months the houses were completed and were being sold. I kept in touch with my Carpenter friend and a few of his crew. We would met at their new construction sites so I could keep them well drained. I drank a lot of hot cum that season and looked forward to finding a new construction area so I could meet more men.

Story by Richard Barber

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fun after Baseball Practice

Flashbacks 01 - After Baseball Practice by Richard Barber 12/11/2009

Have you ever had a Flash Back of some exciting or interesting incident that happened in your past life? I know I have and wanted to share with you a few of my past experiences with you. These stories are too short to make a full story from them but thought they might remind you of things that happened to you as well. I hope you enjoy. Richard Barber

I was in the 6th grade and couldn't have been more than 12 years old when I first discovered I like boys. It seemed like a natural thing for me. I wasn't too bad to look at with my light blond hair that flung across my forehead, light completion and deep blue eyes. Most girls seemed to like me but I wasn't interested in them.

One of my first and most memorable experiences was right after baseball practice. I had gone into the boy's dressing room to shower and put on my street clothes. For some reason I was one of the last to remain and as I was setting on one of the benches in the locker area putting on my shoes Joe, one of the older 8th graders came into the locker room completely naked after his shower. I was surprised but remained calm. He didn't seem embarrassed; in fact he casually stood near and dried his head with a towel. He looked over at me and nodded and spoke.

"Hey there. How come you didn't get to bat today? I saw you setting on the bench all during practice."

"Awe I don't know. I don't think the coach likes me, but I don't care. I'm not much into sports anyway. "

"If you want I could practice with you so you could get the hang of it."

Joe was a hot looking guy with a smooth muscular body. He had dark hair and a firm square jaw with one of those dimples on his chin. After school and on the weekends he worked as a construction helper for his dad and kept physically fit. I couldn't help but notice he had an unusually large cock and low hanging balls. His cock hung down about 6 inches, even soft. I tried not to let him know I was looking at him but it must have been oblivious because right away he came closer to me.

"It is a nice looking cock, isn't it?" he said suddenly to me.

I stuttered, swallowed and tried to talk. "Huh?" I muttered out.

"I said I have a nice looking cock. Don't you think?"

"I...I...guess so." My face must have turned a bright red with embarrassment.

"That's all right. Don't be shy. It's just a dick. Would you like to touch it? Go ahead. Just put your hand around my dick and give it a nice tug or squeeze. No one's around. I like to have my dick admired. Go ahead."

For some reason I was fascinated with his perfectly handsome dick and balls hanging only a few inches from my face. I slowly reached up and placed my finger on his cock shaft and touched it softly.

"No. Put you hand around it and feel it. Feel how warm and firm it is. Take my balls in your other hand and gently lift them. See how big and full they are. They are filled with spunk ready to be unloaded. Do you want to get it hard and see how really big it can get?"

I placed my hand around his cock and slightly gripped it and then took his soft balls in my other. I was so excited I was trembling. His dick started to get harder and much bigger. I squeezed it softly and then a bit firmer.

"Yeah that's it. Don't be afraid of it. I like it when you grip it firmly. Give it a tug or two and pull on it. See how it grows? If you pull on it a few more times you might get some sweet love juice to flowing from the opening. Give it a try. Pull it. Oh yeah. That's good. Give it a few more tugs. "

Joe kept instructing me how to manipulate his penis as it got harder in my hand. I began to slowly move my hand back and forth on his cock. I was amazed how it kept growing and growing until it expanded to a good 8 inches in length and so thick around my small hand couldn't fit around it. I'd never seen a cock so big.

"See how big my cock can get when it is played with? Milk it down and watch my jizz oozing from my cock head. I bet you never saw man juices flowing like than before. You're doing a great job. Rich. My dick seems to likes you."

I became conscious of the clear looking juices now flowing from his cock head. I rubbed my finger over the head of his penis and he sighed with pleasure. I wanted to taste it so I placed my finger to my mouth. The juices were salty yet sweet. I wanted more.

"I see you like the taste of my juices. Put your mouth over the head of my cock and lick the juices. Watch your teeth though and use you tongue by going around and around my cock head. Oh yeah. Just like that. Oh fuck. That's amazing. You're a good learner. Lick all the juices from my cock head and I'll give you more."

Joe was sighing and moaning so I knew he liked what I was doing. I looked up at his face to see he had his eyes closed. He placed his hand to the back of my head and gently guided me back and forth on his cock. I tried to go down on it further but I gagged and choked. My small mouth could not handle such a big dick, but I kept trying to please him and get more juices from his dick. He held my head and eased his cock in and out of my mouth again.

I was still caressing his big soft balls and fascinated with the soft thick hair around his crotch. Joe was older then the other guys in the 8th grade because he had been held back one year. He was probably about 14 or 15 years old. I needed to take a breath and pulled off his cock.

"You're doing find. Take a breather and lick on my balls for a while. I love to have my balls licked. Aren't they nice? I'll keep my dick hard while you kiss and make love to my balls."

I buried my face between his thigh and his balls and took a deep whiff of his body smell. He smelled so manly and warm. As I started licking and caressing his hairy balls, he was jacking on his cock. I wanted more of his cock juices, so I went back to his cock and placed my mouth around his big cock head.

"I knew you couldn't stay away from my cock. You love that dick don't you? You'll make a good cocksucker someday. Put your hot little mouth over my piss slot and I'll give you a big load of love juices. You're gonna love it. Oh yeah. I can feel my ball getting ready to unload. I'm getting ready for it to flow. Get ready cocksucker. Don't pull away. Take all my love juices and swallow. Oh damn. I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Ffuucckk. Take it now.....Uuuhhhh."

Joe held my head so tight over his gushing cock that couldn't do anything but swallow load after load of his cum. It was so exciting I came in my shorts. I had never taken a load of cum before and it was awesome. I loved making Joe enjoying the excitement of his orgasm. I was hooked on sucking a dick and already looked forward to doing it again.

Joe slowly took a few deep breaths and released the grip on my head. I didn't pull off right away but kept licking and savoring all his cum. He was delicious. His cock gradually became softer and I reluctantly took my mouth off his wet cock. He rubbed my head and took his towel and wiped my face and mouth then his cock and balls.

I was still on my knees in front of Joe when I heard someone showering in the other room. I got up and wondered how Joe would react to our sex act. He continued to put his cloths on then looked over to me and said I should be here again tomorrow after school and he would give me another lesson. Then he smiled and left the locker room.
I met Joe several time that year and he continued to teach me how to hit a baseball and how to continue to suck his cock. It was a great school year.

More of 'Flash Backs' of my younger days.
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

First Adult Cock

Drive In Theater  Part 01 My First Adult Cock by Richard Barber 05/09/2009

When I was young my parents moved into a new house that was located about mile from a drive in theater. Since I didn't have a car I would walk to the drive in and enter thru the Exit drive way. I would set in the patio area and watch the movie and chat with some of my school mates that had come in by car with friends or parents.

I would often check out the men's restroom and was fascinated by the piss trough on the floor instead of the traditional urinals. I already knew I was attracted to men sexually and this was a great way to check out all he cocks as they hung out to piss. I would always get a boner looking at the men so I was careful not to reveal my desires to other men.

One evening while at the theater I had to piss so went into the men's room during the movie. While I was pissing one of the men that worked there came in and whipped out one of the biggest cocks I'd ever seen in my young life. He knew I was looking and pulled on it as he pissed and leaned back to give me full view.

When you are a young teenager, everyone over 20 seems old. I guessed this guy was about 22, good looking, well build ,with dark hair and a clean shave. I couldn't tell too much about his physical body because of the work drive in coveralls he was required to wear. The name tag on his pocket said Carl.

"Nice big dick. Huh kid? He said proudly as he turned towards me to give me a better look. "You should see it in action when it really gets hard and grows even bigger."
I bashfully acted like I was not overwhelmed and quickly put my hard dick back into my jeans.

"Hey kid. Are you here with some of your friends?"

"No. I'm here by myself. I walk in the Exit road and watch the movies."

"That's clever. How's about joining me in the back of the theater in my shed. I've got a good view of the movie and no one will bug you. Besides I need some company. I might even let you get a closer look at my dick and get it hard for me. Would you like that?"

"Yeah....I I got to go after this movie."

"Come on kid. If you don't join me I'll have to turn you into the manager and he'll kick you out of the theater, and might even have you arrested for trespassing. You wouldn't like that now would you? Come on Kid. I know we can have some fun together."

I was excited and scared by his proposal. I was still very new at playing around with other males, even though I had messed around with a few close buddies from school, but I'd never had the chance to be with an older adult man. I nodded and followed him out of the men's room and up the driveway to his shed.

"I watch over the theater from up here and make sure there are no fights and direct traffic when the movies are over. Most of the guys park along the back of the theater so they can make out and fuck with their girls. You'd be surprised how much action I've seen take place back here. Later on we'll do a condom run and pick up all the used rubbers back here. Lots of man juice in some of these young dudes."

His shed was about 8 feet by 10 feet. One wall had a large window and a door at one end of the building. Against one wall was a make shift cot covered with a used bedspread. He popped oven a beer and offered me a sip but I refused. The night was clear and warm so we set on a wooden bench leaning again the shed.

"What's your name kid? My names Carl. I take it you live near by."

"My names Richard and I just live across that field. You can see the house lights from here." I said as I pointed towards my house.

"There are 3 other guys that work here with me, but they are checking out the area. They won't be back for about an hour."

Carl reached inside his coveralls from the side and adjusts his cock. I knew he was naked under his coveralls because I could see his bare skin at the open side. It was exciting and very sexy. He kept playing with his cock and then looked at me and calmly said.

"Do ya still wanna feel my cock when it gets hard? Come closer and reach inside my coveralls for a feel. I've got it hard now."

I nervously set closer to him while he took my hand and placed it inside his coveralls. I almost came. He was naked as I suspected and I felt the heat of his hard firm body and the feel of a huge hard cock. I could hardly get my hand around it. He set back and closed his eyes as I caressed and explored his manhood.

Then he pulled his coveralls off his shoulders and down to his knees and set on the bench almost naked. He was tall and had a firm swimmer body. The only hair was under his arms pits and around his crotch. His uncut dick was long and very large around and stood firm like a flag pole. His large balls hung down between his legs. He was very sexy.

"If you like you can jack on it for a while. No one around and no one can see us, besides who cares. Your hand feels good on my dick. You like it? Feel my balls too. They have a lot of man juices and are ready for you taste. Jack on it buddy. Oh yeah. Just like that. You've done this before haven't ya?"

I was beginning to relax and enjoy his big manly cock. I was so excited that I didn't care if any one saw us. I jacked on it for a few minutes, then I noticed some clear dripping juices oozing from his piss slot. It looked fascinating and I was even more curious. I was old enough to shoot my jazz but wondered how much a big cock like this would shoot. I had one hand on his dick and the other exploring his balls.

"You have caused my dick to ooze out some sweet man juices. Wouldn't ya like to taste my sweet juices? Go ahead kid, put your mouth over the head of my dick, and taste my juices. You'll like it I guarantee."

I got on my knees beside Carl's legs and leaned towards his hard dick. He placed his hand to the back of my head and forcible shove my head to his cock. I didn't resist and gratefully placing my mouth over the head of his big smooth cock head. He smiled with consent and sighed with pleasure. I had never had such a big man cock in my mouth before and I knew I couldn't suck him off like I did my school buddies. He was way too large for my mouth. All I could do was go down on the cock head and taste the clear liquids from his dick. It was salty-sweet and pleasing.

"See? I told you it tasted good. Hey kid, jack on it with your mouth over the head. I'd like to give you more of my juices. You're a good kid and I like you. Jack on it and let's see what happens. Oh yeah. That feels good. You have a hot mouth and a very lively tongue there. I like this and perhaps if you do it right I'll let ya come here more often and suck my dick."

I liked the taste of his juices and wanted more. I jacked it up and down then licked his shaft up one side then down the other. I inhaled his body smells and tasted and kissed his balls. He became more and more excited and began to wriggle and breathe deeper. I knew something was about to happen.

He grabbed my head and started to 'face fuck' me. I gagged but finally got into his rhythm of his movements, and linking my hand movements and my warm mouth over his big cock, he started to shoot a load of his cum into my mouth. I was surprise at the wonderful feeling of a big cock throbbing, pulsating and squirting load after load of jazz into my mouth.

I didn't know there would be such a volume of cum gushing from a man's dick, but I kept sucking and swallowing as quickly as I could. Tears come to my eyes from gagging, but when he finally released my head I took control again. The overflow of his cum ran from the corners or my mouth and onto my hand and shirt. He set back on the bench and let me continue to suck and clean off his fantastic cock and low hanging balls.

"Hey buddy, you did a great job. Perhaps we should do it again later to see what you learned from this round. You did well. Did you like it?" about that time we heard some one talking and walking towards us on the ground cover gravel.

Carl immediately pulled up his coveralls and set back on the bench. I got off my knees and from between Carl's legs and quickly and set beside him. From the dark walked two other men in coveralls who worked at the drive in.

"Hey Carl. Who's your little friend? One of your cock sucking fans?" one of the men said

"You still molesting young innocent boys again?"

"How do you entice these 'cuties' to suck your cock? The other man said.

"Why don't you ever share with us? I like getting a blow job or fucking a sweet boy pussy as well as the next guy."

I figured I'd better get out of here before they decide to rape my ass. I stood and told Carl I should go because my parents were waiting for me. He knew different but it gave me an excuse to leave.

"Yeah. Okay Kid. See ya tomorrow night?" I nodded yes, and waved goodbye.

I headed down the middle of the theater walk way and to the concession stand. I enjoyed sucking Carl's big cock but was not ready for his two friends just yet. They looked mean and rough and I didn't feel like getting gang banged by his two work pals.
I would return tomorrow night and have another go at Carl's big beautiful and juicy cock.


First Glory Hole Sex

Drive in Theater  Part 02 The Blow Hole by Richard Barber 05/16/2009

I lay awake thinking about my awesome encounter with Carl, the Security man at the drive in theater. His was the first adult cock I'd ever encountered and the biggest I'd ever sucked off. Over the years I'd engaged in sexual games with numerous teenage school buddies but only Joe Fox's big dick came close to Carl's big 10 inch cock.

I was anxious to make a return appearance tomorrow night if I could convince my dad to let me walk over to the theater again. The movie marquee had changed so I made an excuse to see a different movie. However, I wasn't interested in the movie, I was interested in sucking Carl off again in his security shanty at the rear of the theater.
The evening came and Dad said it was okay for me to go to the movies again but not to stay out too late. I left the house and went through the back acreage of our place, over the highway and up the back entrance roadway of the drive in. I stayed close to the wall so not to draw the attention of the man in the ticket booth at the entrance.

 My entrance went unnoticed and soon I was walking up the center walkway to the concession stand and found a seat at one of the tables on the outdoor patio.
I spotted four of the local Catholic High School basketball players going into the concession stand to purchase snacks to take back to their cars. They proudly wore their school letters on their jackets, so it was easy to identify them. I'd been to a few of their games and recognized a couple of the tall physically fit looking guys. They were hot.

I was going to hang around the patio until the news reels and previews started, and then I would head around to the men's room to check out some dicks at the urinal. When I arrived it was empty so I went into one of the 4 booths against the back wall. When I entered the end booth I was puzzled about the reason for a large round hole cut through the wall. Naive and inexperienced with toilet cruising it took me a few minutes to understand why some one would drill a large hole between the booths.

I sat down on the stool and began reading all the graffiti and messages on the walls. Several guys came into the toilet to piss. I realized by their conversation that it was the four basketball players I'd seen earlier. Three of the guys went to the floor urinal, but one guy came into the booth next to mine and took his piss.

 I glanced through the hole but could only see his golden stream splashing in the bowl. He quickly pissed then buttoned up and flushed the stool. It all happened so fast I hadn't had the chance to observe his cock. The remaining guys continued talking and pissing. The one that had taken his piss in the booth next to mine lowered his voice and said to his buddies.
"You guys know there is a big blow hole cut in the wall of that last booth, and there's some fag sitting in there ready to give some head?"

"Aw shit. No kidding?" One of the boys commented.

"What's a 'blow hole' Jack? Another questioned

I heard some of the guys laugh and then one explained to the boy who asked the question.

"Ya stick your hard dick into the hole and the guy on the other side gives you a blow job. You dim-witted jock."

"Ya gotta be kidding me. You mean he sucks your dick? Shit that sounds hot. Maybe I should try it sometime. Peggy will only give me a hand job. I still can't get her to suck my dick."

The guys laughed and after a continued conversation start leaving the toilet. I heard one of the guys trying to encourage one of the guys to go into the booth and check it out before they headed back to the cars.

"Go on Bob. What ya got to lose? You might like it."

"Aw go on you fuckers. I bet you won't do it Jerry."

"Hey. I'll do it if you do it first. Go ahead. We'll wait on the patio."

Then there was a silence as the rest of the guys left, leaving one. He walked into the booth and stood close to the hole rubbing his crotch.

I'd never thought of servicing a cock through a hole in the wall before, but it was exciting to be sucking an anonymous guy through the hole. Finally he opened his jeans and pulled out a nice clean cut, hard seven inches of cock and small set of fuzzy hair covered balls

. I cautiously put my face to the opening and licked my lips hoping to persuade him to place his hard cock into the hole and into my inviting mouth.
He slowly moved closer and placed his cock into the hole. I touched it with my fingers and softly pulled him closer. He cautiously leaned into the hole. I started licking and savoring the salty clear juices oozing from the opening of his piss slot. He relaxed, and allowed me service his cock.

I'd sucked off some of my friends that had comparably sized dicks and from past experience I was confident I could give him a good blowjob. I gripped his hairy balls and went all the way down on him several times. He started shaking and moaning.

"Oh yeah, cocksucker, suck my dick, suck my dick. Oh man this is great. You're gonna make me shoot if you don't slow down. Oh fuck! I'm cumming." He started to withdraw not understanding I wanted him unload in my mouth and swallow his hot tasty sperm. I held his balls so he couldn't withdraw and then he realize I wanted to swallow his cum.

"Oh man. Take my load, cocksucker, Take my hot fucking load. Swallow that dick. Eat me. Oh shit. I'm cumming, I'm cumming." He kept talking as he violently shook the wall between us. Then he relaxed as I drank down every last drop of his cum.

He stood quietly for a few minutes and after he caught his breath, he slowly withdrew, wiped his moist cock with his shirt tail, and put his cock back into his jeans.

"Stay here. My buddies are not going to believe this. Damn dude, you give some great head. Stay here and suck off my other buddies too. Huh?" then he left the booth.

Wow. Sucking off these young studs was exuberating. In ancient Rome, the swallowing of a young warrior's sperm was an honor and was thought to give the taker more energy and extended life. I think I was born in the wrong time and place. Being a cocksucker and drinking down the warrior's sperm would have been my full time job.
I heard the shuffle of shoes and soon the booth next to me was occupied again, this time with a new warrior. He sat directly on the stool without taking down his jeans. He leaned back against the toilet and began opening his jeans.

"You wanna suck on this one?" I heard him say quietly. "I've never had my dick sucked before so be careful. I'm very sensitive and cum quickly." Then he stood and pulled down his jeans and white undies. His dick was not hard yet so he started pulling on it. I spoke for the first time. "Put it in the hole and I'll get it hard."

He shuffled up to the hole, pressed his body against the wall, and offered me his soft uncut cock. It didn't look very large, but sometimes soft dicks can be deceiving. He had about an inch of lacy soft foreskin covering his 5 inch soft meat. He had started oozing clear liquid from the end of his penis.

I'd never sucked a guys dick that had this much skin over the head, but I found it fascinating. I guided it towards my mouth and engulfed the whole soft member. He trembled and then he started to firm up. I explored the opening with my fingers then put my tongue into the moist opening. He tasted different than most guys I'd sucked, but I liked it. He tasted like he had cum once today and hadn't bothered to clean the remaining orgasm.

Once again I pulled on his hardening cock and slowly pulled back the foreskin revealing a pale pink cock head, then without warning it eased out of the skin and exposed a much bigger tulip shaped cock head. The cock began to grow and grow each time I went down on him until it had expanded to a good 8 inches of beautiful jock cock.
He began to have more confidence in me and gave me full consent to service him. I realized now why he was so sensitive. I took my time sucking him and soon he was pounding his body against the partition face fucking me and almost begging for release.

"Fucken yeah! That's what I like. When I cum just let it shoot in your mouth. I'm very sensitive." He instructed me.

I kept moving up and down on his cock until more and more of his pre cum juices were filling my mouth, then he shuddered and began releasing his ultimate load. I swallowed his gushing cock. I held onto his cock and balls and let volumes of his sweet sperm continue to gush down my throat He came, and came, and came until his juices were seeping out of my mouth and on the floor. I swallowed as fast as I could and never gagged once.

I let his cock relax and gently soften and contract slowly. I took one more lick to catch the final liquids, but he quickly pulled his sensitive moist cock from my mouth. It was still throbbing as more cum dripped from his piss slot. He pulled the foreskin back over his cock head and stood quietly. I milked it down savoring the last few drops of my warrior's tasty juices.

"You did okay dude. I'm sorry I'm so sensitive, but you did okay." He repeated as he wiped off his wet dick and put it back into his jeans. "Thanks dude. That was great." Then he left the booth.

Soon after the basketball jock left, several men and boys entered the restroom. It must have been an intermission between the newsreel and the next movie and time for a quick piss break. I needed a break too so I left the booth and went to the patio to relax and watch the people. I didn't see the three jocks and wondered if the last of the three would come back later for his turn at the hole.

The movie was about to begin. I was waiting until the lights dimmed then I would return to the booth to see if the other jock would return for his blow job. When I returned someone had taken the end booth where I had been earlier, so I took the one next to him.

As I was setting down, I glanced under the booth at his feet I saw an orange coverall resting around his ankles, like the ones the Security Men wore. I thought for sure it was Carl, the guy I had met last time. He was the main reason I had returned this evening.
I waited for a while to see what he was going to do, then I placed my finger to the hole. He immediately stood and put his semi-hard cock through the hole. It was not Carl. . It must have been one of the other men I met last night with Carl. He had a fine-looking dick.

The cock was not as long as Carl's but it was thicker. This was a man size dick. Much more mature than the jocks I had sucked off earlier tonight. He leaned against the booth and placed his hands on the top of the partition to balance himself ready for me to service him.

I directed his big hairy balls closer and inhaled the scent of his musky body. I caressed and kissed them tenderly and sucked first one into my mouth and then the other. I moseyed back to his big hard cock and started licking him up one side of his shaft until I reached the bulbous head. Clear nectar was oozing from his piss slot.

I placed my mouth completely over the head and twirled my tongue around the sensuous glands. He pushed in further, as I began sucking and working my hand up and down his cock. This was a fantastic cock to suck, and it fit so well in my mouth. I heard him sigh with pleasure. I dropped to my knees to get a better angle and a better grip.

Just as we were beginning to enjoy the sex, we heard a couple of people come into the restroom. He slowly withdrew his cock and sat down on the stool. Damn! I was really getting into sucking this guys cock. He stood and pulled up his coverall to leave. He left the booth while I was still on my knees ready to drain his cock. Why was he leaving? He seemed to have been enjoying it so much.

That was disappointing. I wanted that load so bad. Why did he just suddenly up and leave? After the other men left, I glanced through the opened door to see him leaning over the sink washing his hands. He stood to adjust his cap and came back to my booth.

"I know of a better place to continue this. Just go around the back of this building to the Men Employee's restroom. I will leave the door unlocked." Then he left.

I hadn't lost him after all. I quickly pulled up my jeans, adjusted my shirt, and headed out the door to the Men's room.

It was semi dark when Carl had introduced me to the two men at Carl's work shanty at the back of the theater, but I was sure this guy was not one of them. This guy was younger and taller than the other two. This must be the other one that I wasn't introduced to. He was hot and even better looking than Carl and had a fantastic cock.
I found the men's room and opened the door. Inside I saw a one booth, one urinal room with a small cot against the wall. He was at the urinal taking a piss and motioned for me to shut and lock the door.

"Hi." He said, "I'm Jeff. This is more private and we won't be disturbed here. You sure know how to suck a mean cock."

"Thanks. My name's Dick. I came here tonight to see Carl. Is he around?" I said, but, he just ignored my inquiry.

I wasn't disappointed with Jeff. He was a handsome masculine, man about 25 years old. He had a nice face with almond shaped brown eyes. His sun bleached hair protruded from the bottom of his cap.

He opened his coverall and let it fall to his ankles, and then he stepped out of them and stood before me completely naked. He had a great body, nice pecs and a nice set of rippling abs and his big thick cock rising out of a great nest of dark curly hair. Damn! He was a hot looking dude: even better looking than my swimming coach at school. I stood admiring this 'work of art' while he adjusted his balls and gripped his semi hard cock.

"Don't be shy. Come closer and finish sucking my cock, kid. You can lick my balls and take my cock all the way without any partition separating us."

I respectfully dropped to my knees, held his cock in my hand, and stared admiringly at his succulent cock. He reached down and pulled off my t-shirt. Then he told me to take off my jeans and underclothes. He wanted to see my body.

I was very active in swimming and track so my body was trim and solid. I was never shy in front of the other guys at school and noticed that a few guys took an admiring glance at my 7 inch cock and my firm muscular ass. Before I could get back on my knees to service his cock, he pulled me close to him and gave me a kiss on the lips. It startled me at first. I'd never had a straight guy kiss me on the lips before. His large strong hands explored my body as we kissed.

He suddenly dropped to his knees and engulfed my hard cock in one big swoop. I'd never had a guy suck my dick before and it was awesome. No wonder guys like having me suck them off. He sucked my cock until I started to cum. It was the greatest feeling I'd ever had. It was the first time I'd experienced shooting my cum into a warm mouth. He swallowed every drop. My knees buckled and I felt weak.

He stood and directed me back on to my knees to suck on his cock once again. I was still weak from my fantastic orgasm, but I wanted his load. Soon I had my strength back and started working his cock until he was at the brink of cumming.

He quickly pulled me away from his cock, turned me around, pushed me against the urinal, bent me over, and started kissing my buttocks. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and buried his face deep into my ass crack. His moved his tongue up and down my ass crack and forced his tongue into my puckering ass hole. I'd never been rimmed before. It felt great, and soon my cock hardened and my balls were ready to pump out another load.

Jeff withdrew his vigorous tongue movements from my anus and guided his dick to my virgin ass hole. I had always fantasized about being fucked but had never had the opportunity before now. I was anxious, but interested. Jeff had a large cock and I wasn't sure it could fit in my small ass. His cock was sopping wet with precum. I reached around to help him guide his dick to my hole.

"Yeah, Dick, I'm going to fuck your sweet ass. Man. You make me so hot. I need to shoot my cum deep in your ass. I want to breed you. I fuck hard so get ready for a damn hard fucking."

Jeff wet his finger and inserted it in my hole. It hurt and I wondered how he expected to put his big dick into my tight virgin hole. He inserted two fingers in me, then a third and started stretching my hole.

I was beginning to get accustomed to the fingers and actually started to enjoy his entry. He slowly pulled out his 3 fingers then spit on his hand again and to help lube his cock. He was oozing precum juices and rubbed his hand over his cock, spread my buttocks apart and aimed his wet moist penis to my anxious hole. He was gentle at first and I felt the opening of my anus accept his cock. It still stung but I was determined to let him enter me slowly.

 He moved in closer, spread my cheeks, and pushed in some more. I felt it started to slide in. I tried to relax and then I felt his cock enter my tight anus.
It hurt like hell at first. I wanted to change my mind but slowly his big cock moved into me. It still hurt but it was going in easier than I thought. I felt full. He let out a grunt and moved all the way into me. I gasped and felt like I had to go to the toilet. He paused to let me get accustomed his big cock, then he started moving in and out of my ass. It started to feel good. I bent over the urinal and parted my butt cheeks to give him full entrance to my body. I was his to use, and it felt strangely good.

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