College Dorm Slut, Part 03

College Dorm Slut, Part 03   CLICK HERE!

College Dorm Slut, Part 03

After I left coach Robin's bedroom, I headed to my room to get my towel and shaving kit so I could clean up before Mike arrived with the Hockey Team player. I was to seduce him and hopefully entice him to pledge here at the 'Spartacus House' Sports Fraternity I just hoped he was turned on to me and I to him. It would be much easier to seduce someone nice. Now that I know my duties, I was more at ease, but never dreamed that when I first arrived here a few months ago, that I would be hustling my body to some unbelievable hot young athletes. I think I found my niche in life. I was to be used to please men, a male whore, a pussy boy and cum dump for 12 or more athletes and the coach.

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