Friday, April 26, 2013

Carpenter and Young Man

 Carpenter's Tool 

After the 2nd World War there was a building boom. Many new homes were being built for the service men returning home. I lived in a small suburban area with my family were I went to a local elementary school.

In the block where we lived they started building homes in the open field next to our home. I was fascinated with all the activity and the construction men taking over the area like a swarm of busy ants. They built the homes like an assembly line, starting with the digging of the foundation, the pouring of the cement for the basements, then constructing the frames for each home. It was a mad house for several weeks as the construction continued. The noise only discontinued after working hours when most of the men went to their separate homes, except for a foreman or clean up crew.

Being an inquisitive teenager, I had to explore the homes as they were being built, but knew I wasn't welcome during working hours. I would wait until I thought everyone had gone home, then I'd explore the unfinished homes on my own.

One late afternoon I was exploring in one of the homes when I discovered I wasn't alone. I quickly hid under the stairs going down to the unfinished basement and waited. I heard footsteps of someone upstairs. A workman came down the stairs, walked to the corner of the room, took out his cock and started pissing on the dirt floor.

I was already infatuated with men and their cocks, so I watch with interest. The man, probably in his early 30s, dressed in his tan work clothes and booths, wasn't aware I was watching him piss. He adjusted his large tool belt and pulled out his cock. He adjusted himself carefully then reached in further and pulled out a large set of balls to match his rather large soft cock. I'd seen men's cocks before, but was always excited to observe and taste another.

I was thrilled to be able to suck a guys cock and had already sucked several boys my age and older. The excitement of a nice hard dick cumming in my mouth and swallowing all of their cum was indescribable. I serviced them as often as I could. I also had a few older men that I had added to my conquest: which included one of the mechanics at the garage where my dad took his car, a couple of the farm boys that worked on a nearby Truck Farm, two security men from the local drive-in-theater, and about 3 or 4 of the guys I grew up with. I was well liked and guys liked my cock sucking methods and always came back for more.

 I liked sucking them off and was always in the mood to add another hot boy or man to my agenda. I had become a hungry and proficient cock sucker at a young age and gave excellent service to satisfy men sexually. I saw nothing improper or wrong with my cock sucking activity.

I watched the Carpenter finish his pissing, then start to manipulate his rather large uncut cock back and forth. He was going to jack-off right here. I couldn't let him waste that big load of cock juice on the ground. I would be happy to let him cum down my throat. I had to let him know I was here. I moved slightly to make a noise so he'd know someone was here. He quickly looked over at me setting under the stairs.

"What the hell are you doing? You shouldn't be here young man." he said as he looked my way.

"I was just exploring. Didn't mean any harm." I said as I slowly stood and came out from under the stairs.

"Do you live around here kid?"

"Yes sir. I live down the block. I didn't mean to startle you."

I kept looking at his big cock hanging out of his pants.

"Do you like to watch a man piss?"

"Yes sir and I like to watch a man jack himself like you were going to do."

"Oh you do, do you? Do you like to play with men's cocks too."

"I not only love to play with a man's cock, but I like to suck them, and swallow their manly juices. Can I suck on yours, sir?"

The carpenter stood quietly for a moment then turned his body towards me and pulled on his cock again. He motioned for me to come closer.

"Come over here kid and play with my cock. Have you ever seen a cock this big? I have a good 10 inches of man meat here. Have you ever sucked on one this big?" he said as he started to slowly ease his lacy foreskin over his penis. He pulled his balls completely out of his pants and gave them a good tug.

As I took a few steps towards the man, he spread his legs and put his hands on his hips.

"Come on kid. Let's see if you have any cock sucking talent. I don't believe a young pup like you has ever sucked a cock before. I think you are pulling my leg. Get over here, get on your knees, wrap your sweet tender lips around my dick and suck on it, if your not afraid. Come on. Let's see what you can do with this one."

Then he stood and waited to see if I was going to suck his cock or not. I must have surprised him because I dropped to my knees on the dirt basement floor, took his balls in my one hand and kissed his wet piss slot to taste his pre-cum juices.

"Hot Damn. You weren't kidding were you kid? I don't want to feel any teeth on my prick, ya hear me? Take your time and give me a good sucking. If you do it right, I just might give you a big load of man juice. I bet you'd like that. Huh?"

"Yes sir. I'd like it if you came in my mouth. I love the taste of cum." I looked up at his face then ran my tongue around his sensitive glans and licked his piss slot again.

He grunted and let me begin to service him. He had a good size cock, so I couldn't go all the way down on his 10 inch cock, but I started to lick and clean his hairy balls before going to work on his wonderful cock. I loved the scent of a working man. I had sucked some big cocks before, like my mechanic friend at the garage, and my handsome brother-in-law, but this cock was not only long but thick around. I was still pretty good at manipulating the skin back and forth and going down on him as far as I could. He was enjoying my service and would sigh and gasps in appreciation. Then he started getting hot and gripped the back of my head and started talking and instructing me how to make him feel good.

"Damn, my young pup, you sure do love to suck on that dick, don't you? Yeah. I like the way you do it. I've never has a young man suck my cock before. Feels damn good, cock sucker. Hum huh. Feels damn good. Suck it deeper if you can. You like my balls too, don't ya? Lick em good. Love to have my balls sucked. Oh yeah. I like that too. Lick and clean my sweaty nuts. Clean em good, cock sucker. Oh yeah. Got myself a cock worshiper here. Fuck. If you keep this up I'll pop my nuts soon. Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah. Um mm. I'm gonna give you my load. Suck me, cock sucking slut. I'm gonna shoot, gonna shoot. FUCK. Take my load punk, take my damn load. Uuuuhhhh Gawd! FUCK, FUCK, Fuck. Awwwww shit."

The carpenter caressed my head and fuck faced me. I placed both my young hands around his thick cock and guided it into my warm mouth. I could only take his cock down about 6 inches or more before I gagged. I took another deep breath and held his dick in my mouth while he dumped 6 to 8 loads of cum down my throat. I pulled back so I could breath and taste his delicious cum. He moaned softly until his last load was delivered to my mouth. I swallowed his cum and licked my fingers clean, and continued to lick him clean. I squeezed and milked down his cock to taste the last few drops of cum. I kissed his cock and balls and then set back on my legs, looked up at him, took another deep breath and smiled.

"Thank you sir. I loved that. You taste so good.."

"Damn, Damn, Damn, is all I can say. That was a fucken good suck. You must have had some practice to do that. Damn." he continued to say as he tried to put his semi soft cock back into his pants. He rubbed my blond head and buttoned up his pants.

"Hey young-en. Do you come around here very often, because I'm usually the last one to leave, being foreman and all, so if you'd like to swallow some more of my cum, I like to see you here the same time tomorrow. I see you're really in to sucking cock, a real cum sucking slut, so I might be able to line you up with a few other straight studs so you can suck their dicks. I have a fine looking crew and they are horny all the fucken time. I hear them talking about getting their cocks sucked, so maybe you could keep a few of them satisfied and keep their minds off sex and more on their work. How ya like to be our cum dump boy? What do ya say?"

"Yes sir! I'd like that. It'll have to be somewhere out of site. I just live down the block and don't want my brother or dad seeing me."

"Sure thing. We'd better leave now before the night watchmen come on duty. I'll see you here tomorrow about the same time."

I went by almost every evening to the empty basement to suck off my hunky carpenter. He lined me up with several of his crew and I blew them on a nightly basis before they went home to their wives and girlfriends. I dropped by during the week end and met one of the security guards and sucked him off about 5 nights a week.

I had a good thing going but in a few months the houses were completed and were being sold. I kept in touch with my Carpenter friend and a few of his crew. We would met at their new construction sites so I could keep them well drained. I drank a lot of hot cum that season and looked forward to finding a new construction area so I could meet more men.

Story by Richard Barber

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