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Ricky Right, Adventures 2

Ricky Right, Adventures 210b
This is an almost true story of a young man that lived during a time when a boy could do almost nothing wrong. It was a time before, during and after World War II. It was the time when a normal health young male was sexually active and every sexual contact seemed right, and Ricky was one of those boys.
It was a Saturday morning and my first chore of the day was to go to the local Dairy Farm house down the road to purchase 4 quarts of fresh bottled milk. My mother would give me 4 empty glass quart milk bottles to place in the rack on the back of my bike and $1.00 cash. Milk was only 25c a quart. Then I wanted to go pick up the new tire for my bike from the Garage where the two Schwartz brothers were kind enough to give me a bicycle tire to replace one of my old tires that had a slow leak. I was also looking forward to one or both brothers to fuck me like one brother did this week.
I enjoyed going to the Adams Dairy Farm because the owner, Mr. Adam , an older man in his 40s was very nice to me. I was hoping to run across his oldest son Robbin. A Freshman in college and would sometimes come home for the week-ends and Holidays. He had played football in my High School and was handsome and in excellent physical condition. I had often fantasized about sucking his cock or getting fucked by him but never had the opportunity to make connection.
When I arrived Mrs Adams was picking up the morning paper from the drive way. We said our 'Hello's' and she said Mr Adams was at the market but she had some milk ready for me. I asked if her son Robbin had come home for the week end. She said he was out behind the barn attending the horses. She excused herself and said she had to leave to do some Saturday shopping and would see me next week.
I decided I would go around the back of the barn to see if I could find Robbin. When I arrived at the horse pen I heard the horses shuffling around and making weird sounds. Then I saw Robbin setting on the bleachers overlooking the pen. He had his cock out and was 'jacking off' while watching the Stud Horse mounting and breeding the Mare that was in-heat. It was a bazaar and sexual sight watching that huge male horse dick fucking that lucky Mare. I was more orientated in watching Robbin jacking frantically on his cock. I thought I'd try to stay out of sight and watch both sexual activity. A few minutes later Robbin walked closer to the pen to get a better look. That is when he saw me gazing at him.

"Oh Gawd!" he said as he quickly concealed his cock. " You scared the living fuck out of me. Is that you Ricky?" He paused. "Come closer if you want to watch them screw. It's wild, huh? I really get hot and horny just watching them breed. Would you like to see better? Come over here." He said as he slowly put his cock back into his coveralls.
"That is wild! " I said as I moved right next to Robbin. He was sweating and seemed embarrassed by my sudden unexpected appearance.
"Sorry I didn't mean to sneak up on you but I heard all the horse noises and wondered what was going on. I watched your father breeding horses one time last year. He didn't think I should be there but let me watch anyway."
"He did?"
"Yeah. He got 'hot and horny too' and was jacking off right in front of me. He has a big dick but not a big at that horse." We both laughed.
"Don't stop 'jacking off' because I'm here. I'd like to join you if that's okay with you." I said.
"Err a a Sure why not? We're both men. Nothing to be ashamed of." Robbin reached into his cover-all and pulled out his already hard dick. It was a good size but I wanted to see his balls as well. I pulled my cock from my jeans and started to 'jack off' with him. He quickly took a glance at me and looked down at my cock.
"You're pretty good size for your age...16?" he questioned.
I responded jokingly. "but not as big as that horse cock either? Ha. Ha." we both laughed again.
"Let me see more of your cock. I think you're bigger than the average size dick,. but not as big as your dad's cock."
"You saw my dad's cock?
"Yeah. and his awesome body. Let me see more of yours." I said as I bravely reach my hand inside his coveralls, caressed his cock and pulled his balls out.
"Oh my Gawd! What are you doing Ricky? That feels good. Never had another guy touch my dick before." he sighed.
"It feels good, doesn't it? Can I kiss it?" I said but not waiting for him to answer I quickly dropped to my knees on the dirt floor and placed my mouth of his 8 inch cock.
"Awww Ricky. Should you be doing this? Awww Ricky. That feels so good. Where did you learn to doooo, awwwww, that boy?"
I had his warm balls in my left hand and my mouth around his hard cock. He pulled his coveralls off his shoulders and stood naked before me ready to receive the pleasure I was giving him. I went all the way down on him a few times and he let out another sigh of delight
"Gawd, Oh Gawd! Ricky that is awesome. Keep that up and I might just cum in your mouth. Do you want me to do that? I might cum. Do you swallow? Oh Gawd!"
Robbin was almost ready to 'shoot off' but I didn't want him to cum yet. I had fantasized about sucking this dude off for years and I wasn't about to let him 'shoot off' too quickly, so I started licking and loving his balls. First one ball, then the other. He was going wild. I ran my hand up his rippling stomach and fondled his nipples. He gasps again and again.
"Hell man. You're driving me crazy. Never had this done before. Suck my balls again. I liked that too. "
I did as he asked and eased my finger to his moist hairy butt hole. He lifted one leg. I licked and moved in closer to his tasty hole. He lifted his other leg and leaned over the near by bench. I directed my face right into his hole and started rimming him with all gusto. As he was bent over and I tongue fucked him deep. He was in a state of pure extraction. I knew he was about to cum so I quickly turn him around and went all the way down on his cock. He grabbed my head and held me as he came. I gag and he released my head, I took a deep breath and continued to suck all the college cum from his 8 inch dick. He came and came. It was awesome.
I licked him clean. He stood quietly for a moment and took a deep breath. He looked down at me and smiled
"My gawd! That was worth coming home to. Where did you learn to do that? That was unbelievable. You are something else my young friend."
"Tell me something. Did you do this to my dad too?"
"Oh yes and several more times after that. I love sucking your dad's big cock. I am hoping to get him to fuck me sometime...You too. I love getting ass fucked by studs like you and your dad. Do you think we might try it sometime before you go back to college?" I said as he pull up his jumper and shockingly looked at me.
"This is excessively to much for me. I'm still in shock! You sucked my cock and swallow every bit of my juices. This is just too much for me to handle all at once....but I'd like to do this again. WOW! and as far as fucking your ass. Let me ponder that one. I guess I'm not as ordinary as I thought I was. You're telling me that you like guys fucking you up the ass? Hum, interesting."
"Hey Robin. You gonna be around all week end? Hopefully we can get to gather again real soon and if you're in the mood, we might try that 'fucking thing'. What do you say?"
"It's a summer break. I'll be around for a few days. I might be pretty busy with my dad doing things around here, but let me see if I can figure out some spare time for us together. I don't want my Dad getting all the action and the good stuff all the time.. "Ha. Ha.
"I got take the milk back home before it gets warm. Your mom has my phone number and you know where I live. See ya and thanks for that load of sweet college stuff. You were delicious"
I took off on my bike and when home. I soon left the house and headed down to the garage to get my tire. On the way down the road I saw Jake, one of the Catholic school boy seniors I knew. He was driving his old pick up truck and slowed down at the corner when he saw me and waited.
"Hi Jake. What's you doing?"
"Hi. Ricky. Right now I waiting for you cock sucker. Where you going in such a hurry?"
"I'm heading down to Stewart Brothers Garage to pick up my bike tire."
"I'll be heading that way soon. Come on and I give you a ride. Let's throw your bike in the back. I have to make a quick run to the field up the road to check on a broken gate. It has loosen and don't want any of the cattle to get out. Hop in. It should only take about fifteen minutes, besides I haven't seen you since the 'Tale-gate Party' last month. That was some party huh? Has your virgin boy-pussy grown over since then? Funny huh"
"Okay but let's not take all day. It's later than I'd planned on but I would appreciate the ride."
Jake got out of the truck and put my bike in the truck bed, then we drove up the road. We chatted and soon we were at the property. Jake got out, opened the road gate and we headed to the other side of the field. We both got out and he did some minor repairs to the latch.
"There! That will hold for the summer. It's really nice to see you babe. I get so hot sometimes and need instant relief, but you're not around. I've been busy at our ranch and been so tired I don't even feel like waking off. How about you give me some head. I need to cum real bad. My balls are beginning to hurt. We can do it right here. No one's around except the cows over there and I don't think they give a damn what we do." Jake said as he started rubbing his jeans where his cock was pressed against his pants
"Fir-sure Jake. You know I love sucking your dick. You are always horny but that's fine with me. Now open your pants and let me taste that big hot sweet thing."
I said as I dropped to my knees to help him open his tight jeans to release his cock. We got his jeans down to his knees. I proceeded to service one of my favorite studs. I started to lick his hairy big balls then kissed and licked up his cock shaft to savor his sweet pre-cum juices from his bulbous cock head. I continued to service him for abut 10 minutes until he gave me a sweet/sour load of teenage cum.tumblr_m0y52xyijs1rrs47lo1_500
"I guess you could tell I needed that. Wow!. I guess so. Good as usual my favorite cock sucking friend."
"I'm your only cock sucking friend. "We laughed.
We sat in the truck and talked some then he looked at me with those big farm boy eyes and said.
"I need to give you a good fucking before we leave here. You get me so turned on...besides you have the best fucking ass in town. Let's go to your side of the cab, pull down your pants, lean against the seat and let me give you a good hard fucking."
"Okay you Alpha Stud you. You know I always love your big cock fucking into my boy pussy, besides I need your cum to lube my fuck tube before I get fucked later by the two Stewart brothers at their station."
"I figured you needed some of my stud juice for your next fucking. Are the Steward Brothers fucking you too? Man those two are build like 'brick shit houses'. You mean they are both using this ass of yours. I think you might need two or my loads to take their cocks. I bet they have big cocks to match their muscular bodies."
"Let's fuck. I really getting horny again. Bend over babe. Oh yeah. Sweet fucking ass. How can anyone resist your boy cunt? "
I dropped my jeans and leaned over the edge of the back seat of Jake's Truck. He quickly found my ass hole, spit on his hand to use it for lubrication. The he eased the head in me and paused.
"Damn. You'd think I could hold back just a little before cumming so quickly, but you are such a willing slut I can hardly wait. Just a second while I take a deep breathe and hold back from cumming so soon. Damn you are such a sweet thing 'I think I love you'. I still can't get any of the slut as school to 'put out'. Besides I love fucking your ass better and don't have to worry about you getting knocked up. Let's do this babe, In it goes. Oh yeah! Now let me take it slow and give you a good fucking."
Jake fucked me for 10 minutes or so, holding off several times before he finally gave in and came. I got excited and came at the same time. Jake was a good fucker and usually knew just where to put his cock in me to make me cum too.
After a good fucking, we got back in the truck and headed down to Stewart's Garage. One of the brothers was to install my new bike tire and give me another good and hard fucking. When we arrived Jake got my bike out of the truck and quickly left.
"Hello Ricky. Who's your bud in the truck?" ask one of the brothers.
"Just one of my fans.... and a good fucker. I see the County Deputy's car being worked on. Is the Deputy Johnson here or his dad ?"
"John is having an oil change and a few other minor things. Why? Does he scare you?"
"No." I said and smiled. " He's another one of my fans. Where is he? I need to talk to him."
"He was in the waiting room just a few minutes ago. Go try there."
I went to the waiting room and there was Deputy John Johnson, the younger of the Johnson father and son County Rangers. He was talking and flirting with a young woman.
When he looked up and saw me gave me a big grin. "Well, Well if it isn't my little friend Ricky. How you doing son?. We've missed you at the police station lately. You too busy to visit a couple studs? Dad would be glad to see you too, You might should come by sometime and see our new remodeled jail house and try out some of the new cots. I think we will be there later tonight. What do you say? Are you interested?"
"I might be but I can't stay out late I have to get home to do the chores. My dad gets upset if I neglect them. Perhaps some other time."
"Why don't we go somewhere so we can talk. Follow me."
I really like the Johnson father and son working at the Police Ranger Station. They rescued me one time after I had been used by 4 of the Senior Catholic boys on a deserted county road. They used me for their cum dump and left me naked after they had their fun with me. I had to walk to the main road where they left my clothes on a fence post. The patrol car found me and took me back to the deserted road and used me again for their pleasure. I lost my cherry to Mr Johnson senior that day and have been getting fucked every since. I should thank him for the experience.
The patrolman and I walked to the back of the station where there was an old outside toilet. It wasn't used much anymore since they build the modern inside toilets, It looked like a few people still use it now and then. Someone had created 2 glory holes in both of the wooden toilet stalls. It was my first look at a Glory Hole for sucking dicks.
The patrolman, John, took off his belt and utilities and started taking down his pants. I knew right away he was gonna have me suck his cock. Fine with me. He and his father both had big beautiful partially uncut cocks.
I didn't hesitate because I knew when your Alpha man needs to be serviced you drop to you knees and give him the pleasure he experts and deserves.
I directed John's dick to my mouth and started doing my required proceed to pleasure him. I didn't remember how big his dick was because it had been several weeks since I had blown him. I was ravishingly enjoying sucking his dick and licking on his balls when I pulled me up from the floor, turn me around and bent me over the sinks. I had never been fucked but John but knew he would be a good fuck. Like Father, like son I would often say.
"That's good you little cock sucking whore. Put your body over the sink while I fuck that sweet little ass of yours. My daddy said you were a good fuck, so let me give it a whirl to discover for myself. Oh ho. You've all ready be lubed up. Ready for another fuck this morning huh? Who was the lucky guy that pumped this last load in you hole? Was it that young Catholic boy that gave you a ride down here? Well I must thank him sometime for lubing you so good. Now let's get serious here, punk. I'm going all the way in." Unn.
John wasn't kidding when he said he was going all the way in, and he did. All 8 or more inches directed into my body. I had to grunt out because not only the feeling of his big dick, but the weight of his body against mine. John was a big hunky dude with a solid body. He had to be working out for his job at the Ranger Station. I had ran my hands up his hard muscular body earlier when I was on my knees. I adjusted and let John enjoy the pleasure of my fuck hole....Of course I was enjoying it as well. H gripped my hips and plowed deep and hard. I was loving his fuck when all of a sudden in walked Hal one of the Stewart Brothers.
"I thought your two might be using this place for your action. Wow John! You're sure throwing a hard fuck to that boys ass. Damn that looks hot. Maybe I can get a blow job while you're throwing that fuck to him otherwise I might just have to pump out one watching you."
"Sure Hal. That okay with me. Let me turn him so he can suck you while I fuck him or if you can wait, you can fuck his right here after I finish off. I'm already close to shooting my load. Give me another 5 minutes. Need to finish this. Dam. He feels so good. Soooo good. I'm about ready to cum. Un, Un, Oh yeah here it comes. Fuck yeah, fuck yeah. Love the sensation of fucking this young punks ass. Unnnnn yeah. cumming, cumming."
John repeated talking as he fill my willing ass with his stud juices. I almost came but held back until Hal had his way with me. His brother had fucked me the other day and I had given Hal a blow job and drained him. He was too weak to fuck me. Now he was hot and ready to use my ass as his cum dump to mingle his sperm with Jake my friend and now this Hot hung Ranger. Three load before noon. Oh Yeah. I love these hot and horny stud in this small little town.
John eased his dick out of me and told me to clean him off. I went down on him and licked and cleaned the 2 last fuck loads. He was getting hard as I cleaned him. I just might have to continue sucking him off again. Nice suck-able dick.
Hal was getting impatient and lifted my ass so he could use me. I continued to clean and sucking on John as Hal shoved his big member in my hole. He started pounding me so hard I lost connection with John's cock. He was a wild fucker too. John pushed me away and started putting his cock back in his pants and continued to dress. He patted my head as Hal fucked me.
"Good job, Ricky. We must do this more often." then he washed his hands, combed his hair and left the toilet as Hal continued to fuck me.
Continued on to Adventure 3
Richard Barber, Author
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