University Colleague, Part 01-Bisexual Story

University Colleague, Part 01
The San Diego Baby Sitter

Story by Dick Clinton

I am an executive for a large Midwestern company and many times I have to travel to other cities for business. I was to go to San Diego this coming week and thought I would look up an old college buddy and his wife while in the area. I made a call to Terry and he insisted I spend the week with the family and stay in their guest room.

He seemed very pleased to hear from me. We hadn’t seen each other for several years. He’d married and had a 5 year old son since leaving college, and was anxious to have me visit. We had been very close in college and on occasion we’d had intimate man-to-man sex.

He met me at the airport on Friday and we drove to his lovely home in a nice residential area of the city. We had a great dinner and talked about old times. Terry had told me before I came to visit that he and his wife Sue, had to attend a business gathering that evening and would be spending the night at the hotel but would be home around noon the next day. They had hired the teenage daughter of a neighbor to baby sit for Terry Junior. Terry introduced me to Peggy, the teenage baby sitter who would remain the night and would probably remain upstairs with their 5 year old and watch TV until breakfast the next morning. This was fine with me, and I made myself at home.

Terry told me he had loads of pornographic video tapes and DVD's in the den that I could watch during the evening so I wouldn’t get bored. I unpacked a few clothes, took a nice shower and slipped into my sleep shorts, donned my robe and went into the den to watch some movies. I picked out a few that looked interesting. Got myself comfortable on a large double couch and was ready to get horny and masturbate a few times before I headed to the guest room.

I shut the door to the den and started watching the videos. I was really getting into one of the movies, had my sleep shorts off, my robe open, and was jacking off like crazy. I was exceptionally horny this week and was ready for some good jack off movies.

I was unaware that the baby sitter Peggy had come downstairs to get some milk and cookies from the kitchen, and had wondered into the den where I was masturbating. I had thought I’d heard a sound but kept right on jacking until, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Peggy. She had entered the den and was standing there unobserved.

I immediately covered my roaring hard-on with my robe and just sat there in shock. I pretended I hadn’t seen her so as not to embarrass her. She spoke to me very calmly and said.

“That’s all right Sir. I’ve seen my three horny brothers jacking off all the time. I’m sorry I startled you but I’ve been watching you for the last 10 minutes. You’re kind of wild. I know you were about ready to explode before you saw me. I’d like to help you out if you don’t mind. I give great head. Terry lets me give him a blow job all the time when he’s alone.”

I was still in shock and couldn’t believe my ears. This pretty young baby sitter has been watching me jack off, and now wants to give me a blow job? I was 35 but not quite old enough to be her father.

She slithered over to me and sat on the couch, pulled open my robe and reached for my hard throbbing cock. I didn’t know what to do but I was so horny I let my hard dick be the judge. Before I could say anything, she was between my bare legs, playing with my balls, gripped my cock and putting her mouth over the head of my cock licking my oozing cock slit.

“Wow. Sir! You have a big cock just like Terry. He told me you would like getting sucked off and that I should come in here and blow you while they were gone. He even gave me extra money tonight for baby sitting. I would have sucked you off for free. You’re hot.“

She opened her blouse and let her naked tits rub against my bare legs as she kissed my balls and made love to my hard throbbing cock. I kept watching the videos as she licked up one side of my cock then the other. She brought her hand up my taunt stomach and to my chest, twisting her fingers through the soft hair between my specs. She was a damn good cocksucker, for sure. I wondered where she got her experience. She must have learned to suck cock from Terry.
I wasn’t surprised that Terry was getting sucked off by the baby sitter.
He loved my blow-jobs when we were in college and would often come by my room in the dorm during alone time. I remember this one particular time when I wanted to see how many times he could cum during one day. If I recall right, I think he came off 8 times during a 4 hour period and would probably have come more if I hadn’t been the one to give in.

Peggy kept sucking my cock until I couldn’t hold it any more. I gripped the back of her head and shot her a huge load. She loved it and drank down every drop of my load. I stayed semi-hard and before I knew it she was working on my next load. It took me longer this time, but Peggy hung on and took me off again and drank my cum again. I find most women don’t like to take a man’s cum but Peggy seemed to crave it. After my second orgasm she rested her head on my crotch and held on to my flaccid cock.

“That was nice sir. Do you want me to stick around and get you off a third time? I’d let you fuck my pussy but you’re pretty big and might stretch me. I’m saving that for my older brother tomorrow. My parents are gone for the weekend and it will give us a chance to fuck around without any interruptions.“

“You let your brother fuck you?

“Oh sure. We’ve been fucking around several years. I suck off all my brothers, my Uncle Jim, and my hot, and hung brother-in-law. They all like the way I make them cum. Did you like the way I sucked you? I enjoy sucking and swallowing cum. It’s so exciting having a man’s big throbbing cock shoot off his juicy white load in my mouth. I seem to have a passion for sperm. Is that weird? My brother-in-law says I’m a ‘cum freak’. Isn’t that cute?”

“You must have a great family. How old are your brothers?”

“My oldest brother Robert is 19, then Bill is 16 and Tommy is only 14 but he loves to get sucked the most. I guess because he’s still young and just started shooting a wet load. Bill has a big dick for his age, and I let him fuck me now and then. It feels so good when he fucks me, but I won’t let Tommy fuck me yet until he’s older. He might end up having the biggest prick if I keep sucking on it like I do.”

“If you can get away this week end why don’t you come over and watch me get fucked by Robert and Bill. I’d love an audience, but you mustn’t let Terry’s wife know what’s going on or she’ll never let me come over to baby sit anymore, and I won’t be able to see Terry. I like Terry very much and I have thought about letting him fuck me sometime. Do you think he’d like that? I think he is a very hot man and so are you. I might even let you fuck me this week end, because I think Robert would like to watch. He is very protective of me. That might be fun. I could suck him off while you fuck my pussy, then he could fuck me right after you.”

I was still amazed how this pretty 18 year old girl could talk so freely about her family and her wild sex life. My cock was getting hard again just listening to her talk about sex. She too noticed my dick getting hard. She looked up at me and smiled as she started sucking on me again. I was glad that my hosts were out for the night. I laid back and let her take my cock in her mouth and got ready to give her the cum she so dearly craved. I glanced up at the video and watched a hot man getting fucked while he was fucking another guy’s wife. I soon released another load into Peggy’s welcome mouth.

I must have fallen asleep after I shot my 3rd load of the evening. Peggy had gone back up stairs to check on Junior. I got up and turned off the video and went to my guest room and crashed. I began to think I had just had a wonderful sex dream but tomorrow I would find out when I went to visit Peggy and her sexual family down the block.

I woke up very early that morning with my usual piss hard on but someone was in my bed and sucking my cock. I should have known. It was Peggy searching for her morning load of cum. I kicked back and let her drain my cock. It took me a few minutes longer because I had to go and piss before she started sucking my cock. It felt so good. I could get use to a young teenage girl sucking me off every morning before breakfast.

Word Count 1,691
Story by Dick Clinton

Please give me feed back on this story and if I should continue to the other two chapters. 


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