Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hot for Tony-Bi-Sexual

Hot for Tony”

Story written by Richard Barber

This is a part true, part fantasy story of love and sex between men and women and men with men and consists of domination in willing situations. If this type of story offends you please stop now. All of the characters in this story are 18 or older.

The Pickup

I sat there at the Police station wondering how I got myself into this situation. The officer still had a silly grin on his face and was making an effort to hold back his laughter.

Now could we please start at the beginning again so I can get all the details,” he said. ”At least all the ones I can write down and tell my Sergeant before we decide whether to book you or let you go. You have to give me a description of your abductors before any investigation can be made. Now please go on. How did all this start again?”

I’ve told you all I can remember, and I was blindfolded during all of this. I can’t tell you what anyone looked like except the woman I picked up at the club.” I said sarcastically. “Please try to understand, I’m the victim here. The only reason I was naked on the hotel balcony was because they took all my clothes.” I started telling the police officer the whole bazaar adventure once again

My name is Antonio Romeo Anzac; Tony for short. I have been told I look much like the TV and movies star by a similar name, but I always considered myself better looking. I don’t know how well he was hung, but I was proud of my eleven inch uncut cock and big balls. I figured it came from my father’s Italian side of the family.

I never hand any problem picking up chicks, but once I got them in bed, and they discovered my big cock, most would shy off. Half of the time I ended out jerking off for release.

My favorite nightclub was near my apartment here in Miami, and I would go there to pick up women when I got horny. I had gotten a reputation for being too well hung, so most women avoided going home with me. This one night, however, this beauty came up and started flirting with me. She even bought me a beer as she sat down besides me and started a conversation.

Hello, Tony. My name is Scarlet. I heard from some of my women friends that you are the Italian Stallion around here.” She said as she slithered up next to me.

I was turned on to her right away. She was a beauty with shoulder length coal black hair and beautiful eyes and complexion. She was wearing a slinky black silk dress and tasteful simple jewelry. Her dark eyes and thick luscious lips were perfect and she smelled so nice. She had class and money written all over her.

Hello Scarlet. Since you all ready know about me, tell me about yourself.” I said as I lustfully looked her over.

I would rather we just get acquainted in my hotel room. I’m from out of town and asked some of the girls what hunk would like to keep me company while my boyfriend is in Europe. You came up as the biggest and the best. Now, do we waste time sitting around here, or do I call a cab?” She moved her hand up my leg and felt my semi-hard cock. “Oh my! You are a big boy, but I love a big challenge. Let’s go.” We left the club and hailed a cab.

After passionately making out in the back seat of the cab, we arrived at her hotel. This lady was hot and horny. She paid the cab driver and practically dragged me out of the cab. The hotel was a classy place with doorman and a fancy lobby. We entered the elevator, kissing passionately all the way up to her floor even thou the elevator boy was present. Being a classic Miami Hotel employee, he pretended not to notice.

Once inside her room, she kicked off her shoes and started pulling at my jacket. I immediately began taking off my clothes as she headed to the bedroom. By the time I got to the door, she was already naked and she pulled me against her and kissed me again as she pulled down my boxer shorts and felt my cock.

Oh my God, stud! You are really hung. What a beautiful cock. Oh yeah, Tony I want you to be my stallion tonight. Do you think you can get that horse cock in my tight little pussy? I need your cock in me. I need to have a good orgasm. Come with me, honey.” Scarlet said as she hung onto my cock and pulled me behind her trim delicate little body.

I was getting off on her round firm buttocks and her well formed breast and pouting nipples. We quickly landed on the king-size bed. She yanked on my boxers and pulled them down over my hard cock. She started to lick and bite my nipples and kissed my hairy chest. She kissed her way down to my raging hard cock. Her warm luscious lips explored my cock, while her tiny hands lovingly caressed and pulled my balls. She tried to engulf my cock, but could only put her mouth over the head. She continued to lick the pre-cum juices that had developed at my cock slit. I lay back on the bed and let her have her way with me. I was anxious to put my cock deep into her wet pussy to feel the warmth of her cunt, but she seemed content to suck and make love to my cock.

Scarlet stopped sucking my cock and slid her body up my abs as her firm breast glided their way up to my chest. I pulled her firm buttocks up to my face and found the wet lips of her pussy. I buried my face in her cunt. She trembled and pulled my face in tighter. She moaned in pleasure, as I lapped away at her cunt juices. She tasted and smelled so good. My nose, lips and chin were wet with her juices. I continued to lick and tongue fuck her until she stopped cumming.

Scarlet slid back onto my chest and looked lustfully down at me. She smiled as she ran her fingers through my hair then leaned forward and kissed me on the lips and licked my mouth and chin, tasting her own love juices.

She got up, went over to the dresser, and took something out before returning to the bed.

Do you like to play games? I do.” she asked coyly. “I’m gonna tie you to the bed and service your body from top to bottom. All you have to do is lay there and enjoy it.”

She started by tying each of my wrists with a soft white cotton rope and then proceeded to securely bind them to the head of the bed. My legs were then spread and my ankles were secured to the foot of the bed. I was a bit hesitant at first but this hot little chick had me under her spell. Why not? It was kinky, but it was hot.

She began by sucking on my toes, and moving along my feet and ankles and on to up my legs to my balls. It was hot and was really turning me on. My cock remained hard and at full staff. The pre-cum was still dripping from my cock. She would occasionally tongue my cock head as if to sample what was about to be planted deep in her body.

One more thing.” Scarlet cooed. “I’m going to put this mask over your eyes so you won’t know what I might do next. It’s more exciting this way.”

It was kind of kinky but I liked it so far. Scarlet proceeded to make love to my body. She started kissing me on the lips then proceeded down my chest and up to my hairy armpits, licking and nibbling as she went. I felt her warm sensuous body straddle my helpless but willing torso. She placed her hands around my hard cock and rubbed my oozing wet cock head on the edge of her pussy lips. It was so warm and wet. I gasp with pleasure as she continued to guide her body down on my cock. She would ease down a few inches then pull up, then down another few inches, then back up. It was like a slow and hot fuck.

 Her pussy was dripping with her own flow of pre-cum juices making it easier for her to put my 11 inches of hard cock into her. Scarlet let out another sigh and a soft humming sound as she took the final inches right down to the balls. Then she slowly started to move up and down on my cock. It was such a warm and wonderful feeling. She shook with excitement as she had her 2nd orgasm. She clamped down around my cock but she didn’t stop moving. I didn’t want to cum yet until she had cum again. Once again Scarlet moved up and down on my cock until she let out another moan, cumming a 3rd time. I could feel the pussy cum dripping down my cock and onto my balls. She lay on my chest and started to kiss my chest and nipples again and moved her body upon my cock. I knew I was going to cum soon but she slowed down once again and let my cock just pulsate in her wet cunt.

You like my pussy wrapped around your big cock, don’t you Tony?” she moaned.

Oh yes, baby. I like your hot pussy. My cock fits in there real nice. I love your warm sweet pussy.” I said

I'm gonna to make love to your big hot cock all night long. I’m going to fuck you until you beg for mercy.” Scarlet pumped her body up and down on my cock for about 30 minutes. Each time I was about at the brink of cumming she would slow down. She was driving me wild. She kept fucking and cumming until my balls were covered in her pussy juices.

Oh, Scarlet. Make me cum. Make me cum. I want to shoot my load into your pussy. Let me cum. Please.” I pleaded with her as she pumped away at my cock. This time she didn’t stop. My balls, still swimming in her juices, tightened up and I started to cum. My body shook as the cum started up my hard shaft and into her cunt.

Yeah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Take my cum baby. Drain that cock. Here it cums baby. Here it cums.” Awwww yeah, Awwwww yeah. Ooooohhh yeah.” I moaned and yelled as the cum shot up and into her wet pussy. My cock pulsated as I shot load after load of cum deep into her hot juicy pussy. The cum ran out of her and down my cock and mingled with her pussy juice on my balls and onto the bed sheets. We kissed as the final shot of cum came from my well-used cock. We lay there for a few minutes catching our breath.

You can untie my ropes now.” I said to Scarlet as she slowly pulled off of my cock. She moved off the bed as I waited for her to untie me and pull off the mask.

What makes you think I am through with you OR your cock? I may want to cum a few more times and make you cum again.” Scarlet said as she ran her fingers over my chest and placed her mouth over my wet cock. She cupped my wet balls in one hand and continued to lick off our mingled cum from my wet, semi-hard cock.

That sounds all right with me, but unties me and let me work on your body the next time.” I said as I slightly struggled with the ropes on my wrist.

Suddenly, the phone rang in the other room. “I have to answer that. I’ll be right back, now, so don’t you go away.”

I heard a short, muffled conversation in the other room, and then I could hear her come back into the room where I lay helpless.

I have to go downstairs for about 5 minutes. I’ll be right back. I don’t have time to untie you right now, but I promise I’ll hurry.”

Awe come on. Untie one hand anyway. I won’t go away. Scarlet! Scarlet! Shit!” I yelled as she left the room, leaving me tied to the bed.

Another visitor.

I must have fallen asleep because I was awakened by a slight knock at the door. There were several knocks, and then I heard the door open to the hotel room.

Oh shit, I thought to myself. Who the fuck is that? Maybe if I don’t answer they’ll go away. I lay helpless in the bed. Then I heard a man’s voice.

Hello? Hello? Is anyone here? It’s the bell boy. I have a message for Tony. Hello?

What else could I do? I couldn’t get loose so I might as well face the embarrassment. Oh well.

Yeah, I’m here in the bedroom.” I said

Tony? I’ve a message from Scarlet. Oh my. Excuse me. May I come in? I’m Jerry. She said I would find you ‘all tied up’ but I didn’t think it would be like this.” Jerry said as he paused by the open door to the bedroom.

I could come back later but Scarlet said it was important that I give you this message. Sir, May I be of any help here?

No, I’m fine. Just give me the message and get the fuck out.” I said trying to cover up for the position I was in.

I could sense Jerry coming into the room and closer to the bed. I waited but there was a long pause before Jerry spoke again.

Sir, if I may say so, you have the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Jerry said as he approached the bed.

Sir, may I get you some dry towels? You seem to be all wet. I’ll get some towels from the bath room.” Jerry said.

No, that’s okay. Scarlet will take care of that when she gets back. Now what message did she give you? I said.

That may be a problem for you Sir. She said that her boyfriend called from the airport, and she had to go pick him up, but not to worry, because they are staying at another hotel, and that I was to come up and check on you to see if you were all right. She gave me strict instructions not to untie you until she returned.” Jerry said.

 Oh fuck. Let me loose. I need to get out of here. Shit. Did you hear me? Let me lose or at least take off this blind fold.” I instructed.

Scarlet gave me strict instructions, and gave me a large tip to keep you here. She’s a big tipper and is a regular at this hotel. I could lose my job if I let you loose, so you might just as well get comfortable and relax.” Jerry informed me. I realized I was now at his mercy. 

Sir, I have some nice clean towels here and a warm wash cloth. I’ll wash you down so you can at least be more comfortable.” Jerry said as he started to place the towels between my legs. I could feel the warmth from his hands on my balls.

Sir, I’m going to lift your balls and clean them off now so don’t be surprised by my touch. I’ve done this before so I know what I’m doing. Wow, if your cock is this large when it is soft, how big does it get when it’s hard?” Jerry asked as he gently lifted my balls. He asked me to lift my hips while he placed some dry towels under my buttocks.

I could feel the warmth of his breath on my body. I knew this young bell hop was admiring my cock, and for some reason, I found it exciting. I felt a stir in my groin and I was starting to get a hard on. This first disturbed me because; I liked women, but the idea of a strange man looking and admiring my cock, close up, started to get me aroused. I couldn’t control my cock as it started to stiffen.

I could feel the warmth of the young mans breath as he moved closer to my crotch. There was a gentle wet nudging under my balls. It could only be his searching tongue.

Oh Fuck. I can feel you playing around down there. If you want to lick my balls go ahead. It feels good, and besides, it’s not like I’m going anywhere for a while.”

That was all the encouragement the bell boy needed. Jerry started licking and sucking on my balls while he manipulated my hardening cock. He continued to lick away lifting my balls and smelling between my legs. After he had enough of my balls he moved up to my cock with his tongue, licking and kissing my shaft until he finally got to the piss slit.

After licking the cum off my balls, Jerry started cleaning off my cock. He now had his tongue under my foreskin cleaning and savoring all the juices still remaining. It actually felt surprisingly good. Soon Jerry was up on the bed between my legs and was sucking my cock for all it was worth. This dude was even a better cocksucker than Scarlet. I knew I was going to cum soon.

Ungggg.. I like what you’re doing. Suck my cock man. Oh yeah. Suck it cocksucker. Ugggg, that feels so good. Oh shit man. I’m going to cum. Take my cum. Here it comes…..ooooohhhhhh….shit. Shit. Awwwwww. “I said as I shot a big load into Jerry’s warm and talented mouth.

Boy that felt so good. I started to relax as Jerry licked and cleaned my cock after he drank down my big load. He slowly and gently got off the bed. I was relaxed now and fell asleep again.

When I awoke my bed was now dryer and my body was more rested. It had started to get lighter outside and I could hear the sounds of traffic in the streets below. I didn’t hear Jerry around so I assumed he went about his business. I could hear the maids stirring around outside in the hall and hoped they didn’t decide to clean this room before Scarlet returned. I didn’t want them to find me like this.

No more than I thought that, than I head a key in the door. I was hoping it was Scarlet or even the bellboy but no, it was the cleaning lady. I could hear her cleaning and straightening up the living room. As she opened my bedroom door I heard her gasp.

Eeeek. I’m so sorry. Are you all right?” a young feminine voice with a slight Spanish accent asked. There was a short pause.

Oh my, sir. I bet you’re my surprise birthday present from the girls downstairs. Oh. How sweet of them. But you’re so big. I’m saving myself for Hector, my boyfriend. But perhaps we can find something to do. I would like to try your pole in my backside.”

Before I could say anything she was on the bed and playing with my cock. What the hell? I thought I might as well enjoy this one too. I decided I wouldn’t spoil her fun, or as a matter of fact, mine either. I’d rested enough and I could cum again for my new visitor.

I felt her small body straddle my body as she lubricated my cock with some sort of goop. I immediately started to get hard as her soft hands wrapped around my cock. She moaned a few times and rubbed my chest and touched my navel.

Oh, my goodness. You are even bigger than I thought, now that you are hard. I love to get my tight ass fucked. I hope you don’t mind. Ever since I was a girl I let my boyfriends fuck my asshole, but this is the biggest one yet. I’ll take it slow.” she said as she continued to lube my cock.

Then she started to guide my cock into her tight ass. Her legs rested against my hips as she moved backwards on my cock. She managed to get the head of my cock in her hole then she slid right down on it. She let out a soft squeal. I could feel her ass touching my balls. Her ass was nice and tight. She continued humping on me like she was ridding a horse. It felt so nice and I was going to cut lose right away with this tight hole.

Mmmmm, Mister Cock man. I’m gonna to give you the ride of your life. I want you to cum in my ass. Oh yeah. I love that dick up my ass. Un huh. Oh senior, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. Oh yeah.” she said as she eased up and down.

Tony felt his cock swelling and her ass tighten around him. He was going to cum in her ass. He couldn’t hold back any longer. He could feel the cum shooting up his shaft and empty into to her. She was so tight. God it felt good.

Tony felt the young girl starting to cum. He was about to cum as she finger fucked herself. She cooed and moaned then he could feel her juices flowing out of her pussy and onto his pubic hairs. His cock continued to shoot his big load into her ass. It felt so nice being used by this hot young girl's ass hole.

The young room maid paused only for a minute then she slowly pulled Tony’s cock out of her ass. She clamped down on his cock and kept most of his cum deep in her ass. She took one of the towels on the bed and did a quick wipe of his cock then left without saying a word. He heard her gathering up her cleaning things then left the room with Tony’s load of cum still up her ass.

As Tony lay there thinking about what had just happened, he heard another sound of the door being opened, I waited quietly then I could feel the presence of another person in the room.

Well, well. What do we have here, smorgasbord?” came the deep voice of a man.

Hello?” I responded. “Who’s there? Who are you?
Nobody but your daddy.” came the answer.

I heard the opening of drawers and the rustling of my clothes as they lay on the chair.

I’ve come to rob you, fagot. What are you going to do about it? You seemed to be all tied up.” Then he laughed.

Where is your money, fagot? Shit, what are you doing like that anyway? Your boyfriend's going to eat you up? My God, man. Are you a fireman? You sure have a big hose there.” The robber said as he approached the bed.

Fuck, man. Where is your money? You’re as broke as I am. Perhaps I should probably give you some money instead. Just my luck. The only door open on the floor and you have nothing to take,” He continued.

Hey man,” I pleaded. “Untie me and I’ll give you some money. I don’t have any on me, but I can go to the ATM downstairs and get some. What do you say? Please untie me. I promise I won’t tell anyone about you.” The robber started to untie my legs.

Oh, man. Thanks a lot. I have been here all night. I'll be so glad to get loose,” I said as he continued to untie one leg rope.

Hummmmm – on second thought…” he murmured. There was a sound of shoes coming off and pants being removed.

Hey, what are you doing? I thought you were going to let me loose. Come on. Untie me? I pleaded once again to my intruder.

I only had one leg untied so I was still unable to get up. I felt the intruder  get upon the bed and in between my legs. His hands touched my legs as they went up to my balls. He clutched them in his hands and said.

You look like you have a nice ass and I’m going to use it. In prison I learned to fuck hot looking dude like you. Now just relax and when I’m finished with you, I just might let you loose. But you must cooperate and be a good boy because daddy is going to make us both feel good.” The robber said as he caressed my buttocks.

Oh shit, man. Come on. Get the fuck off me and let me loose.” I pleaded as he scooted his legs under mine.

He moved under me and lifted my loose leg over one shoulder, and then he untied my other ankle and lifted my other leg over his other shoulder. I was afraid that if I kicked him he might beat me up or even kill me. Oh fuck. I was going to get raped.

I could tell he was a strong man by the way he so easily moved my legs around. He sounded as if he might be in his 30’s or 40’s. I only knew that this was not someone I could easily over-power, even if I were free.

I waited in fearful anticipation of what was about to happen to me. I had never been fucked in the ass. I had done it a few times and know the other person seemed to enjoy it. , but I was not looking forward to this.

My assailant started licking up and down my leg just like Scarlet had done the night before, only this time I felt the roughness of a man’s beard against me. It was a startling sensation for me, but I was surprised how erotic it felt. He had one finger close to my ass hole and I waited for him to shove his finger in, but instead he gently massaged my sphincter. Then his head went between my legs and he started to kiss and lick around my hole. He suddenly lifted both my legs and moved his tongue up and down my ass crack. I was beginning to enjoy this and found my cock starting to get hard again. He buried his face in my ass crack and started to tongue my hole. I jerked at the sudden unexpected pleasure. This encouraged him as he continued to tongue fuck my hole getting it ready for his entry.

He held my legs apart as I begin to enjoy this new sensation. He wet his cock with his spit. I could feel the head of his cock between my ass cheeks. Then he gently moved in closer and guided his cock head to my hole. I braced myself for the pain of his entry but instead he paused and started to manipulate my hard cock. I tried to relax but it was not easy. He jacked me slowly and then he said to me.

Hey buddy. Relax. I’m not going to hurt you. I want you to enjoy your first fuck as much as I’ll enjoy fucking you. You have such a hot body and a sweet hole. I can still taste some pussy juices on you, and it makes me hot.”

He continued to stroke my cock and leaned over to sample the oozing pre-cum now dripping from my cock. He ran his warm tongue under my foreskin then placed his mouth around my cock head while twirling his tongue rapidly around and around the sensitive head. He moved under me once again and put my legs over his shoulders. I could feel his rough unshaven face against my knees as he guided his cock into my hole. I felt the pressure of his hard cock against my virgin hole, and then my sphincter gave way and he slid all the way into my body. The pain was agonizing at first, but intensely erotic at the same time. I felt his balls hit my ass, as he held my ankles up, giving him full control of my body.

Oh yes, buddy. This is gonna to be a damn good fuck. Your body is so warm and your ass hole is so tight. Now, I’m going to fuck you nice and slow, Oh yeah.” He said as he started to pump his cock in and out of my ass.

I’d never felt anything like this. It was actually starting to feel good now that I got over the fear of the entry of my virgin ass. He would push all the way in then pull all the way out. A few times he let it slip all the way out, then put it right back in. I could tell from the heaviness of his breathing that he was not going to last too long. He leaned over me as I wrapped my legs around his tight muscular body. I felt his hard lower abdomen rubbing against my cock then he completely pressed his body on mine and fucked. I was being used like a woman but it was making me hot. His face was close to mine and then he started kissing my neck and nibble on my ear. He was pumping faster and rubbing against my cock. I knew this was going to get me off again. He started to pump away faster and faster then I knew he was going to blow.

Ummmm. Nice, nice, nice! Oh yeah. This stud likes to get a cock up his virgin ass, don’t you pussy man? Huh? Tell me you like you daddy fucking your pussy. Tell me boy.”

Oh yeah! I like that dick up my ass. I like it! Wow! Do I ever like it? Never felt anything like it. Oh fuck me, fuck me. Fuck me daddy.”

That’s it boy, call me daddy! Tell me how much you like for me to fuck you. You like my cock rubbing against your prostate. I’m going to cum in your ass hole. I’m going to shoot my hot fucking cock up your punk ass. Oh, Oh, Oh. I’m going to blow. Yeah. Ummmmm ohhhhh. Man, I’m cumming.” He said as he fucked away at my now-willing hole.

His body rubbing against my hard cock and his long hard cock hitting my prostate, made me shoot at the same time as my intruder. It was such a powerful cum job. Much more than when I shot my first load into Scarlet’s pussy last night. It was so hot. Man, why hadn’t I tried this before? I loved getting fucked by this man. It was fantastic. We both relaxed for a moment then he lifted his body from me and slowly pulled his semi-soft cock from my ass. I could feel the warm cum running down my ass crack and onto the bed sheets. Oddly, I didn’t want his cock to leave my asshole, and when he did pull all the way out, I felt empty. I wanted more. I wanted to be fucked again.

I lay contented and sexually drained by my robber intruder. He sat on the side of the bed and rubbed his fingers over my abs where I had just dumped my load. He rubbed up and down my chest smearing the wet cum all over me.

Hey, buddy. You are a good fuck, for a virgin. Never complained once. You are pretty hot stuff once we got started. Now that your ass is broken in, I hope you’ll use it more and give some other studs some pleasure as you did me. I’d like to see you again. I have your address and just might surprise you some night when you leave your bedroom window unlocked,” he said as he got off the bed and started to put on his clothes once again.

I heard a tapping sound from outside the balcony. What was it?

Part 3, Join the Party.

I heard a tapping sound from outside the balcony, and then I heard a man’s voice talking to the man who had just raped me. 

What the hell are you doing here Mack?” the new-comer asked.

 “I was cleaning the window and couldn’t believe my eyes. You were fucking the hell out of someone tied to that bed. I thought you were still in jail. 

Dave! What a sight for sore eyes,” the man whose name I now knew to be Mack responded. "

You’re looking good. Haven’t seen you for almost 2 years now. I got out last year on good behavior and for keeping one of the head screws satisfied. I had to fuck him a couple of times a week to keep on his good side, not that I minded.” 

Who is this fellow with ya, Dave? – One of your boy toys? You always have liked them young”

No, Mack. This is my son. Shaw, this is Mack, one of my classmates from Leavenworth, and one of the best fuckers around. 

Shawn shook the older man’s hand and muttered an inaudible greeting. 

I was still lying here hopelessly tied to the bed with 3 strange men in the room. They talked to each other as if I was not even there. How the hell did I ever get in this fucken situation anyway? Never again would I let some broad tie me up and blindfold me to have sex.

Mack. I just saw the last part of you and your fuck buddy there. What is all this about anyway? Why is he blind folded and tied up?” Dave asked Mack.

Well, I came in to case this place when I found this stud all tied up. He asked me to let him loose and explained to me that his girl tied him up during their sex escapades last night. I figured why not get some ass since it was available. He was a fantastic fuck. You like some ass while he is here? I tell you, its good stuff and you’re welcome to him. Don’t be too rough on him, though – I might want to use him again sometime."

I could hear the two men continuing to talk and laugh but I couldn’t hear Shawn, and I couldn’t tell where he was. Suddenly, I was aware of someone fondling my cock – it had to be Shawn. His hands stroked up and down my shaft and cupped my balls. He never said a word and seemed fascinated with my big member. I was beginning to get hard once again. 

Shawn! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Dave asked his son.

 “You should ask Mack if you could play with his toy before you get into trouble. I can see that is BIG trouble. Look as the size of that stud’s cock. I don’t think it’s even hard yet.” 

Oh please don’t make me hard again. I’ve got to piss so badly.” I pleaded with him. 

Shawn. Go to the bathroom and get that empty ice bucket by the sink. I am not going to let his arms lose just yet. I know this bastard must have to piss. He can do it in the bucket.” Mack instructed Shawn.

Shawn hurried to get the empty ice bucket then carefully placed it into the ice bucket and waited for me to piss. I had to go so bad that it shot out with such force I could hear it hit the sides and I could feel some of it splash onto my legs. It was such a relief to empty my bladder of almost a full day’s load of piss. Shawn never let go of my pissing cock. When I finally finished pissing, Shawn very proficiently squeezed out the remaining piss from my cock before moving the bucket away. 

May I finish his last few drops?” Shawn asked his father, Dave.
Sure, son. You may lick his piss drops from his cock but remember he is a horny son of a bitch and you may get that giant hose hard again. No telling what you may have to do with it if it gets hard. Make sure you can handle it.” 

I’d never had someone lick the piss off my cock. It kind of excited me to think how he asked permission to service me. I knew Mack and Dave were watching him.

Shawn had gotten my cock hard again and was moving my foreskin back and forth over my semi-hard cock. He had gotten me excited again by his hot tongue. I could hear the sound of a long zipper like those in coveralls being pulled down, and I assumed that Dave was getting ready to accept Mack’s invitation to take advantage of me.

Dave got upon the bed while his son was making love to my cock. As I felt him straddle my head I was pretty sure he was going to shove his cock in my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before but always wondered what they tasted like. I was about to find out! 

As Dave squatted over me, I could smell the sweaty musky manliness of his body. I felt his balls touch my chin as he positioned his ass over my face. He continued to lower himself until his ass was over my nose and mouth. He put his hands around the back of my head and pulled me up to him. He was going to force me to eat his asshole! I didn’t know if I was ready for this or not. 

I tried to relax as I was forced to bury my nose in his ass crack. My mouth was right on his asshole. As if it had a mind of its own, my tongue slowly went out to touch his musky hole. I was surprised to find I liked it. My tongue started to search through his hairy manhole. Slowly at first, then I found myself hungrily licking and lapping at his warm ass. Dave released my neck but I continued to lick and search for his sphincter. Finally my tongue was darting in and out of his hole. Meanwhile Shawn was frantically sucking my hard throbbing cock.

Oh yeah, baby. Lick that sweet asshole. Make it tingle. Stick that long hot tongue deep in my man pussy. Oh yeah.” Dave started to moan as I tongue fucked his hole.

Eat his cock, Shawn. Lick those balls and make him hot again.” Dave encouraged Shawn as he sucked on my throbbing cock.

I could feel Dave’s balls bouncing on my chin as I eagerly ate his ass. He was jacking his cock as he squatted over my face. Suddenly Dave moved off my face and Mack replaced him. I didn’t hesitate but eagerly started lapping at Mack’s ass crack until he sat completely on my face.

After Dave left my face, he positioned himself between my legs and lifted my legs just enough to slide a pillow under my hips. He was going to fuck me just as Mack had earlier. This time I was looking forward to having a man’s cock in me. Dave didn’t hesitate, but aimed for my ass hole and rammed into me. It felt big but I longed for it. I wanted a cock in my ass.

I could barely get my breath as I lapped away at Mack’s tight asshole. Mack managed to position Shawn around and pull his small buttocks up to his face while his father was fucking me. I was delirious with sexual ecstasy with all these new sensations at once.

Man this is the best,” growled Dave. “Eat that asshole while I fuck your man pussy. You are such a slut. You like this, don’t you punk?

I’m gonna to cum in your manhole, you slut. I’m going to fuck you until I dump my load in you, you bitch punk. Oh, yeah. I’m cumming. Oh yeah…yeah ohhhh shit, what a tight man pussy. Man what an ass.” 

I couldn’t hold back either and I shot my biggest load yet. Mack had been jacking on his cock with one hand as his balls were rubbing against my chin. He held onto Shawn as he tongue fucked his sweet young ass. Shawn was getting hotter and hotter as Mack rimmed his tight ass, his body rubbing against Mack’s hairy chest. Suddenly he started to cum. I could feel warm sperm shooting all over my chest and abs. Shawn was whimpering as he shot load after load on me. It was sensational and so wild that I thought I would black out. 

We all collapsed into one big tangle. No one spoke for almost five minutes. 

That was fun. We will have to do that again sometime.” Mack said as he lifted from my face. 

Thanks buddy,” Dave said as he pulled his spent cock from my ass. Shawn licked the remaining cum off my body then washed me down with a warm wash cloth and dried me carefully. Dave and Mack secured my leg ties once again as Shawn straighten up the room. Then everyone left me again. As I lay still tied up on the bed I was reminiscing of the hot and wild time I had in the last 18 hours. 

About 30 minutes later the door to the hotel room opened again and I heard the voice of Scarlet and a man.

Oh honey, I’m so sorry,” she said as she untied me and removed my blindfold. “I got all messed up with my boyfriend and forgot about you until this morning. Tony, you look so sweet there. I am going to make it up to you. You must be so horny being all by your lonesome all night. My boyfriend and I love to have 3 ways and we are going to suck and fuck with you all day.” 

NO WAY!” I said “Let me out of here.” I headed out the door and onto the balcony without a stitch on.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So you see, officer’, I said “That’s why you found me naked on the hotel balcony with no clothes and no ID.”

 There was a soft snicker then a brief pause as the officer looked at me with a stupid grin on his face.

You know what? This is such a fantastic fantasy you’ve made up, that I’m going to drop all charges and let you go. I’ll have somebody drive you home. Get out of here.” He said as he laughed and shook his head.

I got into the police car and was being driven home by one of the young male rookies. He walked me to my apartment and came in the door.

Do you really have 11 inches of cock?” he said as he looked into my eyes then down to my crotch. “I would sure like to find out and if you like to play games, I have an extra set of handcuffs you can try on. “

Sure. Why not?” I said to the handsome young police officer, “but only if I get to use the handcuffs on you this time.”

Story by Richard Barber at
Edited by Dale M., 5/2/2006,
Word Count 5,443

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