Garage Mechanic

Garage Mechanic- Time for a tune up.

Story by Dick Clinton,

I was brought up in a small farm town in the Midwest America. I guess I would be considered the town 'male whore'. Most of the guys in my town were straight, but was always willing to get a good blow job or fuck a young good-looking boys ass; and I was always ready to service them. I never thought of myself as being Queer, in fact I never thought of it until I was much older. I always preferred older boys and men because they treated me very well. I learned to get fucked when I was still in grade school by some of the older farm boys, and the more I got fucked, the more I wanted it.

I remember one day Dad and I went into town to get the truck worked on, so he left me at the garage with the owner, George, while he did some shopping at the lumberyard. George usually found someway to get me alone so he could fuck me. We hadn’t been together for several weeks. Not since the last time we took our truck into the garage to be fixed. George motioned for me to follow him to the back storage room of the garage; he locked the doors, quickly bent me over the 50-gallon oil can and fucked the hell out of me. He was so passionate and rough that day. I knew he hadn’t had a piece of ass for some time. I knew from my other sessions with him, that he was always rough with me, but I liked it that way with him.

He was such a hot dude. Most of the women in town were panting over his six foot two, hot muscular body. I think it was his rippling abs, his tattoos, his sexy dark hair, and that big bulge in his tight coveralls that got them horny for him. I knew most of them would be so envious of me, if they knew I was getting this straight stud’s dick up my boy pussy,… and what a dick it was too!.

He barely gave me a chance to pull down my jeans, when he was spitting on his cock and was quickly shoving it into my asshole. Boy, did I feel him that day! I gave out a whimper when he entered me so roughly. That didn’t stop him; in fact I think my whimpering turned him on even more. I knew that after I got used to his large cock in me, I would enjoy it. He fucked me hard and fast that day, and when he came in my ass, he hit my prostate and I shot all over the oil can. My sperm shot out of my dick, ran down the side and onto the floor. I often wondered if anyone ever noticed the cum stains on the oil can and on the floor. He never said anything to me before the fuck, but afterward, he leaned over to kiss the back of my neck, slowly eased his semi hard dick from my wet asshole, and slapped my butt.

Hey buddy. I sure needed that. Your dad’s truck is probably fixed by now, but I told his mechanic to tell him he should bring it back in again next week for a tune up. I want you to make up some excuse to get away for the afternoon. I have a hot ex-marine buddy coming to visit next week, and I want him to experience a good piece of boy pussy. I’ll make some arrangements to go next door to the motel for a good fuck session. You might have to blow the motel clerk, but he’s cool. Okay?

Now get your sweet ass out of here before your dad wonders where you are.” He said as he slipped a twenty into my pocket and patted my ass as I left the storage room. “Remember. Next week for a tune up.”

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