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Adventures of Corey, Under the Football Stadium Bleachers

Adventures of Corey

School Days

Under the Football Stadium Bleachers

Story by Dick Clinton

I was soon known as the school cock sucker and willing pussy ass boy from a number of guys at school that wanted to be serviced by me. My two step-brothers, Carl and Roy and their best buddies, Jake and Larry, kept close watch over me so I never got in a difficult situation. I decided to venture out on my own now to find even more hot action.

One day when we were having a home football game, I went to check out the men's room and take a piss. One of the guys from the swim team, Paul, spotted me, and nodded.

Hey I know you. You’re Corey. Jake told me all about you.” he said with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. He looked me up and down as we stood at the urinals. He dropped his sweats below his firm round buttock and whipped out his soft six inch uncut cock, snuggled in a thick blond pubic nest. He took a short piss and then started jacking his cock.

You like what you see, Corey?“

I nodded and walked over to the end booth thinking he would follow me, but instead he motioned for me to follow him. We went outside and behind the restroom building and under the bleachers to a semi dark area. I followed until we came to a quiet out of the way spot. He stood, pulled down his sweats, and started playing with his cock again.

Come here dude and swing on my cock. I’m hot to shoot a quick load. I've heard you were a slutty cock sucking punk. Makes no difference to me who sucks my cock. My girl won’t suck me off. I’m horned up tonight and need a blow job real bad, but don’t rush it. I'll get back to that bitch later.”

I proceed to drop to my knees and caressed his hairless balls and guided his oozing lengthy cock into my mouth. For a small-framed swimmer, he had an exceptionally long and beautiful uncut cock. I placed my tongue inside the silky opening and tasted his salty oozing juices. As I situated my mouth over his cock, he uttered a soft moan.

Oh yeah. That’s just the way I like it. Take your time punk. No one can see us here. I like it slow and easy. Suck my cock and make me feel good, cocksucker. Make me cum.

I continued to gratify this sizzling swimmer. I held his balls in one hand and sucked his cock into my mouth and swallowed him all the way down my throat. He was shaking with excitement and anticipation. Just when I thought he was going to shoot his load, I would swallowed his cock again and hold it there. He was going wild.

Oh fuck dude, that's so Fuckin hot. I’ve never had anyone swallow my cock like that before. Damn that is so wild. You're a Fuckin good cocksucker. Lick my nuts some more. I liked that part too. Lick em good.”

After a few minutes of sucking his cock and licking on his balls, I eased one finger into his tight asshole. He let out another moan and turned his firm buttocks to my face, spread his cheeks, and offered me his asshole to rim.

Eat my asshole, cocksucker. Lick my tasty virgin asshole, slut. You like eating ass too? My kind of cock sucking ass licking bitch. Fuck I love my fag boys slutty. Eat me. Eat me. Damn that’s hot. Keep it up, bitch. Eat my ass. Oh Yeah.”

I got him so hot that after a few minutes of eating his sweet hole, he abruptly turned around and pushed his cock back into my mouth. I swallowed his hard cock again. He grabbed the back of my head, forcing me to hold his cock in my throat while he released load after load of sweet cum. I managed to breath thru my nose while his pulsating meat throbbed and deposited his load. I swallowed him all the way to his pubic hairs. When he pulled out I let the remaining juices relish in my mouth to taste his remaining tasty cum.

Drink it all cocksucker, Swallow my dick. Oh yeah. Fuck. Oh yeah.” He said as he continued to deposit his load into me.

I was so engrossed in sucking the swimmers cock that I was unaware that two male students had walked behind the building to take a piss. They continued to piss as they watched.

Hey Ray, look-e here! A cocksucker giving some head to Ron. Let’s see if we can get some of that action? Nothing I like more than getting some good head from a fag.”

Yeah guys, come on over. I just finished dropping a big load in this fucker’s mouth. He’s good at eating ass too. Have fun. I’ve got to get back to my date. Thanks fag boy. I’ll see you around. I want more of that action.”

The two guys still had their cocks out from pissing and walked right up to my face. I started to get up but one of the guys pushed me back to my knees.

Stay down on your knees, cocksucker. We’ve got a couple more dicks for you to suck. Here suck on this one for a while.“He said as he rubbed his hard wet cock against my face. He grabbed my head as I guided his cock into my mouth. It still had small remains of his piss, but I had no choice. He started face fucking me read hard. So hard and fast I could hardly breathe.

Hold it man.” I pleaded. ‘‘Let me do it my way! You'll like it better the way I get you off. Don’t rush it.” He stopped and released my head.

Okay, Fag boy. Give me some good head. My last fag boy moved out of town and I need a good replacement for my blow jobs. Let’s see how good you are and I might let you blow me again sometime. Suck on my buddy here too. I don’t think he’s ever had a cocksucker blow him.”

I took a deep breath and started giving him some good long strokes on his average size seven inch cock. I held on to his low hanging hairy balls and continued to suck him until he started to cum. I swallow all his cum and clean off his cock, then he pulled away, and stepped back so his buddy could get his chance to cum in my mouth.

Pretty good blow, cocksucker. I’ll have to look you up again. Give my buddy some good head. He’s still virgin.”

His young buddy was a bit shyer and never said anything until I went down on his large cock. Now and then I heard a moan of delight. His cock was a bit thicker and longer than his buddies. It was cut cock with a nicely formed cock head and a soft set of balls. He never touched me during the session, and placed his hands on his hips until he was ready to cum. Only then did he lean back, gasped and emptied a nice load in my mouth. After he finished he patted my head and joined his friend by the wall of the men’s room.

Before I could get up another guy, walked up to me and stuck his cock into my used mouth. I realized that when the men’s room was full, some of the students and men would come behind the building to take a piss. They hadn’t planned on getting their nuts off, but why not let a cocksucker drain your load before return to the game?

Several other men were pissing and watching as I serviced cock after cock. Some of the younger students would watch then start to jack off. When they walked over to get their cocks sucked, they were already pumped up and ready to cum. Some quickly shot a warm load on my face as I blew another guys cock. I lost count of the cocks I’d sucked or the loads I’d swallowed, but I was pleased to take them all. I was a dedicated and perverted cocksucker.

The football game was still going and most had of the men had gone back to their families or friends in the stands. I stood to rest my knees and get my composure before I left. One more guy came around the building and offered me a cool bottle of water.

You’ve had a very busy evening. How many men did you 'get off' tonight? Unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to get taken care of because you were so much in demand. Perhaps we could have a go at it now, unless you are not in the mood to satisfy me?”

In the dim illuminated area I observed the stranger more closely. He was a tall rough, good looking man about 35 with a stern face and deep set eyes. He was wearing a dark western cowboy hat, a button down shirt and tight fitting western pants, and cowboy boots. He had a nicely formed body with broad shoulders and trim waist. He looked a bit familiar but couldn’t figure out where I might have seen him before. He was definitely not one of the guys or teachers at school. I nodded thanks for the water and looked him over more closely.

Sure. I’m always ready to entertain a hot sexy looking man like you. I just love sucking a man’s cock and drinking down his nectar. The excitement of his tasty man seed being offered to me is an unmanageable passion. I’m just a cum whore. I also like to take a man’s cock into my ass and have him use me as his slut, and a place to deposit more of his manly nectar.

I’m just a slave to satisfying men and letting them enjoy life by using my body to pleasure themselves. Perhaps this shocks you or turns you off, because you’re the type of man I would like to fuck me without mercy.”

I looked into his eyes waiting for him to turn around and leave. I was surprisingly very blunt with him, but I was still horny and ready for a good fuck from a good man, and he looked like a good man.

I’ve never fucked a dude’s ass before, but I’ve thought about it quite often. Would you be willing to let me ‘use you’ and penetrate your ass hole? This is not a very private place and my time’s limited. I have friends waiting for me at a party, but you have made me want to make love to you and fuck you.

I’d like for you to suck me first. I have an unusually large penis and most women have a difficult time taking me. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you or hurt you if you let me try to put it in. Are you willing to try or maybe you could just suck me or jack me off. My nuts hurt from watching you suck cock earlier, and I need to get off one way or the other.”

This hot looking man was challenging me to take his big cock. Little did he know I was an expert at taking big cocks. I’d enough practice with my step-dad’s eleven inches and my coach’s unusually big cock and I was ready to try an even bigger cock.

I looked for a place we could relax and not be interrupted by more guys that wanted me to suck them off. I saw a spot against the wall of the building. It had a small wooden bench where I might lean over and try to take his big cock.

I motioned for him to follow. When we had found a good spot, I stated to unbutton his 501 jeans. He already was showing a solid bulge down the right side of his jeans. After I undid his pants I pulled them down to discover he had on white boxer shorts. He got impatient and pulled down his boxers and jeans and let them drop to his knees.

Low and behold his very large eleven inches or more cock sprang out like a swinging ball bat. It was not only long but thick as a beer can. Oh man! This might be a bit of a challenge but I was confident I could manage this one. I wish I had him in the privacy of my bedroom where I could work him over from head to toe.

He had unbuttoned his shirt which revealed his firm rippling stomach muscles and a small amount of chest hair and nice protruding nipples. This man was hot! I reverently dropped to my knees to worship this god given cock on this hunk of a man. I reached around his firm muscular buttocks and pulled him toward me.

I began by holding and observing this beauty. I wanted to make love to it and treat it like a precious treasure. I kissed his cock as it began to harden and enlarge even more than before. Sweet clear precum oozed from a large tulip shaped cock head. A thick covering of skin surrounded the firm rising penis. Heavy veins ran up and down his shaft. I had to lick and taste more of his seeping precum, and when I ran my tongue around the sensitive glands he gasped. I covered his cock head with my mouth and tried to engulf it as much as I could. I continued to get him moist with my spittle so it would be easier for him to penetrate my orifice. I didn’t want to stop sucking on him, but I had to attempt to get his cock in my ass so he could relish a great fuck. I desired to satisfy this man.

I gathered as much precum from his piss slit and some saliva from my mouth to wet my muscle spasm fuck hole. It was now or never. I turned around and bent over the bench while he moved forward to place his cock to my ass crack. I grabbed the large man cock, and ran it up and down my crack, and then to the edge of my wanting hole. He moved towards me again and put one of his fingers to my hole and pushed it in, then another, and then a third finger. He pulled out slowly and guided his cock head to my hole then pushed it in a few inches. His cock was stretching my hole, but I wanted it as much as he wanted to 'get off'. He tried again and a few more centimeters went in. It kept stretching and moving until about half of it was in me. I made an abrupt move and back directly into him and engulfed his complete giant cock. I saw stars, but I was still determined. He paused then put his hands on my hips and grasped on to me.

Wow! You did take the whole thing. Now let’s get it real hard and see if you can still endure my fuck rod sliding in and out of you. Are you ready my friend?”

You mean it gets bigger?” I said to myself. Oh God! What a cock and what a good feeling. I can feel it pushing against my stomach. I know my prostate is ready to explode but, I want to give him a good fuck before I shoot my load. He was now moving slowly and it still felt good. He was touching spots I'd never felt before. Even when the coach fucks me, it never felt this great.

Please take it easy at first, but once I get use to it, you can bang away as hard as you please. I like it rough.”

He breathed deep, then continued to move slowly at first, but then he started going faster and harder until he was plowing my butt and shoving his dick in my ass so hard I had to brace myself against the wall.

Oh Damn. You have a good ass for fucking. I never through a boys ass could feel better than a pussy, but you’ve got them all beat. Your 'boy pussy' is so tight and the muscles are squeezing my cock as though it was sucking me off. You’re great! I feel my cock swelling, my balls are tightening. I’m gonna breed you, boy. I’m planting my seed deep in you 'boy pussy'. Damn! I'm gonna cum already. I’m cumming in your pussy. Ohhhhh Fuuucccckkkk. Aw!”

He pounded away at my ass, filling every crevice and lining of my fuck passageway. He massaged my prostate and I shot one of the best loads of the day. My cum shot up the wall and the bench. It was an outstanding fuck and, a satisfying orgasm for both of us.

We panted for air and breathed deeply. He rubbed my well used buttocks and slowly released his oozing cock from my 'boy pussy'. I was full of his cum. So much that it was leaking out of my ass hole and down my leg. I turned to look into his eyes, but they were still closed like he was in a dream state. He stepped back while I set on the bench and licked his sensitive cock. I milked down the remaining cum and cleaned him well.

When the session was over, he pulled up his shorts and pulled a business card from his western shirt pocket and handed it to me and smiled. “Call me son. We need to do this again real soon. I hate to rush off but I have to find some people I left in the stands. I mean it now, Call me.” He rubbed my head and put his fingers to my mouth and left.

When I looked around me I saw Jake, one of my brothers friends, standing near by. He evidently had watched me getting fucked by that hot dude with the huge cock. He sat beside me.

Hey Corey. Do you know who that was? That dude is a ‘look a like’ extra in that movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. You know, the Indiana Jones guy. He’s a professor at the university and has been in several movies as a stand in. Wow. Dude. You got fucked by a movie star, or at least a double. Wow Dude! That is so cool. He sure had a big cock didn’t he. Almost as big as your dad's.

Stand up and bend over. I wanna see if any of his cum is still dripping out of your ass. I’d like to even taste it if you don’t object. Man, better still, let me fuck you and plant my seed in there with his. Wow Dude. That’s so hot. Corey, let me fuck you. I’m so hot. Stand up Corey. Let me fuck you now!”

Jake was so excited he was almost whining as he begged me to let him fuck me. I stood and he grabbed my arm, turned me around, and leaned me over. He got on his knees to inspect my cum filled asshole. His hands roughly parted my butt cheeks for inspection.

He rubbed his finger over my butt hole and put one finger inside the opening. I felt his hot breath on my buttocks. He put his tongue to the opening and licked me several times to taste the oozing cum. He stood, dropped his jeans, took out his hard cock, and shoved it into the opening of my ass. He roughly pulled my buttocks to his cock, plugged me hard a few times, gasped, and came. He mingled his seed with my recent fucker’s seed. He was wringing wet from the excitement and the wild fucking he gave me.

Corey. I’m sorry for the sudden intrusion, dude, but the idea of that dude's cum dripping from your tasty hole just drove me wild. I hope I didn’t hurt you. Please don’t let your brothers know how I practically raped you. Damn you are so hot and such a slutty 'pussy boy' when you perform. I love fucking your wet cum filled hole. Can we do this sometime after your dad has planted a big load in you. I think your ‘ole mans’ so hot. He is a dude’s dude.”

Jake don’t worry about it. Fuck, I enjoyed it. You know I’m always ready for you to use me. You’ve never fucked me like that before and I liked it….Dude, I’ll let you fuck me some morning in the gym after Dad has planed his load in my slutty pussy. You’re really a good fucker when you let loose. Don’t hold back on me the next time we have sex. It was great.”

I think we better break this up before some other guys want to use my ass. I hear they are having a party at one of the college dorms and I was hoping either you or Larry could get me in without my brothers knowing. You know how possessive and protective they can be. I was hoping I could get some hot college cock up my 'pussy boy' ass tonight. I hear they have a secluded room downstairs that might be interesting. What do ya say. Jake?”

Yeah I think I might arrange that. I have a good buddy that asked if I knew any dudes that like to take it up the ass and I told him about you. He’s anxious to meet you. I might warn you some of the college studs can be rough and harsh when it comes to fagot sex.”

Wow that sounds hot. Let go. I’m rested and ready to get a few hot college studs to deposit a few load in my slutty 'boy pussy'.”

Story By, Dick Clinton at

Word Count, 3673

School Days, College Visit

Story by Richard Barber

I had never been to a college Fraternity before, but Jake said he could get me into the party tonight. It was an all men’s night, Monday night football and no girls were allowed. Jake told me one of his buddies would let us in thru the basement entrance but we had to play it cool.

The house had been an old mansion that had been converted into a Fraternity for men at the University. It was one of those funny Greek alphabetical name, Gamma,, Gamma, Gamma, or something like that, but Jake and Jerry called it ‘gobble, gobble, gobble’ because all the guy talked about was ‘eating pussy’, then he added, it was all talk and most of them had never been with a woman before.

Jerry took us to the back entry of the house, thru the basement recreation room and upstairs to join the other guys. In the main room must have been a dozen of more hot hunky guys gathered around the giant TV. Most were shirtless, wearing tight body shirts, shorts or setting in their boxer underwear. My mouth started to water.

This was an athletic Fraternity and all the men were well build and in excellent shape. I had never seen so many hot looking guys in one location. I could feel my ass hole starting to twitch for want of penetration. I wanted to bend over right there in front of the TV and tell them to have at it. Studs. I’m here to be your ‘cum dump’. Fuck me all night, but my fantasy was interrupted when I was handed a beer by one of the hunks as he passed by me.

Jake grabbed my arm and pulled me next to him. “Well, Corey. Do you think you can handle a few of these dudes? See that hot looking number standing behind the couch? His name is Robbie. He is the one that wanted me to invite some ‘male slut’ over to service him and a few other guys as theirCum dump slut’.”

Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. How are we going to go about this? I’ll never be able to get any of these football addicts away from the TV long enough to make out. I hear some of these ‘redneck straight guys’ just might want to beat the fuck out of fags. I’m a lover, not a fighter. I’m sure he’ll figure out a way to get some action going. I’m gonna leave it up to Robbie.

What do you think of him? He’s got a hot body, and I hear he’s always horny and brags about cumming 6 times a day. I’ve heard rumors he’s hung big too, but so are a few of these other dudes. I’ve showered with most of them in the gym, and I’m telling you, I never seen such a collection of hung studs. I’ve walked in on four of them doing a ‘circle jerk’ and that was awesome. You won’t be disappointed even if you only get to fuck around with half of them.”

Come over and I’ll introduce you to Robbie.”

Robbie was setting on the edge of an arm chair wearing shorts and nothing else. He had an awesome hairless chest, and a taut six-pack of stomach muscles. I couldn’t see any bulge, but a hint of a orb hung from the right side of his gym shorts. He was a handsome looking guy and any straight girl or gay guy would be honored to have sex with. He looked up as we approached and stood just as a cheer was heard from the group because of an exiting football play on the TV.

Robbie. This is Corey, the guy I was telling you about. He might be interested in ‘joining’ your Fraternity when he is ready to go to college.”

Hey Corey. Jake was telling me you like lots of action. I hope you’re in for some action here tonight. Some of these horny bastards never seem to get enough sex, including me. If you’re ready for a tour of the place I’ll be glad to show you around, but first I have to go downstairs to the storage room and get some more beer. Come along with me Corey while Jake and Terry stay here and watch the game.”

We headed down the stairs to the recreation and the storage room. Robbie opened a door under the stairs to a large storage room.

Corey. This would be a good place for you to give me an example of your talents.” Robbie dropped his shorts and out popped his fantastic semi-hard 8 inch uncut cock and a huge set of low hanging balls. “Get on your knees, cocksucker, and have at my first load.”

Wow! This guy wanted some action now. I didn’t hesitated, being the slut cocksucker I was, I dropped to my knees and held his huge balls in one hand and guided his semi-soft cock to my lips. He was hung very well. A large clear drop of pre-cum honey was oozing from his cock slit.

I gazed at his manhood and took one taste of his pre-cum juices. It was sweet yet salty. I ran by tongue around his cock head glands. then eased it into my mouth as his cock started to grow and expand. I estimated it was about nine and a half inches long and a circumference so thick I could hardly reach around it. He was a super hung stud.

I continued to make love to his manhood until he was completely firm and ready to offer me a pleasant load. He stood patiently, hands on his hips and then gripped the back of my head and guided my head back and forth on his cock until he came. I wanted to taste his load, and let some of it shoot into my mouth before swallowing. He came so much it was hard to take it all with one swallow. After I have swallowed his load, he guided his cock to my face and rubbed the last few drops of his cum on my face and lips.

He took a deep breath and sighed. “That was a good blow job, Corey. Next time I want to try out that ass of yours, but before I do, I have to take this case of beer upstairs. You stay here and I’ll be right back. There’s a cot and a large chair in the next section, so get undressed before I return. I want to fuck you up the ass next time.” Then he picked up two cases of beer and headed out the storage room and up the stairs.

I quickly undress and discovered a large overstuffed chair setting at the foot of the bed, covered with a blanket. It would be better than laying on the cot, so as soon as I heard Robbie entering the room, I positioned myself on my knees on the cushion and rested my arms and head on the back of the chair. He kicked off his shorts and rubbed my buttocks. His slid his fingers up and down my butt crack and entered my anus with two fingers.

That looks fine. You learn fast don’t you? This is an excellent position for fucking. We can stand on the floor and throw the meat to you without even taking off our clothes. Good choice.” Robbie said as he continued to slide his finger in and out of my hole. “Your hole is nice and wet. Have you been fucked within the last hour or so?”

Yeah.” I said shyly. “ I got fucked by a couple dudes behind the stadium men’s room before I came over here. I hope this doesn’t turn you off.”

Fuck no. If anything it turns me on. I love dipping my dick into a nice wet juicy pussy. You really are a slut, aren’t you? Jake said you enjoy taking on more than one dude at a time. Hot! Just the way I like it. Nice and juicy slut hole to fuck. Damn. That is hot! Now prepare yourself for another good fucking, slut boy.”

Robbie pulled his fingers out of my boy-pussy, rested one hand on my bare butt, and guided his big cock to my wet and welcome hole. Once he located my opening, he pressed his cock all the way into my hole with one deep, hard movement. He moaned and I gasp with pleasure. He was already rubbing my prostrate and I was about to cum. He kept his big cock deep in my hole and let it throb. He slowly pulled out, then back in. It felt awesome.

Damn, babe. Your hole is the warmest and smoothest boy-pussy I’ve ever fucked. You’re gonna be a good ride. Oh fuck this feels so good. Shit. I love sex…..and I love your ass. Mu-mm Huh. Good ass, good ass” he kept saying as he repeatedly moved in and out of my hole. We were engrossed on our pleasurable fucking when I heard the outer door open to the storage room and two male voices.

Don’t worry. Some of the guys come down here to smoke a joint or two. We can’t smoke upstairs. Just relax. It’s good.”

Turn the fan on, John. Light me up. Thanks.” The two guys were talking as we fucked in the nearby area. Then one of the boys heard Robbie groaning with pleasure as he fucked me.

What the hell? Damn. Is that you Robbie? What the fuck are ya doing?”

Hey John. Yeah. It’s me Robbie. I’m fucking a fantastic young high school boy’s pussy and it’s awesome. Come over and give us a toke while we fuck.”

Shit man. I never realized you were into boy ass. I’ve never tried male pussy. Can I make use of him when you’re finished? I need to pop a nut tonight.”

John. I’d like some of his ass too. I use to fuck my younger brother when I was in high school. It was some good ass, I tell ya. Gawd Robbie, if he can take a cock like yours, I bet he can take anything. Is he tight?” said the other student Sam.

Oh Yeah Sam. This is better than any cunt I’ve fucked since my freshman year. Oh Yeah. Give me another toke and let me pop my load, then you brothers can use him.” Robbie said as he pounded away at my ass. He started getting rougher and faster. I loved the way his huge balls slapped against my balls as we fucked.

Then I knew he was about to release his load up my ass. He grunted and pulled my ass back against his cock, burying it deep each time. Then he hit my prostate again and again and I started to cum. My ass muscles tightened as I came, causing Robbie to cum at the same time.

Oh Fuck. Oh fuck. I’m cumming in your tight pussy. I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Ohhh fuckkkk.” Robbie said as he dumped load after load of his man juices into my welcome boy-pussy. I continued to cum all over the blanket without touching my cock. It was good sex.

Robbie gave me a love pat on my ass and slowly pulled his big wet cock out of my asshole. I could feel the cum running down the inside of my leg and onto my hanging balls.

Okay men. Have at it. He’s yours to fuck at your leisure.” Robbie said to the two guys as he wiped his wet cock on my ass. He reached for a nearby towel I’d place over the arm of the chair and wiped the remaining cum from his cock and my wet ass crack.

I looked back to seen another hot looking dude drop his shorts and place his hand on my buttocks. I only got a glimpse of his hard cock but it looked bigger than 7 inches. I hoped he would enjoy my boy pussy.

Wow Robbie. You sure shoot a big Fuckin load. I hope you haven’t stretched his hole out of shape. Humm. No I guess not. It still feels tight. Damn this dude can tighten his hole and make my dick feel Fuckin good. Oh man, this boy has good control. He’s so warm and juicy, yet tight. Umm, Umm. Give me another toke on that joint, Sam, and give him one too. Umm. His ass is tighter than my brothers. I like this dude.”

John continued to fuck me. I'd let him fuck me as long as he wanted but he was too hot to hold out very much longer. He gripped both of my buttock and fucked me hard, grunting, and gasping at every plunge. His buddy, Sam, was standing at our side watching John fuck me. I reached for Sam’s cock and pulled him up to my mouth so I could taste his cock. I soon had them both about ready to cum, one in my ass and one tasty one in my mouth.

They both came at the same time. John got so excited watching Sam getting sucked off that he came. Sam’s came mostly in my mouth but during the excitement his cock slipped out and cum shot all over my cheek and neck. John grabbed Sam’s sensitive cock and rubbed his cum all over my face. I saw him lick off the remainder of Sam’s cum from his finger tips as he pumped in his last few squirts of cum up my ass. Then John lay over my back and rested as Sam took a step back from my mouth and rested.

Fuck man. I got so hot watching you fuck that I shot my load down the cock sucker's throat. It was good, but I wanted to fuck this dude. Maybe I will come back later if he’s still in the mood. Damn. That was a good suck job though.”

Meanwhile Robbie had left his two Fraternity brothers fucking me and went upstairs. Jake told me later he saw Robbie going around to a few of his buddies that were still watching the game and was telling them about the action that was taking place downstairs. He saw two guys head for the stairs and one head upstairs after he spoke to them.

While I was debating on going to the head to deposit my latest loads, I heard Robbie and two more Frat brothers coming into the room. I got a glimpse of the guys this time and once again, both were hot looking. One was taller than Robbie and the other was average. Robbie looked over at me setting on the couch chair resting.

This is no time to set your ass on the chair when you should be getting ready to take a few more loads up your boy-pussy. While you’re setting there doing nothing, give these brothers some head. You can either swallow their loads or let them discharge some cum up your slutty ass. You’re almost certainly nice and juicy since John used your pussy hole. Make be proud and take care of my brothers. I’ll be back later to fuck your ass again.” Robbie said as he ran his hands thru my hair, messed it up, and left the room.

The tall guy started taking off his shirt and dropped his boxer shorts to the floor. His cock was still half way soft, but was almost as big as Robbie’s nine inches. I began sucking and licking on his beauty as his buddy put his hand to my mouth as I sucked. I heard Robbie call him Hank and the other one Don.

As soon as Hank was hard I knew this cock was gonna be fun to take up my ass. I stopped sucking, got in position on the couch chair again, and offered him my ass for use.

Look at that whore. He’s like a dog in heat offering you his pussy. I’ve never fuck a boy pussy before. Look at his opening. It looks better than a sloppy cunt. Fuck the bitch.” Dan was saying to Hank. “Fuck that bitch.”

Hank felt my buttocks then ran his finger up my ass crack. He bent over and kissed my ass, then surprisingly ran his tongue up my crack to my wet and freshly used asshole.

He tastes like pussy too. Mumm.” Hank said as he continued to lick the cum from my boy-pussy. His buddy Don, was surprised at Hank’s action and started jacking on his cock as he watched Hank tongue fuck my asshole.

Fuck, Hank. If you’re not gonna fuck him right away, move over so I can fuck his pussy. I’m so hot I can shoot my spunk up his ass and you can eat out my cum.”

Hank didn’t respond to Don, but moved aside and offered my ass to Don. Don grabbed my ass and shoved his cock deep in my hole with one quick shove. He started pumping me hard and quick. He fucked me for about five minutes and started moaning while cumming in my ass. He shook and dumped a nice load in me, paused for only a few minutes then pulled his cock out of my hole.

Now Hank. I gave you a nice load to eat out of his pussy. I knew you liked to eat pussy, but never knew you were this kinky. Remind me next time I have a cunt over and you can eat her pussy out after I’ve dumped in her. I’ll be back later, but I want this slut to clean off my cock before I leave.”

Don moved up to my face as Hank went back to eating my ass. Don had an average seven inch cut cock and a nice set of hairy balls. I continued cleaning and working his cock until he started getting hard again.

Meanwhile Hank finished cleaning the cum from my ass, lined up his cock to my wet hole, and moved into my hole. As he started to fuck me, Don started getting excited and shot another of his loads into my mouth. I swallowed his second load. He slowly became soft and pulled his cock from my mouth, patted my head in appreciation and set on the edge of the nearby bed.

Fuck. That dude can give some good head. I’m drained for now, but I’m gonna come back later and fuck that ass again before he leaves.” Don got up put on his shorts and left the room just as another guy entered.

He placed a wireless video camera on the edge of a nearby box and aimed it at the two of us fucking. I didn’t realize until Jake told me later, that it was broadcasting our action to the guys watching it on the TV upstairs. The ball game was over and now our sex games were being view on the big screen. Soon three more guys had entered the storage room and were waiting their turn for sex. I thought these straight dudes were shy when it came to man to man sex, but it seems I was wrong. I guess at this age their hormones are ready and willing to try anything when it came to getting off. I loved these guy and hope to visit them again. I am more than willing to be their cum dump for the rest of the season.

Story by Dick Clinton
Word Count 3,272, 3/8/2009


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