Friday, September 20, 2013

Lads at the Lake

Part 02, Intrusion

 I started to get up and go to the toilet when I heard a sound in the other room. I assumed it was one or all of the guys that had returned from the boating. I went to the head, pissed and cleaned myself and returned to the bed room.

I was shocked to see a lake security guard standing in the doorway of the bedroom.

Are you alright, son? I saw that man hurrying out the door and thought I would check the place out. I didn't know anyone was using the cabin this weekend. Who are you? Are you a guest of Roy and his family?

I was stunned seeing this stranger in the Cabin. I stood completely naked while standing before me, was a hot looking young stud about 25, dressed in a brown tailored security uniform. He was about six foot tall and solidly built. His blond hair edged from his uniform cap and his blue eyes sparkled as he slowly looked me up and down. I noticed a thick wedding band on his finger. I was starting to get excited and my dick started to get hard.

Yes sir. I'm a guest of Roy Jordan. We’ll be here for the week end. And who are you?”

I’m Adam, the lake security officer. I keep watch of anything strange happening around here, and by the looks of things, something strange just happened. That man sure rushed out of here for some reason. Were you the reason?”

Yes officer I guess I’m the guilty one. Won’t you come in the bedroom while I find some clothes to put on, unless you want to join me and get naked too.” I brazenly utter to this hot looking officer. I notice a large bulge developing under his tailored uniform.

I guess I could stay for a while. What did you have in mind?” he said as he moved closer to me.

As we talked my dick was at full mast and starting to ooze pre-cum juices. I got closer to him and rubbed his growing cock area. He started un-buckling his belt. He dropped his holster and nightstick to the floor as I dropped to my knees to unzip his uniform pants. As he pulled down his pants out jumped one of the biggest pricks I’ve seen since Carl, the guard from the Drive in, big eleven inches of manhood.

Oh my gawd!” what a fucking prick this officer had. He grabbed my head and forced my head down on his cock. I could only manage the head and another few inches in my mouth. He tasted and smelled great.

Suck my dick, fagot. Lick my balls. Yeah. Lick my dick and balls” He said in an aggressive tone.

Turn around. I’m gonna fuck your fagot ass. I was watching that man as he fucked his cock up your ass. I’m gonna give your slutty ass a good fucking too. Get on the bed, Bitch, I’m gonna fuck the hell out of you.”

I got on the bed as he demanded. Then he got on the bed, still fully clothed, boots and all, lifted my legs and guided his big eleven inch cock to my moist hole. He stuck his thick finger into my moist hole. After he found my entry spot, he rubbed his cock over my hole. He didn't wait for my guidance, but shoved his cock all the way into my asshole. It hurt like hell for a few minutes. He paused for about one minute then started fucking me rough and hard. I was being ravaged by this hunky Security Guard...and I was loving it.

It hurt like hell at first but after a while he began to rub my ‘special spot’, until it started to feel great.

He had a hot fit body. I unsnapped his shirt and rubbed my hands over his muscular chest and caressed his hairy brown nipples. I could feel his big balls slapping against me. His hat tilted to one side of his handsome face. He was a very handsome and hot looking man. He looked down and me and frowned.

Tell me how much you like it, fagot. Tell me how my cock feels up your fagot ass. Tell me cocksucker. You like me screwing your boy cunt, don’t you?” He said as he roughly manhandled me. He was fierce, but I was beginning to like it. He was such a hot stud I would give him my ass anytime. Damn. He was forceful and I liked it.

Oh yes sir. I love your big cock up my fagot ass. Fuck me Officer Adam. Fuck my fagot ass. Fuck me. Make me your bitch. Fuck my boy-pussy. Oh gawd your big cock feels so great up my slutty ass. Oh Yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fill me with your manly cum. Breed me.”

I kept replying to him as he manhandled me for his pleasure. First it was for his satisfaction to humiliate me but after a few hard shoves I was enjoying it. I liked his demanding ways. Damn. He was driving me crazy. I was gonna cum soon. I was going wild being fucked by this hot rough officer.

The bed was banging against the cabin wall. I was all bent over and finding it hard to breathe. He just kept plunging his thick cock into my abused hole. I could feel his battering ram touching spots that I never knew existed. I was cumming again. He never paused as I came but kept fucking me until he came, and when he started to cum, he shook and let out a deep heavy moan and rammed me harder and harder, spreading my legs like a wishbone. I thought the bed might collapse during his wild fucking.

Take my load, you fucken' fagot slut. Take it cocksucker. Damn it feels so fucken good shooting my sperm up your fagot cunt. Fuck you, you slut. Fuck you bitch. Aww aww, aww. Fuckkkk.” He kept talking to me as he came.

You’re one lucky son of a bitch, getting my man seed up your fagot cunt. Oh yeah. You lucky bitch.” Then he paused and rammed into me a few more times., Then he stopped fucking and caught his breath and composed himself. He stared down at me again before pulling his member out of my well used hole.

I could feel his cum leaking from my hole. I just lay there like a despoiled boy-pussy, and it was awesome. He wiped his cock on my leg and on the sheet, then got up, redressed and set back on the bed.

Are you okay? I have a tendency to get carried away when I get some good ass. You’re the first guy I’ve every laid. Not bad! Not bad at all. Are you gonna be around this area for a few days? If so perhaps I could call on you again. I've gotta run now. My name’s Adam and I have a phone at the lake entrance booth. Here’s my card. Give me a call when you have some spare time. Stay cool when you call me. I’m married. Thanks for the good time. See ya later pal.”

I really had a good time letting Officer Adam fuck me, even though he was rough. I guess I could manage to let him fuck me again sometime this week-end before we left the lake. I had to pull the sheets off the bed and straighten up before the guys got back from the lake.

I went to the toilet and put some soothing cream around and into my well fucked hole. My hole was sensitive from that last fucking but I heal fast, besides I wanted to keep the guys happy for the next few days.

I slipped into my bathing suite and headed down to the boathouse. The guys had taken the boat out on the lake and were water skiing. I set on the dock and watched the people on the lake.

The Fisherman.

There was a man fishing on the end of the pier. He turned and nodded to me. “How’s it going? You don’t mind if I fish here do ya?”

No. I’m sure the owners don’t care, besides Roy and the other guys are out in the boat messing around. I’m just a guest. Are you having any luck fishing?”

Gnaw. I’m giving up for today. Sometimes when it’s quiet I catch a few small ones but today the lake is too busy and they scare the fish away.” He said as he started pulling his real in and gathering up his gear. He was a good-looking man about 35. Short cut hair, nice body and a pleasant smile.

Why aren't you out with your buddies on the lake?”

I’ve had a rough day and fell asleep, besides I’m not much of a water person. I do most of my playing on dry land. Hi. My names Dick.”

They have a nice boat house here. Do you mind if I go inside and look around, besides I need to take a piss and don’t want to stand here on the pier and expose myself. Do you mind?”

Yeah. Come on. Let’s go inside. I've never seen the inside of the boathouse either.”

He rested his pole against the side of the boathouse and set his fishing box on the deck and followed me inside. It was just a small area for the boat. A few ores and life jackets hanging around the walls. He move to the edge of the water, pulled down his shorts, and aimed his cock to the water. I thought I’d join him. This way I could get a good look at what he was concealing under his shorts.

Oh man. Almost nothing better than taking a good piss.” He said as a heavy stream of golden piss gushed out of his flaccid cock. Then I added. ‘Unless it’s a good cocksucker draining the spunk from your cock.” He laughed at my addition comment. I couldn’t piss because I was starting to get a hard on while watching him piss.

Yeah. You’ve got that right. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good blow job from anyone. How about you?” My cock was uncontrollable and I immediately got a boner. He looked at my hard cock. “Looks like you could use a blow job as well.” His piss stopped flowing and he started to get hard. I reached over and caressed his hardening cock.

Do you want to suck on my cock?” He turned towards me as his shorts fell to his ankles. I leaned over and put his moist cock into my mouth. It started getting hard immediately. I dropped to my knees and took his cock all the way into my mouth. His cock was about eight inches long, once it got hard. I caressed his balls and engulfed his cut cock and ran my tongue around the big tulip shaped head, then when down on him again.

He stood with his hands on his hips and breathed deeply as I pleasure him. He consent to let me pleasure his hard cock for a few minutes before he started producing more and more juices, then he stiffened his body, put his hands on the back of my head, and out gushed several loads of sweet juicy man cum. I sucked it all down and swallowed every precious drop.

His knees buckled as he stood but soon got his composure and gave out a deep sigh of relief.

Fuck. Young man I really needed that. Damn it was good. I could use a mouth like yours every day. That was a surprise. I never took you as a cock sucker.”

I pulled up his shorts and stood as he continued. “I’m here for the next few days staying in my cabin next door to yours. I’m a writer and this place is usually nice a quiet and it gives me time to think and write. My name Conrad. Feel free to come over and ‘visit’ with me again. Now that I am sexually relieved, I’ll be able to write some more today.” He said as he laughed and put his hand on my shoulder.

It was my pleasure and if you need to be sexually relieved again I’ll come over and give you satisfaction. You have a nice suckable cock. I’ll like to visit you sometime soon.”

Just then we heard the motor of the boat coming up to the dock. We casually walked out side the boathouse. “See ya soon, friend, and be sure to visit me soon.” He said as the boys boat pulled to the dock. Chad threw me the tie line and I secured the boat. Soon the guys were unloading the water skis and other items. We walked up to the cabin to get something to eat. It has been a surprisingly good day for me. I was already looking forward to our evening when we were going to bed. Now that everyone was relaxed around each other our sex would be even better than before.

Story by Dick Clinton

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