Saturday, November 2, 2013

Construction Hole. (Gory Hole Action)


The following story is a story, about a man that goes to a Glory Hole in an old bowling alley that is about to be torn down.  Here he encounters several construction men where he has man-to-man sexual encounters.  If you are under the legal age in your state or country and should not be reading this story, then leave, otherwise it might give you ideas.

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They were doing lots of new construction in the old section of the city.  I was sad to see many of the older buildings being torn down, because they had lots of history. I stopped by the old bowling alley before it was to be torn down, because it had one of the best and busiest glory holes in town. I knew it could tell some great stories if it could talk. I hope that I would find some action, and give it some more stories to remember.

The toilet was located near the front of the building, close to the bar and the men’s locker room. It contained three booths on one end, separated by a 6-foot urinal, and three more booths on the other side of the urinal.  In all six booths, well-placed and smoothly carved glory holes had been opened. The booth to the side of the urinal also had a large suck hole and by the looks of the stains on both sides of the wall, it had been used many times. Now it looked deserted and lonely still longing for another round of orgasmic pleasure by it users.  Many a dick had used this love hole to get a quick and satisfying release between drinks at the bar, or the next game of bowling.

It was quiet today and only a few old faithful bowlers still played at the alleys. The bar had been pretty active in its heyday but it too was quietly becoming extinct since everyone knew the building was to be torn down.  I found my favorite booth next to the urinal and sat down hoping for a few cocks to suck off before I left.

(Construction Man #1)

  Soon the toilet door opened from the bar side, and in came a man attired in construction pants, a lightly stained body shirt, a heavy tool belt, and dusty work boots.  He pushed open the toilet booth doors next to me, and positioned himself to sit down on the stool. He quickly unbuckled his tool belt from his waist and let it drop to the floor.  Then he proceeded to drop his pants to his leg calves and sat down.  He couldn’t help but notice the obviously large suck hole between our booths.  He took a short piss. Shook it a few times, then quickly stood up exhibiting his semi-hard cock to my viewing.  He directed his cock towards the hole waiting for my signal as he caressed his low hanging balls.  I awed at his sensuous clean-cut cock and balls, and motioned for him to place it into the opening.  He did not hesitate and slowly guided his tulip shaped cock head thru the hole.

The body scent of a working man was obvious, but not unpleasant.  His cock was clean and perfectly shaped, and his low hanging testicles, projected a musky hint of sweat and man.  I gently guided his growing 7-½ inch cock and soft balls thru the wooden partition of the wall.  His pants were down around his ankles, and before he leaned into the partition, he pulled his white stained body work shirt up to his chest away from the hole.  I got a quick glance at his firm abs laced with soft, light blond, fuzzy hair.  His large calloused hands found a comfortable position at the top of the booth, he spread his legs to brace himself, and now he was ready for my warm mouth and fast moving tongue to pleasure his throbbing cock.

I held his manhood in one hand and caressed his soft hairy balls in the other. His cock began to grow very quickly, before I had placed my lips on the deep pink cock head.  A small golden drop of remaining piss lingered at his piss slit, but was soon mingled with white oozing pre-cum. I kissed the thick-skinned cock shaft and licked the bulging blood filled vessels along the sides. He pushed his body in closer, knowing a true cock lover was about to give him pleasure.  I licked the pre-cum from his tasty slit, then ran my tongue around his sensitive head.  His cock throbbed at the anticipation of my next loving move.  I placed my warm mouth around his cock and wet it carefully for my first forward motion.  When it was wet and ready, I slowly sucked his manhood halfway into my mouth, and then on the next thrust, I opened my mouth, relaxed my throat muscles, and took him all the way to his pubic hairs. He gasped out in pleasure, and bumped his body hard, against the partition.  To my surprise, he loudly spoke out. 

Oh My God!” Then he was silent again, for a while as I continued to suck, and make love to his manhood.

I continued to suck and make him gasp and moan for about 10 minutes of pleasure.  We continued on without any interruptions.  I was giving the well-appreciated stud a good work over.  His body started to tense and his cock was starting to give me pleasurable amounts of sweet pre-cum.  I thought I should let him release his complete sexual tension, so I moved up and down on his cock, with faster and faster strokes.  He anticipated my movements and leaned into the wall to give me his full attention.  Up and down on his shaft I would go with my mouth. Then I would encircle my moist hand around and around his throbbing cock, in a screwing motion.  This was all he could stand.  He breathed heavy, gasped and moaned with louder and more excited animal sounding grunts, until he almost shouted out in pure sexual ecstasy of his long and wonderful orgasm.  His low hanging balls tightened and released load after load of warm manly sperm into my welcome warm mouth.

The partition between us shook like a small earthquake. His strong hands gripped the top of the wall as he let me control every deep throat action I used in pleasuring him.  He started to relax but left his cock within the hole as I continued to savor his manly juices.  He would twitch and jerk, as I would run my tongue over his now sensitive cock.  I licked the remaining overflow of his cum from my hand and from the base of his cock where a small amount of white cum remained.  I continued to clean and then blow-dry his cock and balls with the warmth of my breath.  It was so delicious I didn’t want to let him go, but realizing he probably had to go back to his construction job, reluctantly let him withdraw his beautiful semi-soft cock.
He stood briefly at the hole, gasped, and flopped down on the stool once again.  I could sense the relaxed and satisfied mood of this stud.  He sat quietly for a moment to get his composure and his strength.  He fumbled with his tool belt on the floor, then pulled out a small note pad and started writing something. I wondered what it could be.  Perhaps he was giving me his phone number or asking for mine.  I waited for a few minutes then he passed a note into the hole for me to take.

The note said, "Thanks.  You are no doubt the best cocksucker that has ever given me a blow job. That was awesome.  I am working nearby, with some other construction men.  I know they would like to get their cocks sucked too and if you are interested, I will send some of them over during their breaks."

Then he gradually re-dressed, buckled his tool belt and left the booth.  He walked over to the sink, washed his hands, and left the toilet.

I was still shaking from the excitement and thrill of the wild and uninterrupted sexual encounter I just had with this hot man.  I wondered if he was serious about sending over other men for me to suck off.  Just the thought of sucking off a few hot men, without any game playing, would be great.  Just pure unadulterated sexual cock sucking of several hot straight construction men was definitely a cock sucker's dream.

(Construction Man #2)

Soon another construction man came into the toilet and into the booth next to me.  He stood while taking a long piss.  He leaned over the bowl, as his big uncircumcised cock released a thick golden stream of golden piss.  After a long and well-needed piss, he shook it a few times then milked out the extra drippings.   He pulled some toilet paper off the dispenser, then dried and wiped his cock from all the remains.

 After this ritual, he backed away from the stool to let me view his soft hanging cock.  Even soft, it looked to be a good 8 inches. His long lacy foreskin completely covered his thick cock. I wanted to explore this one for sure.  I loved a good uncircumcised cock. I would place my tongue under the soft pink salty tasting entry, to taste his sweet man juices.  I longed for the excitement and thrill of the cock getting hard while I touched and teased him. The gradual movement of the pink moist cock head coming from beneath its protective covering to search for the next sensuous adventure was awesome.  I enjoyed teasing the cock head and tasting the pre-cum love juices that it projected to me in anticipation of the pleasure that I was about to perpetrate on his manhood of love.

 I motioned for him to stick that beauty into the large hole for me to service. He moved to the wall, placed his hands on the top of the wooden partition and placed his cock into the hole.  I was amazed at the thickness of his cock.  It fit into the hole but I had to pull on his balls to get them to come thru the hole too.  I like to grasp on to his balls while I suck the cum out of his shaft.  I managed to get it all thru then started to explore the foreskin with my tongue and taste the pre-cum juices.

I thought this one needed to have my full attention.  I got on my knees directly in front of his cock and caressed it in both hands, rubbing both hands up and down the sides, admiring and kissing it in respect.  He surprisingly pulled away from the hole to unbuckle his jeans, pulled down his pants and boxer shorts and guided his cock back to the hole. I continued my cock worshiping. He was now more excited and his cock was beginning to get harder.  I had to pull the balls thru the hole once more, so I could give him a complete servicing.  His cock head had not started to come from the foreskin. I quickly placed my hand around his cock, and my searching tongue, into the soft opening.  I could still taste a bit of his piss, but the pre-cum was starting to stream out of his slit.  I slurped in the nectar of this beauty, as it slowly merged the pale pink head from beneath the skin.  More and more cock began to appear.

 The cock had swollen to a very large size.  His balls were nothing to sneeze at either.  I licked my way down his shaft and kissed, and licked his man musk and sweat from his big balls. I wandered beneath the huge balls, pressing my face against the wall.  I would have loved to eat this man's ass but the partition separated our contact.  He was such a hot tasting man. I had noticed a thick wedding band on his hand while he was pissing.  I bet his wife never gave him a good rim job like I was willing to do.   

 He had such a nice cock.  I played with it and made love to every inch running my tongue up one side of his cock then down the other.  I would occasionally go to his balls while his cock rested on my cheek.  I was really enjoying this man’s cock.  I could hear him breath heavy then he said.  "I’m going to cum.

" Oh yeah, suck that cock. Awwww, fucken yeah.”  He continued on.
I savored the warm man’s sperm as he shot a huge load into my willing mouth.  I drank down every drop then licked him dry. I gently and respectfully pulled his foreskin back over his sensitive cock head. After a few moments, he slowly backed away from the hole as I guided his balls over the partition. He stood resting while getting his composure, bent over to pull up his pants and put his dick back into his jeans.

"Hey, buddy." He said. "I’m the foreman of this construction crew next door. I wanted to see if you were as good as my nephew said you were and he was right. I will recommend you to my crew, so stick around. I will let them take a break and one at a time you can suck their cocks. I am sure you will enjoy this crew. They are mostly in their 20 to early 30’s. I think you will enjoy yourself. We will be here all this month and you can service my entire crew everyday if you can handle it. Thanks again and good sucking. See ya later buddy."  He continued talking as he buttoned up his clothes and headed out the toilet booth and back to his construction crew.

He surprised me when he spoke so openly to me at the hole.  I was just drooling at the thought of getting more cock.  This was perfect for me for I was truly a hungry but proficient cocksucker and a cum slut.  I was ready for some more cock. Let the games begin.

(Bartender #3)

The door opened once again from the bar side of the toilet.  I could see the person as he went to the sink, but this was not one of the construction workers.  He was one of the handsome bartenders I had seen earlier when I came into the toilet. I only glanced briefly at him because I did not want to draw his attention to let him know I was heading into the men’s room.
 He was a good-looking man about 23, with a mulatto complexion, dark brown eyes and semi-long lustrous black straight hair.   He stood at the mirror combing his hair and methodically checking himself.  His eyes glanced down at my feet at the booth, and then he walked to the urinal.  He whipped out a beautiful long tan cock and started to piss.  He knew I was watching, yet, he didn't seem to object.  He projected the pride of a secure heterosexual stud with a more than efficient penis. He pissed quickly into the trough, shook it firmly and put his cock back into his pants without zipping up. He didn’t return to the sink but came into the booth next to me.  After he shut and locked the booth door, he leaned over to the hole and said to me in a low voice.

“Hey dude.  I’m the bartender here, and I am in need of a quick blow job.  Would you get my nuts off quickly before I have to go back to work?  There is a cunt at the bar that has been teasing the hell out of me for the last hour and my nuts are beginning to ache.  I will set you up with a few beers if you can help me out.  Please man, I am desperate!  I can’t linger here long cause I’m on a short break.  Got to get off quickly.”  He said

I was amazed at his candor, but was delighted to help out a guy that needed to get his nuts off.  I motioned for him to put his cock into the hole. He quickly undid his belt, pulled down his pants and bikini shorts then guided his soft cock into the glory hole.  I was pleased with the sight of his beautiful brown cock.  He was uncircumcised but only a small amount of skin covered the opening of his perfectly shaped penis head. He adjusted his position and leaned against the wall offering me his manhood.  I didn’t want to rush this man orgasm but knew he was in a hurry.I guided his cock into my mouth and went all the way down on his soft 6 inches of cock.  He immediately let out a sigh and said to me. 
Oh yeah man!  This is what I need.  Work it dude. Get my nuts off. Yeah.” He continued as I quickly licked and manipulated his tasty brown cock.
It continued to expand and grow until I could not take it all the way down my throat without gagging.  It must be a good 9 inches of stud meat.   I enjoyed this cock and hoped he could linger. I knew he had to get off quickly so I proceeded to manipulate his cock with my best technique and I had him ready to shoot in a few minutes.  He started to shake and moan out and lowly started to talk dirty to me, He would call me his cock whore, his cum slut and snarled sexual verbal abuse at me, as I basked in his penis.

Man, oh man.  Suck the spunk out of that rod, dude. Oh, shit. Oh, shit. I’m cumming already. Awwwww shit. Awwwww yeah.  Ugggg. You got it man you got it.  Oh shit yeah.” He continued to babble as he dumped his load into my receptive mouth. 

I thought he would never stop cumming but after 8 or 10 spurts, he paused.  I didn’t release his cock or clods until I knew he was completely drained.  He slowly subsided the spasms of his delightful orgasm.  I licked and wiped him clean, savouring the sweet load of this handsome man's exceptionally large organ.

“Oh, fucken yeah.  I sure needed that but it was exceptionally awesome.  I hate to ‘be eaten, and run’ but I gotta get back to work.” He said as he withdrew his spent cock from the hole and quickly put his cock back into his pants and then he continued.  “I meant that about the beer at my bar, but dude, you can have a free beer anytime you want, for a free blow job.  You are the best.  Don’t get me wrong but I’m not into man-to-man sex, I like my pussy, but I would like a repeat of that any time you are ready.  Hey, got to go now.  Don’t forget your free beer. WOW! That was great. Later dude.” He said as he quickly washed up at the sink, checked out his hair again and was on his way out.

(Bowling Teenagers)

I was thrilled sucking that bartender off and was happy that we were not interrupted by anyone.  I was still looking forward to the next construction worker that was going to come during his break.  I had just gotten up from my knees and took a deep swig on the bottled water I had with me, when I heard the door open from the bowling alley side of the rest room.  In came four young men about 18.  Two went to the urinal to piss, one went to the sink and one came into the booth next to me to piss.  They chatted and laughed about their bowling game.

 As they all gathered at the sink to wash, I heard one of the boys say. “Did you see the size of that hole by the pisser? Shit, you could sure get some good head in that hole.”  Then the boy that pissed next to me in the booth added. “And you should see the one in the booth.  It sure looks like there has been lot of action here.  It must be a gathering place for queers to get their rocks off.”  They all laughed nervously again. “Hey, don’t knock it unless you tried it.  I got my nuts drained at a blow hole one time, and it felt pretty damn good.”  Yeah? Well perhaps we should stick around and pop our nuts, but first, let’s get a beer.”  Then the conversation changed and they all headed out the door towards the bar.  I wondered if any of them would have the guts to come back and try it.  I thought the one next to the urinal had a pretty nice looking cock. These young men always talked a lot when in the company of their buddies, but get them by themselves and they welcome a suck job from a ‘queer’ just like everyone else.

(Man Alone #5)

A few minutes later, another man entered the toilet and into the stall. He took out his cock, took a piss, and then played with it to get it hard. He stuck it right in the hole and I proceeded to suck him off.  He had an average cock about 6 inches and came after about 10 strokes. He shot quite a load for a quick suck. It was so fast I wasn’t even sure if it was one of the construction workers or not.

(Construction Man #6)

He quickly left the hole and, left the stall, as another man entered.  He didn’t even hesitate or piss but just put his cock into the hole waiting for his turn. This cock was long and uncut. I took it gently in my hands guiding it to my mouth.  He shoved his body against the wall. I licked the head of it to get the flavor of his pre-cum juices. His cock started to get hard then he pulled out. I looked into the hole and saw he was undoing his jeans and dropping his pants revealing his whole cock and balls.
He then put it back into the hole along with his balls for me to service. I liked this dude. He relaxed as I made love to his manhood. I wanted to do this one right. I got off the stool and down on my knees to service this one like I had a few of the better ones. It deserved my full attention too. I worked his cock and balls over but much too quickly, for he started to swell and shot the cum out of the slit in his cock. I wanted to taste this one so I let some of it remain in my mouth and ooze on my hand. He moaned and trembled when he came. I licked up every drop and then he gradually pulled out.  He put his cock back in his jeans and buckled up and then he said before he left.

"I’ll be here again tomorrow. See ya." Then he split

(Construction Man #7)

I was looking forward to that one again. I still had some of his cum on my hand and was still on my knees. I slowly licked the white stream of cum off my hand.  I was still enjoying the other man’s cum when another man came in. This one seemed a bit shy and sat down quickly.  I waited for him to get up his nerve as I peeked into the hole. I ran my finger around the hole to encourage him to fuck my mouth. He stood up took out his cock and placed it near the hole. I had to reach thru to get it. He had a good size cock with a big head. He let me play with it a bit then I guided it into the hole and licked on the head placing my mouth over the end. He relaxed and moved his body to the hole giving me full access to his man hood.  It was longer than I thought and, very nice to suck on. I worked him over good and he came after a few minutes. After he left and there was a pause.

(Bowling Team Returns 8,9,10 & 11)

The door opened once more from the Bar side and in walked two of the boys that had been there earlier to take a piss.  One went to the sink to comb his hair as the other one came into the next booth.  He stood to take a piss as he had done before but this time he pulled his pants down exposing his full frontal of dick and balls.  He quickly pissed and shook it a few times then continued to let it hang.  I knew this time he wanted a quick blow job but wondered if they were just teasing me.  I realized his dick was getting hard so I knew they were serious. 

I gave the motion with my finger around the hole.  He didn’t hesitate and quickly entered the Glory Hole with a nice 7 inches of dick.  He leaned against the partition and softly said.  “Suck me off man.  I want to cum.” I got back on the toilet floor and proceeded to place his balls in one hand as I wrapped my lips around his pulsating cock.  He was really horny because within a few good firm mouth gripping and sucking, he was ready to shoot.  I could still taste the hint of beer but his cum was still pleasant.  He gasped out with pleasure and gave me a nice full mouthful of sperm.  After a short pause, he pulled out his cock and wiped it off with his shirttail, put away his still semi-hard cock and left the booth.

The other boy remained patiently outside by the sink. I could hear them talking in a low voice as one said. “You must have been horny.  You came off in under 5 minutes.  Was he that good a cocksucker?”  He said.  The other boy replied. ”Yeah! That was some ‘good head’.  Now get your ass in there and let him blow you while I go get one of the other guys.  Take your time and enjoy it, dude. It’s a great feeling.  I’m going to get one of the guys.” He said as he headed out the door.

The one boy left the toilet as the other one headed for the booth.  He didn’t hesitate to drop his pants and whipped out his dick.  He shook it a couple times to get it hard and stuck it up to the hole wondering what to do next.  I gave him a sign with my finger and he placed his dick into the hole for me to service. His dick was still soft but the minute I went down on his dick, and took it all the way in, he muttered out in sudden pleasure.

Damn.  That feels good.  Fucken good.  Work it man. Suck me off. Oh damn that’s good.” He continued as I gave him probably his first blow job at a glory hole.  His dick was a bit bigger than his previous buddy.

  I liked the scent of his balls so I licked them a few times before he could cum.  Then I went back up to his throbbing dick and gave him a good blow job.  Just as before, he started to talk to me.

Oh, fucken yeah.  Suck my dick! Suck my dick! Oh fuck, I’m going to shoot.  Do you want me to shoot in your mouth?  Oh, fuck.  It’s too late. I’m cumming now. Uuugggg Drink that cum.  Ooohhh yeah.”  He said as he released a perfect gusher of cum into my mouth. 

I sucked his dick until we heard the sound of the door opening.  He quickly pulled his dick out of the hole and put his cock back into his pants, zipped up and left.

Did you get your radiator drained, Todd?” the boy teased. “You look like you’re ready for a nap.  Was it good? Tell me.  How was it? The other boy said waiting for a response.

Oh yeah, It was good. It was good. Now it’s your time, stud.  If you think you can get that horse cock of yours into that hole, you’ll have a good time.” He said as he laughed.

“Well, we’ll see if it is good as you say.  I’ve never had a girl yet that could give me good head.  I just might switch to boys, if he is as good as you say he is.  Meet me outside.  I want to take my time getting my nuts off. It has been almost two months since I had any good pussy.”  He said as he headed towards the booth for me to give me a chance at his dick.

I was now quite interested. Most of these straight men think they have the biggest dick in the block.  I haven’t seen a dick that I couldn’t handle one way or the other. 

He came into the booth and dropped his pants to his ankles. I positioned my self back on the floor waiting for my next man encounter.  He turned towards the hole, bent over and said to me.

You sure you want to suck on this man meat?  I pump out a fucking hot load. If you can get me off, you have to swallow all my cum.  Don’t waste it.  Okay, cocksucker. See what you can do with this meat.” He said as he turned to the open hole and guided in a big 8 inches of soft dick.

  It was slightly covered with foreskin but the head was big and already oozing out sweet pearl drops of clear pre-cum love juices.  He wasn’t kidding; He did have a horse dick. 

I had to pull his balls into the hole because the heavy dick filled more than half of the opening.  He relaxed and guided the remaining balls into position. It hung down so nicely. Once it was all in the hole.  I started to fondle and caress his balls and licked the soft flexible lose skin.  His dick was developing its full growth so I knew I had some serious pleasuring to do here with this stud dick.

 I kissed his man shaft up one side, then down the other until I had it good and moist.  I wrapped my hand around it and realized I could not even touch my fingers on the other side.  His dick was as thick as my wrist.  I knew this guy must have a hard time finding any pussy that could take his dick to its full length.  I knew now, I had to give him a good sucking because he probably had a hard time getting someone to satisfy him.

I started pleasuring this beautiful man dick.  I kept on expanding until it must have been 10 inches.  I was fascinated at the way it curved down and found with a little effort; I could almost deep throat the whole thing, at least a good 8 inches of it.  He was going wild and my talented cock sucking sent him into frenzy.  He spread his legs on the other side of the booth and said to me.
Oh yeah, cocksucker.  Worship that man cock. Shit. I never felt anyone take it like that.  My god.  What a feeling.  Keep it up, whatever you’re doing cause you are going to get me off.” he said to me as I continued deep throat most of his dick.
This went on for about 8 to 10 minutes until I thought my throat was stretched to the limit, but then on the next try, I took it all the way.  He moaned out and I knew then he was about to give me his load. I continued without stopping, sucking down as much as I could on each gulp.  He started to cum and was shaking the booth partition so forcefully, that I thought it might come loose from the wall. Then he released load after load of sperm into my mouth and down my throat.  So much sperm that I thought he was pissing. I pulled away from his dick just enough to taste some of his manly nectar, and then back down on him, again, and again.  My eyes were filled with tears from the gagging but I held on for dear life.

 I was suddenly aware that the other boys had quietly come back into the toilet and were watching me suck off their buddy.  The wall partition had shaken my door ajar and two of the guys were standing close to me while they were masturbating.  Just as this horse cock stud, was cumming, the two boys started to cum and shot all over me.  Some hit my face and neck and some landed on my shoulder and pant leg.  It was very exciting being covered by cum as well as drinking down one of the biggest loads of the day. I turned to catch a few spurts of more cum from them before they had shot the last of their juices.

These two boys left me still covered with fresh warm cum as the last boy, that I hadn’t sucked off yet, walked bravely into my booth and stuck his cock into my mouth.  He grabbed his buddies dick that was still hanging through the wall, and began to face fuck me in an excited animalistic man lust.  I had hardly had time to catch my breath and suck him down a few times, when he released his cum into my mouth.  He gripped my head roughly and held me down on him while he spurted his cum into me. I could hear him mumbling obscene words at me while he came.  He left as quickly as he arrived and went over to another booth to wipe his dick dry.  Everyone was now in a booth, by the urinal or the sink washing up.  No one spoke for a few minutes.  The big dick guy that I just sucked off at the hole, walked around to my open door, and said.
Job well done. My name’s Duran. I want your phone number so we can do this again at my pad.”  He handed me a small pencil from the bowling alley and a matchbook cover.
I gladly gave him my phone number and smiled up at his handsome masculine face.

“The next beers on me.” He called out to his buddies and gave me the thumbs up as they all headed out the door once more to the bar.  
(Construction Man #12)

I cleaned up my booth area of all the cum that the two guy had shot all over me during their masturbation.  I took another big drink on my bottle of water I carried with me and pondered this last scene.  I really had a good workout that time and figured the construction crew had gone home for the day or no one else wanted a blow job, so I would head home.
I was wrong because another man arrived. He went to the urinal first to take a piss. I looked to the urinal and I saw this big brown cock about 8 inches long, still soft. He faced me so I could watch him piss. He had an uncircumcised cock and the foreskin hung over the head of his cock even as he pissed. He squeezed it down then wiped it with his shirtsleeve.

 When he finished his piss he undid his pants and pulled his cock completely out. He started to play with it as it started to come out of the foreskin exposing the pink cock head. I realized he wanted me to watch him. I gazed at this beauty, as it grew into a good 9-½ inch brown cock. He started to hold on to his balls as he jacked on it. I was anxious to suck on this one but he made no effort to place it in the hole. I was prepared to give him my mouth and receive his cock but he kept jacking on it until he was ready to cum. He aimed it at the hole and shot his load into the hole directly into my mouth.  It shot all over my lips and face and ran down the inside of the hole. I licked it off the best I could as he put the head of his cock close to the hole and squeezed out the last few drops on my tongue. He pulled back and shook his cock and left.

(Construction Teenager #13)

I had hardly enough time to clean off the cum from my face when another man entered the stall. I had lost track of how many men I had already sucked off today but I was not complaining. I think it was number 12 that I just finished off.

I thought it was about time for them to wind up their day so perhaps that was all for today. I was preparing myself to leave when I heard someone else come in and go to the urinal to piss. I looked to see who it was and it was a good-looking young teenager about 18. He looked sexy in his tight faded jeans and t-shirt. He continued to piss and then looked over to the hole, shook his dick then put it back in his pants. He went over to the sinks, washed his hands, and ran his fingers through his wavy blond hair.

 I assumed he was going to leave, but instead he headed for the booth next to me. He dropped his jeans and sat on the stool.  He placed his hands between his legs and started playing with his cock. I watched for a while then he stood up showing a tremendous hard on. He had a good size cock sticking straight out ready to be sucked on. I gave him the motion and he put it in the suck hole. I thought this one would probably cum off real quick so I had to be careful. It was beautifully shaped and I licked on the head ever so lightly then down the shaft then down to his hairy soft balls. He responded with a soft sigh. I was ready to give him a good sucking so I went all the way down on his cock and held it. I started to tongue the base of his cock and lick his balls at the same time. Then I would pull all the way out and back down again. He let me suck on his cock as I could feel his body getting ready to cum. He pulled all the way from the hole not wanting to cum yet. He stood there with his cock throbbing in the air. He bent over to the hole to whisper to me.

"I am the construction crew "clean up boy". My boss sent me here to let you fuck me. Please fuck me before I cum?" Then he turned his ass towards the hole spreading his butt cheeks and pressed against the hole.

I was surprised but pleased at what I saw. I thought "O.K. This looks inviting." He backed his ass directly over the hole and spread his cheeks to give me full access to his brown little anus. I stuck my finger to his ass hole and felt it was still a bit dry so I wet my finger placing it on the lips of his anus. He backed into it even more. I could not resist so I went for his hole with my tongue.

The suck hole was large enough that I could go into his hole nicely. He knew what I was attempting, and bent over and spread his ass cheeks and pressed tightly against the partition. He enjoyed the tongue fucking I was giving him and I continued until it was ready for fucking. I stood, wet my dick with spit, and directed it into the hole. It touched his moistened sphincter and soon it began to ease right in. I don’t have a huge cock, like some I sucked today, but my 7½ inches long and 5½ inches of cock was ample for good comfortable fucking.

He backed into me and gasped with pleasure. I began to move back for another plunge, but his young ass proceeded with the action. I held on to the partition and let him fuck my cock. He was a good little fucker. He worked that cock in and out of his ass with precision. His ass hole was so nice and warm. He could tighten and control his ass hole like a pro. I was enjoying the pleasure of this young punk's ass. We went on for some bit and just as I thought I was about to cum; he would stop or slow down just letting my hard cock throb for release. Then he would work me back up again until finally I could not hold off any longer. He responded with me and pumped my cock with his ass hole as he bumped against the wall. I gave him all my love juices of warm cum. I had been up and down today so many times during my cock sucking sessions that my nuts were filled and were ready to be released. It was awesome, to be able to release my built up anxiety.


I must have shot my cum six or eight times in him. When he knew I had given him my entire load, he still remained impaled on my cock. I knew he was jacking himself off while still enjoying the feeling of my dick inside of him. His body tensed with the pleasure of his ejaculation and his ass hole got tighter just before the final orgasm. I started getting hard again by the warm tight feeling of his love canal but he released his load and his body became more limp.  He gradually started to pull his ass hole off my dick. I was still enjoying the pleasant warm feeling of his cum filled hole. As soon, as my dick slid out of his love hole, he quickly grasped my semi-hard dick and immediately went down on my now sensitive cock.  I gasped. He was cleaning my dick with his tongue and mouth from the tip of my piss slot to the base of my balls. It was a fantastic sensation and I was enjoying this young teen-age punk boy as he cleaned me. Then he squeezed my cock once more and kissed the head of it as I started to pull out and sit down.  He placed his mouth up to the hole and whispered to me.

"I am Jeremy. I work as a clean up boy for the crew. My boss said you might appreciate a good fuck at the end of the day. You did such a good job sucking the men off. They like sex everyday and a good suck job help them to concentrate on their work for the rest of the day. My boss also wants you to be here about 8 am. tomorrow for another few rounds. He will always be first then the others will come in for blow jobs the rest of the morning. Can you handle it? He said he wanted you to have this and he would see you tomorrow morning." He handed me a brown envelope and left the booth, washed up again and left the restroom.

I was curious what this was all about as I opened the sealed envelope. It had some money and a short scribbled note, which said.

"Thanks for the job well done. The boys keep their mind on their business better after a session with you. We are looking forward towards another day with your services."

I looked and there was $100.00 in 20’s.

"Oh my gosh. I am now working for a construction firm. I wonder if I will have to join the union." 
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