Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wedding Rehearsal


Story by Dick Clinton

I was invited to go to L.A. with my best friend to attend his older brother’s wedding. We were to meet them at the church for the wedding rehearsal just a couple of days before the wedding. It was an older church located near the central of the city.

When we arrived, they were having a ‘parking lot sale’ next to the church. We went into the main chapel were they were rehearsing and I was introduced to Jim’s brother, Robert and his fa├»ence and the remainder of the wedding party. There were the bride’s maids, Grooms best man and his other buddies. It was a good-looking group of people.

Since I was not part of the wedding party, I was seated in the back of the church watching. I was getting bored and decided to check out the ‘parking lot sale’ next to the church. I left the chapel by the back stairs that exited thru the basement and out the side door to the lot.

I needed to use the toilet, which was nest to the exit. I went thru the hall way and thru a couple of doors to the men’s room. It was not very large but had a large urinal, 3 booths and 3 sinks. I went into the middle booth and much to my surprise; it had large glory holes in both walls of the booth. They had been there for sometime, and were large enough you could stick your arm thru. It looked like they had been used quite often, because cum stains were still near the holes and some on the floor. I thought perhaps I would set here and check out the action.

The door opened after about 5 minutes and a man went to the urinal and took long piss. He washed and returned the empty booth next to me. He proceeded to unzip his pants again, and pulled out his semi-hard cock. I could see him very clearly as he started to play with himself for a short time and then he pulled his balls from the opening in his pants. I motioned him to stick it in the hole to get sucked. He did not hesitate to guide his cock and his balls into the opening in the wall.

I gently guided his hard cock thru the hole and held it in my hands while he positioned himself carefully at the wall, reached for the top of the booth, spread his legs and relaxed while I began to suck on his cock. He had a good size cock and nice set of low hanging balls. I licked and kissed his balls and then went back to his cock and started sucking his manhood. His cock was already throbbing with excitement and I knew he was hot and horny.

I serviced his cock with my best cock sucking until he started to hump the wall in desperation to have his orgasm. I wanted him to linger, but he needed release. I went down on him one more time and he released his warm load into my mouth. He continued to cum and shot several gushers into my warm welcome mouth. When he came, he gasps and shook the partition so violently I was afraid he would pull it from the wall. I held on for fear it would slip away from me and I would miss some of his cum. Then as he relaxed, I continued to milk down every drop of his cum from his sensitive cock. When he pulled away from the hole, he just paused to get his composure, put his cock back into his pants and left the toilet and out to the parking lot.

I thought to myself, “This is a nice way to start my visit in LA”.

I had just caught my breath when in came 2 guys laughing and discussing the upstairs rehearsal. I could only see their shoes as the stood at the urinal pissing. The washed their hands and left. It remained quiet for about 10 minutes then another man came in and took the booth next to me. He pulled pants down all the way to the floor, spread his legs, reached between his legs and started to play with himself. He got a hard on quickly. I peaked into the hole to observe his big beautiful cock. He needed to be sucked off in the worst way so I motioned him to enter the hole. He stood up and put his cock through the hole waiting for me to suck. His semi-soft uncut cock was large with lots of skin.

I took it into my hands and my tongue into the lacy skin hole and licked out some of his tasty pre-cum. He loved the way I licked around the head under his skin. He was sensitive but did not pull away instead; he leaned his body against the wall so I could take care of his cock. I continued tonguing his cock head and then, as it got harder. I pulled the skin back and tried to go all the way down on his growing cock. He had a slight curve downward and I found I could take it all the way when I relaxed my throat. He let out a deep sigh and I knew he loved the way I was sucking him. He let me do all the action as he stood there with his beautiful cock through the hole in my mouth. I pulled his balls up next to my face and licked them generously.

This stud loved to have his cock sucked but seemed like it had been awhile since he came. I could feel him building up to his orgasm so I let him pump his cum into my receptive mouth. He moaned and moaned while shaking like with ecstasy. I licked all the cum from his cock and under the skinhead getting every drop. He pulled away slowly, and then wiped his cock off with him handkerchief. He slowly put his precious manhood back into his pants and left the booth and out the door. That was a nice enough cock to suck off again sometime.

I was happy sucking off 2 nice cocks on my visit to the church basement and was about to leave when another person came in and went right into the booth and locked his door. He whipped out his cock and took piss as I watched him at the hole. He then flushed and stood there letting his cock hanging. He did not play with it, but as he stood there, his cock was starting to get hard. I realized I had another nice cock that needs to get sucked off. I was admiring his cock shaft when he turned quickly and stuck his dick into the hole. It still was not completely hard but must have measured a good 8 inches. What a beauty

. I quickly took it into my mouth while it was still soft. He pushed against the partition and gave me full access to his cock. I pulled as much of his balls into the hole as he unzipped his pants and let them drop to his knees. I took his cock into my mouth as far as I could. It was not hard to take because it was smooth and slid into my throat very easy. I had to use my hand also to get a nice long stroke on a long cock. We were both responding to each other actions. I knew this one was hot to go, so I let him shoot his hot sperm into me when he was ready. It was a nice long orgasm and exciting as the one before him. 

 After his orgasm stopped he pulled out and stood there until he started to piss once more. He shook the last few drops of piss off and then put his cock back into his pants and went to the sink.

The door opened once more and another voice started to talk with the man I had just sucked off. It was one of the 2 men that had been in here earlier. It suddenly dawned on me that I had sucked off not only the best man, but the bridegroom as well. I was pleased that I had both of these hot looking straight studs. It was great that they both liked to get the nuts off and that I was the one to do it.

Story by Dick Clinton,



  1. hot story. bust a good nut reading it

  2. I love tearoom, glory hole, and public sex and stories about them by other cruisers. It is especially hot when you blow someone through the hole and then come to find out that you know them in a non-sexual way. Love walking across campus and seeing a guy I know I have done - especially the butch, jock types who project that they are only interested in pussy, but I know better. When I see guys, I don't out them; I do smile and say hello as we pass each other. I'll catch some looking back like they are thinking, "How do I know that guy?" I always hope some of them figure it out and ask for regular hook-ups but that hasn't happened. This fall I am wearing a pair of orange sneakers, thinking some will make the connection. Loved your story.

  3. You're as good as ever


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