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Park Rangers

Park Rangers

Story written by Richard Barber at
I was still in high school when I purchased my first car. I began cruising the parks to convene with other guys for immediate sexual encounter or friendship. I discovered that one of the local park zoo had many acres to explore, with secluded bushes, forest area, and several obscure public restrooms for private rendezvous.
Summer vacation was upon me, and I had an abundance of leisure time to squander before going home. My family had gone out of the city for the whole weekend to visit some boring relatives in Springfield, and I convinced them to let me stay home by myself. 
I drove thru an area where I saw a young man, about my own age, sitting on a park picnic table. I parked in the nearby parking lot, and eased my way over to him and struck up a conversation. I immediately sensed a mutual sexual attraction between the two of us. We chatted for a short time, and he told me his name was Guy. Just as I was about to suggest we head to the nearby bushes, a local park patrol car, with two rangers, drove into the driveway, and motioned for us to come over to their car. 
We knew we hadn’t done anything wrong, but I was uneasy about talking to them. Both rangers got out of the car, and told us to lean against the car and spread our legs. One officer roughly shoved my buddy against the car, and quickly searched his body from top to bottom, and then he did the same to me. It was more of a ‘feeling’ search than anything. The ranger’s hands rubbed my cock and ass more than I thought he should. Not that I was complaining. In fact it was a ‘turn on’.
“Okay, you fagots turn around and face me. What the hell are the two of you doing here anyway? Are you going into the bushes for some little ‘suck face, or suck dick’ or maybe some boy pussy pumping?” The one ranger sarcastically said to us. 
Even in my nervous state, I got a brief chance to check him out as he shoved Guy against the car again. He was a well-defined figure of a man and looked hot in his park patrol uniform. I figured he was about 35 to 40 years old, had dark hair and a thick mustache. He wore dark sunglasses so I only guessed that he had dark eyes. He seemed to enjoy harassing a couple of frightened young teenagers. I thought he lingered too long on Guy’s ass and crotch and then he groped his own crotch. 
“Well, well. If it isn’t my favorite fagot, Guy. Didn’t I tell you to stay out of my territory? I think we should take the two of you fag boys to the Ranger Station and throw you in the cell for a few hours. I bet your Dads would be happy to find out what you are doing here,” he said as he looked at his partner and grinned.
“What do you say Jack? I think we should run these two in.” 
Jack nodded and grabbed my arms and shoved me against the car once again.  
“Yeah. I think that’s a good idea, Josh. This one seems a bit nervous. Perhaps we should just take them to the old bear caves and teach them a lesson.” Jack said

“Get the fuck in the car and keep your mouths shut. Come on fag, get moving.” He said as he forced me into the back seat of the patrol car.”  

I thought these rangers were getting a little too rough for my liking, so I willingly got into the back seat of the ranger car, while Guy was being forced into the other side of the car. It was a typical police car with a wire divider between the back and front seats. Jack and Josh got into the front seat and started the car while Josh picked up the microphone and identified himself to the dispatcher, and said that they were going to take a break, and would report in later. 
I realized right away that Guy and I were in real trouble. These two rangers were not going to the Ranger Station, but to the Bear caves, to teach us a lesson? I wanted to complain but Guy told me to ‘cool it’ because it would make them even madder. He spoke to me in a low voice and explained he had been stopped by these two assholes before, and they were real rednecks and disliked queers. He continued to tell me they were really harmless, but to go along with their macho bullshit. That didn’t ease my fear, but I would just have to hang in there and hope for the best. 
Soon we drove off the main road and down a dirt road to the older part of the zoo. Several of the older animal cages and caves remained, but were now deserted. They had moved all the animals to the new section of the zoo on the other side of the park. It looked like an old ghost town, or a setting out of the movie, ‘Planet of the Apes’. The structures and cages were fascinating, but I was beginning to fear what might be in store for Guy and me with these two ‘apes’. 
Josh kept driving until we came to the center of the midway. On both sides of us were the animal pens, now covered with overgrown weeds and trees. He pulled to the end of the midway and under the overhang of a shade tree. The motor stopped and Jack and Josh jumped out of the car and opened the back doors. They cuffed us and pushed us toward a nearby door that led to the backside of the cages.
The smell of the animals had almost faded over the years, yet there was a deep sweet smell of dung. The hall was clean, except for a few paper coffee cups, coke cans and a few used and dried up condoms on the floor. A small guard office was at one end of a hall that led to the back of each cage where the animals were fed. The light from the glass-domed ceiling gave us enough light to see. 
By this time I was really getting nervous. No other people knew where we were, and these two could kill us and no one would find us for weeks, if ever. 
Since we were handcuffed as we got out of the car, we were even more vulnerable to their demands. Josh opened the steel bar gates to one of the cages and shoved us into the barred cage. He un-cuffed me briefly then placed one of my hands thru the bars and relocked it. Then he slammed the gate shut. Both men laughed and walked away over to a vacant doctor’s office across from the cages.
“Guy. What the hell is going on here? What is their game? Are they going to hurt us or just leave us here to die?” I said trying not to show panic. 
“No! Just sit down and try to be comfortable. I told you these rangers are weird but they won’t harm us.” Guy said to me as I slid down the bars to the floor. 
“I wish they would take these damn handcuff off me! They are beginning to hurt.” I said as I was wondering how I got myself into this mess. All I wanted to do was to suck some dicks in the park today, then go home.
I could see the two rangers doing something in the doctor’s room, and then they pulled a large padded operating table into the hallway. It was larger than the usual doctor's table. “Are you boys ready for your examination?” One of the rangers said, as our cuffs were unlocked. “Strip all your clothes and hang them over the bars, and hurry it up. We don’t have all day.” 
Guy stood up and started stripping off his clothes immediately, I hesitated but I realized I was at their mercy. Both rangers stood at the bars watching us undress. I felt humiliated but found myself getting aroused. My cock started to harden. 
Guy had unfinished undressing and his handcuffs were locked again. When I finished undressing Josh once again pulled one of my hands thru the bars and locked them again. I stood inside the cage while Jack came to the other side of the bars and started taking off his belt and unbuttoning his pants. He slowly pulled down his pants and let them drop to his ankles. His cock had already begun to harden.
I guess I had really been naive until now. All these horny rangers wanted was to scare and humiliate us, and then get some head from some queers. This big, thick dick hanging in front of my eyes mesmerized me. I didn’t wait for any command, but dropped to my knees and reached for Jack’s beautiful cock. The large tulip shaped cock head had all ready started oozing pre-cum juices. He leaned into the bars and said to Josh. 

“We’ve got another willing cocksucker. I just knew this little punk wanted to suck our dicks. Yeah, cocksucker! Wrap your hot mouth over my hard cock, and worship it. I like the way you fags suck dick. Get down on it and make this ranger feel good.” He said. Josh had taken Guy outside the cage and told him to open up his uniform and suck on his cock. 
Guy knew the procedure and soon had Josh’s pants down and was working his mouth over and around Josh’s cock. Guy and Josh had turned towards Jack and me, so we could see each other. I looked out of the corner of my eyes to watch Guy gulping down as much of Josh’s very large cock as possible, and then he continued to lick on Josh’s balls while manipulating the cock in his hands. I was busy enjoying the musky flavor and scents of Jack’s delicious cock. He was only partially cut and had some nice manipulating skin covering his cock. His body had a nice thick covering of dark hair. I tried to run my hand up his abs to his chest but the handcuffs were preventing me from reaching his nipples. 
Jack suddenly took his cuff keys from his pocket and opened one of my cuffs for better maneuvering. Jack was a very hot and trim man and must have worked out. As Jack pulled away from the bars, he stepped into the open cage and pulled my head back down on his hard cock. I gripped his cock and started licking his hairy ball sac. He lifted one leg and placed his boot on my leg as I licked my way under his balls and to the edge of his hairy asshole. He smelled so manly and clean yet he had a delightful musky odor. My tongue searched for the opening of his anus.  
Meanwhile Guy was servicing the other ranger, Josh. I heard Josh talking to Guy, giving him instructions how to suck his cock and balls. Then he told Guy to get up.
“Get up from your knees, fagot. I know you want to drink down my man juices, but I have other plans for you. Stand up and lean your body over the table. I need to check out that pretty little pussy boy ass of yours.”
Guy followed the ranger’s orders and slowly got up and bent over the doctor’s examination table. His hands were still cuffed but Josh quickly undid one cuff then pushed Guy back to the table. Josh stood behind Guy’s firm teenage ass and paused to admire the boyish youth. He was fingering his ass for a few moments and jacking himself off at the same time. 

Suddenly Josh dropped to his knees and parted Guys ass cheeks as if to inspect and search for his tight pink anus. He quickly leaned forward and lick one cheek then kissed it, pulled back, parted his buttocks and buried his face deep into Guy’s tender ass. 
The sudden gesture caught Guy off balance and he gasped out with delight. The ranger was eating his boy pussy like it was his wife’s pussy. Licking, and tongue fucking his tender ass with delight.  

Guy hadn’t been a virgin since his step dad started fucking him two years ago.  Now Guy had to relax and let this macho redneck ranger use his ass for his pleasure. Guy had learned to love getting fucked and he was turned on to the idea that this asshole ranger was now using him as a pussy boy. He felt the pleasure of Josh’s warm tongue opening his tight pink anus and knew any time now he was going to be impaled by Josh’s large thick cock.

“Jack, you should eat some of this sweet pussy boy’s ass. It tastes better than any woman I ever ate. Man that ass is good. Now, young pussy boy, I’m going to give you a nice thick man cock up your tight ass. I’m going to fill you with some warm hot man juice, so brace yourself for a good man fuck. Shit this is better than that punk we fucked in jail last month, Jack. Whoopee. This is hot.” Josh said as he stood and guided his cock to the opening of Guy’s asshole.  

Meanwhile, I was still enjoying the pleasure of sucking this big man’s cock. I knew I couldn’t delay the building orgasm I had created. I had gotten him close to the edge too many times to let him go now but it was inevitable. The flow of juices was beginning to ooze from the expanding, swelling penis until it begin to sprout spurt after spurt of warm tasty cum down my throat.

Jack began to gasp and tremble at the moment he started shooting a gusher of cum into the warm mouth of his cocksucker. Getting sucked off was such a pleasure to a man but to get someone to do it this well was awesome. This kid was a great cocksucker. He was amazed that Clint could take his cock as far down his throat as he did, and now to bring him to the height of a sexual climax was even more incredible. Jack threw his head back and let out a soft moan of pleasure as he released the sperm from his balls, down his cock shaft and into the pleasure mouth of Clint. He moaned out several times during the orgasm, and then grabbed the nearby bars to brace himself before he collapsed on the floor. 
“Aw man, that was awesome! Man I sure like to cum, and you sure know how to make a man enjoy a blow job. I might even ask you to marry me if I wasn’t straight. Shit that was good. Very good.” Jack repeated as I continued to savor his manly juices from his spent cock. 
Josh had eased his moist cock into Guy’s ass and was now pumping his rod into his new-found pleasure boy. He didn’t want to cum too quickly, and was going to make it last. He would circle around and around, then pull his cock almost all the way out of the tight ass, then plunge it back in hard. He sensed Guy liked a rough and hard fuck, and he was just the man to do it. He knew he was straight and liked to fuck pussy but he had to admit that boy pussy ass was a different and better sensation. He liked fucking man ass even better than fucking his wife. She was always complaining that he was too rough with her and made him pull out spoiling many a good fuck. This boy didn’t complain and the rougher he was with Guy, the better he seemed to like it.  
It was feeling too damn good for Josh to hold out much longer. He gripped the young teenager's firm buttocks and watched his thick cock sliding in and out of the pink lining of the boy's anus. He was wondering how his large cock could go into this small flesh opening, but right now he was about to unload his cum into the boy's ass. One more shove would put him over the edge. The feeling was sensational. He gripped the boy’s ass cheeks so tight he could see red marks. Oh what a great feeling!

“Oh fuck, boy, I’m gonna shoot, Oh yeah, oh yeah.” Josh continued as he dumped load after load of his man sperm into the boy. 
Guy was taking every thrust with pleasure. The ranger had promised him a good load, and he was giving it to him. He could feel each spurt as it came into his anus track, One, two, three and even more squirts, then a few more deep grunts and he knew the ranger had finished pleasuring himself in his ass. He learned from his step-dad to control and tighten his inner muscles and give more pleasure to his fuck partner. He relished each and every deep hard thrust. He wondered if he should ever tell his dad that he had been fucked by this ranger, but perhaps now was not the time to do it. He might get angry or even jealous if he mentioned it.  

I had taken Jack’s load and had cleaned his cock and balls of any extra cum or drools. What a nice cock to suck on. This day was turning out to be pretty hot after all. It was very evident that Guy had enjoyed being rough fucked by the other ranger, Josh. He noticed Jack’s cock started to get hard again, as he watched his partner drop a load up Guy’s ass. I thought perhaps he could get another load from Jack but he pulled his dick from my mouth and turned towards Josh.

“Hey partner. That’s a good piece of ass you been fucking. Let me pump a load in him while you let this cocksucker clean off your cock. He has a very talented mouth and you might even get off again before our break is over. Move over and let me bang the little fucker.” Jack said as he aimed his hard cock to Guy’s wet asshole.  

“Sure man. That’s what a good partner is for, to share pussy and ass. Give him a good ride. That pussy ass is hot and ready again. I’ve got him nice and juicy for your cock.” Josh said as he slapped Guy on the ass one more time before heading for me still on the floor.   

“Come here, cocksucker. Lick my cock clean. I don’t want to go home to my old lady with cum and ass juices on my dick. If you are as good as Josh said you are, I might give you another load. I’ve been horny all week and the chance of getting my nut by some young punks, doesn’t come that often. Now clean my cock and make me feel good, cocksucker. “Josh continued.  

I was hesitant at first to lick on a cock that had been up another guy's ass, but when I saw how nice Josh’s low hanging cock looked, I immediately gripped the semi hard cock with one hand, and skinned back the foreskin. It wasn’t dirty at all but had a slight scent of man cum. I gripped Josh’s low hanging balls in one had and the semi-hard cock in the other. I searched each and every inch of his ranger’s cock. Soon I had it clean and hard once again. I continued to give Josh more pleasure with another squirting ejaculation. 

Guy had never left his position on the table. He was ready and willing to get another cock up his ass. He knew he was at their mercy and for their pleasure. He was a boy slut, and he loved it. He could hardly wait for Jack to stick his hard cock up his ass. He guided the cock into position and let Jack shove all the way in on the first entry. He moaned with delight and felt his cock suddenly shoot a big load. It wasn’t the first time Guy had an orgasm while being fucked, but it was the first today. Many times as his step father fucked him, he would cum. His step father had a very large cock and always hit his prostate causing him to cum.  

Jack laughed as Guy shot his load directly into his own face, but never stopped the pace. The feeling of the boy cumming seemed to grip his cock and give him a fantastic new sensation. Jack continued plunging hard and fast. The idea of his partner’s cum gushing around his own cock was a real turn on. He realized he didn’t have to worry about hurting the boy, because the boy seemed to relish the deep hard plunges he was shoving into him. It was just as good as any woman pussy he'd fucked before, even better. 

Sounds of pleasure echoed throughout the empty hallway. Jack and Josh were cumming at the same moment. Josh gave out a sudden long loud cry of a wolf as he released his load into my talented and welcome mouth. “Awwooooooo.” He cried out. Then Jack gave out a matching cry of pleasure, and everyone laughed. 
After a short pause, the two Rangers started pulling their pants back up and tucking in their shirts. One of the Rangers tossed our clothes back to us and told us to get dressed. After everyone was clothed, we were handcuffed once again and taken back to the car. Josh and Jack looked around at us sitting in the back seat of the patrol car, and told us never to speak of this encounter or else. We nodded knowing they were serious. We felt lucky to still be in one piece, besides it had been quite enjoyable to all parties. Everyone remained silent as we were driven back to our cars at the parking lot where we first met.
“Now get the fuck out of here, cock suckers, and remember what we told you about keeping quiet about this.” Jack said as he opened the car door to let us out. He quickly un-cuffed us, got back into the car and slowly drove off.
“Oh my gosh!” I said in relief of his release. 
“Wasn’t that wild?” Guy said. “Those two are just the hottest men. Wasn’t that fun? Guy continued.
“Weren’t you scared Guy?
“Well, the first time I was a bit nervous, but this is the 3rd time this month that they abducted me. I have been doing this every week since. This is the first time I had another guy with me though. Don’t tell me you didn’t like it. I was hoping you would fuck me too, but we can still do that if you want to go into the bushes and fuck me. It’s still not dark yet, besides I am already lubricated with two loads of ranger sperm and it should be nice and wet for you. Come on. I know a good place we can go.” Guy said we walked down the path to a secluded spot. 
“You mean you come here every week to get fucked by these two hot Rangers? Now that is really hot. May I join you again next week for another session?” I asked.
“Sure buddy, I think Jack told me we might have three rangers next week to service.
Story by Richard Barber at

07/13/2005, Word Count. 4,031

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