Midway Adventure

Midway Adventure

By Richard Barber
a.k.a. Dick Clinton
Copyright 08/02

This story contains sexual encounter between a young man and a Circus Barker. If you are not of legal age or you are offended by male-to-male sexual encounter, then do not read this story. Most of this story I true only the names and location and dates have been changed.

Teenage cocksucker meets John, the Midway Barker.

Part 1

When I was a young man there was a Circus being set up on a vacant lot near my home. I heard that if you help set up the `Big Top' tent you would be given some free passes. I arrived, as the Midway was being built with dozens of concessions, booths, fun house, and rides. I was excited by all the activity that was taking place.

Some of the other teen-age boys in the neighborhood had arrived earlier and were waiting for me to join them at the Big Tent site. I was heading for the empty field where they were setting up the tent when I was distracted by one of the men at a booth now under construction. He was chatting with a girl I knew, while trying to put his booth together.

She was attracted to this good-looking man about 28 years old, 6ft tall. He was wearing tight jeans, booths, and an open plaid shirt exposing his abs and hairy chest. His solid sweaty muscles were glistening in the noon sun. I recognized the girl as one of our locals. I heard some of the older boys' say she was a good piece ass but charged for it. I was more interested in the man right now. He was a real hunk. Perhaps my eyes lingered too long in his direction because he looked directly at me as the girl walked away. He kept looking at me and then yelled for me to come over.

"Hey, buddy" he said, can you come here a second? I need some help."

I looked back at him again and walked over to his booth. He was trying to hook a shelf against one wall but needed my extra hands. I was willing to help besides it gave me a good chance to get a closer look as this hunk.

"I need your help while I do some screwing" he said jokingly. He continued his screwing the screw into the bracket.

"Thanks buddy. Would you like a cold soda? Come one over here and set with me while I take a breather." He said.

We sat in the shade under the shelf in the front of the booth. I joined him as he handed me a soda and crossed his legs on the ground.

"What's your name?" he asks.

"My name is John," he continued. I answered back.

" My name is Jason. I live near by and have come to help set up the tent so I can get some free tickets for the show."

John nodded knowingly.

" I figure you were just checking out the chicks. I saw you looking at Eva. Do you know her? I think she wanted some action but didn't have the time. . Or money." Ha Ha. "If you know what I mean. She said she would come back later and talk." John said. " She makes my dick twitch but I like a good blow job better than anything. Most chicks can't suck dick for shit."

We sat drinking our soda when a knock was heard. John said,

"I think that is Eva returning. Stay here under the shelf and listen to me `fuck' with her." Then John stood up by the front of the booth.

All I could see was John's body from his waist down. It was Eva. He started talking with her. I set drinking my soda and enjoying the view of John's crotch standing directly in front of my face. He was showing a nice cock and balls through his tight jeans. He crossed his arms and was leaning into the shelf. Eva did not know I was below the wall nor could she see me.

Soon he was talking and saying very sexy and suggestive things. He was getting excited because his cock started getting hard and I was getting excited just eyeing John's hot looking body. He lowered one of his hands to his cock area rubbed it a few times. This was getting too much for me. Then to make it worse he slowly unbuckled the top section of his tight jeans exposing more hair on his lower torso.

I was not too sure if he knew I desired him but he was sure teasing me. I was ready to suck this man's cock. John cock continued to get harder as he chatted with Eva. I knew Eva still did not know what was going on below. I very nervously reached up and touched John cock through his jeans. He responded by pushing into my hand to let me know he liked it.

He unbuttoned another button, then another. I knew he needed to release his cock from those tight pants. I unbutton another and pulled his jeans down below his hips exposing his cock and balls. It sprung out hitting me on my cheek. His cock was dripping with pre-cum. Some of his juices wet my face when his cock hit me. I caught the remainder with my fingers placing it in my mouth. I held on to his beautiful cock and leaned forward to touch my tongue to taste his cum. He responded with a forward movement then spread of his legs placing his hands on his hips. He was poised for action. My action. He wanted me to service his cock and balls.

I wet my lips then went down on his cock as I held onto his big balls. His cock gave off a musky manly scent. I licked over the skin of his cock as it throbbed with excitement. I licked the shaft of his manly cock and went down to his big hairy balls licking and sucking on them. His pants fell to his boots giving me more space to lick under his balls. He smelled so great. I reached around to his firm buttocks with both hands and pulled him into me. I continued to service his cock while anticipating the taste of his love sperm from his manhood. I wanted to take my time and enjoy his man shaft but I knew this was not going to last very long. He was slowly building up for a nice orgasm. After a few more strokes, I could taste his warm cum squirting into my mouth. He started to tighten his body then let loose with a slight moan and a deep sigh as he shot load after load into my welcome mouth. I let him cum at his pleasure then relax as I enjoyed the taste of the juices from his cock. I kept his cock in my mouth until he slowly became softer. Even soft, it was a great cock.

He said his say good bye to Eva and then shut the upper part of the booth. I started to help him pull up his jeans as he reached down for them. He pulled them up still unbuttoned and then set down besides me with a plop.

"Wow!" he said as he let out a deep sigh of pleasure.

"That was sensational! Wild! I never had such a good blow job!" he said to me.
I blushed and shyly looked down as he talked about the blowjob.

"I liked it too." I said.

"How did you keep Eva from knowing what was going on?" I ask.

"She thought I was jacking off while I was talking dirty to her. She loved it. Boy, if she only knew." Then John laughed.

"We must do that again sometime soon!" A short pause from John. " I'm serious. What are you doing later tonight before it gets too busy here? I would like to show you my `special booth' with holes in the front used for cock sucking. We could do it again besides I would like you to meet my younger brother, Mark. He has a nice cock and loves to get a blowjob. Are you interested?" John inquired.

I hesitated then looked at this hunk as he looked into my eyes.

"Please?" he said. I could not resist, besides it sounded exciting.

"Sure, what time?" I ask.

End of part 1 "Midway Adventure" 01/2002 Richard Barber,
Was posted in "Handjob Magazine"

If you have any comments or suggestions contact me at eyeMrich1@hotmail.com
And watch for part 2 coming soon.

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