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Ricky Right, Adventures 1

Ricky Right,
This is an almost true story of a young man that lived during a time when a boy could do almost nothing wrong. It was a time before, during and after World War II. It was the time when a normal health young male was sexually active and every sexual contact seemed right, and Ricky was one of those boys.Fahrrad
He worked part time jobs in his small rural town and $5.00 was a full days work, and seemed like a small fortune. A loaf of bread was about 12 cents a loaf, a bottle of milk was a quarter and a gallon of gasoline was not much more than 25 cents and a double feature movie showing was only 50 cents. Ricky lived in one of these small towns with his parents and older brother.
Ricky was an active clean cut boy with a nice athletic body which he developed working on his fathers small farm. He had light yellow blond hair and beautiful sparkling blue eyes. He rode his red bicycle all over the place and was like a modern day skater boy.
When Ricky was in grade school he was saving up his money to buy a new bike so he sought out every chance to make a little cash. He worked part time at a small grocery store after school and sometimes on a Saturday. Most stores were closed on Sundays except the local theater and one filling station. Sundays was the day most people when to church.
Ricky worked at the grocery store. His boss, Mr. Roy, was the butcher and owner. He took a liking to Ricky and made him stock boy and other small jobs. One job was to sort out the empty soda pop bottles in the back of the store. When Mr Roy would take a brake to have a cigarette he would also take a piss while Ricky was working there. Ricky couldn't help but notice Mr Roy's big cock and began to realize that Mr. Roy always came out back to take his piss just to show off his dick. Ricky didn't mind, in fact he would stop work and watch him piss. One day after Mr Roy took his piss, he left his dick hanging out while he light his cigarette. He shook it a few times and smile at Ricky saying.
“You like to looks of my big Italian cock?” Ricky smiled and nodded his head 'yes'. Then as Mr. Roy walked closer to Ricky he asked if he would like to touch it. Of course Ricky said yes. Mr. Roy came over to Ricky who was already on his knees and offered Ricky his big cock. “You can touch it if you like.”
Ricky surprised him by promptly gripped his cock and giving the growing cock a kiss and gently caressed his balls. Mr. Roy was even more surprised when Ricky when down on him and started sucking it like an old pro. Mr. Roy had heard rumors that Ricky was servicing a few of the local farm boys and merchants in town, but he wanted to find out for himself. It was good to have a local boy that would suck him off when he needed to drop a load of cum.011_tumblr_lgs91jh0x01qf2a5vo1_400
This became routine for Ricky to suck off his boss and even a few of the delivery men at the store as well. He notice there was always an extra dollar or two in his weekly wage envelope. Even the delivery men would slip him a few dollars after they had been blown. Ricky soon became know by some of the local men and boys as the Town's Boy Whore.
Mr. Roy wasn't the first cock Ricky had sucked as a young man. Several time a week Ricky would walk one of the girls from his school to her home. She lived above a garage where her father Mr. Ford owned and worked. Ricky knew Mr. Ford from the times his father would bring the truck to the garage to be worked on. Mr. Ford would take Ricky to the back room and fuck the hell out of him while his dad went shopping. His dad wasn’t aware of their activity.
As soon as Ricky would walk his daughter to the front door, Mr. Ford would motion Ricky to come to the garage and then direct him to the back storage room. He knew what was expected of him. Mr. Ford would lock the door and pull off his jumper while Ricky would drop to his knees and take Mr. Ford's fat thick cock in his mouth to suck. When he got it wet enough he would stand, pull down his pants and bend over the oil drum so Mr. Ford could fuck Ricky's willing young ass. Ricky loved to be fucked by Mr. Ford, even thought he sometimes got rough with him. His big thick cock was hard to take at first, but soon Ricky became accustomed to it. He usually came the same time Mr. Ford did. Ricky was getting fucked by his girlfriends dad almost every time he walked her home. If she only knew.
After Ricky would get his ass roughly fuck my Mr. Ford, the mechanic, he would go back to the school yard and pick up his bike and head home for the day. Sometime Mr. Ford would slip a five note in his shirt pocket for a job well done.
DirtyMechanics 071_0001
One day after he left his part time job at the grocery store, he saw Mr. Pick sweeping the sidewalk in front of his theater. Mr. Pick and his son John owned and operated the only movie theater in miles. They also went to the same church as Ricky and sang in the choir. Ricky thought he'd stop by to ask Mr. Pick if he needed any help. Mr. Pick was about the same age as his dad and John, his oldest son was in his Senior class at high school. Mr. Pick was a good looking man about 40 with just a small mount of gray hair in his sideburns. John wasn’t too shabby either. He played football and kept in good shape.
“Hello Mr. Pick. I see you working pretty hard. Do you need any help? I'm looking for a part time job so I can buy a new bike.”
“Hey there Ricky. It's funny you asked because I was telling John I could use another hand around here now and then. How about now? We are running a little behind and need to get the stage swept before tonight showing.”
“Great. I was just heading home but have some time before Mom gets home from work. Show me what to do.”
Mr. Pick took me to the stage and handed me the boom. All I had to do is sweep and fold up some chairs on the stage and put them away. It only took about an hour, and when I was done Mr. Pick came down to the edge of the stage and motioned for me to set with him in the front row seats.
He looked so hot in his tight Levi jeans. I had always seen him in his Sunday best at church. He rubbed his cock a few times as we were talking and that made me wonder if he was horny and needed a blow job. Gnaw. It was just a reaction, but he caught me looking at his basket. We chatted about nothing then I thought I would touch his crotch where his dick was bulging. He jumped but didn't say anything.
“I'm sorry. I been so horny this month with my wife out of town. I need to go beat my meat to release the pressure.”
“I can help you with that. I love to play with a man's dick.” Then I started to unbutton his jeans. He just set back on the seat and threw back his head. “Do you think we should do this, I know. Is it okay with you to do this?”
“Oh sure. I love to suck a man's cock. It's just a fun thing to do, and I love the taste of cum.. Now lift up so I can pull down your jeans. I want to suck and lick on you balls too.”
“Oh my God. I'm about to pop right now. I didn't know you'd do things like this. Are you sure you want to do it? Do you swallow as well?”
“Fuck yeah. That one of the best part of sucking a man's cock, the cum. I love it.” Meanwhile I had his pants down to his ankles and I was caressing his big balls. He had a bigger than usual uncut cock. He was really secreting the man juices from the end of his cock. I got on the floor, leaned over and took the velvet wet foreskin in my mouth. He groaned and put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.
I eased my mouth over his cock and went all the way down on his eight inch cock. I stayed there for a few seconds then came up for air. I thought he was gonna cum right then. I went down on him again and again until I knew for sure he was go to shoot a big load. He moaned again and placed his hands to the back of my head and held me down on his gushing cock. Most of the load went right down my throat. When I came back up for air he was still shooting cum. He really needed this release. I continued sucking on him until I knew he was completely drained then I swallowed his soft cock again until I had milked him dry. I thought he had passed out, but then he looked down at me and said.
“Wow. That was unbelievable. That was the best blow job I've had in a long time.”
I kept my mouth on his prick then it started to get hard again. I thought I'd keep sucking until he told me to stop, but he didn't so I kept sucking until he gave me another load of cum. This guy really was potent. I finally stopped sucking and let him rest. I happened to look up at the theater camera Projector box to see his son John looking out the window. He had seen me giving his dad both blow jobs.
Mr Pick pulled up his jeans and took a deep breath. “You did a good job sweeping the stage and putting away the chairs...and the other thing...well you know it was good too. Stop by when you’re in the area and perhaps I may have some other jobs for you. Here's some money for helping me and when you seen John tell him I said to give you a movie pass. This way you can come to the movies anytime.
“Thanks Mr. Pick. I enjoyed it as well and I'd like to do it again, if you don't mind.” I headed up the isle and up stairs to use the men's room. Just as I finished pissing and washing my hands, I heard the door open and John came in and went to the urinal.
“Hey there Ricky. I see you did some work for my dad.”
“Yeah. He's cool. He said to ask you for a movie pass.”
John turned towards me exposing his large hard dick hard. “You'll have to come over here and get it out of my pocket.”
I wasn't too shocked because I knew he saw me sucking off his dad in the theater. I came over to him, took his hard dick in my hand, looked into his eyes, and dropped to my knees to suck on his throbbing cock. I admired John from a distance and wanted to blow him when he was in grade school, but he was always surrounded by admiring girls and other football dudes. Now was my life time desire was letting me suck his cock. I pulled out his balls when he undid his belt and scooted down his boxer shorts and jeans. He smelled so good. I quickly devoured his low hanging ball and worked them over good. I looked up and his handsome face before going back to his cock. He looked down and nodded.260b9-i-11-25111
“Yeah. I always thought you were a cock sucker. Why the hell did you take so long to revel yourself to me. I love a good blow job, but most of my girlfriends can't suck cock worth a dam. You're gonna see lots of me, punk. I might share you with some of my friends, but only when I'm ready. You'd like that wouldn’t you?
“Oh Fuck. You're gonna make me cum. Keep sucking. Oh Yeah. Here's my fucking load. Take it all. Drain my cock. Oh shit, oh shit. I'm cumming. Uggggg.” he moaned out as I drain his throbbing cock. He leaned back against the wall as I licked and cleaned his cock and balls. When I finished I stood and he suddenly grabbed me and gave me a quick hug. “Thanks buddy. Good job. Good job. Now what did you come up here for? Oh yeah. A movie pass. I have one in the booth. Let me wash up and you follow me to the booth.”
This was a good day so far. I left the theater with some money in my pocket, a movie pass, and three great loads of cum from father and son. I now had more men on my list as cum producers. I loved this town.
As I was getting on my bike I remembered I need some air in the back tire. There was a small gas station on the way home. I'd stop off there before I went home. The station was a small two pump station and the air was free.Bend+over,+you+will+like+this
I knew the owner Hal and his brother Kyle, but never ever thought of sucking either of them, but maybe because the situation never came up. There was always another day.
The brothers were from some foreign country in Europe, Belgium, I think, but were now American Citizens. There were part of a group of people that arrived here before WWII to get away from Nazi rule. Most were 'Truck Farmers' in the area. They were hot well build men. I'd eyed several of the young men that drove by my home on their tractors.
I pulled up to the air station to get my tire filled, but no air came out. I heard someone walk up beside me at the pump.
“Hey. You need some gas for that bike?” he said jokingly.
“Hi. No. Just some air for my back tire. Where is the air?”
I looked up to see Hal standing over me. He had on lose coveralls, but no shirt. A red kerchief was tied around his neck to absorb his sweat. He had dark unruly curly hair and a hint of an unshaven dark beard. He was built like one of the men in my comic books that I often jack off to. I almost gasp as I looked him up and down. He was a sexy hunk. I wanted to inhale and lick his bare armpits and run my tongue up and down his chest and biceps. I was without words.
“I have to turn on the pump so you can use the air. Okay? You wait here?”
I watched him swagger over to the garage and pull on a cord to start the engine, then the air would build up so I could use it. I was still so stunned by his body that I almost forgot what I was here for. As he came back towards me, I eyed him up and down. I realize he was eyeing me as well.
"You the young man that works at the Market place?"
"Yes sir, but just part time."
"Yeah. I've heard of you. My cousin works for a soda company in the city and told me some young man that works there gives him some head now and then. Is that you?"
"I guess I'm the cock sucker your are referring to. Is that a good or bad thing to you?"
"It's a good thing if you'd like to suck on my cock... and my brother's." he said as he gripped his cock through his coveralls. Then he laughed and patted my butt.
"Is that ass part of your action too? I haven't had any young ass since I left the old country."
"Well it depends on how big your dick is and how much you'd like to fuck me." I said with a hopeful smile on my face.
"You're a hot little one, aren't you? Come into the Garage. I'd like to use your sweet little ass and my cum dumpster. Would you like to take my brother and me for a good fuck or two? We were just closing up and were about to go home." he said as we headed to the Garage.
When inside we headed to the back office where his younger brother was doing some paper work.
"What do we have here, Kyle?
"This is the young man that blows our cousin Jake, the truck driver. He also likes to get his young sweet ass fucked by older men. Do you think we can accommodate this young bitch?"
Hal's mouth dropped as he looked at me. "You mean we're gonna get some young ass today? You got to be kidding me. It's been so long since I fucked a young pup that I would probably cum the minute I started to fuck."
"Well. Let's get started then. I need some hot men to use me for a few rounds before I go home."
Just then I unbuttoned my jeans and kicked off my tennis shoes. I immediately dropped to my knees and waited for the 2 hunky brothers to feed me their cock.. Kyle was first to peal off his jumper and shoes and direct his hard uncut 8 inch dick to my mouth. I gripped his balls with one hand and his cock to my mouth. His uncut cock was only half way hard but it was a beauty. I edge my tongue into the opening and ran it around and around to taste his cock snot. It started to grow to a full 8 inches.
He moaned and said. "Dam this boy is a hungry cock sucker, but good. I can't wait to fuck his boy-pussy." mumm, he sighed.
I looked over at his brother to watch him disrobe and flip his hardening 8 or more inches of man meat. He had a trim and firm body as well as Kyle. I could feel Hal getting close to cumming so I let him shoot his well needed load in my mouth and down my throat.
"Fuck young-en! I didn't want to cum so quickly but you're suck a good cock sucker I couldn't hold off. But now I will be able to hold off longer as I fuck you. Kyle. Get over her and let him drain your dick while I go look for some lube to fuck this little whore."
The younger brother, Kyle immediately walked over to let me suck on his big cock too. Sam was bit larger then his brother, but tasted as good as Hal. I gave him a good working over from cock head to his balls, then back again. He was hot and ready to cum but I held back until Kyle returned with the lube."
"Kyle, why don't you fuck my ass while I suck Hal's cock. I want both of you in me as you both cum."
"Fuck yeah, you little slut. I think I like your thinking. We will fill you at both ends and if Hal wants to fuck you later he can use my cum as a lubrication. That sounds hot, now bend over the end of the couch but keep in sucking Hal while I plow that sweet little fuck hole."
As soon as I got into position Hal stuck his cock back into my mouth while his brother Kyle lubed my asshole with 2 fingers then 3. He aimed his thick cock head to my tender hole and eased his hard 8 inch cock into my body. It hurt for awhile but I adjusted. It had been over a week since the garage mechanic, Mr. Ford had fucked me. Now I had 2 more garage people using me as their cum dump. Horny bunch, Huh?
Kyle when in slowly then it slid all the way to his balls. He immediately hit my tender spot and I came all over the floor. I gasp and adjusted for more fucking. Hal slowly pulled out a little then back to full cock. I could feel his balls his my ass. He was all the way in and it felt good. I was ready and willing for another good fucking by these 2 huskie studs.
I continued to suck on Hal as Kyle fucked my ass. It was in and our at both ends. This was a first for me and being the slut I was, I love it. It wasn't long before the 2 brother got into a rhythm and fuck the heck out of me. Both came at the same time then fell on top of me. There faces almost touching. They looked at each other and started to laugh.
"What a fuck, What a damn good fucking, and sucking. What a hot little number. We must do this again."
"I would love to fuck him but I am all sucked out.." Hal said. "Lets save that for another time...say tomorrow? Then both brother laughed again and hi-fives as they still laid on my used body.
" Hey Rickie, come back tomorrow and I will have a new tire for that old one that keeps losing air. Okay? About the same time tomorrow?"
We all got up and dressed just as the phone rang. I said my good bye and hopped back on my bike and headed down the road to my house. I was looking forward to getting used by those 2 hot brothers.
I wondered what was ahead of me tomorrow. I was still horny but had to go home and do my chores, feeding the chickens and a new young calf my dad brought yesterday.
Word count 3791, Date, 12, 2017, Story by Dick Clinton.
.Hi, do you want to suck my asshole
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