Cock Worship

Glory Hole cock worship.

I respectfully enter a cubical to worship the male penis thru a 'GLORIOUS HOLE' carved in the wall. I silently wait until an anonymous man enters the other cubical. I wait patiently until he honors me by standing and placing his large phallic member into the hole for me to service. I get on my knees in respect and tenderly guide his semi-soft penis and balls into the hole. I am prepare to make love, worship and drink my communion of sperm; the nectar of the gods.

This cock is semi-hard and beautifully laced with tender skin covering the large tulip shaped cock head. I carefully caress his balls and guide them through the hole with the increasingly firm cock. It grows to a lengthy 8 or more inches and as thick as a boys wrist. He offers me the cock still scented with a collection of remaining male sperm from a previous orgasm. It's like an aphrodisiac to my smells and taste. I inhale his manly body odors and bury my nose in his soft hairy balls. The musky masculine smell tells me he is a working man still blessed with sweat. I inhale again and thankful for the reason I'm here. I lick the man sweat from his balls until they are clean.

His cock grows firmer in my hand. I move my mouth and tongue up the lower side of his cock. His foreskin automatically retracts from his large cock head. Pearly clear, salty/sweet juices begin to exit his piss opening. I clean and taste the liquid. I slowly and reverently place my soft lips over the cock head while swirling my tongue around the tender glans of the cock head. The man sighs in appreciation of the sensation. I continue to caress and hold his balls with one hand while guiding my other hand around his stiff member. I inhale and move over his cock and down the shaft inserting it deeper into my willing mouth.

He reacts once again and presses closer against the wall separating us. He starts to whisper and give me instructions his needs to be loved. He speak with more gusto and calls out sexual demands. He begins to shove his body hard against the wall over and over. His testis shrink preparing to present me with his offering of sperm. His shaft swells and then he gushes out the gift of life as millions of seeds shoot into my mouth.

I devour the special juices of his body for my devoted attention to him. He shakes and breaths harder as the last of his sweet juices leave his manly shaft of life. He has given me the precious communion for my devotion and love. I swallow every drop and his body fluids and lick all the remaining liquids from his balls and cock. His cock slowly relaxes and he reverently withdraws from the Glorious Hole.

 Once again I have been privileged to have the communion of life and the Nectar of the Gods. Amen.

By Dick Clinton at

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I seek your attention so I may humble myself before your presents. I would obediently drop to my knees in your awesome presents. I would gently caress your holy cock shaft and humbly kiss and make love to your God Cock. I would be honored to place my tongue into the opening of the tender lacy foreskin protectively covering the head of the cock. I would carefully lick and savor the sweet holy precum juices as my first taste of the full communion of your man seed.

The scent and flavor of the remaining smegma left from previous devotions is a special offering from the God Cock. I am honored. You would be kind enough to letting me clean under your foreskin with my unworthy tongue and savor the smegma. The God Cock stiffens and seeks more of my loving attention.

I am thrilled knowing I am pleasing the God Cock. I continue to hold in my other unworthy hand the big soft ball you kindly let me love. I kiss them and lick them knowing the man seed is waiting to present its self into my unworthy mouth. I continue back to the firm cock to place my mouth over the cock head to once again savor the precum juices. The juices flow for my pleasure.

The God Cock gets stiffer as I continue my worship. I bury the cock as deep in my unworthy mouth as I can. I continue doing this over and over again until the cock swells and projects the sweet loving communion of the man seed; the nectar of the God Cock. I am overcome by the offering and swallow all that is offered to me. The Communion of nectar overflows my mouth. I let some of the gushing cock shoot on my face and lips so I can taste the precious cum.

I tremble at the spiritual offering. My own God Cock stiffens and with a few strokes of my hand, my nectar flow readily at your feet. My full attention is given to the God Cock that has generously given me the man seed. It softens in my mouth as I lick and swallow all the overflowing cum. I kiss the ball sac reverently to show thanks for the sperm it gave to me. I clean the soft lacy foreskin tenderly until my God Cock is satisfied and pure once again. I reluctantly remove my mouth from the God Cock and bow before the God Cock and wait patiently for another moment when I may return and repeat my worship once again. The God Cock has given me great honor. 

That moment when he actually empties his balls into your mouth. Stay down there and swallow his spew. He deserves nothing less than your mouth’s unhurried, and undivided, attention to milking out every last drop of his precious load. That moment when he actually empties his balls into your mouth. Stay down there and swallow his spew.  He deserves nothing less than your mouth’s unhurried, and undivided, attention to milking out every last drop of his precious load.

Sir Richard

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