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Trucker's Bunkhouse, Part 02

Trucker's Bunkhouse, Part 02

 Do me a favor.

I had finished a nice long session in the TV room after I inserted an X-rated movie in the VCR. I had lost track of all the trucker’s cocks I had sucked or the loads I had drank but I was well pleased. Guess I really got the truckers going because as I walked around the bunkhouse several hot looking truckers were setting or lying on their bunks showing their big hot cocks. They were ready to go and I was willing to take them there.

I came upon a trucker about 40 to 45 years old and he motioned me to come into his room. He looked good so I wanted to obligate him. He still had on his boxer shorts and was not showing a hard on. “Hey there.” He said. “I want to ask you to do me a favor.” I said, “Sure what did you have in mind?” I assumed he wanted me to suck his cock but he made no effort to make a move. “I have a ‘helper’ with me, an 18 year old, good looking but shy. He went to the TV room when you were entertaining the drivers. He came back and told me it turned him on but he had never had anyone suck his cock before and wondered how it felt. I told him how great it was with the right person and perhaps he should experience it for himself. Like I say he is shy, so I would like to introduce him to you and if you like you can give him a suck job. Are you willing to check it out?” he asks.

Are you kidding? I would be glad to check him out. So where is he?” The driver said for me to wait here and he would bring him to this cubical. He was in the next cubical and the returned quickly. The boy looked younger than 18 but was well built. He had dark hair and eyes with long eyelashes.

He had on a dark denim jacket, jock strap and white sweat sock. I though this might be just a snack but I could see a large bulge pressed against his jock strap. The head of his hard cock was peeking over the top. His driver said. “ Take you time and enjoy. Both of you.” He was nervously but told me his name was Jake. I told him to relax as I proceeded to pull down his jock strap. Much to my surprise, his cock popped out like the branch of a tree. He was hung very large for such a small boy. He must have had a good 8-inches of cock.

I reached for his cock and took it in my hands and caressed it very carefully knowing how some of these teenagers come so quickly. I dropped to my knees to worship this young god’s staff. I started placing my tongue on the head of his sweet tasting cock. I knew he must be a virgin in every respect. I glanced up at his lean body as I took his tight balls in my other hand. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before he would shoot his load because his balls started to tighten up. I should let him cum because he was so hot his balls were probably hurting. Suddenly he bent backwards and let lose his cum. There was so much of it coming down his shaft I was afraid I would lose some of it on the floor.

He continued to cum and cum until he finally stopped shaking. I sucked on it passionately getting every drop. I kept licking his cock but it never seemed to get soft. I took both of my hands and pushed him to the near by bunk never letting go of his cock. He continued to enjoy my sucking and was now watching his cock going into my mouth. I rubbed his tight stomach and licked his balls once more then went back to his hard cock. I realized by now I was going to get another hot load from this young stud so I started to concentrate on my method. I proceeded to work on this shaft of pleasure for another few minutes when I felt him starting to cum for the 2nd time. He seemed to love it the 2nd time as much as the first. I thought I would drain him this time and let him rest. I did not want to spoil him too soon. I finished and looked up at him lying on the bunk with his eyes open then I got up as he set holding onto his cock.

That was my first time to ever got a blow job. I had heard the other dudes tell me how great it was but I never thought it was that good. Can we do it again sometime tonight?” He said. I laughed and said. “The pleasure would be mine.” I heard a light tap at the door and in walked the driver.

Jake left us and headed for the showers. “That is quite a ‘stud’ there. He is going to be quite a heart breaker. What a cock on that dude.” I said. The driver smiled at me as he dropped his towel “You’re not too tired to suck on this are you?” Then he pulled out a big 9-inch cock. I gasp as I stared at this beauty. I know my mouth began to water at the sight of this hunk of a driver and his big cock. “Hell no! “ I blurted out. “I am always ready for a beauty like that one. Let me at it.”

I quickly dropped to my knees and took the truckers un-cut cock into my mouth. “Give it a good sucking cocksucker. I knew you would like it. I was watching you suck off Jake through that hole in the next booth. You did a great job on him. You like his cock, huh?” “I sure do” I responded. I would like some more of that one.” The trucker was quiet as I made love to his beautiful hard cock. I glance at the hole where he had watched me give Jake his blow-jobs.

There was Jake now watching me suck off his boss. I wondered if he ever saw this cock before. Perhaps he would learn to suck on it and really please his boss or let him use his sweet young ass. They could have a good partnership. The trucker looked towards the hole and moved so Jake could watch us better. “I knew Jake had a nice big cock.” The driver said. “Like father, like son. Jake is my son.” He said proudly. “I want him to enjoy his sex life and not have any ‘hang-ups’ like some people. I am glad it was you that were the first one to suck him off. Good looking little bastard too.” He said proudly. I was surprised at the comment but I though it was exciting to know I was sucking off father and son.

I continue until I felt his large cock growing even bigger and knew anytime he would cum for me. “I want to pull out and cum on your face so Jake can see.” That was all right with me in fact I found it kind of exciting. I could feel him building up ready to cum. He pulled out of my mouth and started jacking himself off and aiming his cock right at my face. I leaned back as streams of hot thick white truck driver cum shot all over my face, lips and tongue. It was more than I had expected but I loved it. I am truly a cum slave.

All the while he was cumming Jake was watching through the hole from the next booth. I was licking up his fathers cum and motioned Jake to place his cock through the hole. He understood quickly and placed his long hard cock into the hole. 
I was still lapping up the cum and tasting his fathers cock then started to suck on Jake at the hole. I still had his dads cum on my face and lips and rubbed his dads cum on Jake’s cock. He responded by humping his cock into my mouth as I pulled his balls into the hole for more action. His dad, standing near by was still hard and dripping cum. He took some of the cum from his dripping cock adding it to Jake’s cock and the juices from my mouth.

Jake could no longer hold his load and started shooting. I let him shoot all over me just like his father had done earlier. His father was jacking himself off again and was starting to cum again right on my face and his son’s cumming cock. I was going crazy and could not hold back myself, pulled out my cock stood up and started to cum over Jake’s cock. His father was still cumming when he grabbed me with his strong arms and planted a big kiss directly on my lips, as we all three were cumming. It was a wild scene. There was cum all over my face, lips, hands, and cock, Jake’s cock and the wall.

Jake’s father was tasting his sons cum as he kissed me then started to lick my face where he and Jake had just deposited their cum. The trucker was still kissing and licking me and started to laugh. “I never got so excited in my life. That was fantastic. I will never be the same,” he said. Jake pulled his cock out of the hole and came back to our room with his semi-hard cock still dripping with cum. He came up to his dad and me and we all 3 hugged and kissed each other in a beautiful father, son and lover friendship.

When I left the room, Jake and his father were closer than they had ever been. Jake started to touch his dad’s cock then went to his knees to place his head down by his dad’s cock. He pulled Jake down and guided his teenage son’s mouth to his big hard cock. I hated to leave the room but this would be their first time in a close relationship and I didn’t want to distract. I felt proud that I had something to do with getting them together. I’m sure they will have many good times together from this time on.

End of “Trucker’s Bunkhouse” part 2, 12/22/2001 Dick Clinton

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