Brother, Jocks and Dad-

My brothers and Dad.

I gathered up some ‘chips and dips’ and a few sandwiches I’d made for my two brothers and their two friends, Jake and Larry to eat while they watched the games on TV. Larry and Jake would usually stop off at a Short Stop to pick up some soda and junk food for us. They tried several times to buy some beer but they were still too young. Now and then their dad would give them a six-pack for a special treat.

When I arrived they had their shirts and shoes off watching some x-rated video that one of the boys had confiscated from their dad’s collection.

The game would not start for another hour and they wanted me to get them off before the game today. I knew they had planned this ahead of time, but it was cool with me because I wanted to go to the Bikers Party later on that evening, if my dad would let me.  

Hey Corey.” My brother Carl called out to me as I put the tray of food on the nearby table.

Corey, come over here and give your brother’s cock some loving. I missed your morning wake up. Bro.” Carl said to me as he took off his jeans to reveal his hard cock.

This fuck film has made me so horny I could pop my nuts right now. Come here Corey, Let your brother dump a load in you sweet warm mouth.” 

Fuck, Carl. Have a little patience will ya huh, and don’t be so mean to your brother. You don’t know how honored you two dudes should be, having your own live-in cock sucking brother. I’ll trade my stupid brother for Corey anytime.” Larry said.

Come over here Corey. I’ll treat you right. You’re my favorite cocksucker, even my uncle can’t suck my cock like you can dude. I should have you give him a few lessons on the matter. Here Corey, lick my balls while Carl cools down.” Larry said as he took off his shorts and sat back down on the couch.

I enjoy these Saturdays relaxing and getting sucked. “This is the life.” He continued.  

Yeah, Dude. Give him time to set down the food at least. You are such a horny bastard. You try to fuck that stupid bitch, Judy, all the time, then you come home and make Corey suck you off before going to sleep. Why don’t you give up on that bitch anyway? You’ve got it good here. You can get your rocks off with Corey without any hassle. You’ll miss your brother when you go to college so you better appreciate him now.” 

No, it’s alright. I don’t mind. I like my brothers and enjoy making them happy. Now let’s see who can get their pants off the quickest.” I said to change the subject. 

I went to my older brother Carl, knelt between his brother’s legs, and gripped his hard cock. I leaned forward and kissed his beautiful golf ball sized testicles then ran my tongue up his eight-inch shaft to taste my brother’s sweet cum oozing from his cock head. I was such a cock slut, To be given my big brother’s cock to suck, was an honor for me. How many other brothers had this pleasure and still have their respect?

Carl caressed my head and gave me a quick rub on my head, then he leaned back to enjoy the pleasure he knew only I could give him. He had become very close to me in the past few years since we had been having sex together. Carl could relax around his other brother Roy too. Sex had been such a natural enjoyable thing in our family and even our dad, Victor, had become more relaxing to be around.

Carl was enjoying my warm sensitive mouth around his cock. I enjoyed sucking his love juices out of his big cock. Carl knew it was nice to have someone make love to his cock the way I did. The pleasure he got from me was appreciated and satisfying.  

Soon Carl was going to release another sweet warm load of man sperm. I continued making love and pleasing my brother until the gasping grew and the body jerked with one more shake as he released his much needed orgasm. Squirt after squirt he released into my mouth and down my throat. It had been almost 48 hours since Carl had cum and he needed to blow real bad. Roy was right about that girl. All she would do is kiss and tease him until his nuts actually hurt. The best she would ever do was jacking him off, and Carl could do that to himself anytime. What he needed was to release his sperm. His balls needed to be emptied and now I was releasing his hurting balls.  

Too quickly his orgasm was completed and I was milking his semi-hard cock licking up every drop. I had a special technique of air blowing his wet cock until it was almost dry, then I would give the cock one more kiss before I finished. Carl lay still and relaxed to an almost sleeping state.

I moved gently away from him and moved over to Jake sitting next to him on the couch. Carl knew Jake liked to watch me suck his cock. Sometimes Jake would put his finger in my mouth as Carl’s cock was being sucked. Then Jake would feel Carl’s balls and even pinch on his tits while he was being sucked.

I moved to Jake and soon I was working Jake’s manhood just as I had Carl’s cock. Jake was a sensitive dude, but could cum several times in one session. He'd proved that several times before. When I would meet Jake in the boy’s room at school for his blow jobs, he would cum two or three times before I would stop because we had to get back to class before the next bell rang.

Today was no different than any other. He was very easy to please and soon I could taste his boy cum start to ooze from his cock, then a sudden spurt of delightful cum. Once again I drank down his pleasure, but would stop after this load and come back to Jake later for a few more loads. Now I was ready to move on to my other brother Roy.
Roy was always ready for sex. Even when I would get him off in the morning before school, Roy would have another hard on, and I would do another quick blow job while Carl was in the shower. Carl had the bigger cock, but Roy’s cock was curved just right to take him all the way down my throat as he was cumming. This always pleased Roy. He told me it was such a great feeling shooting his cum down a tight throat and feeling the muscles clamp around his cock. Roy knew I would do almost anything to please my brothers. Roy and Carl loved me and would always stand up for me if any of the guys would mess with me. 

I was now working on to my brother’s cock. I knew just how Roy like to be sucked and how he liked to cum: down my throat. The sensation of the cum spurting down my gullet and into my stomach was different and exciting. Even though I loved the taste and flavor of cum from their dicks, Carl and Victor gave me enough sperm for all three of the family men. Roy was about to cum so I took a deep breath and swallowed Roy’s cock while he came.

It was as good as ever and soon Roy was gasping and shooting his man cum into my gullet. I never pulled away, but took another deep breath thru my nose and held Roy’s balls until he pulled away. His balls were now empty and he was satisfied for now.
Larry was about to climb the walls. His cock was so close to cumming a couple of times but he enjoyed my warm cock sucking mouth. Larry was always pleased by the way I was very attentive towards him when I sucked him off on Wednesdays in the gym restroom.

One time we got caught by another one of the guys and I was forced to suck off the other guy too. I think Larry felt kind of bad at first but he didn’t stop the guy from being forceful and verbally calling me names. Soon he realized I liked the verbal abuse. Now when they were together, Larry got turned on by using verbal obscenities to me as I gave him his blow job. We both found it stimulating.

The same guy showed up in the gym restroom every Wednesday to get his nuts off too. I didn’t mind and had always wanted to suck that guy off anyway. So the two guys became regulars for me to suck off. It was cool.  

I enjoyed Larry’s cock as much as the other guys. Larry’s cock was very thick and at first I had to adjust my jaws to take his cock, but after a while I learned how to please Larry. Larry enjoyed face fucking me, and I discovered that if I inserted a few fingers into Larry’s asshole, Larry would get off more quickly.

I liked the way Larry would call me obscene names and verbally abuse me, but I don't think Larry will do it in front of my brothers. They might be shocked, although both of my brothers would call out some obscene names to me, as they were cumming.
I was enjoying sucking on Larry’s thick cock. I was thinking how much more fun it would be if Larry fuck my ass. I was getting hot, and wanted to be fucked again today. The Glory Hole fuck was fun but not as satisfying as having a firm body pressed against my body and a big cock shooting cum up my ass. I had Larry hot, but not ready to cum. I got him good and wet, then turned around, pulled down my sweats, and started to guide Larry’s cock up my asshole.

Whoa there dude. I've never fuck a boy pussy before. Are you sure you want my thick cock up your ass?” Larry said as he held my firm buttocks away from his cock. He looked at Carl and then at Roy as if to ask if it was okay to fuck their little brother.  

Hey Corey.” Carl called out. “If you're going to get fucked, turn that sweet ass around this way so we can all watch. Lean over the arm of the couch. We might want to shove our meat up your boy pussy as well.”

Since I am the oldest one here, I'm going to fuck you first and show these amateurs how a man fucks a good piece of ass. Get that lube from the drawer and get in position. Your master has spoken.” Carl said in jest, yet in all seriousness.

The guys seemed surprised at my aggressive move, except for Carl. He'd fucked me a few times before and watched dad fuck me on various occasions. Larry and Jake had never fucked a guy before. Larry seemed excited about fucking me but warned me that sense he was so large around that I might have some problems taking his cock. Carl spoke up. 

Larry you don’t have to worry about Corey taking your thick cock. You should see him take Dad’s eleven-inch cock. Whoops. Perhaps I shouldn’t have told you about that. It is kind of a family secret, but now that I fucked up, you guys must promise to keep this between us. Okay? You are almost part of family anyway.” Carl continued. 

Fuck man, you mean your hot looking dad is fucking Corey as well as the two of you getting your cock sucked every day. How fucking lucky can you dudes get?” Jake blurted out. 

You are some hot and horny bunch of perverted studs. I love it.” Larry added. 

Hey guys, let’s stop this chatter and get to fucking my ass before I change my mind. I get horny too you know.” I said as I looked around at the four guys behind me. I was anxious to get fucked today. My insides were itching for a good pounding.

Carl. You'll be first today to open me up and give me a good fucking. Then I want Roy to plow me next. Jake. Come over here in front of me and let me suck on you while I get a couple of dick loads up my male pussy.

I know you can cum a couple more times while these dudes are pounding my ass. Then if you are still in the mood, you can fuck me last. Come on dudes. I need some good fucking today, so have at it.” I instructed the guys as I moved into position. Jake straddled my face as Carl moved behind me and guided his large cock to my welcome anus. 

Carl had place a small amount of lubricant on his cock head and a small amount into the opening of Corey’s anus opening. As the other boys watched with care, Carl guided his cock head slowly into Corey, positioned his hands on Corey’s hips, and slowly eased his cock into the warm 'pleasure hole' before him. Corey braced himself for his brother’s big cock and then moved back into Carl as Carl shoved his cock into the depths of a delightful warm body and loving brother.  

Larry called out in surprise. “Oh my god, Carl! Your cock went all the way in: right up to your balls. Hot damn, that looks so good. Fuck that ass man, let me watch you get your nuts. I’ve seen chicks take it up the ass on the videos, but it never looked this good. Man, I'm getting so hot watching this. Shit, I hope I don’t cum before I stick my dick in that hole. Corey, are you enjoying that big cock up your punk ass? You're a real pleasure boy. Fuck! That looks so hot.” Larry continued as he placed his hand at the base of Carl’s cock to feel the entrance of Corey’s hole.  

Meanwhile Roy was on the other side of Carl slowly jacking on his hard cock and patiently waiting his turn at his brother’s asshole. Corey was moving with every deep plunge of the impaled cock while sucking on his buddy Jake.

The orgy continued. Larry had positioned himself under Carl so he could watch his cock slamming in and out of Corey. Occasionally a few drops of overflowing cum would ease out of Corey’s ass and drip on Larry’s face. Larry was first turning his face away, but as the scene got hotter, he let some of the cum drip into his mouth.  

Roy was getting so hot, that he moved in front of Jake and offered his cock to him. Jake had never sucked on his buddy’s cock before but under the circumstances, it looked very good to him. He opened slowly to insert Roy’s dick and savor his first taste of man cum. It was salty sweet at first, but the sensation of a nice cock going into his mouth was awesome.

He knew this was going to make him so hot, that he soon would cum in Corey’s mouth. Roy liked the feel of his buddy Roy sucking his cock for the first time. What did it matter if it felt good?

He was going to cum soon and was going to shoot his cum in his mouth and make him swallow his cum. He looked back at his brother Carl and winked.

Carl was enjoying the pleasure of Corey’s warm ass and the thought of his other buddy, Larry looking up at his cock as he shoved it into this nice ass. Larry was starting to raise his head closer to Carl’s balls and lick them while he jacked on his own cock.  

The orgy was just too much for all of the guys. First Carl started to move harder and faster into Corey and released his sperm deep into the depths of Corey. This excitement set Roy off. He grabbed Jake’s head and held him as he shot his cum in to his mouth, causing Roy to gag at first.

The sensation of swallowing his buddy’s cum set Jake over the edge, and he came into Corey’s welcome mouth. Roy could feel Corey’s wet orgasm as he shot his load on his inner thighs.

Larry could not wait his turn to fuck Corey and shot his load as he licked and sucked on Carl’s moist testicles, perineum and ass crack. His cum shot all over his stomach and chest. 

Sounds of moans and sexual pleasure filled the room as each and every boy released their orgasms. The VCR had stopped and only the sound of pleasure from the boys was heard.

The sounds of wild sex could be heard upstairs. Victor quietly walked down the stairs to observe the boys in wild sexual positions. He pulled out his cock and soon he was hard as he manipulated his 11-inches of manhood. He knew this had been going on since the boys first started watching his x-rated VCR movies on Saturdays, but he never intervened, until today. He came up behind Carl just as he finished fucking Corey. His cock still remained in the cum filled hole. Victor put his arms around Carl and snuggled close to him and quietly said to him. 

Son. Watching your orgy has gotten me hot. I want to bury my cock into Corey and get my nuts off too. It should be easy now that you have filled him with your boy cum. Pull out slowly, move to the side, and let me fuck my boy.” Victor said. 

Victor quickly took off his pants while Carl slowly released his moist cock from Corey’s asshole. The other boy seemed a bit timid with Mr. Thompson joining them in their sex orgy, but it also excited them. They had always heard that Victor had a huge cock, but never knew that he was fucking Corey until today. Now they were going to watch this stud fuck his son. Everyone remained quiet but moved into better positions so they could watch.  

The room became quiet for a moment as Victor kissed his son’s ass and positioned himself behind Corey who was still a ‘doggie position’. When he realized his Dad was going to fuck him in front of his brothers and their two buddies. He was trilled with excitement. He backed into position, braced himself on the couch, and was ready to take his dad’s big and gratifying cock.

Victor was in position to plant his cock and his seed into his loving and benevolent son. He was so fascinated by the thought of using his son each and every day that he felt happier than he had ever felt before.

Some people would shun the idea of having sex with their kinfolks, but why? He was not fucking a female, it was a male. The males in other tribes throughout the world had sex with their sons for pleasure, so why not him and his sons. It was not like he was going to impregnate them for a baby; it was for pure 'body and soul' pleasure.

Everyone involved in the sex act, enjoyed the body pleasures, sensations and love. This is the way we were born to do, and humans seem to have it down pretty well at times. Corey, his youngest offspring, was the one that brought joy and understanding into their family life.  

Corey turned to his dad and said. “Dad. I want you to fuck me as I face you. I love the way you look when your pleasure is released, besides you always get me off at the same time when your stud cock touches my prostate. I always ejaculate in that way. I like watching you so let’s do it that way. Okay?” Corey looked into his dad’s eyes waiting for permission.

Sure, son. I like to watch your face as well. Turn around and let me show these young studs how we make love.” Victor said while Corey found a nice position on the couch and lay on his back while his dad gently looked down at Corey then turned to the boys and said.  

I want you guys to look closely at this young man as we observe the small asshole I’m about to enter. You may wonder how such a small sphincter can open wide enough to take Carl’s 8 inches of meat or my 11-inch dick as large around as a coke can when it is fully expanded. Well, his anus is flexible just as my dick is flexible. I read that an asshole can take a man’s fingers, hand, and arm past the wrist. However, this takes time, practice and lots of lubrication. We have no intentions of doing that, but it can be done. The perineum is this area between the base of the testicles and the anus. This area can be very sensitive to sexual stimulation, especially during orgasm. That is where your mouth was centered Larry, when Carl got off a while ago. 

The anus, the large intestine that excretes your body waste can be stretched to various points of pain and pleasure. Due partly to its proximity to the prostate gland and partly to its own high concentration of sensitive nerve endings, the anus is a highly erogenous zone for many men. The prostate is a gland that lies at the center of the pelvis and is highly sensitive to sexual stimulation and if it is massaged or touched just right, it can cause the male to ejaculate with sudden pleasure, without touching the penis. The closer a man is to orgasm, the more sensitive the prostate is. This gives pleasure to both the person fucking and the person being fucked. Around the outside of his body is this tender ring or sphincter and before you enter you should kiss and make love to it so it will relax before you make your entry.” Victor explained as he touched Corey’s pink anus. 

Larry. Since you were about to fuck this tender hole, I suggest you get over here and kiss his asshole and lick his tender spot. You may find it sweet and nice to the taste since his brother Carl just emptied his sperm into his body. Come on, do as I ask.” Victor said in a more demanding voice. 

Awe, Mr. Thomas, I don’t think I can do that.” Larry said shyly. Then he saw the look on Victor’s face and quickly dropped to his knees to look directly at Corey’s asshole. Victor had lifted Corey’s legs exposing his hole. He bent forward as Victor pushed his head directly into Corey’s ass. Larry was hesitant at first, but since this demanding adventure was turning him on, he licked and licked again until he found his tongue searching and licked around the tender hole. It was pleasant and better than any smelly pussy he licked before. He then buried his face in Corey’s ass and started to tongue fuck the asshole.  

Now, see how sweet that is? You'll find if you suck on it slightly you will be able to taste the sperm that remains just inside his anus. OK, that’s enough. I just wanted to show you guys that some assholes taste very nice, even better than a woman’s pussy. So now when your buddy ask you to give him a rim job, or ass licking, you will know how pleasant it can be.  

I'm going to proceed to make my entry in Corey’s asshole but, since I have been explaining the pleasures of sex, my dick has gotten soft. Which of you guys want to make me hard again by sucking on my cock? Be my fluffer? How about you Jake? You look like you could use a little practice on cock sucking. I saw you take Roy’s dick and you have potential to be a good cocksucker. Come on Roy, don’t be shy.” Victor said as he smiled at Roy and motioned for him to get on the floor and suck his dick. 

Carl and Roy were getting a charge out of their dad giving instructions to their buddies on ‘how to eat ass and suck cock’. They had experienced these pleasures and knew Larry and Jake would first be embarrassed, but would find the experience delightful and perhaps useful later on.  

Roy dropped to his knees in front of his buddy’s dad and took a good look at this semi-soft dick. Some small beads of pre-cum juices lingered on the cock head. Roy licked them and found them delightful to the taste. He carefully touched Victors cock and pulled back the foreskin that covered part of his cock head. His tongue explored Victor’s cock head as he sucked it into his mouth. He was surprised of his sudden desire to suck this man’s large penis. He placed it in his mouth and started licking and sucking, like it was a fresh ice cream cone. It was nice and very sexy sucking the cock of his buddy’s dad. He continued to take the cock into his mouth and throat and swallow it as far as he could. His hand gripped Victor’s scrotum as he proceeded to make love to the male member of Victor’s body.

Oh yeah, Jake, I think you might be giving my boy some competition. You're going to be a good cocksucker. Young man, I would like for you to finish me off, but I promised my boy I would put my cock into his ass for his pleasure too. I want you to guide my dick into his ass hole, after Larry gets Corey’s ass wet again. I’m looking forward to have you suck me off some other time.” Victor said.
Larry buried his face into Corey’s ass and lustfully sucked away at his asshole. Victor smiled again satisfied that the two young men were so willing to help him stick his hard cock into a tight young man’s ass. He was in control of the orgy and he was pleased with himself. Now he was anxious to put his dick deep in Corey and pleasure himself and Corey by fucking the heck out of him.

Victor eased into Corey’s ass. Then another slow deep penetrating plunge into Corey. Victor was building a steady rhythm of pleasant ass fucking.  

The boys were not as self-conscious of Victor’s presence and were now taking closer positions to watch the sex show being performed before them. Victor had never dream that just a few months ago his sons and their buddies would be participating in a man-to-man sex orgy. The mere excitement of being the center of attraction as he pleasured himself in his youngest loving son was unbelievable.

Victor could feel the boy’s hands exploring his body. His nipples were being caressed, his balls were being touched, his arm pits were being licked and sniffed, someone was licking his ass crack, and his whole body was being explored, by the four boys. His feet were being kissed and licked. His body tingled with excitement, his breathing became faster and harder.  

He fucked Corey faster and faster. His nuts were begging for release. One of the boys was kissing and licking his neck and ear adding even more sensation to the body contact. He could not hold back his orgasm, nor did he want to. It was the most fantastic feeling he had since the 3 of his sons and he had their first sexual contact that one Sunday morning.

He leaned forward over Corey and began kissing him on the lips. He raised Corey’s buttocks up for deeper penetration. The sound of his large balls popping against Corey’s backside could be heard. Drops of sweat ran from his body, only to be licked and savored by one of the boy’s lips and tongue.  

Everyone was in a state of sexual excitement as Victor moaned out a cry of pleasure and emptied his man load of sperm deep into the young boy he created years before. Squirts of cum from other dicks were shooting all over his and Corey’s bodies, Corey moaned out a sound of pleasure as he came, shooting his own cum up and into his face and neck to mingling with the other cum from the other four boys. 

There was a noticeable silence as everyone paused to reminisce on their past few moments’ pleasure of man sex. The scent of man sweat and sperm filled the room. The boys slowly took position on the couch or on the floor to catch a quick breath of fresh air.

Victor looked down into the handsome young face of his son. His body and face glistened with the clear love juices of four generous loads of boy cum. Some of the cum even filled his navel cavity. Victor could feel the gripping of his semi-hard cock as it was still implanted in Corey’s asshole. The heartbeat of Corey’s body could still be felt. Victor smeared the love juices around Corey’s body and face. Corey gripped Victor’s hand and licked the remaining cum from his hand and fingers.  

Carl took a dry t-shirt and wiped the remaining sweat from his dad’s forehead and body. Then he wiped Corey’s face and chest, and then went to Corey’s ass where his dad’s cock still remained. Cum was still oozing from his asshole and onto his balls. Ray had joined his brother and started wiping his dad’s balls as Victor slowly removed his semi-hard cock from Corey’s hole. The cum oozed out of his cock as it withdrew. Ray placed his hands around his dad’s wet cock and milked it down catching the remaining cum in the palm of his hand and dried it on the t-shirt.

Jake and Larry were still relaxing on the couch. Larry put his arms around Jake and gave him a quick hug.  

Man, this was great. I should bring my step dad over and have Mr. Thompson teach him a few things. I think my pop needs to get laid.” Then we all laughed. 

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