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Jay Boy, Part 08

Jay”, Boy

Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

Part 08

The next few days I spent getting the party ready for Mr. Bartholomew Tipton and his business associates and close friends. I had already recruited 12 of the boys and men from the Hotel and the local area to perform and entertain. I had chosen what I considered the ‘cream of the crop’. The men were good-looking masculine hot clean-cut men that were not only versatile but also hung more than the average man. I was fortunate to get several that had been Chippendale Dancers or performers from various dance groups and strip clubs. Most of the men, were working at various jobs at the hotel or in the local small town around the area. Once the word got out that I was looking for performers they popped up everywhere. I had 2 guys that were going to run the sound equipment and the lighting for the small stage we were going to use in the hotel compound.

Bart’s bodyguard and manservant, George, reserved the room for us. It was not a large place but was perfect for our presentation. It had recently been used for a modeling show and still had the ramp leading from the center of the stage into the center of the room. It would be excellent for close up presentations of our men. I hadn’t planned for it to be a big production but I had so many hot looking men that had volunteered to perform, that it was hard to refuse any of them.

I gathered the men together in the room and presented my ideas of how I wanted this to go down. I explained to them that I wanted everyone who took part to relax, have fun and a good safe time. Then I presented them with the plans.

“Gentlemen. I am glad to see such a fantastic room full of hot looking men. Perhaps we should all start by introducing ourselves to each other, but keep your clothes on, and your cock in your pants until tomorrow night. I think most of you know each other so lets get to the presentation. If any of you have any questions, wait until the end and we will sort things out.

You have all been presented with baseball uniforms, towels and extra condoms just in case. It is all very simple if you just stay natural and do your thing while on stage. I know when you are back stage it will be hard to keep your hands off of each other, but you should save yourselves for your surprise partner in the audience. I’ll explain that as we go along. I have a print out of this for all of you but we will go over it now first.

The stage is a baseball player’s locker room. I will be playing the part as the Head Coach of the team, and George will be the much-hated Referee.

First Scene: Locker room strip. You 12 guys in the first presentation are baseball players arriving into the locker room after the game. As you start to talk and undress, music can be heard from the stadium. You will start to undress and strip with the rhythm of the music. On the projected ramp into the audience, there are several benches and on the front of the stage where the stripping will take place. After the stripping presentation, and you are nude, you will head off stage to the showers.

Second Scene. Bat-boy’s Exhibition. After you leave for the showers, attention is drawn to the young 14-year-old bat boy, played my Ben. He starts to undress at his locker next to a portable shower that had been placed on the stage. He strips slowly and enters the shower and presents his personal exhibition of masturbation.

Third Scene: The Scuffle and Rape. On stage one of the players is doing an arm exercise in the locker room. The referee makes a comment to him and an argument develops between the ball player, played by Jay. and the referee, played by George. A scuffle develops between the two, and the referee overpowers the baseball player and forces him onto the workout table. There the referee seduces him in a wild rough sexual encounter.

Fourth Scene. The Water Boy. Another young 16-year-old team helper boy, played by David, comes out of the showers to dry himself off. While he admires himself in the mirrors, he proceeds to masturbate on the mirrors and performs a hot scene using a large dildo on himself. This is the same one he used for me in the Cabin, and it is hot.

Fifth Scene, The Boy/Man Hat Matching You boys will return from the showers, wet and naked and start drying off. Then you go to the benches once again to talk and admire each others bodies, ass, and dicks. One at a time you take a baseball hat from your lockers. Each of the hats matches one of the 12 men’s hats setting in the audience.

The 12 men in the audience are setting in large overstuffed armchairs and are dressed in different baseball uniforms of their choice. You 12 guys have matching hats and will go from the stage to one of the 12 men to find the matching hat/man in the audience, and select a matching hat/man, as your partners for the rest of the evening.

None of you will know until that time whom your partner will be. I am sure no one will be disappointed. Not only are you guys’ hunks, but also the 12 men, in the audience, ranging from 22 to 55, are equally as good looking and I might add rich. I might have to change your 2nd entrance because by this time the audience will be so hot and horny, I may have to send you studs to your partners earlier. I don’t want them to have self-sex before you get to know them more personally.

Sixth and Final Scene. The Brothers Three, With Coach and Referee

In the last scene of the show, the helper, David, is lying on the bench resting from his orgasms and dildo experience. One of the baseball players, Jay, is admiring the guy’s body from the end of the locker room and starts getting aroused. He starts to masturbate himself, and then comes over to the boy, starts playing with his cock, then leans down to suck on his cock. Eventually he lifts the boy’s legs, and places his hard cock to the boy and starts to fuck him. The bat boy, Ben, joins in the action.
Meanwhile the coach, Dick, and the referee, George, join in to watch the 3 boys in action. They all climax into the final scene, and the curtain is pulled and the show is over. except in the audience, where the excitement continues with their partners.

Everything was prepared over the next day and the guys were all excited and ready to go. They got together and planned how, and what they would do, what placements they would take on the stage, and some moves they would take with the music. The sound equipment was all ready set up and the lighting, handled by another volunteer. The guys had all arrived and were dressed as hot young baseball players ready to make their entrance. The audience was situated and was being served drinks by some of their caters.

Continued to part 2 of Take me out to the ballgame.

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