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Adventures of Corey, Part 04, Jocks

Adventures of Corey

Story by Dick Clinton

Part 04, Jocks

During the next few months I was still enjoying the relationship of dad and my two brothers Carl and Roy. I slept with my dad most of the time, but still kept my two older brothers sexually content, with their early morning wake-up blow jobs before school each morning. I never seem to tire sucking my brothers off and they never seemed to tire of me. We had even added Saturdays as another special time of sexual activity in our basement recreation room.

One Saturday after a ball game, I heard my brothers in the recreation room. They would occasionally bring one or two buddies home with them after basketball practice, and they would watch a ball game on TV. I thought I would take them some cokes and munchies. When I came down the stairs, I realized they were not watching a ball game, but watching one of dad’s x-rated fuck films. They had already stripped down their shorts and were all masturbating. When the two other boys, Jake and Larry saw me they didn’t bother to cover themselves, but stopped jacking off.

“Hey, Dudes. Don’t panic. This is Corey, our little brother. He doesn’t care if we are jacking off. He is use to us jacking off down here. Come down here, little brother, and show these guys how good a cocksucker you are. Come over here and get me off.” Carl, my oldest brother, said to me.

At first I was kind of shy in front of two of the other boys but now that Carl let out my secret, what did I have to loose? I didn’t recall seeing either of these boys before, but they were both hot looking guys. One was setting on the couch next to Carl and the other was in the big chair by Roy. They all had their white gym shorts down around their ankles and had pulled their cocks to the side of their jockstraps. My brother Roy said to one of the guys next to him.

“Yeah. Jake, don’t be shy. He has been sucking us off for months now, so it is nothing new for him or us. He has developed some good techniques too. We have trained him well. Watch this. Come over here Corey. I want you to meet Jake and Larry. They play ball with us at school. Go down on me and show them how much you like my cock. Suck on your big brothers dick.” Roy instructed me.

I went over to Roy, dropped to my knees on the carpet, took his delicious cock, put it to my lips, ran my tongue around his wet cock head, and then went down on him. He gasps with pleasure. Jake was watching very closely and said.

“Oh my god! You have your little brother sucking your dicks? Shit, I love to get head, but every time one of my chicks tries to blow me, they gag. Not that I am that well hung, but girls get weird when I try to put it in their mouth. They don’t mind jacking me off, but I need some head. Man, this is cool. You have your own ‘live in’ cock sucker. Why the fuck haven’t you shared this with us before? I thought we were your good buds.” Jake continued.

Then Larry spoke up. “This is awesome. I want to fuck his hot looking mouth and give him my spunk. I haven’t had a good blow job since my oldest brother left for the navy. Man, I miss a good blow job. This is Fucken awesome. Does he take your load?”

Jake continued. “You mean your brother was sucking your dick and you never told me about it. Boy, you really find out who your good buddies are. If I’d know that I would have been over getting some head from him myself. Shit, man, you are something else. No wonder you always looked so content when you came to school in the mornings; you were getting your nuts drained. Shit.”

I could see this was going to be a good day. I not only had my two older brothers to suck off, but two of their best buddies as well. I continued sucking on Roy as the others watched me, and the x-rated tape on the TV. Roy was really hot today, because after a few good deep thrusting of his cock, he grabbed the back of my head and held me down on his cock, and quickly shot his load. It could have been because his buddies were watching too.

“Oh yeah, Corey. Suck your brother’s cock. Suck it bro. Oh yeah.” Roy said as I drained his cum from his dick. Roy made no bones about enjoying his blow jobs. He would always shake and gasp and really enjoyed it. It was nice knowing I pleased my brothers and made them feel so good. As soon as I milked down the last few drops of Roy’s cum, he lovingly patted my cheek and motioned for me to take on Jake.

Jake was setting near by so I immediately crawled between his legs as he set on the sofa chair. I placed my hands to his big moist balls, and as my lips licked the pre-cum from his piss slot, he closed his eyes and leaned his head back to enjoy my cock sucking. He had a good size cut cock about 7 ½ inches, with loosely hanging balls covered with lots of dark soft hair. He had a firm hairy body and strong legs from playing sports. He had a nice musky body scent and I was anxious to lick on his big balls to inhale his man scents. I placed one hand to his hard cock to guide it in my warm mouth, and my other hand under his balls. He scooted his tall solid body down on the couch and was ready for me to pleasure him.

“Oh Fucken yeah” He said. “This is what I need, a good hot cock sucker to empty my nuts. Fucken yeah! Corey, you’re fantastic. Lick around my cock head. Just like that. Oh man. This is so good. Oh babe, you are good, and I’m not going to last much longer if you continue that. Oh, slow down a bit. Lick my nuts. Lick my hot nuts. Fuck. yeah, Oh Corey, you are making me so hot. Suck my dick again and take my load. Ohhhh, ohhh. Fuck, fuck…I’m going to pop my nuts. Here it comes, Ohhhhhh fffffuuuucccckkkk. yeah. Ohhhhh. Man, that’s so good.” Jake continues his pleasurable sounds of enjoyments as he continued to shoot his warm load of young hot sperm into Corey’s welcome mouth. Jake put his hands to Corey’s mouth and stuck his finger in his mouth.

“Oh, fuck. That was the best. Corey, I think I love you.” He said as the other boys laughed. “I think I could love you every Saturday.” How about that?”

“I just about came watching you cum, Jake. You really liked that huh?” Larry said as he jacked on his hard uncut cock, now oozing with a stream of pre-cum.

“Fuck. He took your load all the way too. Drank down all your sperm. That’s awesome. O.K. Corey, let’s see what you can do with this one. I can shoot 3 or 4 times at one session and if you are as good as Jake says you are, I will cum several times for you. My brother use to get me off several times before he'd stopped. Come on over here make love to my stud cock and get me off a few times. It’s been too long, and I need some good head. Let’s see if you’re better than my brother.”

Carl said to Larry. “Ill bet Corey can get you off 3 times or even more, with out stopping. Let’s see if you’re just ‘bull shitting’ or not. Come on Corey. Show them your stuff. Suck that dick until his nuts are drained. Five bucks, says you give up before Corey does?”

“Right on. Five buck for five cum jobs. Come here Corey and do your stuff and if I give in first, I will give you the five bucks. Deal? Oh boy, what an easy way to make $5.00. Here Cory, let me get these shorts off. I want to enjoy this. Roy, get out of the way so I can watch the x-rated movie as I get my nuts.” Larry said as I pushed back the coffee table, and set on the floor, while Larry took his shorts off and quickly set on the couch. I was ready to get him off as many times as he could cum. I had never done this before but it sounded like fun.

Larry continued. “Hey dudes, I think we’ve found us a real cum slut. Man, this is so cool. Love to shoot my load. Stand back and give me room. This is soooo awesome. Corey is going to be my cum slave for now. Come on, babe, do your stuff.”

I positioned myself between his smooth hairless legs. Larry was one of those guys that were almost free of body hair except for his crotch, ass crack and armpits. He looked like a surfer, with his deep bronze tan and shoulder length blond hair. His tan was perfect except for the area where his jockstraps covered his body.
He must sunbath or surf with nothing on, except his jockstrap. His stomach was rippled with firm muscles and his chest was well developed. His cock head was covered with a nice soft lacy foreskin, just like my brothers. It was only semi-soft but he had a good size cock, perhaps a bit longer and thicker than Jake’s. He was hot and I liked him and his ‘dude talk’. It was awesome, as he would say.

Larry relaxed, as I was about to get him up and ready for a nice session of orgasms. I thought I should take my time so he could cum several times. I didn’t want to tire myself out either so I began slow and easy. I took his nice cock into my hands and loving admired his man hood. I found men like that approach. It gave them more comfort knowing that the cocksucker really loved sucking his cock. I would kiss it up and down the long shaft then teasingly and lovingly place my tongue into the opening of his lacy foreskin opening. I love the sweet taste of the pre-cum juices. My tongue would find its way under the tender foreskin and swirl around the sensitive cock head. This made Larry realize he was in for a good ride. I slowly pulled back the skin to expose his pink cock head and then I slowly went all the way down on his cock. Larry gasps and took a deep breath as he said.

“Oh, My God. This dude is fucking good. Man, I may cum right away if he keeps this up. Go ahead Corey; get me off so I can enjoy the others longer. Oh shit. I’m going cum. Oh yeah, dude. Here is my first load. Oh, shit, oh shit. “Larry let out his response to my cock sucking. and his first blow job.

I didn’t take my mouth from his cumming cock and drank down his first huge load of cum. He did need that. What a big load. I let his cock enjoy my mouth and tongue then I sucked in his cock once again. I had to take off my shorts because my cock was all cramped up because of my hard on. I managed to pull my pants off but never took my mouth from his cock. It did give him a chance to produce some more sperm in his balls. I continued to get him harder and start in for the 2nd blow job. It wasn’t too long before I could feel his cock starting to cum again. He had almost as much cum as the first time he came. I swallowed and licked all the juices from his shaft and licked down to his balls where some of the overflowing cum had remained. I went back to his cock to lick his cock head again and run my tongue under the foreskin again. He was sensitive but did not pull me away. I wanted to lick on his ball this time so I positioned myself closer and lifted his legs slightly. He scooted down to give me better access to his round golf ball size testicles.

“This dude is a pro. Fuck, we aught to hire him out at our next frat party” Larry said as I licked away at his nuts. I lifted his one leg to lick on the base of his balls and to savor the body musk of his hot body. He smelled so clean and sexy. Nothing like Jake, but nice in a different way. My hand continued to hold his cock then I went up to drain another load from his cock. Sure enough, after a few good deep throats, he was ready to shoot his 3rd load. He was still hot and ready to go some more after the 3rd time.

Jake and my brothers, Carl and Roy had started sipping on a beer and a joint while watching the x-rated movie and me. Jake was ready to get his cock sucked again but had to wait to see who was going to win the bet. Corey didn’t seem tired of sucking and was now working Larry up to another nice hard on. Larry’s cock never seems to get completely soft especially since Corey never let it get soft. Corey was working Larry’s to another organic frenzy. He seemed to enjoy every orgasm as though it was his first. Corey got his 4th load from Larry and was still working his cock, balls, and body over. This time Cory maneuvered Larry’s ass up a bit higher and started licking and tonguing his ass crack. He was heading for one of his favorite spots the sweet brown sensitive ass hole itself.

“Fuck. Does this dude eat ass too? Shit that is really a turn on. I love to have my ass eaten. Wait Corey, let me get my legs over your shoulder and you can rim that ass to your hearts content.” Larry said as he placed his legs over Corey’s shoulders and leaned back giving him full access. He went up and down his ass crack and licked Larry ass till he found the tight butt hole then in he went, tongue fucking Larry deep and fast. Larry let out another sound of ecstasy and pulled Corey’s face deeper into his butt.”

Oh, Man. I only had this done once and I thought it was fantastic but I forgot how good it feels. Yeah, Corey eats my fucking ass. Eat me! Eat me! Awesome, just awesome.” Then as Corey was tongue fucking Larry’s ass he could feel it tighten up and knew Larry was about to cum again.

“You better get your mouth to my dick cause I am about to give you another load. Here it comes. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. Suck my fucking cock. . Fuck. Oh man. ” Larry continued as Corey drank down the 5th load.

Jake could not stand it any longer and immediately come over to Cory as soon as he took his mouth off Larry’s shooting cock.

“Corey, take my load I’m going to cum again. Oh take it babe, Yeah. That’s my boy, take my cum. Oh yeah.” Jake said as Corey turned to take Jake’s shooting cock. The cum shot out all over his face and dripped onto Larry beneath him.

Carl moved to the other side of Jake waiting for his turn to unload his cum into his brother’s mouth. As soon as Jake pulled away Carl started shooting his cock onto Corey. He opened his mouth to let his brothers cum shoot onto his tongue. Corey’s face was covered with cum and was running down onto his chest as Corey grabbed his own cock and shot his load on the carpet between Larry’s legs. Then after he came he laid his head on Jake’s stomach to catch his breath. He looked up at Jake and then started licking up Larry and Carl’s cum that had landed on his body. He looked down at Corey and rubbed his head and said.

“If you keep that up, I just may have to cum again.” Then he laughed as the other guys looked at him in amazement. He had already cum five times and he won the bet but his cock was now starting to get softer. The boys knew now he was just joking. Or was he?

The guys started to straighten up themselves and the room. Carl and Roy managed to find $5.00 between them and were going to pay off their dept to Larry. He had managed to cum five times and Corey stuck with him through the whole thing bit Larry won the bet, but Corey was just as happy with his service. He loved sucking cock, so this was not a chore for him. It was pure pleasure.

“Here is your $5.00. You sex maniac. You won the bet. You proved you could cum 5 times in a row. Must be a record, huh?” Roy said to Larry as he handed him the $5.00.

“How about us trying for 6 next times? I wasn’t prepared for this one and would like to drink some protein drink before I try that again.” Larry said.

“Get the fuck out of here. You used my little brother’s mouth so much today; he may not be in the mood for us tonight. I have this date with that chick down the street and she fucks like crazy but I have to wear a fucking condom. Hate those damn things. I let Corey take me off after the date. He is a good kid. Nice to have a bro like that. Huh? What do you say?” Carl said as he handed Larry the 5.

“Yeah, you dudes are lucky to have a good brother like Corey. I sure hope you dudes will let us get together again. Look at me. I am getting another hard on just thinking about it. That dude can sure tongue fuck a hot ass. I want to do that again. Love to set on his face and let him really bury his face in my ass hole. Man that was awesome. What do you say, Corey. Can I set on your face and jack off on you chest?” Larry said to Corey while rubbing his shoulder.

“Yes, sir. I would like that Larry. I would like to eat Jake’s ass too, if he’ll let me. I sure liked your cum too. It was ‘awesome’.” I said as they all laughed again.
Jake looked at me and nodded a definite yes. “Yes, Corey. I have never had anyone tongue fuck my ass, but Larry seemed to enjoy it so much. I would like trying it anyway. So, Carl and Roy, can we come over again next Saturday?

Corey spoke up to his brothers. “I like these guys. I would like to do it again but can I ask you guys a favor? I wonder if I can have the Jockstraps you guys wore today? I like my brother’s jocks and I think it would be hot to have yours too.”

“Aw Corey. That is so nice. I feel flattered that you want my jock strap to remember this time. Here, let me take it off for you.” Jake said

“No let me take them off you, please. Corey said.

“Come over here boy. You can have mine right now.” Jake said as Corey got back on his knees and pulled down Jake’s gym shorts. He leaned into Jake and took a deep whiff. This surprised Jake but it started to turn him on again. Corey was a very seductive boy and knew the right moves to make his men hot. He slowly pulled down the elastic band from his waist and turned Jake around to pull down the backside also. Meanwhile he leaned his face into Jake’s ass crack and kissed his ass as he pulled it down and over his buttocks. He ran his tongue down until he was near his asshole and then leaned Jake over so his tongue ran up and down his ass until he found his hole.

“You little fucker. You are getting me hot again and we have to be going before your old man comes home.” Jake said as his dick hardened.

Roy and Carl were smiling as they watched their little brother do his seductive act of taking the Jock strap from their buddy. Corey pushed him forward then stuck his tongue into Jake’s ass until he found his moist sphincter. He buried his face deep into the Jocks asshole causing a slight gasp from Jake, and a smile from the other guys. Corey pulled Jake’s ass cheeks apart and tongue fucked him for a few minutes, and then pulled the Jockstrap down over his buttocks and to the floor. He already had Jake climbing the walls from this new experience. His dick was already standing at attention. Corey quickly pulled his face from Jake’s ass, turned Jake around quickly, and went down on his cock. A few good deep throat moves and his finger in Jake’s ass caused him to shoot his load into Corey again. Jake cried out.

“You little fucker! You little cock sucking fucker. You are so hot; I may never have sex with another woman again. Now, I know I love you. Awww fuck I’m cumming again. You fucking little bastard. Oh Yeah…suck, babe, suck me. Ah shit. Your little brother is a hot little bastard! How can you stand all this good sex? Shit! That was good! Well, now I have had a tongue fucking and it was good!” Jake said as he picked up the Jockstrap from the floor and handed it to Corey.” And well worth the price of a new jockstrap.” He added as he motioned for Larry to go.

Larry had already taken his off during the rimming of his buddy, Jake. It was getting late and they did have to go. He handed Corey his jockstrap, rubbed it in his face, and whispered something to him before they left.

The guy’s left and Carl and Roy looked at Corey and said he sure make a good impression on their two best friends. They wanted to come back again next week, if not sooner. The boys cleaned up the room, put the tape back in the box, and turned on the TV. Dad would be home soon and they didn’t want things to be a mess. He didn’t know yet, what the boys did down here on Saturdays while he was at the office. They weren’t sure if he cared or not, but dad was pretty protective of Corey. They heard rumors of what he did to that dockworker that had sex with Cory one time. They had a good thing going and didn’t want to spoil it.

Cory was looking forward to another Saturday with the boys again and felt proud that his older brothers were willing to share their buddies with him. Perhaps more of his brother’s buddies would join in.

I heard Larry mention something about inviting me over to their next Frat Party. I had seen some of the guys in their Fraternity, and they were hot. Most all of them were Jocks either on the football, basketball or other sports. I think their coach was a hot looking dude too. He had been in one of the Olympic games before he took up coaching. I always thought he was so handsome and fantasized on sucking his cock too. Perhaps some day I might have the chance, but it was slim.

Story by Dick Clinton
Written Jan 24, 2004
Word count 4049

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