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Love thy Neighbors, Park Pick up.


Part 01, Park Pickup
Story by Dick Clinton at

There was a city park near my condo, which I would occasionally visit. It was a good place for construction workers and deliverymen to take their lunch break. I would check out the restroom hoping to make contact, but it was too open for any action. Four construction men met there for lunch every weekday. Most of the men seemed friendly enough, and over a period of time we got to know each other by sight. I would give them a friendly nod and sometimes play catch ball with one of the men.

One day only one of the men showed up so I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity and see if he would be interested in coming over to my place to get a cool drink. He was the best-looking man of the bunch anyway.

He introduced himself as Jake, and told me he worked for the city as a road construction foreman. Jake was about 35, tall and muscular. He had a 5 o’clock shadow face, nice teeth and a quick soft smile. His eyes seem to change with the light around him. Sometime they seemed green then dark brown. I couldn’t help notice the size of his feet and ask him what size shoe he wore. He kind of laughed and told me. “I wear a size 14, same size as my dick.” Then he said, “Just joking, I wish.”

“Hey, if you’re not in any hurry to get back to work, why don’t you come over to my pad and have something cold to drink. I live in the condos across from the park.”

“Sure. Why not? I have the rest of the afternoon off anyway, and was just killing time before I headed home.”

We walked across the street and headed to my place. When we arrived, I gave him a cold drink, sat him down on the couch, turned on the TV, and slid in an x-rated heterosexual video all within five minutes. I was a fast worker.

He slid down on the couch, took a sip of the drink said, “Hot damn! I love fuck movies. My wife thinks they’re sick, so I gave them to a bachelor buddy of mine before the wedding. I tried to convince her they were educational films, but she didn't go for that.” Jake put down his drink and gave his complete attention to the TV.

I was relieved that he was not offended. I sat down on the couch next to him, and pretended to watch the film, but my attention was directed at Jake.

“Man, I haven’t seen this one. Look at the tits on that bitch. Like to bury my face between those for 15 minutes. Yeah, I’m a ‘tit man’!” He continued.

He seemed cramped between the couch and the coffee table so I pulled it to another location so he could spread out his long legs. He still had on his hard hat, safety vest and his big work boots. I thought he looked very sexy. He began adjusting his crotch and stirred around a bit. I knew his dick was getting rigid watching the movie.

“Do you mind if I take off my boots. I don’t want to get your rug dirty.” At that he reached down to untie his work boots.

“No, I don’t mind at all. Here, let me help you.”

I got down on the floor in front of him and started to untie his booths. He looked down at me with a knowing look that told me he knew I was a cock sucker. He quickly looked back at the TV as I untied and unlace his work shoes. I pulled one of them off, and then started on the other one. I peeked at his crotch and noticed a big bulge forming under his tight jeans.

I wasn't into feet, but this dude had the largest most beautiful feet I’d ever seen. I slowly pulled his socks off one by one and bravely took a whiff of one of his white work socks, inhaling pleasant warm smell of sweat and musk. Then I placed one foot on the upper part of my leg, and placed the other one in my hand and began massaging it gently. He threw his head back and said.

“Oh you don’t know how much I love to have my feet massaged. That feels so fucking good. Oh yes.”

I massage first one foot then the other. I pulled one-foot up to my mouth and licked the top. I slid my tongue down to his long sensuous toes licking as I went. My tongue continued to lick his toes and around his foot to his ankle. I repeated this procedure on the other foot until his feet were nice and clean from my tongue bath. He never once objected, so I slowly slid my hand up his leg to feel the big solid bulge under his pants. I proceeded to unbuckle his belt, when he suddenly stood, unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop to the floor.

“I’m getting too hot.” Jake said as he pulled off his jeans from around his ankles and tossed them on the floor next to me.

I didn't want him to remove his shorts yet, so I quickly pushed my face into his crotch. He patiently stood as I rubbed and sniffed at his musky, sweaty baby blue briefs. He wasn't kidding about the size of his cock. It was pushing up and over the top of his elastic waistband where a large pink uncircumcised cock head was waiting to be loved. I slowly pulled down the waistband revealing his huge cock. White clear pre-cum was oozing from under the foreskin tantalizing me. Jake still focused his eyes on the x-rated movie while I focused on his body.

“Hey dude. I've never had a man suck my cock before. I can’t even get my wife to suck it. This is great. Suck me and take my cum in your mouth,” Jake said as I proceeded to pull his briefs down over his firm buttocks.

I took another whiff of his briefs as they slid down his long solid legs and on to the floor. I had his big cock only a few inches from my mouth. This hunk towered before me, waiting for my cock sucking mouth to worship and service his solid eleven inches of manhood.

The head of his uncut cock was still sheathed in ample foreskin. The pre-cum juices were sodden from the head of his cock, as it slowly slipped out of its protective covering. I cupped his big hairy balls in one hand and positioned my other hand around his cock. It was so large that I couldn't get my hand completely around it. He had one of the largest cocks I’d seen in a long time. Jake stood by the couch looking at the TV and still wearing his orange safety vest and hardhat. He looked so hot and sexy.

I moved toward his low-hanging balls and began lapping and inhaling his sweaty musky body. I moved my hand under his ball sack and placed my middle finger on his sphincter. He sighed.

“Fuck man! That feels so good. You love cock, don’t you? Fuck this is hot.” He slowly spread his legs giving me better access.

“Oh yeah, cock sucker. Lick those fucking hot balls. They’re loaded with cum. I needed a good cock sucker to lick on my cock, oh yeah…Lick on my cock.”

“Man, look at that chick take that cock up her pussy”, he said. “I’d love to fuck that chick and drop a big load in her pussy. Keep sucking cock sucker. I’m going to drop a load in your pussy mouth. Eat my balls again. Yeah, right there. That’s good.”

He raised one leg and put one foot on my couch. I went under his balls and directly to his ass hole. He let out a moan.

“Damn! Never had that done either. Fuck, yeah. Lick that ass, oh, fuck. That’s so good. Lick my hot funky ass hole, cock sucker. Lick that ass hole. Oh yeah!”

I was now under his body licking his funky sweaty hairy ass hole. He was getting hot and ready to go. I reluctantly left his ass hole and licked my way up his balls and back to his beautiful hard cock. He was dripping clear sweet pre-cum. I went down on him as far as I could and used my hands to pull it back and forth, constantly circling his cock head with my darting tongue.

“That’s great. Suck my prick. Suck the cum out of my hard cock. Oh, man. I’ m going to cum. Shit; I’m going to cum. Awe fuck, fuck, fuck.”

He grabbed the back of my head as he face fucked me. I gagged but gulped it down as far as I could. Jake let out a deep moan and shot load after load of his manly spunk into my mouth and down my throat. He continued to cum as I drank down his cum. He shook and moaned and then let out another sigh as his orgasm subsided.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He repeated. “That was the best blow job I've ever had. Man that was terrific, what a damn good cock sucker you are. I never…oh wow! Wish my wife would service me half as well as that. She never puts her mouth on my cock…and as far as the ass licking; I've never had that done.” Then he sighed once more and placed his finger in my mouth.

“Did you swallow my cum?” He asked me.

“Sure did, I love a good load of cum. I call it the ‘Nectar of the Gods’ and today, you gave me your nectar. Thank you sir.” I said as I looked up at my hunky construction worker stud standing above me.

Jake plopped down on the couch as he adjusted his low hanging hairy balls. His legs were still spread as he took a deep breath and glanced back at the x-rated movie still playing on the TV. I got between his legs and went back down on his now semi-hard cock, milking the final sweet man juices from his spent cock. He gasped as I completed my service, drying his man hood clean with a baby-wipe and gently pulled down his protective long foreskin over his cock head.

“You better turn that movie off, otherwise you are going to have to suck some more of the ‘Nectar’ from my cock. Man, I’d like to do this again some time. What do ya say?” Jake said as he started looking for his socks and briefs.

Shit, look at the time. I've got to go pick up my kid from school. Listen, I’m serious. If you really want to do this again man, I’m more than willing. I really needed that. Don’t get me wrong, I love my old lady, but our sex life is dull. She only lets me fuck her about once a month, and then it has to be her way. She complains that I’m too big and I fuck too long. I love to fuck, but this was awesome.” Jake said as he put on his socks and fumbled with his briefs. I took his shorts from his hands and said.

“You can come back but you’ll have to leave these as payment.” I put his shorts to my nose and sniffed.

Jake seemed a bit taken back, and blushed at the thought of me taking his shorts. He smiled and nodded as though he understood then said.

“Wow, dude. You’re something else. If you like those, next time I’ll wear my funky jock strap I wear when I jog. It’s soaked with sweat, dried cum and piss. I live near here and jog down this street almost every day. How about Monday about 6 PM? But you will have to take them off me and suck my cock again. Okay?” He said as he continued to dress.

He gave me a punch on the shoulder and ‘thumbs up’ sign and left. Wow! What a hunk…. and what a cock. I’ll be looking forward to his company Monday.

Story by Dick Clinton, at

Word Count 2,156, 2/3/2006, Edited by Dale M.


  1. Richard

    is one of best story tellers on this or any
    other site!


  2. Parks, married construction men and underwear. What could be better, except, maybe, the feet

  3. I'd love to be at your feet waiting for your inspirational juices to flow over me, Richard. I try to write too but get so bogged down with trying to get too much info down, the story just disappears. BUT You are THE best. Straight to the gist of the story.I'd love to meet you and chat about this n that. Thanks for the invite to your circle, raised my pecker up real good. Mikexx


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