Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lads as the Lake, The Intrduction..

Roy Jordan, the young man at the drive in theater, asked me to join him and two of his school buddies at his parent’s cabin at Olathe Lake for the week-end. Roy and his father ran the projectors at the drive in theater. I had met Roy during my intimate sexual encounters with two of the Security Men in the Employees restroom. This is where I first lost my virginity and shared my ass with Roy. He seemed to like me and offered me a ride home that evening. We pulled onto a dark road and two brothers from a local farm forced us to participate in a hot and sexy encounter. Roy did things he’d never done before with men and he swore me to secrecy. Because of this secret, we had a special bond.

Even though I was in my senior year in high school and still living at home, I had to get permission to go to the cabin with Roy and his friends. They assumed I would not drink or take drugs and I was a good boy. Humph. If they only knew how good I was to and with my buddies. I gave Roy a call and told him I could go with them and he was to pick me up Saturday.

Early Saturday morning Roy and the other guys pulled up in front of my house in a small van and we were on our way to the lake. It was only about 15 miles from my house and would only take us a short time to get there. The guys wanted to stop by a Short-Stop and pick up some beer and a few other snacks to add to the other food item. You know how young teenagers are about eating.

I was introduced to the two guys, Jason and Chad that attended Roy’s Junior College. Jason was a tall clean cut looking guy with nice tan, sandy blond hair, pleasant smile, a great set of teeth, and had an athletic lanky swimmers body. He didn't show much of a bulge in his cut-offs but sometimes a tall guy can surprise you because it hangs down his leg instead of stuffed in his crotch area.

Chad was shorter than Jason and Roy, but about the same height as I. He was solid in stature, had dark curly hair, and a square jaw, with a small crevice in his chin. He seemed a bit shy, but showed a nice bulge under his shorts. I pictured him to have a thick cock and golf ball size hairy balls. I notice a few hairs protruding from his ‘wife beater’ shirt and soft fuzzy hair on his solid firm legs. I figured him to be either a wrestler or a jogger by the way he moved.

We were soon on our way and would arrive at the lake soon. It had been a nice calm sunny day and the lake looked calm and good for boating or water skiing. Soon as we arrived at the cabin everyone grabbed something to unload the van.

The cabin was small but large enough to accommodate the four of us guys. It had a small screened in porch in front. Inside the cabin was one large room with two couches that made into beds, couple small end tables with lamps and a small fireplace with butane burning fake logs. To the left of the room was a small bedroom area with a double bed. You had to go thru the bedroom to enter the small toilet, sink, and shower. In back of the main room was a small kitchen with a counter and bar stools. Behind the back of the kitchen was a large screened in porch with several lounge chairs and small dinning table, refrigerator and a couch large enough for a person to sleep on.

Roy and I would sleep in the bedroom and Jason and Chad were to sleep on the couch/beds in the living area. It was nothing fancy but clean. I expected no more than a family cabin. Jason and Chad had been here before and immediately took their swimming things to the dock. Jason and Roy went to the boathouse to check on the boat to see if it had gasoline and was in running condition. Chad and I unloaded the groceries and supplies and had a chance to set on the back porch and relax while the guys were at the boathouse. We sat there only briefly when Chad opened up and asked me about my personal sex life.

Roy tells me you like guys and you're a great cocksucker. Is that correct or was he just kidding me?”

Yeah. I like guys, and you have to judge for yourself about my cock sucking procedure.

That’s cool. I've never had a blow job from a guy before. Roy said you give better head than his girl friends, because a guy knows how another guy likes to have it done. That makes sense.”

I notice Chad was beginning to rearrange himself and started to move around in his chair.

Yeah. I think a guy knows how another guy likes to make it feel. Would you like for me to show you? The guys seem to be occupied at the boathouse.”

Awe…I wasn't hinting for a blow job, but to be truthfully with you, I got a boner just thinking about it. You know me and Jason are not gay so don’t expect me to precipitate.”

I know you guys aren't gay. That doesn't matter to me, in fact I prefer servicing straight guys. I just like it that way, but later on I will show you some other ways I can satisfy you that you might enjoy just as much, if not better than just getting sucked off. Are you still in the mood for me to suck your cock?” I said as I moved over to Chad as he set on one of the lounge chairs.

Ah, Ah. Sure. If you still want to. I can see the boathouse from here and if they come up the path we can stop.”

I told Chad to stand as I pulled off his trunks. His cock was already starting to grow. I was a pretty good judge of cock size and I was correct. His cock was partially cut, thick and about six to seven inches long soft. His balls and pubic hair were covered with thick and dark hair.

He set back down on the chair as I moved between his hairy legs. He closed his eyes as I first caressed his balls and guided his fat cock to my lips. As his cock got harder the foreskin eased away from his tulip shaped cock head. Small amount of pre-cum was starting to form at the slit. I first licked the sweet nectar it offered then ran my tongue around his cock head a couple of times, and went all the way down on him with one quick movement. He sighed out.

Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd. That is fantastic. You took my whole cock. Yeah. Keep going, keep going. I love it.”

didn't need any encouragement and went back down on him over and over again. As I held on to his hairy balls, I slid my finger past his perineum to the tip of his anus. I kissed his cock up and down between breaths, then engulfed his cock over and over until I knew he was about to pop his load. He grabbed the back of my head and let out a moan of sexual pleasure and started to cum. I held on tight as he pushed his groin up to meet my cock sucking mouth. Then he moaned again and continued to cum.

I finished savoring his sweet load and licked his balls and cock clean and dry. He continued to set on the lounge and fell asleep. His swimming suit was on the floor and he remained naked. I was not about to wake this cute guy with the hairy body and fat dick. I wanted Roy and Jason to know I had just drained him of his first load.

I went back to the kitchen area and continued to put the food items away. I heard Roy and Jason talking as they came up the path to the cabin. Chad still remained asleep on the lounge chair. They came up the back stairs and onto the back porch. They didn't bother to wake Chad but went straight to the ‘frig’ to get a beer. Roy came into the kitchen and gave me a silly grin and hit me on the shoulder.

I see you've broken in one of our guest already. I guess he must have enjoyed it because he's asleep. You next conquest will be Jason. We were talking about you when we were at the boathouse. He’s interested.”

Roy stood close to me as we talked. He pushed his warm body next to mine. He already had a hard on. I smiled at him and pulled down his trunks, got on my knees on the kitchen floor, took his cock in my mouth and started giving him a blow job. He remained standing drinking his beer and enjoying my mouth working over his hard throbbing cock. Jason came thru the area, saw our action, and went to the toilet to take a piss.

Damn it Dick. I've missed your warm mouth on my hard cock. I jacked off everyday thinking how nice you treated me. I’m anxious to fuck that sweet tight ass again soon, but man, this blow job is a well needed relief. Oh man. I’m gonna cum already. Are you ready? Here it comes. Here it comes. Oh damn that’s so good. Un Huh. Mu-mm.” Roy continued to gasp and enjoy his quick orgasm.

We finished our session, but I noticed Jason was still in the bathroom. I didn't want him to feel left out so I went to the bedroom. Jason was still standing at the toilet stool with a big hard on. He didn’t look up when I came into the toilet. His trunks were down around his ankles. I just walked in, took hold of his big hard cock, dropped to my knees, and licked his cock head.

His cock was large, just like I’d guessed, and much larger than the other guys, and perfectly shaped. I was looking forward to getting fucked by this one, but one thing at a time. I wanted to taste his cock. He turned towards me and let me work on his cock. It was very thick and about ten inches in length.

I did the best I could at sucking him but thought I’d suggest that he fuck me. I motioned for him to follow me to the bed. I found some lube on the end table and after getting him as wet as I could, I rubbed some lube on his cock head, stood. dropped my trunks and bent over the bed offering him my ass hole to fuck.

Jason softly said to me. “Are you sure you’re up to this? No one has taken my cock all the way. I’ll be gentle.”

He rubbed his wet cock up and down my ass crack until he located my opening. He eased his cock head into my anus. He paused as it slowly eased directly into my body. Gawd it was big, but I wanted it. Just then he shoved it to the hilt. I felt his balls rest against my ass. I had him all the way in. I looked towards the open bedroom door and Roy was standing there jacking off again. He gave us a thumbs up.

You feel good in me Jason. After I get use to you cock, you can plow me as hard as you want. I like rough manly sex. Fuck me, Jason. Just fuck me good and shoot your hot cum in my ass.”

Fuck yeah. I’m glad you like it because I can fuck for a long time and can cum two or three times without pulling out. You sure you're ready for a hard fucking?”

Roy eased his way into the room and stood besides Jason as he started fucking me.

I told you he was a willing fuck. Take your time and enjoy it. He loves it. I’ll just watch for now, if you guys don’t mind. It’s amazing how he can take your big thick ten inch cock, but I did see him get fucked by a couple of the security guys at the Drive in theater. One of the guys has at least eleven inches. Man that’s hot. Go for it Jason and I’ll just stand here and enjoy if you don’t mind.”

Fuck. I don’t mind. I like to be watched but I never get the chance to fuck like this. I really appreciate you sharing your pussy-boy. This is amazing how easy he takes my cock so easy and it feels awesome. This is gonna be a great weekend. Oh yeah. Let me enjoy this ass. Un Huh.” Jason said as he plowed my ass.

I saw Chad coming into the room. He didn't stop but went directly to the toilet. He was still naked. Jason continued to fuck me slow and easy, pulling his ten inches almost all the way out, then shoving it back in. Roy placed his hand on my buttocks then down to my hole to feel Jason’s cock entering my asshole.

Get him on the bed and turn him over on his back. He likes it better that way.” Roy suggested to Jason.

Jason pulled out of my ass as I positioned myself on the bed. He quickly got on the bed with me, lifted my legs, put them on his shoulders, and tried to guide his cock into my ass again.

Roy. Do us a favor. Guide my cock to his asshole before we fuck again. I don’t want to injury him. You’re not afraid to touch my dick are you?”

Roy got on the bed with us and took hold of Jason’s cock and guided it to my wet hole. Jason braced his arms on the bed, looked down at me and winked. Meanwhile Chad had finished pissing in the toilet and was now watching the action on the bed. His cock was hard and ready for more action as well.

Hey guys. Looks like we just might spend more time in bed than on the water. Gawd Jason! I didn't know your cock was so big. How the ‘hell’ does Dick take that big sausage? Don’t stretch him out of shape. I’ve never fuck a dude’s ass before. It looks as hot as any pussy. Save me some.”

There’s plenty to go around. He loves to get fuck. You can go next if Jason ever gets his nuts. I’ve seen this dude fuck before and he can cum a couple times before he finished.”

Fuck. I don’t know if I can hold off that long. He sucked me off while you guys were at the boathouse and it was great, but fucking really looks good too. I’ll just wait and watch Jason at play. Hey, you want to go with me to get a beer and let these two fuck for awhile?”

Yeah. That might be best. If I stand here and watch this action very long, I’ll pop my load again and I’m anxious to fuck.”

Roy and Chad went into the other room to get a beer while Jason fucked me. He was a great fucker. He kept touching my prostate and I knew I could cum quickly but tried to hold back. Jason lifted my ass higher and plunged deeper.

Damn. I never knew fucking ass could be so great. When I fuck the girls they say I’m hurting them and it turns me off and I hate using a condom. It kills all the feeling. I don’t have to worry about getting you knocked up. Your ass is so warm and smooth. This is the best ever. I’m gonna shoot my first load soon so hang on man, I’m going into action mode. Un huh. This is so good. Un, Un, Un. Oh fuck. Here comes my first load. Can I cum in you? Oh fuck. Too late. I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Oh gawd. Oh, Oh, Oh man”

Jason kept plunging his big cock into me as he came. He spread my legs and buried his cock deep and let it cum. I shot my first load with him. My cum shot all over my abs and chest. The expression on his face was awesome. He closed his eyes and smiled with pleasure and paused. He finally opened his eyes and looked down at me and smiled.

That was unbelievable. I think I shot 6 or 8 times before I stopped cumming. I know my nuts needed draining but your ass made it feel so hot. I can cum again it you don’t mind. Let my cock soak in your warm hole then I’ll start fucking you again. You okay? I noticed you came so I did something right. Huh?”

Jason placed my legs back on his shoulders and rubbed his hand thru the cum on my abs, then he put his hand to my mouth for me to taste. I licked his fingers clean. He scooped up some more and put it to his mouth.

Humm. Nice. Never tasted another guys cum before. Not bad. Not bad at all. It tastes like sweet cream.”

He started to move in and out of my cum filled hole again. His cock was still hard for fucking. Once again we fucked me but a bit harder and longer this time. He gave me another good fucking and came in me again.

That was as good as the first fuck. I’m being selfish. I should let the other guys pop their nuts now. What do you say? But don’t get me wrong, I want a few more fuck from you later. Okay?” Then he called out to Roy.

Hey Roy. If you’ll bring us a beer I give you back your hot boy pussy, but just for awhile. This is good stuff, I mean really good stuff.”

Roy came into the room just as Jason was pulling his cum coated cock from my well fucked hole.
Here’s you beer. Put your cock up to his mouth and he’ll clean it off for you, and while he’s cleaning that cock for you, I’ll put my cock in his ass for another good fucking.“

Jason moved up to my face as I started licking and cleaning his semi-hard cock and low hanging balls. Roy was getting hot watching his buddy’s cock being serviced just a few inches from his face. Roy lifted my legs and buried his cock deep in my wet hole. I sighed at his sudden entry. Even though Roy’s cock wasn't as big as Jason’s it was curved differently and hit different spots. I liked being fucked by Roy.

I continued to clean Jason’s ten inch cock while getting fucked by Roy. Jason was already starting to get hard again. Chad came back into the room to eagerly wait his turn at his first piece of male ass.

I motioned for him to get on the bed and put his cock in my mouth while I was still holding onto Jason’s cock. Now I had the three hot guys on the bed with me. I alternated sucking on Jason, then Chad while Roy fucked me fast and hard.

Roy had already cum earlier when I sucked him off in the kitchen but he was ready to unload again in my ass. He started moaning and telling me he was gonna cum. I eagerly waited for his cum to be shot up my ass, when Jason started to shoot another load all over my face and into the corners of my mouth. He had another big load for me to savor.

I wanted Chad to fuck me so I held his cock tight so he would not cum yet. As soon as Roy pulled out of me, Chad mounted me and put his cock in my overflowing cum filled hole. He was so excited he only pumped me six times before he came. It was quick but nice. When he finished cumming he lay across my wet cum soaked body and licked some of Jason’s cum from my face, then he lightly kissed my lips and turned his face away. I thought he was going to fall asleep again.

Jason and Roy collapsed on the bed with me and Chad. After a few minutes Roy got up and said we should check out the water and take a quick swim. Jason was the next to move, then Chad slowly got up and joined the other boys. I wanted to lay there and rest. I turned over on my stomach and fell asleep.

Guess Who?

I don’t know how long I’d been asleep but when I woke up someone was feeling my ass and running their hand up and down my wet hole. I spread my legs and was ready for another fucking. To my pleasant surprise I felt a warm breath on my ass and a finger sliding into my hole. Then the warm breath moved closer to my spreading ass crack.

Someone was spreading my ass and starting to rim me and sucking out the four loads of cum buried in my hot well fucked hole. His tongue felt good. His rough unshaven face was familiar. I dared to look over my shoulder and to my surprise it was Roy’s dad, the projectionist at the Drive in Theater, eating my cum filled hole. This was the same person that ate me out when I was at the Drive in Theater and had gotten fucked several times that evening. One of the loads in my hole was his son Roy. I lay there not knowing what to do or say next, besides he was an excellent ass rimmer. I thought to myself what if his son Roy and Jason and Chad would come in. Boy would that be awkward. I started to get up, but Roy’s dad kept on licking and sucking on my ass.

Sir. I’m afraid the guys will be back soon and I don’t think you want us to be caught in this position, do you?”

I saw the boys leave a few minutes ago in the boat and they don’t know I’m here. I knew you were gonna let the boys fuck you and I wanted to eat out your slutty boy-pussy again. I love to eat pussy but your ass full of hot young men’s cum is even better. How many loads of cum are in you right now? You’re nice and juicy. Please don’t tell Roy and the boys I was here. Let me lick your ass some more then I’ll jack off and leave before they get back. Please.”

Mr. Jordan, Sir. You can eat my ass all you want but why don’t you add your cum to my pussy by giving me a good fucking and add your cum with your sons. I think that’s hot. Just give me a good fucking like Roy does.”

That would be fantastic. You sure you wouldn't mind if I fuck you? I’m not a young stud like the boys but my cock is big and thick.”

Oh sir. I think you’re kind of hot and by the looks of your big dick, I think I would enjoy having you fuck me. Just take off your pants and crawl on. I’m still nice and wet so you shouldn’t have much trouble getting your cock in my ass. Please fuck me sir. I’d like that.”

He got up from the bed and quickly took off his pants. I lay on my stomach and braced myself for another fuck. He was so nervous he was shaking but he managed to guide his cock to my wet hole and enter me. Wow. I was now gonna be fucked by father and son on the same day. This was gonna be a first for me.

He mounted me and put his thick cock up my ass. Even though I had been fucked four time today, his cock felt nice. He parted my buttock and watched his dick going in and out of my hole. I could feel his warm balls touching my balls. He fucked slow and easy but was so hot he started to cum after a few minutes. He gasped and moaned and stopped moving as he emptied his gushing load in my ass. He paused for a few minutes then pulled his spent cock out of my hole. He leaned forward and kissed each of my buttocks and quickly put his pants and shoes back on, patted my butt, and headed out the door.

Word count, 4207


  1. I am excited to hear that you are going to post more of this story! I have been following it since "Drive in theater" and you have an awesome writing style and I love your stories! Please continue on with this one soon!
    A fan,
    Mike Anderson

  2. Hey Mike, Just for you I will continue it. Thanks for the nice comment. Enjoy
    Dick Clinton


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