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In the Navy and Lost In Transfer

Lost in Transfer.

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I'd completed my training at the Bainbridge Maryland, Yeoman School with high honors, and now I was to be transferred to a ship of my choice.

The ship was still out on maneuvers in the Gulf of Mexico, so I was to be transferred by Navy Transport to the ship's home port at Norfolk, Virginia, to wait for the ship there.

I had discovered early in my Navy service that the government often did things in strange ways, but since I'd little to say in the matter, I always went along with the orders. I was not surprised, therefore, that at the last minute, they decided to fly me to Key West, Florida instead, so I could board the my ship when it arrived there and take the ship back to Norfolk. I was to board a Navy air transport and go to Miami hoping to catch the ship before it left port. When I arrived at the airbase, they said the Navy transport was full and I would have to take the Marine transport instead. So here I am, the only sailor on a Marine aircraft. To make things even more bizarre, I was the only enlisted man aboard a flight of Marine officers. I know this is very confusing, but that is the military for you.

As the only sailor and the only enlisted man aboard, I felt as if I stood out like a sore thumb. The other men were slow to talk to me at first, but they must have thought I was on special assignment, and an officer too, because I was soon treated as an equal.

The transport was not like a passenger airplane, and we were carrying other military freight as well. We had to make an unscheduled landing in Georgia somewhere because of mechanical problems. Most of us were transported to another airplane that had to make a stop-off in Pensacola, Florida where we were to stay the night in the Marine Bachelor Officer's Quarters.

It was nighttime when we arrived, and a bus picked us up and took us directly to the BOQ for the night. We were directed to the quarters and assigned two men to each room. I was alone by this time and had a double room to myself. I pitched my duffel bag on one of the beds, stripped down to my boxers, grabbed my towel and toiletries and headed down the hall to shower with the Marine Officers. When we are naked, no one knows who is an officer or not. Some of the men looked at me a bit strangely since I was the youngest among them. I caught a couple hunks checking out my ass but I couldn’t imagine any way to connect with any of them. Besides, I was tired and needed the rest. It had been a long confusing day being shuffled around like this. When I finished cleaning up I couldn't find my white Navy skivvies and only one pair of khaki marine boxers remained. I grabbed them and headed back to my room, where I collapsed on my bed and quickly fell asleep.

I was just dozing off when I heard someone enter the room. He quickly stripped off his Marine uniform and put it on the footlocker at the foot of the other bunk. I could tell that the Marine officer had been drinking because I could smell the liquor. I tried to go back to sleep, but to my surprise, he sat on my bed, put his hands on my ass and pulled my shorts off. I didn't know if I should protest or not, but being a sex slut, I let him continue. He didn't hesitate to crawl up on my bed and place his hands on my buttocks and stick a finger in my ass. Soon he was jacking on his cock, and spreading my legs as he aimed his hard cock at my ass hole.

It was still so dark in the room I knew he couldn't see me. He rested his body on mine, and whispered in my ear.

"It's alright Ron, It's just me, Gary. I'm glad you're here tonight buddy. I'm horny as hell. I didn't get any pussy tonight and I need some of your sweet ass. Relax and enjoy getting my eight inches up your butt hole. Oh yeah, your ass is still as tight as ever. I'll try to be quiet, but you know me. I get carried away when I fuck your tight Marine ass. Give me a minute to get real hard and I'll guide it in. Just lie there on your tummy while I fuck you, man." Gary said to me, thinking I was his fuck buddy, Ron.

Of course I realized right away this guy had mistaken me for his fuck buddy, Ron, but who was I to complain when a hot Marine was taking my body to use for pleasure? I quickly placed a pillow under my hips to put myself in a better position for a good fuck.

Gary's body felt great against mine. I hadn't had any man sex since I had been on leave in New York City, with my policeman friend, Tony. I was ready and willing to be penetrated.

Gary directed his hard cock to my ass hole, and I reached around and guided it into the opening of my anus. I was pleased with the feel of his big cock and was looking forward to a good fuck from this dude. I didn't care if he was noisy or rough because, I always enjoy getting fucked by a man that appreciates a tight ass.

"Uh huh! Oh Yeah! That feels good already. I'm Fucken Horny as hell, but don't want to cum too quickly. I haven't had your ass for some time and I want to enjoy this." Gary muttered as he penetrated my hole.

"I asked the' night watch' if I could be assigned to my old room, and when he told me another Marine occupied one bunk, I knew it had to be you. Smithy knows we 'fuck around' and made me promise you would let him try some man ass when he gets off duty. Hope you don't mind. I know how much you enjoy getting laid."

Gary's dick was as big as he said, and since I hadn't had a good prick in my butt hole for several weeks, it hurt when he went all the way in. I buried my face in the pillow and moaned. Gary paused long enough to let me get accustomed to his thick salami. Then, when I relaxed, he started his movements. He was slow at first, moving slowly in and then out. It was feeling damn good. This man knew how to fuck an appreciative ass. Little did he know he was fucking a complete stranger. I must have been about the same build as his fuck buddy Ron, or he would have realized he was using a different person. Fuck, I didn't care. I had fantasized getting raped by a stranger, but never dreamed it would be this hot Marine Officer.

Gary continued to fuck my ass. He lay on my backside and fucked like a hot Marine should, changing positions now and then to enjoy each deep plunge. He gripped my ankles and pulled them up and kissed the bottom of my feet, then my toes.

As Gary laid on what he thought was his buddy's body he started licking and kissing my neck. His tongue searched out an ear for sexual stimulant. I could feel him stiffen up and knew he could not hold back his orgasm much longer.

"Oh babe. You still feel so good under me. We fit so nicely together and should do this more often. Man, I miss this. You’re better than any man pussy I’ve ever had. I'm going to cum soon. You’re so hot. Oh Yeah. Oh Yeah. I'm cumming, I'm cumming.' Gary hissed thru his teeth. He wanted to cry out but didn't want everyone in the place to waken to his animal cries of sexual pleasure.

"Uhhh! Uhhh! Oh God that is such a good piece of ass. Oh Fucken yeah.

You're such a good fuck! Uhhhh." Gary continued releasing his stud juice into my fuck canal. Then he collapsed on top of me and kissed my neck and back. He took a few good deep breaths and then sat up. He slowly pulled his wet cock from my anus and wiped it on my buttock.

"You're still a good piece of ass. I got to get some sleep. Thanks buddy," Gary said as he got up from the bed.

The door opened and in walked the guy who had been on duty when Gary came in. He went to Gary's bed and whispered.

"Sir. It's Smith, the Marine guard. Can I get that ass you promised me?


"Yeah, Yeah. He's over there. Help yourself. I just pumped him full of

Marine cum. He should be nice and juicy for that big cock of yours. Go ahead and give him a good fucking. I need to get some sleep now, so go to it Smithy. Enjoy.

"Thank you sir." Smithy said as he started removing his clothes.

I could hear the conversation and knew that the other Marine was standing by my bed. It was still dark in the room but my eyes had adjusted so I could make out his tall stature. I’d learned from experience that tall men usually had large dicks.

I waited until Smithy had stripped and moved onto the bed. I reached for his thick cock and wondered if I was going to have trouble taking this one. Smithy seemed like he didn't know what to do next. It must have been the first time he had fucked another male. I pulled him closer, lifting my legs and placing them on Smithy’ s shoulders while guiding his cock closer to the opening of my moist cum-filled hole. Smithy scooted closer, beginning to understand what was expected of him. He gripped his hard cock, as I guided his cock to my anus then slipped it in. I grabbed Smithy’ s low hanging balls pulling him closer. The head of his cock went in even further.

He moved in closer and let me guide his cock into the ass hole. He let his hard dick slide in further. I grabbed his hips and pulled him in all the way. Wow, what a feeling.

I shuddered when Smithy’s large cock went all the way in. I almost came when he rubbed past my prostate, but I grabbed his cock tightly to hold back his orgasm. Smithy let out a soft moan of pleasure, then rested his body on my body and enjoyed the first penetration of his cock into another man’s tight ass. He started to move out slowly, enjoying the tight grip around his shaft. It was awesome.

He began his animalistic pleasure as he kissed and nibbled at my legs that were still resting on his shoulders. He continued to fuck in rhythmic thrust, increasing his body movements until he was making soft grunting sounds of pleasure. As his balls tightened and his large cock grew even larger, he released his manly sperm up his shaft and into my deep warm canal. He came and came until he had shot several loads of his love juices.

His sweat rolled down his hard masculine body, dripping onto me. He paused for one more pleasurable moment then thrust his cock deep into me one final time. Cum oozed from around his shaft still impaled deep in my wet ass. He didn't seem to want to withdraw but his body was relaxed and his sexual desires had been satisfied. He looked down in the still darkness and saw that I was pleased with his performance. He slowly withdrew as I lowered my legs to the bed. Smithy wiped his brow with the sheets and sat on the edge of the bed to get his composure before putting his clothes back on. He gave me a quick rub on the chest and abs, took a deep breath and spoke softy.

"Thank you, Sir. That was the best." Then he dressed and left the room.

I’d cum once during Smithy’ s onslaught of heavy pounding and wild sex, but I was hard again. I turned over on my stomach to try to get some sleep but another Marine entered the room, quietly removed his clothes and crawled on top of me. What the hell, I thought. I was in for another good fuck by a stranger in the night.

"Smithy said this is where all the good action is taking place. I’m going to fuck your juicy cum filled ass, while several other jar-heads are waiting to take their turn. We drew numbers and I’m first in line. Let's get this show on the road." He said as he unceremoniously shoved his hard cock up my ass.

As the night wore on, several hot horny Marines fucked me several more times. My first fuck Marine, Gary, woke while one of the other officers was using my ass. He sat up and watched for a short time until the man was finished, then he came back over and quickly started fucking me for the second time.

"Ron, you’re something else. You're a hot number. Let me eat your ass and taste some of my buddies cum, then I'm going to fuck you again before I have to take off for duty,” he said as he pulled my ass up so he could tongue fuck and lick my well used ass. "How many loads did you take during the night? Your sweet ass is dripping with tasty juices. This is better than eating my girl's pussy after an orgy. Damn, this is hot.

Ummmm, ummmm." Gary said as he wildly ate out my ass, slurping and sucking up the wet juices. This continued for a few minutes until Gary got so hot that he just had to shoot off one more time. He mounted and shoved his cock deep inside me and came after about six fast plunges.

"Oh man you’re so hot. Wish you'd stay around for a few days so we could keep this going," Gary said as he lay next to me after he came.

Gary looked over at his fuck partner and realized for the first time

tonight that I was not his buddy Ron. He quickly sat up on his elbow and stared at me.

"Who the fuck are you? You're not Ron. Shit. Who are you anyway?" Gary


"Sir. I’m just a Yeoman First Class Sailor from Bainbridge. I was being transferred to Key West to board my ship, but my papers got mixed up and I suddenly found myself aboard the Marine Transport with a team of Marine Officers. The plane landed here and I ended up in these officer quarters. I don't know where my transfer papers are now. I hope I haven't offended you or violated any rules. I'm sorry, Sir if I deceived you by letting you think I was your Marine buddy, but you were so insistent in making love to me last night, that I couldn't resist. If you don't mind me saying, you are one fantastic fucker, Sir."

"Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, he laughed. "That is so damn funny. Here I thought you were Ron and I fucked the hell out of you. I must say you were a good sport about it, and I might add, a good piece of ass." Gary continued to laugh. How many Marines took advantage of you last night?"

"I lost count, Sir, but I didn't mind at all. In fact I wish I could stay a few more nights Sir." Mike put in his request.

"This is unbelievable! You were used most of the night by these ass hole Jar-heads, yet you would like to stay a few more nights as well? Hum. I can arrange that. I'll have my clerk check on your papers tomorrow, but it will take a few days. You don't have much choice. You'll have to stay here. I will set you up so you can get some different clothes and a Base Pass in case you get stopped. I bet you look hot in your sailor whites. You don't mind staying here in the Officer Quarters? Gary continued.

"No Sir!"

"You will be assigned to these quarters and I’ll be sleeping here as well. You might have to work for your keep, and you know what that means," Gary said and started laughing again.

"Now get to the showers and clean up. We will be having AM call soon and we'll go chow down. You’ll come with me and I’ll make you my aide until we decide what to do with you."

"Yes sir. Yes sir." I said, snapping to attention. I grabbed my towel and headed to the showers.

I continued to stay at the Marine Base for the rest of the month, and

then I was shipped back to Norfolk to my assigned ship.

The night before I left the Marine base, I renewed many of the remaining officer's pleasures. Even to this day I imagine I’m still a topic of conversation.

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Story by Dick Clinton at

Word count. 2,920

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