Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lads at the Lake, Evening of Naked Fun

Evening of Naked Fun and Sex.

After we got settled in the cabin, everyone stripped down naked and watched an adult DVD that Roy had brought to watch on the player. The guys didn’t need much to get them horny again and I was soon down on the floor between Roy’s hard cock sucking out another hot load of cum.

While I was sucking Roy, Chad decided he’d fuck me before Jason got his big dick in me again. This time Chad fucked for a much longer time and every time he was close to cumming, he’d pause and let his cock cool down, He was more relaxed this time until he decided to unload, then he pumped me hard and shot a big load.

Roy came once while Chad was fucking me, but as I continued to drink down his load, he started to get hard again so I kept sucking him. Soon as Chad pulled his soft cock from my asshole, Jason mounted me and eased his big cock deep in my wet slutty hole. I could hear the slushy cum juices from Chad’s big load as Jason entered me.

Dick. I love fucking your wet hole after you’ve taken my buddies cum. You're so warm and smooth and better than any pussy I've ever fucked. I guess you know you are spoiling us by giving us such good ass without complications. Roy. You sure know how to entertain your guest. You’re number one on my list.”

Jason fucked me for another 10 minutes or so, then he pumped me full of his hot load and laid on my back resting. Meanwhile as Jason came, Roy gave me another load of his nectar. Chad was jacking on his cock, waiting for me to take his next load. These guys knew how to enjoy sex and I was thrilled I was the receptacle of their gifts. Once again I was their pleasure pussy-boy and cum dump…..and I was ecstatic and content.

Ray got up from the couch, turned off the DVD player and went to bed. Jason eased his spent cock from my pussy and lay on the floor. Chad was close by on the couch still jacking on his cock so I crawled to him and started blowing him and took his final load of the evening. He stretched out on the couch and fell asleep. I got up and went to the toilet to deposit the last few loads of cum from my last fucks, cleaned up and crawled into bed with Roy.

During the early morning Roy was guiding his cock into my ass for another fuck. I willingly pushed back against him to let him use me and once again. He came in me and fell asleep. I got up to take a pee and desired I would go outside to get some fresh lake air. I wrapped a towel around my shoulders and set on the back steps in the night air.

Trying Something Kinky 

I could hear the sound of frogs, crickets and occasional nigh owl in the distance. The night air was warm and everything was so quiet and pleasant. I heard the screen door open and turn to see it was Jason. He was still naked and looked so sexy in the light of the full moon.

Hey Dick. Scoot over. Can I join you? I found a small joint in my bag and thought I’d share it with you. Are you willing?”

Yeah sure Jason. I've never smoked any before but I am curious. Set here on my towel with me.”

Jason set beside me and lit up the joint and took a puff then offered me a smoke. I took a short puff and coughed. He laughed and put his arm around my shoulder, pulled me close and played with my ear.

You’re a swell kid, Dick. How did you become such a sexy thing? I really like you. Are you and Roy a ‘thing’ or are you just good friends? He talks about you a lot.”

Gnaw. I met him at the Drive In Theater and we made it together a few times. He’s good sex. I like a guy that likes to have sex and cums a lot, and likes to fuck me as well.”

I like to cum a lot too. I hope we can become good friends as well. Here try the grass one more time. Just inhale a small bit and hold it in. That’s it, now hold it in, and slowly exhale. You'll feel the results soon.”

Jason held me close and kissed me on the cheek. I turned and our lips touched lightly, then he pulled me closer and gave me a deep tongue sucking kiss. I had never been one to kiss much but this was nice. Jason was a handsome dude and his attentions were pleasurable.

Woo. That was a nice kiss, Dick. I want to take a piss before I get hard again. Say. Would you like to try something kinky?”

I don’t know. What did you have in mind?”

Have you ever taken a guy's piss? I mean have you swallowed any piss directly from a cock? I've always wanted to do it. I’ve read it can be very sexual. I was gonna piss in your ass the last time I fucked you, but didn’t want to do it without letting you know first. Wanna try it? I won’t force you but if you will just put your mouth over my soft dick while I let some piss flow into your mouth….it might be fun.?”

Okay Jason. But be patient with me. I’ve tasted piss before but never swallowed on purpose.”

Jason was already standing and ready to piss. He directed his cock to my mouth and waited for me to take him. I swallowed, and put his cock into my mouth and held onto his big low hanging balls. I waited as Jason pissed a small amount in my mouth. I swallowed the small amount of piss then engulfed his soft cock as he let loose with a larger load. I could feel the warm fluid running down my gullet. I pulled back and started swallowing as his piss flowed into my mouth.

Gawd Dick. You did it, you did it. I love ya boy. It felt so different. Look at me already. My cock is growing so hard again. Give me one of your fantastic blow jobs, babe. You are sensational. Oh yeah. I love your hot mouth over my cock. Mum, Mum. That is so good. Take your time.”

I had taken Jason’s piss and it wasn’t bad at all. Perhaps next time we can do it better. I continue to work on Jason’s big ten inch cock. He held my head and face fucked me then shot another big load into my body along with his warm piss.

After I drained him he slowly set down next to me on the stairs again. He pulled my face to his and started kissing me like before. I liked the way he kissed. My cock was so hard. I started jacking on it but before I could cum, Jason leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. I warned him I was gonna cum, but he kept his mouth over my gushing cock as I came. He continued to suck all my cum and then he swallowed.

I was amazed that his ‘straight stud’ was sucking on my cock and drinking down my load. It must have been the ‘high’ from the grass. He took his mouth from my cock and started kissing me again. I could taste my own cum as he kissed me.

Wow. That was a first for both of us. Huh? Kind of nice. I liked it.” Jason said to me as we cuddled on the back stairs. “I’m gonna go back inside and get some sleep. You coming with me?”

No. I got a nice nap while you guys were on the lake today. Think I'll set here for a while. Good night Jason. See ya later?”

Jason gave me one more sweet kiss and headed into the cabin. “Oh by the way, Dick, Roy said Carl and Jeff will be coming by in the morning to join us. You know, the two security guards from the Theater.”

Oh yeah I remember those two hunks with the big cocks, I said to myself. I guess I’ll have to give them some time and give them a blow job or perhaps let them both fuck me again.

Will Roy’s dad be joining us too Jason?”

I don’t think so. Why do you ask? How do you know his dad?”

He dropped by yesterday to see how we all were getting along. I guess I forgot to tell Roy. He only stayed for a short time.”

I realized I shouldn’t have said anything to Jason about Roy’s dad coming by to eat my boy pussy and suck out his own son and his two friends cum after they fucked me. Oh boy. I hope I didn’t goof up. I tried to change the subject but decided I’d said enough already.

Why didn’t you tell Roy he dropped by?”

I don’t know. I guess I just forgot about it. He seemed to be a nice man, Jason. Mr. Jordan is a very handsome man. Does he play around?”

I don’t know Dick, but you be cool around him and don’t let on about us fucking around this week end.”

Sure Jason. You better get some sleep. I’ll be in later. Good nigh again.?

Jason went inside as I set on the stair steps.


4/14/2009, Word Count 1,132

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