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Drive In Theater, Give me more

Drive In Theater  Part 03 Give Me More by Richard Barber 06/19/2009

Preview from Part 02

I was beginning to get accustomed to the fingers and actually started to enjoy his entry. He slowly pulled out his 3 fingers then spit on his hand again and to help lube his cock. He was oozing precum juices and rubbed his hand over his cock, spread my buttocks apart and aimed his wet moist penis to my anxious hole. He was gentle at first and I felt the opening of my anus accept his cock. It still stung but I was determined to let him enter me slowly

. He moved in closer, spread my cheeks, and pushed in some more. I felt it started to slide in. I tried to relax and then I felt his cock enter my tight anus.
It hurt like hell at first. I wanted to change my mind but slowly his big cock moved into me. It still hurt but it was going in easier than I thought. I felt full. He let out a grunt and moved all the way into me. I gasped and felt like I had to go to the toilet. He paused to let me get accustomed his big cock, then he started moving in and out of my ass. It started to feel good. I bent over the urinal and parted my butt cheeks to give him full entrance to my body. I was his to use, and it felt strangely good.

Jeff filled my ass with his big cock. I'd never felt anything like it. My body trembled at this new sensation of being fucked for the first time. Why hadn't I ever thought of doing this with some of my other buddies at school? They always liked the way I sucked them off, but now that I knew I could take a cock up my ass, I was going to recommend that my buddies to fuck me.

"Hot damn, little buddy, you sure are a hot fuck. Oh Yeah. You are almost too good to share with Carl and the others. I'm gonna take my time fucking you before I let Carl know you're here."

I discovered that if I leaned over the urinal Jeff's cock would go in easier. I held onto the urinal chrome pipe to brace myself. Jeff started off slow and easy to let me get use to it, but now I wanted him to fuck me harder. I loved this new sex experience. I began to push back onto his cock to encourage him to go all the way in my ass. It was good.
Jeff fucked me deep and hard. He firmly held onto my buttocks and rammed his large firm cock in me. I liked the way his balls slapped against mine when he went all the way in. He started slapping my buttocks. It surprised me the first time he did it, but after awhile I realized my ass muscles would tighten and grip his cock more firmly.

We were really getting into fucking when I heard someone putting a key into the locked door. I wondered if we should stop, but right now I couldn't care less if all of the men at the' Drive in Theater' were here to fuck me. Jeff didn't bother to stop, in fact he gripped my buttocks tighter in case I tried to get away from him.

The door opened and I heard a young man's voice.

"Oh my gawd. I'm sorry Jeff I didn't know you were in here. I need to take a piss in the worst way. I had to wait until Dad changed reels before I could go. I'll just use the booth. Sorry."

"Its okay, Roy. This is my new fuck buddy, Dick. Dick this is Roy. He and his dad run the movie projectors next door." Roy took a quick glance then went into the booth and starting pissing into the bowl.

"Jeff. I'm sorry I didn't know you were in here. Hope I didn't interrupt the two of you." Then there was a slight pause. "Are you actually fucking him up the ass?"

"Sure am Roy, and its great! If you want to stick around until I shoot my load, you are welcome to fuck him as well. Just give me a few minutes to pop my nuts." Jeff said as he continued to fuck my ass.

Jeff started fucking me again and soon he was huffing, puffing, and pumping a load up my ass. It was the first time I felt a cum load up my ass before. It felt kind of neat. My dick stayed hard during the whole fucking even thought I might cum a few times. Now I was glad I held off. Jeff pulled my body close to mine then whispered in my ear.

"Dick. You're a damn good fuck. I'm not gonna let you leave tonight until I fuck you one more time. I hope you don't mind if I share you with Roy. He's a nice guy and you might just be the first dude he's fucked before, so give him a good fuck, and I'll stick around until he cums. Now relax and enjoy."

Jeff slowly pulled his cock out of my ass. I was afraid his cum would ease out of my asshole, but I tightened my anus and the cum stayed inside me. I felt my ass opening to find out if I was leaking or bleeding. I looked at my fingers and they didn't have any blood, only clear cum from Jeff's cock. I put my fingers in my mouth to taste him.

Meanwhile Jeff was talking to Roy and telling him all he had to do is drop his jeans, pull out his cock and step behind me. I took a quick glance at Roy. He was not much older than I was. He was about 5 foot 11 inches tall. A baseball cap covered his muddy brown hair. He wore an open western cowboy type shirt and blue worn Levis. He quickly unbuttoned his 501's, pulled down his pants, and fished out his cock and balls. He was already hard but I got a quick look at his firm cock. He was cut and had an average 7 inches.

"Yeah that's it Roy. Shove that cock up this punk's ass. He needs a good fucking. He loves it rough so 'bang away'. I hope you don't mind if I stick around. I'm gonna fuck him again after you finish. He's a hot fuck, so enjoy it Roy."

Roy didn't hesitate. He gripped his cock with his left hand and touched my buttock with his right hand. I reached around to help him guide it to my moist hole. He was very excited and anxious to fuck me. When we found my anus, he only got the head of his cock in me before he shoved in me all the way. I gasped and almost shot my load. He must have touched something inside me that sent a quiver through out my body. I learned later that it was my prostate and with certain massaging it can cause you to cum with out touching your cock.

"Un, Un, Un." Roy sounded as he pumped his nice cock into my cum filled hole.

"Yeah, Jeff. You're right. This is a nice piece of pussy. I always liked slutty seconds. You must have shot him a big fucken load in him, because it is so warm and wet. Damn. I've never fucked a dude before. Man what have I been missing? Damn this is good. I don't think I can hold our too long. I gonna pop my nuts, I'm gonna cum. Awe, Shit. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck." Roy kept repeating as he pumped me full of his young boy cum.

Roy didn't fuck me very long, but it was hot the way he pounded away at my hole. I knew I always like to make men happy by sucking their cocks, but now I think getting fucked is a great way to have fun as well.

As Roy pulled his cock out of my ass, I quickly turned around and went down on his sensitive cock. I must have surprised him as well as my self. His cock wasn't nasty but tasted like sweet cum. He let me lick his cock and balls until he was clean and dry. He quickly pulled away from me and uttered.

"Thanks punk. I'll be back later for another fuck or blow job so stick around. Hey Jeff, thanks for the warm pussy. Gotta get back to the booth before my dad comes looking for me. Later dude." Then he rushed out the door to go back to work.

I got up from my knees by the urinal, pulled up my pants and went to the sink to wash up. I still have the taste of Roy and Jeff's cum in my mouth and two loads of cum up my ass. It was kinky, but I like it. I thought Jeff was through with me and I should leave quietly, but I was in for a surprise.

Meanwhile Roy was leaning against the wall buzzing someone on his hand held communicator.

"Come in Carl. This is Jeff, Come in Carl. Over."

"This is Carl. What do you want Jeff? Over."

"I just picked some sweet cherries from my orchard and wanted to share with you. Are you interested? Over"

"You bet I am. Where are you? Over."

"I'm at the Employee Restroom. Over."

"I'm near by. See ya in a jiffy. Save some for me. Over and Out."

We're gonna have some more company, Dick. Your buddy Carl is on his way. I know Carl is anxious to fuck that sweet ass of yours. Do you think you can take his big thick cock? He says it is 11 inches long and 6 inches around. You should remember, how big he is. He said you sucked him off the first time you met.

We only waited about 5 minutes before there was the sound of a key entering the lock of the door. It opened and in came Carl. I was excited and yet scared. I didn't want to disappoint him. I'd just lost my 'cherry' to Jeff but wasn't sure I could take a cock as big as Carl's.

"Hey Carl, Hey there Dick. I've been thinking about you this week. You've got me all horned up and ready for some more head, but Carl tells me he popped your cherry. I'd rather fuck you instead. It about an hour before the lights comes on for the break. Carl. Where you've been fucking, in the booth or on the cot?"

"We've just been standing by the urinal but perhaps you'd like the booth instead."

"Fuck no. I'm gonna use the cot and fuck him like I fuck my women. I'll need you to keep watch and make sure no one burst in on us. Dick. Take your pants off and lay on the cot on your back."

I didn't understand what Carl meant by saying he was gonna 'fuck me like a woman'. I stripped down my clothes and lay on the cot next to the wall. I watched Carl pulling off his boots, then his orange jumper. He wore no underwear and was already naked and ready for sex. His cock was only semi-hard and still it looked bigger than I'd remembered. As he walked towards me his cock flopped from one side of his thigh to the other. He had sexy low hanging balls. He headed directly to my face and placed his cock to my lips.

"Suck on it bitch. You need to get me good and hard before I punk your boy pussy. Now suck it. Get me hard."

His big uncut cock rested on my lips. The piss slot had started leaking clear pre-cum juices. The sent of his cock head was musky and pleasant. I immediately became hard as he put his cock head into my mouth. I ran my tongue around his glands and under the foreskin to savor his manly taste. He rubbed his cock over my face and then pushed it back into my mouth. I couldn't help but gag as it got harder and bigger.

"Damn Carl. I didn't realize you had such a big cock. How the hell do you expect him to take your monster cock? He did take my nine inches but it took us a few minutes to break him in. You better take your time otherwise you'll split him in half."

"Why don't you get over him and lube me up then, ass hole? You've got me turned on to this kid, now help me out. Get my cock lubed up."

"Me and Roy, the young guy from the projection booth, shot two good loads up his virgin ass. You shouldn't have any trouble fucking him. His ass is already stretched out some and full of cum for lube. Just do us a favor and take your time. He's a good piece of ass and we don't want you to ruin him for the rest of us. Okay?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Then get over here and help be guide my cock up his ass."

They kept talking about me as thought I wasn't even in the room. Carl got on the cot with me and positioned himself between my legs. He lifted first one leg then the other, and placed them on his shoulder. I realized now how he was going to proceed so moved closer to him. I gripped his cock and try to direct it to my hole. He placed his hands on the bed for support and moved closer.

Jeff was kneeling directly behind Carl. I felt his finger touching my anus and put some lube in my hole. Then he touched Carl's cock and began guiding his friends cock to my hole. I spread my butt cheeks giving him more room to enter. I felt his cock head probing for entry. He began to push into my spinster and into my hole. It felt like a soft rod pushing into me. He tried again and again until it finally found the right spot, then eased into my entry. He moved in closer and it went in further. I took a deep breath and waited. He moved in again.

"Oh stop for a minute. I need to catch my breath. It hurts. Take it out a little."

However, just as I said that Carl moved in deeper. It felt as though he was ripping me open. He didn't listen to my plea, but instead shoved it all the way in. I groaned from the pain or pleasure, I wasn't sure yet. It was an unusual feeling and I found myself cumming without touching my cock. I shot a huge load directly on my abs, chest and over my chin and on my face. Carl paused and laughed softly.

"Gotcha to cum, didn't I . I guess we're doing something right. What a fucken load you shot. Mumm. Let me see how you taste." He said as he rubbed my abs and brought the wet cum to his lips. "Mumm. Pretty sweet for a pussy boy. Let's see if I can make you cum again while I fuck your tight pussy."

I heard Jeff in the back ground saying. "Damn. What a fucken load he shot." Then Jeff got on the cot behind Carl to watch him fucking me. He had his cock out and was jacking off.

Carl only waited until my orgasm stopped then he pulled out slowly and shoved back in. The head of the cot banged against the wall as he plunged. Again and again he shoved in me, then pulled almost all the way out and do it again. He held my ankles and nuzzled against my feet, spreading my legs like a wish bone. Then he started to fuck smoothly and with a definite rhythm. I was amazed how good it felt. It was awesome.
Jeff was lifting and caressing Carl's balls while I was being fucked. He didn't want to miss anything. A few times I think Jeff licked Carl's ass and balls. The fucking became harder and more determined. Carl was starting to sweat. His breathing become shorter then he started calling me obscene names and saying.

"You're a hot fucking slut. You like my big dick deep in your pussy, don't you punk? You want me to fuck you long and hard. Damn, you're a good piece of ass. We've turned you into our ass punk. You're ours to breed, ours to fuck, and fuck, until we shoot our hot manly sperm into your slutty asshole. You're our cum dump."

"Jeff. Come up here and shove your cock in this slut's mouth. He needs you to unload some spunk in his mouth. Fuck his mouth Jeff. Fuck it and make him drink down your spunk."

Jeff immediately left the cot and put his hard juicy cock to my lips. I took hold of his balls and guided his cock into my welcome mouth. I wanted his cum. I was their cum dump. I wanted them to use me as they wished.

He tried to push it down my throat but I would gag and he pulled back. I finally got into the right position and started sucking his cock while Carl continued to fuck me. I wanted him to cum down my throat and shoot all over my face.

The scene was getting hot and Carl was about to cum in me. He let out a deep grunt, paused, and then unloaded his jazz deep in my love canal. Jeff also started to cum and shot most of it on my face and lips.

Carl collapsed on top of me while Jeff was coming. Some of his cum shot on Carl's face as well as mine. I received most of Jeff's cum in my mouth and face, and continued to lick his cock and balls after he came. Carl gave me a soft kiss on my lips and shared his buddies cum. We all paused and relaxed after a wild session of fucking and sucking. I felt warm cum oozing from my well used asshole.

Jeff was the first to move away and went to the get some paper towels for us to wipe ourselves before moving.

"Shit. Look at the time." Carl said. "We've got 5 minutes before break and the lights will be coming on. Let's get dressed, except you Dick. I'm taking your clothes so you'll be here when we return. Lay here and rest and we'll be back in about 20 minutes. No one will bother you."

Carl and Jeff left the Employees restroom and I turned over on the cot and fell asleep.
I was sound asleep when I heard a key opening the door. I assumed the 20 minute break was over and either Carl or Jeff had come back to fuck me again. I heard someone using the urinal, then come over to me and rub my buttocks. I didn't stir but lay there was hoping for another fucking. My legs were spread apart and this someone got on the cot getting into position to mount me. He took the pillow from beneath my head, lifted my hips, and shoved the pillow under me. My butt was up in the air ready to be fucked. He rand his fingers up and down my wet butt crack, then took the moister of previous cum and rub it on his dick. He guided his cock to my open asshole and shoved his cock all the way in my used body.

I hadn't looked to see who was about to fuck me, but after he had his cock in me, he laid on top of me. I felt his cold western shirt buttons against my back, and realized it was Roy who had returned for another fuck. He wasn't as excited this time and fucked me slow and easy. He pressed his solid body against mine and started kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear.

"You are a bitching whore. You're ass is for the taking and you don't care who's fucking you, do you whore? Your ass is already full of cum yet, you let me fuck you and give you more cum up your sloppy hole. I love it. I love slutty cunts. Oh yeah. This is good pussy. Damn good pussy."

Roy continued to degrade me and call me his whore. It gave me a thrill to be used as his whore and anyone else that wanted to use me. I was a slut and not ashamed of it. I just want to be fucked and used for men's pleasure.

Roy become more and more aggressive and began ramming his cock up my ass until he was about to fill me with more cum. He continued to call me his whore and when he came he bit the back of my neck and stuck his tongue in my ear. He curled his arms under my body and grabbed my balls with his hands, and jacked on my cock. When he started cumming I also shot a wet load in his hand and on the cot. His sweaty body felt nice against my body but all too soon, he pulled his cock from my slutty asshole and let me feeling empty. He redressed and came up to my face and kissed my cheek.

 "Good fuck, slut. Looking forward to seeing you again." Then he left.

I must have fallen asleep again until I heard another person enter the toilet. Once again the person headed for the urinal and started pissing. I sensed it was a stranger. I opened my eyes just a little to see who it might be, but before I could see him, he was standing by the cot looking down on me. I heard a deep mans voice.

"Are you all right young man? Who are you, and were are your clothes?"

I was afraid to move but set up slightly on my elbows. I observed an older married man about 45 with a nice face and trim body looking me over.

"No sir. I'm just resting and waiting until one of the guys comes back and gives me back my clothes. I'm okay, but thanks for asking."

I know my ass must have been wet and still oozing with overflowing cum. I noticed he was starting to get a 'hard on' in his khaki pants. I started to pull the pillow from under my hips when he reached down and rubbed my buttocks.

"Looks like someone has been using your body Am I correct?"

I remained silent and waited for his next move. He reached down and ran his hand over my smooth firm butt then ran his fingers up my wet butt crack.

"You better let me check you out to make sure you're okay. Put that pillow back under your hips so I can give you a closer inspection, young man."

He continued to move closer to me and pull my hips up in the air. His face got closer to my ass, and his finger slid into my cum filled hole. The he pulled my ass up higher and buried his face deep into my butt hole. He furiously licked and sucked on my asshole, sucking and slurping out all the cum that was still in my hole.

It was not only a wonderful surprise but it felt sensational. The feeling of his unsaved rough beard added to the pleasure. He tongued fucked me with his firm tongue. He opened his pants and began jacking on his cock as he ate my ass.

Who was this person anyway, and why would a married man like to eat my boy pussy so desperately? Unless he was a pussy eater, and my ass was like the best cum filled pussy he had ever eaten. He was going wild sucking and slurping down all the cum he could obtain from my hole He continued to jacking passionately on his cock. I felt his warm cum shooting on my leg. He slowly stopped eating my pussy. He wiped his cum on my leg, put his cock back in his pants, and went to the sink to wash. As he was going out the door he turned towards me and winked.

Jeff and Carl finally returned and fucked me one more time before they gave me back my clothes. As I was dressing they made me promise never to tell anyone what happened here this evening. It was our private secret. If I should return soon I should let one of them know I was here and I would be brought back to the Employees Restroom fucked again.

Carl asked me if I had one last request before I went home and I said all I just wanted was more, give me more. They laughed and sent me on my way until I returned another night at the Dive in Theater.

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