My Sister's Boyfriend.Updated 02/13/2019

My sister's Boyfriend fucking me on the bus. 

I was waiting for the bus driver when my sister's boyfriend Jason came on the bus too.  We got to talking and he said he thought I had a sexy ass and wondered if I would let him fuck me because my sister was nothing but a tease.  I gave in and he fucked me right there on the bus.  It was wild.  Later on the black bus driver arrived and saw us fucking.  He waited then came back to give me a good fucking too.  Both had nice big dicks.

Sucking on the Black Bus Driver getting him ready to fuck me right there on the bus.  My sisters boyfriend Jason had just filled my hole with a big load of cum so it would be easier to take this big beautiful cock. Jason stayed to watch and got so horny he fucked me again right after the bus driver used me. Jason has been fucking me almost every day now especially after a date with my uptight sister.  If she only knew how good a fuck he was she would die.

One day when I came home I discovered my sister's boyfriend was waiting in the back yard hoping to fuck my sister, but she was at work.  I noticed he was horney so I made a pass at him and sucked him off.  We have been do this almost every week now.  I love his cock.

My straight room mate knew I liked getting my ass fucked so one day he brought a buddy over and told me his buddy was gonna fuck me while he filmed us.  The guy was inexperienced at fucking male ass but once he got started he was great.  Now he comes over when my room mate is gone and fucks me all the time.  

Here I am again getting a hard rough fucked from my straight neighbor an x-marine..  He is married but when his wife is out he comes over to buck my ass.  I love it. 

Fucking my fag brother-in-law and sharing him with my straight buddies. 

At he military commissary sucking off military studs.  It is a busy place and I often go there and suck off about 6 hunks and get lots of wonderful military cum. 

Military Dorm.  Getting lots of action with straight guys. Lots of cum shows. 

My straight room mate always fucks me after one of his dates with a girl.  He says my ass is better and tighter than any girl he fucks.  He always has to ware a rubber when he fucks women, but never wares one when he fucks me.  He often brings home the cum filled condom to show me then used it for lube before he fucks me.  He ask if he could bring along one of his marine buddies one night to use my ass for his cum dump as well.  The more the merrier.  

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