Monday, February 10, 2014


Back to bed with Roy and Chad.

I tried to be quiet as I got back in bed with Roy and discovered Chad was taking a leak in the toilet. I nodded to him and watched him piss. He had a partial hard on. I waited until he finished then went into the toilet with him and gripped his hard cock and run my hands up and down his taunt abs. I leaned over to taste his cock. He sighed and put his hand to the back of my head. He softly said to me.

"Dick. That feels good, but I’d like to fuck you again?. Your boy pussy is so nice and warm."

"I was hoping you’d say that. Let’s go to your bed and get more comfortable. Maybe I should clean myself out first. I was just fucked by that hot dude next door and I’m so full of his cum."

"Oh no! I like a wet pussy. Stay just as you are. You are such a slut and that’s what turns me on with you. Jason and I fuck this cunt at the college after a few other guys have filled her with cum. She has such a sloppy pussy, and I like it like that. Tell me about the guy next door. How the hell did you get him to fuck you tonight? I know him. He’s a literature professor from the college we attend. Fuck. That’s hot. Let’s go to bed before I cum right here."

Chad and I went into the other room to his bed. He wanted me to lie on my back while he lifted my legs to his shoulder. He quickly guided his prick to my wet and sloppy hole and shoved it in to the hilt. He signed.

"Oh man. You boy pussy is so nice and warm. Feels better that that ‘bitch’ at college. You’re now our bitch. Would you like to be our bitch? I think some of the dudes at the college would like to fuck your sloppy boy pussy sometime. I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you, bitch."

Chad was using me as his ‘bitch’. He was getting talkative and liked the idea of making me his ‘bitch’. He was a good fucker and we fucked for a long time that night, and when he did cum I came at the same time. He even leaned over and kissed me during our session.

I noticed Jason was watching us from his bed and jacking off at the same time. He shot all over himself while we were fucking. Chad and I fell asleep in each others arm.


Arrival of Jeff and Carl

I noticed a Jeep pull up outside the cabin and knew it was Carl and Jeff. I continued my breakfast preparations while Roy answered the door to let them in. They brought a case of been and some groceries to add to the festivities. I hoped they had also brought along a nice load of cum in their balls as well. Even after being fucked at least a dozen times the day before, I was still ready to take on a few more good fuckers. Both Jeff and Carl were hung very well could cum a couple time in an hour.

It looked like it was gonna be another day of hot sex. Now I had more men to satisfy at the Lake Cabin.

My first day at the cabin was unbelievable. I had 3 hunky college students using me all day and night, as well as a next door hot College professor, his step son and Roy's father, all using me for their cum dump and love slut. I hadn't forgotten about the Lake Security stud Adam that had dropped by while I was being fucked by Roy's dad. Adam was one of the wildest fuckers I'd ever had and I was looking forward to having him again soon.

I lost track of how many times the college students fuck me, or how many loads of cum I drank that day. I was in cocksucker, ass fuckers’ heaven. I was a true unadulterated slut and pussy boy for as many men that wanted to use me for their cum dump slut. It appeared I just couldn't get enough cock, but I was sure willing to try.

Today Jeff and Carl the two security guys from the drive-in had dropped by to have a quick beer with the guys and probably throw a fuck into me before they went to work this evening. Jeff was the one that 'busted my cherry ass' and introduce me to another stimulating way to share my body with other men for pleasure. I was eager to share my natural talent with some of my younger buddies at school, and perhaps the new coach at my high school. I wanted him to fuck me so bad.

We all began our regular routine. Ray and Chad were going to set up the boat for water skiing and fishing, while I cooked up some breakfast for the hungry horny group of studs. I had to feed them well to keep their energy up. I knew my turn would come for them to feed me more cock and cum. I never anticipated these hunks could fuck and cum so much but who was I to complain? I was ready and willing 24 hours a day to service their needs and my hungry mouth and twitching male pussy.

                                                       CARL AND JEFF


Roy, being a good host, introduced Carl and Jeff to his college friends, Chad and Jason and directed them to the back screened-in-porch to get a beer. On the way to the back porch, both Carl and Jeff gave me a hi-five and greeted me like old friends. Carl stepped into the kitchen area to give me a hug from my backside, slid his hand down my shorts to my ass crack, and slipped one of his fingers in my moist hole. His large finger was about the size of some of my high school buddies pricks. He was about a head and a half taller than I, and kissed me on the top of my head as his finger slid all the way in my love canal. He 'finger-fucked' me while he spoke softly in my ear.

"I believe my 'fuck buddy' is ready for some more cock today, huh? Jeff is going to stay here while the rest of us go to the boathouse. He's going to dump a big load up your hot fucken ass so I'll be able to fuck you when I return. We going to take some quick movies of you and me breeding. I plan to send it to the 'bitch' that dumped me last week for some asshole. I want her to watch and drool over my big cock as I fuck my new 'bitch'. She'll shit when she realizes I'm fucking a 'pussy boy's cunt'. No faces, just cock and ass. I've saved my morning load for your sweet pussy. Got to go now but I'll be back soon. "He slid his finger out of my moist ass and stuck it in my mouth. "I'm so horny. Let me see you lick that," - he said to me. – "Yeah good bitch."

Roy yelled at Carl to hurry up. Jeff stayed behind and came back into the kitchen with a beer. He set the beer on the counter and turned me around facing him. He gave me a nice hug and started kissing me. He pulled down both our trunks and pressed his body into my waiting crotch. His hands firmly cupped my butt cheeks and squeezed.

"I've missed your handsome face and body, but most of all I miss making love to you and fucking your tight boy pussy. Go down on me, swallow my cock and get me hard. I'm gonna throw a fuck into to you right now." - he whispered in my ear.

I was delighted to suck on Jeff's fat thick cock and lick his balls. He lifted my body and placed my bare buttocks on the counter. He was ready for more bubbling action. My ass was level with his hard dick. Standing on the floor he lifted my legs to his shoulder, licked my ass than guided his cock to my hole and buried it deep in my body.

"Oh Gawd, Dick. Your pussy hole is so warm and tight. I truly love to fuck you more than any hole I'd ever fucked before. Aw yes! Aren't you glad I popped your sweet little cherry hole? I know you love men using your 'fuck hole' to make your men happy: so make me happy. Make me cum in your boy whore pussy." Then Jeff started to fuck his dick in and out of my hole like it was part of me that needed to be completed.

If someone came in the room they'd see me lying backwards on the kitchen island, my legs on my lover's shoulders while this hot stud was shoving his cock in and out of my ass. What a picture this would make.

I wasn't exactly comfortable on this hard table, but the feeling of Jeff's cock sliding in and out of my erogenous ass was enough distraction to make me soon forget my discomfort. His cock felt sensational and the feeling of his balls popping against me was erotic. I loved the sound of it and I love how it felt as he plunged away at my hole.

I reached for his neck and pulled myself closer so I could get all of his 8-inch cock deep inside my boy cunt. Gawd! Jeff was a good fucker. I held onto his legs while he squirted my hole full of cum. He was lubrication my ass so his buddy Carl could use me later to fuck the shit out of me with his massive 11-inch cock. Now that is a good friend to have around. Oh yeah, that’s a good friend all right.

As Jeff filled my hole with his nut juice, he leaned forward and kissed me.

"Babe. You are one hell of a good sport and a damn cool sex partner. I'm sure glad you are so willing to get laid. Most of my female bitches play hard to get after they get their mangy paws on your money. And then when you’re hard and ready to pop your load, they have some excuse not to have sex with you. But not you, you're a man's man and a good friend and relief station. Damn I think I love ya."

"I hear the guys coming back from the tour of the boat house. Thanks again for being my cum dump for now. I'm not leaving for work today without fucking you again or getting one of your nut busting blow jobs. I hope you’re lubed enough to take Carl's horse cock. He's hot for your hole. Now give me a quick kiss and I'll get you off that table. Get on you knees and lick the extra juices from my dick. – I want you to clean me good"

Jeff lifted me from the counter and set my feet back on the floor. I faithfully dropped to my knees and licked his dick and balls clean. Just as I stood, the guys were coming up the porch stairs. We had finished just in time.

"I hope you two have gotten acquainted again and lubed his sweet ass for me." Carl said as he entered the room. "I told the guys what I wanted to do to get even with that last bitch I was dating. Dick. If you're ready to help me out, go to the bed area and we'll set up the camera. Like I said before; no faces, just dick, balls and ass hole. Come on guys, you all can watch but no talking in case someone recognizes your voice. You can watch only until we finish fucking. I want this to be good enough so we can upload it to U-Tube."


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