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First Time Getting Fucked

Beach Punk - How I became a punk boy by Richard Barber 04/06/2009

My name is Berry Hind and when I was 16, my mom became sick, and she and my little sister, moved in with her sister in Fresno. I stayed in Los Angles to finish school and got a job at a fast food restaurant to earn money to survive. . After living on the streets for a couple weeks, I found a small room in a lousy part of town and stayed there for almost 9 months, but wanted to get out of the city and move to the beach.

I saved enough money from my job to rent a small-furnished beach studio at San Louis Obispo beach. I packed up my backpack and hitched a couple of rides from L.A. One of my rides was a nice man about 35 who offered me $10.00 if he could blow me. It wasn't the first time I had taken money from men to suck my dick, so I gladly took it. Besides homos, give good head. I had a couple things going for me. I was cute, looked young for my age, had a nice round butt, and a big dick.

I found a sparsely furnished studio close to the beach and rented it for 60 days. It took all but $3.00 of my money, but would try to find another job on the beach even if I had to wash dishes. I tried to stay away from hustling, even though I liked getting my dick sucked but only, because I feared being arrested by some redneck cop.

I like to watch the guys surf but never had the time or the chance to learn. I liked volleyball too but wasn't too good at that either. I was determined to meet some guys friends at the beach and learn. I was not as big or as physically fit as the local guys were, but I was tough at 17 and still growing. I was a short five-foot tall, trim and had a small frame that made me look younger than I really was. The girls always told me I was cute. I hated that. I liked girls but was too shy to pursue any close contact.

I emptied my backpack with my only worldly possessions. A Timex Watch, without a wristband, a pocket knife I'd had since I was a young kid, a picture of mom, my little sister and her cat, 2 t-shirts, 1 pair of jeans, one tight fitting pair of shorts, a jockstrap I found in a restroom, a tie-dye shirt and a LA ball cap. I put on a boxer style-swimming suit and my worn dirty tennis shoes. Some one living in the studio apartment before me left a pair of toggles, a pair of dirty socks, a jar of peanut butter and a box of unused condoms. I also found a book of matches and spotted a tightly rolled joint resting above the door sash. I would keep that for later. I put my things in an empty dresser drawer and now I was ready to explore my new world of sun and sand.

I headed towards the beach to see if there was any action going on. Along the way to the beach, I checked out a few gift shops, coffee shop, hot dog stand and a few other places. I was about a block from the pier where dozens of people were either fishing or standing around enjoying the ocean views. I spotted a group of young people on the edge of the shore. Some were playing volleyball; some were heading into the ocean with their surfboards and some just resting on the sand taking in the warm sun. I set down to watch the guys playing volleyball.

After a few minutes, a guy set down close to me and said, "Hi."

"Hey. You're new here. My name's Ron," he said as he greeted me with a held out fist.
"Hey," I said back offering my fist in return. "Yeah. I just moved into a studio until I get the feel of the area. My name's Berry from L.A." We sat quietly for a few minutes watching the surrounding action.

"Ya wanna beer Berry?"


"Follow me. We can't drink here on the beach but my brother has a pad under the pier at the end of the boathouse. Come on." He motioned for me to follow
I wanted to meet some people so I felt I was off to a good start. Ron looked like a nice person. He was well built, sun bleached brown hair, about five foot ten inches tall and had a glowing copper tan. We walked slowly stepping between the bodies sunning on the beach. He led me to the boathouse and inside a door to a small room. The small room had one cot with a bare mattress, a small icebox, a long workbench, and a broken back chair. Several boat ores hung on racks on one wall, and a small window looked out over the water. Ron opened the icebox, pulled out a cold beer and threw it to me. I set on one end of the mattress and Ron set on the broken chair.

"Not much of a place but the only place we can have a beer without getting into trouble with the local beach cops. Sometimes the guys pick up a beach slut and bang her on the cot. Had any pussy lately, Berry?"

I blushed and looked down at my beer. "Not since I left L.A." I lied to him not wanting to confess my virginity.

"Stick around with me and the guys. My brother is a real pussy hound and when he gets a hot one, he shares it with the guys and me. How's the beer? Wanna nutter one?" he said as I drank down the first one.

We talked about nothing special and had a few more beers. I wasn't use to drinking and soon found myself feeling dizzy and about to fall asleep. My head fell towards the mattress and I passed out.

When I woke up, I felt dizzy and strangely horny. I was lying face down on the mattress with a pillow under my groin area pushing my buttock up in the air. My swimming shorts had been removed and Ron's hands were caressing my buttocks. I tried to move my hands and feet, but they were tied to the end of the metal cot. I started to yell but my mouth was covered with duck tape. I was scared and mad but still dizzy from the drink. I had been given some drug and now I was helpless. I quieted down trying to think.

Ron put some kind of lube in my ass crack and was pushing his finger up my virgin butt hole. I grunted and tried to get away again but it was useless. I was being molested by my new friend and couldn't do a thing about it.

Ron pushed one of his fingers into my anus. I grunted again. He pushed another finger into my hole as I grunted in protest. Then he must have pushed three more fingers into my hole and twisted it around. It hurt like hell but there was nothing I could do about it. I had to relax so the pain would go away. Ron got on the bed and spread my legs apart. He slowly pulled his fingers out of my tender ass. He moved closer and then I felt his hard cock searching for my lubed hole. I was gonna get fucked.

Oh my gawd. This was the worst thing that could happen to a guy to be fucked up the ass. I was still dizzy but more relaxed. I felt helpless.

Ron's dick head found its way into the opening of my anus. I waited for the humiliation to begin. He rubbed my back while guiding his penis in deeper. It didn't hurt as much this time until he moved in again.

I felt tears running down my cheeks. I wasn't a crybaby but the pain and the humiliation was just more than I could bear. Ron moved again and I felt his cock go deep into my anus canal. My body tightened and I groaned once again. He paused and laid his warm body on mine.

"Relax dude. You're gonna like this once you get use to it. You should be thankful it's me fucking you instead of my brother. He has no mercy and loves making sweet young virgins cry out. My dick is only seven and a half inches where as my brothers dick is ten and a half inches, and thick."

"If you won't yell out I'll take the duct tape off your mouth."

I nodded as he quickly yanked the tape from my mouth. I knew it was useless to yell because we were too far from the other people on the beach.

"Damn it Ron. I thought you were my friend. Get your dick out of my ass."

"Calm down Berry. It's not that bad, besides I think you'll like it once you get used to the idea of being a 'punk'."

"Get off me, you ass hole. I'm no ones punk. Get the fuck off me." I kept pleading with Ron.

"When I first saw you setting on the beach, I thought you were so hot. I just had to fuck that cute little bubble butt before any of the guys got to you. Now please relax and let me shoot my spunk up you sweet tight boy-pussy. You feel so nice."

I grunted again as he started moving his dick in and out of my butt. I was so angry with him for raping me that the pain had gone away. I tried to un-loosen the rope on my writs but no luck. Ron got off me but left his hard cock buried in my ass, then he started pumping his cock in and out of me as before. I felt his balls touching my balls as he shoved in. I thought I might as well lay still and let him have his way with me, and then when he let me loose, I'll beat the shit out of him.

I tried to think of other things but his movements were too constant. I noticed my dick was starting to get hard. 'What the hell? Was I beginning to like this? No way.' I thought to my self. I guess as long as he doesn't injure my lining I would be okay, and soon it would be over.

"Berry. You have such a hot body....and that butt is to die for. Dude. You could do all right for yourself if you play your cards right. You could make some easy money selling this ass of your."

"Quit your jabbering and let's get this over with."

"Okay, Okay. Relax. I'm enjoying this too much to cum too quickly. I'm gonna take my time. Oh yeah, this is nice. Mumm. Love your sweet little buns. Hot."

I hated to admit it but his cock was starting to feel good in me. He would rub again something inside me that made me feel like I was gonna cum, then he'd pull out and do it again. What the hell? My dick was oozing. I never felt anything like it. I found myself easing back into his cock to get that feeling again.

Roy reached under my waist, lifted me and gripped onto my hard cock. He started jacking me as he fucked me. I felt good now. I wasn't as dizzy as before, and had more control over my body. I pushed back again and again trying to take his dick deeper so I could get that special feeling again.

"Oh Berry. You're make for fucking. I'm gonna cum up your ass. You ready to take my spunk? Oh yeah, Oh yeah," he kept saying as he shoved his cock into me.

Suddenly I had a fantastic feeling and knew I was going to shoot my load. Ron must have felt it too, because he started pumping harder and faster. He let out a soft whimper, gripped my ass cheeks and slammed into me hard. I could feel his hot cum shooting in my anus. There was that feeling again. I started to cum and cum and cum. I never felt anything like it. Even a homo's blow job never made me feel this good. Gawd. I came so hard I thought I would pass out again.

Ron lay on top of me again pressing his hot sweaty body against mine. His breathing slowed. He started licking my neck and kissing my ear lobes. His lips moved down to mine and he gave me a gentle kiss on the corner of my mouth. I had never had a guy kiss me before but under the circumstances, it didn't seem to bother me.

"What a fantastic piece of ass. Now see, that wasn't so bad now, was it?"

"Would you please get off me and untie me now that you've got your nuts off."

"Awe now Berry. That's not a nice way to talk to your new pimp, is it? You enjoyed it as much as I did now didn't you. You came like a crazy man. What a fucken load you shot. You're gonna be a hot commodity on this beach."

"Let me up you asshole. I need to get that spunk out of my ass."

Just then, the door opened and another voice spoke.

"I don't think so. You'll need that lube to take my 10 and half inches. Hey little brother. I see you're breeding one of the new punks already. Good choice. Now move out of the way and let your brother get some of that hot ass. Mumm. He is a 'keeper' isn't he?"
I looked back the best I could to see another good-looking dude standing in the doorway. He had removed his trunks and was manipulating his semi-soft cock. He was about 6 foot tall, 22, blond, rippling abs, dark tan and a big cock that he was now aiming at my cum filled hole. Oh no. He was going to take his turn at my battered hole. I have become their 'cum dump'.

"Hey Jack. Be good to this one. I think we can make some good money selling him to the tourist. What do ya say?"

"Yeah. Maybe you're right. I'm still gonna ride his ass. I haven't had anything this hot since last summer. I'll be careful but if he's still a fresh cherry, he needs to be stretched open more. I have a couple dudes with big pricks that will pay good money for his pussy.

"Hey you fucker, I don't have a pussy. I'm a man, not a cunt." I shouted out.
"Oh ho. The pussy-boy has spunk. I like em with a little fight in em. I'll take that out of him. Move over brother, I'm gonna fuck him good. Untie him. I wanna look at his face while I breed him. Hold him down while I fuck him. Get your legs upon my shoulders, punk."

Ron untied my wrist and ankles and turned me over on my back. While he held me down, his brother Jack put my legs on his shoulders. I struggled and tried to get free, but between the two boys, it was useless.

Jack pushed my legs back over my head and guided his big prick to my moist hole. I was afraid he was gonna shove his cock in me without letting me get use to it. He rubbed his cock up and down my ass crack, until he found my opening then he pushed the head in. I waited for a lunge but he slowly moved in. It slid in without any pain at all. I felt his big balls pressing against my balls, then he looked down at me and grinned.

"You liked that, didn't you? I like watching the fear on your face when I first mounted you. We're not going to hurt you. We just want to get our nuts off up your tight little butt. Relax now because I'm gonna take my time and enjoy my first hot piece of ass in almost a week."

Then Jack started ass fucking me slow and easy. Once again, I didn't want to admit to myself that I was enjoying being used by these strangers. He had a very large cock and each time he moved it, I could fell it rubbing against something pleasant. I thought I was gonna cum without touching myself.

I unintentional let out a pleasant moan. Jack knew I was enjoying this new sensation. He began to move faster and with more gusto. Ron let go of my wrist. I reached around Jack's buttock and pulled him closer to me. He leaned over me and kissed my forehead, then my nose and to my lips. I hesitated but gave in to his warm kiss.

"Mumm. You feel so good, Berry. You're a good fuck. Oh Yeah. I could fuck you all day like this, but I'm getting close to cumming. Tell me to fuck you. Tell me you're my punk. Tell me. Tell me."

"I like it Jack. Fuck me. Fuck me. Harder. Harder." I found myself agreeing to his demands, but I found myself liking it. I continued. "Fuck me Jack. Make me your punk, Oh Yeah. I'm your pussy-boy. Fuck me harder. Oh Yeah. Fuck me, damn it, fuck me."

Then I felt his cock swell and eject his cum up my ass. My cock started to shoot another load as he came up my ass. It was awesome.

Jack laid his hot strong body on mine and gave me another kiss. He rubbed his body back and forth over the sticky cum now between our bodies
"Damn. You are a hot one. Are you sure, you've never been fucked before? That was very gratifying."

As I caught my breath, I notice Ron moving about the room. "Get off him Jack. I'm gonna fuck him again. You two got me so hot I need to cum again."

Jack eased his semi-hard moist cock out of my hole. I felt empty. I did need to be fucked again. As soon as Jack moved off the bed, his brother Ron got back on the bed. Even before I could straighten out my legs, Ron got in position and shoved his hard cock back in my asshole. I could hear the squishy sound of the two loads of cum that remained in my body. I was well lubricated so Ron's cock didn't hurt this time, but filled my empty void.

He started fucking me fast and furious, and then he paused and waited until he cooled down and would start fucking me again. My cock started to get hard again. These two brothers sure knew how to fuck and make me feel good. I loved it. I pulled Ron's closer to me so I could feel his hard cock slamming deep in my hole. Damn. It felt so good.
Ron was very hot to cum and soon he moaned and shot another load deep in my ass. He rested and gave me a short kiss on the cheek. As soon as he pulled out of my cum filled hole, Jack was back on the cot and shoved his cock back in my hole. This went on for several hours until we were all exhausted.

I had been fucked by these two hunky brothers over six times, two times on my back, two times 'doggie fashion' and two on my stomach. After the last fuck, Jack left the boathouse while Ron and I lay quietly next to each other on the cot. I quietly got up from the cot, found my swimming suit and left Ron asleep on the cot. I found my way back to my studio, flopped down on the bed, and fell fast asleep. It had been an exciting first day on the beach.

When I woke up it was dark. I didn't know where I was and had to get my bearings. Then I remembered I was in my San Louis Obispo studio. I needed to go to the toilet real bad to deposit six loads of cum still latent in my ass. I found my way to the toilet and 'POW! I emptied very fast. I was a little tender, but who wouldn't be after getting fucked six times straight, especially a virgin ass, like mine?

I finished in the toilet and jumped into the small dingy shower to wash off. The shower didn't even have a curtain so I had to be careful not to make a mess. Damn. I was tired living like this. Perhaps Ray was right. I could start selling my ass and start making some money. After all, I survived yesterdays experience, and perhaps if I played my cards right, I might make a few bucks. I had to acknowledge that I liked being used by men. I realized being fucked by other dudes was not so bad after all. I never had sex with anyone before and this experience was awesome.

When I got out of the shower, I found the peanut butter that was left in the studio and with a plastic spoon; I had my first food in two days. I noticed I had slept until late in the morning. I had to go out and find myself a job so I could eat. I put on my tight jeans, a clean t-shirt, socks and tennis shoes. I heard a knock at the door. Who the hell is that already?

"Hello. Berry? It's Ray. Open the door buddy."

Oh, so now I was his buddy, was I? I trusted him once and look what he did to me. I might as well let him in, but be aware of his tricks.

"Come on in, but no tricks this time."

Oh no nothing like that. I've come to take you out for breakfast. I owe you that much."
"You fucking asshole. You've have some nerve showing up like this. What do you want, another piece of ass?"

"Well now that you mentioned it....that wouldn't be so bad, but that's not why I'm here. Come on Berry. Let me take you to breakfast. I'm sure you're probably hungry after yesterday. Huh?"

"No tricks now. No drugging my food or anything like that."

"No drugs, I promise you. I just want us to be friends and perhaps I might know of a job for you. Come on. Let's go."

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