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The Brother-in-Law 

               Fictitious Story by Dick Clinton 01/01/2011

My older sister was in her senior year of high-school when she met the man of her dreams, and they got married. I was still in grade school at the time but I already sensed I was turned on to males. I was still in my younger puberty years and I could shoot a nice load of clear sperm.

When she brought her new husband home, and into our lives, I was turned on immediately. He had a nice hairy body and a great head of dark hair, dark eyes and a hot looking smile. They took up residence in our home with my parents and other brother. I became good friends with him and we became close right from the time he moved in.

My sister liked long baths so each evening she would go to the bathroom just before bedtime leaving her husband alone in bed. He would read and listen to the ball games on the radio before going to sleep. I crawled in bed with him one evening while sister was bathing. He would sometimes read me the comics as I curled up next to him.
One evening I noticed a slight hump in his boxer shorts as I lay next to him. I slowly place my hand closer and closer to the opening of his boxers and started playing with the hair peaking out. He didn't protest and kept reading. I notice his cock started getting harder and harder until it started easing out of his boxers. I touched it and he still didn't move my hand away.

I had never touched a man's cock before and I was excited. I lay my head on his stomach and pulled his cock out of the opening and started moving the soft lacy foreskin back and forth. I notice some pre-cum juices easing from the opening of his piss slot. I bravely touched it with my fingers. I leaned forward and tasted it with my mouth.

He turned down the lamp and covered his head with the newspaper as I played with his hard cock. I had never seen a man's hard cock before and was fascinated with the size of his dick. I later realized it was about 8 inches long and very thick.

I loved playing with his big balls and slowly pulled them free so I could enjoy both his balls and cock. I kept manipulating it back and forth with my mouth over the head

tasting and licking the sweet juices. He got so excited he started to cum. He grabbed a handkerchief from under his pillow and placed it over his gushing cock. I was afraid I had done something wrong so I quietly got out of his bed and went to my room while my sister was still in the bath.

The next day was Saturday and everything seem just as normal as before. He came into my bedroom and woke me by tickling me as I slept. He asked me if I would like to go on a little trip with him to the filling station to get some gas. I quickly got dressed and met him outside in his car. I was glad I had done nothing wrong and we were still friends. We soon arrived at the station and he filled up the gas tank and told me to go get us some soda. Meanwhile he filled the gas tank and pulled the car to the side of the station. He got out of the car and headed to the restroom at the back of the station. He motioned for me to follow.

After we were inside the restroom he locked the door and stood at one of the urinals to take a piss. I stood close by to watch. I was fascinated at the sight of his big dick and thought it was nice to let me watch him piss. When he finished pissing he motioned for me to come to him. He pulled his ball out of his pants and started playing with his cock. I came closer. He took my hand and guided it to his hard dick. This was my first chance to see his dick in the light and to play with it without distractions.

He pulled my head closer to his cock and said I could put my mouth over the head again and taste his juices. I did what he said and soon his cock was at full mast. I got on my knees while I sucked on his dick. He started to get really excited and he started to shoot out white stuff from his penis. I started to pull away but he held my head down on his cock until the stuff was shooting in my mouth.

I gagged and tried to pull away but he held me tight. I thought it was a terrible thing for him to force me to take his juices. I almost cried but he rubbed my head and told me it was okay because it made him feel nice, and I would soon begin to crave his cum. I didn't like it at the time, but later I did craved his juices and other men as well. He put his cock away and we left the station restroom. I had a taste of his cum in my mouth and his load in my tummy.

I was upset at my brother-in-Law and thought I would never do that again, but later that week we were going to sleep outside on the porch. This was before we had air-conditioning in our homes. We took our sleeping bags outside and got comfortable. I wasn't going to touch him again, but my desires over came me. I got close to him and laid my arm over his waist. He moved my hand to his already hard cock, and whispered to me.

"If you want to kiss it again you can. I won't mind, and when I start to cum, I won't make you swallow my cum, but you'd be missing the best part. It's good for you to swallow a man's cum. It has lots of good vitamins and protein to make you grow strong and have a big cock like mine. If you want to make me feel good again you can suck on it. Do you want it again?"

I immediately took his big beautiful cock into my hands and placed it in my mouth. I wanted to please him again and this time I would take his cum. After I thought about it that day, I realized that it was a pleasure to swallow his juices and I would do it again.
I was more at ease this time and got between his legs so I could hold his big balls and cock in my hands and guide his cock into my mouth. I wanted his cum. I wanted to grow big and strong and have a big cock like his. I was still not a good cocksucker but after a few more strokes I started to get the hand of it. I was glad he had a big cock because later on I could suck cock like a professional. I loved big cocks and lots of cum. I had become a cocksucker and cum slut, thanks to my experiences with my hot Brother-in-Law.

Later on that year my brother-in-Law started working from 11 pm to 7 am. He'd come home early in the morning and go to bed. My sister and mother had taken jobs with the air industry making air planes. My brother was at scout camp for the week and my dad was at work, so I was left alone with my brother-in-Law to suck his cock.

I had to go thru his bedroom to use the bathroom and noticed his cock peeking out of his boxers. When I returned from the toilet, he had released his cock and ball from his boxers and it was waiting for me to service him. I immediately got on the bed, crawled between his legs and started giving him a blow job. I began to enjoy the taste of cum and looked forward to taking his loads. He would cum, I would drink his cum, dry his cock and get off the bed and go out side to play or go to school. This become a 5 day a week routine.

We continued to have our little secret morning suck session and our quick trips to the filling station, or find some deserted road so I could suck his cock. I continued this thru my teen age years and beyond. I feel I was blessed to have such a nice cock to suck and become a good cock sucker

More Flash Back stories to follow.

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