This is NOT a scam, Donate Here Please

Donate Here PLEASE! 01/09/2019


This is NOT a scam. 

Once again a New Year will be on us soon.  

I would appreciate it if you could donate just a small amount to help me pay off my VA prescription bill.  I am pressed with other household living expenses like Utilities, Food, VA prescriptions,  Auto Payments and Insurance and usually by the 15th of the month my checking account is '-0-'. So I stay at home and wait for the next Railroad Retirement check on the 1st of each month. To make things worse this month, I bit into a hard piece of toast and snapped my lower bridge in half.  Now I have to find a dentist that will replace up Upper and Lower Dentures at a reasonable price.  Have you ever priced a full set of dentures.  WOW. They are outrages.  

I know many of my faithful readers in USA are Senior Retires as well and have a limited income just as I do, but there are other readers that seem to be fluent with more income to help me.

  I see quite of my readers are also from Foreign Countries, and hesitate to donate but when you Donate to GO FUND ME  they will  change your donations to $ Dollars before sending to my site. So if you enjoy my erotic man to man stories on my Pleasant Encounter Blogs please be kind and donate even a small amount to help me.  

Thank you so much.Please Donate  Click Here!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2019 and be kind to each other. 

Your story teller, Richard Barber, a.k.a. Dick Clinton

Another way to DONATE!

by sirrichard35

VA Medical Prescription Co Payments
I have had several Faithful readers say they would like to donate but don't what to expose the use of their credit cards. They would donate if they could either send a personal check or a GIFT card to me directly. I will give my address to anyone wanting to do that if you send me an e-mail requesting my home address. Send to or...send checks to
Richard Barber
12911 West Keystone Drive
Sun City West, AZ 85375
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