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Firehouse Blows

Firehouse Blows by RC Barber 01/19/2003

I was invited to a party in the city with about 25 other people. Most of them strangers and older than I. It was a gay party with mostly men. Most were drinking and seeming to have a good time but since I did not drink nor did I know too many people there, I was getting bored. That is until I met another man about 40 that seemed to take an interest in me and noticed I was bored too. He talked to me for a short time then ask me if I wanted to go visit a firehouse near by where he knew the night fire chief and most of the staff. I thought that might be interesting so I agreed and we left together.

We took his car and drove only a few short blocks to a local fire department. It was going on 12 midnight and most everyone was bedded down except for the cook and the night fireman on watch duty.

He walked right into the office and started to talk with the young fireman on duty and introduced me as his friend. He had explained to me that he had visited this firehouse several times and had sucked off a few of the men. It was an accepted thing for a cocksucker to come around and offer the men a blow job but this was the first time I had been invited to participate. I was excited and nervous about the whole thing.

My friend, John told me he would be right back while he and the young firemen went into a back recreational room. I waited quietly and went into the kitchen to get some coffee. I started to talk with the kitchen cook while waiting for John. The cook was aware of the situation and set down to talk with me. He questioned me about the same old chitchat and myself. As we chatted John returned and asks me if I wanted to suck off a few firemen. I was embarrassed with him talking this way in front of the cook and hesitated. The cook looked at me and said.

"I would like to be your first fireman." He stood up and motioned for me to come to the back room. I followed him almost falling over my hard on.

The cook had introduced himself as Mike and was a local boy. He was still new at this fireman thing but had 2 older brothers that were firemen at another station. Mike was about 21 with dark trim hair and a trim youthful body. His dark eyes penetrated you as he spoke in his mid-western twang. I was about the same age so we quickly got acquainted. He seemed shy when I first met him and was surprised when he said he wanted to ‘be my first fireman.' He was hot and I was anxious to suck his cock.

We went to the semi-darkened room where he leaned against the counter and proceeded to unzip his pants. I walked towards him while he took out his semi-hard from his blue firemen pants. He immediately pulled my head down on his cock and started to pump my mouth. I took command right away as he leaned back against the table, I dropped to my knees to give him a good slow and sensuous blown job. It was my first fireman suck job and I wanted to remember it later. It didn't take long for him to realize I wanted to be in control. 

He relaxed and gave out a sigh as I started to do what I was here for. He had a larger than average cut cock and a nice set of hairy balls. I could tell he had been sucked off before. He rested his hands on the table as he spread his legs. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his white boxer shorts over his hard cock. I cupped my hands around his tight youthful buttocks and pulled him towards me as I took his cock down to his balls as he moaned out in pleasure and said.

"Oh yes. That is hot. Never had anyone ‘deep throat' me like that. Wow! That is a good feeling. Oh, yeah! Do that again," Mike commanded as I continued to deep throat him. I knew he was going to cum soon. He suddenly held the back of my head and released his hot load down my throat.

"Aaawww, shit, aww shit," Mike said as he found pleasure using my mouth to release his hot watery cum.

I drank down his hot cum while he shook and sighed once more with pleasure. I knew his cock would be sensitive so I just held it in my mouth until it got use to the warmth of my mouth. I gently licked away the remaining cum from his cock. He relaxed as I reluctantly released his semi-hard cock. I quickly licked the remaining juices from his balls. He handed my napkin from the table as I dried his manly fireman cock. He slowly pulled his pants up and put away his cock. He didn't look at me right away but as we walked back into the other room, he hit me on the shoulder and said.

"Thanks buddy. I'll remember that for a long time. You really know how to handle you meat". Then he said "Anytime, Anytime."

I hardly had a chance to get my composure when another fireman entered the room. He was dressed only in his boxer shorts, T-shirt and his work booths. He must have just woken because his eyes still had a sleepy look. He was a tall man about 30 years old, good solid build and a small mustache on his upper lip. His arms and legs were covered with dark hair and a small tattoo of an anchor was on one arm. He nodded and went into the room and motioned for me to follow him.

He stood briefly in front of a kitchen chair and pulled down his white boxers and waited for me to come to him. I immediately stood in front of him and dropped to my knees to admire his soft cock and balls. His handsome body was covered with sexy furry hair. I gently touched his balls and cock and brought my mouth to taste his piss slit. His partially cut cock's head was gradually moving from his foreskin as he slowly hardened. He kicked his boxers off one leg and adjusted his balls before he relaxed.

I was admiring his manhood while moving my hand up his flat hairy stomach to his chest. He pulled his T-shirt up to give me easier access to his hard nipples buried in his hairy chest. I sucked his semi-hard cock into my mouth. He signed briefly as I started to service this man-hunk. He stood for a while as I sucked on his beautify cock. It was bigger than I expected. I moved my mouth down to his big hairy balls and sucked one ball into my mouth. He started to pinch his nipples.

I took a deep whiff of his manly scented balls as I moved one finger around his hairy buttocks and caressed his ass cheeks. One hand moved next to his balls and up to his ass hole. He spread his legs slightly to give me a better entry. I wanted to taste his ass and give it a goof whiff but our time was limited. I knew he was just here to get his ‘nuts off'. I did manage to get under his balls and tongue lick his balls towards his ass hole. He spread his legs even further for me to enjoy. By this time I was under his balls licking away at what ever he offered.

He softly pushed me away as he positioned himself on the chair behind him. He spread his hairy legs, adjusted his balls, and then pulled me back to his cock. I continued to suck on his cock. My tongue would lap around his large cock head, and then I would go down on him as far as I could. He would occasionally moan with satisfying pleasure. I placed one hand on his balls and slid one finger towards his ass once again. As he spread his legs he placed both his booted feet on my legs as I knelled before him. This raised his legs just enough I might be able to lick his ass hole. I caressed his black fireman work boots and tongue licked my way down his hair leg until I reached his boots. I started kissing and licking his black boot for a short time. He was getting hotter. I came back up his leg once more with my tongue and under his balls.

He lifted one leg to put it over my shoulder. My head went to his balls as my tongue lapped its way to his warm musky hairy ass hole. He let out another soft moan as my tongued lapped away at his hole. Then I started to tongue fuck his ass hole while taking deep whiffs of his manly body. He continued to pinch his nipples and jack off with the other hand. He suddenly spoke out in a deep sexy voice.

"Eat my shitty ass hole, cock sucker. Lick it clean. Put your tongue in my ass hole, cocksucker. Oh, yes. That's it. Lick that punk hole. Eat me, cocksucker, eat me."

"Fuck! I'm going to cum. Get your cock sucking mouth over that big cock. I am going to give you my load. Oh, Yes. Fuck, Fucking yeah. Drink my spunk cum, cocksucker. Drink that love juice. Oh, sssshhhhiiiittt. Here it cum. Aaaawwwww," he moaned out so loud that I thought someone might hear us, but at this moment I didn't care.

I almost came in my shorts as I serviced this hot fucking fireman. He was wild once you got him going. I would like to service this one again. What a stud! I continued to lick the remainder cum juices off his cock. His hand had some cum remaining on several fingers. I gently licked them to get every drop. He lifted his hand for me to clean then placed one finger into my mouth. I eagerly sucked off the cum. He looked down at me in the dimly lit room to watch me clean his cock and balls. I took the cloth napkin from my last fireman's session and dried and cleaned him, wiping and kissing his balls as I cleaned. He once again spoke softly to me.

"What's your name? Mine is Harry. I want to remember you. I trust you will come back for an encore. Man, you are a good cock sucker, real good," he said

I must have blushed as I told him my name was Dick.

"I will be glad to service you and your cock anytime," I continued. "Are you serious? Would you like to have me back again? I hope that will be possible. You are hot. I enjoyed being your cum sucker". I said as I put his shorts back over his boot.

He stood as I remained at his feet looking up at this hairy stud fireman. He reached his hand down to help me up from the floor. Just as he pulled me up, we heard another man's voice talking to Mike in the kitchen. Harry seemed to know the voice and rubbed my head and started to head out of the room.

Part 2 of Firehouse Blows

I was reminiscing on the pleasure of my last fireman's cock and wondered if I should go now. I dusted off my pants and set down on the chair to rest as I saw another man enter the room. He didn't seem shy as he walked over to me as I sat. He was unzipping his pants as he came right up to my face.

I glanced up at him as I went back on my knees to suck on his cock. He started out soft and small. As I licked on his balls and started to suck on his cock, it became rather large. I continued sucking on him and with out a word to me, he let lose with a moan and dropped a big load into me. He sighed and after he was satisfied he walked away from me and put his cock back in his pants and left the room. He spoke to someone in the other room as he left.

I wiped my lips and chin and another fireman entered the room. This one was taller and very masculine. He still had on all of his uniform: a jacket and cap as if he had just came on duty. As he walked towards me I stood. He immediately looked at me and said.

"Are you the new cock sucker?"

Before I had a chance to answer, he took off his cap and jacket and placed it on a near by chair. He was wearing suspenders and as he undid his pants he motioned for me to come to him. He sat down to take off his boots. I immediately dropped to the floor at his feet and proceeded to remove his firemen black boots. He seemed surprised but also pleased at my gesture. I removed both boots and continued to remove his moist work socks from both his feet. I wiped his moist feet with one sock then leaned over to lick the top of his long masculine foot. The top of his foot had a small amount of hair. I licked first one foot then the other. I reached to pull his blue fireman's pants off his long strong legs. He stood as I could remove them and place them on the near by chair with his coat and hat.

I looked up at his towering manly form. Much to my surprise and pleasure he was wearing a Jock Strap instead of the traditional white boxers. I could see his large bulge behind the cage of the strap. I got up from the floor and to my knees to worship and serve my new master. I leaned forward to inhale his sexy manly body. I took a deep whiff of his moist jock strap sensing his body sweat a hint of piss and perhaps dried pre-cum. I began to kiss his jock area and the tremendous bulge hidden within the halter. I could not wait out any longer. My curiosity was getting the best of me. I had to touch and make love to his cock. I tugged slowly at the side of the Jock Strap to release my prize. I had gotten him excited during his undressing and foot worship procedures. He was very hard and ready for love.

I pulled one side of the strap to release his huge balls a very large uncircumcised cock. It was very hard and looked to be about 8 or 9 inches long and 6 inches around. I respectfully took his cock to taste the piss head and tongue underneath his long foreskin. I could taste some pre-cum perhaps remains of a previous orgasm. It had a sweet smell of cock. I gently caressed his balls and released them from the cup then I took another whiff of his man sweat on his balls. I started to lick them to show respect for his sperm sacks.

He was getting so hot that his large pink cock head was beginning to peak our from the long lacy foreskin that protected his manhood. I knew he wanted me to start to suck on his big cock before he burst into love spasms of cum. I placed my lips once again on the cock head and moved my tongue into the caverns of his cock. He let out a sigh of pleasure.

He had such a large cock that I was hoping I could please him. I began my ritual of cock sucking going up one side and down the other licking and loving a well-deserved cock. It was magnificent hanging out and down from his solid frame of fireman masculinity. It almost reminded me of a fireman's hose.

I continued to make love to the cock and balls. He stood there like a towering tree with his hands on his hips and his legs spread. I went under his balls to lick and sever his manly body musk. I was in a heavenly location of pleasure. I then sensed he wanted to release his load so I immediately went back to his manly cock to drain and sever his love juices. He moved with me as I continued my cock love motions. I could taste his pre-cum as he let lose with a vocal deep long moan while he shot a gusher of hot delicious cum into my welcome mouth. He kept cumming and cumming until his love sperm was running from my mouth, down my hand and onto his feet. I could not swallow fast enough.

I was thinking to myself how I would like to suck this one off more than once could feel him building up for a nice long sensual orgasm. He started to moan then pushed my head down on his big cock as he started to cum. He shot several loads as I pulled back enough so I could taste his cum. He filled my mouth several times and I swallowed every warm drop of his manly sperm.

I drank his cum as fast and as much as I could. I licked off his cock head and tweaked down his big cock as the juices dripped from his piss head. I remembered some had dripped on his feet so I fell to his feel and licked off the remaining cum. He flinched as my tongue licked the very last of the cum. I sensed he was ticklish now. I set back on my legs and looked up at this towering stud as he looked down at me and said.

"You'll do cocksucker. You can come back anytime you have the need to suck some more cock. Just see me, Capital Larry and I line them up for you. See you another time. I have some sleep to catch up on."

Then he walked out of the room leaving me filled with 4 nice loads of hot firemen cum. I though I had done my good deed for the day and started looking for John. I went back to the kitchen where he was a playing cards with the young cook. He looked up at me and said.

"Ready to go? Did you get enough for tonight?"

We left the fire station and went back to the party where I got a lift home with a friend. He asks me if I enjoyed the party and I said I had a very good time. He never knew where I had gone that evening or of the pleasure I had given our well-deserved public servants. Needless to say, I returned to the firehouse several time and had a nice fill of firemen cum each and every time.

Story by Dick Clinton, 


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