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Farm Boys Visit to the Cattle Auction.Part 01

Young Farm Boys Visit to the Cattle Auction.
Part 01

Story by Richard Barber

* * *

Today my dad asked me if I wanted to go with him to the Cattleman's
Auctions. The auctions take place about once a month at a large barn at
the edge of town. It is next to the railroad were they keep cattle and
other animals to be shipped to Kansas City or Chicago stock yards, then
sold off to one of the big meat packing companies.

Some of the local farmers or cattle ranchers bring animals to sell or to
buy other animals for their own farms. My dad had bought several milking
cows and a steer over the past few months and was always looking for
another good milking cow. If he had a cow that wasn't producing enough
milk he'd place her in the auction for sale, but today we were just there
to watch.

I always thought it was exciting to see all the men gathering around buying
and selling. I was always fascinated at the auctioneers because they seem
to have a language of their own. Most of the time I never could understand
what they were saying but my dad seemed to understand them.
More Men at the auction

It was summer and I was on school vacation for three months. I like going
to the auctions because I would see some of my class mates from school and
some new ones from around the district. I had always been attracted to
older guys and older men.

I was at that age where I was horny all the time and discovered how to
masturbate. I'd always look for a private place to be alone so I could
jack off. The sight of all the hot looking men caused me to have a boner
and I decided to find the men's room for some private action.

Just this past year I had been seduced by our local garage owner, George
Fowler, and realized I liked having anal sex as well as sucking cock.
There was something exuberant about having a man's big cock up my ass. I
liked the way he used me and the untamed manner he expressed himself when
he came. It was awesome and I needed to try it again with another man.

I saw several of the older boys I went to school with, but never thought of
them as sex partners. I was too shy to approach them so I just fantasized
about some of the hotter ones during my jack off sessions.

The men's toilet was downstairs and back in a secluded part of the
building. It had several booths and a large floor urinal where men stood
and took a piss. I liked it because the men were very exposed when they
stood next to each other and pissed. It was so earthy. There were 6
enclosed booths and 6 open showers at the end of the room.

I went into the men's room, and next to the last booth to be alone. The
last booth didn't have a door on it or a stool cover. It was mainly used
for private pissing. It was my first time here and I was mystified to see a
large hole cut thru the wooden wall into the other booth. I was still young
and naive and it took me awhile to understand why it was there. I could
also peek into a smaller hole overlooking the other booth and watch men
while they took a piss.

When I entered the restroom it was empty so I sit down, dropped by jeans to
the floor, and started to get my dick hard. Soon I heard someone come into
the booth next to mine. I watched thru the large hole as he stood to take
a piss. He had a nice cut cock with a perfect shaped cock head. After he
took a short piss, he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his balls and
started playing with his dick. As I kept watch thru the hole he suddenly
put his dick to the hole and shoved it to my side. I was shocked at first
then it dawned on me. DUH! That's what the hole was being used for: to suck

I shyly took hold of his balls and caressed them. His dick was already
getting hard. I took his cock in one hand and guided it to my mouth to
taste. I hadn't had the opportunity to suck too many cocks yet, so I took
time to enjoy his privates as he presented to me. His piss slot started
oozing clear nectar. I licked his dick a few time to enjoy his musky
manly smell.

"Suck on it fag. I need to get off." He said to me as I got on my knees on
the floor to position myself better.

I was so engrossed in sucking his cock that I was unaware of other men
entering the restroom. I began sucking and making love to his fastidious
cock. Soon he was pounding his body against the toilet booth as he started
to cum in my mouth.

"Yeah. Suck it boy, suck it. Awe Fuck. I'm cumming. I'm cumming." He
continued to talk as he flooded my welcome mouth with a big load of his

I swallow every bit of his delicious manly nectar and wanted more. He
stood quietly as I milked down the last few drops of his cum, then he
slowly pulled out of my mouth, buttoned his jeans up, and left.

I heard another man's voice talking to the guy that just left the
booth. "Sounds like you just had a good time. That fag must be a good
cocksucker. Perhaps I should give him a chance to drain my nuts."

"Fucken yeah. That cocksucker took my load and even swallowed it. He's a
damn good cocksucker. I might even come back later for another round if
he's still here. Un Huh. That was fine."

Without any more conversation from the men, the booth door opened and in
came another man. He quickly opened his pants, pulled them down, fondled
his cock, and quickly put it into the hole. He had a rather large uncut
cock. I leaned forward to put the hooded cock into my mouth. Small drops
of cum were dripping from the opening. I'd never had an uncut cock in my
mouth before and I was fascinated by the long soft foreskin. He gradually
started to firm up. I cuddled his dick in my hand and stuck my tongue into
the small opening. It tasted like dried cum and something I'd never tasted

"That's it cocksucker. Clean the pussy juice from my prick. I just fucked
my girlfriend this morning, and didn't have time to wash. You'll like it
fucker. Suck my dick and make me cum for you. I always have a big fucken
load, cocksucker."

I was turned on by his foul talk. I moved back some of his foreskin so I
could tongue around his cock head. It didn't taste bad at all. In fact,
it turned me on even more. I pulled back more foreskins and his bulbous
crimson cock head became revealed. I started going down on him until his
cock got so full-size I couldn't take it all. I kept on sucking and making
love to his 8 inch cock until he started moaning and talking dirty to me as
he began shooting his load.

"Oh yeah, cocksucker. Make love to that prick. Suck it deep. You're
gonna make me cum. Keep sucking punk. Suck me dry. Oh yeah. Oh Yeah.
Gawd. I'm gonna cum. Awe yes, awe yes. Here it cums. Take my load. Now!
Ugggggghhhh." He kept moaning and talking as he shot me load after load of
his thick cum.

"Aw yes. That was better than my woman's pussy. Un huh. Good. Very good.
Stick around and I'll send in a few of my buddies. They'd like your hot
cock sucking mouth." He said as he buttoned up his pants and left the

I heard more men talking and laughing. "Good stuff." He said. Then I head
another man asking the men what they were all doing down here. "We've got
ourselves a hot cock sucking calf in the booth. Go give it a try." Someone

"You men get out of here. I'll take care of this punk."

"Jerry you're such a kill sport."

Just then a man pulled open my booth door and there stood one of the
security men that worked for the auction house.

"What the fuck are you doing boy? You're disturbing the auction. We need
these men upstairs to bid on the cattle. Get your ass out of there. Now!"

I was shocked and embarrassed by the sudden intrusion. I pulled up my
pants as he stood by the door. I looked up and recognized it was one of the
mechanics that worked in town at the garage: the garage where Mr Fowler had
taken me into the back room and fucked the hell out of my virgin ass.

"I know you. You're my boss's pussy boy. Can't get enough cock huh? I
think we can fix your problem. Come with me."

He motioned for me to go to the next booth where the door was off and there
was no stool cover. It was mainly used for pissing.

"Get in this booth and pull down your pants. Turn around and bend over.
I'd like to take a crack at your pussy and see what the boss was bragging
about. He said you were a good piece of ass. Now turn around and put your
hands on the back of the flush handle.

I pulled down my pants and bent over as he requested. He took a pair of
his handcuffs and placed one on one wrist, and pulled the cuff around the
pipe to the other side where he placed it on my other wrist. I was now
cuffed to the toilet pipe. I was at his mercy. I heard him unzip his pants
and looked over my shoulder to see him guide his dick to my ass. He spit on
his hand and lubed his cock, then stuck a wet finger up my ass. I spread my
legs and eagerly waited for his entry.

I felt his cock demanding entry to my tight ass. He forced it again and
the head of his cock popped past my ass ring. It stung at first, and then
I relaxed my body and welcomed his dick. It went all the way in. He
sighed as I leaned forward and gripped the pipes. He paused for a moment
to let me relaxed then started moving in and out of my ass. It started
feeling as excellent as the first time I got fucked.

I was hoping someone would seize my ass today and now my dream was coming
true. He started pounding away at my ass. First slow, then faster, then
slow, then fast again. I heard another man come into the toilet and mosey
over to see what the security guard was doing.

"Hey Jerry. Looks like you've found you some sweet ass to fuck. Care if I
watch. I could use some good ass today." He said.

"Sure Mike. I'm gonna breed this young calf good, so stick around. After I
finish here I'll go get your two brothers. I know they'd like to plow some
hot ass too. He's a good tight fuck and he likes it. Oh yeah. I'm about
to cum so wait around. Hope you don't mind sloppy seconds. Oh gawd. This
boy is hot. Oh shit. I'm cumming already. Oh. I'm cumming. Un huh. Un
Huh. Ohhhhhh fuck."

Jerry bellowed as he filled my asshole with his hot cum. It was so warm and
smooth. I was so hard but didn't cum yet. I was wondered if he was going
to leave me here to get fucked by other men or would let me loose so I
could leave. He slapped my butt, pulled up his pants, and put his cock
back into his pants.

"You shouldn't flaunt that sweet little ass around all these hot horny men.
I'm gonna leave you for awhile and let Mike throw a fuck to you. Have fun
and enjoy getting your young ass plowed. Mike, I'll go find your brothers
and tell them about this young calf. I'll be back later. Got to make my
rounds." Then he left.

I was still bent over and my wet boy-pussy was fully exposed but ready to
take on another cock. My ass was fully lubricated so it would be easier to
take on another dick. I knew there was another man behind me but couldn't
see who 'Mike' was. His rough hands fondled my buttocks, and then slid a
finger into my wet used hole. He managed to pull his pants down while he
finger fucked me. Then without mercy, he shoved his hard cock deep in my
ass. He slid in with one plunge. He caught me off balance and I banged my
head on the wall. He started to fuck me fast and hard. He was rough and
vigorous but I figured some of these ranchers and cattle men hadn't had a
good piece of ass in a long time. My fear had left me and I was enjoying
these fiery manly fucks. I never dreamed of being fucked by more than one
man, especially a complete stranger. It was exciting.

Mike pumped me hard, slapped my buttocks a few time and pumped a nice full
load up my love canal. He paused to catch his breathe and slowly pulled
out. The overflow of cum was running over my balls and down my legs. I
had kicked off both of my boots and jeans and pushed them to the side. The
excess cum was running into my socks and not my jeans. I had more room to
spread my legs and take on more cock if anyone else wants my pussy. .

Mike's 2 brother's had arrived and were talking to him. I thought I
recognized one of the boy's voices. I think it was Abe, a boy in my gym
class. I hoped it was him because I'd observed him several time in the
showers and he not only had a great body, but a good size dick for his age.

"Abe. I don't think you're old enough to fuck a young calf's ass, but if I
fuck him first he may be too loose for you to feel anything. "

"Oh fuck. This calf is so tight even his small dick will feel good. Why
don't you let him fuck first, then you can dump your load next. Hurry up.
I'm getting hard again just thinking about another fuck."

"Okay. Abe get up here and show us how you can breed this young calf. I
know you can do it because I saw you fucking the young heifer in the barn
last week."

"You what? You were watching me? You pervert. Move aside I'll show you
how to breed this guy's ass." Then Abe got behind me, felt my ass, and ran
his fingers up and down my ass crack. "Damn. He's overflowing with cum.
How many times has he been fucked anyway?"

"Just fuck him and shut the fuck up! I'm getting horny again as we wait,
besides there's a couple more ranchers waiting for some ass."

Abe stood behind me for a few minutes, undid his jeans, pulled out his cock
and balls, and fondled my low hanging balls. He spread my ass cheeks and
guided his seven one-half inches of hard boy cock and shoved it deep in my
ass. I moaned to show him I appreciated his dick. I don't think he
recognized me from school, but in a way, I hoped he did and would fuck me
again sometime.

He didn't make any bones about fucking me and quickly pounded my ass,
grunted a few times, then slowed down. His brother asked him. "Why are
you slowing down? Can't you cum?"

"I already came once, but was resting so I could cum again."

"You little cum freak. Ha Ha. Okay drop him another load and let your older
brother Cain breed him for a while. Don't be so selfish."

This time Abe pounded my ass hard and slapped me a few times. I knew he
was about to cum. I could feel his dick swell and shoot his 2nd load into
the cavities of my ass. He came, slapped my ass again, pulled out quickly,
and wiped his wet dick on my bare ass. Once again some of the overflowing
cum eased out of my ass. I tightened my ass muscles to hold in the cum.

"Okay you little bastard, move over and let me fill his ass with some real
man cum. Damn. I'm so horny I could cum several time today. This is hot
action. I'd like to get this one again. He seems to love to be fucked."

Then he dropped his pants to the floor, moved close to me, and guided his
big cock to my hole. I looked underneath my legs and got a glimpse of his
hanging cock and big balls. This had to be the biggest one yet. I hoped I
could take him without any trouble. I was glad my love canal was still
lined with fresh cum. It was hot knowing these 3 horny farm boys were
enjoying my ass and willingly using me as their cum dump.

"Okay my young calf. You are about to be breed by a bull." He grabbed my
hips and guided his big 10 inch cock to the wet opening and slowly moved
in. His cock was big but after being fucked by several other dudes
already, my hole was stretched out just enough that I took him with
ease. It stung for a few second but I got used to it quickly, and felt that
tingling sensation again. I knew he was going to make me cum without
touching myself.

"Oh baby. This is nice pussy. Ugh yeah. Nothing like a tight boy pussy to
satisfy your sexual needs. Take that cock. Oh yeah."

Cain continued to fuck me hard but good. His big cock kept rubbing against
my prostate and I was about to cum. Just then his dick expanded and hit
just the right spot. My load shot out like a fireman's hose. I moaned and
almost yelled as I came.

"Oh Gawd, Cain. Fuck my ass, Fuck my ass. I need your hot bull cum up my
boy pussy. Fuck me hard. I'm cumming. Oh Gawd, I'm cumming. Awwwwww." I
yelled out as he exploded his cum deep in my ass.

"Fucken yeah, little whore. You like my big thick cock up your boy ass,
don't you punk? You love that cock. Take it all you fucken slut. I'm
filling you with my spunk. I'm breeding your whore boy pussy ass hole. Oh
fuck. This is damn good. Ugh. Here it cums. Here it comes. Gonna fill
your hole. Ugh. Ugh." He kept grunting as he dumped load after load of hot
spunk up my willing ass.

Gawd how I loved getting fucked by hot hung men. He made me cum so much
that I had deposited a large amount of spunk on the floor in front of me. I
took a deep breath and enjoyed his last movements of cumming. He leaned
over my back side and kissed my shoulders as we both caught our breath.

(The young farm boy in this story was adopted when he was just a baby so
therefore is not a blood relative to his present father and not considered
incest. Thank you.)

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2010
Word count, 3452

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