Big Jake and his Twin Sons

Big Jake and his Adopted Twin Sons.

Story By Dick Clinton

Good and Satisfying Service.

I own a Filling station and Restaurant just off Highway I-70 in Kansas that I inherited when my father, Jake Senior passed away. I was only twenty at the time and the business was booming. An interstate highway was built in the 70s. that by-passed me and left me on the old road. They constructed an exit from the main highway, about a mile past my place, so to get to my station/restaurant traffic would have to take the turn off and come back to my station. Well, you get the idea.

My business dropped off for a while, but some of the older truck drivers made extra effort to continue to give me their business. I had a large parking area and room for parking 10 trucks and more along the road out front. I charged a modest fee for the space and still they kept coming.

couldn't figure out why the station was so popular until I over heard a couple truckers talking in the restaurant. It seemed one of the main attractions besides the good cooking, was the men's restroom and truckers showers in the back of the building.

I discovered that someone had drilled a couple large Glory Holes in the toilet walls. The Glory Holes were the cause of the continuous action and the service had increased over the past few years. I found this out one day when I stumbled onto some action taking place in two of the booths. A couple truckers were being serviced through the holes by a couple of guys, and men were lining up to get their cock's sucked.

I wasn't shocked seeing the holes in the walls, but I didn't know it was so popular with truckers and travelers. Even the highway patrol officers would make regular stops to eat and use the men’s room. Many of the Interstate Highway workmen used our place as a rest stop. Business was increasing so who was I to complain? I left the toilet open 24/7 and depended on my young twin sons to keep it well stocked and clean.

When I visited the toilet one day, one of the regular drivers told me I should try out the glory hole action that was taking place. There were two guys sucking cock and taking on everyone. I thought – “what the hell'? It had been a long time since I'd had a good blowjob and since my ole lady had passed on, I'd had limited sex except for self-masturbation. I ventured into one of the unoccupied booths and while I stood there waiting to piss, a finger at one of the holes motioned for me to stick my dick through the hole. I quickly pissed, shook my cock a few times, and then carefully placed my dick through the hole.

Much to my surprise and pleasure, a soft gentle hand guided my hard eight-inch dick through the hole and into his warm mouth. It was more than I'd expected. Damn the guy was good.

I gripped the top of the booth and let the cocksucker work on my cock and balls. It was more pleasure than I'd had received in a long time. Needless to say, I came within a few minutes and shot one big “bitch-en” load. This cocksucker swallowed my load and diligently milked down the remaining cum from my flaccid cock, and licked me clean. I was weak in the knees from this awesome blowjob.

I knew other truckers were waiting to use the hole for their pleasure so I buttoned up my Levi's and left the booth.

The trucker who told me about the cocksucker at the hole winked and gave me a 'high five'. I went to the sink to wash up as another man took my place in the booth. There were still a few men waiting their turn to get a good blowjob before they headed back down the road.

I went back to the restaurant to check on my crew and to help the station attendant with a truck that was being serviced. I was still thinking about that sensational blowjob I had about an hour ago and might try for a repeat. Like most men I enjoyed a good blowjob.

I still lived next to the station in the family home. I thought I would go check on my two sons that should be home from school by now. I had been blessed with twin boys and they were about to have their birthday this month.

Mason was the first born and then Jason about 5 minutes later. They were not identical twins but equally good looking. Jason had blond hair and blue eye like his mother and Mason had dark curly hair and dark sparkle eyes like his father that had been killed in the latest war. Both boys were built like little stallions and were very athletic and kept fit. Of course I was predigests being their adopted father. I loved my boys but sometimes I realized I'd never gave them enough affection since their mother died four years ago. I thought I was a good father and usually gave them most anything they wanted.

I saw their books on the kitchen table and knew they were home, but where? I went upstairs to check in their room, but no boys. I didn't see them at the station but guessed they were outside playing ball or something. Just as I was heading down the stairs they came through the back door. They were laughing and talking to each other as I entered the room but became silent as I spoke.

Hi boys. What have you been up to? I didn't see you at the station earlier. Did you do your chores and clean up the rest room?” – I said to them. They both burst out in laughter again and assured me they had done their chores.

I was really concerned about the men's room and how my boys would react if some of the truckers made a pass at them, or if they even knew what was going on in there. I shouldn't have to worry about them. The boys were old enough and physically capable of handling themselves, besides the truckers always seem friendly to the boys and they were well liked.

The next day it was slow at the station and my crew had the situation under control so I decided to go home early. I was tempted to stop at the men's room to see if I could get another blowjob at the glory hole, but went home instead.

When I got home I took a shower and thought I'd check on the boys to see if they were home from school, then tuck them in before they went to sleep. Sometimes they would sleep in the same room together or use the computer in Mason's room before going to bed.

I slowly opened the door to Mason's room and I was shocked. Mason was lying naked on his bed and Jason was between his brother's legs sucking his dick. I stood there for a moment and questioned what to do. I didn't want to embarrass them, besides they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Mason was leaning back against the headboard with eyes closed, arms behind his head while his twin brother Jason was bobbing up and down on Mason's rather large dick. I slowly closed the door before they saw me.

I took a brief look again and opened the door just a cranny to watch. My dick became immediately firm and started oozing pre-cum juices. I was not angry; in fact I was extremely excited watching this brotherly love.

My boys were growing up before my eyes, and I have become aware that they had become fine-looking young men. I had married their mother at the young age of twenty and my adopted twin boys were sixteen years younger than me. Still at thirty-six years old, I felt still in my prime.

As I stood in the hallway watching the action I started to jack off. Mason's dick was rather large for his age, - at least I thought so. He looked to have about a seven-inch dick. Jason moved to another position on the bed and it looked like Jason's dick was about the same size as his brothers. They were such beautiful boys with great perfect bodies.

One of the floorboards where I was standing creaked. Mason looked toward the door and he realized that I was watching. He grinned and pushed Jason's head further down on his cock. He begin 'face fucking' Jason faster. He moaned as he started to cum still holding Jason's head down on his gushing cock while he shot his teenage load into his brother’s mouth.

I got so excited watching the action that I came and shot my load all over the door sash and on the floor. I quickly left my voyeur location at the door, but left an abundant puddle of cum on the floor. I hurried back to my room to reflect on the action I had observed between my two sons. It was unbelievable and extremely sexy. My dick was still hard and throbbing, even after I just came in the hallway.

I grabbed my t-shirt and went back to quickly clean up the cum before the boys saw it. I was still naked as I entered the hall. Mason was standing naked directly at the spot were I had cum on the floor. Jason was down on his hands and knees, licking the spot where I had shot my load.

Mason looked at me and smiled. “It's all right dad, Jason will lick it up.” Then Mason put his bare foot on Jason's back while he continued licking my cum from the door sash and off the floor. I was speechless as what to say or do.

Next time come to us when you want to have sex and we'll take care of you.” Mason said. Then he added. “I sucked your cock yesterday at the glory hole and it was awesome, Dad. I've wanted to suck your dick for a long time. Can we both come to your bed tonight and pleasure you again. Jason’s a good cocksucker too. He likes sucking cock and consuming trucker cum as much as I do.”

I was floored listening to my hot looking young men before me. Jason glanced up at me after he'd cleaned up my spent cum from the floor. He started kissing and licking my feet. He got to his knees, ran his hands up my legs to my balls and quickly took my wet oozing dick into his warm mouth. Mason came over to me and ran his hands up and down my hairy chest.

Dad. We love you and want to please you.” Just then I gasp as Jason went down on my dick as far as he could.

See Dad. I told you Jason was a good little cocksucker. He'd like to taste your load if you would give it to him. I think he's jealous that I took your load yesterday at the Glory Hole and he didn't get to taste your cum.”

Then Mason moved closer and kissed my chest and nipples as Jason sucked the cum from my cock. I had already gotten off once today, but this stimulating scene with my precious boys was beyond anything I could imagine. I started to cum and held Jason’s head onto my gushing cock. I turned slightly toward Mason and we kissed. I was amazed at my boy’s sexual perversion. It was unusual and erotic but I liked it.

Mason took my hand and Jason stood up after sucking my cock. They guided me towards my room and straight to my King Size bed. I took both boys in my arms and held them close to me. Mason was touching my semi-hard cock and Jason was feeling my chest and fingering my protruding nipples.

Where did you boys learn to be such loving sex partners? You're both good cocksuckers. What other talents do you have?” – I said

I'm glad you asked that Dad, because I'd love for you to fuck me and shoot your 'daddy load' up my tight ass. I've had several offers to get fucked but I want you to 'break my cherry' first.” - Mason said rather proudly.

Then Jason giggled. “Mason likes me to tongue fuck his butt hole, but he won't let me stick my dick in him yet. I know he'd love having your big dick in him and I would love to watch that. You have such a big one Dad. I bet you could make him yell.”

Here I was with my two handsome boys in bed with me for the first time. I remember when they were playful young boys and now they are older, well developed and handsome young horny stallions.

I was really enjoying the attention they were giving my body by rubbing my chest and chewing on my nipples. They each kissed and made love to my body while caressing my cock and balls. They took turns licking and sucking my cock going first up one side and then down the other. One boy sucked my balls while the other sucked and licked my hard dick. I was in forbidden incestuous heaven.

Society finds incest between family members unacceptable, of course I know that, but they were not my blood relatives.  I had adopted them after their father has died in the war. It seemed natural to love and be loved by my adopted  flesh and blood. I gave in quickly to my desires and planned to enjoy this love to the fullest. My two adopted sons were molesting me and I welcomed it.

Jason left the room while Mason was still between my legs. He went to retrieve some lube from his room. Mason continued to work on my cock licking and kissing my balls until Jason returned and put his tongue in his brother's ass and started licking and rimming his hole. Jason was always kinky experimenting with things while Mason was usually more aggressive and would tell Jason what to do.

I was in heavenly bliss enjoying this new adventure with my two sons. I could hear Mason groan as Jason continued to rim his ass. He stopped rimming Mason long enough to put a gob of lube up his ass. Mason moved up to me and straddled my body. He took hold of my hard cock and guided me to his virgin ass. He wanted to be fucked in the worst way.

I was so excited I thought I would cum right there. Jason reached for my cock and held it firm while Mason slowly eased my cock head into his anus. I wasn't a looser when it came dick size and asked Mason if could take my 8 ½ inch cock in his tight hole, “Sure dad” - Mason answered determined to be impaled on my hard cock.

I watched Mason's face as he struggled to guide my cock into his ass. Suddenly I felt my cock head push into the opening of his anus. Mason gasp and slowly eased himself further and further down until it was all the way in. My hard throbbing cock was now buried deep inside Mason's body. We both relaxed as he pushed his ass all the way down to my balls.

Mason looked directly at me and flashed that boyish smile. “Dad. That was awesome. He said. I feel like now we are connected together. Just give me awhile to relax with your cock inside me, then fuck my hole hard and plant your seed in me. Breed me and fuck me good, Dad. I've been wanting this connection for a long time?” – he told me.

It was so hot to fuck Mason's ass and I was so turned on by my two hot desirable sons, that never did I imagined that my sons would desire me sexually. I was proud of my firm body and my eight-inch dick. I was sexually attractive to women, but never thought in my wildest dreams that my sons desired me too. The blow job that I received at the Glory Hole filling station men's room was sensational and the first one that I had received in a long time. It was amazing to know it was one of my sons who actually sucked me off.

Mason eased his body down on my hard cock while Jason helped his brother guide my cock to his hole. At first it wasn't easy but Mason took my cock all the way into his fuck hole. He was so warm and tight.

Even their mother's pussy wasn't this good. She always complained about how I was too big for her, but I still fucked her until I was satisfied. She was lousy sex for sure, but the seed that I planted inside her, gave me these two outstanding sons. For that I was now grateful.

Mason shifted his body up and down on my cock and I thought I was going to cum at any moment. He seemed to sense my body language and slowly ease down on my cock and kept it tightly in his ass by squeezing my cock inside him. If this was Mason's first fuck, and I assumed it was, he was a damn good fuck, and I looked forward to future fucks.

I held Mason's hips and helped him lift his body up and down on my cock. It was like a sensational “jack off' session, using Mason's body instead of my hands.

Jason had positioned himself between my legs and was caressing and licking my balls. Juices were seeping out of my cock and Mason's hole. I had early sensed that Jason was the Kinky one to have around while we fucked. I was correct because here he was licking and making us clean.

This was too good to be true. I knew I couldn't last much longer. Jason stopped licking my balls and stood next to me in order to offer Mason his cock to be sucked. The view from down here was fantastic. I could see Jason's cock sliding in and out of Mason's mouth and his beautiful balls bouncing back and forth, hitting Mason's chin.

I reached up and rubbed his firm round butt. Jason looked down at me and spread his cheeks so I could see his pink little anus. I wet my finger and gently pushed it into his hole. He took my hand and pushed my large callused finger harder into his sweet little butt hole. Jason moaned and shot his load into his bothers mouth.

That was too much for me to handle. Mason fucked up and down on my cock until I started shooting my “Daddy load” into my son's tight virgin ass. I felt his fuck track muscles tighten. His cock shot a nice load and landed on my chest and face. This boy was loaded with sweet cum and I just had to taste it. I thought my dick was going to explode as I shot so much cum up his butt that streams of juices were over flowing and running down my cock and onto my balls. This was definitely the best orgasm I'd had in years, and a clean up job for Jason.

Mason laid his head on my chest. I kissed his head and than messed up his dark hair. “Thanks son. I needed that.”

Mason laughed softly. “Yeah dad - I guess so” – he said. “You came like a gushing fire-hose, and it was awesome.” He turned and licked some of his cum from my chin. I kissed him on the forehead and then on his nose. He put his mouth to mine and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. “We love ya Dad and we are always here to satisfy your needs. I realize now how much I wanted to be fucked by you. I think you liked it too? - Huh dad?” – Mason said.

I could feel my cock slow getting soft and easing out of Mason's hole. Jason was right there with a warm wet cloth cleaning up the sticky mess. Jason continued to clean my cock and balls, and then he went down on me to lick up the remaining juices from my spent cock. Mason went to take a shower and clean up. Jason finished licking Mason's cum off my stomach and chest. Finally he laid his head on my chest like Mason had done earlier. “I guess you know we both love you dad. I hope you had as good a time as we did. You are an awesome father and want this love/sex relationship to continue for a long time.”

Jason kissed me again and I was surprised to realize my cock was getting hard again. I was so relaxed and satisfied I started to doze off.

When I awoke about an hour later, I saw Jason had his brother’s legs on his shoulders and he was fucking the hell out of him. It was amazing to watch his cock pumping away at the sweet ass where earlier I had just dump my “daddy load.” My dick started getting hard again as I watched my two hot sons fuck. I had to get closer to watch them perform.

Mason looked over at me and motioned for me to get closer to him. He pulled my face to his and started passionately kissing me.

Oh Daddy, Jason wants to plant his seed in with yours. After he dumps I want you to fuck me again and mingle your cum with his. I still have your cum in my body, but I need you to breed me again.”

Jason is a damn good fucker. He must take after you Dad. “Oh yeah - Jason. Fuck me hard, fuck me brother. I need more cum up my ass so Dad can fuck me again. Oh man, that is so good. Fuck me Jason, keep fucking me hard and fast like a jack hammer.”

Jason started to cum and leaned his head back and howled like a wolf. I continued to kiss Mason as he was getting filled with his brother’s cum. Jason slowly stopped fucking and leaned over Mason and joined us for a three way kiss.

I moved around behind Jason's body as he eased his semi-hard cock out of Mason. It was hot and I was getting even hotter. I almost pushed Jason off the bed to get my dick back in Mason's hole. I unmercifuly buried my hard cock deep into Mason well fucked hole. Mason grunted and pulled my buttocks towards him as I lunged in deeper. .

Oh Yeah. Dad. shove your man cock deep inside my body. Fuck me long and hard. I need to be fucked by your big Daddy cock. I want more Daddy cum up my boy pussy. . I love it so and my body is yours to fuck -. And fuck we did.

My twins are the best thing that ever happened to me. I continue to let the boys suck cock at the Glory Holes in the filling station restroom. Their reputation has spread among the truck drivers. Truckers and traveling men would make an effort to stop at my station for fuel, food, and fantastic blow jobs.

Our business was good, really good and I was using my sons for sex. Mason was so horny that he wanted to get fucked all the time. I agreed as long as I was present. Sometimes a lot of men would fuck Mason while I watched or join in.

Jason was into sucking cock and became a perfectionist bragging that he could swallow twenty loads of cock juice a day. We never asked for money for the boy’s service but I installed a large tip box in the toilet for satisfied men.

The sign read. “College Donations”.

The men would leave generous tips if they wanted to come back, and most did.
It was a good year for 'Big Jake's Filling Station and Restaurant' and earned the reputation for it's good food and great satisfying service. - Just ask any trucker driving through Kansas.
Story by Dick Clinton,
7/24/11 -
Word Count 4025

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