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Beach Punk, Part 02

Beach Punk, Part 02

Job offer

Breakfast sounded good to me. At least it would be better than this peanut butter. I followed Ron out the door. We headed down the boardwalk to a small corner café. Ron orders us some breakfast and I gobbled it down while he talked and drank some coffee.

Where is this job you were talking about? I asked Ron.

Oh Yeah. Almost forgot. Let me pay the check and I take you to see this guy that has a small shop on the boardwalk. He’s a cool dude.”

We left the café and headed to the location where this ‘cool dude’ had his shop. Ron seems to know most everyone. He nodded and spoke to several guys and stopped to chat with a guy while I waited a few feet away. I think it was some kind of business dealing he was working. I noticed the guy give him some money, and then we continued on our walk.

We stopped at a shop called “Will’s Wooden Toys”. On the door sign, it continued to say, ‘Wooden toys for all occasions. We have a special collection of ‘BOY TOYS’. Just ask for Will.’

It was a toyshop with different kinds of homemade wooden toys, nautical replicas of sailing ships and wooden carvings of all kinds. It seemed like an interesting place to work. We went inside.

Ron started talking to an older nice looking man about 35, tall, clean cut, well dressed and had a short trim beard and salt and pepper hair. As he talked to Ron he kept looking over at me, finally smiled, and motioned for me to come over to them. 
Hello there young man. So you’re looking for a job on the boardwalk. I’m Will and your name is?”

Hello Sir. My name’s Berry Hind. I just moved up from L.A. and I’m living in a small studio on ‘A’ Street. What kind of job were you offering? I’ve never had any experience in sales but I’m honest and hard working.”

Turn around and let me take a good look at you. You might be just what I’ve been looking for. Don’t worry about the sales part. I will teach you what you need to know. I can’t pay but a few bucks a week, but you can earn a good commission from sales you make.

I’d like to have you come by tonight after the store closes and we’ll discuss the job in more detail. If you’re willing to be patient I know you will be an assess to the business. See you at 9 PM?

B. Hind, huh? Good name. I think we can use that to your advantage.”

Yes sir. I’ll be here. Thank you sir and it was nice meeting to you.” Then I got to thinking to myself. What did he mean by repeating my name as B. Hind?

Ron and I walked out the door of the shop. He patted me on the shoulder and said. “I think you made a good impression on him. What do you think of him? He is a very nice and can be generous if he likes you. Is your last name ‘Hind’?

Yeah. So?”

Ron started laughing and said. “Nothing. I just thought it was hot. BEHIND. Get it?” Then he started laughing again and gave me a hit on the shoulder.
Wanna go fuck for awhile? I haven’t got my nut today and thought maybe we could….ya know. Fuck around before we had lunch.”

You’re such a horney S.O.B. You thinking about getting me drunk and drug me again? No way!”

Gnaw I wouldn’t do that again, but you know that guy I was talking to earlier, he invited us over to smoke a joint. You wanna go? We could fuck around over at his pad. He likes to fuck as much as Jack and I do, and he has a nice size dick too. I know ya wanna get fucked again besides perhaps I can score you with some grass. What do ya say, buddy?”

Okay, but you better not try to tie me up again. I don’t know if I can get fucked today. You and Jack worked me over pretty good yesterday. I’m not sore but if you try to fuck me again right away, I may not be able to do it. Okay. Let’s go, but remember I have to be back at the Toy Shop for my interview by nine pm. or I might not get that job.”

Oh I think you’ve already got the job. I saw the way Will was checking you out. You’re just his type. You may have to let him suck your dick now and then, but you’re as good as hired.”

We headed up the small hill and across the road to Ron’s friend. He lived in a nice home overlooking the bay. There were 3 cars parked in the driveway which make me thing there were more people there and Ron was gonna get me gang-banged again. We walked up the stair and ran the bell. A young man about 18 answered the door. I hesitated to go in because I thought it would only be the three of us.

Hi Ron. Come on in. Sam is in the den watching some movies. I think he is expecting you. Follow me.”

Jonie, this is my new friend Berry. Berry this is Jonie one of Sam’s protégés learning the movie business. He is modeling for him this week. Perhaps we’ll be able to watch some of his movies later.”

We walked down a hall a few feet to a pair of sliding door. Jonie slid opened the doors for us. Inside was Sam watching an adult x-rated gay film staring Jonie. In the movie, Jonie was tied into a swing and was being fucked by one of the biggest cocks I’d ever seen. He must have be 12 to 14 inches of cock. My mouth must have dropped open because Ron poked me and laughed. “Like to try something like that one Berry? I think Sam could line you up if you’re willing to try it.”

NO FUCKEN WAY! Man that cock could tear a guy in half. No way.” I repeated while my eyes were still glued on the action-taking place on the screen. Sam spoke to me.

Hey. You’re Berry, aren’t you? Ron’s brother, Jack was telling me about you and how nice you were to pleasure both of the Casey brothers. The guy on the screen is Jack and Ron’s older brother, Big Bill. That’s his stage name. He’s really hung, don’t you think? Their daddy is hung big too. I guess it runs in the family.”

Come on in and take a seat. I was just editing this film, but as you can see, my little friend Jonie was doing a good job, don’t you think? Jonie, bring our guest a beer. So you’re new in town Berry. You a cute little guy, nice build and hot looking buns. Let me see your dick. Are you hung pretty big? I might be able to use you in a movie but I like to try out my actors before I put them in a movie. You can make good money if you do well.” He kept talking as we watched the movie.

I don’t think I’d be interested in being in the movies, especially like that. How in the world does he take that huge cock? My gawd it is huge.”

Sam reached over and groped me while I set on the couch by him. My cock was already hard watching the fuck scene. I never thought I was queer, until I came to this town. I always thought queers were fem drag queens, not hunky straight looking men like those that I’ve met these past two days.

Sam unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my pants down. My dick sprung out. He took it in his mouth and ran his tongue around my sensitive glands.

Nice sweet dick. You must be a good eight inches of cock. I like it. Nice set of balls too. Yum, Yum.” He said as he went down on me again. I was hot and read to shoot my load but held back as long as I could. He was an expert cocksucker. I got so hot watching the movie and wondering if I could ever take a big cock like that. Just as Big Bill shot his load, I shot mine. Sam took me all the way down his throat and swallow my cum. It felt fantastic.

Thanks Berry for your sweet load. I love young men’s cum. It is so tasty. If you ever need to be drained again just give me a call. Now would you guys like a toke on my joint?”

We set around drinking beer and smoking some of the best stuff, I’d ever had. I had to watch the time because I had an interview with Will at his shop. Ron was still horny and wanting to fuck me again and when Sam left the room to make a phone call, Ron took off his shorts and pushed his cock to my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before but I was high enough and horny so I thought I’d try it.

Ron’s cock was uncut but when it got hard, the foreskin pulled back over a nicely shaped cock head. I stuck my tongue to his piss slot to taste his precum juices oozing from his hard cock. I was a bit salty but not a bad taste at all. I griped his cock with one hand and placed my hands around his balls. I had never felt a guys balls before and it was nice. His balls were big and one hung down further than the other did. The skin covering his ball sacks were soft and velvety and sparsely covered with fuzzy hair. I ran my tongue around the head and tried to take it in my mouth. I made an effort to go down on him but was afraid I might scrape him with my teeth. I had a lot to learn as a cocksucker.

Ron realized I wasn’t an experienced cocksucker and I think he was more interested in fucking my ass than getting a blow job from a novice. I already had my jeans off so I turned around to let Ron try to fuck me again. He was more than willing. I lay on my back on the couch. He positioned himself between my legs, lifted my legs and guided his dick to my boy-pussy. He spit on his hand to help lube his cock then put his dick to my hole. I took a deep breath and he pushed his cock into my anus. It went right in and slid all the way to his balls. My dick jumped as if I was gonna cum again, but he paused and waited a few seconds then stated pumping my ass.

I thought for sure I would be sore from yesterdays fucking but it felt good having a nice cock up my ass again. Ron leaned over me and started kissing me on the lips. I returned his kisses.

Sam quietly walked back into the room and set on the edge of the couch to watch us fuck. He reached for a small movie camera and started taking movies of Ron’s dick going in my ass. I looked up at the screen where he was transferring the action to the big screen. It was somewhat exciting watching a dick going into my ass.

Ron continued fucking me for about 10 minutes then he shot another big load in my ass. I didn’t cum this time but the fucking was good as usual. Sam stopped filming and turned off the camera being careful not to show our faces in the film. Sam clapped his hands and said ‘Bravo’ when we finished. It was my film debut.

We make our farewells and thanked Sam for being such a nice host. Sam shook my hand, gave me a kiss on the cheek, handed me a small envelope, and told me it was to help me get started in a new area. Later I looked in the envelope and it was five twenties, one hundred dollars and his home phone number. Wow, these people were sure nice to me.

Ron walked me back to Will's shop. He said he’d check with me later and headed on his way. It was five minutes until nine and Will was just cashing out and closing shop.

Good evening young Berry. I like a person that is on time. It is very important in this business. Go to my office in the back of the store while I lock up.”

I followed his instructions and went to his office. It was a clean orderly office space with desk, file cabinets, computer and other office equipment, a brown leather couch, a couple chairs and a daybed. I waited a few minutes then Will returned and told me to set down and we would talk.

Berry I want you to understand I do want you to be a salesperson in my shop, but just for looks. You are of legal age but you look younger than you are, and I find some men like that ‘boyish’ look. Follow me so far? Please stand up and take off all your clothes. I want to check you out completely.”

I guess I wasn’t surprised at his suggestions. I knew he wanted to use me for more than just a clerk. I stood took off my clothes and placed them on the chair. As I was undressing, my dick started to get hard. I stood proudly and turned around to let him check me out. I was without any marks, had no tattoos or body piercing. All I needed was a good suntan.

Perfect, perfect. Just what I wanted to see. Now come closer and let me check out your cock, balls and ass.”

As I got closer, Will started taking off his clothes. When I got closer to him, he dropped to his knees, caressed my ball, and examined by dick. My eight-inch dick is uncut when soft, but when it gets hard, the skin pulls back over a nice tulip shaped cock head. My piss slot started to ooze clear pearly drops of precum. He took his finger to my slot to gather some precum juice, and then put it to his mouth to taste me.

Mum. That’s tasty. I’ll get back to that later. Now turn around and let my check out your ass. Bend over so I can get a nice view.”

Once again, I followed his instructions. I turned slowly around and bend over the desk to let him inspect my ass. I noticed he put on a pair of rubber gloves and placed some lube on one finger. He told me to spread my cheeks then he signed again and placed one finger to my hole.

Have you been fucked recently because I told Ron to fuck you tonight and leave his load up your ass?”

Yes sir. He fucked me about an hour ago at Sam’s place.”

Good. Ron is a good boy. He knows I am a sucker for cum filled ass. I’m gonna rim your ass and suck out that sweet cum then I’m gonna fuck you again. You’re already lubed and it is so much easier to fuck you.”

As I leaned against the desk Will parted my cheeks, kissed my ass a few times, then started tonguing my tender brown anus, and buried his face in my ass. His tongue penetrated my hole and started rimming and sucking the cum from my hole. It was a fantastic feeling.

Will worked me over good and sucked my asshole. Then he stood and put some lube on his cock before fucking me. He told me to go to the bed and lay on my stomach. I did. He followed and placed a small pillow under my groin to raise my butt. He spread my legs and mounted me for breeding. His cock was pretty good size but it slipped right in without any trouble. I liked the feeling of his cock. His fucking was very straight forward. He didn’t make love to me or play with my cock or balls. He just fucked me and came.

When he finished he only waited a few minutes, pull out, and got up from the bed. I looked up at him and he smile.

Turn around and stand up. I want to suck your cock now and get you to cum.”
He said very business like.

I stood as he took my semi-hard dick in his mouth and sucked me. He was a very good cocksucker but once again, he seemed so mechanical and cold. He did cause me to cum and he swallowed me. He stood and kissed me on the cheek and set back in his office chair and started writing something in a note pad, and then he spoke.

You can put your clothes on now Berry. You are a very hot and sexy young man. I have a son about your age and you remind me very much of him. I’ll introduce you sometime. I think you will like him. Tomorrow, I want to set you up with a gentleman that will groom you and prepare a wardrobe for you.”

There will be a room prepared for you in the Motel behind this building. The old motel has been here for many years. At one time, movie stars and celebrities stayed there, and still do on occasion. It was a very prestigious place and still has a reputation of good standard service and now services only a selected clientèle.”

You will work here during the day so I can show you off. We have special clients that come in here asking for ‘BOY TOYS’; a code word used for special services that you will provide for them in your quarters.”

Do you understand so far? I want you to work for me as a ‘punk boy’, pussy boy’, what ever they call it these days. You will be paid generously for your services along with free room and board and other privileges.

We will set you up with a bank account and a college education account in case you want to continue with your education. I know this may sound over whelming right now, but I will give you have time to consider. If you say yes, you will sign a contract and we will start right away. So? What do you say?”

I’m stunned! I don’t know what to say.” I just set down and shook my head. Was I dreaming or did I just hear he was offering me a new life with unlimited opportunity. How could I refuse such an offer?
Give me a minute to compose myself.”

I understand. I’ll give you until tomorrow noon to think about it. It will give me a chance to arrange things in case you decide to say ‘yes’. Meet me again here tomorrow and we’ll have lunch. I want you to meet the gentleman that will be your vale’ and teacher for a time. And I’d like you to meet my son as well. So get some sleep and tomorrow night you will be sleeping in better quarters. I will let you out the side door. Good night Berry.”

Word Count, 3,274
Story by Dick Clinton

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