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Adventures of Corey, Part 05

Adventures of Corey
Part 05, Corey’s Dad Takes the Virgin
Story by Dick Clinton at eyeMrich1@msn.com
                Corey's 2 step-brothers and their 2 friends from school '

It was a Friday afternoon and I headed home early from school today because of some Teacher’s Meeting. My two brothers were staying after school for football practice so I walked home by myself. When I got home, Dad had already arrived and was upstairs showering.

I started some dinner, and then headed upstairs to discover dad was lying on the bed resting. He always slept naked. Even though we slept together, I never got tired of looking at his handsome well-developed body and big uncircumcised cock. I quietly undressed and crawled between his legs as he rested himself on his stomach.

I had never explored my dad’s hairy ass but once, and wanted to tongue fuck him like I did the other boys on Saturday. He didn’t move but when he felt me rubbing his ass, he spread his legs to me. I reached under him to adjust his cock and balls before I continued to lovingly kiss his buttock, and then started licking up and down his ass crack until I found his tasty entry. When I started to tongue-fuck his asshole, he moaned with delight and arched his body so I could go in deeper.

After a few minutes of rimming, he turned over, and pulled me to his lips. I loved kissing my dad. He had such firm hard lips and strong firm tongue. I was now sitting on dad, straddling his big hard cock. I could feel it rubbing against my asshole, and it excited me. He pushed me back on the bed and started licking and kissing my buttock and asshole. Dad had never gone this far with me, but today he must have been extra horny. He started licking my virgin butt hole and put his tongue deep into my pink tight anus. It was a new experience for me and I loved it. He was passionately licking and kissing my asshole and tongue fucking me. Then he suddenly stopped, looked down at me, and said.

"Corey, I’ve wanted to bust your cherry for weeks now, but I didn’t know if you could take my big cock. I know how you love to suck cock, and once I have broken you in, you will love getting your ass fucked too. I want you son. and, I’m going to fuck your ass so good that you will want it from your daddy every night. I think now you might be ready for me. I know I am ready for you. You know your daddy loves you, and it is so good when you suck my cock." He said in all seriousness, "but I want you to enjoy my dick deep inside you where I will plant my seed. You make me so hot, babe."

Then dad kissed me and lifted my legs and rested them on his shoulders. He had some lubrication in his hand and placed some of it on his fingers. He inserted one finger going into my asshole, then two, and then three. At first, it was hurting, but, after he continued to massage my hole, it started to feel good. I was excited that dad was going to fuck me for the first time.

I felt the head of his cock on the edge of my butt hole. I tried to relax, but I was afraid of the pain. Dad took his time penetrating me, but after a few attempts, I felt the head of his cock open up my hole. He paused momentarily, and then moved in a few more inches. I started to relax knowing dad would not hurt me intentionally. In he went with a few more inches, and then I knew he was all the way in. I felt full and I felt the warmth of his big low hanging balls press against my backside.

A sudden shiver came over me and I knew this was going to be good. I reached around to feel my asshole and his shaft buried deep in my ass. I had it all inside of me and I was proud. Now I could relax and let dad have his way with me.

My dad’s cock was very large. I had seen him fuck Lynn that one day in the office and wondered how Lynn took it. Lynn screamed out at first, but after dad was fucking him, he was yelling out for more. I was a bit jealous that it was not I getting fucked that day, but now I was taking dad’s cock. It felt good.

"Oh babe. You have your daddy’s cock all the way in you. You are fantastic. If only other boys treated their dads half this good. You feel so good, so tight. You are my pussy boy now. My fantasies are now full filled. Now let’s have some good fucking fun." My dad said as he moved in and out of me in a deep fucking motion.

It was sensational. We fucked in this position for a time, and then dad moved back on the bed and pulled me on his lap. He was really all the way in now. He let out a gasp but didn’t cum yet. He grasped my hips and lifted me up and down on his cock. My arms embraced his strong neck. Our lips found each other again, and we kissed as we fucked. It was the best. It was awesome. Now I knew dad could fuck me and I could please him in another way. I knew he like my blow jobs and loved rubbing his big cock between my legs at night, but this is what dad wanted all the time. He wanted to fuck my ass. He wanted me as his pussy ass boy.

We fucked for about 15 or 20 minutes then, I suddenly felt myself cumming. My asshole tightened and dad started pumping me harder and harder until I could feel his warm sperm shooting up my ass. I had never cum so much without touching myself. Dad was going wild as he came. I had never seen him get this worked up over our sex. Now I knew this was going to be more satisfying sex for the both of us.

We relaxed only a few minutes. I could feel his cum oozing out of my ass. His dick stayed hard and it was fine with me. I didn’t want his cock to leave my body. I liked being impaled upon his shaft. He once again moved me back on the bed, and maneuvered my body so I was on my stomach, yet not once did he remove his cock. I guess this is what they mean by ‘being screwed’.

I rested on my stomach looking forward to the continuation of this fuck. He pulled a pillow from the bed and placed it under my hips. My firm boy butt arched getting ready for a good daddy fuck. Dad braced himself on each side of my body and then started to fuck me again. He started out slowly, but soon was banging the hell out of my asshole. I was in ecstasy as he fucked me rough and hard. He would pull my small ass up to meet his lunges. I knew I was about to cum again. Dad sensed my ass muscles tighten and he released his cum up my ass once more, shaking and moaning out in another ecstasy of his orgasm. His body collapsed onto mine almost knocking the wind out of me. He quickly pulled me onto my side and wrapped his strong arms around my body. We both fell asleep with his cock still inside of me.

When I woke some time later, I was aware that my oldest brother Carl was standing in the bedroom door looking at the two of us. He winked and quietly went to his room. Now, Carl knew that our dad was fucking me, but I didn’t care, in fact, I was relieved that he knew. I think Carl and Roy had already thought dad was fucking me, so now this was his proof.

I carefully and quietly let my dad's soft cock slip out of my cum filled hole. I hated to leave but needed to go to the bathroom to clean out my body and take a shower. Dad stirred slightly then went back to sleep. When I finished my shower Carl was combing his hair and watching me as I came out of the shower. He smiled as if he found out a secret.

"You little stinker. You and dad have been fucking all this time, and you never said anything about it?’ He said to me.

"No we haven’t until today. This was our first time, but this is just between Dad and me. Please don’t make a big deal about this. You know dad has been great about letting us get together without bothering or interfering. I expect you to have a little respect for dad and me." Corey said

"So the rumor about Dad and the Dock Foreman, Lynn, is true. He did fuck him in front of you in his office. Wow! This is great! Now dad is fucking my little brother, and the dock foreman. I will be quiet about this, if you let me watch him fuck you sometime. I know dad has a big cock and I want to see him use it on you." Carl continued.

Dude, have I got a stud cock lined up for you! Do you remember Coach Swan at the high school? I saw him in the showers one day after one of our games, and he has the biggest dick I have ever seen. I understand he can’t keep a girlfriend or get any pussy, because when they see his big dick, it scares them away. Even his last fiancĂ© broke it off with him. I bet you could make Coach Swan very happy. I think he prefers boys anyway, but before you try to take on Coach, I would advise you to encourage Dad to fuck you every day for a good month so you would be broken in. Besides, you need to keep dad happy sexually. He is a good man and has been very much a loner since mom left us." Carl said to me as I continued to dry myself.

"Look what you have done to me. Just thinking of you getting fucked by dad has given me a boner. Corey would you get over here and relieve your brother of this hard on. I didn’t get to fuck any pussy or get my nut tonight, and my cock is still juicy and throbbing, waiting for you to suck me off. Come on Corey. You know I just might want to start fucking you too. I've never fucked a male ass before. This chick I am dating can be such a prick teaser. She is such a bitch at times. Gets me up by rubbing her tits against me and rubbing my cock until I’m about ready to climb the walls, then she pulls away, and says she has to go. I guess I shouldn’t let it bother me when I have a brother like you to get me off whenever I need it. Come on Corey. Suck me off." Carl said to me as he dropped his pants to the floor and pulled out his throbbing cock.

It was cool with me. This was just as pleasant for me as it was for my brothers. They both knew I loved sucking them off. Now that Carl knew I could take a cock up my ass, he probably will want to fuck me soon too. I think that might be fun, but I still liked the sweet taste of their cum.

I dropped to my knees in front of my good-looking brother Carl and started to make love to his big cock. In the past few years that I had been sucking Carl and Roy off, they had grown into hot looking boys. Their cocks had developed into large manly thick cocks. Both worked out every day, played sports and kept their bodies in damn good shape. I was proud to be introduced as their brother.

"Ummmm, Corey. You’re such a good cocksucker. I don’t know how you do it, but you know how to make my body feel so good. I love that tongue action on my cock. Oh Yeah, boy. Yeah, Oh I’m going to cum already. I was so hot because of that chick but you are so much better. Ready? I’m going to cummmmmm oh shit, oh shit. Suck it down. Ohhhhhw “Carl cooed out as I serviced his cock and gave him another round of pleasure.

The door opened, as Corey and Carl were just finishing up their round of pleasure. There stood Roy in his boxer shorts.

"Can I get in here and take a piss before I go to bed?"

"Sure Roy. There’s plenty of room for you. Just don’t interrupt just now, as Corey is finishing up my load. Squeeze down that last bit of cum, there Corey. Yeah, that’s it. It feels so nice when you do it. Now I don’t have to wash my cock before I go to bed. Corey, that was good as usual. Thanks little brother." Carl continued talking as I cleaned my big brothers big thick uncut cock.

Roy stood at the stool taking a piss as Carl and Corey finished their sexual round. Roy looked down into the bowl as his piss hit the water, then back into the mirror to watch his brothers. Roy finished pissing, but watching the brothers caused Roy’s cock to grow. He squeezed out his remaining piss then pulled down the toilet seat covering and sat down. He pulled his boxers off and tossed them to the floor. He needed Corey to give him a good sucking and finish him off too. Roy felt privileged to have a loving brother that enjoyed sucking the boy cum from his teen-age cock.

Carl left the toilet and went to his bedroom. Without even being told, I went to Roy, started to kiss my brother’s balls, and ran my tongue up his long hard cock shaft. I could taste the hint of Roy’s last few drops of piss, but I didn’t mind. Roy sighed, and sat back on the stool to let me suck his cock and help him release his load. He spread his leg around me as I sat naked at Roy’s feet.

Roy leaned back, closed his eyes to enjoy the pleasure his younger brother was giving him. It was great to have you own brother get your nuts without any hassle or pressure. It was pure pleasure every time.

It didn’t take Corey long to have Roy’s cock ready to give him a sweet offering of juicy boy cum. Several good long throat movements on Roy’s cock before Roy grabbed the back of Corey’s head, and face fucked his cock into Corey’s mouth. Soon he shot his boy cum down Corey’s throat and down his gullet. A few more gasps of sheer pleasure, indicated that Roy enjoyed his long orgasm and was pleased.

Corey, being the cocksucker he was, cleaned and licked Roy’s cock and balls until the remaining cum was gone. Roy stood, rubbed Corey’s head, and left the bathroom. Corey had done extra good today and was now heading back to his dad’s room where he had been sleeping these past few months.

As I quietly slipped back into bed, he stirred but realizing it was me, pulled me into his arms and squeezed me and then started kissing the back of my neck. I could already feel his cock getting hard again. I was hoping I was going to get fucked again by dad and by the feel of things, I knew he wanted me again. I was ready because I had cleaned out my anus of his sperm and was ready for more. I guess the dinner I had started earlier was to be put on hold.

"Corey. Are the boys’ homes from football practice? I have been sleeping and didn’t hear them come in. They might not approve of me using their little brother as my pussy boy." My Dad said to me as his cock touched my moist asshole again.

"Yes, dad, they both arrived about one hour ago and I took care of both of them so they could relax. I think they are in their room watching the football game. I don’t think they would disapprove at our conduct, in fact, I think Carl saw us fucking. He said he thought it was great because you deserve some good ass. I told him it was our first time and Carl told me he might like to fuck me sometime too, if you didn’t object. He also said it would be exciting to watch you and me fuck sometime." There was a short pause as dad pondered the thought of him fucking me while his other sons watched.

"Sure. I don’t think that would be a bad idea at all. It makes me proud that my sons love their dad well enough, to want to watch me have a good time too. However, right now, son, I want to fuck you one more time, alone. We will arrange a time when the four Thompson family men can have a Fucken good time together. Who knows what might happen? I love Carl and Roy every bit as you, but you are the one that has brought us together as a loving family once again.

I just might invite the Dock Foreman, Lynn, over to join us in a good man-to-man sexual time. I’d promised him a bonus this month, so might as well include a good sex orgy with it too. It’s a good thing I have this California King Size bed for a king size orgy. “Dad laughed, squeezed me again and kissing my ear he whispered, "Are you ready for another load of your daddy's spunk? Babe, it has been so long since I had some good ass, but now that I have you, I am going to fuck you all the time. You are my babe, and I love you Corey."

"I love you too dad. You gave me life from your sperm so I’m part of you. Use me anytime you have the desire, dad. Put your baby maker, back into my body and fill me with your love juices once again." I said as dad’s big wet cock head slowly moved into my wanting asshole.

Dad and I fucked most of that night. We finally fell asleep but didn’t wake up until Carl, and Roy came into our room with a big tray of pancakes, coffee with all the breakfast trimmings. Dan was as surprised as I. We were still curled in each other arms and the smell of man sex and cum still filled the room. Roy made a smart remark as he opened the bedroom windows, saying it smelled like a honeymoon suite at the ‘Adults Only’ motel on highway 69. Carl and I laughed but dad was too embarrassed and asked Roy how he knew about the motel on highway 69. Then we all laughed again while the boys put the breakfast trays on the bedside table.

Carl and Roy were still in their boxer shorts when they served us. They started to sit on the bed where both dad and I still remained naked. Then dad looked at the boys and said in a very serious tone of voice.

"Oh, no you don’t! No one gets in my bed with his shorts on. If you want to be in my bed, you have to take off your shorts and be naked."

Carl and Roy gave each other a surprised look, quickly pulled off their shorts, jumped into the bed, and onto dad, to wrestle and pin him down. The whole King size bed was one big wrestling ring. The two boys had grown to be good size men. The horseplay and wrestling match started to become a sexual turn on to everyone. The physical contact of four naked male bodies rubbing and touching each other was becoming sensual. Carl had managed to sit on dad’s hairy chest and was trying to hold his strong arms to the bed with little effort; Corey was tugging on one arm trying to hold it along with Carl’s help. Dad laughed and tried to get up but was not trying very hard. He was enjoying the scuffle of his three teenage sons.

Roy now sitting on dad’s legs, realized dad had a big hard on, and playfully grasped his cock with one hand, causing Dad to jump. Then Roy said,

"My God dad. I knew you had a big cock, but wow. Look Roy. Think we will ever be as big as that? There is no way that Corey can take that horse cock up his ass."  Realizing he had let out a personal secret said, "Whoops?"

Corey immediately, and without thought or shame said. "Oh yes I can, and it fits perfectly." There was a brief silence then Roy said. "I bet he can! Corey has many talents. Why don’t you show us Corey, Put dad’s big cock into your fuck hole and let us see you give him pleasure?

"Hey, Hey. Don’t I have anything to say about this? Dad said.

All three boys in unison said, "No!" Then everyone laughed again.

Meanwhile Corey left his dad’s side and told Carl to move up so he could get in position. Carl moved off his dad’s chest and turned around to face Corey as he positioned himself over his dad’s big hard cock. Carl was still sitting on his dad’s chest watching the big cock edge itself into the tight crevice of Corey’s butt crack.

His Dad sighed out, as he felt his man shaft going back into the warm depths of the butt hole, he had been fucking all night long. He knew of the pleasure he could get from his youngest son’s tight love canal. Only this time, his other two handsome teenage sons were watching their dad pleasure himself as well as Corey.

Corey guided his dad’s large cock into his hole with ease. Carl could only see from the front and was going to stand to let Corey suck him off while he stood over his dad’s chest. He was up on his knees ready to stand, when his dad suddenly pulled Carl’s body back down onto his face. Carl’s ass was now directly over his dad’s face while his balls rested on his dad’s rough unshaven chin. His dad pulled him closer and Carl found his ass was being kissed and loved. Then he felt the warm sensuous tongue penetrate his tight boy asshole. He gasped out with shock and pleasure at the experience of his own dad now eating his asshole. It was unbelievable, and it felt damn good.

Corey straddled his dad’s legs while Roy remained between his dad’s firm muscular hairy legs. Roy was fascinated, and amazed to see his little brother take his dad’s cock up his small anus. He caressed his dad’s big low hanging balls as Corey slid his body down onto the 11 inches of cock. Roy began to jack off, while feeling of his dad’s superb manly balls. Roy moved in closer and moved his knees under his dad’s legs so he could feel his own cock head press against his dad's balls, and closer to Corey's asshole. His dad's cum juices still remained in Corey from his previous fuck, and was now trickling down his cock from Corey’s ass. Roy placed his fingers on his dad’s moist balls to taste some of the juices of his dad’s cum. He was so hot, at this moment, that he would have even sucked his dad’s cock to savor his body flavors.

Carl was ecstatic at the feeling of his dad’s tongue darting in and out of his sensitive anus. He leaned forward to balance himself and placed his hands onto his brother Corey’s shoulders while he jacked off.

This was something he had fantasized about but never dreamed that he would be getting his asshole rimmed out by anyone except Corey, but now it was his own dad and it was awesome. He could feel his balls rubbing back and forth on his dad’s hairy stomach as he now leaned his body into Corey. He found himself nibbling and tonguing Corey’s tender young ears. Then he explored Corey’s neck then back up to his ears again. He could sense the excitement building.

Corey slowly turned his face towards Carl and found he desired to passionately kiss his brother’s luscious tender lips. They click and Carl found himself wildly kiss and making love to his brother. It didn’t seem wrong at all. It was turning him on so much that he knew he was going to cum any time now.

Roy was still mesmerized at the sight of his dad’s cock fucking. It was a very hot thing to watch. His dad’s huge 11 inch would slide into Corey’s small boyish body with ease. There was no doubt that Corey was enjoying each and every move.

Roy could see his dad’s big balls starting to tighten and he knew soon he would release a load of man sperm into Corey. He saw Carl and Corey kissing each other in deep passionate moves. In a way, he felt left out but he got up closer so he could at least kiss Corey’s tender neck. He had to lean against Corey and against his hot and sweaty body but he didn’t mind.

Victor was obsessed with Carl’s hot tight asshole. It was so masculine and yet tender. Victor held his son’s firm muscular buttock to give him room for action rimming his butt hole. His tongue darted in and out of his sweet brown anus and would occasionally react with a pucker. At times Victor would get his tongue into his hole causing Carl to softly whimper.

Carl’s ass was virgin, but Victor had always fantasized fucking Carl and Roy, before Corey had introduced them, all to a family sex session. Victor thought to him self, "Now I have the opportunity to enjoy all my sons in a more loving way." He knew he was about to release another load of his manly sperm deep into the boy that he had created. Corey was a sensuous boy, and Victor loved him very much.

The room was filled with the sexual charges of four male cum producing action. Everyone knew they were going to release the sexual tension that had built up in the last hour. It was warm and the room smelled with sweat and male passions.

Carl was the first to give the sign of cumming. He was so turned on by his dads tongue action up his ass and the passionate kissing and lovemaking, that he could not hold back his orgasm. He felt his balls tighten and then he cut loose with a gusher of creamy jizz splattering against Corey’s stomach and chest. He never knew he could cum so much. The juices from his cock ran down Corey’s body and on his cock, down to his balls and mingled with the juices from Corey’s ass.

Carl’s wild orgasm started Cory to pump harder on the impaled cock of his dad. Corey’s faster movement caused Victor to passionately gasp. He tongue fucked Carl's ass so desperately that he though he would loose his tongue up Carl’s asshole. Carl’s asshole gripped his dad’s tongue tightly as he shot his load. This was so hot having his tongue deep in his oldest son ass while his big cock was buried in his youngest son’s ass, while his other son was caressing, and making love to his ball sacks. ‘It was awesome’, as one of his boys would say.

Roy was so hot that he started shooting his gusher of cum on Corey’s back. He nibbled on Corey’s neck and ears with heavy sexual passion and desire. He found himself kissing both Carl and Corey, as he came. Several streams of his cum ran down Corey’s back, down his ass crack and mingled with his dad and brother’s cum at Corey’s asshole. His dad came at the same moment. This caused Corey to cum on Carl’s body and it join the stream of sperm from all the four Thompson males.

The sounds of sexual pleasure filled the room, like a den of horny wolves, howling and yelping as they mated. Everyone was cumming, kissing and totally enjoying the sexual pleasure of man-to-man’s love, but the King size bed stood firm! 

Story by Dick Clinton

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