Bart, Police Academy Insrtuctor

Bart, Police Academy Instructor

Bart and I had become close friends since I first met him at my apartment building. He was a local police officer for the city but decided he would like to teach at the Police Academy. He was a big six foot two inches of solid muscle and eleven and one half inches of meaty cock. He wore a thick well-trimmed salt and pepper mustache that matched his thick head of hair. He had just received his divorce papers when I met him last year. I have been his sexual liberator ever since I met him. I'm a damn good cock-sucking cum-slut and an equally good piece of ass. Bart is one of the favorite men in my life. He said I had drained him of more man juice in the last year than in all his years of marriage.

He arranged for me to come with him during one of his classes at the Police Academy. During this semester he was instructing ten hot, masculine men five days a week. Today he was teaching them about the rights and wrongs of the law while on and off duty. He started with an open discussion about public sex and how to handle a situation involving restroom sex, the joys of man sex, and a demonstration on how to enjoy a glory hole experience by an experienced cock-sucking cum-slut, namely me!

His classes were held in an old city building gym. He discovered the men's toilet and locker room had two glory holes cut in the walls of the booths. They have been used over a number of years with lots of action and no complaints. Today he discussed the idea of getting blown by a stranger through the glory hole and what their responses would be.

I was more than willing to service ten young recruits at a private glory hole to let them experience this pleasure. I went with Bart to sit in his class today. Then he would sent each man in to get his cock sucked by me before returning to class to discuss it.

When we arrived at the gym, Bart told me to just sit at the sidelines and watch the men first go through their daily exercise, then he would start his lecture and instruction. After they finished the exercise they were to sit in a circle to share their experiences and desires. To begin, Bart asked if anyone had experienced having their cock sucked by an anonymous person at a private glory hole. Everyone was rather shy or embarrassed to talk about it until one hot-looking older recruit spoke up.

Hey. Yeah. I'm gonna tell you assholes about an experience I had that was amazing. Now I don't want to hear any fuckin comments until I'm finished. My girl and I have been hanging for about a year and a half. Some of you know her. Yeah Larry, She's a hot looking chick. We have sex on a daily basis, and good sex too. I know you Bill. You want to eat her pussy. Well time will tell."

Some of the men moaned and licked their lips.

Just last month she told me she was going to France for six months to a cooking school. What the fuck? I said."

She told me it was an opportunity she couldn't pass up, so I told her I understood. Like shit I did! Then she tells me how much she loved me and all that mushy stuff. You know how that goes. When they get mushy you think you're gonna get some pussy. Then she told me how much I meant to her and that I was her only love. As if that ain’t enough, now came the shocker. She told me I had to be faithful and couldn’t have sex with any women until she got back.

WHAT?” I said. “No sex for six months?” “Fuck man. My nuts would be busting in the first week with no sex. What the hell was I gonna do? Why in six months I'd have calluses on both hands.”

The men all laughed. One man responded,”Tell me about it. So what did you do? Find some fresh pussy until she got back?”

No. I do love the bitch and I semi-promised I'd be faithful. We're engaged to be married sometime next year.”

Some one said. Semi-promised? What the hell does that mean?”

It means I'm gonna think about it but not let her know that. So anyway she packed up and left for France last week. Well like ya know, my dick still gets hard and what was I to do?”

I went to the local ‘dirty book’ store to get some hot pussy books to fantasize over while I pounded my pud alone. I noticed several men pass me on the way to the back room where they show fuck films. You know us perverts; we love our fuck films. I thought I'd check it out and jack off watching a fuck film. It would be better than looking at cunts in a magazine. I got some tokens from the cashier and bravely went into the dark, smelly cum-stained room and found a private booth to pump-out a load. It wasn’t the most sanitary place I'd been in but I was horny. I locked my door and dropped a few tokens in the machine. As the light from the movie started I notice two big holes cut in both sides of my booth. What the Fuck? Do these fuckers like to watch another stud pump out a load or what? By then I was so horny I didn't care if these homos watch me jack off! It was okay by me.”

I dropped my jeans and started to pleasure myself. Just as the movie got interesting I saw a finger edge itself around the opening, then I saw a mouth and a tongue lapping at my dick. Why was I so naive? The dude wanted to jack my dick or suck the spunk out of me. Oh Shit. I was so hot and horny I thought, why not? So I bravely aimed my prick at the hole and let the cock-sucker work on my prick.

Much to my surprise the dude carefully pulled my hard dick and balls into the hole. I thought he was gonna jack me off, but hell no, he put his warm lips over my nob and went all the way down on my eight-inch prick! God, I thought I would cum right then it felt so good.”
I realized this fucker was a cock-worshiping cum-slut. So what the fuck? I let him work my cock as I watched some pussy getting fucked on the screen. I really lost it and shot a big fuckin’ load into the cock-sucker’s mouth. I didn't know he was gonna swallow, but sure enough! He not only took my cock all the way, but drank down all my hot fuckin’ spunk. God it was awesome! Not only did the cock-sucker take my first load but he kept sucking me until I shot another load. By then my nuts had been drained and I was spent. I set on the bench to catch my breath then stood to pull up my jeans. As I started to leave the dude passed me his card and told me to call him. He would come here to suck me anytime I needed a blow job.”

When I left I thought to myself, fuck, I wasn't fucking around with another woman. My girl didn't say I couldn't get some head from a man. Wow! This was gonna be the answer to my nut-cracking days. I have my own cock-sucker to take my load anytime I get horny. To tell you the truth, I've been to the book store almost daily to the back room to let any hot mouth cock-sucker suck the spunk out of my pud.”

Now Bart, Sir, show me that Glory Hole in the toilet and let me get off for today. How about it men? Are you ready to let some fag suck you into an awesome state of sexual relief?”

The men were all in a heated sexual mood. I thought there was going to be a stampede of horny men charging to the back room to get their cock sucked off. This was shocking to me. Bart nodded for me to head to the back room to get ready to suck some cock through the Glory Hole.

Bart stopped the men at the men's room entrance and told them only one at a time. Meanwhile I was in the men's room and in a booth before they came in. I had checked out the Glory Holes in the toilet earlier and took the center booth with a hole on both sides. I took position and waited to suck off my first policeman cadet. This was a once-in-a-life time experience not only for me, but for the cadets as well. At least none of these hot-looking men admitted to being sucked by a guy in a toilet.

In came the first cadet. He quickly opened the door to his booth and pulled down his workout shorts and his jock strap. He was already hard. He flopped it a few times then directed his hard cock to the large opening. I was already on my knees ready and willing to suck on his clean-cut seven or more inch cock. It was curved slightly to the right but I quickly directed his dick to my lips and licked around the salty tasting head. I slowly pulled him closer to the hole so I could have complete control of his balls and cock. He gripped the top of the wooden booth and relaxed. He was ready to be serviced and be drained. As I tenderly positioned one hand around his balls, I teased his cock for a few seconds, then went all the way down on his throbbing penis.
Fuck, dude. That's fantastic. Have at it, cocksucker. Drain my balls. Oh man I can't believe this. This is the best. Take it deep and let me cum,” he said as I continued to make love to his worthy cock. I knew he was not going to hold back too long. I gave him a good sucking then let him dump his load all the way down my throat. He pounded his body against the wooden partition, threw back his head, and said. “Fuck!” loudly as he came. I'm not sure this was his first blow job at a hole, but he sure did appreciate my services!. He stood patiently as I licked him clean and dried him off before he left the booth to the next cadet.

As he left the booth I heard another guy say to him. “Damn Jerry, you must have really enjoyed that suck job. We could hear your shouts all the way to the gym.”

Hell yes, I enjoyed that blow-job. Just wait until he pops your nuts and you'll understand. If I could have a cocksucker like that suck me off every day I'd be the most contented person you'd ever seen. Why the hell can't we get our ladies to give us head like that? What’s wrong with these selfish cunts anyway? He made love to my cock like no one had ever done before. Oh yeah, now get your ass in that booth before I let him work me over again. Fuck. That was hot. Go Ron. Have a good one.” then he left as Ron entered the booth.

I was still on my knees ready for my next cock to suck. This guy yanked down his workout shorts and his jockstrap at the same time. His big cock jumped out like a broken spring. He was about the same length as the other cadet, but his cock was thicker and straighter and his trim firm body and balls had more hair on them. He immediately stepped up to the hole ready to be sucked. He gripped the top of the booth and leaned in closer.

Okay babe. Lets see what you can do with this fuck pole. My nuts are full of semen so drain them. Drain them cocksucker and suck all the juice out of my fat baby maker.”
These cadets liked to give instruction and talk during our procedure. It was cool with me. I like a guy to talk to me while I suck them. I especially like it when they talk dirty to me. It makes them feel like they are in charge.

I started working on his hard cock right away just enough to make him ready to shoot his load, then I'd hold his cock in my mouth for a few seconds. Just long enough to let him relax, then I'd start on him again. I was driving him crazy. He wanted to cum so badly but I was here to enjoy these stud’s cocks, and I was going to do it my way.

Oh babe. Please let me cum. You're driving me crazy. Let me cum and I'll see if the Chief will let me come back for seconds. You're such a tease. Please drain my cock; drain me now before I explode.”

I loved it when they begged to be sucked. I figured I had a few more studs waiting in the other room to be sucked off, so I really went to work on this guy. He had such a nice fitting cock I hated to give it up, but now he was going to give me his load.

Ugh Yeah. That's it babe. Suck it. Suck it. Oh yeah. Here it comes. Don't stop now. Ugh! Ugh!” He grunted as he started shooting his sperm. “Sweet! That feels so damn good. Oh my god. That is incredible!” he cried as I completely drained his balls.
I continued to clean this hunk’s privates but before he left, he placed his hand through the hole and ran his hand over my face and lips, then whispered a soft, “Thank you.” I prepared myself for the next cadet to drain his cock and let me drink his nectar. I took on all of the cadets one by one and wasn't disappointed with any of them, nor were they unappreciative for my services to them. Most of them were hot and horny guys and a couple of them surprised me by the size of their cocks. I have always been more appreciative of large cocks, especially anything over eight inches. I think about four of the ten cadets filled that description and none were hung less than seven inches. I recall one Latino guy had a good eight and a half inch cock and one other guy had at least ten inches, but the biggest and sweetest tasting cock was a mulatto young stud with about eleven inches. Almost as big as Bart's eleven and one half salami.

I really worked that big cock over and fantasized about him trying to fuck me sometime. I will talk to Bart about this stud later and see if I could get him to come over to my apartment and spend the night getting sucked off and perhaps even fuck me. He was probably the youngest of the ten men. I must say most of the guys were damn good looking and very well fit. Bart kept them in good shape.

The cock sucking session ended and the men had returned to the Gym to have some refreshments and discuss their thoughts and experience with restroom sex. I didn't want to let myself be known just yet, but I think a few of the men saw me with Bart earlier and thought I was the cock-sucking fag that took their loads. And yes, I swallowed each and every load presented to me by these cadet hunks. I always felt energetic after swallowing the sweet nectar that was willingly presented to me by these worthy men.

Later on that night when I was at my apartment, Bart came by the apartment that evening and asked what I thought of the session we had today at the gym. I told him I was pleased and looked forward to doing it again. He laughed but said this might be part of his lectures from now on. He agreed to see if he could add me to his team. The cadets were overwhelmed with the experiment and wondered if I could come by the Gym restroom during their time off. The cadets lived at one of the barracks near the Gym and could swing by for another blow job or two. I loved the idea as much as they did.

I hadn’t had the chance to give Bart a blow-job at the hole today and knew he was horny still. I told him to undress while I put some fuck movie disk on the DVD player. He liked to have me suck him while he watched movies. Tonight I was still horny from all the hot cock I'd sucked today and was going to see if I could get Bart to fuck my ass. I had prepared myself earlier in case Bart or any other of my regular studs would drop by to fuck me. I already considered myself a male whore, so why not enjoy it. Bart also told me that he talked to Gabby, the young cadet with the big cock, to see if he would like to call on me sometime. He quickly agreed and Bart gave him my phone number so we could get together sometime soon.

Big Bart got comfortable on the couch and adjusted and fluffed up a few pillows behind his head. I moved the large footstool under his feet so I could crawl between his legs and make love to his big Taurus balls and king-size cock. I sat on the floor between his legs directly facing his balls. His balls were too big to put in my mouth, so I kissed them, caressed them, and licked my tongue all over them. I nuzzled between his balls and legs and buried my face in his crotch to inhale his clean, manly scent.

His dick was only semi-hard, but he was savoring my exploration. I lapped my way down and between his hairy butt cheeks and gave him a quick cleansing with my tongue. Back up to his balls and up to his water-bottle-size cock. I gently lifted his cock and milked some of his sweet pre-cum juices. Next, I covered his cock-head with my mouth and ran my tongue around his sensitive cock head. He flinched. His cock now began to enlarge.

I always liked to go down on him before he became too sizable for me to swallow so I moved closer to engulf his manhood before it got hard. Bart loved it when I tried to swallow his large cock before it grew to its full eleven and one half inches. I did manage to get it all down a few times before I started to gag. How could his ex-wife ever give up this hunk with this beautiful body and cock? I consider it a privilege to admire and gratify this hunk.

I sucked and made love to his cock until it was as firm as it was going to get. It was magnificent, standing proudly like an Egyptian obelisk. It was now or never. I positioned my body over his, gripped his cock, and ran it up and down my ass searching for an opening. Bart held firmly onto his cock while I eased the cock-head into the petite opening of my hungry love canal. Surprisingly, my ass opened to allow his magic wand entry.

A little bit at a time.” I thought to myself. “What was I thinking, trying to be impaled by such a large cock?”

As I slowly edged Bart's magnificent meat into the opening of my anus, I opened my eyes to see Bart smiling at me obviously appreciating my efforts. Just as he was about to say something, I felt the head of his cock pass the opening of my love shoot. I flinched, but slowly eased down an inch or more, then I paused. Bart winked and took his hand from his cock and placed both hands on my hips. His cock slowly moved in another few inches, then...Wham! It went all the way in. I could almost feel it pushing out my stomach muscles. Thanks to the flexibility of his big cock, we had it all in. Now for the fun part!!

I lifted up, then back down on his cock. I did it again and then paused. Bart looked at me and smiled.

Looks like we got the whole damn thing buried to the hilt. Are you sure you want to continue this? It feels great on this end. It’s so warm and tight, but I don't want to injure you in any way.”

Fuck no, let’s not stop. I'm full to the brim, but it feels great at the same time. Get wild and fuck me with that Brahma-bull cock! Pretend I am your virgin heifer that needs your godly seed buried deep in my welcome body. I love this. I need for you to breed me!

We started fucking slowly at first, but after Bart knew I was taking it well, he began lifting me up and down on his shaft. His cock became harder and more firm. I was stretched to the fullest. No room for another dick for a double fuck. No way.

When Bart was all the way in, he stopped, leaned forward to grip my body, and stood while I was still impaled! I held on to his Herculean body as he lifted me, turned around, and laid my backside on the couch. I wrapped my legs around him as he resumed fucking.

Now we looked directly into each others face. He surprisingly leaned over and kissed me directly on the lips. He hesitated after the first kiss, as if he was waiting for my response. I looked at him again and pulled his head down to my lips to give him a big kiss.

We continued to kiss until I felt his big cock get even bigger! He rubbed my prostate and caused me to cum all over the place. My ass muscles tightened and he started fucking me harder and faster. He was pulling his cock almost all the way out, then shoving it back in without mercy. Then he started moaning like the bull he was and started cumming into my love canal, filling me to overflowing. He must have dumped a pint of semen into my body. It was running out of my anus and all over the towel that covered the couch. It felt so good that I think I blanked out for a few seconds. I know I saw spots before my eyes. When I came to my senses, Bart was lying on me, trying to catch his breath. He turned towards me and lightly kissed me again and nibbled on my nose.

Wow. That was sensational. Give me about five minutes and we'll do that again. What do ya say, my young calf?.”

Story by Dick Clinton
Word Count 39105, Page count, 6

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