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Trucker's Buckhouse, Part 1, Trucker's Delight

Trucker's Bunkhouse

Part 1, Trucker’s Delight
I left the mall rest room nearby, where I had just serviced several hot dudes at the glory holes. I guessed I had been there for about 2 hours and needed to stretch my legs and rest my jaws. 
I walked over to the nearby truck stop restaurant to have a cup of coffee and perhaps some pie to get my strength back. I soon finished my coffee and pie while observing the studs that were eating, or shopping at the Trucker’s Store and Gift Shop. I advanced to the entrance of the trucker’s rest room and showers that adjoined the Bunkhouse.

 I was still ready for action and since I was here, I might as well take advantage of it, besides I know how horny those truckers get riding in that rig all day. I was here to service a few hot cocks and relax them for their next long haul.
I entered the shower and locker room and headed into one of the open toilet booths nearby. A couple of truckers just entered the room from the Bunkhouse side, and were getting ready to shower. One of the men headed towards one of the three booths in my area. I had been here before so I knew to take the middle booth where more large glory holes had been cut on each side. I would have more selection this way. The toilets had two good size glory holes in the walls, and lots of writing. One of the graffiti markings especially caught my eye. It said, “TRUCKER’S DELIGHT, GET SUCKED TONIGHT”. I was in position, and ready for action to give a few truckers more delight.
As I continued to read the wall graffiti, waiting for the trucker to get settled in the other booth. Then I observed he was taking off all of his clothes. He was either shy, or wanted some action here in the booth, before he entered the showers. First, he started pulling off his cowboy boots and socks, and then the remainder of his clothes. When he was completely naked, he pulled a bath towel from the bag he was carrying, and then sat back down. He didn’t make use of the stool but leaned back so I could observe him as he pulled on his semi-hard cock and caressed his low hanging balls. When he was stripping earlier, I got a good look at his soft penis and his firm ass. He had a perfectly shaped cock head and a nice set of hairy balls. His tulip shaped cock head had developed a small clear drop of pre-cum at his piss slot. I loved a man that oozed pre-cum from his penis, anticipating some head action. 
The other trucker with him, had gone to the locker area to undress, and was now in the shower, leaving us in the booths alone. I knew now he had known about the glory holes, and wanted some action. I made the first move, and ran my finger around the opening of the large hole. He did not hesitate but quickly stood and placed his semi-soft penis directly into the hole for me to service. 
I was thrilled with his pleasingly shaped cock and tasty large cock head. He also positioned his balls into the hole along with his penis. I first licked them, savouring the masculine musky scent of this trucker’s body. I would rather suck a musky flavoured cock, than one that is scented with soap or men’s cologne. I guess I preferred a more natural man. I didn’t mind if they had a slight scent of pre-cum on his penis or under his uncut cock foreskin or even a light scent of manly sweat. 
I continued to service his cock and balls as the trucker’s partner was still showering. I used all my special methods on him, sharing with him, my expert cock sucking before he would have an orgasm. I was delighted to suck this trucker’s dick, and by his reactions, and small moans of gratitude, he was enjoying it as well. His buddy had finished his shower and was now at the sink shaving. He called out to his partner.
Brian? You still here?” I was wondering if Brian was going to pull out suddenly and end this great session. 
I knew he was ready to cum any time now and neither of us wanted to stop. Brian answered back.
Yeah. I’m still here. Be out in a few. I’m getting my cock sucked.” I heard his friend laugh and say,
O.K. Take your time. I’ll be right here.” I was a little taken back by his comment, but kept on sucking. 
I assumed they had done this type of thing before, so I had nothing to worry about. I continued to service my stud trucker’s cock. I thought it was exciting and a bit kinky, sucking his cock while his partner waited for him to be pleasured by a cocksucker.

I continued sucking his cock until I began to taste his cum, first in little spurts, then a gusher of cum, as he let lose with a full trucker load. He let out a soft moan, then several gasps as he continued to release his manly sperm into my receptive mouth. I gladly drained his long thick cock and milked down every savory drop. He remained at the partition hole to enjoy the last pleasure of his orgasm, and then he reluctantly pulled away. He remained standing until his sensitive hanging cock started to soften. He gave me the ‘high sign’, picked up his things, threw his towel over his naked body and headed out the booth and to the showers. I heard his buddy come over to him just before he entered the shower, and ask.
Was that as good as it sounded”? .
Hell yes! Man, I needed that too. You should give it a try, Jerry, that cock sucker is good, real good!” 
You always seem to find the sex holes” Jerry replied. 
I smiled at the humorous conversation I was hearing about me, and it made me proud that I could service this stud and make him feel good. I was wondering if Jerry was going to take advantage of my cock sucking talents like his truck driving partner, Brian. 
The booth door soon opened, and there was Jerry standing next to the hole. He unbuckled his cowboy belt, lowered his jeans and remained, exposing his big uncut cock at the hole. The foreskin covered the head of his long soft cock, and his golf size balls firmly braced his beautiful manhood. 
I was impressed with this hunk’s mouth-watering meat, and knew he would be as good or better than his buddy Brian. He stood taunting me, knowing I wanted him as I continued to admire his cock. He slowly moved closer to the service hole as he pulled on his cock to milk down a clear pearl of pre-cum at the entrance of his lacy cock. His cock must have been a good 7 inches, soft. It looked fantastic and I was so impressed by his manhood that I almost forgot to motion for him to slip it through the hole so I could make love to his proud cock.
Brian spoke softly to me through the crack in the booth door before he went into the shower.
That’s a big piece of stud cock, don’t you think? You should watch him fuck some pussy with that weapon, or break in some hot ass.” 
I didn’t say anything in my mesmerized state, but gave a motion for his cock to be placed into the glory hole, for the sucking of his life. He guided the foreskin covered cock head in carefully while; I reverently placed my fingers onto this beauty.
I then placed my tongue inside the velvety opening of his uncut cock and gently licked around the head going very slowly. His cock started to get hard and the foreskin slowly moved over his now swelling 8-inch cock. I tasted a bit of pre-cum and it was sweet and clean. The opening of his cock was cool from his recent shower, but was warming up quickly as I nibbled and tongued his foreskin. He moved into the booth partition and relaxed to enjoy his cock being appreciated and loved, as it should be. It was probably a rare thing for anyone to love his cock as I was doing and he knew right then, he was going to enjoy a much-needed orgasm. I knew this trucker’s cock would release a huge amount of sperm but. I was going to take my time and enjoy this cock and let him enjoy the pleasure as well.
I could hear the shower waters running as Brian showered himself, and the sound of other men talking in the other room. This did not disturb either Jerry or myself because we knew no one could see us. The booth’s wooden partitions and doors went all the way to the floor and were tall enough that no one could see over them. It was ideal for private cock sucking. The second booth from me also had a large hole in the wall for cock sucking, and was next to a shower stall and dressing area. I knew that one had some good action when both areas were occupied because I used it one time several weeks before. 
I remained on Jerry’s cock for some time as we both enjoyed the sex. I reluctantly knew he was about to cum any time so I let him release his truck driver load. He started to shake and tremble then “wham!” it shot out of his cock.

I sucked and pulled the foreskin back and forward over his cock. I realized how sensitive a cock could be at this point. I held my mouth over his cock as he shot his hot tangy cum into my mouth. I took a breath and moved back just enough for me to savor the taste of his man juices, and run my tongue around the head to taste all of remaining juice. He was pleased with my service, and I sensed he did not want to pull away. I kept pleasing his cock, as he gasped and moaned with occasional body spasms. I carefully licked and wiped his cock clean of cum then dried him with the warmth of my breath, before he pulled away. Jerry stood briefly for a few minutes and then he pulled up his jeans, buckled his belt, turned to the door and left. 
Brian had finished his shower and shave while Jerry and I were busy enjoying our pleasures of man sex in the booth. When Jerry left the booth, he went over to Brian and they proceeded to have a short conversation. 
Much to my surprise and pleasure, Brian returned to the booth again for another round of fucking my mouth. He quickly directed his hard dick into the hole again for me to suck. He placed his body against the wall of the booth and let me suck him as before. I was enjoying the sucking again, when he pulled away, dropped his towel to the floor, turned around, spread his buttocks and placed his pink ass hole to the opening and center of the glory hole. I heard him say in a deep and commanding voice. 
Eat my ass hole cock sucker!”

I eagerly followed his command placing my face as close to the glory hole as I could. He moved back to the hole as I placed my tongue into his ass. I tongue fucked him and lapped at his tight butt hole, working it up and down the crack of his ass and then deep into his sweet anus.
Oh, Yeah, oh, yeah. That’s the way I like it.” Brian said as I worked his now eager hole. 
The vibration of the truck motor and bouncing around in the cab of a truck caused many trucker eager to get a warm tongue, finger or even a penetrating cock up their ass to relief of an internal itch. It was not a queer thing. It was just a desire or lust to have the deep inner parts of their love canal touched. The rubbing of the prostate gland for sexual relief was a desperate and desirable need. A need that only another man’s cock could satisfy. The need to have the asshole penetrated with a warm tongue or hot cock was part of the manly desire to be satisfied. The feeling of another man’s warm masculine body pressing against theirs in a loving and lusty desire of relief was most desirable to another man in his search for man-to-man love.
He was jacking off while I licked away at his ass hole. I was eager to please him but the temptation was too great for my hot cock. I needed to be relieved of my load of manly juices as well, 
I stood quickly and placed my pre-cum wet cock into the hole. It automatically found the moist hole to be penetrated. Brian was aware of another object touching his itching ass hole, but he didn’t pull away. Instead, he helped my throbbing cock to guide into the warmth of his body. Perhaps he had hoped I would fuck his ass because he carefully grasped my hard dick and guided it into the right direction. 
He paused only briefly, and then backed into my 7-½ inches of eager throbbing cock. I gasped when he pushed back onto my dick, and buried it in one full sweep. It was awesome. The warmth of this hot trucker’s ass hole and body was most desirable.

I was going to move in and out of his tight butt hole but he began the motion before I did and before I realized it, he was fucking my cock with all its worth. He was emotionally overcome with the feeling and would gasp out louder and louder with each plunge of my dick. My nuts needed releasing because of all the good men I had sucked off today and I was overwhelmed with desire and lust. I started to cum. I grasped at the walls of the partition, and held my body against the hole as Brian’s asshole was being satisfied by my deep penetration. I emptied my flow of cum into this man. I cried out with pleasure joining Brian’s moans and groans of pleasure. The walls shook as he pounded his butt against the wall an onto my cumming cock. I was in ecstatic ecstasy.
I could tell he was going to get off soon as his body’s internal muscles gripped my cumming cock as I touched and massaged his prostate. I was relieving his internal itch and now he was starting to cum.
He suddenly pulled away from the position at the wall. My semi-hard cock was released from the warmth and pleasure of his ass. My fuck was over. He quickly turned his gushing dick back into the hole while frantically shooting his load into the hole. Much of his cum squirted on my cock and balls before I could drop to the floor and take his full gushes of cum. Most of the remaining cum gushed on my face and trickled down my face, neck and chest. I had no time to go down on him before his orgasm but it was exciting being covered with his love juices. It continued to run down my lips and chin as I licked away at his cock. I finally got control and licked up the remaining juices from his man dick. He stayed in the hole as I lovingly savored the remaining cum from his cock, my chin and my hands. He pulled out after I cleaned his last remaining cum then he said in a soft low voice at the hole.

Thanks. You are the best thing that has happened to us in the last 5,000 miles. I hope we cross paths again. Man, that was a good fuck. Perhaps next time we can do it in bed or the bunk of my cab.” 
I had enjoyed myself as well but was satisfied knowing that I had pleasured these two hot Knights of the Road. 

Story by Dick Clinton, 

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Truck Parking, Part 02

Part 02

Story by Dick Clinton at
I woke up with my arms still around John the hot Cowboy trucker. We had a great time but I knew he had to leave early the next morning. I tried to be quiet as I put on my cloths before crawling out of the bunk. He woke just as I was about to pull back the curtains.
"Hey, buddy. You taking off?" John said as he set up using his elbows to rest his body.
"Yes, I know you need to get some sleep and if I stay any longer I will be sticking my cock back in your ass. We would be up all night doing this." I said as I continued to put on my socks.
"I don't think I would mind that at all." He said as he put his foot to my back and started rubbing it.
"You know, I am in this area about 2 times a month. I would like to be able to contact you if you don't mind."
"Yeah. I’d like that. I have a card with me in my boot." I looked at this hunk setting there in the soft light shinning on his face.
His big brown eyes sparkled underneath his hair now hanging over his face. He was a handsome cowboy and could make any of his partners happy. Especially now that he was more experienced with man sex. He sure likes the way I fucked him tonight. I was starting to get hard again just thinking about it again.
I came back to his leg and kissed his thigh as he reached for my arm and pulled me closer to him. He planted a warm manly kiss on my lips and rubbed my crotch.
"I liked what I had tonight. Please take care of yourself." He said as I got out of the bunk and started to look for my boots. I found then on the floor and pulled out a personal card and handed it to John as he peeked from the bunk. I opened the door and jumped out of the cab carefully closing the truck door behind me.
John was nice but I have never met a trucker yet that gave me any trouble. Some gays are afraid to make a play for one of these Highway Cowboys, but they are only human. Most are just in need of attention and loving. Men are so different than women in many respects. Men need as much if not more attention and affection as women. The problem is our society thinks women should be pampered and sweet-talked. I find men need it too but in a man-to-man sort of respect.
I wondered between several more trucks as I headed back to my car. Two men were setting on the open side of their trailer bed. They were just hanging out drinking a beer and talking. As I walked near by I looked over at them and spoke.
"Hey, you have a good spot there. Can I join you?" I said as I leaned against the side of the truck bed.
I couldn't see them too clearly because the door was open on the other side and the lights from the station were directly behind them. I got to the side where I could see 2 men setting and another one inside the trailer. One of the men looked to be about 45, nice trim body and a nice head of hair.
The other one was younger man about 18, thin, clean shaven and light hair. He wore a ball cap on his head, an open long sleeve shirt. 501 Levi Jeans and work boots. Another even younger boy jumped off the side of the truck bed and held out a fresh beer to me. He was in tight jeans, work boots, but no shirt. His youthful body rippled with well-defined muscles.
I took a swig while still checking out the older trucker. He was hot looking. He had a denim long sleeve shirt rolled up over his muscular arms and his tight jeans clung to his ass. His jeans were tucked into his cowboy boots. His shirt was open down to the middle of his chest showing a hint of hair.
My first thought was I might be interfering with a family gathering but they all seemed so friendly I would remain a while and chat. The older trucker seems to want my company.

They continued to talk about nothing special and then the other person inside come to the opening. He was a younger boy about 18. He had blond hair hanging over his forehead and he hung his head slyly down in silence. Perhaps he was a helper for the moving company. Very often the truckers that drive for movers hire men to help load or unload at their destination. Most time they pick some really cute college or high school boys to help out. I am sure they often do more than just load and unload. I think they take a load as well.
"My name is Dick," I said as I decided to introduce myself.
"I’m Rob. This is Will and that is Junior in the door way." We are waiting for a `pick up' Monday morning and then we are heading to Arizona, long haul."
"I just dropped off a buddy," I said as an excuse. "He’s resting before heading for Denver." I continued.
"Will. Would you mind going up to the cafe and pick us up some coffee and something sweet?" Rob said as he tossed Will some money. " Make it 4. One for our buddy here." Will nodded as he jumped off the truck and scampered away.
I moved onto the edge of the trailer and hoped to the open edge. Rob stood up and said.
"Let's set inside on the blankets. It's more comfortable there anyway." I turned around as Rob reached out a helping hand for me to stand up. He pulled so hard and we both fell backward on the blankets.
"Now that is better." He said.
We laughed as we made ourselves a resting-place. My eyes adjusted to the darkness of the trailer as Junior joined near by. Rob was setting with his legs spread. I think he was already testing me. I turned towards him wondering how I could make an approach while the young Junior was here.
"You have a good looking young crew here, Rob. I bet you work their tails off too." I said.
"Yeah, they are good workers." Rob said as he pulled Junior close to him putting his arms around his shoulders.
"And I do work their tails off." Then Rob laughed and added.
"And a nice little tail too. Stand up Junior! Turn around and show us your sweet young ass." He said as Junior immediate made a quick turn around.
I was surprised but pleased that he had broken the ice. Junior stood up very shyly as Rob swatted him on his ass. Rob placed his large hand at the top of Junior's jeans and gave them a tug.

"Take your pants off Junior. I want Dick here to see that sweet young ass of yours." Junior proceeded not only drop his pants, but took his pants completely off.
He had on a white jockstrap, which framed his round `bowling ball butt' that looked so nice as he bent over. Rob stood up and took Junior in his arms and rubbed his ass. Junior did as his boss commanded.
"Come over here, Dick, look at these hot buns. Looks good enough to eat." He said as he laughed. I had to agree that Junior had a hot body and nice looking ass. I also notice a big bulge under his jockstrap. It was getting hard and was peaking over the top of the elastic top. I was beginning to wonder if Rob was going to share Junior's hot ass with me.
Rob had put down his beer and started to unbutton his own jeans. I moved over to Rob and placed my hand to his crotch area. I continued to help him unbutton his jeans as I searched to find his cock. He also had on a jock strap instead of underclothes and his cock and balls were tightly bound up inside. I pulled at his jeans as Rob was feeling of Junior's ass. I pulled his jeans down and pulled on his jock strap to release his big uncut cock from its prison. I leaned over to taste the pre-cum from under his foreskin before it started to grow.
"I think we have a winner here." Ron said as I dropped to my knees to suck on his cock.
Ron was fingering Junior's ass hole as I licked on Rod big hairy balls, then back to his wonderful manly scented cock. His pre-cum juices were giving his uncut cock a sweet and yet salty taste. I could taste the hint of beer as I cleaned beneath the skin tasting his pre-cum. He was getting harder and bigger as I sucked. I was well pleased with the size of him meat.
I unbutton my jeans and pull them down so I could release my hard 8-inch cock. I pulled off my boots never once removing my mouth from Rod's cock. I unbuttoned my shirt and finally got my pants off.
Rod had started to pull his boots off but was having problems so he sat on the bundle of blankets as I proceeded to pull his boots off one at a time. I caressed them as I would his cock and kissed them as I pulled them from his feet. He watched me carefully and pulled on his cock with one hand and his balls with the other. After I got his jeans off I put his boots back on.
Meanwhile Junior was standing naked behind Rob rubbing and messaging his shoulders. Rob liked the attention he was getting from us. I had forgotten about Will, the other young man that went for the coffee.
Suddenly I was aware that he was getting into the truck bed with us. He sat the coffee down and took off his boots. He approaches us and placed his hands to my mouth to feel Rod's cock. I reached for his body and felt his bulge pushing out of his pants. I pulled open the buttons on his 501's as he pulled down his pants to release his cock and balls. I touch his young hard cock as I was sucking on Rob. I turned to him and placed his cock into my mouth and went all the way down on him. He gasps and reached for Rob's cock pulling on his foreskin. He leaned forward and licked Rob's cock as I suck him.
I went back to Rob's cock, now that I had tasted Will's nicely shaped cut cock. Big head and a nice set of balls. He also seemed to enjoy sucking Rob's cock too. Rob suddenly started to stand up as he headed towards the back opening of the doors.
"I have to take a piss. Hey, Will, get over here and hold on to my cock." Will did not hesitate as he walked towards Rob now standing by the opening.
Will reached over gently and held on to Rob's cock and aimed it out the door. Rob started to piss as we all paused to watch his big semi-hard uncircumcised cock start to release a big stream of golden piss. It was fascinating to watch Will hold on to him as if he worshiped every move of Rob. I had to admit he had these two boys under his control and they did not seem to mind. I looked up at Junior as he stood near me. I reached for his cock and he turned towards me. His cock was hard as a rock. He did not have much hair on his body and his balls were almost hairless. His cock was curved up slightly but a perfect shape. I took it in my mouth licking the head while whirling my tongue around and around, and then I went all the way down on him. He stood with his hands to his side and his legs spread. As I was sucking this young dude Will and Rod were still at the door pissing. Rob completed his pissing as Will milked it down and shook it a few times. Then Rob pulled Will's head to his cock and forced Will to lick the final drops of his piss. Will did not complain but did his job well. I noticed Will's cock was still hard so he must have liked it. Rob headed back to his "blanket throne" and flopped down positioning his balls so as not to crush them.
"I see you like that cock of Junior's." I looked up and nodded.
"Come closer so I can watch." We moved closer to Rob as Will moved between Rob's legs to suck on his cock.
We continued this for a short time then Rob said to me.
"Turn Junior around and eat his ass. I want it wet so I can stick my cock up his ass hole."
Junior pulled away from my mouth and turned around spreading his legs as he bent over for better access to his hole. I pulled apart his tight buns and inspected his pink ass hole. I kissed hiss ass then run my tongue up and down his crack finding his sweet hole. I slowly licked it then plunged my tongue in as deep as I could. He twinge with delight and pulled his but cheeks further apart so I could tongue him deeper. I licked and tongue fucked him with delight. Rob had taken position behind me ready to place his cock into the pretty little ass that was waiting for his master. Will was keeping Rob's cock hard and wet. I moved away slightly as Well came off Rob's cock. I took his big cock and guided it towards Junior's tight hole. The head of his cock started in as Junior backed into the cock. It seemed to know where it was going and slid right in with one plunge. Junior cried out in pleasure as did Rob. Will headed towards my cock and I decided to rim Rod as he fucked Junior. He liked my tongue on his ass and bent over slightly so I could tongue his hole. We were all having a great time just doing our thing.
Rob was holding on to Junior as he plunged his huge cock in that small ass hole. I don't know how he took it all but he seemed to like it. Rob fucked for a while then he pulled out and pulled me up and pushed me over to Junior's empty ass. I eagerly guided my cock into his hole. I thought perhaps Rob's big cock would have stretched it but Junior had good ass muscle control. He was tight. It felt great as I plunged my cock in his tight ass. Rob was enjoying the show and would reach for my balls as I pumped into Junior. I was not as big as Rob but had a good 8 inches long and 5 ½ inches around. Junior liked it as much as I. Will had gotten under my balls and was licking me. I was getting very hot and was going to cum real soon. I did not stop plunging his ass and I released my load into Junior. I kept pumping even after I came causing some of my juices to drip down my balls as Will licked up every drop. Rob was getting hotter and the second I pulled out of Junior's wet hole; Rob shoved his hard cock into Junior. He was pumping like a wild bull. Will grabbed my cock and lick off the juices left from my fuck stick. He continued to lick me and jacked on his cock. Rob was about to cum so I caressed his balls as he released his load into Junior's hole. Will stood up and started to cum on Rob's back as I started to clean his Will's cum from Rob. He shot such a big load that it almost hit Rob's shoulder. He came about 6 times then slowly milked down his final shot. I licked all the cum from Rob's back even down the crack of his ass. I saw Junior's cock still throbbing so I went for it. I had only gone down on him about 4 times when he came while Rob still had his cock buried deep in him. He tasted so sweet.
"Good timing" Rod said as we all relaxed and set down on the blankets.
I looked around at the 3 hot men as they relaxed. Rob looked over to me and winked. Will took a clean towel and started cleaning Rob's body of sweat. Then he went down on Rob's cock again cleaning it from all the left over cum and the juices left in Junior's ass. He seemed to be a good slave and seemed to be very attentive of Rob. I could see he worshiped the man. Junior lay on his stomach with his ass spread. Will crawled over to him and placed his head to his ass hole and continued to lick him clean and suck out his hole. Then he dried his backside with the towel wiping his ass and his balls carefully. It was sexy watching Will service the other 2 men. He was enjoying it so much and his cock started to get hard again.
"I must admit I had a great time." I said as I sipped on my beer.
Will pulled out another cold beer from the cooler and handed it to Rob, then me.
"Yeah, I did too. I didn't know it was going to be this good since we had not planned this. We don't usually have such a good partner to join us. Some of these truckers are uptight or just stupid. So what do you think of my 2 boys? Hot little dudes, huh?" Rob said.
"Seems like they like you very much. You have them trained very well. Where did you find such devoted boys?" I ask.
"Oh I have know them for sometime now. I married their mother before she left us. They are my stepsons. Pretty cool. Huh? Does it shock you? Junior is only 16 and Will is 18. We started playing around a few years ago. I walked in on Will as he was fucking junior when they were only 12 and 14. They got started early. I never stopped them as long as neither one got hurt. Then they started sleeping in my bed and they both were fascinated with my cock. They wanted to play with it and soon they were jacking me off. One night Junior was backing into me trying to get my cock up his ass. It took several tries but eventually we managed to get it in. I have been fucking him ever since. We have been very close over the years and I love them both. I like to share them with others that appreciate good sex.
End of Truck Parking. By Dick Clinton at

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Trucker's Roadside Romp

Trucker's Roadside Romp

Story by Dick Clinton

This is based on a true story. The names and location have been changed to protect their privacy. If you are under legal age in your state, or country, or if you are offended by man-to-man physical or sexual contact, do not read any further. This story contains oral and anal physical contact between men in public toilets or in open spaces. 


I was living in the Bay Area near San Francisco and would occasionally drive from Pleasant Hill, California to Reno, Nevada to gamble. I had Wednesdays and Thursdays off, so the traffic wasn’t as bad as on the weekends. The only heavy traffic up the highway were truckers. One of my favorite rest stops was about halfway to Reno. It was a typical rest area. In front of the restrooms was an area for auto parking, and in back was a large area for trucks, large motor homes, and larger units pulling trailers with boats and miscellaneous road traffic.

My main interest was in the truckers that would park to use the restrooms or to stretch their legs. Many of the truckers traveled alone and knew from previous experience or word of mouth, it was a good place to find some cocksucker that would be willing to drain their nuts before they took a well-needed nap or headed on down the highway.

This particular day was in the early summer and the mountain air was pleasant and clear. I found a good spot at the end of the car parking, and got out to look for some action, or start some myself. I knew of a path that led down behind this area, but it went unnoticed by most people. It was used mainly by truckers that didn’t want to bother going into the restroom to take a piss. It was hidden from the tourists and the main highway but secure and seldom used. Many times I sat in the car and watched truckers, or some other cocksucker head down this path to find some adventure or some relief.

As the path led down the hillside, you were suddenly out of sight from anyone at the top of the ridge. Then you had to step over a downed tree log to the other side, under some low-hanging tree limbs, and into an open flat section where large boulders surrounded the area. You could see for quite a distance down the path to the main entrance. No one could sneak up on you from anywhere. It was a fantastic place for the gathering of people that wanted to get together for sex.

It was still early in the day and many of the overnight truckers were beginning to stir. Some had gone to the toilets to take their morning dump and piss while others were washing up or shaving before they headed on down the road. Most of the truckers were horny and ready for sex when they awoke, so after they finished their morning ritual, a few would walk around the area with their dogs or driving partner.

I watched one of the drivers as he climbed out of his cab, and went directly down the path. I casually followed him to just a short distance from the downed log where he was taking his morning piss. I shuffled my feet, so as not to startle him. He turned to look at me then nodded as piss continued to gush from his cock. I walked past him, stepped over the log, continued on a few feet, and paused to let him know I was waiting for him to follow. He knew immediately of my intentions and as soon as I continued down the path to the open area he followed. I leaned against one of the large boulders waited until he leaned against another one across from me.

“Hey there. What a nice morning.” I said to get the conversation going. ‘Which way are you heading? I’m heading up to Reno to win my fortune.”

“Yeah, I’m heading that way too. I was a bit tired last night and stopped to get some shuteye, and was hoping to get a good blow job before I headed out. I hear this is a good spot to make some connections.”

I walked over closer to the cowboy looking trucker and rubbed my hand against the firmness of his Levis. He was a man in his early 30’s, wearing scruffy jeans, cowboy boots, snap down cowboy shirt and dark cowboy hat. He was in good physical shape. His shirt fit him snugly, revealing his firm chest and trim waistline. The bulge in my hand confirmed the appearance of a nice size cock. I looked directly in his brown eyes and said.

“There doesn't seem to be anyone except me, to help you out. How about loosening that belt buckle while I release that cock from your jeans.” I said as I continued to unbutton his 501’s.

He quickly, and without hesitation, unbuckled his belt as I got to the ground before this 'Cowboy of the highway'. I slid his tight jeans down over his firm buttocks. His cock was already hard and it literally popped from his pants hitting me on the cheek. He wore no underwear, and soon I was unsnapping his cowboy shirt and running my hands up his firm washboard stomach to his hard pecks. One hand was exploring his chest and nipples and the other hand was directing his cock into my mouth. Pre-cum juices were starting to form at his pink bell shaped cock head. His foreskin had moved away from his hard cock and he exposed a beautiful delicious cock about 7 ½ inches long. One
of his balls hung a bit lower than the other and a small amount of fuzz

I kept sucking and exploring his asshole until my finger was buried deep inside of him. He quickly turned around to offer his ass to my face, and then bent over to brace his body on the nearby rock.

“Oh fuck, man! Eat my ass. Oh Yeah! Eat my ass. I have been sitting for so long I have a tingling deep in my asshole that needs to be satisfied. Eat my asshole, cocksucker. This cowboy needs a good rimming,” He moaned as he positioned himself over the rock.

I loved eating out a good firm trucker’s butt hole. I positioned myself behind him and spread his hard buttocks so I could get my tongue deep in his hole. His cheeks were so firm and strong that I almost had to pry them apart. This trucker was hard as a rock, but needed a good rimming. I finally found his sweet brown puckering hole and was working my tongue in as deep as I could.

He was sighing out and jerking his cock with one hand as his other hand braced against the rock. I didn’t want him to cum without taking his load, but I was engrossed in the tongue fucking I was giving him.

We were so involved in our pleasure that we didn’t notice that another trucker had come into the area. He was standing a few feet from us, and jacking on his cock.

I had to put my dick up this sweet cowboy trucker’s ass. I stood, spit on my cock head, and placed the head of my cock to his anus. He did not push me away, but pulled his butt cheeks apart to welcome my 8-inch cock. I eased my cock head between the firm buttocks and gradually entered the opening of his wet anus. I paused so he could get adjusted to my entry, but he anxiously moved back against me and took my cock all the way to the balls. He moaned out like he was in slight pain, but didn’t pull away.

  I waited while he became accustomed to my cock being in his fuck shoot, I pulled off my t-shirt and placed it on the boulder in front of him so he could spread out on it. I managed to get one of his boots off, then one leg of his jeans. Now he could spread his legs apart so I could moved directly between his legs and closer to his body. He moved back into me once again encouraging me to fuck his sweet ass.

The other trucker standing nearby remained quiet but had pulled his jeans down so his balls were hanging loose. I motioned to him to be quiet but to come closer. He quietly moved to one side of me so he could observe our action.

I was enjoying the tight fuck hole of this cowboy trucker. His asshole had become well adjusted to my penetration and he was sighing and gasping at each of my movements. I grabbed his firm hips and plunged my cock deep in his ass. Soon I was working his body over with each lunge. He lay on the boulder before him, turned his head to one side, and seemed to enjoy the ride. My balls hit hard against the bottom side of his, causing a slapping sound. He was a damn good fuck and the rougher I banged against his buttocks, the more he enjoyed it.

The other trucker was still jacking away at his own cock but soon another man had entered the ring of boulders. He too exposed his hard cock, and was jacking himself off. He had moved closer to the first man and was feeling his balls as they both watched our fucking movements. They slowly and quietly moved into position so they were within reach of the Cowboy. The second man reached over to feel the cowboy’s cock, and then back to his ass and down to the hole of entry to feel my cock as it penetrated the cowboy's asshole.

I was getting very excited at this point, and started to pump my dick into the love hole, hard and fast. Soon my dick swelled, my balls tightened and started to release my man seed deep into his welcoming asshole. The cowboy cried out.

“Oh man! This is fantastic. Fuck my asshole buddy. Unload your love juices up my ass. Fill me with your cum. Fuck me man. Fuck me hard. I need to be fucked. Oh hell yeah.” He screamed as my nuts shot off, squirting several loads of cum into his love canal.

His ass was so tight; I could feel each release of my cock squirting him full of cum. He continued to cry out in pleasure. The other men approached us and were feeling my balls and my wet cock, as I slowly eased out of his asshole. Before the cowboy could straighten up, the first trucker stepped into position and guided his cock into his ass. The cowboy just relaxed and backed right into it like it was nothing. The cowboy wanted more cock. The trucker's cock was a bit smaller than mine, but would make any asshole happy. The other man waited patiently to take his turn at the cowboy’s ass. I could see this was going to be a round Robin of ass fucking.

I didn’t bother to wipe the moisture of cum and cowboy body juices from my wet and sensitive cock, but waited to get my composure back. The other trucker was obviously enjoying the wet cum filled hole and soon he would be shooting his load into the cowboy.

While all this was taking place, two more men had entered the circle of boulders. They watched lustfully in anticipation of fucking the cowboy’s ass as soon as it was ready to take another dick. The cowboy seemed to be oblivious to the crowd of men gathering around him even though a few had started feeling and caressing his firm masculine body. His shirt had been removed and now he was fully exposed. I thought it was weird that during all of my fucking, and all the activity going on around him, he never once lost his cowboy hat. My t-shirt still lay on the boulder beneath him, but thought it was worth losing in exchange for the good fuck I had received from this hot dude.

After the first trucker dumped his load into the cowboy, the other man moved in and shoved his cock deep into the cowboy. He only paused for a moment then he started fucking hard and wild. This attracted the other men’s lustful attention and soon they moved closer. Soon there were men around him of all ages with all sizes of cocks. Each of them took their turn fucking the hot willing cowboy.

One of the truckers was a big handsome black man, about 45, with a very large cock. One of the other men was first playing with him, and then started to suck on him. It was so large around that the cocksucker couldn’t get his mouth over his cock head.

The cowboy was taking the men on one at a time. The black man waited until all the other men had dumped their loads deep into the cowboy, then he positioned himself behind the small firm buttocks of the cowboy. One of the men took the black man's enormous cock and guided it to the opening of the cowboy. Then he moved in very slowly and let the cowboy’s wet hole absorb his cock into his body. The cowboy knew that this one was larger than most of the other men’s cocks. He reached behind himself to feel what was about to enter him and without hesitation he guided this love stick into his cum filled hole.

We all stood around amazed and fascinated that this big cock could go into his ass, but it started to slide in with little effort. When his cock was all the way in, the cowboy let out a gasp and shot his load all over my t-shirt lying on the boulder. The black man waited until the cowboy’s orgasm subsided, then he started working his cock in and out of the asshole before him. The cowboy had so much cum in his love canal from all of the other guys that had just fucked him, so when the big cock entered him, the cum came oozing out of his asshole, and down his leg in a small stream of running cum. The man placed his hands on the cowboy's hips and then he said.

“Now I’m going to ride your cowboy ass like you have never been ridden before. Hold on good buddy.” He said and then started moving his cock slowly out of the cowboys ass right to the edge of his opening, then shoved it all the way in without stopping.

None of the men left the boulder ring but wanted to watch this black stud fuck this small cowboy. The young man that had tried to suck on the black man’s cock had positioned himself under, and between his legs, watching the deep penetration of the ebony fuck muscle as it slid back and forth in the cowboy's ass. Some of the cum was still running down the cowboy's legs. He licked his legs to taste and savor the other men’s cum running out of cowboy’s ass. He jacked on himself as he enjoyed the view. Another man got between his legs and started sucking on the young man. Soon the cowboy and the ebony trucker performance was so awesome that everyone; even though they had cum once up the cowboy’s ass, was jacking off for the second time.

This awesome scene continued under the warmth of the morning sun, in the open summer sky of the clear mountain air. Here we were, seven hot and horny men, engaged in an orgy that would make anyone envious. No hang ups, no competition, just pure man-to-man sexual enjoyment.

I had been there before, but never participated in such a wild and satisfying situation with so many hot and hunky truckers of all descriptions.

Soon the black man had fucked this cowboy until I thought he would split in two, but the cowboy was in pure ecstasy. His lust was being satisfied, and he was being filled with more cum and more cock than he had expected. He loved every gusher of love juices that filled his body. He had released several loads of his own cum while all of the men had used his body for their pleasure as well as his. Two times he had cum while the black man’s ebony cock penetrated him. He was exhausted and almost ready to pass out. Then the black cock started to release his huge load of man juices into his partner. Sweat rolled from their bodies and they glistened in the sun. The movements of the ebony cock going in and out of that body were awesome. The man cried out with pleasure as his sperm was emptied into the cowboy. The cowboy jerked and gave out with one last trickle of sperm on the t-shirt.

All of the men were so excited that they shot off again. Most of the cum hit the cowboy’s back, or on the young man licking on the back man’s musky wet balls. It was a wild and unbelievable scene.

After everyone had cum for the second or third time, they slowly started putting their pants and shirts back on and began leaving one at a time. One of the men came over and kissed the cowboy’s back, and took a quick lick of some of the remaining cum on cowboy’s back. Another patted the black man’s ass and said,” nice plugging there dude.”

The Black man slowly withdrew his cock from the warm welcome ass that had been so willing to receive his load. The young man beneath his legs remained to lick some of the dripping cum from his semi-soft cock. At this semi-soft state he could finally manage to put his mouth over the ebony shaft, and he licked the man’s spent cock clean. The black man’s cock was now sensitive and the feel of the young man’s mouth around his dick was nice. He stood patiently enjoying the young man’s thorough care and cleaning.

The cowboy lay back on the boulder relaxing, yet his butt hole looked as though it was still ready for more fucking. I think he had taken on enough this session. He stirred and slowly stood, rubbed his ass and looked around for his boot. He took my t-shirt, now soaked with sweat and several loads of cum, and wiped his wet ass hole and legs, where the remains of cum had started to dry. He looked over at me as he realized it was my shirt, smiled, and shyly tossed it back to me. I smiled and as soon as I caught it, placed it to my nose to take a whiff of the manly smells of cum and body sweat, then I put it back on and walked away.

By the time I was ready to leave the circle of boulders in the clearing, everyone else had dressed and headed back to their trucks. The black man was the last to leave and he gave cowboy his business card. No doubt he wanted that tight cowboy ass again sometime. I doubt he could find another more receptive ass to use.

When I arrived at my car, I saw a few more truckers parking their rigs as the others were leaving. I had a great day and now I would head on down the highway towards Reno, my final destination for the day. I would be back to enjoy the roadside activity again soon, but doubted if it would ever be this good again.

Story by Dick Clinton at

Word Count. 3429