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Adventures of Corey, Part 07

Adventures of Corey 

Part 07, The Visiting Team. 

I started on my new job in the locker room at our school. It was not that difficult and the fringe benefits watching all the hot nude dudes undressing and showering made it worth it. I even made a few new contacts but was always cautious doing anything that would upset the Coach. What I did in private never hurt anyone.

I had become close with Coach Swan and Asst. Coach Bill Atwood. On a few occasions Bill and I would have an excuse to re-stock the storage room and would have sex in the closet. We both enjoyed the cock sucking sessions but Bill never got around to fucking me. I didn’t mind because I looked forward to sucking his perfect cock.

I hadn’t become intimate with Coach Swan because the opportunity never came up. He was either too busy with the other boys or worked late doing paper work. I knew we would eventually connect.

That night, there was a big game between our basketball team, the Indians, and the Trojans, a team from the other side of town. They were always considered to be a bunch of rough and tough boys. It was a close game and one of our boys called one of them ‘trailer trash’ and soon there was some pushing and shoving and their center twisted his ankle. Every one calmed down, but we still won by 2 points. 

I was to take some fresh towels and an elastic stretch band over to the visiting team in the other locker room as a peace offering. When I entered their locker room, I was stared at like I was the enemy and some uncomfortable comments were made.

I gave the coach the fresh towels, and offered the bandages for the guy that twisted his ankle. He said the boy was in the back of the locker room, pointed in his direction, and continued talking to the other boys. I wandered to the back locker section to find a young man sitting on one of the benches trying to rub his foot and ankle with some liniment.

I explained who I was and that I had some stretch bandages for him and offered to help him. At first he glanced up at me and then nodded and placed his leg upon the nearby bench. I straddled the bench, placed a towel under the heel of his foot and gently took his bare foot and began to massage his foot and ankle with care. I had done this several times before when my brothers had hurt themselves so I knew what to do. 

The young man looked up at me and nodded as I sat down next to him. I instructed him to put his leg up on the bench while I started to massage his ankle and foot. I knew his name was Mike and told him I was Corey, the attendant from the other team and I was here to help and would do a wrap for him. 

Mike, the center on their team, was a tall good-looking guy with dark hair and eyes and a subtle smile. He had just come from the showers and was still wrapped in his towel. When he lifted his leg I took a quick look at his long uncut cock and low hanging balls now resting on the bench.  

Mike relaxed as I manipulated his sore ankle. He quietly moaned. This caused one of his teammates to look around the locker to see what was going on. I could see Mike was starting to get aroused and his cock was growing. I felt a twinge in my groin and soon I found myself also becoming aroused. Then the other teammate spoke to us. 

“Hey Mike. I thought maybe you were getting some head, the way you were moaning. You know who this dude is, don’t you? He is the towel boy and assistant for the Indians. I heard he gives great ‘head’ and is a good piece of ass as well. What do you say boy? Won’t you give us some of your boy pussy?” he said bluntly as I tried to ignore his verbal comments.
“Come on, you guys. Get the fuck away from here. He’s just bandaging my ankle. Tom, you are such an asshole.” Mike said in my defense. 

This didn’t seem to discourage Tom. He was standing nearby, with nothing on but a towel loosely hanging from his waist. He reached under his towel, grabbed his dick, and started to jack on it. He suddenly moved behind me and started humping my backside.

I was shocked by his crude move, lost my balance, and fell towards Mike. I fell on with my face  a few inches from his dick. Tom grabbed my gym shorts and quickly pulled them down, exposing my bare ass. He quickly wet his finger and was rubbing my bare exposed asshole.

“See Mike? The cocksucker is ready to suck your dick.” Tom said as he pushed my face right into Mike’s crotch. 

Mike seemed surprised at his teammate’s aggressive moves, yet he enjoyed the closeness of  Corey’s so near to his cock. He grabbed the back of Corey’s head and held it close to his naked body. Mike felt the warmth of his breath and it excited him. He could feel a stir in his groin then he realized Corey was not pushing himself away from him, but braced one hand on the bench as the other tugged at his balls. Then Corey guided his mouth to Mike’s semi-hard dick.  

I was caught up in the molestation and found I was excited by the idea of an unexpected rape by these young athletic strangers. I had fantasized about a gang rape and now my dreams was about to come true.  

I looked around at my attackers and realized that several of the other boys had suddenly gathered to watch me get fucked. I concentrated on Mike’s cock, touching my tongue on his manhood. I could taste the salty oozing jizz developing at Mike’s large uncut cock. It had grown fast at the excitement of my body being used by his teammates.  

Soon I was licking around Mike’s large tulip shaped cock head and savoring the flavor of his loose foreskin covering his 8-inch cock. Tom had started to run his moist hard dick up and down my ass crack until he found the opening of my anus. He directed his dick at my hole and entered my tight pink anus, and slowly moved into the deep warmth of my body. Tom let out a sigh of enthusiasm and then held onto my firm young buttocks and moaned out in pleasure as he went in. 

“Oh fucking yeah! I am in this punk’s tight boy pussy, and it is hot!” Tom snared out. 

A light sound of nervous laughter was heard from a boy standing nearby. Then a few of the boys began to move closer for a better look. They gave out encouragement and instruction to Tom as he used my tight ass.

“Fuck the punk. He seems to like it.” Said one.

“Man, I can use some of that ass.”

“Save a little puss for me, dude.”

“Shit, this is fucking hot. I want to pop my nut when you finish, Tom.“
And the conversation continued on. 

One of the boys stood at the end of the locker row, watching out for their coach, to make sure they weren’t interrupted. The guys were ready for action. 

Soon Tom, the first boy grabbed tightly onto my buttocks and shoved his cock deep into my bowels and squirted several big loads into my ass. He muffled his groans for fear of being noticed. He leaned over my backside and paused to rest. He straightens up and slowly pulled his dick out of my wet boy pussy. He shot so much in me I could feel the cum oozing from the opening of my ass. I squeezed and milked out the last of his cum. It was a damn good sensation.  

Now that I was had been lubed by Tom’s big load of cum, I could take on a few more enthusiastic horny athletes. It wasn’t long before another boy put his cock head to my ass hole, and shoved it in. I jumped at the fast entry but adjusted quickly. The boy's cock was not as big as Tom. It slid in easier, now that I was filled with Tom’s love juices. I moved back into the boy giving us both more pleasure as we fucked. 

I continued to suck on the Mike’s big beautiful cock, as first one boy would use him to pleasure himself, have a good orgasm, then another would soon take his place. Once one good orgasm was emptied into me, the boy would pause only for a short time, pull his cock out, and another boy would take his place.

The fucking all felt good, but one boy had an exceptionally thick and long cock. My prostate being massage by the constant fucking and rubbing. I knew this one was going to get me off. When the boy’s big cock started to cum deep in the warmth of my ass, he pulled me next to his strong sweaty body, gasped, grabbed my dick, and pumped me until I could not hold back my orgasm. I shot my big and generous load right onto Mike’s chest. It ran down Mike’s chest and onto his stomach and into his pubic hairs. The sudden gush of jizz from my teenage penis caused a soft laughter from some of the boys still watching.

Mike was not turned off by the cum shower, but stood on the bench, grasped his hard cock and shoved it into my mouth, shooting his cum on my face and into my mouth. I immediately sucked in Mike’s gushing cock swallowing his gusher of hot cum. Some of his uncontrollable orgasm shot past my face and into the other boys face as well.  

So much cum had gushed from Mike’s big cock, that I could not swallow fast enough. Cum dripped from the corners of my mouth and onto my body.
Mike continued to enjoy his orgasm in the sweet mouth of the young teenager they had just used for their pleasure. It was a first for most of the team. Corey was a hot little masculine stud and Mike hoped he would be able to talk him into another session. Perhaps next time it could be a private one. This boy was good.

Everyone that dared had gotten his nut one-way or the other. Several of the boys had gotten so hot watching their teammates use Corey that they shot their load onto Corey’s back as he leaned over sucking on Mike.

 Now I was wet with several loads of boy cum on my body, on my face and up my ass. I had taken on several of the team players, but had lost track of how many pleasured themselves in my welcome asshole. I felt used, but not abused. I was thrilled knowing I had pleasured so many at one time. These boys needed to release their hostility and I was willing to help. 

I smiled as I looked up at Mike who was now about to fall from the bench. He balanced on my shoulder, then stepped to the floor and sat down again. The boy with the big dick nuzzled my ears and kissed the back of my neck as he withdrew his cock. He gave me a love tap on my ass and then said to me. 

“I want to see you again soon. I am Jerry, the team Captain. What are you doing next weekend? We’re going on an ‘overnight trip’ and could use a mascot on our bus. A few of the guys like to get a blow job before the game. The coach always sits in the front of the bus and we have a private spot in the back of the bus where we store our sports equipment. You can use it to suck off a few of the guys or take it up the ass. 

We’ll be staying at a motel after the game and need to release some tension like we did tonight. None of our ‘bitches’ will be going, so you would be our pussy boy for the night. What do you say? Do you think you can manage? Mike will give you all the particulars on the time and location. We’ll be driving by the school and will pick you up that afternoon and bring you back the next evening. Okay? “ Jerry said as he looked down at me sitting next to Mike on the bench.  

“I’ll take care of it, Jerry.” Mike said. “I think he’ll be willing to go. This little fucker is hot and willing. I can see it in his eyes. I think we have a good mascot.”  

Jerry nodded, threw his towel over his shoulder, and strutted his well-developed, well-endowed body towards the showers. I had seen him play earlier and he was a good-looking stud that anybody would be happy to have sex with. I never dreamed that this dude would fuck another dude but I was flattered that he wanted me to service them again next weekend on the bus and at the motel. I was already starting to get hard thinking about the prospects of sex with these guys again. Perhaps next time, I would be in the position to see who was giving me his sperm.

Mike took his towel and started to dry my body from all the sweat and boy cum. I normally would let it stay on me, but I had to get back to my own team. I wondered if Coach Swan had even missed me.

Mike looked lovingly at me as he gently dried my body. I searched for my gym shorts that had been taken from me just before the gang rape. Mike’s cock had not gotten completely soft but was now beginning to rise again. I leaned over to pick up my t-shirt as his bare hand slid down my ass crack. I like Mike and hoped that we could have fucked earlier but he came when his captain Jerry was fucking me.

“Corey. If you have some more time, I would like to fuck you before you leave.” He said. 

I moved to stand, but he wanted me to lie on the bench facing him while he fucked me. He wanted to look me in the eyes as we made love. I readily agreed and positioned myself on the bench, where he had placed a towel for me to rest my backside. Soon he was between my legs, lifted them to his shoulders, and was now guiding his cock into my well used, cum filled asshole. I preferred he had let me unload my love canal, but I think it was exciting for him to fuck my hole where all of his buddies had deposited their sperm. He wanted me to be a part of the team as he mingled his sperm with theirs in my body.

I soon felt his cock sliding into my anus until his warm low hanging balls were resting against mine. He paused, looked down into my face, and started to fuck me with deep and slow grinding moves. He would pull it almost all the way out, pause, then shove it in with a hard deep thrust. It was a good feeling. I was aware of a trickle of the cum oozing out of my asshole, over the bench and forming a small puddle on the floor.

Soon Mike was pounding me with deep and hard passionate thrusts. He leaned over kissing me first on my forehead, my cheeks, then to my mouth. His moist kisses were harder and more passionate, and I knew he soon would be filling me with another load of love juice.  

He was a strong young man. He reached under my armpits, lifted me from the bench, and stood while his cock was still impaled in my ass. My legs locked tightly around his waist and my arms held firmly around his neck. Our lips sucked against each others as our tongues searched out the intimate depth of our souls. 

He shoved my clinging body against the nearby lockers, causing a loud hollow bang. Then he proceeded to pump harder and harder into my asshole until he groaned out a healthy sound of pleasure. My balls were about to release another gusher of sperm once again. He was so passionate and barbaric that I became oblivious to anything or anyone around us.

My head seemed to reel while we both arrived at our orgasmic pleasure simultaneously. I released another sensuous load between our hot and sweaty bodies. It was utterly awesome as his cock continued to pulsate load after load of his liquid love juices up my ass, and into my body. I was fulfilled.

Two of the other teammates were drawn to our lovemaking sounds and had masturbated once again on the bench near us. Our kisses subsided and I carefully unlocked my legs from his body and placed my feet in the wet cum puddle on the floor. We breathed in a more rhythmic matter, until we were just leaning against each other, trying to get our composure.
I had the feeling I was still being watched and carefully opened my eyes to see coach Swan, leaning against the locker, chewing gum in his usual way. I was in shock at his presence, and slowly looked towards Mike as we were still embraced in each others arms. I waited for a response from the coach. After what seemed to be an eternity, he said.

“Corey. I see you did a good job of wrapping Mike’s ankle and I see by his reactions that he is grateful as well. As soon as you finish up here, you should head back to our locker room. Most of the guys have gone home, and you need to pick up the remaining towels they left behind. When you are ready, I think we need to talk.” Coach Swan said. Then he added. 

“Hey Mike, Your team played a good game tonight. I was going to tell you I was sorry you hurt your leg, but it seems you are feeling better now. You’re standing on it pretty well. You are welcome to come over and use our hot tubs anytime if you should feel the need. Corey will be able to give you some good physical therapy.” Then coach smiled and winked at Mike and left us standing there by ourselves.
“Oh my god,” I thought to myself. I wondered how long the coach had been standing there. He didn’t seem to be upset or shocked. I looked back at Mike as we started to pull our damp bodies away from each other. Then we both snickered and laughed lightly as I got dressed and Mike sat on the bench. He looked like he wanted to say something but was at a loss for words. I bent over, kissed him on the forehead then I gave him my phone number and address so he could call me to make arrangements for me to be their mascot next weekend. He stood and gave me a nice big kiss on the lips and told me he would call and hoped that I was not in trouble with the coach.

I walked back through the locker room where most of the guys had dressed and were waiting for Mike to join them. Their coach had gone out to the bus with some of the guys to help load the equipment. I held my head high and walked quickly, glancing around to take a look at some of the hot athletic basketball boys that had just fucked the daylights out of my welcome ass. I first heard a small whisper that quickly turned into a cheer and the clapping of hands. I hurried out the door with a smile on my face and an ass full of warm boy cum. I was pleased I could be of service.
I gave them a high sign and waved.
End of part 07,
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