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Lads at the lake-Lap Dance. Riding the Pony

Lads at the Lake
Lap Dance. Riding the pony.

Story by Dick Clinton

As I set on the cabin back stairs, I observed a dark figure on the porch of the cabin next door, and the blinking of a small flashlight. I realized it was the neighbor Connor, the fisherman I sucked off at the boathouse today. He was beckoning for me to come over. I wrapped the towel around my waist and went to his back porch where he was setting naked, in the dark on a lounge chair.

Hi. Dick. I saw you setting on the stairs and thought perhaps you’d like to join me in conversation. I saw you and your buddy on the stairs but didn’t want to disturb you.

My cabin sets higher and I can see directly into your cabin’s main room. I saw you sucking your buddies and watched them gang banging your ass. It was very stimulating watching the action. I almost came over to join you.”

You should have joined us, but I’d rather be alone with you. I see your cock is hard and ready for some action. How about a lap dance?” I said as I dropped my beach towel and straddled Conrad setting on the lounge chair.

I spread my buttocks and eased myself down on his hard throbbing cock. He looked contented as I set on his cock. I was still wet from Roy’s last deposit so it was easy to engulf his cock all the way down to his balls. He didn’t protest but let out a grunting sound and a groan of satisfaction.

Man you are full of surprises. That’s a great feeling. You took my whole cock with one movement. Oh man. Oh man. What a sensation. Ease up, or I’ll cum right away. I want to enjoy this. My first boy-pussy lap dance. Oh. Yeah.” Conrad said as he lifted me up and down on his hard eight inch cock. I looked into his handsome face as his cock slid in and out of my wet hole.

He leaned forward to give me a kiss. He had a small mustache. I’d never been kissed by a man with a mustache before. It was nice. He kissed me tenderly while he eased his throbbing cock in and out of my boy-pussy. We fucked for about 10 minutes. I caressed his balls and sensed he was about to have an orgasm. I leaned forward and kissed him while he started cumming.

He went wild moaning and groaning with pleasure as he shot load after load of cum into my hole. He discharged so much cum that it drenched from around his cock and ran down my balls. When he came, I came at the same time and left a wet clammy muddle between our bodies. We continued to kiss for a few minutes as his cock remained semi-rigid in my love tube.

I was startled when I heard a soft male voice call out.

Daddy. Are you alright? I heard you moaning and thought you might be in pain.”

I started to get up and ease Conrad’s cock from my fuck hole. He gripped my hips and told me to set still, that it was alright. It was his step-son from a previous marriage.

Come in son. I want you to meet one of my fishing buddies. Dick this is my step-son, Danny. He likes to play ‘cowboy’ with his Daddy. Come in Danny, but leave the porch light off. We’re just setting here talking.”

In the soft light of the morning sunrise I could make out a handsome young man about the same age I was when I started sucking men’s dicks. He looked like he had just woken up. His sun bleached blond hair was still spoiled from his sleep. He had a smooth hairless body and a firm round set of bowling ball buttocks. He was naked, and his soft uncut penis hung down a few inches, but it started growing as we talked.

Hi. Dick. Why are you setting on my Daddies lap? Is he telling you a story like he tells me when I set on his lap?”

Yes son. I’m telling him a nice story, that’s why we were making the strange sounds you were hearing.”

Shouldn’t I get up and get out of here before he really knows what is happening?” I softy asked Conrad.

No. Stay right where you are. Danny and I get naked all the time, and play games. He likes to set on his daddy’s saddle horn and ride me just like you just did.”

Daddy. Can you tell me a story right now. My boy hole itches and needs your saddle horn inside me. Please daddy. I want you to fill me with your love juices and make us both feel good.”

I was still in shock realizing this hunk was fucking his young step-son but I was getting extremely turned on thinking about it. My cock started getting hard again and I could feel Conrad getting hard too.

Danny came closer and put his hand on his dad’s chest and felt down to the wet cum still oozing from my hole at the base of his dad’s cock.

Oh you gave Dick some of the juices you usually give to me. Don’t you like telling me stories any more?”

Oh yes son. I love telling you stories and giving you my juices. Let Dick get off my lap and you can set on daddies saddle horn while I tell you a nice story. Maybe Dick has a nice story to tell you too and you can set on his saddle horn while he gives you some of his love juices. Would you like that son?”

You know I have always taught you to share. Remember when Uncle Bob was here and I let you set on his saddle horn while he gave you his juices? Well, Dick’s a nice young man and daddy gave Dick some of my juices, but I always have love juice for you. Come over here while Dick sets on the end of the lounge and watch you set on my saddle horn and receive my love juices. Okay?”

I eased my wet asshole off Conrad’s hardening cock and moved to the end of the lounge. Conrad handed me a small flashlight so I could watch them better.

Danny smiled at me and lifted his leg over his dad’s body, guided his wet cock to his small little pink hole and rubbed it up and down until it was at his asshole opening. Danny cringed, then took Conrad’s large cock and crammed it in his hole.

I was amazed that such a small boy hole could take Conrad’s large cock, but after a few moments Danny was receiving the cock all the way to his dad’s balls. Danny’s small uncut cock hardened to a good 6 inches of boy cock. I was amazed and enthralled at the sexual performance mounting before me.

How does that feel, Danny. Is that helping your itch?”

Oh yes daddy. My itch feels much better now that your saddle horn is inside me. Can I bounce and make it go in and out like we’ve done before? Yes daddy. That feels so nice. Now tell me a story about the cowboy and his pony. That is one of my favorite’s stories, especially when he starts to gallop.”

I sat quietly watching a beautiful young boy getting his tight little ass fucked by his stud step-father’s big 8 inch cock. It was getting so exciting I was afraid to jack on my dick for fear I might cum before they did.

Conrad was softly telling his son about the handsome cowboy and his pony. As the story continued, Danny would bounce up and down on Conrad’s hard cock.

I moved closer to the action, and with the aid of the small flashlight. I could see Conrad’s cock sliding in and out of the tight little butt hole of his son. Some of my cum still remained on Conrad’s cock. It kept the hole moist, and was now oozing from Danny’s hole. I touched his wet balls with my hand and then with my tongue to savor the ass juices oozing from Danny tight little hole.

Daddy, shall I ride you faster? Does the cowboy like his pony?. Oh daddy. I like your stories and the cowboy’s big horse. Daddy you’re getting bigger and riding me so hard. Is the cowboy about ready. Let me ride faster. It feels so good in my tight hole.”

Yes Danny. Ride the pony. Ride him. Oh Danny. The cowboy is about ready. Hold on. I’m about ready. Aww Now. Ride em cowboy. Aww. Fuck. Keep riding. Oh fuck.” Daddy’s cumming, daddy’s cumming”

I watched as the young man rode his daddy’s cock. Conrad’s cock was shooting a huge load up his son’s ass. White foamy cum oozed out of the boy’s asshole. I had to sample the overflowing cum running over Conrad’s balls. It was absolutely wild. I was holding on to my hard cock not wanting to cum until I had the chance to let Danny ride my pony.

That was a good boy. You pleased the cowboy. How would you like another ride by my friend. He is anxious to let you ride his pony.”

Oh yes daddy. I’d like to ride his pony. Can I mount him now? My hole still itches and needs to ride some more. Please Daddy?”

I was setting on the other end of the lounge as Danny got off his dad’s cock. He turned around and straddled my hips and guided my cock to his cum filled hole.

Let me ride your pony.” He said as my cock slid easily into his moist warm hole. Damn this was so hot. I tried to hold off from cumming but as soon as his tight little boy asshole wrapped around my cock, I knew I was not going to last very long.

Conrad got up from the other end of the lounge and put his placid wet cock into my mouth. Danny started licking his dad’s balls as I licked on his cock. Danny started bouncing up and down on my hard cock. It was so hot sucking the daddy while I fucked his young son. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I started to cum.

Conrad’s cock hardened again and started to cum in my mouth. Danny licked one side of his dad’s cock as I licked the other. We started sharing Conrad’s cum with each other as I shot one of my biggest loads up Danny’s sweet little ass. I had a full mouth of warm 'daddy cum' while Danny kissed me and share his daddy’s cum. It was the hottest thing I think I had ever done yet.

I suddenly felt Danny’s warm cum shooting on my chest. The little guy was shooting his first wet load. He went wild jumping up and down on my gushing cock and still sharing his dad’s cock with me.

Oh look Daddy. I can shoot love juices just like you and Dick. That was such a fun feeling. Can we do this again later. I liked it Daddy. I liked it very much. Thanks for the ride on your saddle horn, Dick. It was nice.” Danny said as we all paused to catch our breath.

Yes Danny. We can do it again later but let your Daddy and Dick gives our horses some water and rest.” Conrad looked at me and winked. “Why don’t you go back to bed now and we’ll play more games tomorrow.”

I knew it was time for me to leave. I had to get up tomorrow and fix the guys at the Cabin something to eat for breakfast before they went out on the lake again.

Hey Connor. I should take off. I gotta get up early. Thanks for the ‘Lap Dance’ and letting your son ride my pony. That was awesome. Let’s do this again before we leave Sunday evening.“I picked up my towel and left the porch to go back to my place. It had been a great day for all of us. I wanted to be rested up so I could do it all over again. These hot college studs will probable be ready for more sex tomorrow.

I tried to be quiet as I got back in bed with Roy and discovered Chad was taking a leak in the toilet. I nodded to him and watched him piss. He had a partial hard on. I waited until he finished then went into the toilet with him and gripped his hard cock and run my hands up and down his taunt abs. I leaned over to taste his cock. He sighed and put his hand to the back of my head. He softly said to me.

Dick. That feels good, but I’d like to fuck you again?. Your boy pussy is so nice and warm.”

I was hoping you’d say that. Let’s go to your bed and get more comfortable. Maybe I should clean myself out first. I was just fucked by that hot dude next door and I’m so full of his cum.”

Oh no! I like a wet pussy. Stay just as you are. You are such a slut and that’s what turns me on with you. Jason and I fuck this cunt at the college after a few other guys have filled her with cum. She has such a sloppy pussy, and I like it like that. Tell me about the guy next door. How the hell did you get him to fuck you tonight? I know him. He’s a literature professor from the college we attend. Fuck. That’s hot. Let’s go to bed before I cum right here.”

Chad and I went into the other room to his bed. He wanted me to lie on my back while he lifted my legs to his shoulder. He quickly guided his prick to my wet and sloppy hole and shoved it in to the hilt. He signed.

Oh man. You boy pussy is so nice and warm. Feels better that that ‘bitch’ at college. You’re now our bitch. Would you like to be our bitch? I think some of the dudes at the college would like to fuck your sloppy boy pussy sometime. I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you, bitch.”

Chad was using me as his ‘bitch’. He was getting talkative and liked the idea of making me his ‘bitch’. He was a good fucker and we fucked for a long time that night, and when he did cum I came at the same time. He even leaned over and kissed me during our session.

I noticed Jason was watching us from his bed and jacking off at the same time. He shot all over himself while we were fucking. Chad and I fell asleep in each others arm.

Early the next morning we heard banging on the front door and the voices of Carl and Jeff, the two security guards that work at the Drive In Theater. It looked like it was gonna be another day of hot sex. Now I had more men to satisfy at the Lake Cabin. (Continued story)

4/20/2009, Word Count 2,572 
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