Friday, May 31, 2013


Story by Dick Clinton

There was a dance tonight at the local Farmer’s Grange Hall. When Dad dropped me off that evening I told him I'd made arrangements to stay with some of the guys and would be home tomorrow. I wasn’t much for dancing but I knew John and the guys would be here with their dates. There was no drinking allowed, but some of the men, and boys would slip outside and sip a few beers.

John and his buddies had too much to drink that night, and were already bored with their dates. They coaxed me outside to the dark parking lot, threw me over the tailgate of John’s old truck bed, ripped open the ass end of my jeans, and started fucking the hell out of me. It frightened me at first, but John always protected me from any real harm. He knew how much I liked getting rough fucked, so I was just there for everyone’s pleasure as well as my own.

John and his two close buddies used me several times before they started inviting some of their other buddies over for a beer. When the guys saw some action going on, John invited them to throw a fuck to me. My t-shirt had been thrown over my head so no one could see who I was. All they could see was my bare ass bending over the tailgate of the truck to be used. I was a quick and easy piece of ass, and they never hesitated. They would whip out their cocks, rub my ass to find my wet hole, and shove their cock in me. Some guys shot after a few quick jabs, but some took their time before cumming. A few of the boys would sip on their beer, smoke and talk to the other guys while they fucked me.

I thought I recognized a few voices and heard a few names called, but I was never sure who was using me, and I really didn’t care. I loved being their ‘boy whore’ for the evening. I lost count of how many times I'd gotten fucked already tonight, and I think a couple guys came back for seconds. There was so much sperm shot up my ass that it was oozing out of my asshole, running down my legs and into my boots. John told me it was a ‘farewell fuck party’ and I was their treat for the guys before the school semester began next week.

When I thought everyone was tired of fucking me I heard a man's voice talking to John. It wasn't one of the boys but an adult, probably one of the boys father. He asked 'what the hell was going on' but when he saw my body bent over the the truck bed, and my bare ass exposed, he knew right away I was getting gang banged.

He yelled and told John to tell the guys to get the hell out of there and leave me alone. Then he came over to me and asked me if I was okay. I muttered an “ugh huh” but kept my head covered with my t-shirt, thinking he would leave before he discovered who I was. But to my surprise and pleasure, he gently rubbed my ass and ran his hand down my ass crack and touched my wet hole dripping with loads of boy cum.

“Boy, you must have taken quite a few loads there son. You've got cum dripping out of your hole and down your legs like a well used whore. You sure your okay?” Then he took his neck scarf and started drying my ass crack and legs. I didn't know if I should stand up and revel myself to him or not. As I slowly started to stand he gently pushed me back down on the truck bed.

“Well, son, as long as you're not harmed, and you seem to like cock up your ass, I might as well give you another load of sperm. I'm not one of those young punks with a small cock though. I've got a man size dick, and since you're already lubed with young spunk you probably won't have any trouble taking a man size cock.”

“John. Come over here. How long you punks been fucking this young heifer?”

“Dad, we didn't mean any harm, besides he loves to get fucked. We do this when ever he's available. Tonight he just happened to be willing and we were horny, so we came out here to give him what he wants.”

“I can see why you like to use his sweet looking ass. I guess since he's willing, I might as well get me a piece of that too. Don't go telling your ma about this or I'll be fucking your ass next. Understand?”

I was shocked but pleased to know it was John's dad. I've always had the 'hots' for him but never had the chance to let him know. Gawd. This was great. John's dad was gonna fuck me right in front of his son. How hot is that?

“Stand over here and watch out for my brothers. I don't want them to see me fucking his young calf or they'll be 'gang banging' him as well. Let's just keep this as our family secret.”

“Sure dad, and by the way, he likes it rough and hard so fuck the hell out of him. He loves it. Dad. Are you okay? You seem to be a little tipsy.”
John's dad, Mr Jackson, was fumbling with his pants and pulled out his prick. He warned me he had a big one, and I guess I was about to find out. He began running his hard prick up and down my wet ass crack until he found my wet hole.

“John come closer. Hold my beer son, as I guide my dick in his 'boy pussy'. Don't just stand there gawking at your ole mans monster cock, spread his ass cheeks so I can get it in.”

“ Yeah, I'm a little drunk, so ya gotta help me here son. Yeah, that's it. Spread em. I'm hard and horny as hell. Hope this boy can take my man meat. Aw yeah! There's that sweet wet pussy. Slowly and easy.”

“Aw Fuck. It slid right in up to my balls. Wow! That's a sweet pussy hole. Oh yeah!.”

“Come closer boy and watch you're ole man fuck some hot boy pussy. My Gawd. How many times have you boys fucked him tonight? He is so wet and warm. Is your cum still in his hole?”

“Yeah dad. I think I came two time in him tonight. That's good stuff, huh dad? I'd never seen your dick hard before. Dad you're hung like a horse... and so thick. Plow that ass. I want to see your reaction when you cum. That's good pussy isn't it dad?”

John was standing behind me and next to his dad as he pumped my ass with his big prick. I could see John standing next to my rear side as he watched his dad fuck my welcome ass. He had his dick out again and was jacking off. I saw his dad's hand reach out and caress John's balls.

John's dad was really starting to get 'into it', and began plowing my ass hard and rough. My dick was about to explode as he was constantly massaging my prostate. Then I felt his prick expand and I knew he was going to come.

“John, son, put you hand around my prick as I fill your 'pussy boy' full of cum. Gawd this is hot! How ya like watching your ole man fuck? We should do this more often. This is really hot.....Oh gawd. I'm gonna cum. Gonna cum and fill his fuck hole with some hot daddy juice: the same sperm that created you, son. Oh fuck, Oh fuck. What a feeling. Awe shit. Aw fuck. I love cumming.”

Mr Jackson pumped my ass hard and rough. I could feel the whole truck moving as he dumped his manly cock deep in my ass hole. I got so hot and turned on that I started to cum too. My ass muscles tightened around his gushing cock. I could feel John's cum shooting on my ass mixing his boy cum with his dad's cum. His dad was giving me a good fuck. They moved so close together I knew they were touching each other, and perhaps kissing as they released their cum on me, and in me. It was awesome. There there was a silence except for heavy breathing.

“Damn! That was one of the best organisms I've had in ages. I want you to get him out to our place Sunday after your ma and little brother have gone to church. We'll take him to the barn and fuck the hell out of him together.”

“Wow dad. That would be great. Can I invite Mike along too? He and I have been fuck partners for some time now.”

“You mean Mike Miller, Jerry Miller's son.”

“Yeah. That's the one.”

Well I’ll be damned. Jerry and I went to the same school together. We use to have jack-off and fuck parties together all the time. In fact his wife and your mom and I use to share bed partners with each other before we got married. After we got married both women got pregnant at the same time. We were never sure if Mike was my son and you weren't Jerry's son. That would make you brothers in a sense. Don't you go spreading that around now son.”

“I'll be. I wondered why we always got along so well.”

“Sure, Get Mike and his dad Jerry to come along and we'll share this pussy boy with them as well. It's been awhile since I've seen good ole Jerry. This is gonna be some hot fucking Sunday. Got to go back inside the hall before I'm missed.”

I took all the conversation in and was looking forward to getting fucked by all 4 men this week end.

“Young man, you rest that sweet pussy hole up for this Sunday, because you are in for another treat. You think my dick is big, wait until you feel Jerry's big 10 inch cock buried up your boy pussy. Uh Huh. Nice stuff there son. Rest up now.”

He slapped me on the butt, ran his rough callused hand down my ass crack and stuck his finger deep in my cum filled hole. He pull it out and stuck it in his mouth and licked off the juices, then he headed back to the building.

When everyone finished using me, the guys threw me into the back of the truck, like a piece of used trash, and drove me to the old barn. They carried my limp and used body into the barn, where we all slept until early morning. John seemed apologetic to me the next morning, and while the other two guys slept, John made sweet tender love to me, and fucked me one more time. I was somewhat tender and sore from all the fucking I'd received the night before, but when John made love to me, I soon forgot how tender by ass was from the gang-bang fucking.

His thick cock was deep in my body once again, and I loved it. This guy knew how to make a guy appreciate a good fuck, twisting and pounding on my body. He would always rub against my prostate with his big cock, causing me to cum several times during our fuck sessions. I bet he could make the girls cum several time too, but I think John enjoyed fucking me better than any female he'd ever fucked.

He and a couple of his close friends would often go on dates, drop them off and then come by my place to pick me up for sex. We would find some dark road, park the car and have sex, either in the back of a pickup truck or the back of a van. When a guy had the need for sex, they could usually find a way to satisfy it, and I was always a willing partner.

Fuck! I sure miss those tailgate parties.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Young Farm Boys Visit to town.

Young Farm Boys Visit to Town by Richard Barber 10/06/2010  

Mr. Fowler the Garage Mechanic 

While I was living on the farm with my family, we would occasionally go into our small nearby town for supplies and auto repair. I was still in school so most of our visits in town were on the week ends. My father was having some problem with one of our farm trucks and made arrangements to leave it at the local garage while he ran some errands and got a haircut. I was to stay close to the garage and wait for his return.

I had never been to this garage before and the men in the shop were all new to me except the owner of the garage, George Fowler. I went to school with his daughter and I had seen him on occasion when he came to pick her up after school.

He was a solid man about 35, 6 feet tall or better and completely bald. He was at the garage today and nodded to me when dad was talking to him about repairing the truck. He had a demanding face and deep hazel eyes. I don't remember if I ever saw him smile.

Whenever I saw him he was always wearing his garage coveralls. I couldn't quite make out if he was heavy or muscular under his loosely fit clothing. I did notice he had very large hands and wore large shoes. I understood that was definitely an indication of a big cock.

My dad took me to the nearby store where I bought some candy and a comic book using part of my weekly allowance. He instructed me to go back to the garage and wait for him while he ran his errands. When I returned to the garage I went inside to set on the wooden bench near the workmen. When Mr. Fowler saw me again he gave me a stern look and wiped his hands with a rag. He came over to me and told me it would take awhile for the repairs, and I should follow him.

We went to the back of the shop and into a storage room where they kept supplies and large oil or grease barrels. He didn't say anything to me, but shut the door and locked it. I was getting a little bit nervous and wondered what he was up to.

"Take off your clothes, boy. I want to see your farm boy body. I've been told by reliable sources that you like to get your boy pussy 'corn holed'." he said as he started taking off his garage jumper. I was taken aback at his aggressive actions.

"Didn't you hear me, boy? Take off your clothes. We don't have much time and your dad will be here soon to pick up his truck." I stammered and tried to speak but was interrupted by him again.

 "I said take off your fucken clothes before I rip them off you."

I kicked off my booths, undid my jeans and pulled down my pants and eased them off my legs. I didn't ware any underclothes so I was naked except for my t-shirt.

He had removed his coveralls and stood looking at me while manipulating his semi-soft uncut cock. He had a fantastic body under his garage coveralls and a huge dick with low hanging balls. He rearranged his balls and flopped his dick back and forth.

"Come over here, boy, and I don't want to hear a sound from you. Get down on your fuckin knees and lick on my cock to get me wet, unless you want me to shove a dry cock up your punk ass."

"No sir. I'll do as you ask. I get you wet," I said as I got on my knees and held his cock in my small hands.

 "You're really big sir. Please take it easy on my ass. I might have some difficulty pleasing you."

"Shut the fuck up. You're gonna be my 'boy bitch' and I'll do what I want with your fucking ass. Get down there and suck, slut."

Once again I was shocked at his demanding ways, but I was eager to do as he wanted. My cock was already hard thinking about getting fucked by this hunk.

I was on my knees holding his cock in one hand and caressing his low hanging balls in the other. His cock was uncut but as it got hard the hood eased back over his glands revealing his appetizing cock head. His cock and balls had the unmistakable scent of oil and gasoline, but I found it a turn on.

I ran my tongue around his cock head to be presented with a large amount of his precum juices. His cocks had a salty and piss taste. I stooped under his massive physique to lap on his balls and struggled to suck them into my mouth. As I was taking pleasure with his balls, he spoke and moaned with delight.

"Yeah, you fucken little slut. You know how to please a man, don't you? Lick the sweat from my nuts. Un huh. That's good. Now stand up and let me take a look at your boy pussy," he said as he lifted me up from the floor, pressed me over one of the oil barrels, wet one of his large fingers, and stuck it into my small butt hole.

He was soon on his knees spreading my buttocks and searching for my pink anus. I felt his warm breath on my ass, then a hasty entry of his moist tongue. It felt awesome. He kept tonguing my pink hole and humming as he penetrated my aperture. All of a sudden he stood, grabbed his hard cock, and ran it up and down my butt crack searching for an opening.

"Boy. Your ass is better tasting than my wife's pussy, now let's see if your tight boy cunt is as taut as I know it's gonna be. Fuck. You make me so hot. I don't wanna cum before I 'stick it to ya', so hold fast while I steer it in."

He spit on his cock for more lubrication. His cock head found my tender mark. He pressed against my hole to penetrate me.

"Damn youngen. You are gonna be a sweet piece of ass. Oh gawd what a sweet thing you are. Unn, Unn," he grunted as he tried to put his big cock in my asshole, but it was not going in that easy.

He reached for the pump on the grease barrel and squeezed some on the palm of his hand. He lubed his cock again and this time his cock slowly eased into my tight boy ass.

He was so anxious to fuck me that he just shoved his whole ten inch cock deep in me with one thrust. I cried out in pain, but he quickly positions his hand over my mouth and held me. I whimpered but remained quiet while he pulled his cock half way out of me, then shoved it all the way in again.

 It stung like hell at first, but my body was growing accustomed to it. I tried to relax as he still held his greasy hand over my mouth. I took a deep breathe as he slowly released his hand and put it on my buttocks and started humping me.

"Oh young man, you are the answer to my prayers. I've needed some hot young boy like you to satisfy my sexual perversions. I want you to be my 'bitch boy' and every time you come to town, I'm gonna fuck the hell out of your pussy. Damn, boy. You're so warm and tight," he said as he gripped my hips and used me, and shoved his cock in me like a battering ram.

I wasn't sure if I could endure the pain. Tears were running down my cheeks. His cock was not only a good 10 inches long, or bigger, but it was also very large around. He was definitely stretching my hole to fit his donkey size meat.

He started pounding me hard and fast. He constantly rubbed against my special spot, and I knew I would cum soon. I laid my upper torso over the barrel and let him use me. His balls would slap against me making a popping sound. I started to loosen up and enjoy my assault.

"Oh you sweet young think. You're beginning to enjoy my 'daddy dick' up your pussy, aren't you? I knew once you got the feeling of a man size cock up your hole, you were gonna love it. Shit. I know I'm a liken it, boy. Aww yes. Such a nice warm, tight cunt,"

Mr. Fowler said as he kept plunging his giant cock into my receptive hole. I knew any minute I was gonna cum. His cock was starting to swell. His movements became faster and his grip on my buttocks were beginning tighten.

"Uugg Fuck. I'm gotta pop my nuts. I'm about to cum. I'm gonna shoot my load up your punk ass. Oh gawd boy. Hold on to something. Big Daddy is about to breed you. I'm gonna cum, gonna cum. Uugg. Yeah. Fuck. That feels so great. I'm cumming." he said as he pounded my ass with his battering ram.

His cock swelled and filled me with his warm juices. I came at the same time and shot my load down the side of the oil barrel. We melted together. I leaned backwards into him as he continued to cum. He kissed my neck and licked my ear.

The sweat from his body rolled down his chest and onto my buttocks. He stopped moving and let his cock rest in my warm cum filled hole. He held me tightly against his hard muscular body then spoke softly to me.

"My young friend I want you to promise me that you will keep this 'happening' quiet. I can't tell you how much I enjoy our quick sex, but we can't tell anyone else about this. And if you're a good boy I will fuck you again sometime when you are in town. Would you like that?"

"Yes, sir. I would like that very much. You won't tell my dad about this will you? He wouldn't be too happy with either of us. I would like to ask you a question though. How did you know I would like it. if you fucked me? Who told you I liked to take dicks up my ass?"

"No one told me. I just liked your good looks and thought how nice it would be to have your sweet hot mouth around my dick and to shove it up your tight ass. I thought you might be a virgin. I just took the chance that you would 'put out' and I was right."

I stood for a moment in utter surprise. He decided he wanted me and took me, and man, I'm pleased he did. He is an exciting and hot man. I knew he saw me looking him over earlier in the garage. I guess he took the chance I would like him as well.

"Are you upset because I physically used you?"

"No, sir. You know I liked it," I said as I started to pull up my pants.

"Wait a minute. Turn around and let me clean your ass and see if any of my cum is dripping out of your hole."

I turned around before I pulled up my jeans. He spread my cheeks and put his finger in my cum filled hole. I was tender and I automatically jumped. He took the grease rag and wiped his dick, then opened my anus and let some of his remaining cum run onto his hand. He whipped his hands and my ass crack with the oily rag.

"Okay, punk boy. Take this grease rag as a remembrance of our fuck. It's soaked with the remains of my dick cum and your pussy juices. Mumm. It smells so good. Now get your clothes on and get the hell out of here before I get another hard and throw another fuck to you. You dad will be here soon. Now remember what we said about our secret. Let me go into the garage first then you follow and head to the toilet. I'll see ya again soon. Bye now youngens, and thanks."

I went to the toilet and made sure I was clean. When I left the room the other two mechanics working there grinned as if they knew their boss had his way with me. I was embarrassed but was looking forward to returning to the garage. Maybe next time the other men could fuck me also.

I returned to the wooden bench and position on my tender, well fucked ass, on the hard surface, just as my dad entered the garage to pick up his truck.

"There's my little man. I hope you weren't bored waiting for me. Next time we come here I'll know where to leave you for the day to keep you out of trouble."

Dad went into the office and paid the bill. I overheard the conversation between Mr. Fowler and my dad. It seems they had to order a part for the truck and one of them men would be out to pick up his truck next week. He said if I wanted to come along, I could stay the day and they would bring me home when the truck was finished.

I knew Mr. Fowler and his two garage mechanics had more plans for me. I was looking forward to my next adventure to Mr. Fowler's Garage.

My dad took my hand then looked at my face in a strange way.

"Looks like a hand print over your mouth.  Hum? What have you been up to young man? Boys will be boys, huh?"

Dad turned and looked back at Mr. Fowler, shook his head then smiled.  I often wondered if he knew what had just happened to me that day, and why Mr. Fowler always wanted me to stay with him when we came to town. 

More stories of Young Farm Boys, to come later.
Richard Barber

Friday, May 17, 2013

Jay Boy, David

Jay Boy by Richard Barber 09/01/2010

When I awoke, Jay was downstairs taking his shower and getting my coffee ready before he brought it upstairs. It was my day for the afternoon shift so I could sleep in late. I dozed off again, but when I awoke, I was aware someone was in the bed next to me. My cock was being explored and manipulated by an unfamiliar hand.

I pretended to remain asleep and to enjoy the sensation of someone jacking me off. I let them move my foreskin back and forth as it got harder and harder, exhibiting my proud full 10 inches of man hood. The other hand was busy lifting and caressing my balls. The warmth of their excited breathing was felt as they moved closer to me, almost touching the head of my cock head. If they continued this, my cock would start to spasm warm loads of ejaculation right in their face.

My cock was now oozing large amounts of pre-cum. They rubbed the pre-cum around the head of my already sensitive cock head, causing me to start to shoot my cum. I muffled my moan and groans within my pillow, but the feeling was so good I could not help to shake with ecstasy as I released my pent-up orgasm. They continued to jack me as gobs and gobs of my man sperm gushed from my cock. I shot so hard that some of my cum landed on my naked abs and into my navel cavities.

The warm moist hand continued to jack me until I was completely spent. I could hear the slurping of the tongue as they licked my cum off their hand and fingers. I was relaxed again and as they moved off the bed, I was tempted to look to see who it was. I knew it was not Jay, but much to my surprise it was the oldest boy, David.

This little rascal must have been wondering about my cock and wanted to see me ejaculate for him. I had been aware of David's lingering looks at me in the shower and would always take the opportunity to come into the bathroom when I was taking a shower or pissing. He even stood beside me one time as I pissed and whipped out his dick to piss. Of course I had to notice his well developed 6 inches of soft boy cock, which was pretty good size for his age of 16. I'm sure he will continue to develop and be as large as his older brother Jay. I knew one thing; he sure knew how to manipulate my cock and took me to a full orgasm. Boys usually start to jack off around 9 but the wet ejaculation of sperm usually comes at a later date.

David was a good-looking boy like his other 2 brothers and Dad. It was hard to tell whose traits the boys picked up because both his mother and dad had dark deep brown eyes, except for the youngest, Ben, who had deep green eyes. David's body was that of a swimmer, tall, thin and well developed. His body was sparse of any hair except for his armpits, his crotch, and a few hairs on his chest and a soft peach fuzz presence on his bowling ball buttocks. He was also uncut like the rest of the men in his family, which was unusual for Jewish/Catholic family, but it must have been his father that insisted on no circumcision.

I watched David carefully as I thought he was heading to the toilet to piss or clean up, but he stopped at the full-length mirror that was nailed to the closet door. He stood looking at his youthful smooth body and started to rub his nipples as his hand wondered down to his hard cock under his white briefs. He was massaging his body and released his cock and balls from his shorts and rested them on the waistband. His cock had grown to a good 7- inches of manly uncut, pre-cum producing, cock. It was a bit of a shock to me but turned me on immediately.

David was aware I was watching and moved the door mirror so I could see his whole body, as he was about to perform for me. He started to do a body ritual of rubbing and feeling his body in every position he could do. He was performing like a professional Chippendale dancer, slowly bumping and moving in sexual and suggestive moves. I wanted to watch better so I set up on the side of the bed to take it all in. My cock immediately became hard again.

 I rearranged my balls and started to manipulate my cock for another jack off session.
David was sure a hot dude and I wondered why I hadn't noticed just how sexy he really was. I was very careful not to mess around with younger men but I guess as long as I didn't touch him, it would be okay. Besides, David started this seduction and I was not about to stop him now. It was a good thing that their Uncle Sid was at work and wouldn't be home until very late tonight.

I continued to watch David as he jacked himself off while performing suggestive sexual moves. He kept his eyes on himself and seemed to enjoy looking at his trim body and big throbbing cock. He had moved his briefs to the floor and kicked them to the floor beside my feet. I quickly picked them up and placed them to my nose to inhale the clean scent of his boyish body musk. This little dude was such a tease and already knew what turned people on.

While I was engrossed on David's hot cock throbbing maneuvers, I heard Jay quietly coming up the stairs. He saw I was enjoying David's seductive dance, and put the coffee and toast on the bedside table. He quietly moved to the floor between my legs where he took over the jacking of my cock, to replace my hand with his hot mouth. This was beyond my wildest dreams. Jay was sucking me off while his younger brother was jacking off in front of the mirror.

David was getting more excited and moving his hands around and over his body until I knew he was going to cum. He jerked and gasps out in wild orgasms motions until his clear boy cum shot big squirts of cum on the mirror. At first it was clear and watery, then heavy white spurts of cum followed. He braced himself against the door as he let his sperm squirt load after load of boy cum. It was so hot that I could not hold out any longer, I grabbed Jay's head and shoved it down on me as I gave him my frantic gushing cum, over and over. I think each of my spurts matched David's as he finished up his ejaculation all over the mirror.

I took a deep breath while enjoying myself in Jay's warm mouth. I thought it was over but David had dropped to the floor on his last few spasms of cum. He started licking his cum from the mirror, starting from the bottom up. He released his hand from his semi-hard cock and placed the remaining cum from his cock to his finger, and then placed his finger, with the wet cum, into his ass hole.

Jay opened the top drawer of the end table and pulled out a small facial vibrator about 7 inches long, and tossed it to David. David took the vibrator, wet it with his mouth and started to place it in his ass. I was ecstatic by this time and wondered how much better this could get.

David continued to lick up his cum from the mirror. He lay on his back and threw his legs over his head until his cock was directly over his face. I thought he was going to suck his own cock, but instead he placed the vibrator into his ass and started moving it in and out in a fucking motion. I didn't know if I could stand any more of this. My cock had started to serge again. Jay wasted no time to turn around and set on my cock, taking it all the way, with one move. I was now fucking Jay, while his brother preformed before me with a vibrating dildo in his firm round ass.

I heard David let out another sigh of pleasure as the vibrator massaged his prostate causing his untouched cock to shoot his load right into his own mouth. David didn't hesitate to drink down his own cum as it gushed from his cock. Needless to say this sent me over the brink again and I shot my cum right up Jay's welcome ass. He was jacking off during this fucking and shot his cum all over my legs and down to my feet. I was about to pass out from the pleasure and excitement and leaned back in the bed as Jay enjoyed his last gusher of cum.

As I lay there pleasantly satisfied, I felt a warm body between my legs. They were now licking Jay's cum off my feet. I looked over to see if David was still in a prone position, but he had left the mirror, and he was licking the cum off my feet.

Oh, My God. This was just too much for me to comprehend. How did David become such a sex slut at 16? Was Jay holding out on me and was waiting for the right time? No matter what, I was in heaven knowing I had 2 fantastic boys at my command.

David not only licked Jay's cum off my feet, but also kissed and made love to my feet, licking and sucking my toes with his tongue and mouth. He was a foot worshiper, as well as an exhibitionist. What a pair of hot young men. Now I was beginning to wonder if the other boy had any special talents.

Jay remained impaled on my cock while David gave my feet a tongue bath. David moved up to Jay's cock and started cleaning the remainder of cum from his cock. Jay remained on me until his brother had finished, when he lifted his ass off my cock, David started licking and cleaning my balls and cock with his warm hot mouth. I could sense David, was into more kinky things than Jay but who cared as long as he enjoyed it. He continued to lick my balls and put his tongue under the loose lacy foreskin of my cock, cleaning and tasting every crevice of my shaft.

How can one stay soft with such expert licking and sucking? I could not believe myself. David had gotten my cock hard again and was about to get another load from me. I had already cum 3 times this morning and was about to unload another round of sperm into David's young talented cock sucking mouth. Then all hell broke loose and I came a 4th time. My balls were still shooting sperm to my boys. I nearly passed out this time but after I came, Jay and David moved my legs back on the bed and I fell asleep again.

I was awakened by Jay about an hour later. I had to get myself ready for work. I felt I could move around the Cabin more freely now that David had exposed his many talents to me.
I went about my business showering, shaving, and getting my clothes and shoes ready for another day at the Hotel. I was to go in a bit earlier today so I could take Jay in to see Sam, and get him that job he had promised last night at the card game. Now Jay would be exposed to the men that had fucked him several times last night. Jay had left his mask on through out the whole evening and only Todd and I knew it was Jay. I had talked to Jay earlier about this and he was very excited about the idea of getting fucked several times a day in the storage room. I must say, Jay sure loved his sex, and since he was young, he might as well enjoy it to the fullest.

 (Continued story or Jay Boy)Watch for more later.

Story by Richard Barber

(reader please notice) This is just one chapter of 'Jay Boy'.  I may put it all together for a book that you can buy later on Amazon along with my other books for sale. 


Friday, May 3, 2013

Dad Shares his Son.

Dad Shares His Step-Son by Dick Clinton 05/28/2010

After a winter vacation from school, I left my parents home in the suburban area of Kansas City and was heading back to my home in Denver. I had a nice visit with my parents and relatives, but after fourteen days with them, I was about to climb the walls. Enough is enough! I was ready to head back to Denver Business School. Besides I was ready for some hot sex, and I knew if I played my cards right I may find some horny salesmen or truck drivers along the way.

I was traveling Interstate 70 highway all the way. Starting with the Kansas turnpike until I reached Topeka, then continue on free Interstate 70 the rest of the way. I'd traveled this route before and knew several of the rest areas and truck stops were a good place to pick up a hot traveler for some quick 'sexcapades'. Many of the rest stops had very active Glory Holes and there was always some traveler ready to drop a quick load in my hungry cock sucking mouth, and right now I was hungry! It had been a dry 14 days with the family.

I soon arrived at the entrance to the Turnpike, took my ticket and hurried to the first rest stop to see what I could find. It was early in the morning so you would usually find traveling salesmen or horny morning truckers. Later on in the day they were filled with families and very seldom could any good action be had. Yet, I still remember the time I was blowing a married man at the urinal when his wife called to him thru the Lattice windows.

"Honey, me and the kids will be waiting for you in the car. Are you about done?" she asks him. He shouted back. "Yeah, Just a minute. I'm coming...." and he was. Little did she know her 'honey' was fucking my face and filling me with his honey? Love those 'faithful' married men.

I rushed to my first rest stop to find another gay dude had already taken position at the glory hole. I didn't even set down at the toilet but stood, took a quick pee and started to play with my cock. He gave the motion to stick it through the hole. I was so horny. I was ready to deposit my 14 day load. He was a good cock sucker and faithfully drained my cock and licked me clean. I felt so much better. No man should go that long without cumming. I was still in the mood to suck some cock, but thought I just might hurry on to my next stop which was about 50 miles.

I had noticed a sign a few miles back advertising a roadside restaurant and filling station and so I pulled off the Interstate and followed the signs to "Big Jake's Restaurant and Filling Station." It had been on the main highway before the Interstate bypassed it and now it looked empty, old, and rundown, but it was my last stop before Junction City. My fuel was getting low and my stomach was ready for something more substantial than multiples loads of cum, so breakfast was now a priority. This place was all I needed at the present time.

I pulled into the empty pump area and waited for some service but I needed the bathroom to take my morning piss, wash up, and then go inside to get some breakfast. so I followed the path around the side of the building to the men's room. In days gone by, many of these older restrooms were a source of wild sexual activity. The truckers would line up just to use the glory holes where another cocksucker would satisfy their sexual need before they headed on down the road, but now the Interstate had changed much of that action.

As I entered the bathroom I was shocked to find a man in his station uniform, standing behind a young man, shoving his big cock up the boy's ass. They must not have heard me enter because they continued their activity without stopping or looking my direction.

The older good looking man, about 45, had his station uniform pants down around his ankles. His shirt was flaring open exposing his naked chest and his hard muscular abs. He was gripping the boy's firm buttocks and was roughly fucking the boy and occasionally slapping his bare butt cheeks. The trim body of the boy, about 16, was bending over the sink and gripping it tightly with his hands. He was shirtless, and his pants were down around his ankles resting on his boots.

"You like that big dick up your pussy ass, don't ya boy? Ya fucker can't get enough dick, huh ya little slut. Can you feel it up your boy pussy? Feel that hunk of cock swelling and getting ready to pump you full of Daddy juice? You love that meat pumping you full of spunk every day. Huh? Tighten that pussy ass! (Slap, slap.) Make it feel good for your daddy and I might let you cum if you're a good slut. Oh yeah. You're daddies little pussy boy. Ya like to make me cum, don't you slut? (Slap, Slap) Take it punk, Take my hard dick. Drain my cock. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. I'm gonna fill your cunt with your daddies cum. Oh God. Here it comes. Here it comes, ya little punk ass pussy boy. Ah, Fuck, Fuck. Ah.

The man continued to pump the young boy's ass and slap his cheeks until they were red. They were so busy fucking that they never saw me standing a few feet from them while they fucked. I was so excited I had my cock out and was jacking off and almost ready to shoot my load. The man suddenly saw my reflection in the mirror. I had my pants down below my hips and my hard cock in hand.

"Damn it. I guess I didn't fix that lock on the door very well. How long ya been standing there? You might as well come in and properly lock the door if you want some action here. I guess you like what ya see huh? Chip. Looks like we have some company."

He stood behind the boy soaking his cock deep in the boy's ass. When he finally decided to ease his dick out of the boy's ass a thick juicy load of cum seeped out of his well used hole. A stream of wet clear cock juice ran down the inside of the boy's leg. The man's large thick cock was still partially hard and covered with his spunk. I was tempted to drop to my knees and clean the remaining juices from his penis. Then go to the boy's sweet looking asshole and suck out his dad's juices. It was so hot.

"Well, ya might as well get a good piece of ass while ya here that is if you don't mind sloppy seconds. This boy of mine never gets enough of his daddy's dick juice and is always looking for more hard cock. By the looks of your hard prick you might enjoy some of this boy pussy. Come over closer and take a good look. This is Chip, my oldest step-son. He's been my relief pussy since his mama left us a few years ago. Now get in there and fuck some hot boy pussy. He likes it hard and rough so bang away, stranger.

"Chip. This man is gonna fuck your boy pussy while I take a piss. He looks like he's gotta nice size prick so give him a good time. "

This was the first time I'd ever walked into a step father and step son situation, and it was awesome. The father was a hunky stud looking number and his young son was a handsome young reflection of his old man; chip off the old block, as they might say. What a pair they made. I was in such a horny daze that I quickly ran my hands over Chip's smooth hairless ass cheeks and guided my hard cock right into his wet cum filled boy pussy. It was so warm and juicy from his dad's seed. Just the thought of depositing my cum up this young ass right after his father had just fucked him, really turned me on. I didn't want to cum too quickly but only after a few minutes I knew I was going to blow. The father went up to the boys face and put his semi-hard cock into his son's mouth.

"Take my cock and drink my piss, you cock sucking pig. I have a nice warm load for you boy. Just hold it in your mouth until I get ready to piss. If you start sucking on it I won't be able to piss. I'll let you suck me off after this dude fucks your hot ass. How's that strangers cock feel up your boy pussy ass? See? Your daddy is good to you, enough to share your ass. Fuck that ass man. He needs another big load of cum in him. Fuck that bitch."

As I was pounding away at the boy's hot and juicy ass, his dad was pissing down his throat. It was just too much for me to handle. I was going to blow.

"Damn. This is a fantastic piece of ass. I can't hold out any longer. I'm too hot. Gonna blow. Oh Fuck. I'm cumming. I'm cumming."
I continued to pump my load deep into Chip's ass and occasionally slap his bare ass. I could feel his boy pussy tighten around my dick every time I slapped him. It was unbelievable sex. The father had emptied his load of piss down Chips throat while I stood enjoying the aftermath of a great orgasm. Chip continued sucking his dad until it was hard again.

"Yeah. Cocksucker. Suck your daddy's dick. Drain my baby maker. Lick my balls before you make me cum. You are such a cock sucking slut. First you gobble down my piss then you eat my cum. What a whore you've turned out to be. I love ya son. Keep sucking and take my load."

I let my cock ease out of his wet hole but while I was watching this hunk get his cock sucked again by his son, I started getting horny and hot again. I felt the boy's wet ass hole, and dropped to my knees and started sucking out the 2 loads of cum that had been deposited in his hole. I very seldom eat out an ass but I was really turned on by all this hot action. The juices were sweet yet salty. It was beyond description. I continued sucking out both his dad's and my own cum from his young sweet hairless ass.

I cupped his balls in one hand and continued up to his boy cock. To my surprise and joy, his cock was as big as a man's. He was uncut and the foreskin covering his cock head was soft and moist with his pre-cum. I just had to suck on this young stud's cock.

I crawled under him while he continued to suck on his dad's cock. His father spread his legs and was setting on the sink enjoying his son blowing him. I was in the progress of exploring Chip's sweet young cock. I enthused my tongue into the opening of his foreskin tasting his sweet juices of pre-cum. Chip's semi-hard dick became immediately hard and grew to a good 7 inches of boy meat. His dad looked down and saw me sucking his boy's cock.

"Looks like we have another cocksucker in our presence. Suck my boy's cock, you fucking cocksucker. Give him some good head while I give him my cock and another load. This is good. The boy deserves a good cocksucker to drain his sweet cock. Suck that cock, man. Suck it dry."

The boy started moaning and shooting a huge load of boy cum into my mouth and down my throat. I swallow as quickly as he came and took every drop. His dad started shooting another load into his son's mouth at the same time. It was a wild but thoroughly enjoyable scene. I reluctantly released Chip's cock and gathered up my pants. I was still on the floor between Chips legs while Chip still had his dad's cock soaking in his warm mouth when there was a loud knock at the bathroom door.

"Hey! Hey in there! We need to use the toilet. Is someone going to let us in or do we have to break down the door?" Then two more hard knocks on the door.

We all hurried into position with Chip hurrying to a booth, his dad pulling up his pants and tucking in his shirt and I went into the other booth to straighten up myself.

"All right. All right! Damn it! Hold onto your fucking britches. I'm coming."

Jake opened the door. I could make out two men's voices as they started taking to him. Meanwhile I had straightened up and left the booth and had gone to the sink to wash up. I looked in the mirror and standing at the urinals were two hot looking Kansas Highway Patrolmen taking a piss.

"Hey Jake, What are you dudes doing in here with the door locked anyway? Looks kind of strange to me." Then the 2 patrol men laughed and winked at Jake.

Jake grinned and winked back. "You know what we're a doing, you fuckers. I always have some action for you bastards. I expected you later on today, but now that you're here you might as well whip out your meat and get some ass. That son of mine is always ready for you two studs."

"Son. Get your self out here and preform your duties. The State Troupers need some action so they can get back on the highways to protect us from all those perverts on the roads." Then Chip opened the toilet booth door and gave a quick smile and wave to the Patrolmen still standing at the urinals. Without even putting his hard dick back in his uniform, the first patrolmen walked over to the boy in the booth to offer him his cock. Chip dropped to his knees and started servicing the Patrolman.

I tried to act as relaxed as possible while washing my hands and combing my hair. I noticed my jeans were slightly wet on the knees where I must have knelt in some water while rimming Chip's tasty ass. I wasn't about to leave the toilet with this action taking place. I went back to one of the vacant urinals so I could see better and to get a good look at the other Patrolman standing at the urinal with his cock hanging out. Chip's dad was leaning against the sink jacking on his cock. I dropped to my knees and started sucking on the other patrolman. Jake went to the booth and told the patrolman to come out where we could all watch.

"If I'm gonna give you my son to use, you might as well let us all watch. "

"You dirty Ole man. You like to watch your son getting his ass banged huh? Okay, Jake. I'll give you a good show. Come out here Chip so your dad can watch you take my 8 inch cock up your juicy hole. I take it you've been fucked a few times already so you won't need any lube. Bend over the sinks and take my cock, you young slut."

"Yes sir. Fuck my ass. I need your cock. Fuck me, stud."

We all gathered around the sink to watch the patrolman fuck Chip. I reached for the other patrolman's hard cock while dropping my pants. I turned towards the sink, bent over and offered my ass to him. He didn't hesitate but guided his cock to my ass hole, spit in his hands to use for lubrication, then plunged in with one hard push. I almost yelled out from the sudden entry, but held my stance.

After the initial shock of getting rammed up the ass with a big cock, I looked over at Chip leaning over the counter getting fucked next to me. He was enjoying the 8 inch patrolman's cock being shove up his ass. We both grunted with pleasure as the men fucked us in rhythm. Chip's dad was leaning against the wall watching our rape and jacking on his cock. Both patrolmen started to cum at the same time. I felt the cock in my ass swelling and the man started to cum at the same time the other patrolman shot his load up Chip's ass. What perfect timing.

What a pleasant and surprising time I had during my stop at the Gas Station. I knew I had to put "Big Jake's Restaurant and Filling Station' on my 'Must Stop' places in Kansas.

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