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Adventures of Corey. Dick's Truck Stop

©Adventures of Corey

Story written by
 Dick Clinton at

  1. Part 14, Dick’s Truck Stop

The Trojan Special Bus stopped for dinner at Dick’s Truck Stop.  The team, the coaches, and the two bus drivers all hurried to find a seat in the special room set aside for the team.  Advance arrangements had been made to reserve and feed the basketball team players and coaches when they arrived.

Corey’s first stop was to use the toilet to release some of the cum that had been deposited up his ass during the bus ride.  He found a booth and sat down to drain himself and clean up. The “truck stop” toilet had a large urinal and four booths. In Corey’s booth was a large, well used, glory hole for sucking cock”.

 Someone came into the toilet and sat in the booth next to Corey.  He was not surprised to discover a Glory Hole at the truck stop, since truckers needed to release sexual tension just as much, if not more, than any man. Corey waited anxiously to see what would happen if he stayed a few minutes longer.  He had been servicing most of the jocks on the bus, but this was not one of the jocks.  He was wearing a light gray uniform like one of bus drivers. 

The bus driver pushed his pants to the floor and started playing with himself.  This was all the encouragement Corey needed.  He gave the man the signal to place his dick through the hole to get sucked off. Without hesitation he stood and placed his semi hard dick into the hole. 

Corey had recently discovered the joys of glory hole sex at one of the nearby parks at home.  He got to his knees and guided the flaccid uncut cock thru the hole. Corey dropped to his knees and carefully guided the man’s penis thru the opening as if he was about to perform a religious ritual, worshiping a man’s penis to receive the generous nectar of the Gods. He was grateful to service another man and give him pleasure.

He carefully guided the large uncut cock and low hanging through the glory hole.  The cock was perfectly shaped, thick, and soft hung down seven or eight inches on this side of the hole.   The cock head was still covered by a pink hooded foreskin covering.  The piss slot began oozing clear pearls of sweet pre-cum.  Corey used his tongue to slowly savor the juices and then carefully inserted his tongue under the foreskin to taste the smegma from a man that had been driving for several hours. The musky man scent was like an aphrodisiac to Corey.  He nuzzled his nose deep in the man’s soft hairy balls and took a whiff. The cock started to grow with the anticipation of a pleasurable blow job by his server.  He relaxed, gripped the top of the stall, and prepared for the cocksucker to service him.

Corey knew he didn’t have much time to worship this well deserved man cock, but he wanted to drain the sperm from his balls.  He slowly encircled his hand around the expanding dick, and fondled the man's balls in the other. His mouth opened wide to engulf the treasure before him.  A deep sigh of pleasure was heard from the bus driver, and then Corey heard his voice softly whisper out.
“Oh yes, baby.  Suck that cock. Suck me and drain my nuts.  I need this bad.  Suck me boy, and make me feel good.  Oh Yeah. Do it. Unnnhhh. That’s damn good.”

Corey continued his flawless tempo of cock sucking.  He was making the bus driver feel good, and after a seemingly short period of time, the bus driver began to gasp and release an enormous gusher of jism into Corey’s mouth and down his gullet.  His body shook so hard that the wooden partition of the toilet booth creaked.  After an extensive soft sigh from the bus driver, Corey finished draining all the man juices from his nuts.  Someone entered the toilet and the bus driver quickly pulled away from the glory hole, pulled up his pants, flushed the stool and left.  Corey decided he had better head out too and grab a bite to eat along with the other jocks in the restaurant. 

He quickly washed and headed to the room with the team, still savoring the taste of the bus drivers tangy cock load.  He wanted it to remain, but now he had to eat something to soak up all the cum in his stomach. 

Hey Corey, I saved you a seat and ordered your dinner. “ Mike said as he directed Corey to a seat at the table. “Are you all right?” he said to Corey in a low voice.

Yeah, sure.  Just had to make room for more liquids.” Then he winked at Mike. 

Corey looked around the room for the bus driver that he had just blown at the glory hole. He was sitting with the other bus drivers.  He looked over at him one time and winked.  Corey wished he had time to take on the other drivers too, but he didn’t want to be left behind. 

The driver of our bus was setting with the other drivers.  He got up and came over to our Coach and told him something then went outside to the bus.
The coach stood to get our attention then made an announcement.

It seems our bus needs to refuel and have some minor maintenance before we can leave.  We will remain here for another 45 minutes, so if you guys will be patient we will soon be on the road again.  Meanwhile if you want to go to the gift shop or use the head, do it now, but don’t wander off or we will leave you.”

Cool! This was a chance for Corey to go back to the head again to see if any of the other four bus drivers would follow him to get their sucked.  He was sure the other driver told them what he had just experienced in the restroom.  Corey slowly got up from the table and went back into the restroom. 

 The booth next to the glory hole was already occupied by one of the bus drivers. He was probably waiting his turn to get sucked off.  Corey excitedly occupied the other side of the booth.  The bus driver was already hard and waiting for a blow job. As soon as Corey was seated, a big juicy cock slid into the opening, ready for some action.  Once again, Corey, being an obedient cocksucker, dropped to his knees and began to give the driver one of his excellent blow jobs.  A few good ‘deep throats’ and ball licking maneuvers, and the driver moaned and cut loose with his love juices.  He paused until Corey licked and drained every delicious drop of jism from his dick, then he pulled out of the glory hole and left.  No sooner had he left the booth, than another bus driver entered, dropped his pants, and stuck his soft cock thru the hole.  Corey was on his knees in a second and ready to serve another nice cock.  This cock wasn’t even hard yet, but after Corey licked his balls, kissed his cock, and ran his tongue under the foreskin a few times, it was hard as a rock and ready to be sucked off.

Corey continued on until all four of the drivers had given him a load.  The first driver that he had sucked off earlier had returned for a second round.  This time Corey whispered through the hole to the driver.

Sir. Would you please join me in this booth? I need my boy cunt fucked real badly.  Please sir!”

The driver immediately pulled up his pants and joined Corey in the next booth.  Corey was leaning over the back of the water box with his bare ass facing the driver. He was ready to get plowed.

Fuck, boy. You have a sweet hot looking ass.  It would be a pleasure to fuck your boy cunt.  I haven’t fucked a sweet ass like yours since I was in the Marines.” The butch hunk told Corey.

Then he did something unexpected. He dropped to his knees and kissed Corey’s ass, wet his finger and stuck it into Corey’s anus and then leaned forwarded and buried his face into Corey’s tender ass, and tongue fucked the hell out of him. 

Corey was shocked by the sudden actions of this butch hot driver, but was enjoying the deep penetration of his tongue and the scratchy feeling of his rough bearded face. 

Oh daddy.  Eat my boy cunt.  Eat me daddy.” Corey uttered out with excitement as he jacked on his own large cock. 

Mumm, Mumm” The driver cried out.  “What a sweet tasting Pussy-boy. I could eat you all day, but I better throw a fuck to you before my passengers wonder where I am. Get ready boy, I haven’t had my dick up a poop-shoot for quite some time.” The driver said as he spit on his hand and lubricated his big 11-inch cock.  “Oh yeah! What a great feeling.” He said as he slid his big cock right up to the hilt of Corey’s welcome asshole.

Corey let out with a small whimper of delight.  Fuck. This cock was big, and it was already rubbing against his prostate causing his cock to pulsate and ready to shoot.  Corey grabbed his cock tightly to keep from cumming. 

Fuck me daddy!  Fuck my boy pussy. Give me your load. Plant your seed deep in my pussy.  Oh fuck me hard, Oh god that is good dick, daddy. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” Corey encouraged the bus driver.

Awww fuck. I’m gonna cum already. I'm cumming boy. Aw yes. Aw Fucken yes! Here it comes, here it comes! Awwww fffuuuccckkk.” He cried out as he dumped his wet load into the boy’s ass.

 The sounds of his body slapping against the boy’s ass must have been heard as it echoed through out the toilet, but he didn’t give a damn.  He was in fucking ecstasy filling a stranger’s ass with his sperm.  It was great.  He paused for a brief time, leaned forward, kissed the boy on his neck, and slow pulled his still semi-hard penis from the boy’s ass hole.  A slurping suction sound was heard while the boy’s asshole closed from the sudden withdrawal.

Corey could feel some of the overflow cum oozing from his butt hole and running down his leg into his jeans.  As the driver left the booth, Corey remained bent over to unwind from that quick fuck, and to deposit his load into the stool. Before he could cum, another man entered the booth.  Corey turned slightly, thinking it might be another bus driver, but it was a big handsome dude in a plaid shirt and cap that said. “Keep On Trucking.” 

Hey young-en. How’s bout some hot trucker dick?  I head all the commotion in the booth and got so horny hearing you getting plowed by that Greyhound driver. I figured one more load wouldn’t put you over the scale limit.  How about it boy? Can I give you one more load?” The handsome trucker said.

Sure. Why not?  I always have room for a good load of trucker meat, but we have to do it now because I have to get back to my bus before they leave me here.” Corey said.

Sure boy! I am already hard and ready to fuck.  Bend over more and let me stick it to you.  Wow. What a hot body.  Mumm yes. It still has that bus driver’s load in you and it will slide in easy.  That bus driver must have had a big dick and deposited a big load.  It is so moist and warm.  Oh fuck, boy. You are a sweet fuck.  Un huh.  That it boy, take it deep. Oh yeah.  Good ass. Good ass.” He kept repeating as he gripped Corey’s buttocks and started pounding his cock deep into Corey. 

Corey loved the feel of this hot truckers dick deep in his body.  The trucker was wearing a wedding ring, but that didn’t surprise Corey, because he had been fucked by many a married man.  They liked his tight ass and the way Corey made them feel so good.

Soon the trucker was humping, puffing, and shooting a hot load deep into Corey’s body.  This time Corey could not hold back his own load, and shot a long pleasurable orgasm into the toilet bowl.  He let the trucker’s cock slip out of his hole, tightened his ass, and milked out the remaining juices.  He turned to see the man that had just fucked him, to discover a damn good-looking and well-built man in his 40s.  A quick feel of his cock and he was sorry he couldn’t suck and fuck more with this hunk.  Damn he was a stud looking dude.

Thank you sir for the load.  I hope I am not overloaded, and we get stopped at the scales.” Corey said in humor to the driver.

Hey. Gotta git! They are waiting for me to re-board the bus.  I’m the Entertainment director and Mascot and I have to keep the team happy. Hope to see you later.” Corey said and gave the driver a quick kiss on his cheek and left the booth. 

What motel is your team staying tonight? Perhaps we can meet later.”

We’ll be at the ‘Grover’s Mill Motel’, on highway 50” Corey responded.

Well I’ll be damned.  The ‘Grover’s Mill Truck Stop’ is right next-door.  Look for my red, white, and blue truck with a big American Flag painted on the sides. I will be parking there tonight. I want to see you again if you can get away. Can you be there around midnight?  I could introduce you to a few more trucker buddies that would like to drop a load.  What do ya say, buddy?

It’s a date.  My name’s Corey. See you later.

Story by Dick Clinton at 

Word Count, 2341


  1. Ah the good ole days! I remember when I used to be that not pussy. Now I'm the giver!


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