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Jay Boy, Part 07

Jay”, Boy

Story by Dick Clinton

Part 07 David, Boy

When I awoke, Jay was downstairs taking his shower and getting my coffee ready before he brought it upstairs. It was my day for the afternoon shift so I could sleep in late. I dozed off again, but when I awoke, I was aware someone was in the bed next to me. My cock was being explored and manipulated by an unfamiliar hand.

I pretended to remain asleep and to enjoy the sensation of someone jacking me off. I let them move my foreskin back and forth as it got harder and harder, exhibiting my proud full 10 inches of man hood. The other hand was busy lifting and caressing my balls. The warmth of their excited breathing was felt as they moved closer to me, almost touching the head of my cock head. If they continued this, my cock would start to spasm warm loads of ejaculation right in their face.

My cock was now oozing large amounts of pre-cum. They rubbed the pre-cum around the head of my already sensitive cock head, causing me to start to shoot my cum. I muffled my moan and groans within my pillow, but the feeling was so good I could not help to shake with ecstasy as I released my pent-up orgasm. They continued to jack me as gobs and gobs of my man sperm gushed from my cock. I shot so hard that some of my cum landed on my naked abs and into my navel cavities.

The warm moist hand continued to jack me until I was completely spent. I could hear the slurping of the tongue as they licked my cum off their hand and fingers. I was relaxed again and as they moved off the bed, I was tempted to look to see who it was. I knew it was not Jay, but much to my surprise it was the oldest boy, David.

This little rascal must have been wondering about my cock and wanted to see me ejaculate for him. I had been aware of David’s lingering looks at me in the shower and would always take the opportunity to come into the bathroom when I was taking a shower or pissing. He even stood beside me one time as I pissed and whipped out his dick to piss. Of course I had to notice his well developed 6 inches of soft boy cock, which was pretty good size for his age of 16. I’m sure he will continue to develop and be as large as his older brother Jay. I knew one thing; he sure knew how to manipulate my cock and took me to a full orgasm. Boys usually start to jack off around 9 but the wet ejaculation of sperm usually comes at a later date.

David was a good-looking boy like his other 2 brothers and Dad. It was hard to tell whose traits the boys picked up because both his mother and dad had dark deep brown eyes, except for the youngest, Ben, who had deep green eyes. David’s body was that of a swimmer, tall, thin and well developed. His body was sparse of any hair except for his armpits, his crotch, and a few hairs on his chest and a soft peach fuzz presence on his bowling ball buttocks. He was also uncut like the rest of the men in his family, which was unusual for Jewish/Catholic family, but it must have been his father that insisted on no circumcision.

I watched David carefully as I thought he was heading to the toilet to piss or clean up, but he stopped at the full-length mirror that was nailed to the closet door. He stood looking at his youthful smooth body and started to rub his nipples as his hand wondered down to his hard cock under his white briefs. He was massaging his body and released his cock and balls from his shorts and rested them on the waistband. His cock had grown to a good 7-½ inches of manly uncut, pre-cum producing, cock. It was a bit of a shock to me but turned me on immediately.

David was aware I was watching and moved the door mirror so I could see his whole body, as he was about to perform for me. He started to do a body ritual of rubbing and feeling his body in every position he could do. He was performing like a professional Chippendale dancer, slowly bumping and moving in sexual and suggestive moves. I wanted to watch better so I set up on the side of the bed to take it all in. My cock immediately became hard again. I rearranged my balls and started to manipulate my cock for another jack off session.

David was sure a hot dude and I wondered why I hadn’t noticed just how sexy he really was. I was very careful not to mess around with younger men but I guess as long as I didn’t touch him, it would be okay. Besides, David started this seduction and I was not about to stop him now. It was a good thing that their Uncle Sid was at work and wouldn’t be home until very late tonight.

I continued to watch David as he jacked himself off while performing suggestive sexual moves. He kept his eyes on himself and seemed to enjoy looking at his trim body and big throbbing cock. He had moved his briefs to the floor and kicked them to the floor beside my feet. I quickly picked them up and placed them to my nose to inhale the clean scent of his boyish body musk. This little dude was such a tease and already knew what turned people on.

While I was engrossed on David’s hot cock throbbing maneuvers, I heard Jay quietly coming up the stairs. He saw I was enjoying David’s seductive dance, and put the coffee and toast on the bedside table. He quietly moved to the floor between my legs where he took over the jacking of my cock, to replace my hand with his hot mouth. This was beyond my wildest dreams. Jay was sucking me off while his younger brother was jacking off in front of the mirror.

David was getting more excited and moving his hands around and over his body until I knew he was going to cum. He jerked and gasps out in wild orgasms motions until his clear boy cum shot big squirts of cum on the mirror. At first it was clear and watery, then heavy white spurts of cum followed. He braced himself against the door as he let his sperm squirt load after load of boy cum. It was so hot that I could not hold out any longer, I grabbed Jay’s head and shoved it down on me as I gave him my frantic gushing cum, over and over. I think each of my spurts matched David’s as he finished up his ejaculation all over the mirror.

I took a deep breath while enjoying myself in Jay’s warm mouth. I thought it was over but David had dropped to the floor on his last few spasms of cum. He started licking his cum from the mirror, starting from the bottom up. He released his hand from his semi-hard cock and placed the remaining cum from his cock to his finger, and then placed his finger, with the wet cum, into his ass hole.

Jay opened the top drawer of the end table and pulled out a small facial vibrator about 7 inches long, and tossed it to David. David took the vibrator, wet it with his mouth and started to place it in his ass. I was ecstatic by this time and wondered how much better this could get.

David continued to lick up his cum from the mirror. He lay on his back and threw his legs over his head until his cock was directly over his face. I thought he was going to suck his own cock, but instead he placed the vibrator into his ass and started moving it in and out in a fucking motion. I didn’t know if I could stand any more of this. My cock had started to serge again. Jay wasted no time to turn around and set on my cock, taking it all the way, with one move. I was now fucking Jay, while his brother preformed before me with a vibrating dildo in his firm round ass.

I heard David let out another sigh of pleasure as the vibrator massaged his prostate causing his untouched cock to shoot his load right into his own mouth. David didn’t hesitate to drink down his own cum as it gushed from his cock. Needless to say this sent me over the brink again and I shot my cum right up Jay’s welcome ass. He was jacking off during this fucking and shot his cum all over my legs and down to my feet. I was about to pass out from the pleasure and excitement and leaned back in the bed as Jay enjoyed his last gusher of cum. As I lay there pleasantly satisfied, I felt a warm body between my legs. They were now licking Jay’s cum off my feet. I looked over to see if David was still in a prone position, but he had left the mirror, and he was licking the cum off my feet.

Oh, My God. This was just too much for me to comprehend. How did David become such a sex slut at 16? Was Jay holding out on me and was waiting for the right time? No matter what, I was in heaven knowing I had 2 fantastic boys at my command.

David not only licked Jay’s cum off my feet, but also kissed and made love to my feet, licking and sucking my toes with his tongue and mouth. He was a foot worshiper, as well as an exhibitionist. What a pair of hot young men. Now I was beginning to wonder if the other boy had any special talents.

Jay remained impaled on my cock while David gave my feet a tongue bath. David moved up to Jay’s cock and started cleaning the remainder of cum from his cock. Jay remained on me until his brother had finished, when he lifted his ass off my cock, David started licking and cleaning my balls and cock with his warm hot mouth. I could sense David, was into more kinky things than Jay but who cared as long as he enjoyed it. He continued to lick my balls and put his tongue under the loose lacy foreskin of my cock, cleaning and tasting every crevice of my shaft.

How can one stay soft with such expert licking and sucking? I could not believe myself. David had gotten my cock hard again and was about to get another load from me. I had already cum 3 times this morning and was about to unload another round of sperm into David’s young talented cock sucking mouth. Then all hell broke loose and I came a 4th time. My balls were still shooting sperm to my boys. I nearly passed out this time but after I came, Jay and David moved my legs back on the bed and I fell asleep again.

I was awakened by Jay about an hour later. I had to get myself ready for work. I felt I could move around the Cabin more freely now that David had exposed his many talents to me.

I went about my business showering, shaving, and getting my clothes and shoes ready for another day at the Hotel. I was to go in a bit earlier today so I could take Jay in to see Sam, and get him that job he had promised last night at the card game. Now Jay would be exposed to the men that had fucked him several times last night. Jay had left his mask on through out the whole evening and only Todd and I knew it was Jay. I had talked to Jay earlier about this and he was very excited about the idea of getting fucked several times a day in the storage room. I must say, Jay sure loved his sex, and since he was young, he might as well enjoy it to the fullest.

Part 7 B. Jay takes a job at the hotel.

We arrived at the Hotel and went down to the lower floor to Sam’s office. He was busy as usual with the office work, and taking care of the dock deliveries. When we arrived, Sam was talking to one of the truck drivers that had just backed up to the docks. When Sam saw us, he excused himself and came over to us immediately.

Hello Dick and this must be the young man that did so well at the poker game last night. My name is Sam and yours is? I quickly spoke up to introduce him.

Sam. This is Jay. He is here with his Uncle and me during the next few weeks before school starts again. He is in training and understands you might find a place for him to keep up his training. If you know what I mean?” I said lifting my eyebrow as a signal of his understanding.

Yes. I have make arrangements for Jay to work here doing light jobs but his main job would be in more secluded area of the storage room. We have a quiet spot, with a nice cot just off one of the small men’s room in the back. Only the employees use that area and sometimes a special trucker or workman. I will take good care of him, and you can pick him up after work.”

The first day may be kind of slow, but once the word is out, they’ll be lining up for his attention. Already that truck driver hunk I was just talking to, ask me who that hot young man was and said he would sure like to try him out. If you want, we can start you with him, Jay. There is already an understanding that you work on tips for special services so there will be no freebie.”

I gave one more look of concern at Jay but he just smiled and assured me he would be all right and could handle his new job. I left him in good hands, and as I was heading up the stairs to my locker room area, I saw Sam motion for the truck driver to come over to talk to him. Jay hadn’t been here 15 minutes and he already was being lined up for his first fuck of the day.

I changed into my waiter’s uniform and went to my assigned area. It was the regular lunch crowd from the hotel and a few of their guest. It was pretty routine once you learned your job.

There was one new table with some special guest I was to serve today. There were 12 men. All looked like ‘money’. There was a special quality about the men and right away, I knew they were here at my table for a special reason. The men were different ages, from about 21 to 55, elegantly and tastefully dressed.

The oldest man kept watching me at a distance, and when they left, he gave me an envelope with a very substantial tip, his personal business card, and a hand written note asking me to call on him at one of the special guest houses behind the hotel. These were reserved for special guest, and were very expensive to lease. He asks me to be at his place when I got off work, at 11 PM. I couldn’t imagine what he wanted but with that huge tip, how could I refuse his beckoned call?

The rest of the shift seem to drag on but I finally finished and quickly changed out of my uniform and went downstairs to the dock area to pick up Jay. He was setting in Rob’s office chatting with 3 other men. When he saw me, he immediately came out of the office and gave me a big smile. I had to assume everything was fine and he was still in one piece. He didn’t look tired or abused, so I knew it was okay. I shouldn’t worry about him, but I guess it was the affection that had grown between the two of us.

Hello, little buddy. Looks like you are still in good spirits. I trust things were good for you? I said to Jay as we walked out of the hotel and to the parking lot.

Oh yes. Yes, indeed. I had an excellent time and made some good tips. Rob is such a grand person and his concern for me was awesome. He kept me very busy but did not push anything or anyone on me, and timed my visits so I could have a chance to clean up and rest until my next partner.” Jay continued

You curious how much I made in tips? I was only working during the 6 hours and had a visitor about every 30 minutes. Rob makes all the arrangements and negotiated the money collection. He said $25.00 a visit would be good for a first day but if they wanted to blow me, it would be extra. He left it up to the visitors to give me the extra tip if they wanted. I got fucked 12 times and blown 4 times. I took in $300 there and another $80, so all together I made $380.00 in tips. I offered Rob a percentage of it, but he refused and said he would just take it out in trade. He would fuck me at least once a day for his share. I thought that seemed fair, since Rob is such a nice person and his dick is so nice and thick. He does come too quickly, but we’ll work something out.”

Rob said he was more than pleased and would have the next 2 days already filled up with visitors. Many were repeats and some had already paid in advance. Man, I didn’t know these men needed that much sex, but I am glad. Rob also took me to the hotel doctor before and after all the men used me. I’m to go there at the end of each shift for examination. The doctor was a young dude and got a hard on while he was examining me so I gave him a blow job. He’s a married man but sure got hot when he was with me. I think that’s going to work out good too. He also gave me a shot of vitamins to help me keep up my energy.” Jay continued talking until we were almost home. He quickly moved close to me and quietly said.

Uncle Dick. I hope you don’t mind me doing this. I want you to know you are the best friend ever and I don’t want to hurt you or make you jealous. Just because these men are using me as their sexual release, only means I want to make money for next year. They mean nothing to me like you do. I think we have something special, and I don’t want to lose that. If this is in any way bothering you and you don’t want me to do it, I will stop right now.” Jay said to me in a very serious and concerned way.

No way, Jay, and when did you start calling me Uncle Dick? I like that. I like you too, very much and as long as you are enjoying yourself and remember our friendship, there is nothing to be concerned about, besides your dad said you should keep in training. I just never want you to get hurt or abused by anyone. As long as you are enjoying the sexual part, I think it is great. I love seeing you having sex as long as you don’t get tired of our friendship.” Then I pulled Jay close to me in the car. He lovingly kissed me and rested his head on my shoulder until we pulled into the driveway of our cabin.

I have to change clothes and go to a business meeting back at the hotel. I am not sure what this is all about, but I am so curious that I am going. I will be back later on tonight, so you get some rest.” I told Jay as I left and headed back to the hotel guest houses behind the main hotel.

I found the guest house # 10 and buzzed the locked gate that secured the front yard of the house. A young good-looking man came out to open the gate, and directed me inside the house. I entered the small entrance hallway and was directed to another room where the man that gave me the note, was setting on a leather couch, reading a book. He looked up and smiled and motioned for me to set down in the chair.

Hello. I am glad you came. My name is Bartholomew Tipton, but you can call me Bart. I have a business proposition I would like to discuss with you. I was told you know how to make a dull party, more interesting. I would like for you and a few of your friends to discreetly entertain a few of my close friends and myself. I am willing to pay for your services, as well as your friends, but like I must emphasize, it must be discreet.” He said as I listen intently. I knew immediately he wanted me to organize a sexual party for him and his friends.

Yes, sir. I understand. Is there anything special you had in mind? Where would this take place and when do you want it to happen?” I question.

Bart told me he had access to a private club room in the Guest house area. I was to entertain 12 men, including himself. The place had a small stage, and if there were anything that I needed, his ‘man’ George, would be at my service. Money was no object, and he would give me an advance of $1,000. He would pay for all the expensive and will give me the remaining after the entertainment. I could pay the other entertainers as I desired. He would take care of the catering, and drinks, so I should only be concerned with the show. He wanted something unusual and special. I was excited with this offer and, already had something in mind. During our conversation, Bart told me that he and his buddies were baseball fans. He also said I had open range and he had trust in my judgment, and looked forward to any surprise I could come up with.

We chatted for about 15 minutes then I felt I should excuse myself. Bart’s man, and bodyguard, George showed me to the door and handed me an envelope with some cash. George was a very handsome young man, about 25, with a well developed body, a good dresser and a pleasant personality; I was hoping I could throw him in the closet and suck the man juice out of him. He was a hot dude but perhaps later when the opportunity came up for us to be alone or perhaps I could find a place for him in the show.

My mind was swirling with thoughts and ideas of the show I was to produce. I only have a few days to get it all together but I knew I could do it. I was already thinking of the guys as the hotel I could get to help me, plus David and Jay.

When I got home, the cabin was dark except for a small light that Jay had left for me upstairs. I quickly got undressed and crawled into bed next to Jay. He was asleep, but when he felt me next to him, he cuddled next to me, and gave me a sweet and warm kiss. This kid has such a sexual magnetism that I immediately became hard. He started kissing down my body right to my cock. After caressing and making love to it for a while, he straddled my body and sat directly on my cock. After a good slow and quiet fucking, I shot my cum deep into his well-used ass. He licked off all the remaining cum from my dick, and then we both fell asleep in each others arms. It had been a nice day for everyone.

End of Part 7, by Richard Barber at
5/10/2017 Revised, Word Count 4,140

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