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Beach Punk, Police Encounter.

Beach Punk - Police Escort by Dick Clinton 04/30/2009

I was still confused about what to do about the new job offer that Will had presented to me. All this was happening too fast and too soon. I just came to the beach to make new friends, and even before the week was up; I had been molested by my newest friend and his brother, taken to a movie producer, who offered a job, and given $100. for just getting a blow job, and then taken to another man, and offered not only a job in his shop, but a job to be a 'Boy Toy' and service strange men in my new apartment.

My head was still swimming with excitement and wonder. This might be my time to make some money fast and easy, go to school next semester, and send my mother and sister some extra money to live on. Heaven only knows my mother could us the money.

I was still new at letting guys use my body as an object for sex, but under the circumstances, I liked it. I discovered the hard way that I liked to be fucked, and used by men, but hadn't gotten use to the idea of sucking cock. I guess I'd learn. After all, I'd sucked on Ray's cock tonight for a little while, and it wasn't so bad.

I was on my way up the boardwalk to my humble studio apartment when I realized I was being followed by two men. I hurried along stopping only shortly to see if I could catch a view of the men that were following me.

The boardwalk was dark after midnight and since I didn't know the area that well yet, I thought Id go down an alley and take a short cut. I glanced back to see if I was still being followed. I hurried down the alley, but when I came out on the other end; I was met face to face with the two men.
"Hey there young man. What's your hurry?"

I was startled but ready to defend myself until I realized it was two local uniformed policemen.

"Whoops. I...I...was hurrying to my apartment on 'A' street." I stuttered out.

It was dark and hard to see the two men. I could only make out their silhouettes until we moved into the light. Both uniformed cops men were probably in their late 20s or early 30s, trim and had nice clean cut faces.
"You're out kind of late, are you? I think we had better see some identification. Lean against that wall and spread your legs." One of the policemen said as he ran his hands up and down my body, and then took my billfold out of my back pocket.

"You're I.D. says you are from L.A. What are you doing here? Hey, Mark Look at this. The guys got aver $100 in cash. Have you been selling some drugs... a.a.a. Berry Hind?"

"No sir. I'm not selling any drugs. I just moved here yesterday and have been looking for a job. I'll be working at 'Wills Wooden Toys" and start tomorrow." I said as the cop felt me up for the second time.
"Okay Berry. You can turn around now. I think we should escort you home, don't you think so Mark?"

When I turned around, I looked at his badge to see it read, 'Sergeant Lewis Larkin'. He handed me back my billfold with the money and then motioned for me to follow him into the alley.

I questioned his intentions until he informed me he needed to search me more closely for drugs, and instructed me to lean against the wall. He started feeling me up and down again, then reached around my waist and undid my pants and pulled them down to my knees. I don't ware under clothes, so my bare butt was exposed. Meanwhile his partner stood at the end of the dark alley as a 'look out'.

"Berry. Bend over. I had better inspect your butt hole for drugs. Humm. Nice set of buns."

He took off his leather gloves, kneeled behind me and parted my butt cheeks. I could feel his warm breath on my skin as he put one of his fingers into my moist anus. I was already getting hard. He pushed my legs further apart and eases another finger in me then pulled them out slowly.

"Your ass has been used tonight. You have fresh cum in your hole. So that's how you've earned your money, huh? You're not a drug dealer; you're selling your ass. Cool. I don't feel so guilty now. You're a 'hot number' and I'm gonna put another load up your wet slutty hole. You're a punk boy and I'm gonna punk you with another load."

I heard him unzip his pants and fish out his cock. He was gonna fuck me right here in this alley while his partner stood lookout. Gawd! These beach men are sure a horny bunch. They all seem to want to fuck me.

I reached behind me to feel his cock and spread my butt cheeks to guide his cock into my hole. I was amazed at the size of his cock, but I knew I could, and wanted to take it. I backed into him and guided his hard thick cock to my wet hole. I was horny again and encouraged his aggression. I'd become a willing sex object and cum dump once again. 'I am a slut'. I thought to my self.

The cop put one hand on my waist and the other around his cock. Once his cock found my hole, he shoved his cock all the way to him balls. I gasped at his sudden entry. It felt so good and so right. I could feel his zipper touching my buttocks.

"Damn boy. I knew you'd be eager to take my cock. How many loads do you have in there anyway? I like sloppy seconds. It makes it so much easier to fuck, and it feels so smooth going in. Oh yeah. That's a nice sweet boy-pussy. Mumm. Here we go boy. Take my cock. Unn." He uttered as he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of my wet hole.

His cock felt good. Soon I could feel his balls resting against my balls. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him. His cold belt buckle rubbed against my back. Friction of his leather holster made a constant squeaking sound. He nibbled my ear and kissed the back of my neck. I turned my head and offered him my lips. The bill of his cap touched my head. He kissed me on the corner of my mouth, but never missed a thrust into my well-used hole.

"Berry. You're such a hot fuck. I would rather do this in bed with you. My girlfriend won't let me fuck her ass like this. I love hot boy-pussy ass. Un huh. This is great. I'm gonna make this quick, but next time we're gonna get naked and fuck. Un, Un, Un."

He continued fucking me hard and fast, then he paused as he buried his cock deep in my hole and came. Even with the other two loads of cum still in my ass, I could feel the warmth of his squirting dick. He gave one more lunge then held me tight and nonchalantly bit my neck. He slowly pulled out as I tightened my anus around his cock so not to loose his juices.

"Yeah that was good, you slut, now get down there and clean all that cum off my dick. All the cum from your other fuckers. Clean it good and lick my balls while you're at it."

I reached down to pull up my pants but he pushed me down to his cock before I could get them buckled.

"I'm not a cocksucker, sir. I've never sucked a man's cock before. I'll just clean you with my t-shirt if you don't mind."

"The fuck you will. Get down on your knees, fucker, and lick the cum off my dick."

I had no choice but to do, as he demanded. I took his flaccid cock in my hand and put it to my mouth. I placed my tongue to his wet cum coated cock and took my first lick. I thought I would retch but found the cum tasted like almond. He pushed my head down on his cock and I swallowed the soft cock all the way down to his wiry pubic hairs. It wasn't so bad and he smelled so warm and clean. I knew he wouldn't be happy until he was clean.

I proceeded to lick and savor his cum coated cock. Right at the base of the underside of his cock was a small glob of remaining cum, which I readily sucked into my mouth. After awhile I had began to enjoy the velvety feeling and sensuous taste of his warm manhood. He was getting firmer as I serviced him. He suddenly pulled his cock from my mouth and began placing it back into his pants.

"Get up from there cocksucker. You were beginning to get me hard again and I don't have time for more fun tonight. We can continue this some other time. Come along and we'll take you home so you don't get into any more trouble tonight."

His partner, Mark, never said a word as we walked to my studio. When we got to my place, I started to open my door when Lewis gripped my arm and said to me.

"Berry. We will be watching you closely. Don't get into any trouble otherwise you'll find yourself in one of our fucking jails, and they won't be as easy on you as I've been." Then he said in a low voice to me. "When I get off duty in the morning, I'll be by to check on you."

That was a rather unusual experience, being fucked my a uniform cop. Maybe I could use the protection of a local member of the force, besides he was a good-looking guy and nice to have around.

I was tired, but still excited about the events of the past two days. I needed a good enema and a hot shower. I bought myself some clean-up products earlier and now they would come in handy. After my shower, I crashed out on the mattress and fell fast asleep.

The next morning I heard a soft knock at my door. I wasn't in the mood for company.

"If that's you Ron, go away."

"Open the door. It's the law."

I recognized Lew's voice and opened the door.

"Come on in, but I must warn you, I'm not an early morning person. The only thing that 'up' is my cock."

I was still naked and my cock was hard as I headed back to my cot.

"I've brought you some hot coffee and a couple doe nuts. You know us policemen; we always have some doe nuts handy. Then after you wake up, you can chew on my nuts."

"I appreciate your jester but let me wake up a little. What the hell time is it anyway?"

"It's a little after 6 am. My shifts over and I'm still horny thinking about your tight little ass hole from last night. My partner, Mark said I was an asshole for taking advantage of you last night, but just between you and me, I think he hot for your ass too. I think he's still a virgin, never been married and never seen him with a cunt. I've seen him naked in the locker room and he's hung like a stud horse. Perhaps we should get him to try out that tight ass of yours sometime."

Lew pulled a chair closer to my bed and ran his hand over my ass, as I lay naked on the cot. I hadn't had a chance to view his face last evening in the dark alley but now I looked him over. He had a handsome face, dark eyes, thick dark wavy hair, and a nice smile. I was gradually starting to wake up but I had to take a piss. I set up and headed to the bathroom. "Gotta drain this thing. Be right back"

When I returned from the toilet, Lew had removed his shoe, socks, and was removing his shirt. His chest was well developed and covered with dark curly body hair. I always admired a man with a hair chest. When he removed his pants, his cock was semi hard and small amounts of pre-cum was oozing from his piss hole. I estimated his cock to be about 8 inches long and very thick. No wonder I flinched when he shoved it to me last night.

I stood by my bed with my hands on my hips watching him undress. He was a very sexy and handsome man. His girlfriend was crazy not to give him her ass. He looked up at me and smiled.

"Come here, you sexy thing. Take a taste of the love juices dripping from my love stick. It's all for you." He said as he gripped his balls with one hand and his dripping prick with the other.

I had told him I wasn't a cocksucker last night, but I did enjoy making love to his cock. I slowly got to my knees and ran my tongue over this oozing cock head to savor his salty/sweet almond tasting pre-cum.

His cock head was red with blood rushing up the large veins of his cock. It was hard to describe but it was a manly looking dick. He had lots of hair on his balls and around the base of his cock. I savored the moment and ran my finger through the bush of dark hair. My hand was caressing his big ball sacks and I let one of my fingers wonder to the cress of his anus. He parted his legs and signed.

He turned his body around, gripped my head, bent over and offered me his hairy butt hole to rim. I had never done this sort of thing before, but he was such a hot man, I couldn't resist. He spread his hair butt cheek as I searched for his brown puckering anus. He smelled musky but nice. I parted his buttock and buried my face in his ass. My tongue found his tender spot and I licked and kissed his butt hole. It was exciting and then he started talking to me

"Yeah. Eat my ass hole you cock sucking slut. Yeah. Just like that. Deeper. Eat me faggot. Eat your policeman's ass. Damn that feels good. Gawd. I never had anyone eat my ass before. Oh fuck yeah, babe, you're my cock sucking, ass-eating slut. Un Huh."

He kept moaning and talking dirty to me. Then he turned around and slapped his hard cock against my face. Get on the cot with your ass facing me dogie style. I'm gonna throw some policeman's cock up your punk ass. I need some of your pussy-boy ass. Damn you're hot little S.O.B.!"

I had lubed my ass hole when I was in the toilet just in case he decided to do a quick fuck to my un-lubed hole. I got on the cot with my ass facing him. He stood on the floor and guided his cock to my pussy hole and unmerciful shoved his cock in my hole.

I gasped at his sudden entry but took him all the way. He never paused but started fucking me like a wild animal, grunting and groaning as he fucked me. My head banged against the wall as he shoved against me. He fucked me as if he was angry at the world, and slapped my buttocks harder each time until he yelled out some obscene words at me and shot a huge load of cum in my ass hole.

He hit my prostate and I came at the same time. I almost blacked out it was so intense. Cum was being planted up my ass while I shot my load all over my bed sheet. It was indescribable sex.

He lingered against my body for a moment then quickly pulled his cock out of my hole. I heard a wet squishing sound from his withdrawal. He collapsed naked on the floor beside my bed, gasping and breathing rapidly. His body hair glistened from sweat. I rested my head against the wall and pulled my legs out from under me. I looked over to see if he was okay. He really put everything into his fucking.

I was concerned about my new friend Lew, the policeman. He looked exhausted. I went to my kitchen sink and found a paper cup to give him a drink and off to the bathroom to get a cold washcloth and a bath towel.
I rolled up the towel, placed it under his head, and started wiping his face and neck with the cool cloth. He opened his eyes, smiled up at me, and took a sip of water than I offered him. Then he said. "Wow! I'm sorry, I almost passed out."

"Let me help you to the bed and get you off this floor." I said as I lifted his head and took his arm to direct him to the bed.

"Let me take a quick nap and I'll be out of here. This is my regular sleep time since I've been working night shift.

I nodded and placed the pillow under his head and let him sleep. He looked so remarkable spread out on my small little cot. He was a very handsome man. I guess I never looked at a man's body so closely before. He must 'work out' because his arms and chest were well developed and his abs were tight as a drum. I wasn't too bad a shape myself, but I had to get back into a routine of working out and jogging as before.

I sipped on the coffee and ate one of the doe nuts he brought me this morning. I continued to admire his body as he slept. He stirred, opened his eyes and patted on the bed for me to join him. He did look inviting and cuddly, so I went to the bed and lay next to his warm hairy body. He reached around me, pulled me close to him, and kissed the back of my neck before we both fell asleep.

A few hours later when I awoke, I felt his hard cock pressing against my butt crack as if it was searching for a place to enter. He was ready to fuck me again. I parted my cheeks as his hard cock found the opening of my moist anus. He moved closer and it went right in as if it knew where to go. He pulled me tight against him and just held me. By the indication of my hard on, I was the one that wanted to be fucked again. I backed up to encourage him to use me again as before, but this time with more love than hungry lust.

We started fucking slowly. I liked the feeling of being held tightly as he pushed smoothly into my boy-pussy. He lifted my leg and turned me on my back without taking his cock from me. I placed my legs on his shoulders and waited for his next move. He looked down at me lovingly and started fucking me once again. He leaned forward and began kissing me on the lips.

"You're a nice person, Berry. I won't be so rough on you this time." Then he continued to fuck me for another ten minutes or more until he was about to cum. He spread my legs, gave out a few grunts, and emptied his warm juices deep in my love canal and then collapsed on top of me again.

Our bodies melted together. He slowly got off me, released his cock from my hole and went to the bathroom to take a piss. When he returned, he pickup a doe nut and returned to the bed. He set on the edge of the bed, took my semi-soft cock, and pulled it thou the opening of the doe-nut.

I couldn't figure out what he was doing but when he leaned forward and started eating the doe nut I started to get hard. He crawled between my legs, held onto my balls, and started nibbling on the doe-nut as he sucked on my cock. It was humorous and yet my cock was being sucked by this hunky cop. After a few great moments of his cock sucking, I started to cum, thinking he would withdrawn, but he took me all the way and drank my gusher of cum.

"Mumm. Delicious cream for my doe nut."

He said as he finished licking all the cum from my cock. I noticed the doe nut had been completely consumed in-between sucks. He lay next to me on the single cot and told me to set on his face.

"I want some more of the cream that I deposited in your sweet pussy. Set on my face and let me eat you out." I got up, straddled his face and offered him my cum filled hole.

This guy was kinky, but I enjoyed his company and the new experiences he offered. He immediately pushed his tongue into my wet ass hole and started tongue fucking me and sucking the cum from my opening. He started jacking on his cock while he tongue fucked me.

It was hot watching him jacking on his big cock. Too soon, his cock began to shoot another huge squirt of cum towards my body and face. I didn't wait until he was finished cumming but leaned over and took his remaining gushers of cum. I went all the way down on his cock and let it continue cumming down my gullet. He continued his spasms of sexual enjoyment a few minutes then gasped.

"Oh Gawd. That was fantastic, just fantastic. Oh, man that was good. We'd better cleaned up so I can take you out to breakfast. Then maybe we can come back here and do this all over again. Huh? What do you say?"

Richard Barber

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Joe's Hunky Father Fuck

The Visit with Joe's Father by Dick Clinton10/09/2008

My last year in school was more interesting than I had expected, especially after I met Joe. We had become good friends as well as sexually well-matched partners. I was still doing my cleaning chores, and working out with Joe. We would meet every Monday and Wednesday after school in the work out room in the gym. We would practice our 'wrestling'; which always ended up in a wild fuck. We were both getting pretty good at this 'wrestling' game. I never knew sports could be so invigorating. This was the only place we could get together in private and have an excellent time.

Joe had become more open and friendly with other students instead of being so introverted. He became very popular and I heard they were going to nominate him for 'Home Coming King' at the end of the semester. He was such a good-looking hunk, and I was proud to be his closest friend. I was anxious to see whom he was going to take to the dance. I hoped it would be me, but that would be just too much to expect. The whole school would be shocked to see the two of us dancing together.

I'd just returned from one of my school music trips and hadn't seen Joe for several days. I missed him terribly. When I returned, I decided to drop by his home to see him before I went back to the farm. It was right along the way and I wanted to surprise him.

Joe, his father, and two younger brothers lived in a rather disorderly house. Most people would refer to it as 'trailer trash' except it wasn't a trailer; it was a partially constructed home. His father was a contractor and had been working on it when his wife suddenly died of an illness. He took it very hard and lost interest in finishing the home so it remained unfinished since that time. The yard had grown up in weeds and untrimmed bushes. An old broken down car was half buried in the shrubbery, and an old washer sat next to the front porch. The place was in a state of disorder, which is why I avoided going over there much.

Today was an exception. I was anxious to see Joe so I decided I would just drop by. I had only been in the house briefly to make a quick phone call right after Joe and I started hanging around together. It was just as bad on the inside. Just envision, one man and three young sons living in this big house together. The place was very unkempt. They needed a good housekeeper to straighten it out.

I pulled into the driveway next to Mr. Fox's Ford pick-up that he used for his trade. Joe's motorcycle was parked under the partially built garage. I assumed Joe was home, so I went up to the door. I knocked several times and figured they must be out, but just as I turned to leave I heard the door unlock and slightly open.

"Yeah? Who's there?" came a man's voice through a small opening in the front door.

"Hi. Mr. Fox? It's Clint, Joe's friend from school. I was just driving by and thought I'd see if Joe was home," I said to the voice behind the door.

I heard the clicking of the door chain and then the door opened wider.

"Oh yeah. Clint. Come on in. Joe and his brothers went to a ball game and should be home any time now. Come in and wait if you like. Shut the door behind you and come on down stairs to the family room in the basement. I'm watching the baseball game on the big screen TV. Do you like baseball?" Mr. Fox continued talking as he went into the kitchen, grabbed some beer and a big bottle of soda.

"Excuse the way I'm dressed. I was just relaxing and watching the game. My boys are out and I was naked before I answered the door. Come on down stairs until they get here. Watch the junk on the stairs. Been meaning to throw some of that junk away, but I've been so busy working 10 to 12 hours a day that I'm just too tired to bother," he continued as we went down the stairs to the family room.

I hadn't seen much of Mr. Fox before and had wondered what he looked like. He was taller than I'd remembered. He must be about 36 years old. He had a butch marine haircut and a day old unshaven face. He had a square jaw, strong neck, deep set eyes, and a smile like his oldest son Joe. He had a very trim and well-developed body and a small amount of hair on his chest that formed a 'V' down his firm stomach over his navel and down to his pubic area. He was wearing a lose pair of white boxers and nothing else. I was amazed how sexy he appeared. I could see at first glance a nice package flopping around under his loose fitted boxers. Joe apparently inherited his body from his father, and perhaps his cock size as well.

"Clint, take a seat in that big chair over there. Have some soda? I've lost track of the ball game score and started to watch some of my VCR flicks instead. While the younger boys are gone, and I am alone, I have a chance to look at some of my art films, if you know what I mean." He smiled and winked at me
"So you and Joe work out at the gym together, huh? He told me the two of you wrestle together a couple of nights a week. It's good for him to have close friends. He gets so engrossed in sports, that he's become introverted. I'm glad you two guys are chumming around together. He is a good kid." He paused and took a sip of his beer before continuing.

"Tell me something, if I can be blunt, do you guys ever get a hard on while wrestling together? I know I always did when I wrestled," Mr. Fox suddenly asked me.

"That son of mine has a big prick, just like his dad's." Mr. Fox laughed again and squeezed his dick.

"I ... I have noticed he has a large ... dick," I stuttered trying to answer him. "But ... but ... Mr. Fox you're embarrassing me," I said as I lowered my head.

"Call me John. I'm sorry. I was just curious what you two do together. He told me a few things about you and said you suck a mean dick. I think that's cool. A stud like him never gets enough pussy because of his large penis, but he's probably told you that."

Just about that moment, the phone rang and he got up to answer the phone. When he passed by me I couldn't help notice he was starting to get a partial hard on, at least the bulge in his shorts seemed to be getting bigger. He talked to someone on the phone for a few minutes then returned and flopped down on the couch closer to me.

"That was Joe. He and his brothers are having some pizza with some friends and won't be home for another couple hours. I didn't tell him you were here because I thought you might want to surprise him," John said to me.

"I guess I should go and come back tomorrow," I said as I started to get up from the chair and leave.

"You might as well stick around for a while. It'd be a good time for you to demonstrate some of your talents," John said bluntly.

"I don't mean to shock you, but I enjoy a good blow job as much as the next guy. I don't have many women friends and since I work such long hours, I find very little time for sex."

"Let's watch one of my movies and meanwhile you can suck my cock if you like. We don't need to mention this to Joe."

"If you think Joe’s got a big prick, wait till you see what his daddy's got hanging between his legs." Just then John got up, took off his boxers, and stood naked before me with a huge hard on.

I thought Joe's eleven-inch cock was big, but his dad's dick was even larger. It had to be a good twelve inches of perfectly formed cock and the nicest set of low hanging balls I'd ever seen.

Before I could say anything or protest, John pulled me from the chair, pushed me to my knees, and placed his dick to my lips. I gripped his massive cock with one hand and placed the other against John's thigh. I wanted to suck it, but his movements made it awkward to guide it into my mouth. Not only was it long, but as big around as my wrist and too big to fit comfortably in my mouth. I managed to pull back just enough to speak.

"Please, Sir. I'll suck your cock, but you'll have to let me do it my way. Please Sir, give me a chance," I pleaded.

John realizing he had too much to drink and stopped trying to force his cock into my mouth. He paused and shamefully looked down at me kneeling before him pleading for a chance to satisfy his desire.

There was a short silence while I wiped the moisture from my mouth. I looked up at John and realized he was embarrassed at his forcefulness. I situated myself between John's long muscular legs, and gently adjusted John's balls and gripped his cock.

"Sir, just kick back and enjoy your movies while I make you feel good. I'm going to remove my sneakers and jeans so I can be comfortable too. Then I'm going to give you the best fucken blow job you ever had. Relax."

John got comfortable on the couch, encircled his long legs around me, and placed his feet on the coffee table. This was going to be better than he imagined. It had been a long time since he'd had a good suck job.

I was still flabbergasted at the large fine-looking cock that was presented before me. I always enjoyed sucking off Joe, and now the thrill of sucking off his dad's large cock was just as thought-provoking. I moved forward to inhale the body pheromones between John's powerful legs. I buried my face deep into the soft spongy balls and inhaled again. John let out a deep sigh of contentment while I gave service to him.

"Oh yeah, boy! Lick my balls and swab them clean. Unn hun. That's nice," John groaned as I licked and kissed his balls.

 He smelled so musky and manly. I gripped John's large cock with one hand, as I ran my swiftly moving tongue up his shaft. There was ample area to cover and I was going take pleasure in every inch of this colossal dick. I steadily moved up to the stocky cock head to lick and savor the salty beer tasting precum liquids oozing from John's piss opening.

"Damn! You know how to make a man's prick feel fine. No wonder my son likes having you about. I have it in mind to use you whenever my boys are not at home. Oh. Yeah, that's a good move. Suck it babe. Make me shoot a big gob of man juice for you," John said as I continued pleasuring him.

I continued to take pleasure in the intense cock sucking, but I wanted more. I mainly wanted to have John's cock deep in my ass. I loved sucking John's cock, but possibly I could convince John to fuck me. I always enjoyed it when Joe fucked me, but could John's enormous cock penetrate my sphincter?

I hesitated for a minutes then I repositioned myself on the couch, faced John, and straddled his hips. Joe opened his eyes to observe what I was going to do. Then he realized I was going to try to sit down on his cock. John positioned his large coarse hands to my firm buttocks and balanced me as I little by little squatted on top of John's dick.

"Are you sure you want to try this? I've never fucked an ass hole before but I've always wanted to try. The guys tell me it's even better than pussy. You're not a virgin, are you?"

I laughed calmly and said. "Hell no! That son of yours fucks me all the time. Whoops!" I said out loud. Perhaps I shouldn't have confessed that to him.

"You mean to tell me that Joe's has been 'punking' you all this time? Why you little fucker. You've been his 'bitch' all along. Hot Damn! Let's get this show on the road. My boy Joe's has been getting your boy pussy spread out so you could take his daddy's dick. Get your ass on that couch and let me fuck you 'doggie style'. I need to get off," Joe demanded as I moved cautiously up onto the couch.

"I don't have any lube handy so I'll just pour some beer on my dick and let it run into your hole. I want to take my time fucking you before I cum. It's been quite some time that I've found a nice warm pussy to dump my load in."

"Sir. I don't know if I can take it without some Vaseline or something for lubrication. You're not the first big dick I've taken, but it's no doubt the biggest. Sir. Please promise me you'll take your time and not split me open. I need to share my boy pussy with Joe."

"Quit stalling and bend over the back of the couch. I'm not going to hurt you. I want us both to enjoy a good fuck. Bend over and let's get started," John said as I leaned over the back of the couch waiting nervously while John poured some beer on his dick, then some on my ass crack.

I had never used beer for lubrication before, but I needed something moist. I knew John was not about to rim my ass hole before he fucked me. John started exploring my ass hole and roughly put one finger into my anus. I flinched, then John placed more fingers into my hole to prepare for his entrance. A cool rush of beer was being poured over John's fingers as he finger fucked me.

"You have such a tight hole. Are you sure Joe's been fucking that sweet little hole? I can understand why my boy enjoys using your asshole for his cum dump. It's so tight. Okay, boy, spread your butt cheeks, Joe's daddy's gonna breed you. This might hurt but I think you like a little pain while you're getting fucked. Don't you cocksucker?" John continued to guide his cock head into my hole.

More beer was applied as John's cock head slipped into the first few inches of my anus. Then a few more quick shove, then a few more inches. John waited until my hole began to relax and receive his cock. John took a deep breath, grunted and moved in a few more inches. I flinched again, but held my ground.

"Fuck, boy. You've got half of my prick in you already, now hold on. I'm going in deeper. Ah shit that pussy's tight. Oh Yeah, babe. You're gonna to enjoy this 'daddy dick'. Hold on! Hold on!" John repeated as his cock went deeper and deeper into my tight love canal.

John gave one more push and it went in me all the way in to his balls. He gasped and gripped my buttocks. It was an awesome feeling.

I moved back onto John's impaling dick and started twitching and shuddering. I was cumming without touching myself. My ass muscles tightened around John's monster cock. I could feel John's warm balls pressing against my backside. I gasped and continued to enjoying my first orgasm with John. I shook and trembled one more time, then took a deep breath and sighed again.

John didn't know what was happening at first, but finally he realized he had hit that special 'G' spot in his male partner. He laughed softly and hugged me tightly as his dick was still buried deep in my warm body. I had readily taken his full twelve inches of cock, and it felt great.

"That was awesome. You shot your load when I hit that special spot. Does that happen often? I thought only women came when you fucked them. That was different. Now it's my turn, boy. I'm hot and ready to use your tight ass," John continued. "Man, that was incredible," he responded.

"Take me Sir, Use my ass hole for your satisfaction. I love the feel of your hard prick deep in my body. Fuck me! Fuck me hard! You've really got me turned on again. Your dick feels fantastic. Fuck me! Fuck me Mr. Fox please. I need your cock in me. Use me and fuck me hard. I want your daddy dick," I begged John.

"Oh yeah. You're a hot little slut whore. I'm gonna fuck the hell out of your boy pussy. Man. You've got a tight hot ass. You like that 'daddy dick', don't you bitch? That's what you are. You're my hot bitch and I'm gonna use your boy pussy for my pleasure. You like that? You like me calling you my bitch? What a hot fuck you are. Uh huh. Uh huh. Damn good boy. Good pussy bitch. Fuck you. Fuck you, slut, cock sucking, pussy boy. I'm gonna use your slut pussy and dump my sperm in your cunt," John continued to call me names and slap my bare buttocks.

He fucked me hard and long and then he'd slap my buttocks. He would shove it all the way in him, then pull it out slowly until it would almost slide out, then he would shove it back in hard. His balls constantly slapped against me. I begged for it. I wanted it hard and rough. I wanted to be used by this stud and to call me degrading names.

"Fuck me harder, harder. Shove that 'daddy dick' deep in that boy pussy. Oh Yeah, That's it. Give it to me like a man. Give it to me Daddy. Bury every inch of your stud meat in my ass hole. It's yours to use. Fuck me hard. Make me cum again. Oh god I need your cock deep in my body. Oh that's it. Harder! Harder!" I begged my man fucker.

John could feel his nuts tighten. He needed to release his cum. It had been quite a while since he got off with another person. He needed this in the worst way. The feeling was sensational. He was pounding his cock unmercifully hard and deep into Clint's ass. He was releasing all his tension with Clint. It was good, real good.

I started to cum again as John pounded my ass and massaged my prostate. My love canal tightened and gripped John's plunging meat. This caused John to cum.

John soon felt a memorable contraction in his balls. My ass hole gripped his plunging cock and caused him to start to cum. His prick was expanding to full capacity, stretching my love canal for the final discharge of his sperm. A wonderful tingling surge shot through out his body as he began releasing a much-needed orgasm. He moved faster and faster. Sweat was rolling down his body. His low hanging balls slapped against my balls. He paused and buried his twelve inches of manhood deep into my hot ass. He grabbed my buttocks and held me tightly against him and began cumming deep into my receptive body.

He shook, moaned out, and shook again, releasing gush after gush of love juices. He released such an abundant amount of liquid cum that it was oozing out of my ass hole, I could feel it oozing out around his shaft and running down my balls. He shoved in one last time, stopped and collapsed forward onto me. We lost our balance and rolled off the couch and onto the floor.

John's dick was still impaled in my ass. Our bodies were wet with sweat and sticking together. John's rough unshaven face rubbed against mine as he began kissing my neck and nibbling on my ears.

After a few minutes of deep breathing, I began to chuckle realizing we were on the floor, stuck between the couch and the coffee table. A bottle of beer had tipped over and was running on my forehead. John started licking my face as the beer continued to pour. Then John laughed softly and kissed me tenderly on the mouth.

"I hope you like warm beer," John said, then both of them laughed again.

"I think we better try to get untangled and get dressed before the boys come home. This might be hard to explain," John said as he tried to get up again.

John let his semi-hard cock slip easily from its nesting place in the depths of me, his pussy boy Clint. He managed to perch his ass briefly upon the couch, before standing.

I pulled myself up from the floor, and found I was staring directly at John's softly hanging cock. I couldn't resist. I opened my mouth and engulfed the eight or nine flaccid inches of cock into my mouth, and managed to swallow it to the base of John's hairy crotch.

This was a sudden and unexpected pleasure for John to have me go down on his cock like this. It was sensational. I could feel his reaction as it shuddered through him.

I continued to clean and enjoy the juices still remaining in John's cock and under his foreskin. Soon it began to grow and it became more than I could swallow, but I didn't stop sucking. I caressed both of the big low hanging balls and continued to service John's luscious cock until he began to cum again, releasing another gratifying flow of love juices directly into my mouth and down my throat.

"Oh my God. That was unexpected," John said. "... And no doubt one of the best blow jobs I've had in years. Damn boy! You are a real cock-sucking slut, as well as a good piece of ass. Damn! Damn! Damn!"

 John kept repeating as I milked down the last few drops of sweet nectar from John's long shaft.

John bent over and kissed me on my blond curly hair then said.

"You can use the half bath over there to clean up and put on your clothes, while I run upstairs to the shower before the boys arrive. Take your time and just sit here on the couch and have some soda. No more beer for you!" John laughed, grabbed his shorts, and hurried up the stairs to the shower.

I picked up my clothes and went into the half bath to clean up before Joe could discover that Joe's hunky, hung dad and I had wild unadulterated sex. I sat on the toilet to clean my ass hole but decided to keep the warm load of cum deep in my body. The thought of Mr. Fox's cum remaining in me was kinky, but awesome. That huge cock felt sensational inside my body. Mr. Fox sure knew how to fuck. I'm looking forward to getting fucked by him again. All I had to do is break the news to Joe that his dad had fucked the hell out of me and we both loved it. I loved to be rough fucked by men and Joe's dad was a rough fucker.

Joe Returns Home.

I continued to clean up and as I was combing my hair, the door opened and in walked Joe.

"Hey, my hot little wrestling buddy, how ya been? I missed you while you were gone. I couldn't find anyone that would wrestle with me like you do. I wondered if they were afraid of me?" Ha! Ha! "I offered to train Jerry Johnson, but he declined," Joe continued.

Joe stopped talking while we clung to each other in a big masculine embrace. The hug lingered, and soon Joe's hand was descending down my firm bubble butt. The embrace soon became more arousing. Joe awkwardly unbuckled my jeans and pulled them downward over my butt. I kicked off my shoes and pulled my legs out of my jean. Meanwhile Joe was removing his pants and shorts down with one hand, and stuck his finger into my moist cum filled ass hole. Our eyes never left each other's eyes. I wondered what he was thinking. Did he know I had just had the fuck of my life by his Dad?

Joe lifted me and placed my bare ass on the cold counter top. We began to kiss. Joe lifted my legs and guided his hard cock into my moist well-used ass. He pulled me downward on his cock.

My ass hole was always ready for Joe's big cock, only this time my ass was full of warm cum Joe's father had deposited deep in my body earlier. Joe didn't seem to notice, and if he did, he didn't care. He was hot to fuck me and I was ready to receive him. Joe plunged his hard cock directly into my asshole and began to wildly fuck. My hole was warm and wet. It was an awesome fuck.

"Oh, Joe. Fuck me man. I love your big cock deep in me. Fuck me man," I muttered in between wild tongue sucking kisses.

I'd never seen Joe this untamed and passionate before. Joe must have really missed me. It was like a lovers welcome home. Joe was jabbing his cock into my love hole and cum was squirting deep into my wet canal. It was a quick and but passionate orgasm. Joe took a deep breath, wiped his brow and looking directly into my eyes said.

"Welcome home lover. You're as warm and first-rate as ever. Your boy pussy was so moist and warm. I like it that way." Joe carefully wiped the remaining cum from his cock and pulled up his clothes. I scooted my butt from the counter top, picked up my jeans and began dressing again. We washed up, kissed, and went back into the family room where Joe's father was sitting on the couch watching TV. He smiled at us knowingly.

"Hey Joe. How was the ball game today? Did you bring us any Pizza?" Mr. Fox continued.

"Clint came by to see you before he was returning home. It's getting pretty late so he can stay the night here with you, if he wants. I gave the boys permission to stay overnight at Tommy's house tonight, so it will be just the three of us men." Mr. Fox looked up at Clint, smiled, and winked.

You may wonder if I stayed the night.  I sure did and got fucked by both Daddy John and my lover Joe.. Each one fucked me 3 times each than night.  All this took place in Daddy John's big California King size bed.  It wasn't the last time I spent the night and was fucked many times each night.  Quit often Daddy John would bring home several of his best friends and other construction men to fuck. He said it kept his crew happy.  I loved this family. I discovered Father and Son fucking was the best.

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John's straight buddy getting sucked by Clint while John watches. 

Joe introduces Clint to his cousin that loves to get sucked every day.  He lives close to Clint on the Farm.  He has 2 younger brothers that he wants to let Clint suck them off.  

Another one of John's construction men that gets Clint to suck him off.  His wife doesn't like to suck cock. 

Joe's friend from school.  Never been sucked off by a guy before but now he loves Clint's suck jobs.l 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Truck Parking, Part 01


Part 1

Written by Dick Clinton

I left the Trucker's Bunkhouse and headed for the truck parking lot outside. This area was reserved mostly for trucker's overnight parking; however an occasional auto would wonder into the area. These were mainly "ladies of the lot". (Prostitutes) or "truck hawks", (cocksuckers) searching for a good time with one of the `hot to trot' drivers.

I worked nearby and when I got off work about 11 PM. I would head for the lot to make my regular rounds and stops. After you have been there several times, the truckers get to know your car and what you are searching for.

Truckers have signals to let you know they are available for sex. One signal is to turn on the cabin lights or blink their taillights when you pass by. You would then respond in the same way. It is a quick and easy way to make contact without lots of hassle. Many of the drivers are hot to go and want it fast so they can go to sleep or head on to their next stop. Most are singles but sometimes you find the drivers have a partner that wants some `action' too.

It was a nice warm week night and there was more than usual amount of trucks parked in the lots. Many of the drivers were standing by or near their trucks talking. I noticed a group of men chatting and laughing so thought I would walk by to check them out. As I approached one of the truckers said ‘hi’ to me and ask if I had some matches. I dug through my jacket pocket and found some matches to give him. They were still talking about some the x-rated movie that was showing in the bunk room TV room.

"Damn! I guess I got in there too late,” one of the truckers commented,”

I understand there was a cock sucker in there was giving all the dudes head."

"Aw, shit, I always miss out on the fun," said one of the younger dudes.

"Your horse cock is too big for him anyway, Peter, You would have probably choked him with that big fucking cock of yours. Besides I thought you didn't like `fags'. You were complaining the other day about the one in the showers." He said then Peter spoke up and added, "but he wanted to fuck me and I'm not into a poke in the ass."

"Oh? You afraid you might like it?' One man said "Peter, I bet you never got your dick sucked in your life. You probably are still a `virgin' too."

"No, I'm not." Peter said.

One of the truckers looked at me and asks.

" Did you see that cock sucker in there this evening? The one that was sucking the truckers in the TV room?" he asks bluntly.

"Yes, I saw him. It was me!" I said.

Suddenly the conversation came to a stop as they all looked at me. Then they all laughed as if they did not believe me.

"Na, I mean did you see him, not, `did you get sucked by him'."

"No, I said `I am the cocksucker that gave your buddies' head."

Once again there was a silence and the young one they called `Peter' looked at me again and said with a smile on his face.

"Really? You’re just joshing. You're not a `fag' are you?"

"Sure! I'm one of the best cocksuckers in this lot and I'm looking for some more action. Is anyone interested?" I said. Again a silence fell over the men until one of the men turned to the trucker beside him and said.

"I have to be going. This is too queer for me."

"Me too" said his buddy. "I have to split early in the morning."

Then he took off too. This left me with 4 remaining truckers. They began to change the subject real quick. I assumed they were too embarrassed to talk anymore about their sex life.

"I didn't mean to shock you dudes with my confession. but I am not ashamed to suck a cock or two. I enjoy getting you men off just as much as you enjoy getting you nuts off. So who would like to give it a try?"

One of the older men spoke up.

"You know what? You gave me a blow job in the TV room tonight and I’ll have to say it was the best one I have had since I was in the slammer 3 years ago." Then they all laughed.

"So, is that a recommendation?" I said

"Sure, man. I could go for another one if you want to go to my truck. I'm right here, so hop in the other door." The trucker said to me without hesitation.

The other men stood there with their semi-hardon's listening to our conversation. I went to the other door and got into his cab. The other men stood talking like nothing was happening except for the young dude named Peter. I felt he was still curious about getting a blow job from a fag. He was a handsome dude and he made me even more interested when I found out he had a large dick.

I crawled into the cab as my new trucker friend held out his hand and introduced himself as John.

"Wait until I clear the bunk and we can get back there and get more comfortable." John said as he leaned back into the bunk area.

John was about 35, 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighed about 175 lbs. He had a nice strong face with a hint of a beard. I was especially attracted to his large dark eyes and the dimples when he smiled.

He opened the curtains and moved some objects around on the cot, then he took off his boots then crawled into the bunk. I took off my boots and followed him.

It was large enough for two men but not too much headroom. He took off his pants, and then unbuttoned his cowboy shirt exposing his manly chest. He wore no underclothes so he was all ready for action and his 2nd blow job for the day. By the time he was undressed I had taken off my pants and shirt and was crawling between his legs. He placed his arms behind his head to relax and waiting for me to service his cock. I placed my one hand under his big hairy balls and the other one on his large cock.

I had remembered sucking his cock earlier in the TV room but didn't see what he looked like. I was on my knees most of the time going from one cock to another without looking up to see the giver. I was more interested in serving the cocks being offered to me. I was so busy and there were so many cocks being shoved in my face I didn't have the time to look at most of there faces. I had so many at that time I had even lost track of how many cocks I’d sucked off. Now I was serving one of these men's cocks again.

I was going to take my time with John this time because I knew he enjoyed a blow job. I looked up at his long lean body reflecting in the soft lights of the parking lot outside. His body was firm and the stomach rippled like a washboard covered with soft hair. His arms were over his head and his armpits were exposed edging the form of his muscular arms. On one arm was a tattoo of a flying eagle. He was a sexy cowboy type trucker.

I started to lick his cock with my tongue and he signed with delight. I caressed his warm balls and slightly fingered below his balls next to his hairy ass hole. He responded to my every move. I licked on his hairy balls and kissed the underside of his legs, going up then down until I reached his long feet. He still had on his white gym socks so I slowly took them off one at a time and tossed them aside. I licked the top of his ankles then up his foot to his long smooth toes. He was in ecstasy. I lifted his legs and wondered down his balls and started to lick his buttock then slowly towards his warm ass hole. His body was so clean I could not resist sticking my tongue into his sweet ass hole.

Placing my hands around his ankles, I lifted him up until his legs were over his head. This gave me full access to his sweet warm ass hole. I darted my tongue in and out in a fast fucking motion until I though he was going to cum. By this time I had his ass hole wet enough to place my middle finger into the entrance of his hole. He squirmed with delight. I pulled my finger out and replaced it once again with my tongue.

After a few moments of tongue licking, I scooted my body under his buttocks placing the head of my throbbing 8-inch cock into the entrance of his ass. I wet the remaining shaft of my cock with the pre-cum juices from his cock. This would make it easier to slide my cock into his warm asshole. I went in slowly, but firmly.

When I was ready to slide my cock in further, John reached for my butt to pull me closer to him. I went all the way in, up to my balls. He gasps and held on to me.

He began to relax and put his arms back behind his head once more and gave me full control to his body. I started to pump my cock into him slowly at first then increased my movements deeper and faster. He moaned and sighed, as he was giving me his body to pleasure myself.

We were fucking so hard that I could feel the truck cab move as our bodies slammed into each other. I could feel my balls filling up with sperm ready to shoot my hot warm load into his ass. With each plunge of my cock I knew both of us were getting ready to release our man juices. His big cock was rubbing against my body and my cock was deep in his hole. We could wait any longer. I started to cum as I fell on his hard muscular body. He released his load between our hot and sweaty bodies. I licked his arms and buried my face in his armpits. He turned his face towards mine and started sucking my ear. I turned towards his face and we embraced in a forceful, wild and passionate way that only 2 men could do. We exchanged kisses while both our tongues were searching the depths of each others mouths. We both moaned in delight as I pumped my cumming cock against his prostrate causing him to release his juices between our bodies. I continued to pump my hot sperm into his willing and wanting ass.

"Oh, my God, I am Cumming "he shouted into my ear as I came.

"Yeah, fuck that ass, man, fuck that cowboy ass." He said as I dropped my load like a grunting horse in heat.

We both lay there in each others arms. Our sweat was mingled with the warm sticky cum between our bodies. Neither of us spoke for a moment until I started to move off him.

"Let your cock stay in me for just a bit longer." John said.

"I’ve never, ever had this happen to me. Boy, to think what I have been missing."

He looked into my eyes and smiled.

"You know what? I have your warm cum up my ass hole and it feels good. Real good." Then he squeezed me tightly.

I gradually lifted my body off him and let my cock slip out of his cum filled ass hole. My cock was wet with my sperm. He reached around as I pulled out and felt my cock.

"My God, I had that cock up my ass? Wow, if I had know it was that large I would have had second thoughts." John said.

"I hope you were pleased with your orgasm. It is great when we can cum at the same time." I said as John handed me a small towel.

I proceeded to dry off his body, then myself. He lay there looking satisfied and happy at his new experience. I leaned over and took his soft cock into my mouth licking off the cum from his last orgasm. He was sensitive but let me lick his cock and balls. His body was relaxed but his cock started to rise again. I slowly sucked on his cock until it got completely hard again. He had such a beautiful cock. It matched his body. I didn't know if he could cum again so soon but he was beginning to move in and out with my head movements.

"I can't believe this but I am going to cum again." He said, as he raised his hips to meet my mouth, releasing another load of sweet warm cum.

I took his cock all the way down to his balls and drank his love juices. When I came up for air I milked his shaft of the last few drops of cum. As I released his cock from my mouth John fell into a deep sleep. I gently moved next to my cowboy trucker as he turned on his side with his back towards me. I placed my arms around him as we cuddled and fell asleep very satisfied in our man-to-man lovemaking.

End of this portion of "Truck Parking" Jan 19, 2002

Copyright Revised 09, 2002 dickclinton