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Adventures of Corey, Part 01

Adventures of Corey
WARNING! The following story is a work of fiction and any resemblance in it to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. It contains descriptions of man-to-man love and sexual contact.  If, for any reason, you are not permitted to read erotic material, not a legal adult in your state or country, or if you find masculine love disagreeable, please stop now.  Otherwise please enjoy the fantasies of natural erotic love between human males.
Author, Dick Clinton
Part 01, Brotherly Love
I grew up at home with my two older stepbrothers and my step-dad, Victor. I never knew my mother; she had passed away when I was very young. My step dad and his two sons, my stepbrothers, Carl and Roy, brought me up. Carl was 4 years older than Roy and I was 2 years older than I. My step dad was only 16 when Carl was born so he was only 16 years older than Carl, 18 years older than Roy, and 20 years older than I. He was more of an older brother to all of us 3 boys and over the years we had become a very close family.
Victor, my step dad was from German Stock and had Blond hair, blue eyes and a nicely developed muscular body. He started working at a Vegetable Distribution Company as a young boy and had worked his way up to dock manager, and now the men called him Mr. Victor Andrew Thompson. He was 32 at the time of this story.
I would go to the docks to see Victor every chance I could. My school wasn’t too far from there, so I often would stop off on the way home. I would set on some of the crates, and do my homework while waiting for my step dad to finish his shift and take me home. I enjoyed watching all the men at the warehouse, and the truckers who would arrive to pick up more vegetables to take to the stores. On occasion Victor would drive one of the delivery trucks to the other warehouses, and I would tag along. I got to know most of the other men at some of those other warehouses as well.
As I grew up I began to realize I enjoyed watching all the men working and was fascinated at the sweat dripped down their abs and muscular backs. I liked the sweaty musky smell of the men, and enjoyed watching their tight buttocks, and large bulges in their tight sweaty pants. I knew I had a physical attraction to men, and noticed some of the men were attracted to me. From frequently helping to lift some of the boxes, I began to develop a solid muscular body. I was very firm for a boy of 12, and was often told I was not too bad to look at either. I had my step dad's blond hair and blue eyes so everyone thought I was his biological son.
I developed very fast. Since I was the youngest of the 3 boys, I would get the ‘hand me down’ jeans and shirts to wear. I didn’t mind that but I was literally growing too fast for my britches. I found that if I did not ware any, underclothes I had more room to move about. The pressure of my form-fitting clothes caused me to have a partial hard on most of the time. I had a large dick which I wishfully also attributed to my step dad.
My step dad, my stepbrothers and I walked around the house nude and slept nude. Victor said it was healthier to sleep that way. So, it was nothing to see my step dad and 2 older bothers naked. My stepbrothers were well hung, like my step dad, and were proud to flaunt their big hard dicks around me. They teased me when I was younger, but as I got older, sprouted my first pubic hair, and my dick got bigger, the teasing stopped. My step dad's uncircumcised dick with the dark blond hair surrounding it especially turned me on. Since my step dad was uncircumcised, he felt his boys should remain uncut too. I was glad for that, because I enjoyed the lacy foreskin that covered our dicks. I especially enjoyed the times I could catch a glimpse of step dad when he was semi-hard, and see clear juices dripping from his dick head. I loved my step dad and I was proud of him.
I remember the first time I walked in on my oldest brother, Carl when he was masturbating. He only paused for a minute, then called me over to his bedside, and instructed me to watch. I didn’t know what he was doing at first, but I knew there was a good reason for it, because he seemed to be enjoying it so much. He asks me to put my hands around his balls as he kept jacking his cock up and down. Then his body stiffened and a big gush of clear white stuff shot out of his dick. I was shocked at first but sensed by his reaction that it was a good feeling. He continued shooting liquid from his dick, squirt after squirt. He then relaxed and asked me if I wanted to taste the juices. I didn’t hesitate but quickly put my hand over the head of his dick, wiped some of the juice on my hand, and then put it to my mouth. Its taste was sweet, yet salty, and I liked it. I wiped up some of the puddle of liquids from his stomach, and put it to my mouth too. Carl laughed and said I was a good brother, and he would show me how to do it sometime.

The next day I asked Carl if I could watch him shoot his white stuff again. He smiled, and said yes, but this time Roy would join us. We all went into the bedroom and they stood by the bed. They told me to sit on the floor so I could see better when the juices came out. I was told to take off my clothes while they took off theirs. My stepbrothers started to manipulate their dicks until they became harder than I had ever seen them before. I put one hand to Carl’s balls, then the other to Roy’s balls. I felt my own dick getting hard as I watched with fascination as my stepbrothers kept jacking on their dicks until they both started to breathe heavier and moan. All of a sudden, Roy started to shoot his juices on my chest, and then Carl started to shoot his juices also. I thought at first they were pissing, because so much came out, but no, it was all the juices from their dicks. Some of it hit my chest and some hit my face. I opened my mouth so I could catch some and taste it as before. Carl aimed his dick to my mouth, and placed the head of his dick to my lips as he shot into my mouth. I drank it down as fast as he could shoot it. I really liked the taste of my brother’s juices. I put my hand up to pull his dick to my lips and found that if I squeezed it I could get more juices. I stuck my tongue inside his lacy foreskin and lick it all out. Then Roy also put his dick on my lips for me to taste his juices, and I did the same with his dick. It was great.
After they stopped shooting the liquids, Carl patted my head and said I did very well, and later they would teach me how to do it, so I wouldn’t lose any of the juices. Meanwhile, I was wiping the juices from my body, and putting every drop I could find in my mouth. Both Carl and Roy laughed as they sat on the bed to relax. Carl made a comment to Roy that I was already a ‘cum freak’. I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but later realized that it wasn’t a bad thing.

We continued this ritual almost every day but always when step dad was at work. I became very good at taking their juices and started to put my mouth over the entire dick so I would not lose any of the liquids. Carl and Roy seemed very happy with me as their dick drainer, and continued to teach me different ways to get their juices. They also taught me that the love juices were also called cum, jazz, spunk or sperm and that I was their official cocksucker. Finally one day they told me to do all the work, and jack them off inside my mouth. I had wanted to do that but now they wanted it too. I started out slowly but began to get the hang of it right away and could get cum out of the dicks without them even jacking it. I would just go up and down on them with their dicks in my mouth and make them cum that way. I liked that way best. I was proud to be their cocksucker.
This continued on for several months and one day when I was sucking cum out of Carl’s dick, I felt a wonderful sensation as my own dick starting to shoot my juices as I sucked on him. It was a great feeling. Now I realized why Carl and Roy liked to cum so much. My cum shot right out of my dick, and onto Carl’s feet. He looked down as he felt my warm cum shooting on his bare foot and he yelled out.
Right on! Look my little brother is a man now. He can cum.” Then he rubbed my head and shot his cum in my mouth a second time.
I now felt proud. I was a man, and could cum right along with my older stepbrothers now. I would suck on them and jack on my dick at the same time. It was so much fun that I wanted to suck them off all the time. They never complained about my cock sucking and we would sometimes do it 2 or 3 times a day. I would start out each day by sucking them off before we went to school, while Victor was downstairs getting us breakfast. Then the first thing in the afternoon when they arrived home from school, and almost always every night before we all went to sleep. On Saturdays we would get together when step dad would go to the docks to do his paper work. Sundays we would head down to the basement recreation room where step dad very seldom ventured, and I would suck them off and jack off. This was always a good day because they would take turns cumming in my mouth until they could not cum anymore. I loved being my brothers’ cocksucker and cum drainer. I never got tired of pleasing them and I loved the taste of their cum.
My stepbrothers were very nice to me, now that the 3 of us had so much fun together. Step dad made a comment one day how proud he was of his 3 young men. We always seem to be so close and never heard us fighting or arguing like boys in other families. He didn’t know how close we had become, but none of us was going to reveal our secret or share it with step dad, yet.

One day after school I stopped by the dock to ride home with my step dad He had gone to make a delivery and would be back later and I was to wait. I was sitting on one of the boxes watching one of my favorite men. His name was Lynn. I think he was about 25 years old. He had a great tanned body. I was fascinated watching the sweat roll down from his armpits and down his hard body. Most of the men had either gone home for the day or were in the locker room getting ready to leave. Lynn took a breather and walked up close to me. His body had a musky sweaty scent. I took a deep whiff of him then I looked into his face and bravely said.
You sure have a nice body. I like the way the sweat drips from you and your musky smell. Would you mind if I touched your body and tasted you?”
Lynn smiled real big and said. “Are you joshing me? You want to taste my body sweat?”
Yes. I like your body and wondered what your sweat tasted like.” I said as I moved off the box and ran my finger on a small trickle of sweat rolling down his side.
Sure, Corey. You can do it if you want.” As he glanced around the warehouse to see if anyone else was watching.

I bent over to run my tongue up the side of his hard muscular body. My tongue quickly tasted his salty sweat as he flinched. Then he saw I was serious and pulled my face into his body. I continued to lick up his body and right into his armpit. Lynn trembled, and then lifted his arm to expose the hairy crevice of his under arm. I took a deep whiff and sighed. It was like the musk of my brother’s balls. I went in again and licked the hair as Lynn sighed again and said.
Fuck, Corey, you're gonna’ make me hard doing’ that. I just might let you lick my balls, if that turns you on too.” Lynn said as I reached down to unbutton his jeans.
I would like that very much, Lynn. I always wonder what your balls and dick tasted like.” I said as Lynn moved behind some nearby boxes.
He unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled them down to his knees. His dick popped out like a spring. I continued licking and smelling his armpit while one hand wondered down his wet body to his splendid dick. I progressed down his body and dropped to my knees before him. I took his dick in my hand, and reached for his musky, sweaty, balls licking each one carefully. His dick was much larger than my stepbrothers, but he was a man and, they were still only teenagers. He spread his legs further apart, as I stuck my tongue close to his testicles. My finger slid around to his moist anus then back up to his penis. His balls and asshole were still wet from a good days work. His dick had the wonderful scent of dried male sperm that I recognized from sucking my brother’s dicks. I placed my tongue around the head of his dick and licked the scent of man cum from him. He moaned with excitement and pushed my head all the way down on him, and started to shoot his cum in my eager mouth. He came very fast, and very hard, gasping and sighing with every gush of cum. I was surprised at his sudden moves and gagged on his large dick. I could feel his strong flavored cum shoot right down my throat. I swallowed quickly, enjoying his manly seed. Then he released my head to allow me get another short breath of air. I took another deep breath, and then went back down on him, as he continued to gush more cum into my mouth. I thought my stepbrothers came a lot, but this man had almost more than I could handle. I managed to get control of myself and savored the last few drops of Lynn’s sperm before he could pull away.
After he had emptied his dick in my young mouth, Lynn quickly pulled up his jeans and lifted me off the floor. He looked like he had the feelings of distress and disbelief and that maybe I had done something wrong. He looked directly at me and said.
Corey, how long have you been sucking dick? I will tell you, that was a surprise to me but I sure enjoyed it. You must not tell your step dad, otherwise I might be fired. Do you understand?” Lynn said nervously as he looked around once again to see if anyone had spied us.
Sure, Lynn, I won’t say anything to step dad but I don’t understand why. I have been sucking my 2 stepbrothers off for months now and they seem to love it. Didn’t you like to have your dick drained? I must tell you, I had never licked a man’s sweat from his body, but I have always liked you, and wanted to taste your body. “I said to Lynn as he stepped back and looked surprised as I talked.
You have been sucking your stepbrothers off? Carl and Roy? Your older stepbrothers? Fuck. That is hot! They are two hot looking hunks. Sure, I liked the way you sucked my dick, but we must not do it again, especially here. Wow! Corey, I have been observing you for quite some time. You are developing into a real hunk, like your step dad Now, let’s pretend this never happened. Besides, your step dad just pulled up to the dock. I got to go now. You take care.” Lynn said as he headed to the locker room nearby with the other men.
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Tutoring Jocks

Tutoring Jocks

Story by Dick Clinton

I remained on campus during Spring Break along with a few other students. My roommate Jason, had gone home to Boston for a couple of weeks, leaving me with some quiet time. I'd planned to catch up on an essay I was preparing for one of my classes.

I went down to the kitchen to get some ice before I settled down to study. As I went through the living area, I spotted Kevin King, talking to one of the other guys in my Fraternity. He looked up at me, nodded then winked. I retrieved a bucket of ice from the kitchen and hastily went back up the stairs to my room trying to avoid him. Kevin excited me sexually, but I didn’t want to let him know.

He was one of the star football players here at the college. He had a body that even straight men would take a second glance at. He was an extremely hot guy, and he knew it. I’d always had the ‘hots’ for him, but knowing my roommate didn’t trust him, I stayed my distance. I went back to my room to continue my studies when a light knock was heard at my door. When I opened it, there stood Kevin.

I almost let out a gasp at his presents. Kevin was a veritable hunk, but I understood he could also be a real asshole and bully at times. He and my companion and room mate, Jason didn’t always get along. Jason was refined and cultured and Kevin was more ‘trailer trash redneck’. Kevin was as good looking as Jason in just the opposite ways. Jason had dark hair and fantastic dark brown eyes, and Kevin had blond curly hair and sparkling blue eyes. They were both about the same height and weight.

I’d seen Kevin in the football dressing room after a game wearing nothing but a bulging jockstrap. I was immensely affected by his compact muscular body and rippling abs. He was no doubt secure about his body.

Hey dude. Is Jason around?” Kevin said as he looked around our room.

No. He has gone to Boston for Spring Break. You can come back in a few weeks if you need to talk with him.” I said trying to avoid eye contact with him. The quickest way another guy knows you have a thing for him is eye contact.

I had fantasized about having sex with Kevin, but thought I’d never have a chance with this ‘stud muffin’. He was a ‘pussy hound’ and was fucking all the girls on and off campus. He had a reputation of rough and demanding sex, and never fucked the same chick more than a couple times. Jason warned me to be cautious of this guy. 

Cool. I really wanted to talk to you anyway. Can I come in?” Kevin said as he pushed his way into the room. “I need some tutoring in one of my classes and heard you were the man to see.”

Fuck dude, this is a real nice apartment. I bet you could have some hot parties here. I know Jason is a real pussy magnet, and you’re pretty cool too. So do you get laid much these days?” Kevin continued.

I often do tutoring but I can’t take on any more until next semester. What do you need tutoring in anyway?” I said trying to avoid his last question. 

Sex Education” Kevin said with a straight face. Then he softly laughed. “I know how to fuck and eat pussy, but never had a blow job from a cock sucking fag. I’ve heard you’re a good cock sucker, so thought I'd check you out.”

Get the fuck out of here, Kevin. I've heard you were an asshole, and I have to agree with them. Get out!” I said as I started to open the door,

Kevin stepped in front of the door and grinned. I didn’t have a chance at throwing this guy out of my room. Not only did he have about 50 pounds on me, but he was such a desirable hunk. I knew I would just melt if he even touched me. He made me uneasy with his presence. 

Aw, come on dude. Sorry. I didn’t mean to insult you. I just thought we might experience some extra fun while your ‘guardian’ was out of town.” Kevin continued. “You’re well built, and a good looking for a 'gay dude' and even straight guys likes to get an extra 'blow job' now and then. I’ve heard that gay dudes give the best head because they know how another guy likes to have it done. Come on Ray. I’ve never had head from a guy before. I'd sure like to have you swinging on my dong. So what do you say, Ray? I won’t let on to your friend. I promise. Be my 'teach'. Please.”

Kevin was leaning against the door dressed in a white stretch body shirt, emphasizing every rippling muscle of his stomach, his awesome pectoral muscles, and his protruding nipples. His tight tailored jeans gripped every curve of his sculptured body and trim waist. An excellent bulge was pressed against the front of his jeans and was on the rise as he talked about the prospect of a blow job. The top buttons of his jeans were unbuttoned and exposed a soft fuzzy cluster of hair to further entice his admirers. He was a sex magnet, and he flaunted it very well.

Please?” Kevin said one more time. “I know you want it. Don’t think I haven’t noticed those quick glances at my crotch. Huh? You wouldn’t leave a guy hard and horny like this, would you?” Kevin said as he grabbed his crotch area. “I’ve got a nice bundle hanging between my legs and some low hanging balls just loaded with man juices that need to be released. Please?”

Aw fuck! Come on in.” I said, then smiled and laughed at Kevin. “You’re like a little puppy in heat. Lock the door and take your shoes off. Would you like a soda or something?”

No dude! All I need are your lips around my prick. Shit man, I’m so fucking hot today. All my ‘fuck chicks’ have gone for the week and my dick is throbbing for some loving.” Kevin said as he continued to strip off his clothes and jump on one of the beds. He stretched out with one arm behind his head, grabbed his hard cock, and lifted his balls with the other.

Look at that beauty. Did you ever suck on a cock this big? I’ve been told it's eleven inches long and six inches around. I can’t find a good cock sucking chick that can get me off. Come on dude. I need some head in the worst way. Jump on this baby and make me cum.” Kevin said, starting to get more demanding.

If I’m going to be the teacher, then you’ll have to let me do the teaching. Lay back, relax and let me do it my way.” I told Kevin.

I opened the bedside table drawer and obtained a bottle of body oil. Then I poured some of it onto Kevin’s body, and began rubbing the oil on his well-developed chest. This was just an excuse for me to explore Kevin’s firm torso, upper body and his hard nipples. Kevin relaxed, closed his eyes, and seemed to enjoy my sensitive massage.

I placed my mouth over one of Kevin’s nipples while I fingered, caressed and tweaked the other one. It seemed to stimulate him because I noticed his dick throb and flex. He was anticipating my warm cock sucking mouth deducing his cock and having it.

He gripped his cock starting to masturbate, but before he could manipulate it, I moved my hand down his taunt abs, gripped his cock and held it tightly. It was an amazing cock indeed. My hand could barely reach around it, but I managed to get in between Kevin’s legs and begin kissing, licking, and nuzzling his low hanging balls, inhaling his musky, manly scents. His large scrotum hung snugly between his legs. I kissed Kevin’s cock shaft and started licking my way up his big hard throbbing cock, and licked the clear oozing pre-cum from the head of his dick. His liquids were sweet and tasty.

Kevin sighed as I placed my mouth completely over his cock and ran my tongue around the sensitive tulip shaped cock head and into the opening of his piss slit. One hand was guiding Kevin’s prick into my mouth as the other hand was exploring the moist area of his virgin ass hole. Kevin parted his strong athletic legs giving me trusting admission to this receptive private place.

I pleasured Kevin’s manhood until he was about ready to blow, then I would ease off, and then begin again, building Kevin up to another sexual frenzy. I was surprised I could swallow down more than half of his cock during each downward movement.

I continued sucking Kevin for about ten minutes and had eased two-fingers into Kevin’s asshole, and was working on a third. This brought Kevin to a ‘point of no return’. He started to whimper and writhe about on the bed like a wild man. He gave a howling eagerness and started to tremble with uncontrollable passionate enthusiasm. He arched his body upward and huffed for air while he blasted squirt after squirt of man liquid into my welcome oral cavity. I swallowed quickly after each gusher. His zeal and passion was almost too much for me to keep his spurting dick in my mouth as his body squirmed all over the bed in ecstasy. 

Oh hot damn!” Kevin shouted out as he released a well-needed orgasm. “Damn you’re a fucking, first-class cocksucker! Ah yes! Yes! Yes! Drain my cock. Oh man, man, man!” Kevin said as he continued to enjoy several more releases of cum into me.

Following a frantic discharge of sexual exhilaration, Kevin settled down to a stress-free disposition. I slowly pulled my three fingers from Kevin’s humid asshole, and then continued to savor the large amount of sperm released from Kevin’s big penis.

Kevin’s cock was sensitive but he utilized me licking all the cum from his cock shaft and his balls. Kevin admitted I was a first-rate cock worshiper and cum slave and he could depend on me to satisfy his sexual needs when he needed release.

I took some sanitary wipes, washed and dried Kevin’s dick and balls while he relaxed. He was so captivating lying there with his eyes closed, and his big semi-hard cock resting on his soft ball sack just ready and waiting for more attention. This dude was so much more desirable naked than with his clothes on. What a well-developed guy! Almost perfect in every way. I’ll let him rest for now then later launch him on his next lesson of ‘Sex Education.’ I knew I wasn’t through with him yet.

I went to the bathroom to get myself ready for Kevin’s next lesson. I had always fantasized that this football hunk would fuck me someday, and now I had the chance to show Kevin how enjoyable it could be to plant a load of fresh sperm into a nice tight male ass, instead of some silty female snatch.

Almost thirty minutes had gone by since Kevin had fallen asleep. I had cleansed my body and lubed the entrance to my anus. I stood over Kevin for a brief moment to admire his magnificent and flawless body. Kevin stirred as I placed my mouth over the cock head to savor the remaining ooze of fluids seeping from his piss slit. He slowly became rigid as I kissed and caress his flexible penis and engulfed his member down to his pubic hairs before he enlarged to his full eleven inch shaft. 

Hey dude. How long have I been asleep? I’m rested and feel horny again. How about another round of cock sucking? That blow job was awesome dude, just awesome! Ah yeah. That's nice the way you do that. Go all the way down on it again. Un huh. Just like that.” Kevin said as he lay back on the bed to enjoying the attention I was giving his cock.

I think I have a better idea. Since I’m teaching you ‘Sex Education’, I thought we might do something else. How about we try some deep ass fucking? Don’t panic. I have douched and lubed my ass and I desire for you to fuck me. You have an exquisite big cock: not only long but thick, and I know I can take it if we take our time. Would you like to give it a try?” I said softly to Kevin.

Shit yes!” Kevin said as he set up in bed on his knees. “Let’s go to it dude. You have such a hot body and firm round bubble butt, I’m ready to fuck. Hell yeah! Let’s do it. I've never fucked a butt before.”

Whoa. Slow down big boy. We’ve got to do this right otherwise your big thick cock could split me open. I want it as much as you do, but take your time so we can both enjoy it, stud.” I had to laugh at Kevin’s enthusiasm. It sure didn’t take much to convince Kevin to fuck me.

I laid on my back and told Kevin to move between my legs like he was going to fuck one of his chicks, and then he should lift my legs and place them on each of his shoulders. Then I instructed him to scoot under my body, guide his dick to my ass hole, and slowly move the head of his cock into my lubricated male pussy, move closer, and then guide his dick into my tight anus, move closer again and then it should slither right in.

Everything was moving perfectly except Kevin’s big cock did hurt me a little when it started going in. Kevin sensed I was in pain. He stopped and waited for me to get comfortable then he moved in again. Kevin paused once more and then gave another push into my sphincter and promptly was nestled all the way into my fuck track with his balls resting against my buttocks..

Oh my god! Oh my god! Fuck dude. I’m all the way in, and it feels fantastic.” Kevin said excitedly then laughed. “I didn’t know an asshole could feel so great. Shit, I just may give up pussy and fuck some of my buddy’s ass. Whoopee dude. Let’s fuck. Let’s fuck.” Kevin said as he grabbed my ankles and started to fuck. He threw his head back and once again howled like a wolf calling for his mate. “AHHOOOO?.”

I was immersed in Kevin’s excitement and the great feeling of having this hunk using my body for his pleasure. It hurt at first when Kevin’s long thick dick stretched my hole and made its entry, but once he slid it all the way in, it was great and almost made me cum. I hadn’t been fucked by such a large one for quite some time and I welcomed being fucked again. “Man it felt good,” I thought to myself.

Kevin knew from experience how to move his body while fucking. He gripped my ankles and spread me like a wishbone. He was plunging his dick in me to the hilt. I could feel his big balls slapping against my buttocks. Kevin must have thought he might be hurting me, but after awhile he realized I wanted it rough and hard.

Hey dude you're a damn good fuck. If I fucked my ladies like this, they would already be crying for me to stop, but not you Ray. Fucking a solid muscular dude like you is so much better than I'd ever dreamed.”

Fuck me Kevin! Fuck me long and hard! Use me! Use me! Oh fuck, Kevin you're a damn good fucker. Fuck me, dude. Fuck me!” I grunted out. “Harder. Harder.”

Kevin was in absolute sexual ecstasy. He love to fuck, and have orgasm after orgasm, but never thought fucking another dude could be so great. He slammed his cock in and out of Ray’s gripping ass muscles with vigor. How could sex like this be considered wrong when it felt so damn good?

I wrapped my legs around Kevin and gripped him tighter, pulling him closer to my body. Kevin fell forward placing his hands on the bed. He looked down into my face. His passion gave in, and he leaned closer and kissed my sweaty forehead.

I reached up, pulled Kevin to my lips, and began kissing him. Then the heavy fucking really began. We kissed and fucked in every position we could, but after about thirty minutes of wild fucking, Kevin went wild and released a tremendous gushing load. He came so much that the love juices ran out of my well-used ass and soaked the sheets.

Plunge after plunge, Kevin buried his hard cock deep into the moist caverns of my body. Kevin had contacted my prostate so much that I came at least three times during the wild session. Finally we both collapsed in utter pleasure and exhaustion.

The scent of body, sweat, and male sperm filled the room. Only the sounds of heavy breathing from two sexually satisfied men could be heard. A slight move of the bodies, then I broke the silence.

Get the fuck off me! You’re crushing my nuts with your knee.”

Kevin laughed and lifted his hot sticky body off me.

You better get accustomed to bodies being on you because I’m insisting some of my buddies in the Athletic Department to sign up for 'Sex Education' with you over the next few weeks. Do you think you can handle them? We all need some advanced Sex Education and I have selected you to teach us.”

Damn!. Do they ever have a treat coming from you when you suck their cocks and give them some of that hot ass of yours.”

Yeah. I think I can handle it but why don’t you fuck me the rest of the night to get me in shape?”

We fucked the rest of the night and into the early hours of the next morning. I lost count of the times Kevin's cock spewed loads of cum in me. He told me he was thankful they didn’t have football practice the next day, because he was weak and exhausted from all the fucking. 

That afternoon after I had cleaned up and slept a few hours, a soft knock was heard at my door. When I opened it, there stood the 'center' from the college basketball team. His head almost touched the top of the door frame of my room. 

Hey. Are you Ray? I understand you will help me with ‘Sex Education’. I’m rather new at this but Kevin King told me you were the best.”

Sure. Come in and let’s get started. Take off your clothes and let me take a good look at you. Hmm….My god, what size shoes do you wear anyway? If that is any indication…..” I said without finishing my sentence and stared at his huge soft cock. 

That week was a busy one for me. Kevin wasn’t kidding when he said he would line up more guys for my ‘Sex Education’ classes. Several times, day and night, I took in more new students. I often insisted several of the guys should return for more instructions. Kevin was still my favorite student and would come over every night for more sessions. He was a good student. 
Part 02, A new set up.

I continued to teach my sex education classes, but Kevin insisted I should move to a better location. He had arranged for me to do my 'instructions' in the therapy room of the vacant west wing of the old Gym. He convinced one of the assistant football coaches that it was being used for special therapy and instructions for some of the athletic. Kevin seem to have that special Ora around him, and he could con or convince people to do almost anything what he wanted. I was a good example.

The old college Gym was just a short distance from my Fraternity, so I could be gone and back before anyone missed me. I didn’t have to worry about my roommate for another few weeks. He call me one evening and told me his Father had passed away and since he was the oldest boy in the family, he had to stay around and take care of personal problems, and help the present family attorney with the family business and estate. I discovered his family had been politically involved in state and government affairs for many years. This made things even more complicated and personal. He even suggested he might have to postpone his education at the university for a brief time. This was rather disappointing to me because I loved Jason, not only as a friend, but as a companion and lover. Jason assured me our personal friendship was not over yet, and ask that I be patient until he could work things out.

I was depressed about the situation, but knew I would have to wait and do like Jason said. I still had my 'harem' of athletes to teach and keep in training. The next day I explained to Kevin about Jason and our difficulties. Kevin showed a sincere passion for me. He held me in his arms and ensured me every thing would turn out for the best, then we fucked up a storm in the new location at the old gym. You'd be surprised how quickly some good loving will put your mind at ease. 

After that day Kevin started showing more personal attention to me. He even invited me to an Open House party at his sports Fraternity, Phi Kappa Sigma. I was flattered but uneasy about the party. I knew several of the football players that would be there, but I wondered how they might feel seeing me with Kevin. I also wondered what their coach might know about my Sex Education classes held several times a week with some of his key players. This could be a dilemma.

I continued my regular 'Sex Education' class with a few prime men for the next week. If I had to choose from the five football players that came over on a scheduled basis; Kevin being the exception, it would be difficult to chose who was the hottest and the best sexual partners. Gawd, I loved some of the guys. I must say our sex got better each time. So instead of me worrying about Jason in Boston, I should just 'teach' and enjoy. I felt flattered that most of the football men I had sex with, would return over and over again. Gee, I must be a good teacher, and doing something right. 

The day had come that I was to go to the Open House at the Phi Kappa Sigma. It was not a formal affair so I just put on my best looking clothes and my red Freshman jacket and hoped for the best. Kevin said I was to meet him at the Fraternity. When I arrived the street was loaded with cars and vans so there must be a lot of people. Now I felt uneasy again. I bravely handed the door guard host my invitation and was ushered in by Adam, one of the men in my class.

Hot damn. You look good enough to eat...again.” he said as he directed me to the bar and offered me a drink. “Really nice seeing you here. Kevin told us he had invited you. It's great you showed up. You may see a few more familiar bodies...urrrr faces around. Don't be timid. I'll see if I can locate Kevin and let him know you're here. I have to get back to my female partner for the evening.” then he looked around, leaned over and said softly in my ear. “I know of a nice quiet place we might go for a 'quickie' if you are in the mood later.” He took my hand and placed it on his hard bulging cock inside his pants. “See ya later, Teach” then he vanished into the crowd.

Oh my gawd. I'm still an attraction to some of these guys, even away from the class room. I had to laugh at my own reaction of surprise when Adam place my hand on his crotch. Adam was a real hotty. I'll have to give him some special attention next session. He has such a firm set of buttocks and I would enjoy giving him a good rim job sometime. Maybe next week. Hum.

I was in deep thought about rimming Adam when I felt a firm grip on my ass. Kevin breathed a soft. “Hello sexy.” in my ear. “You look very handsome tonight. First time I've seen you clothed.” he said as he laughed softly. “I see you've already run across Adam. He's a hot look dude, wouldn't you agree? He almost makes me jealous of your attention. If he's not careful, I'll get him alone in the locker room showers and fuck that hot butt of his. I think he might like it. What do you say?”

I've been thinking the same thing. Perhaps we could arrange an intriguing three way therapy session some time. What do you say?” I came back. We both smiled and agreed.

We chatted with other people in the room, drank, ate refreshments and had a good time. Kevin introduced me to the head football coach, Mr Fox and his charming wife. He was a hot looking man and I was thinking what it would be like to get him alone sometime.

I had to excuse myself to go to the men’s room down the hallway. I was almost there when Adam jumped our of a nearby door and pulled me into a large broom closet. I was aghast and tried to yell out, but he immediately placed his hand over my mouth. I relaxed when he spoke softy to me.

Hello, my friend. I told you I'd see you again tonight.” 

Before I could say anything he pressed his lips against mine and kissed me hard and deep. I instinctively kiss back. I had never been kissed by him before and it was very passionate. His hands immediately went down to my belt buckle to undo and pull down my dress pants.

Hold on, Adam. Hold on. Damn you anyway. Surprised the fuck out of me.” I gave him a punch on his chest. “Give me a minute to catch my breath.” he smiled and started kissing me again. “I take it you want to fuck?” I said as I undid my pants and pushed them down past my knees.

No shit man. I'm so horny tonight. I think someone gave me a 'rape drug' and I want to rape you. NOW!” 

Hold on man. You can't rape the willing. Hold on. Give me a chance to get my pants down. You want to fuck here in this storage closet?”

Fuck yeah, Dude. I want to feel your tight ass hole wrapped about my throbbing cock. Hurry it up, before we're missed. I need to get off.”

Fuck Adam. You know we shouldn't be doing this, especially at your Fraternity. What about the girl you're with?. Aren't you getting any pussy from her?”

Naw. She's just a fucking tease. She gets me hard then makes up some fucking excuse to do something else. You're a tease too, but I know in the end, you will let me fuck your sweet ass. I'm tired of her shit. You're better sex than any cunt anyway. You’re a mans man. Why do we put up with them anyway? All they’re good for is breeding babies. I'm not ready for that shit. Now shut up and let me breed you, without making the babies.”

I got my pants down and was bending over so I could take Adam's cock. I was trying to slow him down and get him to get control of himself. I'd never seen him like this before and I had to admit he frightened me.

I had lubed my fuck hole just before I left home for the party. I'm always ready and willing to take on one of my guys, but this was a little exciting and weird. I'd never been ravished like this before.

As I was getting ready for the onslaught, Adam spit on his cock, aimed it for my willing hole and shoved it to me. Adam was one of the bigger boys and when he forced it all the way in me, I discharged a big load of cum on the nearby shelf. He kept fucking me hard and rough. 

Oh yeah Babe. I think I love you, at least I love your sweet welcome fuck hole. Man, you are so sexy. My cock feels so perfect in your body. Ugh, Ugh. Yeah, Yeah. So tight and warm. I'm gonna cum already. Ugh, Ugh. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. Yeah.” he kept saying as he fucked me. He promptly filled my ass with his cargo of cum, then stopped as quickly as he started. He breathed heavy, leaned against me and held me tight. “Oh shit, Ray. I needed that, but I'm so sorry I forced you like this. I'm sorry.”

I know Adam. I know. It's all right. How much did you have to drink tonight? You know you never have to ravish me, but it was kind of exciting. You were so forceful. I kind of liked it.” He turned my face towards him and gave me another sweet kiss.

There was a silent break as we put our clothes back to gather. We looked at each other carefully, then Adam slowly produced one of his charming smiles and said.

It was exciting, wasn't it? I'd never done anything like that before. I've thought of it before, but you were there and it gave me the opportunity to do it. Damn I feel so much better now. I hope I didn't hurt you.” he said as he took my face in his hands and planted another kiss directly on my lips “You know you're not a bad kisser either. Why haven't we ever done this before, 'teach'?

Maybe in our next Sex Ed class we'll explore that a little more, if you're willing.”

I still have to go take that piss, so open the door slowly and let's get out of here. I'll go first, then you wait a minute, then you go. Okay? I'll see you later stud. By the way, that was a good rape, but we'll work on it.” then I took off for the men’s room.

Part 03, Instructions from the Coach.

The next day after the party, Kevin call me and said that his football coach. Fred Fox, called him into his office and said he wanted to talk to several of the first team players and me. “Me?” Why me? I wondered if he knew about the Sex Education classes we were having. I bet we were in some kind of trouble. We were to come to his office today after practice for a meeting.

I was preparing myself and a speech explaining about the Sex Education class, and would deny everything negative. I was only a college freshman on a scholarship and would lose every thing if there was any question about my personal activities. I think I might need a good lawyer, like my past roommate Jason, but he was still in Boston. All I could do is attend the meeting and face it.

That late afternoon everyone showed up at Coach Fox's office. All five of the guys, Adam, Steve, Jerry, Manuel, Jose and Jason were setting on a long bench in front of the Coaches office. It looked more like a group of boys waiting for the principal to discipline them. Jason spoke to the guys and said he would do the talking for everyone and would take the blame if anything was to go wrong. 

The coaches door opened and coach Fox stood and look us. First at one end and then the other. Becoming even more paranoid than usual, I thought the coach looked at me the longest.

Well, well. Isn't this a fine looking group, and I mean that. You must be Ray, the Sex Educational Instructor.” he said as he held out his hand to me. “I believe we met last night at the Fraternity party. You men come on in the office so I can talk with you. You too. Ray.” We quickly entered his office and took a seat. He sat on the edge of his big desk facing us.

I was introduced to Coach Fox last evening at the party by Kevin. He was a rugged looking man about fourth five, tall and well built. He still had a full thick head of brownish and gray mixed hair. His face was stern and had the complexion of an outdoors man or cowboy.

He was dressed in form fitting blue jeans, a tight blue striped golf shirt and, gym shoes. As he leaned back on his desk he showed a large impressive bulge in the front of his jeans. It was obvious he was well hung. As we were being seated, he adjusted his balls then crossed his arms and looked us over again. Everyone sat silently waiting for him to speak.

It came to my attention about six week ago that our games were improving. Not only have you improved your playing but your attitude on the field, in the locker room, and at out of town games.

I had my assistant coach keep watch on the six of you and discovered you have taken up interest in Sex Education Class, introduced and instructed by your outside friend Ray. I was hesitant to investigate any further until one of your fellow team mates told me briefly what you men were up to.

He was dunk at the time and I just thought it was a rumor. However since your games and you have improved for the better, I am more than willing to overlook your activities in this matter. All I ask is you keep it at a low key and be discrete what you do. Now get the hell out of here and keep doing what you've been doing. If your 'therapy' helps you then keep doing what your doing and let's win the games.”

The men were shocked and relieved at the coaches decision. They all stood, gave out a relieving cheer, high fiver each other and headed out the door for home. I was about to leave when I heard the coach call to me.

Ray. I want you to stay. We need to talk.”

I looked over at Kevin as he was leaving the room. He shrugged his shoulders and left with the other men. I quickly took a chair directly in front of the coach where he was still leaning back against his desk. I nervously waited in anticipation of what he was going to discuss with me. He stood, walked over to his office door, locked it, and pulled down the shade. He turned and leaned on the desk again.

I've heard you're pretty good at your Sex Education. Would you like to show me some of your ability.” he said as he rubbed the bulge in his jeans and unbuttoned the top button. 

Oh my gawd. The coach is requesting me to suck his cock. I looked up at his rugged face and knelt on the floor before him as he started to open his jeans. I could see the bulge in his pants getting bigger. It took him a few maneuvers to pull down his tight jeans and white shorts. He struggled to release his hard cock from the prison...but suddenly there it was. And Wow!

As big as Kevin's eleven inches but more rugged looking. His penis head was large and thick. Clear pre-cum juices were already seeping from his cock head opening. I was in aw! What a manly looking opus of eleven inches. I leaned forward and licked his cock head to savor his love juices. I ran my tongue slowly around the head. He winced.

I went lower and kissed his hairy, low hanging balls and lapped them a few times. He sighed again. I wrapped my hand around his thick manhood and guided it directly into my mouth. I could only descend a few inches at a time, but with each engulfment I could only take a few inches. He seemed to understand my distress, but appreciated my actions. He reached to the back of my head and moved me up and down on his cock.

His juices started to flow. My movements became more easier. I was pleasuring him with my sucking. I took a quick rest and went back down to his warm tasty balls. He started jacking on his cock as I made love and relished his balls. Then he started talking dirty to me. 

You like my balls, huh, cocksucker. Kiss and love them like the punk you are. I see why my men love your mouth. You give good action. My cock loves to be sucked. Come back up to my cock and give it more attention. I'll give you a big load, cocksucker. You deserve the best, so get ready to swallow. Oh fuck. I'm gonna cum. Take it, Take it now. Ooh fucken yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ughhhh.” Then with his help I gulped down as much of his cock as I could and swallowed several loads of warm salty cum gushing out of his huge cock.
Coach's big cock. 

We both relax and as I milked his cock for the last few drops of his juices. I cleaned him and dried his balls. I kissed his big cock again. Even when it was flaccid it looked big. A few drops of his cum was still lingering from his cock head. I sucked it down one more time. I looked up at him one more time before I stood.

You've proven to be a good cocksucker. I'm anxious to try out that hot bowling ball butt, of yours, but we'll have to make some private time and place for that action. You better enjoy a long and hard fucking, because I like to hump.”

Thanks for staying after the men left. You seem to be a good sport and I trust you'll continue to keep the men satisfied and in shape for each game. I've been told it was not good to have sex before playing football, but now I think I have been lied to. From now on I hope they continue to let you teach them what they need to know about sex. I have to go now and get some sleep before we leave tomorrow for US Navy Academy for a game. When I get back I'm going to call on you so you can give me some more Sex Ed on how to fuck your sweet ass. Take care. See you later.” 

As I left Coach Fox office, Kevin was waiting for me outside.

Well? What did he have to say? I saw him pull down the shades in the office. Did you? Oh fucken yeah. You did, didn't you? Man oh man. I knew he'd was a good man. Did just blow him or did he fuck your ass.? Is he interested in fucking you? Huh? Huh? Oh shit this is something else. We're going to have a good football season with you as our Sex Education Coach.”

We had one of the best football seasons in a long time.

Story by Dick Clinton.

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