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The Blitz

The Blitz

Story by Dick Clinton

During the bombing of British Cities in WW II, My father, a U.S. Military man, was called back to America with his family. We had been stationed in Europe with the family and were to be reassigned to Washington D.C. during this crisis. It was a bad time for England and the German Air Force bombed the U. K. with intensive buzz bomb rockets between 1940 and 1941.

I volunteered to stay in London to help my mother’s sister’s family be relocated in the countryside away from the bombing. My mother and father had left earlier knowing I would be coming home to America as soon as the family was relocated. We had been visiting my Uncle, his wife and their three children when the bombing started, and since I was in my late teens, I thought I would stay to help relocate the children to the English countryside where they would stay with relatives away from the bombing of England.

It was a very frightening time for adults and children alike. Each evening when the buzz bombs were sent over the channel to London, we headed to the nearest bomb shelters or subways for protection.

We would hastily gather necessary items, water, biscuits, and blankets and as the terrible sounds of the sirens would scream out; we would head to the local subway tunnel or bomb shelters for protection. Many of the local neighbors would settle in the same area for protection. Some would try to stay calm playing cards or checkers while the children cuddled close by. It was a very concerning situation, but you learn to adjust to the confusion and turmoil of the freighting bombing going on up above. My Aunt would gather the children securely near by to comfort them. My Uncle had volunteered to be an Air Raid Officer and stayed above ground directing people to safety.

I was always frightened of the danger and hated being under the ground for fear of a cave in. Some of the local young men notice my anxiety and tried to become friends and console me. I must have been noticeable as a ‘Yank’, but during a time of war, everyone tried to pull together.

The Subways were lit only by emergency lights, but after your eyes grew accustomed to the dim lighting, you could move around quite well. Many people had small flashlights to find their way to the restrooms. It was crowded, but people lined up close to the walls to make room for walking. I set against the opposite wall from my aunt and cousins, and made small talk with a nice young man and his younger brothers.

After my Aunt had the three children quieted and asleep, I continued to set against the opposite wall conversing with the other men. This was my first night of the bombing and during the confusion; I left the home without my sleeping bag and flashlight.

One of the young men offered to share his sleeping bag and blanket with me and soon we were curled up under the blankets trying to get some rest. I couldn’t sleep but the feeling of the stranger’s warm body against mine, was nice and a bit comforting. I was introduced to William and his younger brother Kevin. William told me he had been in the British Army, but was injured when a bomb exploded near by injuring his eardrums. He was discharged and went home to care for his younger brothers. He was only a few years older than I was and such a nice looking bloke. It was a blessing he wasn’t disfigured.

Each time a bomb would sound, I would jump. He put his arms around me and held me close. Soon I felt his hard penis pressing against me, but I didn’t mind. As long as he was holding me, I felt more secure. I’d never had relations with another male but had always been curious about other males.

Many times when showering with the other blokes in the school showers, I found myself becoming disturbingly sexually aroused. I often fantasized about touching another mans privates, but never had the opportunity. Homosexuality was a forbidden subject in my home and I was still very uninformed and uneducated about most sexual activity or personal contact.

I was still frightened, but the awareness of the English lad pressing tightly against my body was comforting. I discovered I was becoming aroused and my penis starting to get hard. He slowly slid his warm hand down inside my trousers and touched my butt-crack. He tugged at my pants and pulled them down over my hips.

We were still covered by his blanket so no one could see what was going on. He moved away slightly to unbutton his pants and pull out his hard cock from his trousers. Then I felt his warm moist uncut penis pressing against my buttocks searching for entry to my anus. I pressed backward giving him better access to my hole. I had never thought about taking a cock up my arse, but it seemed like a natural thing to do.

He guided his dick to my anus, and then pulled me closer to him. I felt his cock being forced into my virgin hole. It hurt like hell, and I tried to pull away. He held me tightly and whispered in my ear.

“Relax Yank. I promise I will take my time and make you feel good. I’m going to breed you.”

I’d never heard that term before, but it excited me. I tried to relax as his cock head easing into my opening.

He paused and moved in again. I gritted my teeth and wanted to yell, but held my breath as he moved deep into my anus. I broke out with a cold sweat from the pain, but I wanted this action. I wanted him to ‘breed’ me. I wanted to be fucked.

I felt his hard cock suddenly go all the way into me. I jumped just as a loud bomb hit near by and shook the subway. He put his arms around me again, paused, and then tenderly kissed the back of my neck.

His cock was all the way in me and it began to feel good. I bravely flexed my arse muscles. He softly groan then slowly pulled out and back in. It felt excellent now. I wanted him to fuck me all the way. I wondered how it would feel taking another mans sperm in my arse.

He slowly, but deliberately fucked me for a few wonderful minutes. I didn’t want him to stop. He kept rubbing against something inside me, and it felt wonderful. A few times, I thought I was gonna cum without even touching myself. He started moving faster and his breathing was deeper. His body movements quivered, his dick expanded and a warm gush of his sperm was shooting up my arse. He gripped me tightly and kept kissing my neck until he stopped cumming. We lay still hoping that no one had notice our actions.

He slowly pulled his flaccid dick from my arse and instructed me to stay still. He had to go to the ‘loo’ and would be right back. I had been fucked for the first time and it felt sensational.

His younger teenage brother curled up behind me. He pulled the covers over us and pressed his body next to mine. I didn’t know if I should move away or stay still. My pants were still down and my bare arse was still exposed. He placed his finger to my moist fuck hole and slid it in. I was surprised but I didn’t move away.

He most likely saw his older brother fucking me, and now he was going to have his way with me. I reached behind me, gripped his hard cock, and guided it to my welcome cum filled hole. He quickly shoved his cock all the way in me without stopping, grabbed my hip, and pulled me close to him. I was being used again, but I loved it. I wanted to be fucked again.

His cock was bigger than his older brothers, but my anus canal was wet and lubricated with cum. It was surprisingly easy to take his cock. He didn’t waste any time fucking me. He was rougher, gripped my bare hips and shoved harder into me. I wanted to call out with pleasure, but there were still people sleeping near by. I had almost forgotten about the bombing on the street level. I was enjoying my first sexual adventure in the crowded subway of England during the bombing.

He gasped out a few time and dumped a big load of cum deep in me. He rubbed against that newly discovered sensitive spot in me again, and this time I shot a big load. I placed my hand over my shooting cock to catch my cum so not to shoot all over the blanket. I cupped my spent cum to my mouth and drank it down. I felt great and thought I should pull up my pants and get some rest.

My English friend had returned from the loo and lay down on the blanket facing me. His brother slowly pulled his wet cock from my fuck hole and turned over facing the wall again.

“How ya doing Yank?” he said to me as he pulled the covers over us once again. “Good piece of arse.” He whispered to me. “My little brother’s a wild bastard. You’ll have to try that one again sometime. Are ya ready for some more action? It looks like it gonna be a long night.”

“I have to admit, I liked it. You know this was the first time for me, but I think you guessed that huh? What did ya have in mind?” I asked cautiously.

“Good sport, chap. Follow me to the loo. I have a solider buddy I’d like ya to meet, and if you’re in the mood, we can have some more fun.”

“I’m not sure about this. This was fun, but I’m still new at this game.”

“Yeah, Yeah. I can tell, but you liked it didn’t ya? Follow me and if you’re not into it again, well that’s okay. Come on Yank.” He said as we left the sleeping area to go to the loo around the corner of the subway tunnel.

Most of the people seemed to be sleeping except for two men playing chess and two young people probably making love under a cover. The restroom seemed cold but clean. Two men were taking a piss at the urinal and a good-looking British solider leaning against a sink quietly talking to two other civilians.

“Just go into that last booth like you was going to take a dump and I’ll join you in a few, after I talk to my buddy.” He instructed me.

I wanted to clean the remaining cum off my arse, but keep the two loads of man cum in me. I found the booth and cleaned it with toilet paper, took down my trousers and set down. I had just started to read the graffiti on the walls when I heard a light tap on the door.

“Hey Yank. Open the door. I want ya to meet my buddy.”

I opened the door and observed a tall handsome British Solider standing before me. I glanced down at the bulge in his tight uniform.

“Turn around and show him your hot Yankee buns. Sweet virgin boy-pussy.”

I blushed at his comment and slowly turned around and let my pants drop to my ankles.

“Bend over Yank and give him a view of that slutty hole. Um Huh. Nice and wet, just like a well-fucked pussy. Lean against the wall and spread your cheeks.”

“He has me and my brother’s jizz buried deep in his cunt. You shouldn’t have any trouble shoving that big cock of yours in his cunt. Go to it Larry. It’s a nice piece of arse.”

My English friend said to his buddy. I felt humiliated at him calling me a ‘pussy’ and a ‘cunt’, but it excited me at the same time.

I willingly bent over the toilet, put one hand against the cold white tile and used my other hand to spread my butt cheeks. I heard the toilet door shut and lock, then the sound of a zipper as he opened his khaki pants. He felt my arse then slapped me lightly. He spit on his cock and started jacking on his penis. I turned slightly to see his big uncut thick cock and low hanging balls.

“Turn around Yank and suck my dick, cocksucker. Get me wet before I plug you Yank.”

I’d never sucked a dick before but I did as he asked. I set on the stool, took his big thick uncut cock in one hand, and caressed his low hanging balls in the other. His cock slot was drooling white clear pre-cum juices. I touched my tongue to his piss slot to discover the taste of man juices for the first time. It was salty, but not unpleasant.

His cock was firm and foreskin partially enclosed his big cock head. The scent of musky smegma was there from his penis. It reminded me of my own smegma after I had cum and left it until the next day before washing. It was pleasant to my taste. I ran my tongue under the skin to savor even more of the smegma. He moaned and put his hands to the back of my head. He tried to force me down on his cock, but it was too big for my mouth to enclose. I gagged and he pulled my head from his hard throbbing cock.

“That’s good enough. I want to punk your juicy cunt. Turn around slut, I’m gonna drop a big British load up your Yankee pussy.”

I was getting nervous at the thought of taking that huge cock up my arse. He might injury me. What had I gotten myself into? My first encounter with man-to-man sex, and I was afraid. It was too late to back out, besides he could probably break my neck if he got angry with me. I turned around, leaned against the wall and waited for the onslaught. I spread my butt cheeks to wait for his entry.

He rubbed his cock head up and down my crack until he found my wet hole. He guided his cock in my anus and without warning; he plunged all the way into me. I started to scream out in pain but he put his had over my mouth to keep me from yelling. It hurt for a few minutes. He pulled it almost all the way out then plunged deep into me again. I was glad I had left the two loads of cum in me to use as lubrication.

The solider began talking dirty to me and telling me, I was good pussy. I stood with my legs spread and took his cock deep. My cock began to get hard again. I was beginning to enjoy his fucking. He fucked me long and hard until he gave out a few grunts and emptied a big load up my arse. I could feel the remaining cum oozing from my overflowing arse and running down my balls. He finished cumming and pulled out quickly.

“Turn around slut, and clean the funk off my dick.”

I turned around, set on the stool as cum dripped out of my anus. I took his cock and started licking and sucking on his moist dick. He was much softer now that he had cum, and I could take his cock all the way without gagging. I licked off all the cum from his dick and continued on to his balls.

“That’s enough slut. That was good, pussy boy. I hope to see you again soon.” And then he left me in the booth and went to the sink to wash.

I let the cum ease out of my arse into the toilet bowel then wiped my crack clean so I could return to my Aunt and cousins. Suddenly the door opened again and it was my English friend with another man.

“Since you’re already lubed up I have lined up another stud to fuck your cunt. Stand up again Yankee. Lean against the wall and take on another hot cock.”

I was going to leave but the other man already had his cock in his hand ready to plow me again. I was now being used as a subway whore for my English friend. I willingly turned around to offer him my arse for fucking.

I was fucked about six more times before the ‘all clear’ was sounded. As I was leaving the loo, my English friend said he’d save a place for me the next night and we could do this again. He hoped to see me again tomorrow night, because he had some other young men that would be interested in meeting me.

When I returned to my Aunt and cousins, they were gathering up their belongings and getting ready to leave for home.

We had to return to the subway several times that week and my English friend, and his brothers were there to welcome me. I continued to get fucked by him, his brother, some of the same men I’d been fucked by the previous nights, and a few new ones. I had become the male pussy-boy subway whore of the Blitz.

Story by Dick Clinton at

2/19/2009, Word Count 2,954

This story is dedicated to all the people of London and surrounding areas that were bombed nightly by Hitler's rockets during World War II.  May this never happen again.  

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