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Dad Shares his Son.

Dad Shares His Step-Son by Dick Clinton 05/28/2010

After a winter vacation from school, I left my parents home in the suburban area of Kansas City and was heading back to my home in Denver. I had a nice visit with my parents and relatives, but after fourteen days with them, I was about to climb the walls. Enough is enough! I was ready to head back to Denver Business School. Besides I was ready for some hot sex, and I knew if I played my cards right I may find some horny salesmen or truck drivers along the way.

I was traveling Interstate 70 highway all the way. Starting with the Kansas turnpike until I reached Topeka, then continue on free Interstate 70 the rest of the way. I'd traveled this route before and knew several of the rest areas and truck stops were a good place to pick up a hot traveler for some quick 'sexcapades'. Many of the rest stops had very active Glory Holes and there was always some traveler ready to drop a quick load in my hungry cock sucking mouth, and right now I was hungry! It had been a dry 14 days with the family.

I soon arrived at the entrance to the Turnpike, took my ticket and hurried to the first rest stop to see what I could find. It was early in the morning so you would usually find traveling salesmen or horny morning truckers. Later on in the day they were filled with families and very seldom could any good action be had. Yet, I still remember the time I was blowing a married man at the urinal when his wife called to him thru the Lattice windows.

"Honey, me and the kids will be waiting for you in the car. Are you about done?" she asks him. He shouted back. "Yeah, Just a minute. I'm coming...." and he was. Little did she know her 'honey' was fucking my face and filling me with his honey? Love those 'faithful' married men.

I rushed to my first rest stop to find another gay dude had already taken position at the glory hole. I didn't even set down at the toilet but stood, took a quick pee and started to play with my cock. He gave the motion to stick it through the hole. I was so horny. I was ready to deposit my 14 day load. He was a good cock sucker and faithfully drained my cock and licked me clean. I felt so much better. No man should go that long without cumming. I was still in the mood to suck some cock, but thought I just might hurry on to my next stop which was about 50 miles.

I had noticed a sign a few miles back advertising a roadside restaurant and filling station and so I pulled off the Interstate and followed the signs to "Big Jake's Restaurant and Filling Station." It had been on the main highway before the Interstate bypassed it and now it looked empty, old, and rundown, but it was my last stop before Junction City. My fuel was getting low and my stomach was ready for something more substantial than multiples loads of cum, so breakfast was now a priority. This place was all I needed at the present time.

I pulled into the empty pump area and waited for some service but I needed the bathroom to take my morning piss, wash up, and then go inside to get some breakfast. so I followed the path around the side of the building to the men's room. In days gone by, many of these older restrooms were a source of wild sexual activity. The truckers would line up just to use the glory holes where another cocksucker would satisfy their sexual need before they headed on down the road, but now the Interstate had changed much of that action.

As I entered the bathroom I was shocked to find a man in his station uniform, standing behind a young man, shoving his big cock up the boy's ass. They must not have heard me enter because they continued their activity without stopping or looking my direction.

The older good looking man, about 45, had his station uniform pants down around his ankles. His shirt was flaring open exposing his naked chest and his hard muscular abs. He was gripping the boy's firm buttocks and was roughly fucking the boy and occasionally slapping his bare butt cheeks. The trim body of the boy, about 16, was bending over the sink and gripping it tightly with his hands. He was shirtless, and his pants were down around his ankles resting on his boots.

"You like that big dick up your pussy ass, don't ya boy? Ya fucker can't get enough dick, huh ya little slut. Can you feel it up your boy pussy? Feel that hunk of cock swelling and getting ready to pump you full of Daddy juice? You love that meat pumping you full of spunk every day. Huh? Tighten that pussy ass! (Slap, slap.) Make it feel good for your daddy and I might let you cum if you're a good slut. Oh yeah. You're daddies little pussy boy. Ya like to make me cum, don't you slut? (Slap, Slap) Take it punk, Take my hard dick. Drain my cock. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. I'm gonna fill your cunt with your daddies cum. Oh God. Here it comes. Here it comes, ya little punk ass pussy boy. Ah, Fuck, Fuck. Ah.

The man continued to pump the young boy's ass and slap his cheeks until they were red. They were so busy fucking that they never saw me standing a few feet from them while they fucked. I was so excited I had my cock out and was jacking off and almost ready to shoot my load. The man suddenly saw my reflection in the mirror. I had my pants down below my hips and my hard cock in hand.

"Damn it. I guess I didn't fix that lock on the door very well. How long ya been standing there? You might as well come in and properly lock the door if you want some action here. I guess you like what ya see huh? Chip. Looks like we have some company."

He stood behind the boy soaking his cock deep in the boy's ass. When he finally decided to ease his dick out of the boy's ass a thick juicy load of cum seeped out of his well used hole. A stream of wet clear cock juice ran down the inside of the boy's leg. The man's large thick cock was still partially hard and covered with his spunk. I was tempted to drop to my knees and clean the remaining juices from his penis. Then go to the boy's sweet looking asshole and suck out his dad's juices. It was so hot.

"Well, ya might as well get a good piece of ass while ya here that is if you don't mind sloppy seconds. This boy of mine never gets enough of his daddy's dick juice and is always looking for more hard cock. By the looks of your hard prick you might enjoy some of this boy pussy. Come over closer and take a good look. This is Chip, my oldest step-son. He's been my relief pussy since his mama left us a few years ago. Now get in there and fuck some hot boy pussy. He likes it hard and rough so bang away, stranger.

"Chip. This man is gonna fuck your boy pussy while I take a piss. He looks like he's gotta nice size prick so give him a good time. "

This was the first time I'd ever walked into a step father and step son situation, and it was awesome. The father was a hunky stud looking number and his young son was a handsome young reflection of his old man; chip off the old block, as they might say. What a pair they made. I was in such a horny daze that I quickly ran my hands over Chip's smooth hairless ass cheeks and guided my hard cock right into his wet cum filled boy pussy. It was so warm and juicy from his dad's seed. Just the thought of depositing my cum up this young ass right after his father had just fucked him, really turned me on. I didn't want to cum too quickly but only after a few minutes I knew I was going to blow. The father went up to the boys face and put his semi-hard cock into his son's mouth.

"Take my cock and drink my piss, you cock sucking pig. I have a nice warm load for you boy. Just hold it in your mouth until I get ready to piss. If you start sucking on it I won't be able to piss. I'll let you suck me off after this dude fucks your hot ass. How's that strangers cock feel up your boy pussy ass? See? Your daddy is good to you, enough to share your ass. Fuck that ass man. He needs another big load of cum in him. Fuck that bitch."

As I was pounding away at the boy's hot and juicy ass, his dad was pissing down his throat. It was just too much for me to handle. I was going to blow.

"Damn. This is a fantastic piece of ass. I can't hold out any longer. I'm too hot. Gonna blow. Oh Fuck. I'm cumming. I'm cumming."
I continued to pump my load deep into Chip's ass and occasionally slap his bare ass. I could feel his boy pussy tighten around my dick every time I slapped him. It was unbelievable sex. The father had emptied his load of piss down Chips throat while I stood enjoying the aftermath of a great orgasm. Chip continued sucking his dad until it was hard again.

"Yeah. Cocksucker. Suck your daddy's dick. Drain my baby maker. Lick my balls before you make me cum. You are such a cock sucking slut. First you gobble down my piss then you eat my cum. What a whore you've turned out to be. I love ya son. Keep sucking and take my load."

I let my cock ease out of his wet hole but while I was watching this hunk get his cock sucked again by his son, I started getting horny and hot again. I felt the boy's wet ass hole, and dropped to my knees and started sucking out the 2 loads of cum that had been deposited in his hole. I very seldom eat out an ass but I was really turned on by all this hot action. The juices were sweet yet salty. It was beyond description. I continued sucking out both his dad's and my own cum from his young sweet hairless ass.

I cupped his balls in one hand and continued up to his boy cock. To my surprise and joy, his cock was as big as a man's. He was uncut and the foreskin covering his cock head was soft and moist with his pre-cum. I just had to suck on this young stud's cock.

I crawled under him while he continued to suck on his dad's cock. His father spread his legs and was setting on the sink enjoying his son blowing him. I was in the progress of exploring Chip's sweet young cock. I enthused my tongue into the opening of his foreskin tasting his sweet juices of pre-cum. Chip's semi-hard dick became immediately hard and grew to a good 7 inches of boy meat. His dad looked down and saw me sucking his boy's cock.

"Looks like we have another cocksucker in our presence. Suck my boy's cock, you fucking cocksucker. Give him some good head while I give him my cock and another load. This is good. The boy deserves a good cocksucker to drain his sweet cock. Suck that cock, man. Suck it dry."

The boy started moaning and shooting a huge load of boy cum into my mouth and down my throat. I swallow as quickly as he came and took every drop. His dad started shooting another load into his son's mouth at the same time. It was a wild but thoroughly enjoyable scene. I reluctantly released Chip's cock and gathered up my pants. I was still on the floor between Chips legs while Chip still had his dad's cock soaking in his warm mouth when there was a loud knock at the bathroom door.

"Hey! Hey in there! We need to use the toilet. Is someone going to let us in or do we have to break down the door?" Then two more hard knocks on the door.

We all hurried into position with Chip hurrying to a booth, his dad pulling up his pants and tucking in his shirt and I went into the other booth to straighten up myself.

"All right. All right! Damn it! Hold onto your fucking britches. I'm coming."

Jake opened the door. I could make out two men's voices as they started taking to him. Meanwhile I had straightened up and left the booth and had gone to the sink to wash up. I looked in the mirror and standing at the urinals were two hot looking Kansas Highway Patrolmen taking a piss.

"Hey Jake, What are you dudes doing in here with the door locked anyway? Looks kind of strange to me." Then the 2 patrol men laughed and winked at Jake.

Jake grinned and winked back. "You know what we're a doing, you fuckers. I always have some action for you bastards. I expected you later on today, but now that you're here you might as well whip out your meat and get some ass. That son of mine is always ready for you two studs."

"Son. Get your self out here and preform your duties. The State Troupers need some action so they can get back on the highways to protect us from all those perverts on the roads." Then Chip opened the toilet booth door and gave a quick smile and wave to the Patrolmen still standing at the urinals. Without even putting his hard dick back in his uniform, the first patrolmen walked over to the boy in the booth to offer him his cock. Chip dropped to his knees and started servicing the Patrolman.

I tried to act as relaxed as possible while washing my hands and combing my hair. I noticed my jeans were slightly wet on the knees where I must have knelt in some water while rimming Chip's tasty ass. I wasn't about to leave the toilet with this action taking place. I went back to one of the vacant urinals so I could see better and to get a good look at the other Patrolman standing at the urinal with his cock hanging out. Chip's dad was leaning against the sink jacking on his cock. I dropped to my knees and started sucking on the other patrolman. Jake went to the booth and told the patrolman to come out where we could all watch.

"If I'm gonna give you my son to use, you might as well let us all watch. "

"You dirty Ole man. You like to watch your son getting his ass banged huh? Okay, Jake. I'll give you a good show. Come out here Chip so your dad can watch you take my 8 inch cock up your juicy hole. I take it you've been fucked a few times already so you won't need any lube. Bend over the sinks and take my cock, you young slut."

"Yes sir. Fuck my ass. I need your cock. Fuck me, stud."

We all gathered around the sink to watch the patrolman fuck Chip. I reached for the other patrolman's hard cock while dropping my pants. I turned towards the sink, bent over and offered my ass to him. He didn't hesitate but guided his cock to my ass hole, spit in his hands to use for lubrication, then plunged in with one hard push. I almost yelled out from the sudden entry, but held my stance.

After the initial shock of getting rammed up the ass with a big cock, I looked over at Chip leaning over the counter getting fucked next to me. He was enjoying the 8 inch patrolman's cock being shove up his ass. We both grunted with pleasure as the men fucked us in rhythm. Chip's dad was leaning against the wall watching our rape and jacking on his cock. Both patrolmen started to cum at the same time. I felt the cock in my ass swelling and the man started to cum at the same time the other patrolman shot his load up Chip's ass. What perfect timing.

What a pleasant and surprising time I had during my stop at the Gas Station. I knew I had to put "Big Jake's Restaurant and Filling Station' on my 'Must Stop' places in Kansas.

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  2. I love your website and would like to congratulate you on the creation of such a fine resource

  3. Thanks guys. More to cum. Keep Reading and enjoying my stories.


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