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Adventures of Corey, Part 06

The Locker Room Job

Asst. Coach Mr Atwood.

Story by Dick Clinton

My older brothers were still active in college sports, an asset for the teams.  I would attend most of the basketball and football games when my brothers played, but I realized I was never going to be good at this rough and tumble type of activity.  I kept myself in good condition, would run with the track team, and swim.  I was good at both sports, but found myself more interested in the other guys than winning any medals or trophies.
I was popular with most of the guys and had my choice of any males in the college.  Even though most of them knew I preferred giving a good blow job or getting my ass fucked by some of the hot dudes, I was still respected and never harassed because of my homosexual activities.  In fact, I was respected and protected more than most of the dudes, after all I had two hot, and hunky older brothers that kept an eye out for me. Jake and Larry, my two brother’s closest buddies, were on my regular weekly routine of sex and they too were very protective of me.   No one dared to hassle me or harm me.  Not only because of Carl and Paul, but, let’s face it, a good blow job or a hot piece of free ass was a good thing to have around; especially when the guys got horny and their girl friends wouldn’t put out.  They knew if they treated me right, I could satisfy them most any time and any place.

I didn’t just go with any guy, because I had a good selection of hot guys.  I even blew one of the substitute professors when he told me to stay after class one day.  He was shocked when I made a pass at him, but couldn’t resist my persistence.  He was so handsome and didn’t look much older than most of the students here.

  I had often fantasized on sucking off a teacher while he sat on the desk.  Every time I had a class in that room, I got an instant hard on.  I saw him again when he was selected to be a temporary coach with Coach Swan.  I knew right then I was going to ask the coach if he needed any extra help in the locker rooms cleaning and picking up after some of the games.

 My brothers told me about Coach Swan this past year and warned me that he was hung like a stallion horse.  That made me even more curious, and more anxious for the challenge.  Dad had been using my ass hole for some time now and I was ready to try a something even bigger than his 11 inch cock.  Not that I was tired of him, no way.  He was my ‘buddy’, and knew how to keep us both happy by fucking my willing ass.

I began to encourage Carl and Paul to fuck me, but only when Dad wasn’t around.  I was looking forward to having Jake and Larry, fuck me too.  I enjoyed sucking their cocks and drinking down their tasty cum, but now that I was getting fucked, I was enjoying this new sensation, and wanted to share this experience with my sex partners.  The feeling of a male body against mine, and my ass being enjoyed by a strong manly body was good, and the warm satisfying sensation of their cum filling my insides with their love juices; was quite an experience. Most times, they would rub against my prostate and cause me to have a fantastic orgasm.

 I also began to enjoy the kissing and affectionate love making that often came with the sex.  I knew my goal in life was to satisfy and be satisfied by men. Perhaps in some eyes, I was immoral, but I never thought of it that way.  I was just giving my partners enjoyment when I let them use my body for their pleasure and in return I was receiving pleasure as well.  As long as no one was being harmed or forced unwillingly, what harm was being done.  Sex is just a natural desire and we should make the best of it and share it with others.

I headed down the corridors to the gym and into the locker room.  Coach Swan’s office was at the end of the locker room where he had a good view of most of the guys when they undressed.  I watched him several times, as he sat at his desk and looked out of his office windows at us as we dressed and showered.  I thought he might be rubbing his cock while he was sitting at his desk and cautiously observed us.

I obtained a locker close to his office and would do a bit of innocent teasing as I undressed.  I tried to be coy, but I think he knew what I was doing. I think I caught him smiling when I bent over, bare asses, to pick up my shoes and socks that I had carefully knocked on the floor.  I lingered just long enough so he could get a good shot of my pink asshole and my low hanging balls.

That day, I wanted to be on my best behavior.  I wanted that job so I could make a little extra money, and have an excuse to be even closer to coach and his new assistant.

I saw the coach sitting in his office with the new assistant coach Mr. Bill Atwood. The minute he saw me, Coach Swan motioned for me to come in.  Bill quickly looked away, as if he was afraid I would say something about our quick blow job in the science class two weeks before.  I was never one to ‘kiss and tell’ so he had nothing to worry about.  I wouldn’t mind sucking his cock again.  He was so horny that day that he came after a few stokes of my warm mouth.  He had a nice firm ass and I wouldn’t mind giving him one of my special rim jobs.  I bet I could get him to cum more than once this time.  If I could get this job with Coach Swan, I might be able to get Bill in the showers and eat his sweet ass some time, but that I would have to work on that later.  Right now, I had to concentrate on convincing the coach I was a good worker.

“Hello, Corey.  I see you are anxious to make a little extra money helping out here in the locker room and on the field.  Your brothers are both good men so I know you come from a good family.  They seem to like you, and that is rare for brothers to be this close.  It’s a good sign. Can you start tomorrow before the ball game?”  Coach Swan said to me.

“Yes sir.”  I quickly replied.
“Coach Atwood will show you the ropes tonight while I jump in the showers.” Coach Swan said as he left the office and headed to the showers. 

Bill held out his hand to shake mine and gave me a quick smile.

“Welcome, to our dungeon.  I’ve cleaned up most of the mess for today, so I’ll give you a key to the storage and linen closet where you will get most of your supplies for brief cleaning.  Most of the time the school janitors clean up the real mess so all you have to do is pick up the dirty towels and other articles of clothing the guys might leave around.  Hope you don’t mind a sweaty jock strap or two.  These guys are usually pretty good about picking up after themselves, but now and then I think they ejaculated in their Jocks and just left them around for me to pick up.”  Bill said to me as we went to the center of the locker room to the linen closet.

“You think you are going to be comfortable doing this?” He added as he opened the closet door and switched on the light.

He motioned for me to go inside and proceeded to instruct me on my job.  I listened very attentively then he looked seriously at me and asked.

“I know you from somewhere.  Were you in any of my classes this year?” he said.

“Yes sir, I was in your science class about two weeks ago and you asked me to stay after class to talk to me about something?  I stayed, and then I seduced you. I sucked your cock while you leaned against the desk.  Remember?”  I said bluntly to see if I could shock him into another submission.

There was a sudden look from Bill then he turned a deep shade of red.  He stuttered as he said to me.’”W....w.. What? I, I, I.” He continued.

“Don’t worry Mr. Atwood, I will keep my mouth shut, except for the next time I suck your cock.” I said softly as I moved closer to him and placed my hand on his crotch.

He didn’t move away but looked back at the open door to see if Coach Swan was still showering.  Then he carefully pulled the door shut and turned off the main light.  I felt his cock getting hard almost immediately.  I pulled his sweat pants down over his firm buttocks and released his hardening cock from his jock strap. Soon I was down on my knees in the storage closet sucking Mr. Atwood’s cock.  It was larger than I remembered from last time, but then I just got his cock out of the opening of his pants.  This time I had his full manhood standing at attention ready for me to service him.

He leaned back against the shelf, spread his legs, put his hands on his hips, and was ready for action.  This time I nuzzled my nose under his soft hairy balls and took a whiff of his manly musky body.  He was so sexy and smelled so good.  His cock rested on my cheek as I licked and caressed his balls.

I heard a sigh and then he spread his legs out further to give me more room to suck on his balls.  I tried to put both of his balls in my mouth but didn’t quite manage because of their large size. I licked up his cock shaft and licked around the head of his big tulip shaped cock head, licking away at the sweet nectar oozing from his cock slit. 

He caressed the back of my head as he gently face fucked my mouth.  I placed one hand around his testicles the other around his thick cock.  My finger was searching for the warm moisture of his hairy ass crack until I found the opening of his ass.  He gasped once again as the tip of one of my fingers inched into his moist asshole.

 I continued to suck on his delicious cock for a few strokes before I realized he was about to shoot his sweet tasty jizz into my teenage cock sucking mouth.  Then he gasped once again, and started to gush out large loads of cum from his cock.  Into my mouth and down my throat he shot squirt after squirt of his manly cock until he gave me his love juices.  I continued to drain his cock and pull my fingertip from his asshole, caress his balls, and gave them a gentle squeeze as I savored the last of his sperm from his penis.  I took a nearby towel from the shelf and dried his balls and cock before standing to my feet once again.
Bill pulled up his jockstrap and sweat pants then shyly looked into my eyes once again and said that I was the only person that has ever given him a blow job.  He explained to me very carefully that he was straight and was engaged to a wonderful girl but they had never had sex yet because they thought they would wait until the marriage.  I smiled and nodded as if I understood.  I could see the guilt look in his face but knew he would feel different after a few good blow jobs from me. He quickly turned on the bright overhead lights again and opened the door as if nothing had happened between us.

Coach Swan had finished his shower, dressed and was sitting in the office when we came back into the main room.

“I see you two seem to be hitting it off.  Corey if you could come in just about 30 minutes before the game, we will get things in order, and after one night, you will get the hang of it.  I know this locker room isn’t anything new to you, and I know everything will run smoothly.  I’ll see you and Bill tomorrow night.  Bill, would you mind dropping Corey off at his place? It is right on your way.  Thanks men. See ya tomorrow.” Then we left the building and went to Bill’s car for a ride home.

On the way to my home, Bill and I talked about the team and a few other minor subjects but nothing about what happened tonight in the storage closet.  I thought I wouldn’t bring it up anymore although I thought he was a real sexy and hot man but I didn’t want to push myself on him and would wait until he wanted sex again.
Story by Dick Clinton

  Written 01/26/2004
Word Count 2271


  1. Corey seems to be the luckiest young man in the world! I men. doing it with his dad, two brothers and their 2 buds to watch out for him is the perfect way ro grow up. Mix in a teacher and a coach allows fun inside the school walls!
    I should be so lucky!

  2. Sounds like a great fantasy world doesn't it. Too bad this is not always the case. Thanks for you comment. I still have several more chapters of 'Adventures of Corey" Keep reading and enjoying.


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