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Daddy Jack From Lumbering Jacks


Daddy Jack of ‘Lumbering Jacks’


My life continued smoothly during those early years at the Lumber Camp. Jack, Jr and I continued our school education and learned various jobs around the main Camp. Since Jr. was older than I, he would make the deliveries to the other two camps, and sometimes stay for a day or two, helping the cook set up the new supplies and helped them catch up on a few other chores. Jr. told me he was going to be gone over night and would see me later. I always felt lonely for his presents, but the cook at the main camp would always find something extra for me to do while Jr. was gone.


I had a break after lunch and decided I would go take a quick nap in my room. When I arrived, two men had moved our furniture, and covered it with paint cloths so the could paint. I was unaware of their visit, and was about to go inside, when my step day, Jack, Senior called to me from down the hall.


“Lance. I thought you knew your room was to be painted today. You will have to bunk in with me for a couple of nights until the paint dries and the smell disperses. I had Ralph move some of your things into my room so you can shower and change in here. I just assumed Jr. told you about it. I guess he was in a hurry to catch the truck to go to the other camp that he forgot. If you need anything else in your room, you can do it after the men leave.”


I was surprised, but not unhappy sleeping in Jack’s room or bed. I was nervous but hopefully it would be an exciting adventure. I always had a secret crush on Jack. He was such a handsome masculine man and reeked with sexuality. No matter what he was wearing, he looked great. His clothes always fit his muscular body so well. I’d seen him in the yards working with some of the men with his shirt off, but had never seen him naked yet. Perhaps tonight would be the night.


I went about my work in the kitchen and soon all the men had been fed, the kitchen clean to perfection, I was on my way to my new quarters in Jack Senior’s room. It was still early and Jack was out making his rounds of the grounds and then to his office to finish the day. I’d watch a little TV or read a book before I’d take my shower and hop in bed. I was just getting out of the shower when I heard Jack come into his room.


“Hey Lance. I see you’ve made yourself comfortable and taken your shower. Help me get out of these damn boots and I’ll take my shower next.” Jack said to me as I finished drying myself.


I rapped my towel around my waist and got on the floor to help him with his boots. He instructed me to turn around so he could put his foot on my behind and shove while I pulled on his boot. When I turned, my towel fell to the floor and he pushed on my bare ass. We both laughed as I fell to the floor while his boot remained in my hands. While he began removing his shirt, I cautiously got up from the floor and unbuckled his belt to help him out of his pants. He smiled as I struggled with the buckle, but I finally managed and continued to unbutton his jeans.


My heart started to beat faster with the sexual excitement of his nearness and his manly scent. He stood staunchly with his hands on his hips as I nervously struggled to undress him. My cock began to get erect, yet I didn’t bother to cover myself. I unbuttoned his jeans and tugged them downward. He braced his hand on my shoulder and pulled his pants down his legs and off his feet.


He was wearing plaid cotton boxer shorts that hugged his firm hips. Even though he was not fully erect, the head of his big cock hung down the inside of his leg and past the leg opening. I knew he had a big cock, but this was unbelievable. It wasn't completely hard, yet it looked immense. The head of his cock was partially covered with a soft layer of foreskin and small clear drops of pre-cum were present at his piss opening.


I was so sexually energized at this instant, that I reverently positioned myself on my knees before him. I slightly tugged at his boxer short and gently slid them over his hard muscular hips, over his buttocks, and to the floor.


His masculine structure stood towering over me as I gazed at his naked body for the first time. His cock had to be at least 12 to 13 inches long and bigger around than my wrist. How could I make love to such a gigantic male organ? I was mesmerized at the magnificence of such a perfect cock. I was awed at the presents of my mentor and master. My body trembled. I leaned forward just to inhale his musky body aroma, and then kissed his awesome manhood. I gently cupped his low hanging hairy balls in my hand and kissed them with reverence. His cock began to harden and rise. I took his large cock in both hands and directed it to the tip of my tongue to savor the sweet pearly communion he presented to me. I licked around the tulip formed cockhead and then searched for the presents of smegma under his protective foreskin. He sighed with pleasure and I was pleased.


I continued my cock worshiping rituals as he sat on the nearby sofa chair enjoying my lovemaking. His cock stiffened even more as I swirled my tongue underneath his foreskin. Soon the cockhead projected itself for more pleasure from my cocksucking. I gripped his penis with one hand and guided it into my mouth, sucking it down as far as I could manage. I feared I would not get him to climax with my cocksucking, no matter how good I was. I had to find another way to please him, but I wondered if I could take his cock into my anus. I had to try. I wanted to please Jack, no matter what I had to do. I moistened his cock the best I could then I straddled his hips and positioned my ass over his cock. He opened his eyes for the first time and looked at me.


“Lance. You are an incredible cocksucker. Did you learn that from Junior, or does it just come natural for you? I know in time, you can get me off, but since this is our first time alone, I want to put my cock inside that sweet love canal of yours. Junior told me he has been fucking you for quite some time, and you’d soon be ready for me. Get that tube of lube in that drawer and let’s give it a try.”


Then jack paused and said, “I want you to lie on your back and let me get you wet before I put any lube into your hole. It has some pain reliever in the lube and will make it easier for you to take me. Now lay back and let me make love to your tight little boy asshole before your daddy breeds you.


Jack carefully lifted my legs in the air, leaned forward and kissed my buttocks. He paused to gaze at my pink anus and then hard-pressed his mouth to my hole. He twirled his tongue around and around my asshole then pushed his mouth against my opening and fucked me with his strong thick tongue. The sensation was amazing. His rough unshaven face and the feeling of his wiry mustache enhanced the sensation. He pushed so hard against my anus I felt he was trying to shove his head into my body. I was squirming with delight. He made love to my ass hole for a period of time, came up for air, licked me a few more times, and kissed both my buttocks.


I opened the nearby table drawer, searching for the lube. I found it next to a very large rubber dildo, a plastic cock shaped vibrator, a pair of metal handcuffs and a few other sex toys. Jack was well prepared for any sexual activity. Jack took the lube from me and put some it on his large middle finger, then eased it into my receptive anus, massaging it around the opening of my puckering aperture, then back into my asshole. This should relax my asshole before Jack entered me. Jack also place a small bit on the head of his cock, then put the tube back on the table and positioned himself on the floor with his cock aimed towards my asshole.


Jack lifted my legs, one at a time, and placed them on his shoulders. As he looked down at me, he could sense the excitement and fear I had of Jack’s big cock. He smiled and kissed my ankles and legs before he moved in closer and guided the head of his cock into the entrance of my anus.


It eased in slowly at first, and then there was a slight suction from my anus muscles and to our surprise, it slid right in to the hilt. I cried out in surprise and pleasure as I shot a load of cum directly into my face. Jack paused and smiled, and then leaned forward, kissed me on the mouth, sharing the fresh cum running on my face. I returned his kiss and knew it was going to be a good night of man-to-man sexual pleasure.


“My God Lance, you took my cock right clear down to my balls, and yet your asshole feels as tight as a wood grip. Didn’t it hurt you as it went in? I hit your ‘spot’ and made you cum. That was awesome, and what a load you shot, son. You were made for fucking, I can see that. What a hot number you’ll be at an orgy.” Jack said as he slowly edged his dick out half way, and then slowly moved back in.


“Relax and let me fuck you. I know we will both enjoy this. We have all night to enjoy each other company.”


I felt so full and so pleased that I took his cock so easy. I had been hoping for this moment for a long time, ever since Jack Jr., his son, told me how big his dad’s cock was. I always like the challenge of a big cock.


“Oh Lance. Your body feels so nice and my cock seems to fit perfectly in you. Do you like your daddy fucking you like this, son?”


“Yes sir. I feel so good all over. Please take your time and fuck me as long as you want. You can get rougher if you like. I can take it. Fuck me daddy Jack. Fuck me long and hard.”


Daddy Jack fucked me most of the night. He came in me two times and never pulled out. He was now going for a third climax. I could feel the warm cum squishing around in my hole. His big dick fit so tight in my hole that all of his cum remained in me.


He was building up for another climax. His cock swelled and shot another big load up my ass. I came at the same time and my body was covered with my spunk. Jack was a good kisser but concentrated mostly on fucking me, but just as he would cum he would kiss me. It was great.


“I think I am drained for now but we can continue this again later. When I pull my dick out of your boy-pussy, I want you to hold your cum in your ass. Lick and clean off the cum from my spent cock and enjoy the taste of it.



I could hardly wait to tell my step-brother, Jack Junior what a great time my Step-Daddy Jack and I had while he was gone. I was looking forward to having a three way with them in the near future. After I cleaned of Daddy Jacks magnificent cock, I fell a sleep with his soft cock still in my mouth.


Story By Dick Clinton



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