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Adventures of Corey, The Bus Ride

Adventures of Corey 

Bus Ride With The Team, Part 13
The week went by as usual for Corey. He still maintained his daily routine and pleasure of sucking off his two older brothers, Ray and Carl each morning before they went to school. Carl, the older brother, had begun fucking Corey ever since he experienced the pleasure of Corey’s ass. He waited until Victor, their dad, had pleasured himself first before Carl would use him. He found it more exciting knowing that his dad’s sperm remained in Corey’s ass as he was fucking him. Carl still enjoyed getting sucked off by his little brother and would usually come off two times each morning before breakfast.
That didn’t keep Ray and Carl from still wanting to get off during school hours. Corey continued to give the guys Jake and Larry their weekly blow jobs. They still had arrangements to get sucked off at school between classes. It was Jake on Mondays, Corey’s brother Carl, on Tuesdays. Then it was Larry on Wednesdays and his other brother Ray on Thursdays. Fridays was usually one of the other guys at school that his brothers had selected. They would make the Friday dudes pay a few bucks to get their cocks sucked and most of the times it was more than one guy, but he didn’t mind. Corey got a kick of having his brothers pimping him off like that. They would always split the money with him anyway. Corey still managed to slip out of his study hall to suck off George, the janitor, a few times during the week. Had to keep George happy so they could use the closet now and then for sex, besides, George had a magnificent hanging cock and a fine set of balls.  
Corey’s after school job in the locker rooms kept him available for Coach Bill and his quick blow jobs. in the storage room, but his Wednesday ‘fucks’ with Coach Swan were still the highlight of his daily school week.

Corey had just finished cleaning up the locker room when he heard Coach Swan talking to a boy. The coach tapped on the glass window of his office and motioned for him to come over to them.
As Corey approached the office he recognized the boy. It was Mike, the center from the Trojan’s Basketball team. This was the same visiting team that molested his willing body in their locker room last month after the game. Mike had injured his ankle during the game with their team, the Indians, and as a gesture of goodwill, Corey went to their locker room to massage Mike’s ankle and place some stretch bandages on him. Little did he know that while he was busy with Mike’s ankle, one of his teammates, Tom, started playing around with Corey’s ass, and soon most of the Trojans Basketball team, proceeded to fuck the hell out of Corey’s ass.
Mike was searching for Corey to invite him to be their guest this weekend at an out of-town-game, and honor them as their mascot. He had made the suggestion earlier but Corey thought he was joshing him, but now he realized he meant business.
Hello my friend Corey. It’s me Mike, from Trojan High. Remember me? It’s been a few weeks since we last saw each other. I called your house a couple times, but you were always out.”
We have a special game coming up this weekend and the team wants you to come along. We will be taking a Greyhound bus to Grover’s Mill to do an exhibition game with some of the local college dudes. They are paying all our expenses and have reserved rooms at one of the motels in town. It will only be one night out with the boys, and it could be fun. All expenses paid. What do you say?” Mike said as he lightly punched Corey on the shoulder.
Corey knew what he meant when he said he wanted him to be their mascot. They just wanted him along so they could use his body, fuck his ass to dump their hot boy cum, and suck off a few dozen cocks. Corey thought for about 10 seconds, and then responded to Mike.
Wow, Mike, That would be fun. I need to get away for a weekend, but I’ll have to get my dad’s permission. I don’t think that will be too much trouble but my brothers might be a bit disturbed knowing I am with the Trojan’s team, especially since Carl is on our team. But I know of a way to convince him too. Sure, I would like to go! You sure it’s all right with the Coach and the rest of the team?” Corey questioned.
Yeah, the captain of the team, Jerry, especially asked for you, and the coach will be riding in another car with our assistant coach and some of our sports equipment. He doesn’t care about what we do, but we can’t have any drugs, liquor, or any of our girl friends with us, besides, you are more fun than most of them anyway. That’s cool. Here is my home phone number to let me know your decision, otherwise I will pick you up Friday afternoon and bring you to the school where we will board the bus. Dress comfortable and take an extra set of clothes. We will provide the food and room but if you want to take a small amount of ‘mad money’, you can do so. “ Mike informed Corey.
God, Corey, you’re a hot looking dude. I bet you get a lot of action around here. I saw the way your coach looked me over when I asked to speak with you. He had that protective look in his eye, like a father. He’s not fucking you, is he Corey?”
Corey blushed and hung his head. “I’ll never tell.” He said and then smiled at Mike. “Thanks for the compliment. You’re not trying to seduce me again, are you?”
It had entered my mind, but the Coach is watching us from his office. Look at my boner. You’ve got me excited just talking to you. Could we go somewhere for a….a…..a quickie? Mike stuttered.
Follow me to the back locker area. I think we can have a bit of privacy there.” Corey said as he led Mike to a better location.
As soon as the boys were behind the lockers, Mike took Corey in his arms and started kissing him. Corey was surprised at the sudden hot passion of this good-looking hunk, but returned his loving kisses while he unbuckled Mike’s jeans. Soon Mike’s jeans were open and Corey’s warm hands were caressing his hard throbbing cock. Corey eased his body to his knees, to suck on Mike’s cum oozing cock head. The first time Corey downed Mike’s cock, he gave out a sigh of pleasure. Corey’s expert cock sucking quickly brought Mike to a fantastic climax. Mike grabbed Corey’s head to release the sperm from his aching balls, shooting a fast and gushing stream of watery cum into Corey’s mouth and down his throat. Corey drank down every drop of Mike’s wet tasty boy cum, as fast as he could. Either Mike hadn’t cum for sometime, or he had a nice load of sperm built up for Corey’s delight. There was so much cum shooting from Mike’s cock, that Corey almost choked, but managed to savor every drop, and then licked off the remaining juices from his hand.
Fuck. I didn’t want to cum so fucking fast but I got so horny thinking about our last session and about the new one this weekend, I couldn’t hold back any longer. Besides you are such a great cocksucker, who can resist your talented ways? Man, that felt so good, but I better button up and get the heck out of here before the coach catches us.” Mike said as he quickly pulled up his jeans and gave Corey another sweet kiss before heading out of the locker room. “See you this weekend, Corey. Take care dude.” Then Mike left.
Weekend Bus ride.
The remainder of the week went by smoothly. Corey talked to his dad, Victor, about going on the bus with the Trojan team and spending the night with the guys, Victor had some hesitation at first, until Corey told of the session he had with the Trojan Team a few weeks ago after their game with the Indians. He began by telling how the boys started using his body, fucking him over and over again, and then how the captain of the team fucked the hell out of him, while his teammates watched, then shot their juicy boy cum all over their bodies. This story got his dad so hot that he fucked Corey two times that morning and jacked off in Corey’s face before he left for work.

Corey had yet to tell his dad about Coach Swan or Bob Atwood from his school. He was saving that for a special time. It might be interesting letting the two meet again, knowing the coach, and Victor had gone to school together when they were younger. Corey planned to have the three of them meet and have sex together, but he had to make the arrangement somehow.
Victor enjoyed Corey telling about his sexual experiences. He only wished he had been aware of man-to-man sexual contact when he was younger. He knew Corey was a little whore, and pussy boy, but that didn’t bother him at all. He was proud that his son was in such demand, and was so popular with other males. In fact he was proud of his other two sons as well, but it was Corey that brought the family closer together, because of his innocent sexual loving behavior.
Corey when to school on Friday as usual. He was anticipating a hot time with the Trojan Team this weekend. He skipped his last class and hurried home to pick up his gear and backpack, before Mike would pick him up. He was glad he hadn’t missed his Friday session in the Woodworking Building boy’s restroom this afternoon. He could always depend on his brothers to select a few hot dudes for him to suck off, and collect ‘donations’ from them for his cock sucking services. Today was especially good, not only did Corey get a couple new hot guys to suck off, but make an extra $20.00 so he could take on his bus trip.
Corey gathered up his things for his bus ride, and waited on the front steps for Bill. An old yellow pickup truck came down the street and pulled into Corey’s driveway with Bill and another one of the basketball players from their school. Bill honked and motioned for Corey to throw his backpack in the back and hop in. The other guy was Tom, one of the first players that used Corey’s asshole that day in the locker room. He was better looking than he remembered, but recalled how aggressive he had been.
Hey there, young en. Yore look-en as hot as ever. Why don’t ya set here on my lap, pull down your jeans and let me slide my dick deep into that sweet boy pussy. I could ‘juice up’ your asshole with a generous load of cum before them utter bastards stretch your ass out of shape. What ya say, Corey?” Tom suggested to Corey before he was even in the truck.
Damn it Tom! Shut up and help Corey with his backpack. Behave until we get on the bus. Are you always such a crude asshole? You’ll get your share of fun on the bus. Let’s get going before they miss us. Come on Corey, sit here in the middle, and Tom, you keep your hands off the merchandise until later. Sorry about that Corey.” Bill apologized for Tom’ actions.
That’s all right Bill, I kind of like the way he talks nasty to me.” Then Corey laughed and gave first Bill a quick kiss on the cheek, then turned to Tom and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek too. “If I thought we could get away with it, Bill, I’d let you fuck me in the truck. That sounds kind of wild. I’ve never been fucked while driving. Perhaps some other time? Will you take a rain check?” Corey said as the boys all laughed and Bill smiled and put his arms around Corey and squeezed him.
Fucken yeah. I’ll take a ‘rim check’ with your sweet booty any time. That was a rim check, wasn’t it? Bill just shook his head as the boys headed down the street to the freeway.
As they drove to the school to board the bus going to Grover’s Mill, Bill told Corey how they had arranged a small area in the back of the bus by the toilet. It was surrounded with equipment to be used by the team and they had managed to arrange it so they had a nice size area for sexual activity.
When someone got hurt or sick, they would often make up a bed at the back of the bus and hopefully it could be used for fun during this trip. One of the guys had sneaked a girl on the bus, one time, but before anyone could fuck her, the assistant coach kicked her off. But no one would suspect taking another dude aboard; besides they had a school jacket and cap for Corey. It would be easy to get him aboard.
When the 3 boys arrived at the parking lot, the bus was just loading. Bill took Corey’s backpack and placed it in the luggage area under the bus, then directed Corey into the bus to take a seat close to the back near the toilet.
No one paid attention to Corey who looked just like one of the guys. Soon the bus was filled and the Assistant Coach, Paul Peters, blew his whistle to get the boy's attention. As soon as the boys became silent he spoke.
Men! Glad to see you all made it aboard. We want this to be a safe and pleasant ride for everyone. This bus is equipped with a DVD player and we will be showing you some movies. It shouldn’t take but a few hours to arrive at Grover’s Mill. We will stop along the way for a quick dinner break and should arrive around midnight. You should have a good night's rest because the exhibition game doesn’t start until late afternoon. I know you men will act like the gentlemen you are, and play a good game. We’ll depart late tomorrow and be home by Sunday. The coach will be riding in the other SUV and I will give you the honor of my company on this bus. Now settle back and enjoy the ride.” Coach Peters said and took a seat in the front of the bus by the driver.
A few moans were heard from the guys when the coach said he would remain on the bus, but it would be dark soon, and Bill didn’t think it would interfere with their entertainment.
Jerry, Captain of the team, had taken a seat across the aisle from Mike and Corey. Corey had his head and eyes covered by a ball cap so no one would recognize him. As soon as the bus started to move Jerry leaned over to Mike and said.

When we get on the Freeway, I will head to the toilet. Send Corey to the back of the bus, and I’ll take it from there. As soon as I do my thing with our ‘mascot’ you can go back and take your turn. When you come back tell Tom to go to Corey and we will continue sharing one at a time until everyone has gotten off. Okay? You understand? Right?”
Mike leaned over to Corey telling of their plans. He understood and waited for his cue to join Jerry at the back of the bus. Corey was nervous yet excited at all the ‘cloak and dagger’ in which he was about to partake. He looked forward to getting fucked by Jerry again. He was such a good-looking hunk, and had such a large cock. He was such a good fucker and made him ‘come off’ while he fucked him during that locker room session a few weeks ago.
The bus was now traveling down the freeway. It was dark and some of the boys were now watching the movie on the DVD screens throughout the bus. Jerry got up from his seat, looked over at Corey and flipped the bill of his cap, and gave him the ‘thumbs up’. Corey knew it was his cue to perform his duties as mascot of the team and to service the captain of the team and his teammates. Corey waited a few minutes, so as not to attract any attention, crawled over Bill and headed to the back of the bus. There he found Jerry still in the toilet, so he waited. Jerry opened the door and directed Corey to the curtain behind him to find a small padded bed and a pillow. They got behind the curtain and soon Jerry was kissing Corey on the neck and rubbing his backside. Jerry started pulling his pants down and guided Corey’s head down to his large wet cock head. Corey was surprised it was that large. He knew he had been fucked by him during the locker room session, but didn’t realize it was so large. No wonder he took the coach as easy as he did that night. Jerry must have stretched his asshole during that wild fuck. He had no complaints though.
Corey was one of the lucky males that could maneuver almost any size cock into his anus without much trouble, yet he could grip a hard cock inside his warm moist ass lining and make the penetration feel first-class. Perhaps because his dad kept his ass muscles in shape by fucking him every day with his 11-inch cock, and because of Corey’s desire to satisfy his men as well as himself.
Corey gripped Jerry’s big cock with one hand and cupped his low hanging balls in the other. He was ready to suck off his first team member. How appropriate for it to be the captain of the team. What a delicious cock he had too. Corey began to taste the sweet juices of this boy’s man size cock.

Jerry put his hand on Corey’s shoulders and swayed along with his cock sucking motions. It wouldn’t be long before Jerry would start shooting his hot tasty juices into Corey’s desirable mouth. Jerry enjoyed this pleasurable first orgasm, and would return later for some ass fucking. Reluctantly, Jerry would release Corey and let one of the other teammates enjoy the pleasure of a hot mouth or a tight ass. Jerry patted Corey on the head, bent over and kissed him on the top of his head before he buttoned up his pants, winked at Corey and left him to enjoy some more dicks.
Corey was happy with the arrangements the guys had made with him. He was anxious to get his ass fucked by the next guy. He knew it would be Mike. He remembered how wild his session with Mike was, in the locker room, but knew they had to be more discreet and quiet this time. No banging against the lockers or loud moaning. Corey kicked off his tennis shoes, unbuttoned his 501 jeans, pulled them off and positioned himself on the small bed provided for him. He carefully placed a pillow under his hips, for better and deeper fucking and lubed his ass hole waiting for his next sexual partner.
Bill quickly entered the cubicle and unbuttoned his pants, jacked on it a few times to lube himself with his oozing cock juices. As he looked down in the dimly lit area, he knew Corey was waiting for him to fuck him. He carefully crawled behind Corey, lifted his tight buttocks and rubbed his wet cock against this young boy's beautiful sexy ass.
Corey reached behind him to guide the long uncut cock into his anus as Bill braced himself. Slowly he moved into the lubed asshole and carefully eased himself into the warm moist love canal. Bill was so excited that he feared an early ejaculation. He slowly let his cock slide in, and then gave out a soft moan while Corey sucked his cock deep into his boy pussy.

God this ass is sensational,” Bill thought. “ Best little fucker around.” Bill had only fucked his boy cousin one time when he was 15, but it was nothing like this.
Corey arched his ass toward Bill to let him know he was ready to be fucked. Bill slowly moved his dick in and out of Corey’s warm ass. He pulled Corey’s buttocks up to deeper penetrate the love canal, before he would shoot his load deep into the ass. He wanted this to last forever, but knew he was too hot to fuck very long. He would take his time to enjoy fucking the asshole as long as he could before he would cum. He fucked for a few short minutes then released his love juices deep into Corey.
Bill wanted to cry out, but knew he might draw attention from the others on the bus. Bill trembled and was satisfied for now. He pulled his cock out of Corey’s moist cum filled ass and wiped the remaining cum on Corey’s firm butt. He gave a light love slap on Corey’s buttocks, got up and went into the toilet nearby.
While Bill was still in the toilet, Tom peeked into the cubicle to see Corey lying on his stomach, ready to receive his cock. He enjoyed fucking boy’s ass even though he considered himself a straight dude. There was no harm in fucking a boy or man’s ass, as long as both parties enjoyed it. Most of his girls were always squeamish taking his cock up their ‘poop shoot’. He had been accused of being too rough when he fucked, and none of them understood his desire to talk dirty to them as he had sex. It was just a man thing, he guessed. That is why he enjoyed fucking a boy’s ass better than a woman. They could take his rough fucking and his commanding ways. He knew Corey loved the way he controlled him and rough fucked him, but in the bus, he had to control his animalistic ways.
Tom already had a good hard on. He took his cock out of his pants and was ready to fuck. He stood by the bed, pulled Corey’s ass up in a dog fashion position and quickly buried his 7-½ inch dick into his boy pussy. Corey buried his face in his pillow to cover the sounds of his moan.
Tom ‘slam dunked’ his dick into Corey and gripped his firm buttocks, holding this position to enjoy the pleasure of the moist warm asshole. He sensed that his buddy Mike had just deposited his warm sperm into this ‘fuck hole’, but the idea of mingling his sperm with his buddy was hot and kinky. Tom started pumping Corey’s hole in and out with fast hard thrusts. He wanted to slap Corey’s buttocks and yell out obscene sexual commands to him, but restrained his verbal abuse to deep grunts and rough thrusts of his cock into the boy’s asshole.
Corey muffled his moans into his pillow, as he responded to Tom’s hard fucking action. Soon Tom gave a few deep thrusts of his cock, and released squirt after squirt of his sperm. He took a deep breath, pulled his wet cum coated dick out of Corey, and then paused. He heard someone coming out of the toilet and turned to see one of the other guys peek behind the curtain.
Ah! I thought there might be some action here. Is that the locker room punk we fucked a few weeks ago? How in the hell did you sneak him aboard? Cool.” The guy said to Tom.
Can I get in on some of this action? I didn’t get to plow his ass at the school that day. I got so fuckin hot watching Jerry shove his cock up that dude’s ass, that I shot all over his back. Did you just dump your load? If so can I fuck him? Just leave him positioned like that. Shit. I need some ass tonight. “ He said as Tom got from behind Corey and moved away from the bed.
He’s all yours, Eddy. Make it a ‘quick one’ cause the other guys will want some boy pussy before we get to Grover’s Mill. We will be bunking him in our pad at the motel. As soon as we ditch the coach, you and the guys can join us for more ‘stroking and poking’ later. Try not to make too much noise when you bunghole him. We don’t want a let Coach know what fun we’re a having back here. Okay, Ed. Have fun and get your nuts. Later dude.” Tom said as he went into the toilet.
Eddy was just one of several of the guys on the bus, that fucked Corey during the trip to Grover’s Mill. Corey would switch from being ass fucked, to an occasional blow job, for one or more of the guys. Since they were all young hot teenagers, they could drop a load in a very few stokes of Corey’s expert cock sucking mouth, or shoot a quick, nice wet load of boy cum up his ass.
Jerry came to check on Corey and let him take a toilet break. Corey went into the toilet to release several big loads of boy cum that had been deposited in his asshole, then after cleaning himself good, he returned to find Jerry with a cool bottle of water and some fresh wipes. Corey was actually hoping Jerry had returned to give him a good fucking, but was anticipating a sexual good time after they were settled into the motel where they could relax.
Well my young friend.” Jerry said to Corey. “How are you holding up? The guys are all in a good mood now that most of them had sex with you. Why don’t you come back up to the front of the bus and take a breather, after all we don’t want to use you up before the night really begins. We are planning another good session at the motel, but we have got to figure a way to get rid of the assistant coach for a few hours. He’s a good sport but watches over us like a father; even though he is not as old as most of our dads.”
As Jerry and Corey were sitting on the bed conversing, coach Peterson was just about to use the toilet when he saw the two boys.
What are you doing back here? Is someone sick?” he asked. ‘ and by the way, who are you? You are not on the team? I know your face but….who are you?
Coach Peterson asked the two uneasy boys.
Coach. This is Corey one of our locker room attendants. He wanted to come along with us, so bad, that we gave him a basketball jacket and placed him on the bus. I should have told you sooner, but it just slipped my mind. He will be okay, besides one of the other boys couldn’t make it so we have the extra room for him. What do you say coach? I will be responsible for him.” Jerry quickly responded explaining Corey’s appearance.
Well. I guess it will be okay. We can’t kick him off the bus now anyway. But keep a low profile around the Coach. Excuse me; I have to use the head. You boys get back to your seats and keep cool about this.” He said as he went into the toilet.
Oh my gosh! Jerry. I know your assistant coach. I met him a few weeks ago at the Jackson Park men’s restroom. He practically raped me and fucked the living hell out of me, then turned me over to 3 other guys to use, until a biker dude rescued me. Go back to your seat while I stay here and talk to him. No wonder he thought he recognized me. We had wild sex that day! Jerry, go before he comes out. I think I can convince him to let us have our gathering at the motel room. I guess you could call it, ‘coaching the coach.” Corey said as he instructed Jerry to go back to his seat in the bus.
Coach Paul came out of the toilet to notice Corey still sitting on the bed in the cubicle. He was still trying to recall where he had seen this boy before. He never remembered seeing him in the locker room of the school, but perhaps somewhere else.
I thought I asked you to go back to your seat?” Coach Paul said to Corey
Coach. Before I do, there is something we need to talk about. I don’t know if you remember me or not. I am not one of the locker assistant boys at your school; I’m from Indian Heights. I met you one day at Jackson Park Men’s restroom. You seduced me and threw me into the booth and fucked the hell out of my ass, then turned me over to 3 other men to use. I didn’t mind, in fact I enjoyed the forcible way you took me.” Corey said to the traumatized coach.
You don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a married man and have a kid on the way. I’m not queer! I’m straight and wouldn’t do anything like that. See my wedding band? I, I, I. think you are confusing me with someone else.” Paul said as Corey smiled and gripped Paul’s hard bulging cock.
Come on Coach. I never forget a cock, especially one as big as yours, so let’s stop stalling and let’s have some fun. We can draw this curtain and use this cubicle for privacy. What do you say, Coach? I give an incredible blow job. I would rather you fuck me like you did in the park, but for now, let me devour your manhood before anyone else approaches.” Corey softly said and he slid to his knees and eased the coach’s sweat pants down to his ankles. Corey was ready to service this hunk once again.
Paul stepped behind the curtain and into the cubicle. He released his hard throbbing cock and balls, from behind his musky jockstrap. Paul could not refuse the lustful demands of this desirable boy.
Okay, but just a quickie.” He said.
Continued…watch for Corey’s Adventure at the Motel
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  1. As always Richard an amazing HOT story and to tell you the truth you could have gotten this right out of my real life except it was my step father and step bothers that first started using my ass. My Step Dad was a Marine and hung like a bull.

  2. Yes, Richard has some amazing HOT stories!! Thanks You!!


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